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Revised  Sept 4, 2008


What is the history of the fellowship in the past century?

Is there a history prior to 1897?

What is that history?

IF IT IS TRUE...that the two and two ministry and church meetings in the home have continued through the centuries as bearers of God's Only True Way on earth from New Testament days to the present, then it should be easy to verify and find evidence to support that claim.

Just locate one of the following, bearing a date earlier than 1896:

 1. hymn written by a friend or worker
 2. printed hymnbook
 3. photograph of a worker or friend
 4. workers' list
 5. letter written by a worker or friend
 6. convention date list or speakers list
 7. notes of any convention, funeral or meeting

Or find just one person who:

 1. had a family member to profess prior to 1896
 2. had heard of anyone professing prior to 1896
 3. has known of any workers preaching prior to 1896

Sometimes the friends refer to themselves as the fourth or fifth professing generation in their family. Why are there no 20 th or 25 th professing generations? If the 2x2 ministry and church meetings in the home have continued in an unbroken line from the New Testament Days, there should be some 2x2 families who are able to trace their professing relatives back to the 50th, 75th, 100th, etc. generations.

There are old convention, funeral and meeting notes that confirm that 2x2 workers came sometime after 1896 to the families of: Howard Mooney, Eldon Tenniswood, Willie Jamieson, Jack Carroll, George Walker, Andrew Abernathy, Garrett Hughes, Charlie Hughes, Therald Sylvester and Sydney Holt. To date, however, not a single legitimate piece of primary evidence has surfaced to indicate there were any friends or workers existing prior to 1896.

Who was the Founder?

Primary Evidence

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