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Westlunds & Edwards April 30, 1937 - re death of his sister Jeanie
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Dunbars - May 7, 1937 - Letter re Madame Guyon
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Fountains - July 23, 1937
Grubers - July 30, 1937
Linn - August 6, 1937 ---------death of Irvine's sister Jeanie/Jane (Irvine) Comrie
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Berglinds  - September 10, 1937-----------Wm. Irvine was a MASON letter.
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Edwards - December 17, 1937 Started writing one letter to Edwards who distributed it.

Hardie, John’s Letter to Wm. Irvine, November 2, 1937  (Overseer of Victoria, Australia)
Apparently Irvine sent John Hardie's letter to him on to Edwards:  "I am sending you J. Hardies letter which is enjoyable to read - between the lines is the best part of it; fear of losing bread in his aging years, and a shut ear to all the Spirit has been saying."  Feb 19, 1937 letter to Edwards*)
Irvine's letter to John Hardie - Feb 7, 1937
Irvine's letter to John Hardie - December 4, 1937

See also: Irvine's letter to Edwards - Dec 8, 1936

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:   Drummonds
January 1, 1937

My dear Drummonds:

Thanks for 2 from you.  I enjoyed your account of Frisco, for that Spirit is what will find His Seal in anyone.  It takes courage and grit to bear clear, strong witness kindly and clearly to all you meet.  The very fact that people don’t want to hear, is the very strongest reason for our best efforts to reach some.  If we saw people drowning, we would be honored for making an attempt, and dishonored in not trying to do what we could.

The Spirit wants loving, loyal use of our lives in bearing His witness to men.  There’s no other hope on the earth today.  We may make mistakes, but none in trying to do it, for then the Spirit can correct and guide, whereas if we will not try, He can do nothing for us or by us.  He does not expect us to be somebody else, but just let Him have a fair opportunity in dealing with others.

Rev. 3: 20 shows Him willing to come in and sup with us, or share what all are, in attending to His business.  And we have the promised Supping - or sharing - what is His, both in honor from God and dishonor from men.  In a world full of Devil- deceived, and Satan- possessed adversaries around to hinder, you can see it’s always  effort to bear clear witness.  But the more we do it in the right Spirit, the more opportunity He gets to perfect us and help others.

All I know of God had come in trying to help others.  And even my mistakes only added to my value as I learned from experience  It’s doing it, not wishing, thinking, or intending, but doing it whole heartedly in serving God and man.  Who can tell what one saved from the misery and tyranny of present world conditions might be in days to come?  For our service is only beginning, and great days ahead for all who are truly His wise Virgins and Faithful Servants of Matt. 25 by whom the Sheep and Goats will be revealed.

My love to both.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Reeds, Long Beach, California
January 2, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Eldon & Aretta:

Thanks for all the detail of your journeyings. Whether we are busy or not, He or They on the Throne seem very busy by all developments in wrath on the Earth.

What a joke, to make so much fuss about the babe in the manger, when He grew up and was crucified, dead, buried, risen and seated at His Father's right Hand, and now angry with the nations pouring out His Wrath on - according to Promises - while the Gentile nations parrot over the words of the Angels declaration "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men". But it did not go far then, for in 70 A.D. Jerusalem was destroyed and the jews who had crucified Him, scattered to the ends of the earth to wail all these years in suffering for them being found full of Matt. 23 marks. So today we have the Gentile nations where the jews were, and wrath has been on them for 22 years because they would not hear the Matt. Message.

What right had God to send His Son into the World - born of a Virgin in a stable, cradled in a manger? Did He not know they label Him bastard? So might the High Priest say then, so today.

How did God work to bring about the King of the greatest Empire the Sun ever shone should fall in love with a commoner, divorced twice, and lose his job - because he preferred to stand by the woman he loved. So might the Pope and Archbishop say, but they dont see it as a sign of the greater things to come to the whole R.P. & E. world.

The Prince of the Kings of the earth, on the Throne in Heaven put down the all Highest Kaiser and has raised up the basest of men in their place, all over Europe . Is not this present scandal the revealing of the hypocritical hearts in the Empire led by the Clergy, but a sign of their ripeness for whats coming in Rev. 17: being fulfilled?

The big day of the 1st. and 2nd. Woe is upon them - but they dont and wont see it, till they taste as Spain and Ethiopia are doing today. He has chosen their delusions and will bring their fears upon them.

My Love in Him to all there.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Jones and Landrys
January 9, 1937

My dear Jones and Landrys:

Thanks for letters and photos.  I was glad to see all 4 on the stump, for it is like that as we bear witness today, in a world Devil-deceived by preaching the love of God, and when the Message from the Throne is wrath and Judgment witnessed to and by all who have ears, heart and mouth.  it's very real test of our hearts and greater possibilities both in saving men and in damning them by their attitude, no matter where or when.

The more deceived people are by the Devil through what they call Gospel, the more Satanic their opposition.  So we don't look for a walk-over, or escaping the same treatment God's Seed and Servants had in all ages, and now more so in these, the most wicked of all history.

The finding favor in God's sight, brought sorrow and sadness into Joseph and Mary's lives.  And people love to seek honor and pleasure and profit out of remembering the event, never dreaming that all who ever found favor in His sight have shared in the same treatment they got at Bethlehem.  No room in the Inn, treated like a donkey, to the stable and the manger, the only provision for the Christ life in those who have it.  To be recorded, labeled, looked on with suspicion with eyes that leer and look craftily at us, only to be labeled reprobate and Bastards, so far as the whole world is concerned.

Eastern clans keep the 6th of January as Xmas and New Year.  My Xmas and New Year are on 7th and 8th of January.  Born on the 7th, born again on the 8th.  (These experiences will be common to all who are sons and heirs with Jesus, and no chance of them sharing in 3rd birth of the Manchild, apart from the 1st and 2nd birth).  So I look on my providential 7 and 8 as good interpretation of what Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year means, and the power and Message is in our hands to make it possible to any one of honest heartfeltness.  And our opportunity and ability will increase as the world tastes more and more of His Wrath and Judgment.

My love to all 4,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Furness
January 18, 1937

My dear Mrs. Furness and Miriam:

Thanks for your long, good, true-hearted letter, and Miriam's to Mrs. Adams enclosed.  Hope Mr. Furness continues to improve, and that your 10 friends may have enough fear of God to make them hungry and thirsty for the Message of God and Jesus on the Throne in Heaven, and in those who are His footstool, in whom the Spirit can dwell and speak on the Earth to those worthy.  The lady did not know the difference between a Christian and a perfect specimen of a Pharisee of the worst sort; and I have known him more closely than any other could.  Cooney pride ruined the whole family and made all their profession vain, so far as God giving them His Spirit goes.  And Cooneyite was well applied to all who had ears and eyes for his family and personal boasting.  Meriam should have been rejoiced to loose (sic) the photo in such a mean way.

Read Matt. 4:23-25 and see the fame and multitude who followed and got all He could do to help find an honest heart.  But the Cross revealed how few were willing to be and do what would make them like Him, by letting the same Spirit work in them they saw and heard working in Him.  Matt. 5, 6 and 7 - how the multitude was separated.  The Beatitudes 7 in the first 12 verses of Matt. 5 reveal the only true condition of heart that the Spirit can work in, and also reveals the causes for Him not being able to work in them.  Blessed means - those in whom the Spirit can work, and put God's nature and thoughts into their hearts and minds.  The Proud in Spirit are left to perish.  Blessed are they who mourn because of what they get from others for their witness.  They shall be comforted.

Blessed are the Meek who find very little in the world R.P.&E. to tempt them.  They shall inherit the earth.  Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after Rightness, which will enable the Spirit to have more room in heart and life, words and actions.  They shall be filled with the Spirit.  Want of appetite of this sort hinders God in and by us; we seek to please others rather than God that dwells in us.  Blessed are the merciful, they shall obtain mercy.  To see the only hope for unregenerate man, is to hear and obey the Spirit, makes us merciful - not troubles about their sin and sins, but only anxious to get them to be healed by God in them.

Blessed are the pure in heart, not mixed in motives; they shall see God working either in blessing or in cursing on them who refuse to hear or heed His Voice and Message.  Blessed are the peacemakers - not amongst men - but in bringing them to hear and share in the blessing, which is Peace with God.  The false Prophet's work is to make men rebel against God, and fighting for the Devil's lies and deception as in Matt. 23, and making men Satanic in their standing against all that's of God.

Matt. 5:11 shows what Satan has to give us; reviling, saying or doing all they can to blacken us before men.  Blessed are they who are the persecuted for the Rightness which makes it possible for God to work in us and by us.  It's the proof the Kingdom of Heaven is there.  The Devil does not persecute those who are his own victims, or revile those who are Satan's mouthpiece.  But every word the Spirit speaks by our lips he will revile us.

Rejoice and be exceeding glad Miriam, when these things happen to you, for great is your reward in Heaven; for so persecuted they the Prophets whom God spake by in all ages, and now it's our turn to have God in and by us bearing witness in the greatest days of all history.

My love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's letter to: Edwards
P.O. Box 485
Phoenix , Ariz.
January 22, 1937

From: Box 696 P.O.
Jerusalem , Palestine.

My Dear Wm. Rose and Co:-

Thanks for yours. The last came first then Anna's & John's all good & hearty. O.K. to all your plans. We can be sure He will honour all our efforts in our effort to let Him sup with us. He never takes away our initiative. We serve Him as freely as He serves us. The elder shall serve the younger, the first the last are hints worthy. Jacob have I blessed, Esau have I cursed, ere they were out of the womb, shows clearly that His choice of what are Blessed was made from before the Foundation of the World in the womb of Creation. Paul says - The Lord has not cast away His Israel whom He for-knew. All Blessing, Honour & Privilege & Promise depends on our second birthday, no matter whether we be Jew, Israel, Gentile or Heathen & any attempt to read the Promises apart from this Fact is making Flesh & Blood inherit the Kingdom.

If there is NO birth by the Spirit, there is NO Blood to cover our first birth experience. So hear & your Soul shall live is for all time & for every ONE. The Leaves of the Tree of Life is for the healing of the Nations. The promises of God to Israel to all who let the Spirit write His Law in their hearts & put it in their minds. Their Sins & Iniquities I will remember no more, forever. I will be their God & they shall be MY People. Revelation is like a revealing of all who have or have NOT His Spirit. the Unregenerate can ONLY know the Law & the Ordinance from the Outside, which spells death & hell Meditate on His law day & night can ONLY be done by the Spirit's work in their hearts. All other attempts can ONLY end in Death. So men's attitude to the Spirit's message is either Life or Death in every age. To eat of the Serpent's Tree is death to God, living & working in & by His Seed. The living Waters must ever be heresy, Blasphemy & sedition in men's eyes.

Serpent, devil & Satan must ever be the enemies of all who have the Lamb's Nature & Spirit's Seal & our refuge under the Blood, with open mouths & no fear of Death, because we are under His Wings. Today I noticed Bombing by Red in Lisbon, a new mark & more - while Germany & Italy, Japan are all pledged against any Red activities anywhere, so I look on the news as big. The victory of the church & Blue Blood in England can only create Red Blood. The Pope's illness can only be operating the same way. His Holiness appeal for Peace & War against the Bolshi is in line with much else. We can hardly grasp the significance of everything which is creating Rev.17:- & 18:- condition. Inauguration on 20th. January remind us of King George's V death a year ago & may mark big things not far off.

My Love in Him Who is the Doer of All Things.

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. 1,000 young Arabs are said to be gone to Iraq Military School, from Palestine for training for a few months. The Royal Commission returned to England today, very quiet ending to all their evidence & etc. They finished on 20th. January.


Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  R. M. Janke
January 22, 1937
P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear R.W. Janke:

Thanks for yours. All the difference in you - Wm. Edwards & Rose is - they have been doing it for 30 odd years, & it's in trying to help others that we get help, thru & from God. You will always be refreshed in your own Spirit, after pouring out the Living Waters to others, no matter how they receive it; and you will always know more at the end than you did before. This is His reward, & your ability increases the same way. I had many to hinder me all these years, and none to encourage me in Matthew 23 witness, for it seemed such a hopeless task; but it did the work, and my witness was followed by 1914 war, and all that's come in fulfilling Matthew 24, on such as practice Matthew 23 methods in worshipping God, & serving Him as they think, but which is only empty pride & wickedness, reflecting all that's of God by the Spirit & carrying on their own Thoughts & Ways. Just as did the Jews who have been wailing for 1900 years.

I read Roosevelts Inauguration speech today, & he confesses that 10's of millions in the U.S.A. are living under conditions no houses, & food that denies even the necessary conditions for decent living. This is confessed in Great Britain also, & they are the 2 leading countries in our 20th century civilization, & where people profess to have the most R.P.& E. Light & Leading; so it's like pleading guilty to the charge of pride & wickedness by the R.P.& E. people leaders of the world to have robbed the common people, when so many have too much, & so many have too little, no matter what the cause is. It's been the strong robbing the weak by the very opportunity God gave them to serve one another by love.

Even the good crop of oranges in the world lost about 20 million Dollars by frost in California. Wind here in Palestine, & war in Spain, & this is true of other crops from many & varied causes, so that even now prices are up & people fearing shortage, but we are near the Great Day of Threshing of Tares & wheat, when the Tares (all who have no spirit in them) will be burned with unquenchable fire & the wheat soon to produce a great crop of Godly People.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to June Hobbs, Fullerton, Calif
January 22, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear June Hobbs:

Thanks for yours. You will find many there who are able and willing to give you all the help you need to see where you are and have been. The world is full of people who have been baptised - some of them 10 times into the different people who pretend to be Christian -but you will find they all practice the marks of Matthew 23. The people who crucified Jesus, kept the commandments and the Sabbath day and the Passover feast and atonement day and the Scriptures, according to their reading, and now we find the Gentile world doing all these things, and paying tithes to the men who are called Reverend or Rabbi or Father.

We have all been deceived in our day, but God, Jesus and the Spirit can undeceive us and open our eyes to see who and what they are, and bring us out of the whole religious world which God, Jesus and the Spirit call Babylon and its ministry the whore of Revelation 17: now about to be destroyed from off the Earth. Read and understand Matthew 23, 24, & 25, also Revelation 17, 18, with Isaiah 55: 7-, 66, and Revelation 22.

"Come out of her my people" is God's Message from the Throne today. You will soon begin to understand when you have ears to hear. Jesus and the true Apostles were not interested in deceiving people, but rather the opposite in showing them the power of the Devil to deceive men by making them believe they were serving God in all their various Matthew 23: marks. They were not Priests, Fathers, Pastor or Hirelings - but Servants or Slaves of God and Man in willingness to save people from the deceivings of the religious world of that day. He taught His disciples not to call any man Father or Rabbi or Reverend. All Priestly and Clerical influence in the world today is received by baptism and communion - but this finished when judgment began in 1914. If you were baptised and in communion with all the 1000 different ways of being a hypocrite Christian, or a human imitator, you would not be a child of God. Only by hearing and obeying what the Spirit of God has to say as in Revelation for today, is there any hope for any person on the earth.

In Revelation 18: God and Jesus call them a habitation of Devils - a hold of every foul spirit and a cage of unclean and hateful birds - "Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and share in the judgments promised to all such. Change not your religion, but change your heart and turn from all religion and tradition, to have ears for God and His Message from the Throne.

My love and best wishes for you,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. Mrs. Grim's illness may have been God's way of giving you a chance of hearing what God wanted you to hear for your deliverance, comfort, joy and salvation in these terrible days we live in, and to have more of, til Malachi 4: is a fact. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Westlunds
January 23, 1937

My dear Westlunds and Gordon:

Thanks for yours many.  You seem to have stirring times around there.  It's no new fact to find that wherever clear suffering witness has been borne, there seems marks of wrath to follow.  For it's a Battle to the Death all the while and on the face of the whole earth and coming now to be more decisive and marked period when the Tares and Wheat will be separated. The Tares to be burnt with unquenchable fire and the wheat gathered for use in spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth as He lived and preached.

1936 seems to be the ending of the beginning of Sorrows, and now for Tribulation or the final operations we naturally always look for rather than rest, in the face that He has said, which is the basis for our faith and hope or Sure Expectation.

The most honored place we can be is to hear what He says and witness to it in proof, knowing that He cannot lie, that it must be fulfilled to the letter.  For all He says or said has produced all we know of His creation.

You will find that all that tries and tests you is but the perfecting for fuller fellowship with Him.  Two of the hardest things to learn is to have patience and forgiveness.  These are 2 of His Supreme qualities.  Longsuffering, patience, and unending forgiveness, and surely anything that produces Godly marks are worth while, for He is purposed to conform all who are born of God into the Image of His Son.

So we are in the school to learn as well as witness as we can to all we have and are learning.  It's very sad to see people cut off with no hope so far as we can see, only to have their eyes opened and see the very thing they most hate are facts staring them in the face for all eternity; they have missed the very purpose for which they were born with only a very small recompense in feeding their perishing flesh and yet it's the plainest fact we can see on every hand and never far away from anyone.

Thousands in England who were looking forward to Xmas and New Year ever before it came and so the world over.  Flu had been cutting off many as well as many other material causes, as we watch and wait for 1st and 2nd Woe to break loose, not far off when we will be into the thick of the unquenchable fire of Mal. 4.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Berglinds
February 2, 1937

My dear Berglinds:

Thanks for yours.  Glad to hear the brother and sister are showing signs of hunger and thirst, which are the marks which we look for in any or all.  If any man hear My Voice and open the door, I will come into him to sup with him, and he with me - Rev. 3:20.  Isaiah 55 - anyone that thirsteth come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money, come ye buy wine and milk, without price and without money.

Matt.  22.  Go ye to the streets and lanes of the city, not to the churches or assemblies, and to the highways and hedges, and compel the halt, lame, blind, and maimed, and bring them into the feast.  And you can see what a variety there are, good and bad, that my feast may be filled with guests, while there is room.  I expect any wrong feeling amongst those gathering - not yet gathered - would be amongst the good, as opposed to the bad.

For nothing hinders more than the self-righteous feeling of being better in works, walk, and light, than the self-righteousness which is the sin of sins, which stands in people's way of feeling their need of what can make them true Sons and Servants of god.  Read Matt. 18 and notice the sure reward of those who pride themselves in perfect works of hands, walk, or sight; then right eye, when it comes to having ears for the Least and Little ones.

Better to enter life halt and maimed than having perfect hands and eyes to cast into Hell fire, where the Worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.  I have always discouraged in most, writing to others of the little ones, or bunching up in any way, knowing the dangers; and also spending their time and interest on those who have heard.  To beware of false feeling towards any, or unforgiveness.  The Branch which the Spirit gives is "Freely ye have received, freely give", in our own setting and city.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's letter to John Hardie  
February 7, 1937
PO Box 696
Jerusalem Palestine

My dear John:

Thanks for yours today. I could still recognize the writing on the cover… It was a pleasure to see you, for it reminded me of days which no others on the earth would possibly do or share, when we found the Truth as it is in Jesus, hidden in a field, sold all else and bought.

I had many experiences with all sorts of religious people who tried to put me right and who despise my find. None of them ever tried to encourage me to live by what He revealed in Man, Message that and manner of life, but rather tried to justify their own interpretation, not knowing it was iniquity and wickedness feeding their pride and covetousness, which Jesus, as way, truth and life was death to.

The best part of my witness in the last of good and faithful service, was in witnessing to Him by Matthew 24 when they got judgment by war, famine, and pestilence and earthquakes in divers places, here and there these past 22 years. I get my reward in becoming the Son of Man to witness to it--Matthew 24:42-46. And you can see the marks of the wicked servant in 42-51.

Two or three days was a very short time to crowd and what I've been taught by Him for 22 years. But I know no other can know the difference between finding the treasure or gold of the Alpha Jesus and the Pearl of Great Price, this same Jesus on the throne with His Father judging the world and the Message by the Spirit on the earth found in Revelation, with His Servant to read it to those who hear and obey when the time is at hand.

Revelation 1:3, the Waters of Life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb, is the life-giving message to the world today. Read carefully Isaiah 55: says "Come Ye." That's the great difference. And you can see the world very much as in Jesus’ day; all sorts of people compassing sea and land to make proselytes, who will be harder to reach than the heathen, who don’t care or want to know the mind of God or His place and purpose for today. "Ichabod" is written over all such efforts and breaking of bread and baptism is used to still dominate the people under the OLD and rejecting the NEW.

You know from experience how much more interesting and enlightening the old book became when Jesus revealed as the Way, Truth and Life, which we dug out faithfully from the earth of the unregenerate reading of the Book. But the Pearl Truth of the Judgment since 1914 is like sunlight and moonlight today, and only those who tasted it can have any conception of the difference.

The Woman of Rev. 12:1-3 are those who have been sharing the 12 star crowned head light in contrast to the great red Dragon and its seven heads and 1/3 part of the Stars on its tail, which simply means the whole religious world with its heads in Jerusalem etc. The Testimony revealed the impossibility of gathering out of the religious world people such as Jesus gathered from the outcasts of Israel. He was not anointed to preach to such but the poor brokenhearted prisoners, blinding bruised and rejected. The 99 just persons who need no repentance, were the hopeless, while the lost sheep was His charge. And so today we have no hope but in the streets and lanes of the city, the highways and hedges. Matthew 22 and Garfield for a new seed for the NEW heaven and NEW earth.

Ezekiel is called all through the Son of Man and is prophetic of the Son of Man on the earth today. As the God Son of Man is on the Throne, the Servant Son of Man on the earth as Witness, Leader and Commander. Ezekiel 37? is my commission, and is to those in the Valley full of dry bones, who know they are dead and hopeless. And it's wonderful how they respond. Revelation 2 and 3 gives you an exact outline of the seven churches, the Testimony and their condition in the various countries where my feet trod as His Send Angel or Servant. The seven churches were the work of Paul. All they of Asia forsook him. I wonder what they had left after that. Their baptism, breaking of bread, etc. But it was typical of these days. You will find Ephesus very descriptive of my work in Great Britain as well as Pacific Coast, and well known to me are all the various marks.

The Overcomer is the Man with the Message and you can see the steady development of the promises to him, till he shares a seat beside His Master, having paid the price in suffering as He did. He is the church that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit today saith to the churches by His Servant whom he made the LEAST OF THESE HIS BRETHREN, that I might be enabled to offer salvation full and free with no trace of LEAVEN of the Woman Whore of Revelation 17. Why did God send his Son as he did, knowing that He would be labeled BASTARD. But for the same cause; to reveal the secret hidden wickedness and iniquity of the Scribe and Pharisee who know all, and profess all, but lack the heart of God for the sinner. And the 99 who need no repentance.

The Mustard Seed in Matthew 13 is parable for the Least who is the seed for the kingdom today, the Woman and the Man. Heathen is type of the Scribe and Pharisee hypocrisy of the whole world. I often wondered what it meant: When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth. It was very trying experience for me; finding no ear for the Message, which I know to be God's Message. But I rejoice today in being the Mustard Seed and Son of Man to end the Woman Whore Leaven, which is Christianity in its deceiving, outward righteousness, Devil possessed when tested, as I was well able to be, and what they are to me, they are to Him.

The Man who would be friend to the sinner and pass by the 99 has heart of Jesus, and by this are all men measured. If there was no Son of Man in Matthew 24 chosen, how could Matthew 25 be fulfilled or the Sheep and Goats revealed and separated by their attitude to the Least of These His Brethren, and that in the whole world.

The Sheep follow the Shepherd not by his filthy garment, but by His VOICE. And we have a world full of false Shepherds with CLEAN garments but not the VOICE, just as were the Scribes and Pharisees imitators who crucified him, and now to be avenged on all such on the earth.

I am still in the rooms you saw me in, in Larsen House, and have a wood stove and quite comfy during the worst winter in memory in the North Hemisphere, with neither fear or doubt about who I am, and the Message and Master I have. You could not believe how much comfort the Scripture is full of for me and my friends, which were all quite unknown to me till I became the Man Servant for Him who sits on the Throne, to stay there till NOT ONE ENEMY is left on the earth. The Son of Man is to be surrounded by the Woman body who hear and obey and witness, around them will gather the 144,000 who are to be the apostles of the everlasting Gospel, to gather the great company of Tribulation Saints, the greatest work ever given to a man in any age.

My Love in Him

Wm. Irvine

P.S. while having my walk last evening my heart rejoiced to see how we had ended the Alpha Jesus days by digging up and unearthing Jesus the Way, Truth and Life, and giving Gentile Christian world Matthew 23. I also enjoyed seeing how impossible it was to get a pure speed, because of our appeal reaching mostly religious people who retained mostly their old traditions racial and religious, which have been very clearly revealed in past 22 years, as Paul found it after his rejection.

Men seek their own, not the things that are Jesus Christs. Scandal and iniquity are the marks of the Tares to be burned, and always found in BUNDLES. The test of the 7 churches is perfect. He that hath ears to hear let him hear what the Spirit saith by His Angel to the churches. All else is vain. So you see how perfectly they were revealed, no doubt disappointing to me. But today a source of Great Joy and Comfort. And no wonder when we know all the material from which they had been gathered. And the Overcomer shines out all the brighter for having been able to surmount all that influence and be counted worthy of the 7 promises given in Revelation 2 and 3.

Here are the marks of the Son of Man who becomes the Manchild, and John the Apostle comes from Heaven with the Decree. So the Two Witnesses with those who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith to the churches, becomes the Woman Body, "The Bride," the gathering center in Jerusalem of the 144,000 who are to be Apostles of the Everlasting Gospel to the whole world, from which they have been sealed and gathered to be instructed and perfected and scattered to where they come from, when the two witnesses are killed in Jerusalem as in Revelation 11: Chapter 14; shows them ready for work.

This gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in all the world in 3-1/2 years. Then shall the end come, and the Great Company whom no man can number of Tribulation Saints to welcome Him at His coming to earth to reign. So that you can see the 7 churches Saints are left with their righteousness, not having ears to hear what the Spirit saith to them.

Revelation 22 shows His Angel sent to those who are His Sservants to tell them of things that must shortly be done. Verse 16 shows my witness to the 7 churches, verses 18 and 19 show how no man can trifle with my reading and have any hope. For the whole world is full of such triflers, so Revelation becomes the TEST and my reading as His witness, leader and commander makes it Living Prophecy. That the Spirit and the Bride say "Come" and he that heareth say "Come" and he that is thirsty, and whosoever will take of the Waters of Life freely. But it's the Waters from the Throne as in Rev. 22:1-2.

The old Gospel has become the River of Babylon, with every form of corruption. The TARE unregenerate professors have brought into it. So the old Alpha Gospel is the means of gathering tares into bundles. The new Alpha and Omega Gospel of Revelation is for gathering them out of Babylon. All over the world people go with the OLD Gospel, not knowing a NEW and better River is flowing to which people are invited to come and drink and in which the Tree of Life is fed and those leaves are for the healing of the nations, now under judgment. Verse 12 shows the Test will be his attitude and work for or against the Message from the Throne. If they reject Jesus as Alpha and Omega as declared in the Message from the Throne, and he is rejected if they hear and obey it, Rev. 3:20 applies only to the Message from the Throne. All the trouble I've learned since 1914 was sealed till then, when the seals were opened in heaven and the war of Rev. 8 came as the sign.

No honest man who knows the facts can ever doubt that the Testimony was my work. No William, no Testimony, or 7 churches. Foolish people and false apostles of Ephesus thought it was presumption, my going around as I did. Who else could have done it? And who else could have dealt with all the various good and bad who were being gathered into the net? Don't think I am unconscious of the conditions of most of my brethren, and many a time my heart was weary as I listen to their speaking and new conditions among them in self-seeking and place-speaking, which no doubt is worse today than ever.

Psalms 101 was written after his experience in having taken Bathsheba and he could never have known the wickedness of those who sat at his table and walked with him on all Holy occasions. If men fail in mercy and judgment, they are wicked to the hearts core. If people turn aside for mercy and judgment it shall not cleave to me when revealed by David’s sin. And no other thing can ever reveal the heart condition. To be made the Rock of offense and stumbling stone is part of the Son of Man's work and witness. Slander, high looks and proud hearts were well revealed and well rewarded in many and will be to all.

Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, who had remained faithful to David in his great trial and revealing the wicked rubbish that ever must gather around the man of God. And David wanted no others around him but those who had stood the Test of him having become the biggest sinner in Israel, that the wicked hearted might be revealed and cast away as unclean fish. It was what people were to David the anointed King of Israel, that settled the matter.

Any other than God's anointed reading these words can only use them to his own destruction. Every mark in this Psalm I have found to be in those who once recognized that there was something about me they did not have, and would not find more today than ever. They never dream that it's what I think about them that counts, while all their activities have been but the expression of wicked hearted, turner of backs who once pretended to be friends, deceit, lying, scandal and self-seeking only to end in the last verse being fulfilled to the letter.

My Love in Him who loves me more than ever,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Brunt
February 9, 1937

My dear Mr. and Mrs. Brunt:

Thanks for your honest, hearty letter.  You are just the sort of people I expect will have ears to hear gladly.  Read Matt. 22 and you will see there the marks of those prepared for Message, as Matt. 23 shows you the marks of those who are prepared for Judgment, as Matt. 24 shows you who the 8 Woes of Matt. 23 means;  Matt. 25 shows us the use people will make of the Man and Message, either foolishly and miss the pressing, or wisely and find the Spirit come to work within and by them in seeking to help others.  Isaiah 55 is the simplest guide you can have.   Ho every one that thirsteth, come ye to the Waters, etc.  Hear and your soul shall live, and I will make a covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David, or what's promised to all who share in the Anointing of God.  For when God can work in a man's heart and life by using him to help others, all other matters become His interest as in Rev. 3:20.  I will come into him and sup with him, and he with me.  So it's a fair exchange and no robbery.

To be honest, simple, sincere, and courageous, will bring peace, comfort, hope, and joy, when the world around us is being slowly but surely cleared of all that's Godless, no matter how much gold a man or a Nation may have, it's the Godly who are His special care, and by them His Blessing will reach all who give God ear and heart.  To be a wise virgin with Oil in your vessel, a good and faithful servant in His Service, makes you a Sheep to share in the promise.  Come ye Blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.  We are for Him, He for us.  The foolish virgins and unfaithful servants are Goats who will hear - Depart from me, I never knew you, or you me.  These shall go away into everlasting punishment prepared for the devil and his servants.  You will find much help and true Joy in speaking often one to another, and find your name in His book or remembrance written before Him.  Read Malachi 3 and 4; to have a good Scriptural foundation gives us great confidence, and also ability to help others.

My love and best wishes to all in the home,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Watson's, Palm Springs
February 11, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Mitch, Mattie and James:

Thanks for your hearty letter. It's good to lay past what will make you independent of others for the Trip, which seems coming nearer by all the Signs on the Earth today. The Goldy Nation is having a very trying time since 1937 came in. No doubt Roosevelt won the election because of much Goldy help he gave the needy and other people during past 4 years. And now on 20th January 1937 he promised to help the underprivileged in a heroic way and words, while the rain was falling on him, which was to cause the greatest flood in U.S.A. History.

California had drought - they prayed and got rain, which opened their mouths to speak many idle words against the Witness of God; so it snowed and frosted, taking 50% of their crops at least, as well as the expense in trying to save by heating. But it also put snow on the Mountains to melt by the rains, which caused the flood to be so severe, and also uses up the snow for the coming summer needs, and also reveal the powerlessness of the money they had spent after the last flood 8 years ago.

The people chose to hear the words and publishers confidence in the Goldy man and his promises, rather than in the words of the Godly Man and words from the Throne, witnessed by the Least and little ones. So He had to do something to break the confidence of the badly deceived people, and give them a chance to hear His Message and live, which is quite in keeping with the whole Scriptures for today. He is preparing those who will hear and live and form the great number of Tribulation Saints, while all others will get Death. The flood is His answer to the Gold proud Nation. In what happened to King Edward you see how great the power of the Protestant Whore head of Revelation 17: only a sign of what's coming to him.

Why did God send His Son in the way He knew the Holy Bible reading, commandment keepers and Sabbath keepers would say He was a Bastard, to reveal their wicked, proud killing hearts ? they had no ears for the Spirits Message, because it came through what they regarded as unclean lips. They know not that Matthew 5: is the fulfilling of the Law. God gave the Law to convince all men that they are sinners needing Grace and Mercy of God, that they may give to men what God gives to them.

But the whole R.P. & E. world has no grace and no mercy, because they don't feel their need of it. So you see the most wicked of the R.P.& E. rejecting the King, and throwing stones at him and after him, signs of what's coming to them when Revelation 17: is fulfilled. So power of Gold, and power of the greatest Throne on the Earth, has been found wanting, and so we can be sure the cure is not far off. I enjoy reading Psalms 137 these days, for you can see every word fits into our Message.

My Love in Him to all 3.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Hansen
February 12, 1937

My dear Hansens:

Thanks for yours and Mrs. Gardner's.  Glad to hear you are having a turn around with open ear and open mouth for God.  Don't stumble or trip over others, no matter who or what they are.  Our job is to give all we can the living Water, clear as crystal and flowing freely to all.   He will do the rewarding according to what He sees in the heart of man as in Rev. 22.

It's always best for all to keep on the level, seeking to help any or all, for there are none perfect in knowledge or understanding.  We are only at school.  The examination will come later on; though it seems not far off by all the many and varied forms of Wrath being poured out on the earth.   And the Goldy Nation and man mouthpiece on 20th January, 1937, had a rather severe answer in the flood.  No doubt Roosey won the election because of the power, of gold he had used in his past 4 years to meet the needs of the needy.

But the Godly Man's words is the only hope they can have, for the Throne of God and the Lamb is above and beyond all that's on the Earth.  So we are safe in hearing and humbling ourselves to meet the needs of the outcasts of the R.P.&E. world as we find them in Matt. 22.  These are the victims of the Matt. 23 Scribe and Pharisee hypocrisy, and the cure for them is in Matt. 24; while the Son of Man at the end of Matt. 24 chapter, is for all who will hear and obey.

So the Man and Woman of Matt. 25 will settle who are Sheep and Goats, and the rewards are wonderfully wide apart.  Come ye Blessed of  My Father, inherit the Kingdom, etc., the Goats will go into Everlasting punishment, for they are the servants of the devil, no matter how they look; and it's revealed by their attitude to the Man who is Least of these His Brethren.  Sheep hearing His Voice and following, Goats, no use for the Man or Message.   So Matt. 22 to 25 covers the whole plan and purpose of God.   Either hear and live and find shelter under His Wings, or refuse and get wrath till they are wiped off the earth, as in Malachi 4:1.

My love to all 3,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards, Phoenix, Ariz.
February 19, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose and Co

I expect one from you any of these days. I am sending you J. Hardie's which is enjoyable to read. Between the lines is the best part of it; fear of losing bread in his ageing years, and a shut ear to all the Spirit has been saying to them is the disease. "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches by His angel" is too clear to need any explanation. He that hath no ears to hear, being unregenerate in spite of all his privilege and profession, let him not hear-- has been true in all ages where ever there was a prophet, or Son of Man. The many always missed it, both in professors and prophets (false) and the few despised and rejected cast out as in Apostolic days. The Tree of Death and the Tree of Life always covers the whole.

Matthew, the Gospel of the Kingdom in all ages, is clearly seen and prophetic for these days. You can see the separation all thru Matt. 5: to 7:, and to apply it to the Religious World is all wrong, for it's the record of what to expect in the work of God thru any true Servant in any age; and is clearly revealed in the Epistles in the conflict between the True and the False, or those who only got knowledge of Good and Evil, and those who heard the Voice and found their way out.

The Mustard Seed, the least of all the seeds producing the greatest results, and the Birds finding shelter in the Tree Branches, but not part of the tree, -- so no healing leaves. The Woman with the leaven in 3 measures of meal, -- type of what produces the whore; the one God working in and by, the other leavening the whole by human imitation which appeals to the unregenerate, - producing tares in contrast to wheat. You notice the Multitude went ere He gave them the Tare and Wheat Judgment of the age. Then the treasure hid in a field, found and sold all to buy that field shows the unearthing of Jesus as the Way, Truth and Life and bearing the witness of God to the Scribe and Pharisee world (Alpha). The Merchant man seeking good Pearls, the Alpha and Omega Jesus, sold all he had and bought the pearl of great price. Cast not your pearls before Dogs, Hogs, goats and wolves is not what we find in the world but in the Kingdom or the mixture produced by the Mustard Seed growing and the Devil by the Woman leavening the whole till the whole was leavened,-- such was true in the Apostolic days, and so in the Testimony when tested,- the whole was leavened and only the few with ears to hear could receive the pearl Message, and because they had heard the Message by the voice in Alpha days. The Devil, the Serpent, the Tree, the Woman, and Adam--the woman putting leaven or human interpretation in till the whole was leavened which had not heard the Voice and got Life. So that what we find in the Garden is true of the Kingdom of Heaven in all ages.

Human imitation and interpretation is the Leaven. Overcomer may suggest finding the Treasure in the field and making it his own by selling all else in Alpha days and then the Alpha and Omega or Revelation days finding the Pearl of great price; Jesus on the Throne and His Message from there, the pearl. You can see the stress laid on getting the Woman Body from the streets and lanes, the highways and hedges as in Matt. 22 and Ezekiel 33:37. The Testimony was mostly religious people full of their own traditions and ways. The virgins are those out of Babylon, and you can see how some of them bear the trifling human marks and miss it all while others get the Spirit and power to witness. Same with the servants, and emphasis on the least being the separator between sheep and goats. Come ye blessed of My Father, shows they have been born of God, and so heirs of the Kingdom. Then the turning of water to Blood, the test for the 144,000 as to their heart condition before Him, shows how much He values a pure undefiled seed.

The 144,000 who were not defiled by the whore but follow the Lamb whither so ever He goeth. If we did not learn the impossibility of getting a true seed from Testimony days, then we would have missed much. If it was from the outcasts of Israel He gathered those who were His true disciples, then in the pearl days it must be more important. So we can rejoice in the double work of the angel in Rev. XXII. There can be no triflers or human corrupters of the Message from the Throne, So our Testimony or human corrupters of the Message from the Throne, friends are out for good, so far as their position today is concerned.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

P.S. John 1:13 is better understood today. Blood, Flesh, Will-of-Man are the three dangers always and may indicate the 3 measures of meal where the Leavens work.

Wm. Irvine's letter to: George Linn, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
February 23, 1937
From: P.O. Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear George and Family:

Thanks for 2 today. There is such a variety of personality in those who profess to have ears. I find it a good opportunity to guide them as much as possible. For I have learned many things in what I get and give to others and usually I write most to those who have been able and willing to pass on to others. It divides the labor and I'm sure they benefit more than only receiving for themselves. Witness, leader and Commander seems to imply the need for such help in those whether they are to become wise or foolish depending on the use they made of help given. Our experience in Alpha days helps us to see the danger of the various ears and mouth. The few we found with ears to hear the Omega message.

For he that hath ears to hear is shown by them being able and willing to hear what the Spirit saith to the 7 churches by His Angel showing that all self seeking was severely rebuked and rejected and left with much outward righteousness but no ear for the Spirit message today. It was a severe test to the Son of Man to find no faith on the Earth, but now my heart is very much comforted when I see how perfect was His way of revealing who was who and what was what with the many. Every one of the Churches are given full credit for their righteousness, but rejected for their rejection of the Message and the Angel Overcomer gets always added promise in every message to every church.

So that we have been seeing how much people may be in their own and others eyes and yet miss the great test and possibilities. Alpha people drawn most from other and varied traditions were bound to produce what we see in the 7 churches and few had honest ears to hear and value the Voice and Message of the Spirit then and so now. They were more interested in the bunch than the man and message then and now. Rev. 2 Ephesus is for G.B. Testimony and you can see the effects of their leaving their 1st. love is to lose their candlestick. Vs. 6 shows they hate the attempt to put another name as Cooney on what I had done, while for me the Tree of Life in the midst of the Paradise of God was given on the Rev. 22: message.

You can see how perfectly He is cutting out all the old traditionalism in the fact that only those with ears to hear what the Spirit saith to the Churches are included in the Woman body and those who have been gathered with ears to hear and obey from the streets and lanes, highways and hedges, and the test of water turned to blood for all as they gather in Jerusalem as in Rev. 11. In Mal. 3 you can see the purifying and purging of the Sons of Levi, or those who are to be teachers of others so that a clean well-pleased offering can be His in the Temple. This was true of the Apostles at Pentecost but will be again when the gathering takes place and the Spirit poured out in power as seen in His ministry.

You can see in Mal. 3:1 "Behold ye who have ears and eyes, I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way before the Lord who is Angel or messenger of the covenant". John Baptist was this man and Elijah. But Matt. 11:10 shows John and the Least and greater with the marks of Reader, Angel, Overcomer, 12 star crowned head, Manchild etc. which could never be given to any other till Rev. became the message by the Son of Man when the wicked generation is to cease from the Earth.

The lord whom ye seek, whom you delight in are words of irony to those who are making such pretense to being interested in His coming... But who may abide the day of His coming since 1914 and who shall stand in the appearing of the Lord in power by the 2 witnesses for He is like a refiners fire and fullers soap in the cleansing up the true seed of the Kingdom.

Vs. 6 shows the sons of Jacob only can expect to stand the test.

Vs. 7 "Return to me and I will return to you" - but their answer was "Wherein shall we return". Showing they did not know or believe they had departed from hearing and obeying His voice.

Vs. 8 "Will a man rob God", but they said "Wherein have we robbed you in tithes and offering or sacrificial service or in hearing and obeying".

Vs. 9 "Ye are cursed with a curse this whole Gentile nation. Harken and obey that there may be meat from heaven in my house and I will give you more than you can store. And I rebuke the Devourer of your fruits of the earth by drought, frost, and floods.

Vs. 12 All Nations shall call you Blessed when they see those who hear and obey get plenty while drought etc. will desolate the earth.

My love and thanks for your offer,

Wm. Irvine.

I am afraid your suggestion would rob many of the privilege and opportunity of serving others in a voluntary way which is part of their service as servants and covers up the slothful or wicked or self-seeking. We all have visions and dreams but the self-seeker is apt to reveal it by the use they make of these, rather than in effort to digest and pass on the meat in due season, which is the test for all who value His gift in man and message. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Mills
February 27, 1937

My dear Mills and Co:

Thanks for yours and Mrs. George's.  Mal. 3 is very clear to any who can Behold, or see with anointed eyes because they have ears to hear - I will send my Messenger, which means both Man and Message, and it would be foolish to try to separate them.  He shall prepare the way before me, as did John Baptist in His 1st coming, and as the Least is to do in His 2nd coming as Messenger of the Covenant.  Whom the religious people all pretend to seek, and whom they pretend to delight in.  He shall come in power.  But who may abide the day of His coming, for He is like a refiners fire and fullers soap to reveal all their inward condition, and fullers soap to wash away their hypocrisy.  So you can see Him refining and purifying and purging those who are to be His witness, the Sons of Levi, the Teachers of the people how to offer a sacrifice He can accept by giving His Spirit.

Vs. 5 shows us what He is in witness to the R.P.& E. world.
Vs. 6 shows His mercy to the Sons of Jacob, with ears to hear Messenger.
Vs. 7 shows us, shows the vs. 5 people don't know they have all gone their own ways, or departed from the Lord, though they have the words and forms, and so are the 99 Just persons who need no repentance, or turning to the Lord in heart and mouth.
Vs. 8 shows they rob God, though they deny, and rob man by giving out their own thoughts and ways which He cannot accept.
Vs. 9  Ye such are cursed with a curse for ye have robbed me, even this whole Nation who name His name but do their own ways.
Vs. 10 shows what He would and could do if they would hear and obey.
Vs. 11  He would rebuke the devourer who is destroying the fruits of their ground, and stop the vines from casting their fruit to the earth.  Which He will do when His own comes to Jerusalem and the whole world under drought.
The Maritime Strike on the U.S.A. Coastline.  Frost and snow in California and coast, and flood in 12 states is but a sample of His work in Wrath, and the motor strike have all been His answer to the electing of the man who gave them more money than any other ever did, in trying to stop Wrath's consequences.
Vs. 13-15 shows their stout words and 16-18 the record for those who hear and fear the Lord.

My love and best wishes for all there,

Wm. Irvine

Vs. 5 of Mal. 3 shows us the marks of those we witness to and their various marks.  You can see how well Mal. 3 fits into Mal. 4.  The greater wrath just ahead when war comes on the whole earth and Drought, Famine, Pestilence and Plagues.  So 1937 is well marked so far.


Take time to read carefully Mal. 3 for today.

Wm, Irvine's Letter to Grays, Sacramento, Calif.
March 3, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Grays:

Thanks for yours (2) and enclosures. Any man who tries to read Daniel or Revelation for any other than the time of the end, has no vision, no matter what their claims may be, and the more they glory in their righteousness of other kinds the more like the people who crucified Him. Daniel XII:14 shows Daniel's visions were to be sealed till the time of the end when men running to and fro and increase of knowledge would mark this period.

Revelation 1:3 shows clearly there would be no Reader with the Spirit to make Revelation prophecy, till the time was at hand. You can see the opening of the Seals in Heaven in Revelation 4: and 5: when the 7th Seal was opened, on came the war of 1914 as in Revelation 8: which gives us the origin of the war - not in earth but in Heaven. Verse 7 shows you the war and mark of the Battle Fields of Europe, 1/ 3 part of the trees destroyed and all the green grass which were of battle fields of History.

Verse 8 and 9 shows Naval operations on 1/3 part of the Sea in North Hemisphere. When the British Government gave figures for ships destroyed, out of 47,000,000 tons of Allied shipping 15 million tons were destroyed - 1/3 part. Verse 9 shows 1/3 part of the creatures in the Sea - or Submarines - died. Government figures out of 608, 202 died, or were put out of action. These marks identify this chapter as war chapter. Maurice and Hulls can give you help in reading this Chapter, and the 3 woes to come, and now getting ripe for action about Coronation day as in Chapter IX:

In that the things given in type in Old Testament were to be sealed till the time of the end, shows that all who tried to read them were only fooling themselves and others. But is hid from the wise and prudent, is only to be made known to Babes and sucklings. We are now nearing the end of Malachi III: and so ready for Malachi IV: to be fulfilled. John was Elijah in His 1st coming, but the Elijah of Malachi IV: is to be before the great and dreadful day of the Lord, at hand.

My Love and Best wishes for all,


Read and get help to grasp whats written in Matthew 11: 7-15 and note that John Baptist was the greatest in His day. But the Least in the Kingdom, is to be greater than he. And least and Little ones always refers to those who are the Revelation 1:3 people. W.I..

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Abbott
March 17, 1937

My dear Percy:

Thanks for yours today.  Surely we have enough to comfort anyone who needs it.  Why worry what people say or do, knowing that the rewards by what He sees in their hearts, all will be justly rewarded.  Inauguration day in U.S.A. on 20th January was a big day, for it ends the Harvest period when all who have ears would hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches 7 by His Messenger - or Man and Message - who is sent by the Lord, who is the Messenger of the Covenant.  And  you can be sure that God, Jesus and the Messenger are one in mind and heart; and what people are to the Man and Message, they are to Jesus.  What they are to Jesus, they are to God, as in Matt. 18, and all other Righteousness can only end in the fire unquenchable.

The work of the Messenger is to prepare a people by whom His Witness purges the Sons of Levi; and the purifying and purging of them has been a hard and trying job.  But vs. 6 shows He will not consume them who are sons of Jacob.  (Mal. 3).   Vs. 5 shows whom we have as our enemies, and covers all who resist and reject the Man and Message, which is the true meaning of Messenger.  Vs. 7 shows they have departed from the Lord, but don't know it.

Vs. 8-12 shows they rob God, but don't believe it when told, so are accursed and the devourer destroys the fruits of their ground as you have seen in the past 7 years, and now more definitely in 1937 when the inauguration took place on the 20th January in midst of the greatest calamity  ever in U.S.A. was taking place in floods, frost, drought, strikes, all the most valuable industries on sea and land and air, even the Golden Gate crash was noticeable.  U.S.A. has had more of the witness of God than any other place; and Canada, where this was true in Sask., and Australia, and now in Great Britain.

So He has been very definite in His Seal.  And now Mal. 3 is ended as Harvest, we are now to see threshing and separating in rewarding every man on the earth according to their attitude to the Messenger, till the whole work is finished.  The sign will be the Coronation in England in May, which will be a big day and great job.  Daniel came into honor when the Empire came down.  So it may be a double coronation, the Least and Greatest of the Empire Coronations, and the first and last Coronation of His chosen Servants for the Judgment of all Nations and their breaking.

It's a comfort to see in Mal. 3:18 that we will discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him - servants - that serveth God, and him that don't.  Vs. 1 of Mal. 4 is too terrible and dreadful to contemplate, but it is literal and true.  Verses 2 and 3 is as hard for us to swallow as is Vs. 1.  For it's the fulfilling of promises.  We could hardly believe that the Man and Woman with the 12 Star Crowned Head and garments of Sunshine, will shine forth to the whole world, showing how much value He puts on them, in contrast to the proud and wicked who will be ashes under the soles of your feet, when He, the Lord of Hosts, or of all men, does this.

He needed a Servant - Moses on Mt. Horeb - so He sent Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.  So forget all else, and give vent to these things.  Rev. 22 says - Seal not these things, when the time is at hand.

My love in Him to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Grims
March 20, 1937

My dear Olive and Christies:

Don't ever doubt His care and interest in all three of you. Out of it all will come Mal. 4: 2 & 3 - for all who fear and hear in Earth or Heaven.

The agony of the Garden - the Cross and the Tomb were but preparation for the greater day - and all you see - hear and experience are but expressing the fact that the great day of Reward is due to everyone on the Earth.

Mal. 3: 1-3, shows the purifying and purging of the Sons of Levi to enable Him by us to bear swift witness against a worldful of vs. 5 - sort who have departed from the Lord, and rob God in obedience to His revealed will - and so they are accursed and the fruits of their ground being destroyed - which has been so marked in 1937 all over the world - so ending the Harvest period and making ready for Mal.4; rewards - which I expect will be signed and sealed in the Coronation on May 12, 1937 - when Dan. 5 will be made manifest.

The world is in great distress but not one word of what was promised in Mal.4: will fail - to either the one party or the other - for He only sees 2 possibilities on the earth to hear and fear Him or refuse no matter what are the other conditions and this will last till He comes - when the work is finished - so whether Mama stays here or goes there - let not your hearts doubt the Day of her return with Him and His, many of whom have shared her lot thru conditions on the earth in past days - but Mal. 4: will change all these things.

But the little Lights of the Least and Little ones will become the Sun of Righteousness of a New Day - so put away fear of any kind and have the courage which only His Spirit promises can give you. I wish I had had the same comfort and hope for my Mother as I stood beside her rubbing her hands and arms to keep the blood flowing when heart action was failing - as you are having in finding the old tried and true heart for you and Him and me - losing control of thought and feeling because of the struggle going on to keep life in - so let nothing trouble you in the conflict in life and death - and all that man can do in name of science.

It's going to get brighter for all who are His - and darker for all others. You will find Heb. 11: much comfort as you see the struggles of others who had ears for God in all Ages.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's letter to Dorothy and Mamma Dunbar
March 22, 1937
Box 696 P. O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Dorothy and Mamma,

Thanks for your two letters today. What I enjoyed in Dorothy's letter was there is nothing so nice as carrying home one's wages each week. How vividly it recalls my experience when only 8-1/2 years of age. I carried home my first three shillings for seventy-two hours work in a grocers store, and it always gave me pleasure to see my Mother freed from worry over money matters.

At twenty years of age I was earning £200 per year, hard, dirty, dangerous work in striving to find a place amongst men. But I never felt greater thrilled than I did on my first casting my hard earned three shillings into Mother's lap, and I am sure she never would forget it. And my reward was to get a ½ d [pence] to spend as I wished, which I did in buying six home-made candies from a widow trying to earn a living for herself and family with no help from outside. That thrill is still with me though over sixty-five years ago.

And now we are waiting for the Coronation as the sign to expect Malachi IV to begin our reward for all we have had to share in these past seven years of depression which God put on the world because the R. P. & E. have been robbing God; and His curse on them by the devourer destroying the fruit of their ground as you can read in verse 11. We have had to suffer with them, but now Malachi IV shows that all who fear not in His name will get their reward quite separate from those who are to be consumed; while verses 2 and 3 shows our reward in becoming the light bearers to the world in the new day.

Inauguration of President Roosevelt on the 20th of January 1937, was a very big matter, and all that has happened since 1937 began but proof of the change-over from harvest to thrashing and separating as in Malachi IV. So the world has much to fear and we have very to cheer. So expect to find evidence even in our circle of both His wrath and mercy, grace and privilege we never had before.

My Love to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Dempsters
March 29, 1937

My dear Dempsters;

Thanks for yours, and specially Esther's with her 13 paragraph page.  13 different items on one page, all very clearly stated was very "A-1" for her years and experience, so I give her 100% marks.  It was good to send it for inspection to another and a good example to all who write letters, and me in particular.

We have had some tourists, but few and short timers in general compared to other years.  The Easter and Moslem celebration comes on about 5 weeks later, which may fit into the Royal Commission report, and more trouble, I fear, of a bigger sort.  Indian conditions don't point to a peaceful solution, and Spain and Ethiopia a good 2nd to cheer and encourage our hopes.  So, like all Heaven, we can wait confidently till the fulfilling of His purpose and promise to them and me, as we shared it today in tasting what all Heaven has had, and all His on the earth.

What Joy it must give them as they look on at the Battle being waged on the earth today, and Joy it must have given John alone in Patmos to see Heaven opened and what was going on.  And now we have more comfort than he had, as we look back, around, and ahead, with clear vision; only possible when the seals were taken away and the 1914 war came on the scene, but meaning nothing more than opportunity for greater and more wicked manifestations on the earth, and tasting a little of the bitterness experienced by all who ever had His Nature and Spirit.

What makes our humanity suffer, should always have reaction in Joy, but only according to our believing what is written, and proof of the same Battle He and His faced, from Abel, till we can see Him in the looking-glass we look into.  Flesh and Blood still cry out - "My God, My God, why?" only to find later the resurrection of Him in us.  And Easter and Christmas time is a good time to taste both things, as we see wrath seems to follow their abominations in which they delight, as He and we abominate them.  But Daniel came out on top every time, even the Lion's Den was a rather severe test.  But Victory in the 2 Witnesses will put a Kick in the 144,000 and the Woman, they never had or could have before, and it's fruit will be seen in the great results by their Everlasting Gospel.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Cutler & Stenger
April 6, 1937

My dear Ruth and Bruce:

Thanks for yours.  All humans are religious one way or another; no animal is.  The Garden of Eden shows 2 possibilities.  The Serpent beguiled Eve to eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; which satisfied them in their experience as it does all humans.  This covers the whole of religions on the earth.  The Voice of the Lord God came walking in the Garden in the cool of the day revealed God’s way of regenerating men deceived by the Serpent, the name given to all who are false prophets paid and honored by the Devil, who is the god of this world, or of all humans who are content to believe that a good man goes to Heaven and a bad man to Hell.  A good man is better than a bad man, but both are human, and flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, any more than a good animal can the human.  The animal can’t beget the human nor can a human by any means beget that which is of God.

The Serpent’s work was seen in all its fullness in the Scribes and Pharisees hypocrisy or human imitation as in Matt. 23; while Jesus was the full manifestation of God’s way of saving men as He did Adam and Eve in the Garden and took them out of it to do for others what had been done for them.  Cain and Abel are samples of the Devil’s work and of God by His Spirit.  Animal can’t understand human documents, neither can the human understand the Scriptures without being born of God and His Spirit working in them and by them.  All human knowledge of God, or the things of God – or Theology – is darkness; only the light of life can be any help in the things of God.  Adam and Eve show humanity at its best.  Jesus and His disciples shows us the only way we can become children, Sons of God and Joint Heirs with Jesus Christ.  The Cain Seed will always persecute the Seed of God, or the unregenerate will always persecute the regenerate.  The one will hear and obey the Serpent false prophets, the other will hear only the Voice of the Lord.  My Sheep hear my Voice, etc.

The Lord cursed the Serpent, the woman, and the man, to show whence comes all cursing.  Religion influences Politics, and they Education. So the more power they have the more cursing, and now we are in the End of human control – to be ended and destroyed.  Pride and wickedness dominate all we see and hear, and is to be burnt up Root and Branch as in Mal. 4:1, and the Sun light of those who have light of life will shine forth as in vs. 2 and 3.

I enjoyed what you said about your doubts about Religion.  I also had that from a boy.  I also enjoyed your battle for place amongst men and regard your position today as His Mercy and Seal in keeping you from your ambition.  I am alone so far as my relatives are concerned and in spite of all they could do to hinder me.  If you can understand what’s written in Daniel 7:9-14 and in Rev. 7, you will see what a victory is mine in having overcome all that has been against me and in winning promise of 100 million to give ear to God by my Message and as you see in Rev. 7, 144,000 and a great multitude whom no man can number; while the whole others will become smoke and ashes.

My love and best wishes,

Wm. Irvine

You will see from other letters where we are at today.  Try and get a good Scriptural understanding of all, and so become strong and useful in coming days.  I enclose a photo which may help to show you that the hair of my head is like the pure wool of Dan. 7:9.

To find a place either in the one million helpers or the 100 million who will stand before the Ancient of Days will reward you for all that you may have to face or endure, and many may yet say of you, “that man made it possible for me.”

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Flagg and Daughter, Santa Ana, Calif.
April 7, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Mrs. Flagg and Lorraine :

Thanks for yours. Marriage is a civil institution (not religious in any shape or form) founded on Adam and Eve in the Garden in Genesis 2 - and before there was any religion, false or true in the world, as you find its beginnings in Genesis 3. The Devil by Religion has sneaked into and got control over - births, deaths, marriage for the gain of the clerical world, or in giving Clergy power to deceive and dominate humanity. You can see that Jesus and the Apostles and Prophets of old had no power in these matters which really belong to parents and no others. Moslem Religion of the 7th Century was an attempt to break this power the Jews and Christians had, but they are about the same now as the others.

Marriage is a civil contract between two humans in the presence of their relatives on both sides and made known to their neighbors and registered by the civil power for legal use only. Baptising of babies, marriage and burial by Priest or Parson is like the "walk into the parlor - says the spider to the fly" - easier to get into and harder to get out of than the cobweb proves to the fly, and ends in death to God, for they are made to believe that they are Servants of God when it's the Devil they serve. If Matt. 23 does not prove to people who and what they are and how dangerous it is to come under their power, then what's coming in Mal. 4:1 being fulfilled will reveal how fatal it is to have anything to do with them, no matter how long they have fooled and deceived us.

I expect Coronation - May 12 will begin the work of redeeming us unto God or bringing us under His power as well as delivering us from the power of the Devil thru breaking all our religious bonds and bands and giving us a chance of enjoying the liberty of God on the Earth, but only to those with honest hearts towards Him. So it becomes a matter of Life or Death for the whole world.

What you have seen in U.S.A. and the world since '37 came in - is the ending of Mal. 3 - now what's going to happen at Coronation will sign the beginning of Mal.4 - the great day of rewards for every soul on the earth according to their attitude to God in heart and life.

My love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S. Be very sincere Godwards in the matter, knowing what the consequences will be to all concerned.


Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards, Box 485, Phoenix, Ariz.
April 15, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose and Co.:

Thanks for four. And Phillip's shows most improvement in writing and paragraphing. But little Esther Dempster is wonderful, with 66 words and 11 paragraphs, all to the point. Glad you are all on your feet, and on way to restored health. I think it good of John to let six months pass, and harden up with work at his age. Fosmos write heartily. Was glad to hear of Liz Gordon having been over to lunch at Ira's and took more letters. Lovell had been in touch with some Testimony people. Can you see how the Rapture people all go up in the air, or into the fire by Malachi IV? How can they go forth and grow up as calves of the stall, and be raptured?

Jewish New Year was September 15, which makes November 2nd Noah's day, near enough to couple it with November 4th elections of the Goldy man. Noah's story dates - 40 days rain would give us 12th Dec., and probably point to Roosevelt 's work in organizing the 4th Beast and 10 horns, the South American States, and backing the Jews as the "little horn". Rumors here are that Jews will get part of Palestine to rule and defend, by the Royal Commission, and a seat in the League.

I am thinking that all the developments in these pre-coronation days are full of great moves to produce the big trouble ahead, - India , Spain , Ethiopia and Russia . Have you noticed that Daniel got Chapter VII & VIII in the first and third year of Belshazzar's reign? And this was very much my experience after the War. For Belshazzar could not be in place and power till Nebuchadnezzar, the Kaiser, had gone to his green grass in Doorn house. Daniel IV shows the downfall of the Empire, but very specially marked by the root Nebuchadnezzar being left out of the whole affairs of men. Chapter VII shows very clearly the 2nd Woe Message period, and what's of the 4 Beasts coming together, and out of it the Saints taking the Kingdom.

The Ancient of Days so often spoken of as God, is the man who is the seed of the Woman, she is to bruise his head, and he bruise his heel, - showing the power of God in the one, and the power of the Devil in men. Ancient of Days also suggest the Man so long promised in, and by whom the sealed Truth is to be fulfilled, which was the hope and comfort of all who suffered as the Meek, whose garment was white as snow, sins washed by the Blood, and purified and purged of iniquity, so that the Spirit could see, say and do His good pleasure through him. Hair of head like pure wool, is easy to see; Throne like fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire, is quite in keeping with the Iron Rod Rule and breaking of the Nations.

Verse 10 shows there will be many to hear and obey, and the great gathering as the result. The Judgment was set and the books opened, as in Malachi IV. Verse 11 shows the Judgment of the little horn, and the Nations by the great quake of Revelation XVI. Verse 12 shows other Nations broken, but not quite destroyed for a time. Verse 13 is very clearly John from Heaven with the Decree. Verse 15 shows how difficult it was to place these things. Verse 15 to end makes it clearer and plainer than I have. I am sure the Trinity of God will have greater Joy in finding two redeemed humans the medium for Ruling the Nations, than if it were He Himself on the Job. For they are swifter witnesses against the whole proud and wicked seed than He would be, and revealing the fullness of our inheritance in Him, in contrast to the fire for His enemies. Son and heirs, and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ, revealed in fullest measure, and the first fruits of Saints who rule the world after its Judgment.

You can see in Chapter VII how the 4 contrary Spirits on the waters, producing the 3 Beasts and the 4th Beast and 10 horns, with what's written for the two witnesses, all has been working out His plan since last war.

Water prevailed 150 days, water abated 150 days, forty days after 40 2 x7 = 14. This is a Jewish year - 354 days, plus 10 makes our year - 364 days. Jews have 384 days every 3rd year makes up the difference. 13 month year comes next year. If you can get an English - Jewish calendar, it will be useful. 9th month and 2 day Jewish, is Coronation day. 10th month and first day would be June 11th. You can see what you can make of it as time passes.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Bakers, Denver, Colorado
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine .
April 16, 1937

My Dear Ira, Ruth & Co:

Thanks for 2 from you, 2 from son & wife, & 2 from Fosmo's, all hearty and good. I am glad you all pulled thru your time of trial, Cod liver, or Halibut oil is good as a healer after Pneumonia, and beware of cold winds for a time.

A skin or leather short coat is good protection only you need to beware of taking it off, after sweating and sleep warm in fresh air - I was pleased to hear of Miss Gordon haven been out and feel sure it will be the day in her life when she can see who we are and what and why of all she has gone thru, for we have all had to share in the Judgment of the Nations up to the End of Mal. 3-which was marked by inauguration on 20th of Jan. and all that happened in 1937 ending the 7 years depression and destruction of the fruits of the ground because they have robbed God of what He wants, He robbed them of what they need. So now Mal. 4, will become the programme after coronation I expect.

And you can see the Nations and world all ripe and preparing for the great day, tho' they know it not, we have heard about tares and wheat, the one to be burned with unquenchable fire and we have the same truth taught in many ways in the Book and clearly forshadowed in Noah's flood, and in Sodom and Gomorrah, now we are to be the same cure applied to the whole world.

But to you that fear my Name, "The Son of Righteousness" the light we have shall become the light for the whole world, and we honoured in having it- as the light which is darkness is put out forever, who can be sorry to think that all the teachers and preachers who have the Scriptures but not the Spirit should be put out for ever and the simple Gospel and all the signs of Jesus life and Ministry are to be given to the whole world. Then shall the End come - So we are to have the greatest day of Damnation and Salvation the world has ever had. If you can read Dan. 4,5, 7, and 8, as the whole means of judgment you have the best of it, Dan. 7-9 to 14, is the 2 witnesses with explanation in V. 15-28.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. Other copies will make things clearer to you. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Drummond
April 25, 1937

My dear Drummonds:

Thanks for several letters.  What makes a wise virgin and what makes a foolish? - the one lets God’s Spirit work in their hearts and mind, the other don’t.  A sheep loves the green grass in the meadow, the goat loves the high places and the tasty herbage of the high places.  The Devil and Satan can always find some reason to get the foolish to miss what he needs and take what can only pander to his human spirit, soul, and body.

A wise chicken does not swallow all that it scratches, but what it can digest.  It’s very easy to feed those who are hungry and thirsty for what comes from God, while quite impossible to feed those who are full of their own thoughts, desires, and ways.  Birds of a feather flock together, and it soon becomes manifest in people - whether they are clean or unclean, by their habits.  Probably the easiest fed of the winged sort is the Dove, which is typical of the Spirit’s brood.

The wise can learn from the fool, but the fool never from the wise.  I have more difficulty in getting rid of my own and other’s thoughts and ways, than to find God giving me full measure of His for my use, and for other’s benefit.  The wisdom of God is foolishness with men, the wisdom of men foolishness with God.  The flowing river from the Throne is full and free and refreshing and comforting.  The muddied waters of Babylon is large, but producing death, rather than life, both in us and in those who hear us.

The fruits - or results of the Spirit in men - is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.  The works of the flesh  in spirit, soul and body is just the opposite.  Gal. 5:20 shows what the foolish will enjoy most, to their destruction.  It is very easy to stumble over others, if we don’t have the Spirit and let Him work in and speak by us to others.  So cheer up and learn from your mistakes.  Err on God’s side rather than your own.  For the great day is quite at hand when Mal. 4 is about to begin on the earth.

My love in Him to both.

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards, Phoenix , Ariz.
April 30, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose and Company:

Thanks for yours. I had cable that my sister Jeanie died on Wednesday night 29th April. I had been closer to her than any of my other relatives, and could have wished she had lived to see the Coronation of Dan. VII:9-14. So now she will know on the other side. I had enclosed letter today from Wm. St. Clair, who used to be the center of Testimony in Kilsyth, his wife died las August, and Mrs. George Cleland on same day, and now you see where he is. It's valuable coming from Kilsyth. I did the same before I started out to preach in 1895, and got Isa. 41:14-20, tho I have never practiced these things. Its more impressive when being fulfilled, and it fits into our reading of Dan. V & VII: 9-14.

I enjoyed reading Haggai, which deals with building the Temple by Zerubbabel - his name means Begotten in Babylon or Revelation Jerusalem. Rev. Ch.18 and fits into Rev. 12, Manchild begotten in Jerusalem by the Woman Body. But the building of the Temple will not be by stone and lime, --that's the work of the Jewish Anti-Christ power, to be destroyed by the great quake of Rev. 16 along with the cities of the nations, or league of Nations cities.

Haggai 2:20-30 is very good and comprehensive. "Shake Heaven amd Earth, overthrow the throne of Kingdoms", fits into Empire. Destroy the strength of the Heathen Kingdoms, chariots and those that ride in them and on horses and riders shall come down by the sword of their brothers. I will make Zerubbabel as a Signet or Seal to all God is doing in judging the nations.

Zech 21: 3-9 shows that all who try to take Jerusalem will be broken or cut into pieces. In Daniel you see the coming warring will be over who is to get Jerusalem . They all want what He has reserved for Him and His, but they will destroy one another in their various moves. So the Kaiser is a good sample, for he had his heart set on Jerusalem . Why should he have built a palace on the Mt. of Olives ? And he was as cock-sure as anyone today could be of victory. So everything seems set for the great Mal. 4 day, and you can see both things happen together as in Zech 12:9-10 as in Mal. 4.

Decorations are going on here and all over the Empire, and spending more and saying more, but King Edward out reveals the hearts of the Empire as it did in King David in Israel .

My love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

April 30, 1937
Portation of Wm. Irvine’s letter to Edwards

I had cable that my sister Jeanie died on Wednesday night 28th April. I had been closer to her than any of my other relatives, and could have wished she had lived to see the Coronation of Dan. 7:9-14, so now she will know on the other side.

Wm. Irvine’s letter to Westlunds, Auburn, California
April 30, 1937

My dear Westlunds:

Thanks for yours. Sorry to hear you are tasting some of the many forms of what the world is full of in Malachi 3 discipline, but Mal. 4 shows we are near the day when the line will be drawn clear and strong between those who are proud and wicked and those who will share in the sunlight of a new day when what they have despised will prove to be the Light of Life for all who will fear and hear His name before all other names which appeal to the World today.

Cable from my brother-in-law yesterday tells of the death of my sister at 62. Now she will know who I am, the why of much she has seen in my life, especially these last 44 years and I could have wished above all things that she had had ears to hear my Message. They had great privilege and I had been more in touch with their family than others in the family. This leaves 3 families still whole and mostly grown up and married which is the goal of all human life.

One great comfort I always have in the deaths of friends or foes is that they will all see as I see, because His name and all it stands for is the only name which counts beyond the grave, as it will become soon, this side, as they face Death or Life, according to the attitude to Him as He revealed and sealed with His Death and Resurrection, and now by His Power manifested to the World in Wrath or Mercy, as they honor or dishonour His name.

The Coronation is filling the air all over the World these days but Daniel 5 stares them in the face—while Daniel 7:9-14 stares them in the face, tho they may refuse to see either one or the other. Daniel 8 to the end of the Book is a record of great Woes to come and all connected with who will be King of Babylon or Jerusalem. For Rev. 18 is proof that Jerusalem is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, but politically called Babylon, but all who burden themselves with Jerusalem shall be cut in pieces, Zech. 12:3, for He will claim it for His own and by the 2 Witnesses establish His Kingdom there forever as in Revelation 21; so the more they fight and war over it, the surer will be the Kingdom established.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Mills
May 4, 1937

Dear Orris and Co:

Thanks for 4 - Mother, wife, Sewell and yours.  I hope they enjoyed their trip N.   I had one from Maurice yesterday - telling of his experience 5 years ago, when the Hulls picked him up on the Highway.  He has been a dear faithful fellow but God has honored him.  Mr. Stenger was on the same path to medicine as Maurice when God saw fit to put both in the way and place where they could hear His Voice and share in Daniel 7:10, either as helpers in the million or to share in the 100 million who stand before the Ancient of Days gathered from people, nations and languages, while the fire takes the proud and wicked as vs. 11-12 show awaits the great and small beasts of the Earth.

Rev. 7 is worth a good look and read, for there you find what's in Dan. 7.  The 4 angels who are preparing the 4 great Beasts for the destruction of the Proud and wicked, while the Ancient of Days is the angel ascending from the East holding off the destruction till the sealing of His Servants in their foreheads.  Angel just means a Sent One after the pattern of the Son of Man.  But Joyous to see the fruits in the 144,000 mid the great number of Tribulation Saints and the curse removed.  Dan 7 ends by saying the Saints shall take the Kingdom while the others will be destroyed by their own activities and God’s Judgments.

You find John coming in Dan. 7:13-14.  Read Rev. 10 and see his coming again - I saw another MIGHTY Angel come down from heaven - clothed with a cloud - a Rainbow of promise on his head - face as it were the Sun for Malachi 4:2-3.  His feet like as pillars of fire to fulfill the Judgments of God on the Proud and wicked.  In his hand a little Book open, and he set his foot (right) on the Sea, and his left foot on the Land, showing it's for the whole world and Earth.  And cried with a loud voice like to a lion roaring - and when he cried 7 Thunders uttered their voices, showing it's the Wrath to be let loose in the 7 plagues - write them not, for Rev. 16 is terrible to read.  Message is then where the 7th Angel sounds, time will have an end and the mystery of God finished.  Showing the finish of the 2 Witness period is the end of Time and 11:15-19 be a fact or where the 7th Angel begins to sound.

So you have my work in Rev. 7 coupled with 8 for His coming and you can see what fools men are who look for angels of another kind.  So don't let trifles blind your eyes to the greatest things what ever took place or will ever again take place.  We can rejoice that 5% of the human race is to be saved while the great mass will perish for want of ears to hear and a mouth to Speak by the Spirit.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's letter to Dunbars, Placentia, Calif.
Letter mentioning Madame Guyon
May 7, 1937

My dear Dunbars and Co.

Thanks for yours(2). But my great reward is to see your hearty appreciation of what He has so freely given in promise and fulfillment all these years. Tho we expect the crowning day at hand.

Blessed are the merciful - for they will obtain mercy, Woe to the others, for they will get what they give. The King of England and Wallis Simpson did not get much mercy from those who profess to be its ministers and now the coronation on May 12th may be opportunity for His answer from the Throne as in Dan. 5 - while Dan. 7:9 to 14 may His answer to those whose mouths have spoken mercy; and this fits in wonderfully to Mal. 4: -- so our hearts are gladder for the greater opportunity ahead, for all who have the light of Life - and oil in their vessels.

Stolen wet gas was a fearful mistake in Texas School;* but only a sample of the greater danger of those who steal wet gas from many Satanic sources, the earth has to tempt peoples covetness and selfish pride in their great buildings and prosperity. They all mourn, the consequences is death and suffering; but what comes out of people's mouths is more danger to them than anything out of the earth, and it will be surer and more terrible whom Mal. 4 expression, or fire, takes place.

Little did I think in 1895 when asking counsel about how to spend my life, by opening the Book blindfold, and putting my fingers on a place, then reading it (as I had read of another doing**), that I was making a great choice. Isa. 41, 42, 43 and 44 is like a biography of my work and witness & its consequences to all men on the Earth, and all of them read it for the Lord--in place of His Servant at a certain time and place in history, which has never yet been fulfilled.

I enjoyed reading Ps. 18 in this way, tho as a rule I don't do this, but this Psalm is full of conflict I have had those many years, and now you can read the victory that lies ahead for David, His Anointed, and his seed, forevermore. Last vs. He was truly a man of war, but he won, and that by grace and mercy of God and what he was in the sight--not of man--but of God.

My Love to all,
Wm. Irvine.

Radio news says - The Hindenburg Airship exploded - 35 killed. I had been looking for a sign that my reading of Dan. 5 was correct. This seems to fit into the other. In 1921 - R. 38 fell with 45 dead in 1929; R. 101 killed 38 in 1937; Hindenburg killed 35 -- may 70 mene and ect. letter 21; "mene" meaning 43; "peres" meaning 48. R. 101, the number of words in Daniel address to Belshazzar 21-38-45-48 equals 152, the number of words in Daniel's words regarding Nebuchad­nezzar. These may only be His handwriting on the sky walls to those who can read them.

" Peres" means divided. Vs 29 - then commanded Belshazzar to honor Daniel,--scarlet and chair of Gold and proclamation--which makes it possible for the Coronation of Dan. 5 and Dan. 7 - to be together; but we are not troubled about when, it's sure and safe when the time comes. Read Ps. 101 for those who won't be. Read Ps. 102. Notice vs. 15-16. Read Ps. 103. All go together well. Glad to hear of Mrs. Grim's condition, and our hopes rise as we near the coronation, for His mercy endureth forever. And Grace, Grace, Grace - is to be the cry when Zerubbabel is brought forth, the headstone of the house is to build. Zech. 4. . Wm. Irvine

* At 3:17 p.m. on March 18, 1937, with just minutes left in the school day and more than 500 students and teachers inside the building, a  natural gas explosion  leveled most of an East Texas school.  Hundreds  died at  New London High School  in Rusk County, Texas, after odorless natural gas leaked into the basement and ignited.

** "Thirty years come June, the Lord gave me Isaiah 41:10-20 before I started out , and it has always been before me...It was in June 1895, that I bowed my head and asked the Lord to give me encouragement, as He had given Madame Guyon, whose book I was reading. She opened the Book and put her finger on this spot, and when I opened my Book, it was at the same place. So much was I surprised, that I was ashamed to take it. But after reassuring myself that there was no trickery in the matter, I wrote my name and date down, little dreaming that it would all come so clear before me today, with all its glorious detail, which is impossible for me to doubt now."  (March 3, 1924, to Edwards, TTT)

NOTE: Madame Jeanne Marie Bouvier De La Motte Guyon has written several books that are in Google Books. Isaiah 41 is a prophecy of a future historical natural event for the Jewish nation; a prophecy to the whole nation of Israel about how in time, God would use the army of Israel to conquer the surrounding pagan nations. John Long confirmed that Irvine "got for his Call to Service from that Scripture...Isaiah 41:15" (Feb. 1897, TTT ).

Wm. Irvine's letter to Grims, Fullerton, California
May 20, 1937
Box 696, P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Mum, Olive & Chrissie:

Thanks for yours today. I am pleased to be able to address Mum along with O. and C.

Often I wondered at the Psalms being so full of lament about David's condition and position, never thinking that he suffered that we might have the comfort of His experiences and deliverance and I have only been discovering how personal they are for me today; and so in increasing measure.

Read Ps. XVIII: and see his condition in V. 4 & 5. This psalm was written when he had overcome all the enemies of Israel and so you will find it fit the overcomer for today, as you read what happened. The last verse gives us the key. It compels us to prove the Lord as our deliverer--"to David His King and his seed for ever more." So what seems to be worse than Death, is but a way of developing in us confidence in Him through great troubles of all sorts.

My favorite and elder sister died 51 years ago; but it broke my infidelity and rebellion against God.

My Mother's death marked the beginning of my Alpha work, for it touched a place in my heart which had never vibrated before and laid the foundation of my ability to make life and death real to those who heard me and the purpose for which we are on the earth.

My father's death marked the end of my Alpha work in 1913; tho I knew not these things till I got cable of my sister Jeanie's death on April 28th, 1937; and next day I had letter from a man in my town giving me his experience in asking God if I were His man, prophet, servant, messenger, and voice; which all worked out, YES. This man had not written me since 1914. You will likely see a copy of his letter. His experience was the after effects of losing his wife some time before and also another old saint in the Testimony on same day. They used to have the meeting in their home, but stopped it.

My life has been full of troubles which most others did not have, but all of them have worked out in making it possible for me to suffer and face difficulties and overcome them, and so the Overcomer; and so I am able to give others share of the comfort He has given me.

You have seen many photos of me. Ps. 102 gives you a perfect outline of the man you write to; verses 1-12, "for He lifted me up and cast me down. V. 13 "Thou shalt arise and have mercy upon Zion, for the time to favor her, Yea the set time is come; for thy Servants, the little ones , take pleasure in her stones and favour the dust thereof."

Why do people love to hear from me and watch the great preparations being made on the earth for the great day of John's coming "to the Ancient of Days" as you read of in Dan. VII: 9-14? See what the rest of Ps. 103 to end says. Ps. 101 shows whom David had found out who could not have any part in the Kingdom with him or me. Ps. 103 shows you what those who do share in the victory will be able to say in Blessing the Lord.

Heb. XI:8-16 shows Abram believing God and leaving all and only living in tents with Isaac and Jacob, for they sought a city whose Builder and Maker is God, not yet established--but which we are to be the instruments of, as in Revelation 21. This gives us some idea of the interest in Heaven today in all who have lived by the promises of God and died knowing that God's promises were as sure as if they had been fulfilled and when we see what they suffered in so many ways, we can see why we have to be perfected through suffering for fellowship with all who ever were His own true seed.

My Love to all 3, and a little extra for Mamma,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. Thanks for Mrs. Sheeley's per Mrs. Nellie's letter. I hope you will all have patience and hope on all that tests you, for He was as much the Father of Jesus when He allowed them to crucify Him when He cried out "My God, My God, Why haat thou forsaken me," as when the rocks rent and He rose to assure us that all power is for the family of which Jesus is the Head when the time has come, so long set, and now about to be fulfilled. Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Farmer
May 28, 1937

My dear Richard:

Thanks for yours.  The Message of God is for those in the streets and lanes of the city, the good and the bad in the highways and hedges, and no respect of persons.  But even then there are the wise and foolish according to their use of it, and you can see the man who came to the feast not having on the wedding garment was cast out bound - to weep and wail and gnash his teeth.  The foolish virgins are to go try find oil from those who sell, to find the door closed on their return.  The Wicked and Slothful Servant is to lose even what he seemed to have because he did not use it for his Master's benefit.  Showing that it can be used to profit or for selfish purposes, and no man can either hinder or help if we have true purpose to let God be honored in our hearts and life and using His Message to help others rather than hinder.  Paul said in his day, "All men seek their own, not the things that are Jesus Christ's."  So it's possible today to seek our own rather than what pleases and is profitable to God and man, and we are nearing the great day of rewards when it will be clear and plain who is who and what is what.  People soon find out who and what is useful and helpful in all they meet.  So be wise for it's easier to get into a tangle than to get out of it.

James 3:13-18 makes very clear the 2 uses people may make of their privileges; either to use it for Earthly, Sensual, and Devilish purposes; or showing the wisdom from above, which is first pure - or unmixed in motive, use and purpose - peaceable, gentle, and easy to entreat, full of mercy and good fruits, without wrangling or partiality, and no putting of it on - or human imitation - and the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace or is known by making peace rather than trouble.  God's ways and thoughts made known to us is to displace our own thoughts and ways and so bring us deliverance from our own and the consequences.  So don't measure yourself by your failures, but seek rather to prove by life and lip that His thoughts and ways are far above anything man can produce.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Cutler & Stenger
June 4, 1937

My dear Ruth and Bruce:

Thanks for yours.  All humans are religious one way or  another; no animal is.  The Garden of Eden shows 2 possibilities. The Serpent beguiled Eve to eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; which satisfied them in their experience as it does all humans.  This covers the whole of religions on the earth.  The Voice of the Lord God came walking in the Garden in the cool of the day revealed God’s way of regenerating  men deceived by the Serpent, the name given to all who are false prophets paid and honored by the Devil, who is the god of this world, or of all humans who are content to believe that a good man goes to Heaven and a bad man to Hell.  A good man is better than a bad man, but both are human, and flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, any more than a good animal can the human.  The animal can’t beget the human nor can a human by any means beget that which is of God.

The Serpent’s work was seen in all it’s fullness in the Scribes and Pharisees hypocrisy or human imitation as in Matt. 23: while Jesus was the full manifestation of God’s way of saving men as He did Adam and Eve in the Garden and took them out of it to do for others what had been done for them.  Cain and Abel are samples of the Devil’s work and of God by His Spirit. Animals can’t understand human documents, neither can the human understand the Scriptures without being born of God and His Spirit working in them and by them.  All human knowledge of God, or the things of God -or theology- is darkness; only the light of life can be any help in the things of God. Adam and Eve show humanity at it’s best.  Jesus and His disciples shows us the only way we can become children, Sons of God and Joint Heirs with Jesus Christ.

The Cain seed will always persecute the Seed of God, or the unregenerate will always persecute the regenerate.  The one will hear and obey the Serpent false prophets, the other will hear only the Voice of the Lord.  My Sheep hear my Voice, etc.

The Lord cursed the Serpent, the woman, and the man, to show whence comes all curing.  Religion influences Politics, and they Education.  So the more power they have the more cursing, and now we are in the End of human control - to be ended and destroyed.  Pride and wickedness dominate all we see and hear, and is to be burnt up Root and Branch as in Mal. 4:1, and the Sun light of those who have light of life will shine forth as in vs. 2 and 3.

I enjoyed what you said about your doubts about Religion. I also had that from a boy.  I also enjoyed your battle for place amongst men and regarded your position today as Hid Mercy and Seal in keeping you from your ambition. I am alone so far as my relatives are concerned and in spite of all they could do to hinder me.  If you can understand what’s written in Daniel 7:9-14 and in Rev. 7, you will see what a victory is mine in having overcome all that has been against me and in winning promise of 100 million to give ear to God by my Message and as you see in Rev. 7,  144,000 and a great multitude whom no man can number; while the whole others will become smoke and ashes.

My love and best wishes,

Wm. Irvine

You will see from other letters where we are at today.  Try and get a good Scriptural understanding of all, and so become strong and useful in coming days.  I enclose a photo which may help to show that the hair of my head is like the pure wool of Dan. 7: 9.

To find a place either in the one million helpers or the 100 million who stand before the Ancient of Days will reward you for all that you may have to face or endure, and many may say of you, “that man made it possible for me”.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Ira Baker, Denver, Colorado
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine
June 4, 1937

My Dear Ira and Co; (Baby included);

Thanks for yours. I hope you have been able to get a clear grip on Daniel VII;9-14, and 1 to 8, the 4 great Beasts being formed since the last war to fulfill the coming wars of Revelation IX. And in Daniel VII; 9-14, the Ancient of days being helped by one million who will stand before him. Revelation VII, shows us the same, verse 1 shows the 4 angels preparing to hurt the earth, sea and Trees (or all thats rooted in the earth) verse 2-"I saw another angel ascending out of the East"- angels are men sent of God for a purpose and with a definite work-"having the Seal of God. And he cried with aloud voice - hurt not, till we have sealed the Servants of God in their foreheads". The number or which is to be 144,000 of those who are the true Jews, not the flesh and blood sort, but like Abram with ears to hear and etc. These are to be the Apostles or helpers of the Ancient of Days, to spread the Everlasting Gospel, to gather the great multitude whom no man can number, as in verses 9-17.

Revelation VIII, and IX, we see the work of destruction by war, chapter 10 shows you John coming from Heaven clothed with a cloud, a rainbow of promise on his head to fulfill Gods promises to His own, and also to His enemies. His face was - as it were- the Sun, as in Malachi IV;2 and 3, and his feet like pillars of fire for Malachi IV;1, He had in His hand a little Book - open now - by my work in reading it to those who hear and obey. He set foot on Sea and on the earth, showing his work is to cover all, and cried with a lion roar, and 7 thunders uttered their voices, as per the plagues of Revelation XVI, the plagues which the 2 witnesses have power to put on and off as often as they will, but they were to be Sealed till the time came.

He swore by the Creator that time would be no more for the human race ruling the earth, when the 7th angel begun to sound, after the killing, raising and ascending as in Revelation XI;14-19. The Kingdom will have been set up, and the mystery of God ended. You notice John is to eat the same Book and prophesy again before many peoples, Nations, and tongues and Kings as in Daniel VII;13 & 14.

I hope you will be able to enjoy all thats becoming ever more clear to prepare us for the days at hand.

My Love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Fountains
June 17, 1937

To Fountains:

I was reading Matt.15: today, and was much impressed with the contrast between what Scribe and Pharisee produce in people's hearts and minds. How quick they were to stumble over all that they thought was wrong, in the outward, and how blind they were to that which truly defiles a man in God's sight. Very particular about what goes in and blind to all that comes out of the mouth. This gives us some idea of where and what makes the Wise and Foolish Virgins.

Ver. 24: "I am not sent but to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel" - showing the Spirit will not move for those who are the cocksure righteous. "It is not meet to take the children's bread and cast it to dogs", are very solemn words. "But dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from the Master's table" - showing the heart of the woman. She did not offend by what He said, "O woman, great is thy faith" - and here we see why - and often people miss much that would be their reward, and we can hardly believe that our own righteousness that refuses mercy to others - is but robbing us of what we need. Jesus' birth made Him a Stumbling block to every selfrighteous thought and person - and revealed the secrets of their hearts, and they never dreamed that all that's human can only rob them of what's Divine.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Corbett, Sawyers Bar, Calif.
June 19, 1937
P.O. 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Mrs. Corbett:

Thanks for yours and glad your heart keeps strong for what comes from the Throne. We are finished with the great Coronation and its Empire conference and now awaiting the Royal Commission report which will be finished some of these days, which I regard as the great event to bring on the Daniel VII:1-8 conflict by the 4 Beasts who will no doubt do and be able to do their work. But Vs. 9-14 is as sure as is the 4 Beasts and much more important.

Revelation VII shows my work as His sent one or angel. Rev. 10 shows John's work-coming in the clouds of Heaven. A Rainbow of Promise of the faithfulness of God to all He has promised to friends and foes. His face as the Sun for Malachi IV:2-3. His feet as pillars of fire for Judgment on His enemies as in Malachi IV:1. His voice like a lions roar and 7 thunders uttered their voices referring to the 7 plagues to be put on and off as often as the 2 witnesses will. So terrible that he is commanded not to write it.

People are often very slow to read the great and dreadful day of the Lord, but these words suggest that we have never had such before. Luke 21 is very good for whats coming in that day for the Gentiles as it came for the Jews in 70 A.D.

Vs. 34-36 shows its for the days when the Saints will stand before the Son of Man - showing what written for these days, in chapter 21 covers the Gentile Judgment as we as the Jews. Vs. 13-14-15 are good for it shows the Spirit will give us words of wisdom in our witness. Vs. 17 18, and 19 are very sweet, showing the hate of the family and friends as Abel had from his brother and the more they hate, the more wrath from the natural conditions. Vs. 20-24 shows what to expect for Jerusalem . Vs. 27 shows Johns coming.

Verse 28 - When these things come or begin. Look up. Lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh. Vs. 34-36 is warning for all who have ears and eyes. No matter how often we have read these words they are always refreshing.

Psalms 91 was emphasized on Sunday last when 3 men attempted to shoot our Palestine Chief of Police at 10:15 in the A.M. There has been some of this for past months.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mitchell Watson & James Johnson
North Shore Tavern, Lake Arrowhead , Calif.
June 19, 1937

My dear Mattie, Mitchell and James:

Thanks for the letter and bills, which were very generous. I hope you don't forget your own interests at that end. If too many friends call on you, it's good to tell them, if it's too many - and too much. There is always danger of people quite unconsciously overdoing what suits their own purpose and interests in His name. But if it don't cause you trouble, then God will honor even them overdoing it to you. I know all who come enjoy your spirit and fellowship and it may stimulate them to go and do likewise.

I'm sure you have been enjoying Dan. 7:14 with Rev. 7 for me as His angel, or sent one, which shows the great result which will follow as in Dan. 7:10 one million helpers of the Ancient of Days and 100 million to stand before him, shows the Least of these mustard seed shall be very fruitful. The Stone cut out of the mountain without hands, is to smite the great R.P.& E image and grow and become a mountain and fill the whole earth.

Moses was the meekest in and on the earth before he became the man whose name has been honored in the deliverance of Israel out of Egypt . The human always likes to be big and up, whereas God's men have always been very little in men's eyes. The wisdom of God is foolishness with men, and the wisdom of men foolishness in His sight. "Not by might or power, -- but my Spirit" is written for these days and the great work ahead.

We have had a great exhibition of what men like to share in the great Coronatic of the great Empire. But the Coronation of Dan. 7:9-14 and as in Rev. 10 will not be so big in Men's eyes, but much more in God's eyes, purpose and plan- for its the ending of all their human greatness, and setting up of the Kingdom of God on the earth for ever. You know how difficult it is for people to believe that all the greatness will pass; and the New Thing will not have the same marks they love to see and hear of.

You will find Luke 21 - very good, for it tells of what happened to the Jews and their Temple, and so is a guide as to what's going to happen in the end of the Gentile age, which you notice John warns them of in Rev. 10 - time of the Gentiles shall be no longer, when the 7th angel begins to sound, - after the 2 witnesses are caught up. Rev. 11:14 to 19.

Luke 21:17 to 19 are wonderful comforting words in the midst of such terrible things as written for war and nature's wrath, and all sorts of enemies and hatred - even in our family and friends - as we witness. The more they hate and show it, - the more wrath gets hotter on them. Vs. 27- shows John coming. Vs. 28 - when these things take place -- look up - lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh.

Verses 34 to 36 is very clear and valuable, and keeps us from being hysterical or nervous - lifted up or cast down, - but rather to be true, honest, sincere and steady, - and so helpful to others, rather than the opposite.

I'm sure you will have much help in these matters from copies of letters from others. The great matter is now the Royal Commission report from Palestine which I regard as the most important item in the whole world and will be clearly made manifest inside 30 days.

My love in Him to all 3,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Bakers
June 19, 1937

My dear Bakers:

Thanks for yours.  I enclose a note I had from Denver.  I replied to him to read Isaiah 55 and Rev. 22 and to see you.  If he is honest he will likely turn up - if not he will be attended to in some other way.  There can be no doubt there are many who are perplexed and in distress, and know not where to turn to, but we have Dan. 7:10 promises that we will find one million who will serve the Ancient of Days and 100 million to stand before him as in Rev. 7, and also in Luke 21:34-36.

The mustard seed is least of all seeds, but is the greatest in growth.  The Stone cut out of the Mountain without hands is to unite the great image of R.P.&E. as in Dan. 2 and grow and become a mountain and fill the whole Earth.  David was the least in his father's family but became the greatest, and by whom so many precious promises are given to David and his seed today.  Inasmuch as ye did or did it not unto one who is least in the Kingdom, he did or did it not unto Him.

Moses became the meekest man on the Earth, but did more than the world's great ones.  Abram looked very foolish leaving Ur of the Chaldees and all it's R.P.&E. glory to go out with only a promise and live and die in the New Country with only the promise ahead, and only now to be fulfilled.  Such has been the marks of the Mustard Seed people of all Ages.  The greatness of the human is the snare more people fall into, for all short of being Born and conformed to the Image of the Son of God, is vanity and vexation of Spirit in the end.

Men and Devils love the great and big imposing - in men's eyes - but only to be disillusioned when Death opens their eyes to God and Eternal verities.  There is that, that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is death.  Human is only a means to an end, but if the end is not there what a foolish escapade human life is.  In Adam all die.  Even so in Christ (all) shall in Christ be made alive, but being in Christ is just as real as being in Adam, else it's not there.

I hope you may see this man and give him a chance of the Waters of Life.  If he trifles that's his business.  Jesus said He was not sent but to the lost Sheep of Israel.  Read Luke 20 and 21.  They are both rich for these days.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Hulls & Youngs
June 30, 1937
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Hulls, Frank and Youngs:

Thanks for yours, 2 by 2.  Glad to hear of the recovery of Bert from his accident.  Grave news today is the heading of Italy and Germany’s attitude, proving that Spain is proving the testing field for Europe.  Russia’s experience will leave them more dangerous than ever.  The Royal Commission report is now in the hands of cabinet and translators in the various countries, under oath of secrecy, but it will leak, more or less, before the report is made public property.

But His guiding hand will fit it all into what’s written, which they can’t understand.  Ezekiel 37, in relation to 38, 39, is very interesting for it speaks about the final ending of the 7 year period, and covers both the Anti-Christian Jews in power as in end of Rev. 13, come to war against them - Jewish little horn legions faces with Gentile legions to fight - ends by the great quake of Rev. 16, which leaves them both standing poisoned with gas which leaves no doubt about their answer.

Thus ends both Jewish and Gentile claims to Palestine, and His answer also to the League who have backed them all thru in the destruction of the cities of the League of Nations, by the same quake and hail, to finish what’s left.  Seven months to clear away the rubbish of the armies, while Ezekiel 37 shows who are the true Israel to whom the promises of land and promises to Abram, Isaac, and Jacob are fulfilled.  No flesh and blood Jews or Gentiles can ever inherit these promises to the regenerated Israel, by the hearing of the Son of Man’s Message, which will reach the ends of the earth and gather Israel with ears to hear, and heart and mouth to prove it.

Rev. 11:1 shows my work with the measuring reed, (my arm, hand and pen) measuring those who are the Temple and Altar, and those who worship therein.  This explains Ezekiel 40-48, the measuring of the rooms, gates, etc. of the city, temple, altar, etc., and  144,000.  Chapter 47 shows the waters flowing from the right side of the threshold of the gate, 4,000 cubits (cubit for a day), nearly 11 years, as six cubits and hand breadth = 22 inches, my forearm and hand; and the waters have been flowing quite that time now, and the trees, fruit, and leaves growing.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Keyes
July 7, 1937   or 17??-------------

My dear Keyes Family:

Thanks for yours and other 2.  It's good to be anxious to know both Man and Message, by which you may know the Trinity of God, for the Spirit on the Earth is always seeking for some true, humble heart that He can dwell in, and by whom He can speak living words of guidance to others, that they may also become Temples - or houses - in flesh and blood, by which He can speak and work.

Jesus was but a simple, humble, Carpenter in Nazareth, but He was the Son of God and the Home of the Spirit, and did the Father's will.  Such was a sample of what God wants today, that we may be partakers of His Nature and anointing of the Spirit, and do the Father's will, in spite of our own thoughts and ways and those of all others.  So seek in all things to honor Jesus, and He will honor you.

Rev. 3:20 is very simple and easy to understand and enjoy if we be sincere and honest in all our dealings with God.  Excuses of any kind won't do any good, and you have many around you who will be very glad to share all they know of God, His Man and His Message.  So use them wise and well and so benefit.

Human nature is very selfish, and always after it's own.  But His nature should make us unselfish and seeking to help others to know God, and be conformed to the Image of His Son, which is the true pattern which alone can please God.

The world conditions is all in our favor, for people are forced to see the coming of war and Judgment in all other ways, so preparing them for hearing His Message and being willing to do the will of God at all costs, and so share in the promises of Mercy and protection in the coming troubled days.

Get good Scriptural foundation for all you say to others.   So will it help you to bear clear, helpful witness when you find an honest, thirsty, hungry heart.  For they will increase as days go on, and we will find many by and by with ears to hear.  We are only being perfected for greater work.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Stover
July 9, 1937

My dear Stover:

Thanks for your many and sensible letters.  And your opportunities are many in bearing witness to Him, His Man and Message for these days so clearly given in Malachi and Revelation.  Malachi means Messenger, and it's not hard to see that it's for these days as per Mal. 4 and in Rev. 22; we have the angel or sent one to witness of what's shortly to be done and also to the churches - my work in Alpha days.

All Truth for these days bear witness to the whole world being under the delusions which God puts on those who walk in their own thoughts and ways and delight in their various abominations - or in the marks of their being dead to God and all that's of God.  His Mercy to the Jews was in Him sending His own Son to be the home and mouthpiece of the Spirit, but they would not hear, and so crucified Him to silence the Voice of God on the earth in warning to the Jews.

So now you see the end of the Gentiles, give them one from earth and one from Heaven, in warning and execution of His Promises to His own friends and enemies.  Rev. 11:1 shows the measuring of the Temple and Altar and those who worship therein, by a reed like a rod in the hand of a Man.  Vs. 2 shows he is not to measure the court of the Gentiles, but to leave them out.  Their job is to tread down Jerusalem for 3 1/2 years, till the Jews come into power after killing the 2 Witnesses.  So you can see the new being created and the old finished.

Temple means those with ears to hear and heart to obey so that the Spirit can dwell in them and speak by them.  Altar refers to those who are accepted of God, and accept all He gives in promise to them.  If we have no ear or heart to hear and obey Him, then God can't hear and accept us.  This is the only worship acceptable to God in any age, and has no stone, lime, or other religious marks such as the world is full of in so many places, ways, forms, etc.

So it's good to see the way and truth clear, and offer it to those who have no other hope or help.  For the trouble is that people want something to convince them that they are right in their various forms of Iniquity.  So fear not to bear clear, simple witness to all you can; it will help you, if not others.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Dunbars, Placentia, Calif.
July 9, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Dunbars :

Thanks for 2 today, and all the details.

We have had the Royal Commission report which I expect you will have seen in papers there; neither Arab or Jew are pleased and so we may have trouble again in a few days. The Arabs are appealing to Arab Kings and Princes, the purpose is to split Palestine in 2 pieces, on the coast and north to the Jews, and the hill country to Arabs, while England keeps the holy cities, Jerusalem and Bethlehem , and a corridor to Jaffa . So you see if Jews and Arabs are to be states under League, it will give the Jews the right to be a state and a commonwealth nation recognized by the League. So the little horn of Dan. 7 comes into being, tho they have very little land - they will have states rights, and the head that was wounded to death will be healed as in Rev. 13. So Dan. 7, can be better read now than ever. And all in order for the great conflict, and work of the 4 beasts and little horn. So we are all set for John to come as in Rev. 10: 1, fully equipped for the 2 witness work.

I am wondering what the 11th July will bring, as its 10 years ago since quake on 11th Ab, 3:05 P.M., the very hour He died, and the 13th hour of the 24 when they cried away with Him, crucify Him, which He can never forget in the hour of vengeance of our God.

I see Scotland is having a 50 mile strip in the center of it being cleared of feed by caterpillars of the moth sort, the result of too much snow too long on the hills, allowing them to hatch.

I enjoyed seeing in Rev. 11:1 the Man with a reed 11 feet long as in Ezekiel 40-48, rise and measure the Temple of God , and the Altar and they that worship there in, those in whom He can dwell by His Spirit, and those who accept Him, and Him accept them and their worship. Verse 2, shows the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not, for it is given to the Gentiles and they shall tread down the Holy City for 3 1/2 years, when the 2 Witnesses are witnessing, till they die and Jewish Antichristian take control for 3 1/2 years, till Gentile and Jews meet on Armageddon plain to fight, when by quake He ends all their claims by Jew and Gentile, and leaves the true Israel to occupy the land.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Fountains
July 23, 1937

My dear Fountain Family:

I'm sure you were relieved as well as Bereaved in the loss of wife and Mother.   But it only shows the vanity of all that's human, in contrast to the Divine and Eternal.  What can seem very important can end in the grave, and what's very little value and often trifled with, is all that remains to count.  And is a real test for all our activities and makes Solomon's words the easier to understand.  The testing of our sincerity in relationship to the Living God is always valuable; for all that comes from our human nature in Spirit, Soul, and Body can only corrupt.  For all that's flesh is enmity to God - or opposite to Him - and never more so than when tested by our willingness to do His will, rather than our own human interpretation of it feeding our own thoughts and ways rather than manifesting the Grace, Mercy, and Love of God.  For all seeking and saving of ourselves is quite the opposite of what He revealed in His Trinity marks through His whole life, death, and Resurrection.

Paul, in writing to Timothy says, "Remember that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, according to my Gospel" - laying emphasis on the death in obedience to His Father's will, before God manifested His power in raising Him.  You find this in the apostles also, who all, except John, suffered the death of being true witnesses, rather than in self-seeking or saving themselves, which is always possible. They died for others, while Matthew 23 sort makes others die for them, sequences as in Mal. 4:1-3, and this is the same gulf which separates the Wise and Foolish Virgins, the good and wicked servants, the Goats and the Sheep, but the goats are with them, and the goats always the better to look after themselves, which shows that our ability to look after our own interests is generally the cause for us failing to look after His interests.  So those things are but Milestones to mark where we are and to correct our vain seeking for our own rather than what's of God, as Paul said was true of most of the early Saints who proved to be Goats.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine


William Irvine's Letter to Bertha Gruber, San Pedro, Calif.
July 30, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Bertha Gruber:

Its good to see your zeal and loyalty remain; for many start and few finish in the things of God, in any and all ages. Jesus disciples asked Him:-"Are there few that be saved?" His answer was:- "Strive to enter by the straight Gate and walk in the narrow Way. For Wide is the Gate and Broad the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be that go in there at." Human nature and human claims are always very strong, and to yield first place to them in our relationship to God, is fatal in every case, to our eternal hopes of being one of the meek who are to inherit the earth and all the promises of God so rich and full.

Hebrews 11- is very stimulating to any honest heart, for it shows the battle others fought in their day against the ungodly professed world who were their enemies, and who are as common today as in any past age. For we are at the end of the wicked age when their cup is full and ready to bring death. When we see and hear all the much cackle and talk about all the various Kings and Rulers plans and schemes, they are all against the Lord and His anointed- the Least and little ones - on the earth, by whom the Spirit witnesses to what God and Jesus on the Throne have planned for today.

Just as Noah was the mouthpiece of God and obeyed, and his family shared in the Salvation by the Ark , so our witness and obedience will deliver us and doom the whole proud and wicked world. But as Noah had to believe what God said and purposed to do, so to hear and obey and bear witness is the test of our salvation when the old world is doomed, because they have neither heart or ears for the Living God who alone can make us partakers of His Nature, which is the true passport into the Kingdom of God. I am glad to hear that you and others share in the reproach which must ever come to all who are His witnesses, and that you face it fearlessly - though wisely - as you mingle with others. Thanks for yours, and all your kind words, which are not common these days.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Linns
August 6, 1937

My dear Linn family:

Thanks for yours and the enclosures. I hope you have a copy of Wm. St. Clair's letter to me. I replied to him, but no answer yet. I got his and wire of my sister Jeanie's death same time (Mrs. P. Comrie), since which truth has been opening up very clear.

You will find Psalms 37 very full for today: also Psalms 102 which I enjoyed and got in same way Wm. St Clair got his answer. Then on the day the Hindenburg wrecked, I had asked for a sign if my reading of Daniel 5 was correct, by R 101 wreck on 4th October 1930. So when I read of Hindenburg wreck and the 800 banquet in St. James' palace on same night, it was too like the 1930 R 101 to fail to satisfy. The number of deaths in the Hindenburg wreck is 35 plus 1. So its near enough for 37. 35 plus 1, plus one dead airship. The fact that they couldn't explain the cause, was also interesting to me, if no other.

The Empire Conference - 13 since Coronation - is all working out for Daniel 8: he-goat, and 1 notable horn to win the war, and to be broken by famine, and the 4 Dominions to take its place, but not by its power.

Daniel 7: 1-8 is preparation of the 4 beasts produced by 4 winds stirring on the Sea of human affairs, but all for destruction. Verses 9-14 is very clear for me and John's work. But I find in Revelation 7: very clear marks for my work and its results.

Daniel 7: 10 gives figures, one million to be helpers, and 100 million to stand before him, which links up with Luke 21: 34-36.

Revelation 7:1 shows the 4 angels in control of the 4 Beasts of Daniel 7: 1-8. Verse 2 shows you another angel ascending from the East, having the Seal of the Living God in contrast to the dead God of the many trees of death on the Earth.

You notice Earth, Sea and Trees, are to be hurt. Trees seem to refer to the various religious peoples, and the 3 shows how perfect it is for the whole world. The Angel cry to hurt not, till his work is begun, explains why the long gap between Revelation 8 and 9.You can see the Man gathering the Woman to be the centre for the 144,000 to become the million when scattered after the 2 witnesses go up, to produce the 100 million of Revelation 7: 9-17, as in Daniel 7: 10.

This reading is strengthened when we see Revelation 10: so clear for John's coming. Verse 1- I saw another mighty angel come down from Heaven, clothed in a cloud and a rainbow on his head, the pledge of God's faithfulness to His Promise for His friends and enemies. The salvation of the 100 million or 5% of the race on the earth, while the remainder get the Malachi 4:1 cure, the hurting of the earth, sea and trees. His face was - as it were - the Sun, for Malachi 4:2 and 3. His feet as pillars of fire for the Malachi 4:1 smoke and ashes. In his hand a little Book open, proof of our work and His being one.

He set his right foot on sea, and left on earth and cried with a loud voice like a Lion's roar, and the 7 thunders uttered their voices, referring to the 7 plagues which they can put on or off as often as they will- as Revelation 16 - which are not to be written, too terrible. Verse 5, He lifts up his hand to Heaven, declaring that time for the ending of the present human, proud and wicked control is to end when the 7th. angel begins to sound, as you see in Chapter 11:14 -15. (Revelation). The Mystery of God is finished, and the Kingdom established, which explains the great victory of the Everlasting Gospel before the end.

You see John is to eat the Book, and prophecy before many peoples, Nations, tongues and Kings. The stone cut out of the Mountain is to smite the image on its feet, and grow and become a Mountain and fill the whole earth. Daniel 2: 31-35, is much clearer than ever before. I hope you may find usefulness in all your journeys. Best to give plenty of scriptural proof for all thats said. Thats where the foolish and wise will be clearly revealed, and is much more value than too much attention to personal push and interest, which one can see is always a hinderance.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine


Wm. Irvine's Letter to Gordons, Australia
August 8, 1937
P.O. Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear James, Liz, Mum, & Co:

Thanks for yours. What a spate of cackle and wisdom on the earth from the kings & rulers of all sorts N.S.E. & W. and all directed in making peace on their own terms and not one bit of regard to the Lord or his Anointed in whom the Spirit dwells & speaks.

What an honour to be on the Least & Little ones side where the Spirit is at home and free to make known to and by us the mind of God & Jesus on the Throne and to share in the reproach of all who have ever been the anointed on the earth. How vicious people are at all such for there the satanic seed concentrate thinking if they destroy the anointed they can change the purpose of God in any age.

Noah and his flood, Abram & Sodom, blown up & burnt, Moses and the Red Sea , Isaiah, and Jeremiah, and the captivity. Ezekiel, and Daniel, in Babylon and all the Prophets and Jesus and the Apostles which brought about Titus taking Jerusalem , and scattering the Jews to the nations.

Hebrews 11: is always a good tonic when we taste a little of the suffering. These are all but samples of what is to be a great clean up at the end of the Judgment of the Gentiles who are now left out of the reckoning in Revelation 11:1-2. While the Man with the reed is to measure those who are the Temple and Altar where He dwells and where people can be assured of being accepted of God and accepting Him.

Such a puny hand full is Jacob, and the few men of Israel to deal with such a vast 1900 million and their leaders armies and pride & wickedness.

How easy for us to believe all these past records. So it's ours to face it all with only the promises to assure and comfort us as the days roll past and on to doom of all that's Godless and wicked on the earth.

Surely all these veterans around the Throne must watch eagerly every move made on the earth by those in whom the Spirit dwells, and I'm sure they know all the wiles of the devil and satan to hinder, tire, weary, and discourage all who are His witnesses.

So the tests today may be more trying than in the past days as the victory and destruction will be all the greater and end the whole wicked seed and set up the Kingdom.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Bakers
August 13, 1937

My dear Lyda and Wm.:

Thanks for yours.  It was good to have so many friends with you these past weeks, and gives us some idea of what it will be some day when the greater gathering takes place in Jerusalem when John comes and the great tribulation begins to fulfill Malachi 4.  Malachi 3, last half, is very sweet to those who hear and fear, for we see Him attending to putting our names in the Book of Remembrance.  Then shall they be mine in the day that I make up my Jewels, or those who have in them the same nature that made Jesus what He was to God and man.  One such Son of God is more value than a world full of the best humans that ever lived on the earth, and only such are stored with Him in Heaven waiting to come back to inherit the Earth, and reign with Him for 1000 years.

You can easily see around you the selfish humans who neither fear God or man, in seeking to satisfy their own self will, pride and wickedness.  Jesus said, "I was amongst you as one that serveth," or as a Bond Slave.  This is the true pattern God desires to perfect in us; for we are only value in God's sight, as we are conformed to the Image of His Son, rather than be like the world dog, hog, goat or wolf, which is the general mark seen on every hand in the R.P.&E. world and all else.

It's quite difficult to sit back and down, and look at the world as it's going on.  What pleasure can God have in what He has created, as it appears today?  And one longs for a day when all the present confusion and strife, darkness and misery will have disappeared.  But this can only come when the humans who have despised and refused to hear and obey, have gone, leaving only such as have ears as proof that they have life and nature of Jesus.  How vain and empty all else in human life when it ends.  Money, position, power and self can't meet the needs of the Man who has so lived only for feed and to gratify his own human, selfish nature.  If we can live without God, God can do without us, are terrible but true words, and describe what perish means.

My love to both and all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to: Deters
August 14, 1937
P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Deters:

Thanks for yours, July 26, 1937. I was very pleased to have yours and am sure Wm. Jones will be more value to you than many letters from me would be. Can you imagine Jesus or any of His disciples charging or expecting any reward for service to God and man. Jesus said to His apostles, Freely have you received, freely give. This is the law in the Kingdom of God and you can see all the false prophet hirelings on the earth, make it a matter of gain. This is God's way of marking them so that we may know they belong to the God of this world, the Devil, who runs the Religions everywhere, now to end as you see in Malachi 4 to you can see its full marks in Matt. 23.

John 10 shows you the 2 ways of being a true or false prophet. The true become nobodys in men's eyes, and God gives His Spirit and speaks His words by them which is living waters, or the words by which men get life, if they hear and obey.

A good animal is better than a bad animal, but only animal, so a good man is better than a bad, but only human, no matter how much religion he may have. All religion makes men good, but leaves them without the nature of Jesus. In Adam all men are dead to God; so in Christ, or being made partakers of His nature by the Spirit, all who hear and obey will be alive to God.

Religious people are always very well satisfied with their goodness. The 99 Just persons, that need no repentance, were left by the true Shepherd when He went after the Lost sheep. It was the good holy people who refused the prophets, Jesus, and the apostles and were offended in them as they tried to show them they were only human imitators, with no life in them.

It was the sons of God and fair daughters of men who drowned at Noah's flood, so we don't find any religious people today who have hunger and thirst for the bread and water from Heaven. Read Is. 55, Rev. 22, Matt. 22 to 25 is good.

As you hear and try to witness to others you will find the Spirit of God give you understanding and words to speak.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Blackburn
August 21, 1937

My dear Blackburns (4):

Thanks for yours.  Glad to hear you survive in these wild days, and find some ear to hear His Message, by which we are assured 100 million will get life.  Only 5% of the human race, but what a lot when we know present conditions.  Read Dan. 7: 9-14  and Rev. 7 and Rev. 10 for John’s coming, equipped for the double purpose of speaking Mercy to the Meek, and Wrath to the proud and wicked who despise God’s offers of Mercy.

Today you see the world deluged with ungodly cackle by the Kings and Rulers of the earth, all contrary to the Lord and His anointed as in Psalm 2, all seeking to justify themselves and carry on their pride and wickedness, when His purpose is to end the whole unregenerate human control, because they are controlled by the god of this world, the Devil, who, created to be sent to minister to they who are heirs of Salvation, but fell by their pride and iniquity, and the whole world under their delusion, walking in pride of every sort and doing the Devil’s will, and refusing the will of God as revealed in Jesus who was the full pattern of all that God desires of man, no matter what his condition or position is.

Jesus was amongst men as a slave, serving fully and freely, and no desire to dominate others, but as a sample of what God desires in all who will seek to please Him.  By love serve one another, is the Law of the Kingdom of God, and all who have His nature will find it very Joyous service, when the proud and wicked are cleared off, and the Meek controlled by God inherit the same old earth for a 1000 years.

So all that’s happening on the earth is but preparation for evacuation of the usurpers who dominate the Religious, Political and Educated World.  So don’t worry if you find this power opposing today.  It will soon be ended in John’s coming and the 2 Witnesses begin their work.  The 4 Beast of Daniel 7, are all preparing to destroy each other.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Jones and Landrys
September 1, 1937

My dear Jones and Landrys:

Thanks for letters and photos.  I was glad to see all 4 on the stump, for it is like that as we bear witness today, in a world Devil-deceived by preaching the love of God, and when the Message from the Throne is wrath and Judgment witnessed to and by all who have ears, heart and mouth.  It’s very real test of our hearts and greater possibilities both in saving men and in damning them by their attitude, no matter where or when.

The more deceived people are by the Devil through what they call Gospel, the more Satanic their opposition.  So we don’t look for a walk-over, or escaping the same treatment God’s Seed and Servants had in all ages, and now more so in these, the most wicked of all history.

The finding favor in God’s sight, brought sorrow and sadness into Joseph and Mary’s lives.  And people love to seek honor and pleasure and profit out of remembering the event, never dreaming that all who ever found favor in His sight have shared in the same treatment they got at Bethlehem.  No room in the Inn, treated like a donkey, to the stable and the manger, the only provision for the Christ life in those who have it.  To be recorded, labeled, looked on with suspicion with eyes that leer and look craftily at us, only to be labeled reprobate and Bastards, so far as the whole world is concerned.

Eastern clans keep the 6th of January as Xmas and New Year.  My Xmas and New Year are on 7th and 8th of January.  Born on the 7th, born again on the 8th.  (These experiences will be common to all who are sons and heirs with Jesus, and no chance of them sharing in 3rd birth of the Manchild, apart from the 1st and 2nd birth).  So I look on my providential 7 and 8 as good interpretation of what a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year means, and the power and Message is in our hands to make it possible to any one of honest heartfeltness.  And our opportunity and ability will increase as the world tastes more and more of His Wrath and Judgment.

My love to all 4,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Miller, Calipatria , Calif.
September 9, 1937

My dear Mrs. Miller and Co;

Thanks for yours and your Creed which bears all the marks to be found in the Jews who crucified our Lord for being Anti-religious;- as all His Servants have been and are today. Matt. 23: covers all the marks by which the God of this world the Devil and Satan deceives the whole world of unregenerate people. The Light they have- Jesus called darkness. It's not light that people need, but life which never came to any one in world's history by any religious preachers or teachers. The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil is typical of how the Devil works, and all his servants Jesus called Serpents. So we have a world full of them today who still are the rejecters of the Spirit's Message by His Servant on the earth. Adam and Eve,- deceived by the Serpent- were saved through the Voice of The Lord God who came walking in the Garden (not living in it) and cursed the Serpent, the woman and man and the earth for having eaten of the Tree,- and put them out of the Garden, to show us the marks of His way of saving those who have ears for the Spirit's Message in any Age. God has never dwelt in any man or preacher in the religious world- they do it for a living - it's easier than earning their bread in the sweat of their face.

Noah was anti-religious and had ears to hear what the Spirit said. 80 million sons of God and daughters of men perished in the Flood because they were good and of high human quality, but had no ears to hear what the Spirit said to them by Noah,- and so today the more people are full of Scripture and holy profession- the surer they are doomed. Matt. 22: shows us there is no offer of mercy to religious people, but to the outcasts of the religious world. Jesus did not come to preach to the religious people- but to the lost Sheep of Israel, or those who had suffered at their hands. The 99 just persons who need no repentance, are always left to perish in their own thoughts and ways - taught them by the Devil and his hireling servants by whom he deceives the whole world. The God of Heaven does not take any stock in all their prayer, praise, testimony, literature and Bible reading.

The Jews did all that you seem to think the 7th May people do. They believed in God, in the Scriptures as God's word, kept the Sabbath, the commandments, paid tithes, offered offerings, had places for public worship, kept many feasts and fasts, and were very careful about their eating and drinking- were circumcised and baptised--- but had no ears for the Spirit's Message by His Son. They crucified Him as a criminal for saying they were of their father the Devil, and all their works in worshipping and serving God were of the Devil. So you see the world full of such people today who are to be destroyed from off the earth before Jesus comes to reign with the Meek of all Ages who were witnesses against all forms of religion. And the more scripture they quote the more the Devil has power in them and by them to deceive others.

Mal. 4:1 is for the whole religious people on the earth. Vs. 2,3 show the New Thing which God is doing by Revelation which is the Message of the Spirit for these days. To add to it or take from my reading of Rev. means death as in Rev. 22. So burn your Creed, and come out of Babylon , for the whole religious, political and educational world is Babylon and all the official, hireling preachers of such are the Whore of Rev.1: and you see what's coming to them and also Babylon . What the Lord cursed in the Garden of Eden and in His ministry by the Spirit - you have been blessing,- so get out of the Garden, and curse what you have been blessing and supporting by your presence and tithing and all else. "Come out of her my people"- is the Message of the Spirit to all who hear and obey. You are on the brink of the Great Judgment and reward as in Mal. 4:1. I will burn your rubbishy material which has been means of deceiving you, for it's not worth postage or paper it's printed on, but very powerful to deceive silly, unregenerate people. Seek life not light.

My Love & best wishes,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Berglinds
September 10, 1937  

My dear Berglinds:

Thanks for yours (2) and Photo, which is good to see. What you see there is but a sample in Divers places, of what the 3-1/2 years drought will be, as the wars we have had in Divers places, sample what the whole world will be & get when it becomes world wide. People always judge present conditions by what is past rather than what is future, and never before known on the Earth, or ever will again, for this is the end of the human control by those who are Godless in the Heavenly sense and wicked by being under the power of the God of this world the Devil, in name of God, who feeds pride and covetousness in all, according to their willingness to serve Him.  We can only know pride and wickedness when we contrast it with what was & is revealed in Jesus, and wrought in us by the Spirit, and He is a sample of those who will inherit the Earth for 1,000 years in peace, quiet, and content, when the Proud and Wicked are destroyed. Only Babes born of the Living waters can understand these things and sucklings who get the sincere milk of the word. While the wise, prudent will not know and don't want to know that their wicked reign is ending forever.

You see war looming up in West and far East, with Russia the link to bring it to Europe, and Jewish troubles here to spread it from East to West, in the South, and all their attempts to stay it are futile and only reveal their weak, audacious attempts. 

Masonry was introduced by the Jews as a Trade protection society at the building of Solomon's Temple, and prospered in Jerusalem, and spread over the Earth in the scattering of the Jews. I am a Mason for over 50 years, though don’t take any stock in it anymore than anything else which marks the old earth conditions.

People are very easy to make believe they Love & serve the Lord their God with heart, mind & will. But fall to see the test is to love your neighbour as yourself. Read Luke 10, and see who is my neighbour. The one who needs us most & always passed by, by the religious, and the Levite or Educated people.

My Love and best wishes for all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
September 15, 1937

My dear Wm., Rose and Co:

Thanks for yours and the photos from Wm. Baker, which cheered my heart and was very appropriate on this Atonement day, probably the greatest in history; for the Jews bear this testimony to the whole world in form and ceremony - 24 hours fast and prayer.   The reward they expect is either forgiveness and good luck for the coming year, or vengeance and disaster personally and nationally to the whole world.  The word At-one-ment has 2 meanings; those who claim the Blood as fulfilled in His death for our sins, and those who read the Blood out and make it At-one-ment or oneness with God by their good life.  But Rev. 12:11 gives us the true meaning and value.  The one thing which can ever make us one with Him, to hear what the Spirit saith and obey, and show it by our words and witness; being His witness to the world and the hatred of Satan and all who are his, and our willingness to share it.

The being an Altar reminds of the place where God and man can exchange His righteousness for our unrighteousness, His nature for our nature, which is at enmity with His always, and vanity, so created in hope of the great change - or atonement day - in our experience.  This is the wedding garment for all who will find room and welcome.  So you can see the preparation as in Mal. 4 clear and plain.  You can see the fuller meaning of measuring the Temple and Altar and they who worship therein.  Temple comes first, then Altar; and our worship therein is the witness and work done in and by us.

If God by His Spirit can't dwell in us, how can God and the sinner meet?  All else is vain and wicked, and humiliation the lot of the little ones, while exaltation marks the big ones whose habitation is the pit of noise, and their walking in their own thoughts and ways, the mirey clay.  To see Anna and Elizabeth Gordon standing side by side was a real feast for my eyes; for it shows in contrast what Anna escaped, in contract to Elizabeth's experience, which has been full measure of Satan's power through Godless Devil-possessed professors of being His Servants, as were the sons of God in Noah's and His day.  For all they were to Noah and Jesus, was because of their assurance of being God's Sons and Servants, according to their reading of the Book by and according to which they crucified Him as bastard, heretic, blasphemer and mover of sedition.

I'm sure Elizabeth will find Rev. 3:18-19 very full and clear, and also see what her 22 years were in giving light to the world.  For The Testimony was that in which He bore witness till their candlestick was removed in losing the 7 star light in John's day.  He was the angel of the 7 churches, as I was of the 7 churches in my day.  Rev. 1:17-20 and what happened to the Ephesian church in Rev. 2:1-7.

I notice Wm., Philip, Anna, and John are all tight lipped, Elizabeth and Rose with the mark of victory in easy lips, proof of suffering long to awake hope, joy, and comfort.  To have survived and come up smiling after all we have gone through, is only proof that He was in the midst of Testimony days; is more surely in our midst in these days when we can look back and see what the 7 churches were composed of, in spite of the light to the world being in their midst, though mostly dogs, hogs, goats and wolves, as we found them to be.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S. Rose and John both look well, and only in need of a little more of what Wm. and Anna have.  John and Philip both have more of the nerve energy which eats up the fats, so keep them a little on the chain, for I'm sure Rose hardly grasps the tremendous energy used in every hour she puts into her efforts to deliver souls from the tremendous power which the Devil and Satan wield over humanity.  If Rose thinks to cure my old lazy bones by a little of the mineral, she may have proved useful in her advent to Denver.  No wonder He says, "Behold, (see by the Spirit) I stand at the door - outside - and knock; if any man - no matter what his experience and condition - hear my Voice and open, I will come into him - not unto them inside the door - and sup with him and he with me."  Wonderful words today to all who can understand them.

Great earthquake need not mean a natural, any more than in Rev. 8:5 in 1914.

The Sun - the natural light by which men see, becomes as sackcloth of hair.  The Moon - the religious reflection from the Sun, becomes Blood.  The Stars of the religious R.P.&E. fell to the earth - or were revealed in all their blindness and confusion.  The Heaven - or R.P.&E. world departed as a scroll, and every high-up people and those who glory in their various forms of separation, were moved.  The great Quake of Rev. 16 comes as a natural thing at the end of the 7 years of Wrath.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to Edwards, Phoenix 
September 24, 1937

PO Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine


Who is John of Jerusalem – who is to come from heaven as in Daniel 7:9-14, Revelation X? Born in Palestine, a Jew, Father Zebedee, fishermen in that Bethsaida, and Disciple of John the Baptist, first Disciple of Jesus, youngest of the Apostles (12), and favorite of Jesus. Resting after meals he laid his head on Jesus bosom, died at 96 years of age. He was the Angel to the seven churches; though rejected by the majority, a few remained faithful and were with him when he died.

He wrote the three Epistles to the churches who rejected him for that; wrote John's Gospel in proof of what he said in the Epistles to them was the practice of Jesus in dealing with people. The churches were so angry they wanted him cast into boiling oil. The Roman government, to protect him sent him to Patmos as a slave on the island.

There, God and Jesus revealed themselves to him and told him to write Revelation. The churches looked on revelation as proof of his senile weakness, and he was set free to die amongst his few friends. He is one of the 24 around the throne, no doubt, and seeing what he wrote being fulfilled, eating the little book open in his hand, and is to prophesy before nations, and kings, people, etc., as in Revelation 10. So he had closest personal touch with Jesus all through his ministry on the Earth and ever since his going to Heaven; and so we will have a very personal acquaintance with all Jesus was, is and ever will be to John coming to Earth to be cold witness with the Least of these His brethren.

Jesus said of John, “If I will that he tarry (or be not martyred like Peter) till I come, or till my coming.” How any man on earth today could be such a one as John of the Epistles, Gospel and Revelation, seems madness of a diabolical sort and proof of having misused all that the Reader of Revelation by the Spirit has given. What a rebuke to the whole Religious, Political and Educational world he will be when he comes shortly, as the sign and seal that the great day of the Wrath of God and the Lamb has come, and who shall be able to stand. Revelation six; 12-17.

My love to all who care to read this and what's in John's writings.

Wm. Irvine

Any attempt to take John's place and crown is like a strawman attempting to take the crown and place from the King of England. Every loyalist would object strenuously and cast it where it belongs.


Wm. Irvine's Letter to Adams
September 27, 1937

My dear Adams:

Thanks for yours. We had word last night of shooting dead of an officer as he was entering the church of Nazareth for evening services. He was from Australia and has been here since the war. His guard, a British Constable was also killed. He was to leave in a few days for New Zealand . This is one of the worst happenings and very like what was attempted on Spicer, Chief Police, in Jerusalem- 3 mos. ago.

Egypt and Iraq have both spoken out at Geneva against partition and how they are to have Pan Arab Conference in Egypt and auto Imperialist as well, so the 2 horns of Dan. 8 are appearing and Egypt came up last is the greater. So the 6th seal and 6th angel will usher in the great day of the wrath of God and the Lamb, which will end all the world hopes of continuing in their Godless condition. George Linn's presuming to be my companion as John- seems to mark the midnight- when the cry is heard,- Behold the Bridegroom cometh go ye forth to meet him. John is the Bridegroom to the Wise Virgin- Woman-- who brings forth the Manchild, not Jesus, the Bridegroom for the great gathering of Tribulation Saints at the end.

John is the greatest man in Heaven of all who have been servants in all ages and from first to last the most faithful and intimate- both on earth and in heaven. His Epistles, Gospel and Revelation- being the honor marks and which is our foundation and any man on earth presuming to be John, or thinking such is possible- surely must have been fooled by the Devil Satan after all they have heard, and had the privilege of reading in the Book by the help given these many years. But its good to cause the sleepy (because of His tarrying) to awaken- trim their lamps and find out whether there is oil-in them or not, for time is near at hand for wrath to begin by Rev. 9:-double war coming on in answer to the Saints cry for vengeance on the earth on all who are the unregenerate humans which will convince them as in Rev. 6: 12 to 17.

My Love to all

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Fladungs
September 30, 1937
PO. Box 696
Jerusalem  Palestine

My dear Fladungs:

Thanks for yours today with Photos which I enjoyed.  John  Jr’s loss is all to the good, for unhealthy children are no comfort & very little value in this present evil world.  I hope they will have their vision cleared  & see greater possibilities in life than having natural children, one child of God is worth millions of the human sort.

George Linn writes me about coming here to be my companion, John.  Surely, he has fallen into the soup, for he or any other man of the earth, either to aspire or presume to be John from Heaven could only have such inspiration from the old Serpent the Devil and Satan.  John is the most honored man in Heaven, Jew, fisherman on the lake of Galilee, disciple of John Baptist , and first disciple of Jesus and last of the Apostles to die, after 66 years of apostolic service Jesus told him he was not to be a martyr till Jesus’ 2nd coming. His  Epistles and Gospel written to warn the Churches against their self righteous, wicked treatment of sinners in the church - ended in him being sent to Patmos by Romans to save his life from angry so called Xtians  who looked on him as heretic. There God and Jesus gave him vision and Revelation message to the 7 churches then, and for our day - when I was Angel to read the message to all who had ears to hear what the Spirit Saith. For anyone on the Earth to fool themselves into being John, shows they have neither valued my writing and reading or what's written in the Book.  There is only one John the disciple and Apostle, & who can be more valuable witness than he who was the first, and has known all the abomination called Xtian  all the years since Jesus was crucified and exalted to the Right, & who could be such a seal on my witness these 44 years as John.

Read and learn all you can of John from the Books he wrote, & the Spirit will give you great Joy & comfort in looking for his coming.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

The wrath period can only come when he comes, for if he came before the great day he would spoil the snare that's coming on the face of the whole world.  I look on this as the midnight hour of Matt. 25: Behold the Bridegroom of the wise virgin woman surrounding the head with 12 Star crown to bring forth the Manchild, John’s companion.

So you will see awakening amongst the wise and foolish virgins, & trimming of lamps.  Some to find them going out & some to find oil in them, & when the foolish go to buy oil.  The Bridegroom John comes and the door is closed on the foolish, with the wise inside for the Marriage.

Best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Westlunds, R.1, Box 210, Auburn, California
October 7, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Mrs. Westlund:

Thanks for yours and Photo, also 3 from Gordon, and one each from Mr. & Mrs. Mills.

Matthew 25, shows the Bridegroom tarrying makes all Sleepy - At Midnight was a cry heard, Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye forth to meet him. So they all woke, arose, and Trimmed their Lamps, which revealed who had oil and who had not.

The foolish Said to the wise, give us of your oil our Lamps are going or gone out, we can't get oil from our neighbors, thats Gods gift for our personal witness - Go and buy for yourselves, pay the price and they would have had oil.

If we give God the vessel, God will Supply the oil. If He can Sup with us, we will with Him. You notice it was but a short time from the midnight hour till the Bridegroom John came.

The trimming of their Lamps and finding oil or none and going to get from them who Sell or from the Cry Behold till the Bridegroom came. They that were ready went in with him to the Supper, the others found the door Shut and the answer; I Know you not.

George Linn's presumptuous claim to be John, seems the midnight hour for him and all who show they have no vessel and no oil and all the trimming they care to do will only produce Smell and Smoke. But it shows John from Heaven very near no matter how long he has Tarried.

So I look for November 11-11-11- plus 4 = 37, to be the day, which ends all foolish virgin cackle and Talk and reveals why it was. Revelation 6: 12-17. Revelation 9: 12-22 seems to be at hand and how Terrible it will be and more so for the foolish people.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards, Phoenix, Ariz.
October 8, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose and Co:

While the Bridegroom tarried they all slumbered and slept. And at midnight there was a cry heard:- "Behold- see and hear by the Spirit-" The Bridegroom Cometh", which is to bring forth the Manchild of the Woman surrounding the Man with the 12 Star Crowned Head. Then all those Virgins arose and trimmed their lamps, the foolish said to the Wise, "Give us of your oil, our lamps are going-or gone-out", showing they had never known God as the only giver of Oil, where there is a vessel He can fill for true, living witness and fruit. The Wise will beget after their kind, the foolish after their kind.

Could anyone with the Spirit and help they have received, think John could be a man on the earth in place of John- the most honoured man in Heaven and the truest sample of the Son of Man there, and most perfect witness of all thats written in the Book, or the New Testament as a whole, the only guide the Spirit uses in helping any who have Him to clear and perfect understanding. So those who have not the Spirit- or Oil- in their vessels, were well revealed in George Linn and Co., talking about him being John my companion. So it becomes the clear revealing and separating of those who know God and Jesus as their Lord and those who know Him not, and know not that they know not, but will know when the door is closed, and from inside hear "I know you not", for you knew me not.

Verse 5- "While the Bridegroom tarried" covers quite a long period. But from "Behold He Cometh" till the Bridegroom comes, can only be a short time, which gives us great hopes that its very near, clear and dear to all who are wise, and no hope, help or excuse for those who have missed the opportunity; for He is Judge and rewarder to all on the Earth, according to what He sees there.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. This probably shows how much the Lord has been in all our labours and also how all men on the Earth will be Judged and rewarded; for if these things are true for the Virgins, there can be no escape for any one on the Earth by the test and standard-His eyes of Flame- and how perfectly it has all worked out, even to the tarrying till all slept, then the midnight cry "Behold He comes" and when Wise and foolish find out where they are, he comes and the Wrath period begins. No room for controversy.

Only now can we see how fast everything is developing for that Great Day. Japan has become the great provoker of world war in the far East, and conditions here likewise. U.S.A. seems greatly stirred now in spite of their neutrality and no more war or any entanglements in Europe . And what has happened reveals vividly what might happen anywhere on the Earth. So Revelation 6:12-17 and Revelation 9: double war destruction, seems quite in place.

W. I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Hulls - Los Angels, Calif.
October 8, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Hulls:

Thanks for Fred's and Mary's. Its like the Birth pangs of the Woman who is to bring forth the Manchild, when the Bridegroom of the Wise Virgin Woman around the 12 Star Crowned Head, has joy in bringing forth the Manchild as John's companion for the work given them to do in being His executive on the Earth. John from Heaven is a perfect witness to all that the New Testament contains, and so well able to Judge in what is Christian and anti-christian.

George Linn's visit proved to be a very important one there, and also his letter to me purposing to come to be my companion and co-witness. Surely no one with Oil in their Vessel could ever have such presumption. And it was like the end of the tarrying period, when all had become sleepy and the mid-night cry was heard- "Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye forth to meet him." They all slept, they all awoke and arose, and trimmed their lamps to find out who had Oil and who had not.

If we don't give God a Vessel honestly, how can He fill it, and how can we understand what's written or what I read, if there is no Oil. The sleepy condition shows wise and foolish are all alike-human. But the trimming of the Lamps shows where Oil is and where its not, by the smoke and smell, in place of Light and the cry- "Our Lamps are going or gone- out". But you notice the Tarrying was long and trying; but from the cry "Behold" till he comes, can't be long.

So the whole facts today seem to point to the real John from Heaven coming and the door closing in and out as in Revelation 22: 14 and 15, and our sorrow will be turned into Joy, and their joy into weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. You can see world conditions in North, East, South and West ripening fast for the great harvest of Wrath or Mercy, written to be fulfilled, and to all according to what He sees with His eyes of Flame in the hearts of men.

Japan in 2 months has shown the danger to the whole world created by 10% of the Nations, as Roosey put it in his speech, words and warnings to Japan, has produced no satisfactory answer, and similar conditions are in Europe, as they seem to flaunt their purpose and power to demand recognition of what they have been and done, in spite of violation all the promises and etc. made to the Nations.

So things everywhere seem to warrant us in looking for Revelation IX: and Revelation VI:12-17, as the ultimate of it all working today on the earth.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Loitz Family, Placenta, Calif.
October 10, 1937
P. O. Box 696

My Dear Wm.  Mary & Co.:

Thanks for yours.  Tomorrow-11th, July, is 10 years since Quake in Jerusalem at 3 - 5 P.M.  marking the 13th hour of His suffering in it since 1927, and also the hour of His death, now I’m wondering if it would be a good day for another mighty Angel to come from Heaven, clothed with a cloud, a rainbow of promise  on His head - guarantee that all the various promises to the 2 classes of Malachi 4: would be fulfilled, - his face like the Sun, and his feet like pillars of fire to fulfill Malachi 4:1 and 2-3.

In his hand a little book (Revelation) open- my work these past years as reader.  His voice like a roaring lion, and 7 thunders uttering their voice - the 7 plagues which John was not to write, for they are terrible to contemplate.  His Message to all the world for his right foot is on the Sea and his left foot on the earth, and swearing that time would be no longer as it has been. Verse 7 shows the end of the Mystery of why God has let the world continue so long as it has, and revealing the New Thing with no wicked seed left,- but His own.

We have had a Royal Commission Report, and the partition of the Land don't please either the Jew or Arab, and trouble will come very soon and very big, and can’t come too soon, but His set time is our time. Revelation 7 is my work  - the Angel coming up from the East, and you can see the results in Salvation for so many.

I’m afraid Saskatchewan will be a rather long Journey, and Lillian’s condition is very serious now, and there is always a certain amount of danger, also its not much holiday to be at the wheel all the time of holiday.  Thanks for Ruth's letter. I’m pleased to hear that she and Mildred are in the same place.

John’s coming like to the Son of Man to the Ancient of Days - he will not likely to know more than the marks of the Ancient of Days, so whoever sees him first would naturally have to bring him where he wants to go, not by address but to the Man.

It’s very important not to bunch up too much.  There has been a certain amount of dog in the Manger spirit shown---------, who have despised others, and cultivate those farther off, which is very dangerous mark in any person or people.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Bakers, Denver, Colo.
October 14, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Ira & Co:

Thanks for yours, Lovell's & Wm's. Matt. 25 tarrying days seem ended and now its, arise and trim your lamps for All. What does it mean: If John's coming from Heaven is to be the Light of the New Day and restoring all that's revealed in Jesus' record in the Gospel and Acts, then John's Epistles and Gospel and Revelation gives us very clear outline of Jesus' Light and John's, - and what's in Revelation, of God and Jesus and the Spirits Witness.

Epistles - - - If we walk in the Light as He is in the Light, we have fellowship with God, and the Blood of Jesus Christ His son, cleanseth us from all sin. This makes the Gospel very clear. If we are partakers of His nature by the Spirit, His blood covers our sins. If we don't have the first, we can't have the last. If we walk in darkness - - as do the Pharisees in Matt 23- - - there is no blood to cleanse our sins. You can see the marks of darkness in the churches, which John tried to reveal, and ours, - - - hatred, accusing each other, etc. So concentrate on reading together and privately those three Epistles. John wrote them first, and to prove them, he wrote the Gospel.

Chap. 1 - In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of man. The rest of the Gospel illustrates the Light in operation in conflict with the Scribes and Pharisees darkness.

In Revelation you see the 7 Churches separated by their attitude to the Angel and Message of the Spirit. Those who had Life and ears for the Spirit's Message, - - the others were left in darkness of their own thots and ways, - - even tho they professed thru Paul, - and had John to witness as the Angel. And so in the Virgins who profess to have heard - to obey and find Life to give them Light. The separation will reveal Light and darkness. So trimming can only reveal those who have and those who have not. Revelation shows the final separation of Light and Darkness and the reward for each and every one.

You can see the value of reading by the Spirit with true, humble, contrite hearts, - - all John wrote - - that we may bear the same witness He did, and will do again on the earth in setting up the Kingdom in doing the same miracles world wide, which will be the privilege of all who have Life to give them Light, or act towards others as He did. So our trimming can only make our Light shine the clearer; - and if no Life, - our light will be going out. You can see how this all fits into our work and testimony to Jesus being the Way to be saved by hearing and obeying the Spirit's Message in service and worship, - and walking in Truth and making manifest that we have His Life and Nature, with Blood to cover and cleanse our sins. And now to be the seed to witness with John on earth in these great coming days at hand, which begin by his coming.

We had much trouble again last night by Arab bands in various places here.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Percy Abbott, Eureka, Calif.
October 23, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Percy:

Thanks for yours-2- You have been feeding on your own wrongs and rights to others which is not meat in due season. This is hog, dog, goat and wolf feed.

The tarrying sleeping days are over and now it's "Awake, Arise" trim your lamps for John's coming. Read carefully, and prayerfully John's Epistles which gives clear marks of light and darkness, operating in those who profess His Name. For if we are to bear witness with Him, our lights will have to be as His. John's Gospel shows what and how he got Light, thru and by Jesus' Walk, Words and work- - so whatever does not harmonize with the Love of God, the Light of God and the Life of God MUST be put away. If it cannot change us, we cannot change light into darkness and no excuse can be of any value.

If we cannot forgive and forget all the wrongs done to us by others then there can be no hope of same treatment from God. If we walk in the light as Jesus walked in it, we have fellowship with God and the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin.

Jesus and John's suffering compared with ours, is nothing in comparison. John's reward was Revelation given him to write and mine to read- - and you can share in ability to read and understand that only by the Spirit in you, in proof of having ears to hear what the spirit saith- -.

It matters little what others say or do to us- - It matters much what we think or say or do to others- - no matter whether they are foolish or wise. So attend to the vital matters, all else will be rewarded to them who may be guilty in His eyes.

To hate, accuse, scandalize and scrap is not light- -
U.S.A. got a bad break and shake up in Wall street.
I got all yours safely, for which thanks again.

My Love to you all, who profess to have ears.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
October 29, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for yours. I am sure you will be glad to hear the Tarrying period is past, and the trimming period on, in preparation for John's coming. John's Epistles, Gospel and Revelation did the separating between the foolish and Wise in his day so it cannot be otherwise today.

How foolish people are who talk about John's coming and never stop to think who he is in contrast to their own foolish cackle. If the same Spirit is to be in us that was in Jesus and John, surely there must be clear marks, and these John calls the light in contrast to darkness, which means human marks, in hatred, selfishness, despising and rejection of others, hurting in place of healing, seeking their own rather than the things that are Jesus Christs. So you can see what trimming there is need for in all who are with Him in Glory and power of the Kingdom.

If the Woman body is to be all one in their attitude to the two witnesses, it also demands one-ness of Spirit and recognition of each other as members of the same body, which naturally makes us value each other and the Spiritual gifts they have, and rather seek to help others than hurt and harass.

Dog, Hog, Goat and Wolf marks are those of the unregenerate, who can never do more than feed their own selfish nature no matter how hard they try, and how outwardly they may try to cover it up by wool.

God and Jesus set their Seal on what John had done in writing Epistles and Gospel in giving John Revelation to write for us these days. It separated the Churches and also the foolish and Wise, and reveals each as He sees them by their attitude to the Spirit, working in their midst no matter whom its by. The Sheep will hear and respond and respect the Spirit's Voice, no matter where or when or by whom it comes.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Buckman
October 30, 1937

My dear Buckmans and Vera:

Thanks for yours.   We are having a nice early rain today which will set them all plowing and seeding.  They don't know that the day of reaping what they have sown has come for the whole world.  Though it has been so long written and spoken - the longer makes them harder to convince.  But it's hard to explain world conditions other than as the fruits of their own thoughts and ways recoiling on their own heads.

Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word spoken.  The just shall live by Faith - this is in contrast to men's sufficiency in themselves - their own thoughts and ways, called iniquity.  Animals who live by doing the will of humans are called domestic because they fit into man's life.  Wild animals are those who don't fit into the human plan, but rather are enemies of it, and so are wild.  All the kingdoms under the Kingdom of God are meant to fit into each other; the lower always given over to death for the benefit of the higher.  The grass never comes to the cow - the cow must go to the grass - is the natural order, or the higher must move first, so we must be born from above.  If they who are God possessed don't move to the unregenerate, there will be no move, and ever then they will try to bring us down to their own level in seeing, saying and doing.  This is the condition today in the whole world, and the work of the Devil and Satan in deceiving by humanizing everything - rather than letting God speak, act, work, and reveal.  The Devil gives them a human interpretation and so deception and delusion in place of revelation and regeneration by living by what God says and reveals and works in our hearts and minds.

So the great change in John's coming to set up the Kingdom on the earth where everyone will live by what God puts into their hearts and minds, and so Satan's power over such will be broken forever.

Love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Ackersons
November 5, 1937

My dear Ackersons:

Thanks for yours today and your 2 1/2 good letters.  That such talk could be indulged in, or thoughts of this sort regarding John, only betrays the fact that they were neither benefiting of the Spirit's reading through the Man, or by the Spirit sealing and revealing to and in them.  And any excuse people have only betrays their self thoughts and desires.

It was in the name of loving God and worshipping Him in Heaven, that the Jews crucified Jesus whom God had sent to give them clear, full revelation of who He was in Heart and Nature towards men.  All that's human in our conception of God is exactly the opposite of what He is in and toward men.  Only when men become like a voluntary vacuum, can He put His thoughts into mind and heart and make them partakers of His Nature, and show it by our words and actions to men as He did, both the sinners and the hypocrites, who must ever be offended in what's of God, because they have a righteousness of their own.

All men are religious one way or another, or profess to know and worship and serve God according to their human concept of Him.  No animal is or can be religious, and if men are satisfied by their human experiences, etc., there can be no ear or heart for the Voice of the Lord God walking in the Garden.  These are the 99 just persons who need no repentance, and so the Spirit leaves them, while going after the man that is lost, and knows - and so has ears and heart for the Shepherd's Voice, and so turns from all that's not of God, to all that is of God, and so finds life and salvation.  And you see this operation in Matt. 22 in the Servants being sent to the outcasts of the R.P.&E. world with the Message of God today.

If they were the self-satisfied, there would be no hope.  And proof that people have heard the Voice and got life, is seen in them being sucklings wanting the sincere milk, by which they can grow and develop the Nature, while only God can give and does give - by the Spirit, to all who hear and obey His Voice and Message.  The true mark, is to be little ones dependant, in contrast to being Big little ones, with a false center and no Life.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s To:  Edwards & Company
November 26, 1937
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose and Company,

Thanks for yours and enclosures.  Matthew 25 gives us the 2 sides of and failure in the slothful and wicked servants, who failed to value and use His gift of one talent, which may indicate unregenerate measure, and increase of 2.  5 may point to full measure.  Having the Spirit and gaining 5 clearly shows the difference in those who have received and used, and so covers all - both wise and foolish - in the use they have made of their gifts by message.

The sheep test is the man, who has no righteousness of his own; but is the test for being the least.  And so only what Jesus gives can be any value to anyone - as the reader.  What people are to him who is least, shows what they are to Him on the throne.  The goats are revealed by their attitude to the least.  Goat nature climbs high, eats the bark and leaves of the tree of life; rather than bear fruit and leaves for the healing of the nations, drinking in the living waters by their roots.  The wise of the message seem to produce increase which remains for Him, as the attitude to the man shows what they are to Him, and would have been to Him on the earth in His ministry, as we find so clear in John’s Gospel.

 The woman body has many members, but not all the same.  Paul says we can’t dishonor any member, and the body not suffer.  So the feet can’t despise the hand, or the hand the feet; which shows we will value each other’s work and witness, and honor rather than dishonor.  For whatever builds the body, is the work of the Spirit; and also proves our use of the message and man. Also, 1 Corinthians 12 is good as showing the relationship [which] should exist amongst those who are the true body of the woman.  Isaiah 55 shows also what are the marks of those who are wise - first, towards the message, and then towards the man as witness, leader and commander - and how it should operate on them and by them.  John’s Epistles make clear, and the marks of darkness towards others weaknesses; and what light will be to them in seeking to help them, rather than hinder.  I don’t think it can be much value, either to wise or foolish, to feed on their wrongness; or accuse, or abuse.  The great matter is to trim our own lamps, and see if our conscience and the light we have of God had been dimmed or darkened by our human weakness, or weakness of the flesh in spirit, soul and body.

All true trimming should make us more like Jesus, as revealed in John’s Gospel and in John’s Epistles; and also as to our reading of Revelation in its simplicity, as it has been made clear to us.  The one thing for all is to, by life and lip, bear the same clear, simple witness from the throne without letting our own thoughts and ways hinder.  You can see how Jesus dealt with His disciples, and all the various people mentioned in John’s Gospel.  Everyone will find opportunity and, according to their work, reward.  So be careful over the weakest, lest we hinder anyone.  If scandal is such a hindering, hurtful thing, the greater need today to avoid all such, whether it be the wise or foolish.

My love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.    Tomorrow, at 4 PM, I arrived in Jerusalem 18 years ago.  You may send this to as many as possible.  It will help them who trim - either way.  You can see amongst the disciples there was discussion about who would be greatest. This is always the tendency of human nature in anything.  Matthew 18 is well worth reading in this matter.  The little child is the pattern for all who would enter the kingdom.   W. I.

John Hardie’s Letter to Wm. Irvine,  Sydney  Australia  
November 2, 1937

My dear William,

You have been much in my thoughts.  I can’t readily forget the kindness and interest you took to make my visit to that part a pleasure.  In fact, you have done so ever since our hearts were touched by the Love of Christ.  Those cottage meetings we had in Kilsyth that gave the work of God a start in our day often come up before me, and the many other days and nights we spent together, have often been a stimulus to me in my service to God.

I was sorry the other day to hear of Mrs. Corrie passing away, and I am very pleased that I managed to call on them when in those parts last year.  I always find it softens my heart to call on old friends.  There is so much that we meet with in every day life that hardens, that it makes it imperative for us to go out of our way to meet with that which mellows and softens.  How often do we read of Jesus being moved when He met the sinner.

There seems to be a lot of trouble in Palestine again, the powers that be seem to find it difficult to do things to satisfy all parties--with all the suffering and sorrow that is everywhere because men don’t understand nor know God. His great purpose is being achieved and the coming of the great King is surely nearer than when we believed.

Your letter per D. Dempster I received. He seemed anxious to deliver it personally, but it so happened that we did not meet, perhaps just as well, for those he did meet, he impressed on them the fact that he was no friend.  I don’t know Dave, but have heard a lot about him.  Biting and devouring one another Paul says can only bring one end—consuming one another.

Thanks very much for all the advice you gave about my health.  It has not been the best of late.  Something I got in India two years ago has affected my throat and chest ever since.  I hope your own health is all you can desire at your time in life.  I have prayed quite a lot since we met, for you. What seems strange to me is that God used you so much in former years, and you so isolated for the past years when it seems so necessary for men such as you, at the present time to be at the help where the need is so great.

With all good wishes for your welfare, excuse my delay in writing, and I hope that it may be God’s will to reunite us in the same service as we were so heartily engaged in.


J. Hardie

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Adams, New Zealand
November 1, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Adams and Co:

Thanks for yours. Glad to hear Miriam is there abouts. I greatly enjoyed reading with others 1 Cor. XIII; Charity is the only reliable mark which caps and covers all other professed Service and without this all else may be hypocrisy, or human imitation which can and will puff up all unGodly controlled flesh. So Paul and John are pretty much of same value for Trimming our Lamps for fellowship with John. Wick that has done its work is apt to be a hindrance rather than help, and it reminds us of the danger of past experience in Service in place of present marks of God's Spirit working in and by, with the Charity of love ruling in our Dealings with others - which marks all true useful fruitful service.

The human is like the Wick and apt to get hard and fail to convey the Oil or the grace of God to others by our actions and words giving people from our experience in past rather than living witness By and in the Spirit. The Ministry of the Spirit to and by a person is very different from a recital of past experiences and always fresh and sweet compared to a recitation of past things, which are largely dead to others by the very fact that the Spirit is not in action - but rather our own flesh puffed up maybe by its recital. So Trim your Lamps will be like getting into the habit of letting God be more manifest in and by us than is possible for those who are unregenerate.

People can always sense the difference between warm loving living truth rather than cold hard deaf facts. Trimming may be attention not so much to the facts as to the manner of using or being used of God in giving them to others. Trimming may be the very thing that used to mark the difference between God speaking and man imitating. True contact and fellowship with God will always be noticeable and rebuke many of those who are sounding Brass and Tinkling Cymbal, such as we used to hear and see much of in Testimony days.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Fladungs, Anaheim, Calif.
November 5, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

Thanks for yours today. You can find Trimming for your lamps in Matthew 22 to 25, which covers the whole, and you see the Least of these His Brethren, the Test all through. Matthew 23: shows the marks of all unregenerate worship and service of God by humanity; the Leaders up, and the Pharisees their support, and all human worshippers under their power. Just as you have the Regenerate way of worship and service in John XIII to John XVII. Jesus amongst them as a slave, by Love serving them, and a pattern for all who will ever seek to help others in any measure.

You see how Judas was revealed as unregenerate and under the Devil and Satan's control, though the Disciples did not recognize it till the betrayal, Notice he had always been a sort of leader amongst the 12, but not in the way Peter was. Peter was always for Jesus, Judas was the other way. Read it all carefully, and you will see how you have been for me, and with me, rather than seeking your own.

1 Corinthians XIII: 4-7, shows the marks which evidence the Spirit and never found in unregenerate people or in Judas amongst the true Servants of God. Johns Epistles give the true marks of Light in conflict with darkness in the churches. You can see people may have many marks which impress others, but the marks of the love of God in us towards others, is the surest proof that we belong to the Family of which Jesus is the Head and God is Father.

Verses 4-7, is just the opposite of what Judas would have amongst the 12, and also shows the marks we will find amongst the foolish virgins; for unregenerate always want to be up and serve themselves in others rather than by love serve others after the pattern Jesus gave in John XIII. You can see in Revelation II and III: that the churches who had no ear for John and the Angel's Message of the Spirit, were all up in their own estimation with much outward righteousness, but no ear for what the Spirit saith by the Angel.

So you have plenty of scope for reading and trimming, with one the other to help or be helped. For its the day of rewards for all who have enjoyed hearing our reading.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Ritzmans, Alhambra, Calif.
November 20, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Ritzmans:

Thanks for Mammas 17/X/37. You can see in Johns Epistles and Pauls and all the others the separating of the unregenerate professors in the churches, revealed by their attitude to the false apostles and prophets who came up in the churches. The blind being willing to follow the blind leaders, and so fall in the ditch while refusing the True seed persecuting them to the death, and you see John in Patmos through their actions.

You have often heard people speak of the Christians being thrown to the lions in Rome . But these were the christians who had been the means of Pauls death by the axe, and so it was really sharing the Judgement which came in 70 A.D. when all the True Apostles had been killed through the influence on the Roman Government.

All the Epistles show the conflict in the churches as the true were rejected by the false. But in these days its the false or foolish virgins who are to be shut out. Its easy to see why John got Revelation to comfort him and reveal the end in his time and ours also.

In Matthew 25. You can see what Trimming of our Lamp means and how it will be done. Virgins will be divided by the use they have made of our - use of His Message from the Throne, not by receiving but the use made of it in giving it to others and the increase to ourselves and also in others.

While the man who got one Talent hid it in the earth and made excuse and showed he did not know that all God's gifts are free and voluntary to us and to all we can offer the Servants use to others of the most valuable thing God has to give settles whether they are good and faithful, or slothful and wicked.

Certainly the very fact that we get little encouragement from the world is a great test for our faithfulness.

The other test of the sheep and goats is by the attitude to the Man Servant who is Least of these His Brethren - what they are to Him they show by what they are to the Man. These are 2 very clear marks, and there are many other marks in John's Epistles, Gospel and Revelation.

World War of Revelation IX, has not come yet, neither can John come till wrath is to begin. So our Trimming days are Mercifully extended.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards, Phoenix, Ariz.
December 3, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose and Co:

Thanks for yours and enclosures, also Anna's, John's and Philip's- all good and hearty. Also had one from Minnie, Joe and Geo. No mistakes can happen, when He is Judge of all on the earth, and no one who has recognized the voice of the Lord in the Man and Message and obeyed it can have failed to get life and hope, just as people who have had the same opportunity and failed to respond to Him, can't expect to have oil in their vessel. The "Ho Man" of Isa. 55 is the voice of the Lord. "Hearken diligently unto me", is the Lord speaking, which makes the waters life-giving to all who recognise it as such. "Hear and your soul shall live"- Vs. 2-3, are perfect, but if people only hear the Man and Message and fail to hear and obey Him, how useless and hopeless it all will be to them.

Vs. 4- "Behold, I-The Lord- have given him for a witness, Leader and Commander to the people". So its easy to see how possible it is to trim lamps by this chapter, and see where they are. Vs. 5- "Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and nations that know not thee shall run unto thee because of the Lord, thy God and for the Holy one of Israel, for He Hath glorified thee". Vs. 6- "Seek thee the Lord, while He may be found-by hearing His Voice thru Man and Message. Call ye upon Him, while He is near. Vs. 7- shows where danger lies in men following their own wicked ways and unrighteous thoughts, and let him return to the Lord unto our God, for He will abundantly pardon".

Nothing could be simpler and clearer, but nothing short of responding to the voice of the Lord can regenerate and so they perish who have made this mistake, and stay there. Its valueless-all the letters I could write to people, its the answer to Him that counts. "Behold I stand at the door and knock tho its by a Mans hand and His voice by the man, if any man hear my voice- the Lord speaking and open the door, I, Jesus will come in to him and sup with him and he with Me- is very simple to any who truly feel their need and with honest heart respond. No trifler can fool the Lord no matter what they may do with the Servant. To stand right with the Man and Message and no relationship to Him will only fool themselves, but the Man and Message are a help to all who honor Him. I notice the death of Minnie Sinclair, of Kilsyth in paper this week and old Bob Laughlin seems to be passing shortly from late reports.

People need have no doubt about forgiveness if there is true turning to the Lord so that the Spirit can work in them and the fear of the Lord control their hearts and lives, which is true salvation by regeneration. The world is full of human imitators or hypocrites, so whether they be foolish virgins or others there can be no exceptions made, for He is the author of Salvation as well as wrath to all according to what He sees in the Heart. Its good to recognise that there may be some with 5 talents and some with 2- so don't err in failing to see and benefit by those who may have 5 while they have but 2. The Devil is apt to use the difference to cause us to despise what the Lord has given to others nor let the 5 despise the 2 because they have not 5. We are all members of the Body of the Woman, tho different members who bear a living relationship to Him and those who are His, so all can see and guide honest souls to Him, who is Judge and can make no mistakes.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: John Hardie,  Sydney  Australia
December 4, 1937
PO. Box 696
Jerusalem   Palestine

My Dear John & Co.:

Thanks for yours, though it was long and no reply to the packet of Pearl Truth I gave you.  Don’t forget these are the signs Jesus said to expect in these days, as given in Matt. 7.  Dogs, Hogs, Goats, and Wolves in Sheep’s clothing will never be able to value the Truth of God for today.  Looking back to the slushy babbling of our early days, is very much like the old Methodists, - where are the fruits today, and what are they?

I suppose John the Apostle had similar experiences in his early days, but when he had finished in Patmos, only 6 are said to have been his friends amongst whom he died.  What of all who had rejected his work and the word of God through his mouth? God set His Seal on him by giving Him Revelation and the place he is to occupy as my Co-witness as in Revelation 10 and 11.

Jeannie will know now the result of taking her own ways and thoughts, like many who had the chance of hearing God speaking by my lips the words of Life.  My heart leaps for Joy when I see the few who have proved to have ears, and the many to perish is still true.  Minnie  St. Clair’s death was in the home paper this week, so she will be sure who I am now.  Wm. and she wrote me recently saying they had enquired by prayer concerning who I am on 5 points, and got definite reply by opening the Book, but that don’t matter, the Man and Message from the Throne today is the only Message of Life on the Earth - all else is but delusion.  Read Isaiah 55: and Revelation 22: makes it very plain.

The Helm is in my Hand today more than ever, and soon as the war comes on, the Iron Rod for the Nations will be in it as in Rev. 2: & 3: When you get this full record of His Servant in the 7 promises to the Overcomer, one of them is to go no more out.  The end of a Man of God’s Life and Work, is to be Martyred, so John will share the honor of being killed in Jerusalem with me as in Rev. 11:, lie 3 ½  days, rise and stand on our feet and obey the Voice of God, and go up as He went, with Earthquake to mark the event as happened when He arose.  What do you know about these things any more than that old Methodist, Harlot-hearted hireling hypocrite? Your prayers can only fool yourself, like the world since 1914.  What value are prayers by people who have no ears for the Message of God?   Hear and your soul shall Live, refuse and perish.  It was praying people in Jerusalem who crucified Jesus in refusing and resisting the Spirit’s Message by the Man, “His blood be on us and our children”, explaining why of all the suffering.  I was looking at the blood of a Jew shot to death last night with 2 others, and now this will be true of the whole piercing seed on the Earth.

Proverbs 1: shows there will be plenty of praying, but no answer, and if there is cream amongst the piercers, I expect it will be The Testimony people.  The Sons of God prayed for Noah in his folly and perversity, but the floods came and took them all away - so shall it be in these days of my witness to the world.  The great Whale that bought Jonah to the place where he gave God’s Message to those who knew not their right hand from their left - lay high and dry, smelling and rotting and falling to pieces after its work was finished  so I regard The Testimony.  But God was in, with and by Jonah all the while, in or out of the Whale.

The Prophets of Baal prayed loud and long, but no answer because they had no ear for Elijah. And so today you know not that Elijah is come before the Great and Dreadful day of the Lord.  Mal. 4: 1 is for all who refuse him. 2, and 3, is for all who hear & obey His Message.

And there is a man in Brisbane - McCullough from Motherwell, who might be useful to you in matters of health.  They are called Biologists - Biochemists - supply the 12 materials lacking, which they claim causes all forms of sickness.  There may be one in Sydney, as there are many doing good work, especially amongst chronic cases.  I have recently been investigating it, and it appears to have strong claims in favor.

The war is very slow in coming on as in Revelation 9: world wide, but sure and certain, beginning the day of Wrath John comes from Heaven as the sign as in Revelation 10:  We have blood plenty being shed in Palestine.  Its left uncovered on the streets when shed, to trample on it and in it.  We had 2 Black Watchmen - by revolver fire 4 weeks ago, and I pass it, still showing clear on the street.

I hope you may get victory in your health, which is the only hope of us ever meeting again, and it will be when you come to worship Him at my feet, as in Revelation 3:.

My love and best wishes,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
December 11, 1937
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for yours. It was very sad both ways- Ruth's death. The conflict between letting Him attend to His business in and by us, is a very real thing to all who share in what He alone can give- Oil in our vessel. Rev. 3:20 becomes the simple outline of the whole matter. You can see how personal and voluntary it is on both sides, and what John writes in Epistles and Gospel is concentrated in Rev. 2: & 3: John 13 shows the true Spirit of all such service as a bond slave-bought with a price-born of His Spirit and sealed by the same Spirit which made Him the Christ.

You can see how deeply the last days with Jesus was impressed on heart and mind- "If I your Lord and Master have done this, ye ought also to do it to each other"- the very essence and gist of all human anointed fellowship. How contrary to all human devilish imitation which wants to exalt itself over others, in name of service and benefit thereby- in contrast to giving our lives to the death in service of God and Man, in spite of a world full of imitation. "Ye believe in God - believe also in Me" as the pattern for this in dwelling as His Mansion. This is where most of the trouble comes-they want God but forget God also wants mansions or dwelling places, where He can dwell and work in and by. How easy for human selfishness to read this into God preparing a mansion in Heaven, - in place of preparing a mansion for God as the earth as Jesus showed and as He wanted all of them to share.

John 15: shows the true Christ vine or the Spirit possessing and producing fruit of the Spirit in contrast to the wild Adamic vine, which produces fruit of the flesh or human nature in imitation or hypocrisy. Vs. 2- shows what God does to the fruitless branch- vs.6- shows what men will do to the human imitator.

Chap. 16: shows the hatred of the wicked- Devil-possessed imitators, but the Spirit given to comfort all who mourn. Chap. 17: all would naturally claim this oneness with the Trinity of God, but it depends on being born of God or given to Him by the Father to be conformed to the image of His Son. You can see the value of one such and the hopelessness of a son of perdition in seeking his own, in place of letting God's will and purpose be fulfilled in him.

You can see how those who have made use of the Man and Message will be glad of all the help you can give them, to make these things flesh and blood to them. Those with 2 talents will not despise those who may have 5 talents, while the 1 Talent - unregenerate - will be revealed and made manifest. You can see clearly how much "Trimming" means to all and it can only be done as it was in the disciples - by slave love and service of one another.

We gathered out of Babylon in Test'y days a great many- to find how few less than 1% when tested in forgiveness- the supreme test of all profession- as the accusing heart is the revealing of the wicked seen in Judas. Babylon fell in 1914 and our experience of its condition in His sight as in Rev. 18: 2 after 22 years experience- was valuable. Since then we have given the Message of God to Virgins out of Babylon- - to find better results in the 5 wise and 5 foolish- in preparation for John's coming to settle the whole matter. "And they shall not hurt or destroy in all My Holy Mountain" reveals the marks to be expected in all who truly is His seed, and by them one million will serve and 100 million shall be saved as in Daniel 7: 5% of the 2000 million humans on the earth.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. If we are looking for John to come- John will be looking for the Trimmed Lamps to meet and greet him when he comes. W. I.

Wm Irvine's Letter to Pages 
Box 696 P. O.
Jerusalem, Palestine
December 13, 1937

My Dear Page Family,

Thanks for Evas. Glad she is coming back to her normal reflected in her letters, spirit & service. We learned in our Alpha work & experience how hard it was to get true testimony in the world, gathering people out of Babylon, for most of the Testy servants & saints had all had some experience in Babylon & brought much of it with them in various forms of interpretation & Bias – or iniquity which was hard to control & keep under. For they all sought to put their own mark on & their name rather than His ending in the few finding life & ears to hear what the spirit had to say in these days by the same man & Omega message from the Throne.

While the many were very clearly revealed as Dogs, Hogs & wolves showing that Matt VII was prophecy as to conditions in these days where many say Lord Lord & refer to their works in 3 forms. But He replies according to what He sees in their hearts of Iniquity or self seeking rather than the things which are His. Babylon fell in 1914 & our message has been to the virgins who are out of Babylon. We only had a handful out of Alpha man & message work-now we are to have 50% wise & foolish virgins which is a great improvement. But the wise are to bring forth the manchild & John from Heaven when the true seed has been produced which will not hurt or destroy in all my Holy mountain. Which gives a hint of what unregenerate Babylonians or foolish virgins would be & which we have proved is there influence in both cases and experience of Alpha & Omega. But the value of the woman & 2 witnesses is seen in it producing one million true servants & 100 million saints of the Tribulation sort as in Dan VII & Rev. VII where you find 144,000 workers & a great multitude whom no man can No.

We can see in the Testy a good sample of Babylon seed are in them being habitation of Devils to deceive & accuse a hold of Every foul spirit & a cage of Every unclean & hateful bird & their attitude to the few who have the man & message today is ample proof that Goods revelation of them is perfect & His wisdom in purifying making white & trying those who are to be the woman seed for the new Ever lasting Gospel to accomplish His workon the earth in the great results in mercy & in wrath now seen in the world today. What Babylon has produced by workers of iniquity being the professed Servants & Saints of God ending in wrath while the few purified made white & tried are to produce the great results of Dan VII & Rev VII.

Ye are the light of the world. But iniquity put it under a bushel or makes it suit their own selfish purposes. Ye are the salt of the Earth. But if the salt has lost its savour its only fit to be cast out & Trodden under feet of men such is its fate today & tomorrow while Johns coming will set our light on a candlestick or (2) as in Rev. XI & salt the earth with savour of life or death to the whole earth. John XIII gives us a true picture of true service of God & our co-workers & saints. John XIV shows how to build a mansion in which the Trinity of God can dwell as Jesus showed in His own body & life work XV shows God coming for the true Christ vine in contrast to the wild human vine of hypocrisy which He can only destroy. XVI shows the outward suffering & hatred But the inward comfort & strength or overcome as He overcame. John XVII shows us one with God The Trinity in & with us as He revealed & to be seen in its fullness in the 2 witnesses & woman & become world wide.

My love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

If you can send copy to Mrs Adams, Pike Bros. & Mrs Donn, 16 St Leanards Rd. Devonport, Auckland.
You will oblige me & it may be useful for any others who care to have it. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's letter to Edwards, Phoenix
December 17, 1937
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Wm., Rose and Co:

It suits my laziness these days to put on you the trouble of copying mine for all. I will pay postage for this, and for 1,000 other mercies you have shown me in these many years.

When you contrast Luke 13 to 18 with John 13 to 17, you get a glimpse of John's deeper experience in the 60 years or more he had been Disciple and Apostle. John 13 is wonderful in giving us the True Spirit of True Service as personal and voluntary servant or slave of God and Man in the regeneration, and lack of that quality hinders both God and our neighbor from enjoying our service. And now in the feet washing days, or the Trimming of our Lights before one another and the world, it is good to begin at the beginning, and you can see more clearly the meaning of service, and the Spirit of it, the value of being Least and Little Ones.

The Peter Spirit and the Judas Spirit was very useful, revealed in the feet washing and at the table, and was very corrective of the spirit which provoked discussion of who would be greatest. John 14 shows how to build a mansion in which the Trinity could dwell, walk, and work. "Ye believe in God," believe also in Jesus as the Pattern home in which God can feel at home, to be and do His work.

It must be very comfortable to find such a Home for God on the earth, when we know and see that which marks the loudest workers and talkers in His name on the earth today, which ends in hearing Him profess to them "I never knew you, depart from, ye that work iniquity." John 14 goes well with the houses built in Matt. 7:24-27; shows how to build to be wise, and how to build as foolish, showing the value of Matthew 5, 6 and 7.

John 15 shows the work of the Father in all who profess to be born of God. No life--no fruit possible, and so taken away. If a man abide not in me and hearing His words, he is cast forth as a branch and men gather them to burn, showing God will reveal and deal with all who are triflers. And John has seen these things in His work as Apostle in the Churches, and in their attitude to Him in the many, who, though still professing, were Godless and Devil-possessed; the dog returned to his vomit and the sow to her wallowing in the mire of the Psalms 40 pit. John 16 shows the hatred of the Devil and Satan thru those who profess to worship and serve God, but the Spirit given to those who bear the marks of John 13 and 14 gives power to show they are; they don't believe in Jesus as in John 13 and 14. "In the world tribulation, be of good cheer, I have overcome the world and the same power I have is yours," so cheer up.

John 17, - you see how much He rejected in that He had brot them into the place they had seen lived out in Him. Last verse is very sweet, -"That the love wherewith Thou hest loved me, nay be in them and I in them," real Sons and Servants. You see the value of John when he comes to show what 2 such can be to God and Man on the earth, in contrast to all its iniquity.

My Love to all,
Wm. Irvine.

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