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...SPANISH - Website in Spanish

...ITALIAN - Website in Italian

...FRANCE - Go to French Website

Called: Les Anonymes (Anonymous)
Les Sans-Nom (Without Name)
Disciples du Christ (Disciples of Christ)
Amis (Friends), Deux-à-Deux (Two by Twos)

Book Title: Cahiers de Littérature Orale, Issue 47
Publisher: Publications Orientalistes de France, 2000; Page 141

...GERMANY- Go to German Websites:

Die Wahrheit über die "Wahrheit"
The Truth about the Truth) - ( )
German Forum for above website:
Die Namenlosen ( )
Die Wahrheit über die "Wahrheit" -(The Truth about the Truth) ( )

German Publications:
By Dr. Fritz Blanke
Kirchen und Sekten
Zwingli Veilag
Zurich/Stuttgart, Germany
Heading: "The Nameless Ones," Pp 66-67

By Oswald Eggenberger
Die Kirchen, Sondergruppen und Religiosen Vereinigungen
(The Churches, Special Groups and Religious Associations)
Heading: "Die Namenlosen," (The Nameless Ones) Pp 89-90

By Johannes Gründler, #0871
Lexikon Der Christlichen Kirchen UND Sekten
Heading: "Disciples of Jesus"

By Kurt Hutten
Seher Grübler Enthusiasten
"Der Jünger Jesu," Pp 462-463

Religious Theological Bi-Monthly for Evangelical
Kirchlich--Theologische Halbmonatsschrift Für Evang. Geisthche

Jahrgang Nr. 7 (Yearly Edition No. 7)
Stuttgart, Germany
Heading: Für Arbeit und Besinnung
April 1, 1948; Pp 158-162

Cooneyiten: Eine Warnung
Author: Gideon J Gerber
Publisher: G.J. Gerber, Dalton, Ohio
Date: 1934

...NETHERLANDS aka HOLLAND aka DUTCH - Go to Website:

By Jildert de Boer
Wie Zijn Dat Die Twee Aan Twee Utigaan?

ISBN: 978-90-803836-6-1
Publisher: Verdieping en Aansporing
Nov, 2007 in Dutch language, 70 pages
Revised November, 2011 (now 203 pages) available in pdf format online at:
[Note: booklet downloads very slowly.]

Two by Two Movement with Sectarian Characteristics By Jildert de Boer
From: “The Challenge” A Dutch Evangelical Magazine [“Uitdaging"] Issue: December 2005

Book: El Protestantio En Chile (Protestantism in Chile)
Author: I. Vergara
Santiago de Chile: Editorial del Pacifico, n.d.
See: "Hermanos de 2 en 2," (The Two and Two Brethren) pp. 183-185

...SWEDEN - Go to Website

"Kristna i Sverige" (Christians in Sweden)
By Bo R. Ståhl and Bertil Persson
Kulter Sekter Samfund
"De Kristna Bröderna," Pp 238-239

Website Articles that refer to

Two by Twos, Nameless Sect, Tramp Preachers, etc.

Fight for free speech on the Green
Glasgow Green, Oldest of Glasgow's parks (Scotland)
Page 2 - Tramp Preacher

Lectionary Bible Studies & Sermons
See Comparative Religions:  Cooneyites

Elizabeth Burke's Blog
“Reading the Bible Together” – The Cooneyites Advertise in Local Irish Newspaper

Two by Two Equals Danger - Christian Faith Website

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