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Wm. Irvine's Letter to Ackersons, Lodi, Calf.
January 4, 1936

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Ackersons & Co:-

Thanks for yours (2) and M.O. with Mrs. Hallingsteads. It's good to have a clear grip on the whole outline---Rev. 1:1-7, covers the whole activity since 1914--Behold, Ye who have ears and eyes to see He cometh with clouds which covers all that has been seen on the earth in every part of the world. Every eye has seen this more or less whether they can understand it and welcome it as the Signs of His coming - and they who bear the marks of the piercers and all such kindred shall wail because of Him... so coming... while all who Amen it will find Peace, Joy and Comfort as surely as others will wail.

Isaiah 55 is about the clearest outline we can have of those who come out of Babylon and are Hungry and Thirsty for His provision. Malachi 4 with Revelation 22 is very clear outline of todays and tomorrows works in Mercy and in Wrath and they are the end of the Old Testament and the end of the New one supplying light on present day happenings while the others gives details. Mal. 4 shows when Elijah the Messenger would be sent before the great and dreadful day of the Lord .. Tribulation . Revelation 22: 6 & 7 and 16 shows the double sides of His work to the Servants (who hear and obey) which is the true mark of service, showing the things which must shortly be done, specially in coming days.

Verse 16 is the testing of those who heard my message and accepted me as His sent one in pre-coming days ere the seals had been opened of Revelation and so the Messenger is a double test to those who are Servants and those who profess to be Sons and Servants. Revelation read by the Spirit is the River of Revelation 22. Those who get life by the Message of the Man is the Tree growing... whose leaves are for the healing of the nations and the promises following shows what's in store for all such - there can be no muddying of the River Revelation 22 as has happened to the Gospel of 1900 years ago through the Hireling Ministry of the Thieves and Robbers.

Revelation 17 has produced Revelation 18 which is Babels streams which make every needy and honest weep and remember there's only hope for coming days when Captivity has ended forever and His own Built.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Mills
January 11, 1936

My dear Mills:

Thanks for several from your end.  Your last was on air boat which went down in the Mediterranean on Jan. 1st, 1936, just 11/2 miles from it’s landing place in Egypt.  So the letter which I am returning to you has been 4 days in the sea along with 12 who perished in the plane, and only reached me 2 days ago.

Glad to hear of your mother and brother and all others there.  I had one from Maurice today, one 16th and other 26th, 12/35, with details of his operations amongst those called the churches in Rev. 22:6, to whom I , as His angel, was chosen to bear witness to the things contained in Revelation - as His Message to all who profess to have and hear Him.  But their closed ears to His Man and Message settles who they are and what’s coming to all such.

I notice some trouble over saluting the Flag.  Jesus said, “Render to Caesar  the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”  Paul says, “Honor to whom honor, custom to whom custom,” which shows we are to be loyal to King, Ruler, or country, no matter where found.  Daniel 4: shows the Prince of the Kings of the earth has put down the highest and raised up the Bases of men.  So that even the present dictators are His appointees to Rule the World.  So it’s quite clear that we should honor the Flag and Government no matter where found.  You can see the Communists honor the Bases of men in their attitude toward Stalin.  We are not rebels against His chosen Rulers High or low of the law.  We are apt to get confused when people begin to discuss these matters, and others that don’t count.  Satan is very clever in getting us off the plain simple path and mixing up our witness to the finishing of the old, to give us a new and better world condition in His way; and so weaken our witness so clearly given in Revelation.

In the midst of all the cackle and confusion in the world, our privilege is to be clear and strong on what God has revealed for our comfort, Hope and Help, and in proving our service to Him on the Throne.  Witness by the Spirit to all who care or don’t care to hear.  Thus the Truth becomes clearer to our minds and hearts.

People are always in danger of confusing the issue by getting their own affairs mixed up with the Truth.  So keep simple and sincere, knowing Satan is the adversary of all that the Spirit seeks to use in conveying the mind and purpose of God.  The photos were damaged but not enough to make them valueless.

My love to you 2 and all others.

Wm. Irvine


Wm. Irvine's Letter to Don Symington
January 12, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Don:

Thanks for yours. You need not have a doubt about God being over all your moves. So keep your heart and mind clear on that fact, and so enjoy all that comes from God and the Satanic people who are always opposed to anything that comes from God. Be patient and always courteous to any who show the opposite marks.

My two birthdays were marked by opening of Psalms 136 to 140, which I have been chewing on ever since; Psalms 136 shows the conflict between God of Heaven and His two Servants, and Pharaoh and all his host in Egypt where the Israelites were the victims. Types of the oppression and bondage of the true Israel of God today.

Revelation 11 shows Jerusalem where also our Lord was crucified, as spiritually called Egypt and Sodom, not geographically. Sodom would not hear Abram, the Prophet, and so perished for the refusal of Abram, Lot and the two Angel's Message; Their answer was to send rascals to abuse the two Angels sent, showing they were ripe for the fire; Even the Plagues in Egypt- though it made them fear, yet only hardened their hearts for the doom that awaited them at the Red Sea in trying to hinder God's Purpose. So today: all the world has got in warning has only hardened the unbelieving hearts. Sihon, king of the Amorites, and Og, king of Bashan stood to resist Joshua and you see what they got.

Psalms 137 shows we the captives, weeping by the rivers of Babylon, or muddy waters of the old Gospel, which the three-fold Babylonians of Revelation 18 drink of and ask us to join them in a song of the Lord, as at Christmas, etc., but our hope is in Jerusalem, not in Babylon.

Psalms 138 shows the praise of our heart to Him whose we are and whom we serve; 'though very high He condescends to men of low estate. Psalms 139 gives you the outline of His dealing with the Man to make Him the Servant, and verses 15 and 16 are very sweet to me as you see Him curiously fashioning me in the lower parts of the Earth, or in my mining days, when I was being prepared to stand alone in a dirty, dangerous, dark world, with many against me because of the position I held. Psalm 140 shows our personal enemies in many shades and forms; but you see the words put into our mouth and the answer sure on all according to the treatment they give us, so will their reward be.

Kipling's death, the King's, and Dame Clara Butt three days is like a pointer to what comes this year, in beginning the fulfillment of Daniel 5, Daniel 8.
We have drought in the whole Near East, where we had 40 inches of snow 16 years ago; so we can rest content and sure.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Warrens
January 25, 1936

My dear Warrens:

Thanks for yours (2).  In the mouths of 2 witnesses, let every word be confirmed.  Scribes and Pharisees have made the gospel of Acts the River of Babylon today. Psalm 137 is prophetic of the experience of all who are His Sheep - captives, tearful and songless in a strange land, assured of the daughters of Babylon, to be destroyed as in Rev. 17 and 18.  The god of this world whom the whole religious worship, is the deceiver of the whole unregenerate people on the earth, and as Satan is the accuser and adversary of all who hear the voice of the Lord God, the Shepherd of the Sheep.  After the seal of the Spirit and our Witness, the best evidence is to find Satan the adversary at every turn of the road.

Read Luke 10:17-20 and 21-22.  Most of the Truth opened to me has been in comfort by the Spirit after suffering at their hands.  The Devil's and Satan's work is all done in the Name of God, and God's work is always labeled Devil and Satan.  His is the spirit of the Anti-Christ in operation on the face of the whole earth by the R.P.&E.

Talking some time ago to a Presbyterian professor in College, they said in answer to my witness to them, "Did He not say, Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel?"  I answered yes, but not one word such to Scribes and Pharisees, but to men He had made willing to see and do as He did, and the Spirit did not come on the Scribes and Pharisees, but on such as bore the same marks He bore, in manner of life and attitude to Scribes and Pharisees, as in Matt. 23.

They always measure themselves by what they regard as their righteousness, and others by their sins and faults - as they suppose.  Luke 18 is very helpful, and notice Jesus did not say He was Anointed to preach to Scribe and Pharisee, but their victims - the poor, broken-hearted prisoners, blind and bruised, and His Disciples were sent to the lost Sheep of the House of Israel.  But they can never defile the River from the Throne as in Rev. 22, for if they "add to" or "take from", they will perish, for it and the New Gospel are everlasting.  Matt. 18 is very simple and easy to understand today.  Matt. 22, 23, 24, and 25 are specially for today.

Isaiah 55 is very simple truth and wisdom, as we read Rev. 22; the Prophet Angel to all who bear the Servant marks of hear and obey, 6 and 7.  The 16th verse is for those who profess and have heard my Message in pre-war days.  Malachi 4 reads easy for today's work in the destroying of the wicked and proud doers - and the going forth in the New Day with the Gospel; we have been getting ready in the stall during the night before the New Day.

You will find it very helpful to keep in touch with Bob and Minnie, and as you witness to Jesus as Alpha and Omega on the Throne today, the Spirit will add to your understanding and ability which cheers our hearts and minds for action.

My love to both,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Fountains & Don Symington
February 4, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Fountains and Donnie:

Thanks for your family letter in two senses--- all very cheering to me to find others share in the fellowship of His Mercy and the Satanic opposition which is the second safest mark we have His Spirit and Message.

Luke 10:17-24 is worth a good read, for there you see what happens to every one with His Spirit in them seeking to help others to know His Will and Purpose, then or now. If we did not have opposition, we would be of the world; 'though they war one with another, you will find them all war against any whom He honours in giving them His Spirit and Message. His sent ones are always weak in men's eyes, as the Devil-deceived ones are always strong. But His Mercies which delivered the natural Israelites out of Egypt and brought them into the Promised Land, destroying the strong and delivering the weak, as a sample or type for our comfort today in the gathering of the true Israel of God with ears to hear and obey, as Abram, Isaac, Jacob and company had, who are the true Spiritual seed we seek to follow, rather than the Israel He had to scatter and destroy after He had finished His work in giving us the benefit of the Truth then as a sample for our days.

"His Mercies endureth forever" is the chorus of Psalms 136---, which is an outline for all our enemies; Pharoah and his hosts were all enemies of what the Lord said by Moses and Aaron, and for their pains in opposing, were drowned in the Red Sea, after they had revealed themselves as enemies of God by their wicked words and speeches and deeds in trying to hinder, and in doing so, walking into the trap presumptuously daring to do what Moses' crowd did before their faces.

Then Og, King of Bashan, and Company, tried to hinder them entering the Promised Land and were destroyed. They who resisted the Spirit through Noah were drowned as a sample for today; those in Sodom who resisted the Spirit through Lot and Abram the Prophet, were only getting ready for the fire; these are specially chosen as sample Judgments for the days of the Son of Man today: they did not see a Prophet or hear his Message then or in any age. So we can be quite sure of results for and against all who either let or hinder what God says in revealing His Purpose in the Destruction of His enemies in making room for His friends on the Earth.

Psalm 137 shows us as captives in a strange land, sitting by the Rivers of Death and Babylon, while they taunt us with asking us to join them in their songs of mockery, while our hearts are true to Jerusalem.

My Love to all there and Donnie,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Johnsons, Colfax, Calif.
February 15, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Johnsons:

Thanks for yours. Glad you have a way to live for both, for that's necessary and He is always interested in our activities for getting a pick. Even the chickens have to go and seek food if they are to be of any value either to themselves or others. I hope you get the benefit of much that has been given by the Spirit in recent letters. It seems richer Meat in Due Season than we usually have.

No man or King but King George V could have revealed who the R.P.& E. world is and who they are in Mal. 4:1 could have revealed them. The Silver Jubilee celebration ending on July 20, 1935, and then his death on Jan. 20th, 1936, six months after to a day, and 70 days from Armistice, and 7 years after his illness from November 20th to April 20, which covered Noahs dates and gave us the ability to read Dan. V into the Programme for the Empire.

You can see what an honourable thing it is to be a King in Human affairs. But John 18: 35-40 shows what the world had for Him who is and was King in the Kingdom of God. Pilate asked Him, "Art thou a King?" Jesus said, "To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world to bear witness to the Truth." EVERYONE that is of the Truth (or has got life through the Spirit's Message) heareth My Voice, for God never has two Voices, only what's given by the Spirit and received as such, can ever express His heart and mind, will and purpose in that day and age.

Pilate then gave the choice of Barrabas as thief and robber, who lived by violence, and Jesus, King of Saints, for He was only King of the Jews in fulfilling the type, that we might know it was for the chosen people, and especially for our comfort today when He is gathering out and into the Promised Land His True Israel who have ears to hear. But they would not have Jesus and chose to release unto them Barrabas, which is a sample of what all unregenerate have done and do today, was as the Goats reject the Least and chose to hear and obey whom they choose, and who suits their own purpose best.

My Love to Both and all others there.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mills
February 20, 1936

My dear Mills:

Thanks for your (2), both good and newsy.  It's a great pleasure and Treasure to be able to meet with God's Royal Family on the Earth, who bear witness to the Truth by the Spirit; which was His business on the Earth, in contrast to the vanity of all human Kings and Rulers, as revealed by the Silver Jubilee of the greatest King of all history, as seen by the celebration of his 25 year reign, and also his funeral, only 6 months between the finish of the celebration and his death, which no doubt revealed the hearts of the Proud and Wicked of Mal. 4:1.  He was 70 and dead 70 days after Armistice day, and in the center date of his illness, covering Noah's dates 7 years ago.

John 18:35-40 gives you the contrast between God's Royal Family and the Earthly Rulers.  "Art thou a King?"  Pilate asked.  "To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, to bear witness of the Truth."  So it's good to be sharing the same honor, and suffering some for it.

Pilate says, "What is Truth?" which reveals that such people can never know what Truth really is.  Rev. 1:3-7 shows who are the Royal Family of Heaven - the blessed of Rev. 1:3 - which we can better understand in detail.  He was the faithful Witness and the 1st begotten from the dead, whom the World Rulers - R.P.&E. - killed; God raised, to show us what will happen to all the Royal Family.  He is the Prince of the Kings of the Earth over all ruling heads that ever have been, and yet you see the painful contrast in the John 18:35-40 record.

He Loved all who have ears to hear and bear witness to the Truth, as He did by the Spirit.  He said EVERY ONE that is of the Truth heareth my Voice - wonderful words, and so strange in a world full of wicked thief and robber preachers - and washed us from our sins in His own blood.  No Blood to cover the Scribes and Pharisee cacklers, no matter how much they claim it.  AND hath made us Kings and Priests unto God and His Father.  But it's not Kings after King George V type, or the Pilate Rulers of the Earth, but they whose loyalty to the Throne makes us bear witness to the Truth as He did; and Priests unto our God and His Father, meaning we bring the Message of God to man and man's needs to God.

My love to both and all others,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Stella Case, Nevada City, Calif.
February 21, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Mrs. Case:

Thanks for yours. Glad you have ears and heart for His Message from the Throne by His Messenger of Revelation 22: 6-7, and 16. People may think this is strong language but John in Patmos did not appear much in mens eyes, or in in the Churches to whom His message was to be given then and now, for Revelation was prophetic, rather than for that day, as much of Jesus' and the Prophets Messages were for the latter days, and so had little meaning till the time of the End came in 1914.

Its a big job to give you per letter all I have been seeing and saying these 20 years, but friends there can give you all you need, and as you bear witness in obedience to Him, you will find the Spirit give you Light and understanding, as well as Joy and Comfort and assurance. You will find it hopeless to help others unless you find them hungry and thirsty as in Isaiah 55: which is a perfect guide to receiving and giving the Living Waters. It seems almost too simple, but not when we know how He gathered and sent disciples even at the first, and now the last.

The death of the greatest King in history on 20th. January 1936, after six months from his Silver Jubilee celebration shows the vanity of Earthly kingship in contrast to Jesus the Eternal King of John 18: 35-40. Pilate- the representative ruler of men then and now - said "Art Thou a King", Jesus said "To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, to bear witness to the Truth. EVERYONE that is of the Truth (or has Life by hearing it) heareth My Voice" which is always the Spirit's Message. Pilate asked, "What is Truth? - and got no answer for people can never know what is Truth till they have tasted and proved its Life-giving power.

Revelation 1: 3 to 7, shows who He was and is - The faithful witness whom they killed, and still would do, first begotten from the dead, God's Seal on Him and all who are and have been witnesses to the Truth. The Prince - or Ruler - of all Earthly rulers, who loved US who are of the Truth, and washed us from our sins in His blood, (no blood to wash those who are not part of the Truth) and hath made us Kings and Priests unto our God and His Father, so we become of the Royal Seed as we bear His Message.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mrs Gatten, Webster, Wisconsin.
P. O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine
Feb. 28, 1936

My Dear Mrs. Gatten,

Thanks for yours. I'm sure you have enjoyed some of what I have written others recently on King George's Death; the Greatest King of the Greatest Empire in History, in contrast to the Dead and now alive for Evermore, and all power in His grasp for Ever. John 18: 35-40, reveals the Live King and the purpose He came into the world for, --- To bear witness to the Truth, and making it possible for all who hear and obey as in Rev.1. 3, who are the Truly Blessed today. “Every one that is of the Truth, heareth My voice”, is a powerful fence to keep the Sheep in and goats out.

Rev. 1, 3-7, is very sweet to all who have ears to hear and heart to obey. Jesus Christ, the faithful witness and 1 st begotten from the dead pledges that all who bear witness to the Truth will rise in due time. They who suffer with Him shall reign with Him and the Prince of the Kings of the Earth who has put down 22 Kings since 1914, and has raised up the Basest of men, showing His power as in Da. IV. He loved us of Rev. 1-3, and washed US from our Sins in His own Blood, and hath made Us who hear and obey today, Kings and priests unto our God and His Father.

So you see the position we occupy even tho in men's eyes we are as dust and ashes or the Dry Bones whose Hope is gone, and who have lost our parts as in Ezekiel 37, which shows what He is doing in resurrecting His regenerate Israel for today, by the Son of Man Prophesying or Reading Rev. but only to those who are dry Bones without any other hope, and the few today, we can be sure there will be an exceeding great army standing on their feet when He gathers them to Jerusalem.

Read Ezek. 37. With this in mind and you will enjoy it. Chap. 38 and 39 shows the great Slaughters of the Goat world as in Rev. IX and XIX, which enables us to see these 3 chapters are for our comfort today. Then you read on and see the Man with the reed on a Mountain very high, and the frame of a city before Him, which is built; and then the Temple, and out of it flows the river of Water Eastward which becomes bigger and deeper till you could swim in it, and on either side Trees bearing fruit and leaves for the Healing of the nations in Rev. 22. So you can see Ezek. 37. To end is but a typical revealing of what we find more clearly revealed in Rev. 1 – XXII. So we have waters in the River, but it can only flow where the land is low. Water doesn't flow up, but always down.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Sheep like the low place and the still waters: Goats love the hills and rocky land.

William Irvine's Letter to McCaskill
March 3, 1936

My dear Tom, Stan and John:

Thanks for yours. I did not thank you for M.O. last sent, but wrote Stan, as I had not kept your address and sent on your letter to others enclosed.

The Truth has been very fresh and good in past months. The King's death brought out our King's death and being raised from the dead. John 18: 35, 40 gives us new vision of Him - and Rev. 1:3,7, gives us what He is and what He is to all who have ears for His Message. He loves us and washed us from our sins in His own blood. But none who refuse His Message of Rev. can come in there. For they are the piercing seed and who put Him to death then and now and hath made us Kings and priests unto our God and His Father, which shows our privilege - place and authority for all who have honest ear and heart - while the world is full of people with Kingly pretences and priestly claims; not one such can have any part in the Kingship or priesthood spoken of in Rev. 1: 3, 7.

Though we may look a queer bunch in men's eyes - as He was in theirs then, our words and witness to men has the authority of the Trinity - and we can be sure that the Father will honour our witness to all who hear in giving them life - as sure as death to all who are our enemies.

Ezekiel 37: opened up the other day - and I have enjoyed writing on it - for it's the raising up of the Dry bones in the low place - or valley- by prophesying of the Son of Man today. Verse 11 - shows the marks of all who have got life through my Message. Our bones are dried - our hopes gone - and we cut off for our part by the whole R.P.& E. world - the very marks which they - the R.P.& E. regard as hopeless - is the quality God sees is necessary for hearing the Message of God today. Down and out in R.P.& E. eyes - is the very marks of those who are His chosen material to raise up an exceeding great army - the whole house of Israel. Chap. 38 & 39 , gives us the great slaughter of the R.P.& E. Gog and Magog of Rev. 9 and 19. You can see in Chap. 47; the same River of Rev. 22; flowing and trees growing on either side of the River. You will get other letters which will make it clearer to you.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Don Symington
March 4, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Don:

Thanks for yours. I'm sure you will enjoy Ezekiel 37- which is the raising from the dead, dry bones in the valley or low Place, the Israel of God to stand on its own feet, an exceeding great army, by the Son of Man prophesying in obedience to his Master. Verse 11:- Our bones are dried, our hopes gone, and we are cut off for our parts, describes the experience of all who will hear and obey. So why should we worry about those who have a name to live, and yet dead; It's because people have some hope and are not cut off, that they refuse to hear and value His speaking words of Life.

We are only beginning, but we can see in chapter 37 the beginning and the End; It's not by Might or power of a man in numbers, but by my spirit, saith the Lord, and we can always feel in ourselves the quickening as we bear witness. As a King He came into the world to bear witness to the Truth, John 18: 35 to 40, and Revelation 1:3 to 7, is very wonderful outline of the Royal Family of Heaven. EVERYONE that is of the Truth heareth My voice, Jesus said to Pilate, who was a sample of what earthly rulers are and who can never know the truth.

Proof of our reading of 37 thus, is seen in chapters 38 and 39 being the great slaughters of Revelation 9 and 19. Then Chapter 40 shows the vision the Son of Man gets from the High Mountain and the frame of a city, which is Revelation 20, the New Jerusalem, coming down from God as the Man with the line and reed measures the various houses, walls and gates, then the Temple, and Altar, then the Glory of God as seen in Jesus' Ministry; then 47 can't fail to fit into Revelation 22--- and finally, the 144,000-the twelve tribes which the old Israel never was more than a type,--as well as the Stone Temple. The Israel is patterned after Jesus and the Apostles, to be repeated in a far bigger way. You notice it mentions the East and Eastward, which seems to point to the great day of Salvation for the whole Heathen world.

I hope you may be able to wade through such fullness of truth, and see the End as you have the beginning. These chapters seem to harmonize with all we have in Revelation. Don't trouble about those who have no ear for His voice; you can see how few had in His day. But conditions will produce all who are to be His true Israel and they shall stand on their feet an exceeding great army, and no body can hinder; they may size their part in it, but His Purpose is being fulfilled every day in every way. So cheer up, and rejoice in heart that we have ears for His voice and have it to give others.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Maurice Canada, Sacramento, Calif.
March 7, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Maurice:-

Thanks for yours. Hope you are rid of Flu & its consequences & little of fellows Syrup of Hypophosphates is good tonic.

I expect you have seen letters on Ezekiel 37 to 48: which seem to harmonize with what's to come of Revelation. The Dead Bones - very dry - in the Valley, shows where and who are to be the hopefuls in hearing His Message for today. The old Israel was divided into those who though professing to be His people, had no ears for His Voice, while there were a few who had, & they were always the victims of the wicked hearted professed Israel, so in Gentile age, we have the Great many who profess but prove today to have no ears for His Voice, Man and Message. You notice Ezekiel, the Lord called Son of Man and the Truth was of Judgments rather than warnings.

Chapter 2: 9-10 speaks of the Roll as John was to Eat in Revelation X: and it was sweet as honey and ..., but it was a message of Lamentation Mourning and was similar to our Message today.

Chapter 3: says - Eat this Roll and go speak to the House of Israel. The unregenerate will not hear and those who do will prove they live by Every word which proceedeth from the Mouth of God which is Faith. Notice Ezekiel means - God will strengthen, Son of Buzi - Son of contempt. Chebar - means Great River of Babylon. He was in the midst of captives under judgment according to the promise. The covenant of Blessing and cursing was if they would or would not hearken and obey His Voice, He would Bless or Curse them - and in Babylon they were there till Death and only such as were the Remnant with ears, would be saved and return to Jerusalem to build.

V. 4 of Ch. 1: - A whirlwind came out of the North with a rolling fire in its centre, and in the midst of the fire 4 living creatures, same as the 4 beasts around the Throne. Living creatures suggest they were not Gods but creatures and living such as they are today in Heaven. Matthews Gospel is the Lion, Mark the Ox, Luke the Man, and John the Eagle. All the Gospels agree in Judgments to come. They had 4 wings each, probably the work of Michael & his angels & proof they are not living on the earth, but in Heaven - as their feet show. They have hands of a man under their wings on their 4 sides. V. 10 - shows they all had the face of a man. Right side face of a Lion, left face of an Ox, behind the face of an Eagle. John comes last in the Gospels, and his Epistles he wrote 1st. and then his Gospel, and finally Revelation. These 4 faces were the figure head of the 12 tribes on 4 square foundation. Type of the 4 sides of His work and witness to men on earth. V. 12 - They went straight forward whither the Spirit was to go, and they turned not - straight forward as the Spirit went, and no shilly shallying or side stepping. In proof of their obedience. A burning coal and 3 lamps going up and down before them - probably referring to their witness or presence - either meant life or death, & lightning went before them, their appearance & their work had the appearance, they were like a wheel in the middle of a wheel - showing their were the centre of His progress in Judgment, & His providence etc.

But all you read is but the manifestation of His power and glory in judging the world by whats human to look on, but all His power behind their words and works. And their presence around the Throne is to see their words become works of Judgment or Mercy. For they all bear witness on both sides of His work in all His dealings with men. And so Jesus is now Alpha to those who hear, and Omega for all who won't, as seen in old Israel, so in the Gentile Israel for today. The Message to the 7 churches was to reveal who had ears to hear, and those who had not. Don't get tangled up in the details, which will become clear as we go along. Ezekiel only shows that His purpose was the same from the beginning, & in all ages.

To know and not do what he was saying, meant death then & now, and the gathering of His Israel with ears to hear from amongst the dry bones in the valley, is a witness against the whole world of professors. They are to be victims of the present world conduct of affairs by the R.P. & E's. who are to be destroyed. So you can see how full is the Message in detail for the whole world, In Ezekiel.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Maurice Canada, Sacramento, Calif.
March 7, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Maurice:

Thanks for yours. Hope you are rid of Flu, & its consequences & little of fellows Syrup of Hypophosphates is good tonic.

I expect you have seen letters on Ezekiel 37 to 48: which seem to harmonize with whats to come of Revelation. The Dead Bones - very dry - in the Valley, shows where and who are to be the hopefuls in hearing His Message for today. The old Israel was divided into those who though professing to be His people, had no ears for His Voice, while there were a few who had, & they were always the victims of the wicked hearted professed Israel, so in Gentile age, we have the Great many who profess but prove today to have no ears for His Voice, Man and Message. You notice Ezekiel, the Lord called Son of Man and the Truth was of Judgments rather than warnings.

Chapter 2: 9-10 speaks of the Roll as John was to Eat in Revelation X: and it was sweet as honey and ..., but it was a message of Lamentation Mourning and was similar to our Message today.

Chapter 3: says - Eat this Roll and go speak to the House of Israel. The unregenerate will not hear and those who do will prove they live by Every word which proceedeth from the Mouth of God which is Faith. Notice Ezekiel means - God will strengthen, Son of Buzi - Son of contempt. Chebar - means Great River of Babylon. He was in the midst of captives under judgment according to the promise. The covenant of Blessing and cursing was if they would or would not hearken and obey His Voice, He would Bless or Curse them - and in Babylon they were there till Death and only such as were the Remnant with ears, would be saved and return to Jerusalem to build.

V. 4 of Ch. 1: - A whirlwind came out of the North with a rolling fire in its centre, and in the midst of the fire 4 living creatures, same as the 4 beasts around the Throne. Living creatures suggest they were not Gods but creatures and living such as they are today in Heaven. Matthews Gospel is the Lion, Mark the Ox, Luke the Man, and John the Eagle. All the Gospels agree in Judgments to come. They had 4 wings each, probably the work of Michael & his angels & proof they are not living on the earth, but in Heaven - as their feet show. They have hands of a man under their wings on their 4 sides.

V. 10 - shows they all had the face of a man. Right side face of a Lion, left face of an Ox, behind the face of an Eagle. John comes last in the Gospels, and his Epistles he wrote 1st. and then his Gospel, and finally Revelation. These 4 faces were the figure head of the 12 tribes on 4 square foundation. Type of the 4 sides of His work and witness to men on earth.

V. 12 - They went straight forward whither the Spirit was to go, and they turned not - straight forward as the Spirit went, and no shilly shallying or side stepping. In proof of their obedience. A burning coal and 3 lamps going up and down before them - probably referring to their witness or presence - either meant life or death, & lightning went before them, their appearance & their work had the appearance, they were like a wheel in the middle of a wheel - showing their were the centre of His progress in Judgment, & His providence etc. But all you read is but the manifestation of His power and glory in judging the world by whats human to look on, but all His power behind their words and works. And their presence around the Throne is to see their words become works of Judgment or Mercy. For they all bear witness on both sides of His work in all His dealings with men.

And so Jesus is now Alpha to those who hear, and Omega for all who won't, as seen in old Israel , so in the Gentile Israel for today. The Message to the 7 churches was to reveal who had ears to hear, and those who had not. Don't get tangled up in the details, which will become clear as we go along. Ezekiel only shows that His purpose was the same from the beginning, & in all ages.

To know and not do what he was saying, meant death then & now, and the gathering of His Israel with ears to hear from amongst the dry bones in the valley, is a witness against the whole world of professors. They are to be victims of the present world conduct of affairs by the R.P. & E's. who are to be destroyed. So you can see how full is the Message in detail for the whole world, In Ezekiel.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Warrens
March 8, 1936

My dear Warrens:

Thanks for your hearty letters today.  You can see the value of the 2 live witnesses, indicating what your value will be as you go on to find the Spirit enable you to do to others what has been done for you.  The greatest joy on earth is to find the Spirit dwell in you and give you words, wisdom and understanding in all that's the mind and will of God and His Message to men, and the only one by which men can escape wrath and find a place under His wings where you can see His Omega work on all who have no ear for the Message from the Throne.

You will find our King in John 18:35-40 and you can see in Rev. 1:3-7 His Royal Family of Kings and Priests unto God and His Father; but don't try to make any room for any but those who have ear for His reading of Revelation and all the Truth, Prophetic for these days.  You know how the proud and wicked try to claim all these promises, but we can easily see from verse 3, chapter 1, who He loved and washed from their sins in His own blood, and made them Kings and Priests, but after the sort who bear witness to the Truth only.  If men don't get His Nature by hearing, living witness, by the Spirit and obeying it - there is no blood to cover their sins, etc.   A good man is better in men's eyes than a bad man, but no more chance for one than the other.  Flesh and blood, good or bad, cannot inherit the Kingdom of which He is the King.  Kingdom always refers to those who have His Divine Nature and the Seal is the Spirit given, and our witness proof, and it's consequences in Life or Death, proof we belong to the family of God, to be conformed to the image of His Son, and taste a little of the terrible hatred of Satan as our adversary and that by the R.P.&E. world, even in our own family, relatives, neighbors, etc., as we let God speak by our lips and seek to bear the marks He bore.

There are 7 kingdoms:  Elements, Compounds, vegetable, Animal, Human, Angel, and Kingdom of God, and only such as have part of all are His Sons and Heirs and joint Heirs with Jesus Christ.

You can see what a mess human imitators (or hypocrites, as He called them) make attempting to read the Book to others, from Sunday School to the Pope, which is the work of the Serpent in the Garden and up till today, for every human teacher of the things of God is but a seed of the Serpent.  So if you find them what Jesus in John 10 says they are - "All who ever come superior to me" (or before me as it says - which is bad reading) were thieves and robbers; they are to both God and man.  The Voice of the Lord God walking in the Garden gives you the only marks of any Gospel that ever was useful in delivering deceived men, and so today our King and Priest's office is all the surer; but the outward marks and methods will be after His pattern.

I enjoyed what you said about a turn around.  This is the True meaning of REPENT; turning from all that's of the Devil or the Deceiver and god of this world, to all that's revealed by the God of Heaven through Jesus and His Spirit today, and the proof is always found in Satan as our adversary at every word and step.  Luke 10:17-22 is worth careful reading.  I hope you are able to enjoy Ezekiel 37 for the work today in raising up the whole house of Israel of Rev. 7 and 14.  Only such as can say "Our bones are dry, our hope gone and we cut off for our parts" are likely to hear the prophesying of the Son of Man.  Ch. 38 and 39 shows the great slaughter of Rev. 9 and 19.  Ch. 47 reads well with and for Isaiah 55 and Rev. 22.

My love and best wishes,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards
April 1, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose and Co:

Thanks for yours-2- and Ira's today. Glad Rose is up and about and all well. Our broadcasting began on 30th March--so the Dragon has now his opportunity to cast waters out of his mouth. Easter shadows are on us in increase of Tourist etc. and one can't help seeing the foolish looking at stones, when they should be shutting their eyes and hearkening to the voice from the Throne. Its very easy to see how the whole world and its history has only 2 sorts--those who hear and those who refuse and the results on the other side painful to contemplate. All else counts for little and no excuse in self or others may count, if men miss the opportunity.

Last week the Solomon quarries were very interesting, they enter under the North wall, 200 yards from Jesus Tomb and Calvary, all the rock for the Temple area walls and city walls, these 200 yards were all quarry remains, yet are valueless land, the Tomb was a part of the same rock as under the city, but Calvary was left on North side of quarry, because it was rotten rock and valueless. Solomon wanted to build the Temple for ever, so wanted the best. The stones were all cut out underground and dressed by sawing them into shape for the temple and placed them in position with out a tool.

1st. Kings 6 and 7-Psalms 118, 22 and 23 shows what happened to the Head stone of the Corner, rejected--type of what happened when they put Him on Calvary and in the Tomb and God raised Him and put Him at His right hand, on whom men could be broken or ground to powder according to their attitude. The Temple Jesus built of flesh and blood, living stones, which he sealed as Temple in the coming of the Spirit on, in and by them, taken from the outcasts of Israel-- the poor broken-hearted prisoners, blind, bruised and rejected. So Ezek. 37 shows the Lord,--by the Son of Man prophesying to the dried Bones in the valley--or low places outside the city-who when they stand on their feet, are an exceeding great army. The whole house of Israel --144,000 of Rev.7 and 14 will all confess--our bones are dried, our hope gone and we are cut off for our part from the R.P. & E. or Babylon .

So they are identified as the outcasts today in the streets in the streets and lanes of the city and in the hi-ways and Hedges. You notice Ezek. 36--I will sprinkle clear water upon them etc. in contrast to Rebels stream and seems to refer to our work as Son of Man with the clear waters from the Throne by which to create the 144,000 of the Israel for today. The temple to receive its filling when John comes which makes them apostolic for the New Everlasting gospel of Rev. 14 and Ezekiel begins by showing the provision God has made for destruction of His enemies and saving a remnant. Idolatry, high mountains and all that bears the marks if the devil possessed R.P. & E. world.

Notice how much detail he gives of the various classes and nations in type, which we can apply to the classes and Nations today., all revealed by their attitude to His Israel being created and brought into the Land, priests and shepherd, Princes Traders of Merchandise and Egyptian Oppressors, while from Chapter 37 we see the materials for the city and Temple,--40 to 46-47 the water flowing, river growing deeper and wider, trees on either side and fruit and leaves as Revelation 22.

These are the whole 12 tribes of Israel and to fail to see the New Israel which the old was typical of, is very eloquent. The destruction of the whole unregenerate Israel and the creating of the new by the prophecy or Voice of the Lord God, as the unregenerate has always been, by refusing to hear and obey His voice.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Adams
April 13, 1936

My dear Adams:

I hope you are feeling the better for your trip in visiting those who are not the public worshippers today, as was Adam after being put out of The Garden.  You notice in the message to the seven churches, “He that hath ears to hear let him hear what the Spirit sayeth.” 1900 years ago, three million Jews, with the greatest profession and knowledge of the scriptures, and the most perfect form of worshipping God, killed and buried Jesus to enable them to carry on their public worship.  We have looked on this feebly, rather than a full manifestation of what all men—public worshippers on the Earth—have, and will do, till the time when they are cut off and destroyed.

The Straight Gate and Narrow Way will always produce personal, private, home-worshippers, as truly as hearing the truth and not the Voice, will produce the Wide Gate and Broad Way worshippers, as in Noah’s, Adam’s, and Moses’ days. The public worshippers increased in 1600 years, to eight against eighty million, so you can see what we see today.  We have never been clearer, or more convinced, that God’s way of revealing them is by their public worship and their idols—man-made, either from flesh and blood, or any other material, according to their choice, and our Christian world is as fully-supplied with idol factories, as we see the Eastern nations.

All public worship is to make men good and hinder regeneration, or the need for it. Adam had this conflict in his own family.  So had Noah, for Ham was in, but not of, and so revealed.  We have failed to see the Wide Gate and Broad Way, and The Straight Gate and Narrow Way, has always been revealed in the personal, private, and home worship, and personal service—and by the Spirit.  So, we can better see how God looks on the whole public worshipping world and His purpose in gathering out of the dry bones the public worship has made and cast into the valley.

Our joy is the greater for who and where we are and its possibilities.  Why did God drown in Noah’s day and destroy in Abram’s day?  And why did the three million Jews kill Jesus?  Simply to show they were public, unregenerate, worshippers.  So, I have had real blessing and cheer out of seeing clearer than ever the great issue.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's letter to Don. Symington.
April 14, 1936.

From: P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem , Palestine.

My Dear Don:

Thanks for your two good letters. The one to the lady was a perfect statement of fact. We have just finished our Feast of Public worshippers in the whole world: 800 million called Christian and 1200 million called Heathen generally, and 15 million of the sort who crucified Him and put Him in a tomb, and went worshipping, praising and praying to Him in Heaven for all He had been to them in other days when He delivered them by Moses from the Public worshippers of Egypt, who were the most cultured people in the world in their day.

"They that worship the Father Must worship Him in spirit and in Truth, revealed by the spirit". All else is only a form of idolatry, unregenerate, who make their idols and images according to the highest wisdom of men, whether they be gold, silver, wood, or stone, or good holy flesh and blood, such as we find in 800 million so-called Christians in the world today, headed and led by Jerusalem. There are factories and experts in devising and making images all over the world, but the worst are the best in making idols and images in the Western world by whom people are made to believe they are worshipping God and Jesus, while they refuse to hear the Spirit and Truth.

It was the unregenerate worshippers in Noah's day who were drowned, and proof was seen in that they had no ears for the warning Message of the spirit by Noah who was a personal, private, home worshipper of God, which must always begin and end with hearing ears and clear witness by the Spirit to all we meet. In Noah's day there was but one man to witness what came from the Lord who sat as King at the flood; as it was in Noah's day, so today: but one Son of Man bearing His witness on the earth; and those who hear and obey as did His Family, are my family; so Abram was a personal, private witness in heart, home and life, for He always had His tent and ALTAR. So he was no public worshipper, but the only mouth by which Sodom and Gomorrah could hear the words of Life and Death; in both cases, it meant Death and Life according to whether they heard and obeyed, and proof of their attitude to God was seen in what the R.P.&E. people sent- these dirty dogs to be and do to the 2 angels whom the Lord sent on the eve of destruction to take Lot out.

So we have a world full of unregenerate worshippers today; But His Mercy is clearly revealed in giving them by the Son of Man and family offer of Living Waters to open the eyes of all who feel their dry bones' hopelessness, and being cut off for their parts. So you can see how big is the work in the world today--- Judgments everywhere and Mercy only for them who hear.

My Love to all in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Dot A. Hall, Nogales, Ariz.
April 18, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Dot A. Hall:

Thanks for yours which I enjoyed, for all your suffering has only led you to where and how its possible for you to have ears for Him, whom men of all sorts rejected, despised and killed because He was the friend of the outcasts of Israel , out of whom He gathered His disciples. You will find a loyal helper in these things in Wm. Edwards, Box 39 , Phoenix , Ariz. I don't know his private address, but if you drop him a note, you can be sure he will treat you well and hearty. You can be sure that all whom God has been preparing for these days to have a part in the Kingdom, have been outcast and despised from the R.P. & E. world.

We have just finished Easter week, when 800 million Christians have been on a rampage in Holy talk and worship. But its too like what the Jews were and did when they crucified Him at Passover, and then went on with their Holy Praise, prayer and worshipping Him in Heaven, while they knew not that they had killed the Son of God. And they know not today that they crucify Him afresh with all their proud and wicked ways and words.

Why did God begin the Judgment of the world by getting the Christian Nations to kill each other? 69 million were killed; 20 million permanently injured and as many women and children dead from other causes due to war. They even asked the Moslems and Hindus to help in the killing and paid them for it. This shows what God thought of their so-called Christian worship. If men have no ear for the Message of God by human lips today or any day, all their attempts to worship and serve Him are vain.

Faith cometh by hearing God speaking living words by a Man who has life and Spirit . If we hear and obey, we find the Spirit begin to work in and by us in giving witness to others. You will get more help from Wm. Edwards in one hour, than by many letters from me, for I have known him for many years. Read Isaiah 55: for these days and you will enjoy it, for its like a programme - as Revelation is for the Judgment period.

I hope you may become like an apostle to the colored people, when you know these things. For I have quite a number colored people with great heart for the Man and Message of Revelation 22. I enclose letter from one family.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm Irvine's Letter to Hulls, Colfax, Calif.
April 18, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Hulls and Co:

Thanks for all from you. Hope Mary is back in harness again. I heard from several sources in Southern California she was looking well. Our Easter Passover and Moslem Feast is now over tho many still hang about the old Rocks and Roofs - or House of God, for even the streets are Holy to Idolaters. I am not sure that Jesus or the apostles would enjoy seeing where they were made to suffer so much. I think they would want to take vengeance - rather than worship place or City, or Cross - which reminds so many of what they did to Him, rather than what He did for them, which they all cackle so much about.

800 million so-called Christians and 1200 million who worship God, but not Jesus. What difference does it make whether they honour God in Heaven, or God and Jesus. Can a person be partaker of His Nature and honour anything or person, who has the marks of those who put Him to death? Animal is always animal no matter how many varieties and can never be human. So human may be as varied as animal, but can never fail to have human marks. So in the Family of which He is Head and Pattern, there may be variety as in the 144,000 or 12 Tribes, but can never have any other pattern or sample to grow by, go by in worship or Service. The man made Idols and Images of the 1200 Eastern worshippers called Heathen because they dont have our Book - but sincerely worship God according to their human interpretation. Even the best have our Romans 1: 22 and 23 Images and Idols of flesh and blood made in many ways, places and factories by which the unregenerate human can pretend and imitate worship or service.

Why did God begin the judgment of the Nations by war in 1914 in the so-called Christian Nations. Was it a mark of His favour or Wrath in killing by christian hands and weapons 10 million, permanently injuring 20 million, with all the added women and children to suffer the after effects. And they called on the Eastern Heathen to help in the operations and paid them well for it, while the heathen looked on in wonder. They are all crying out against Christian Italy killing Ethiopian Christians. No wonder He laughs and has them in derision. We can hardly understand the value He puts on the very weakest Babe and suckling, regenerated by by hearing and obeying His voice, Man and Message, because it puts them in the regenerate family with ears to hear, eyes to see and etc. Noah, Abram and Moses were personal, private worshippers of God and witnesses to the Public worshipping scribe and pharisee worshippers of God who had neither ears, nor eyes to see as God and the 3 regenerate Prophets. So He drowned the Holy worshippers or blew them up by quake.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Don Symington
April 22, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Donnie:

Thanks for yours, good and hearty. I'm glad you are able to get the "TIC" of Ezekiel 37 to 48, which is the Old Testament Revelation Message for today, as all the others are, more for our day than any age. How few have been able to see the coming of the son of Man as in Matthew 24; the Lord's coming in judgment or as Alpha and Omega, and choosing the Son of Man who then (at that time) He counted the faithful and wise Servant and chose him to give Meat in due season of for today, the Supper Message. "When the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith on the Earth" was my experience when 1914 programme began to be fulfilled. I have not found one man who had ability to read Revelation, and all who have ears and a heart to obey, can see and know that it's the Messsge of God to give Life and Hope, Joy and Comfort; "Ho! every one that thirsteth, and have no money to buy, come ye, buy and eat; without money and without price, helps us to understand the why of depression, etc., and also explains what it means to be dry bones in the valley,---hope gone and cut off for our part. You can easily see "No money" cuts them off from the R.P.& E. pretty quick, and clean cut, and makes "Come out of her my people" of Revelation 18 easier.

We have just finished our Holy feasts for Christian, Jew and Moslem, and on 19th April we had 22 deaths in Jaffa from clashes between Arabs and Jews: 106 injured, some seriously and the whole country in turmoil; 16 Jews were killed and 6 Arabs.

800 million unregenerate Christians, 1200 million unregenerate worshippers of God, and all have their idols and images either in gold, silver, etc., or in flesh and blood man-made aids to public worship-- Romans 1:22 to 23 shows clearly the marks of our Christian and Jewish Idols and Idolatry: Temple and Idol or image is necessary for an unregenerate man to worship God, while personal, private home worship is as natural to the regenerate as the other way. Noah, Abram, Moses, and Adam outside the garden were private home worshipping people in Spirit and in Truth and the battle in all ages has been the two: unregenerate public worshippers and private home worshippers and witnesses; so it's easy to see how and why of the New Thing when no one shall need to say to his Brother "know the Lord" for all shall know Him from the Least to the Greatest. The one reveals it's all in their head and the other in their hearts and it's quite impossible to mix the two; as it was in Noah's or Adam's experience in and out of the Garden; or be at peace any more than Cain and Abel could be and so long as people find any bread or satisfaction in public worship there can be no hope of them hearing the voice of the Lord God so don't waste words on such as are not hungry and thirsty and dry.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

A lady in Square Hill wrote me and this man also who seems to be a strong Holy man in church. We should rejoice that we find no faith on the Earth apart from those who have ears to hear the Son of Man's Message. W.I.

William Irvine's Letter to Youngs, Salida, Colorado 
April 22, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Russ and Veva,

Thanks for yours today and bill with cuttings and paper on the school explosion. As I write, the Nebi Musa procession is slowly passing-- thousands of faces, fezes, and voices crying "The sword of Allah is the sword of Mufti." This is the first day when the Nebi Mufti people came to Jerusalem , chiefly from Nablus , or Sheckem of Abram. They spent a night on Temple area and go on to a place 12 miles East of Jericho Road, then the South people come on Sunday, which is generally the big day, so the police will have a 10-day job seeing them in and back to their home. But I'm more interested in Daniel 5 coronation scenes, which comes in May 12th, which I expect to be the sign of the downfall of the Thrones. But the coronation of Daniel 7:9 to 14 is the one I am most interested in, for that is the setting up of the Kingdom.

Daniel did not see those things 'till after the Kaiser had gone down and out and forgotten, which is a great sign to those who occupy the Empire Seat today by the Versailles Treaty and the league of Nations' consent and approval to rule Jerusalem, or Babylon, which the Kaiser aimed at doing, else he would not have built a palace on Mt. Olives, as in Dan. 11:41. Daniel, in Chap. 5 couples up both men in his address to Belshazzar; The one who lost his empire--the other lost his empire and life, and Daniel came up on top as in Dan. 6:20-28 and the lions den only added to his power. Daniel did not have the vision of Dan. 7 or Dan. 8 'till the first and third year of Belshazzar's reign.

The 4 contrary winds on the sea of Human affairs produced 4 beasts (Dan. 7)--the lion, bear, leopard and 4th beast with 10 horns --or Roosevelts Peace Pact with South America in December-- reveals the 4th beast with 10 horns. The others are well marked since the last war, -- England , Russia and the League of Nations and show who is Belshazzar today, and what to expect. Verse 9, "I beheld 'till the Thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days did sit, whose garment was white as snow by Rev. 12:11 methods. No man can claim the blood of Jesus to cover his sins if his mouth does not bear witness by the Spirit, and willing to face the consequences; so "garments white as snow" refers to the Manchild of Rev. 12. "The hairs of his head like the pure wool", shows it is a man, not a baby on the earth; his "throne like a fiery flame," to the whole tare world as in Mal.4, "his wheels as burning fire" speaks of power and methods to destroy his enemies. Vs. 10 "a fiery stream issued from before him," by the witnessing; --one million will minister to him, shows there will be many willing to hear and repeat his words to the world; and the "100 million will stand before him" showing many will become loyal; "the judgment was set and the books were opened" - for reward both for friends and foes of God and the Trinity.

Vs. 11 shows the little horn Jew coming into power about the same time, backed by the League, and also the 4th Beast with the 10 horns "to be slain, body destroyed and burned" as in Rev. 16 and 18 at the end, --tho he will try to hinder the kingdom and the 2 witnesses. But the killing and rising of the 2 witnesses will be like casting Daniel into the lion's den--change the 1 million into 100 million. Vs. 13 shows John coming from Heaven to the Ancient of Days, giving him dominion, glory and a Kingdom--that ALL people , nations and languages should serve him, showing the Message will be for ALL nations, people and languages. Those who accept his rule will live--the others perish. So we are nearing the great day and what a change--only Malachi 4 can express it.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to M. Canada, Sacramento, Calif 
June 6, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Maurice, Mother & co.,

Thanks for yours (2) both enjoyable. I hope you are both feeling better in every sense of the word and enjoying His great works on the earth every where manifest in proof of His faithfulness to all He has revealed by the Spirit for these days and for all who dwell on the face of the earth either in life or death as He can live in them & they in Him or not; for there can be no middle ground. We can either be Cain or Abel - but not both; and this is the fair square deal to all men on the earth. Regenerate, life eternal; Un-regenerate, perish even from off the earth in our day - a one man Job as in Noah's day, Abram, Moses and in our day more than at any other day. So Happy or Blessed are all they who hear and obey; and woe to all who refuse. But His message will go to the ends of the earth, either in life or death and we rejoice in this fact - that 1 becomes the woman and they become the 144,000 apostles of the new Gospel and they become the great multitude whom no many can No. on the earth to welcome the meek and Him who come to reign for 1,000 years fulfilling His Predestined plan and purpose.

The Devil and Satan by the serpent seed will control & possess the whole unregenerate seed; and no hope for any but in hearing the voice of the Lord God which is always the Spirits message in any age.

Cain and Abel reveals the only possible difference there can be where His voice and message has been heard. So we see the 2 possibilities no matter how perfectly its gives to men for Adam would bear clear witness to his 2 experiences and the 2 sons had their choice to make and abide by. So in the whole world will it be today. There can be no choice if there is no living witness - so men perish whole sale if there is no open vision or mouth by which He can speak His living words. This gives us cheer in being willing to make choice possible, and also draws the line which runs through the whole Book; & never clearer than in Genesis and Rev. with Him in the centre by His life and work.

This our 48th. day of Arab strike and no end in sight. 30 shots near our home last night and 2 Jews killed in Jaffa on Friday. So the strain keeps on all over the country though the soldiers and police have violence pretty much in hand. Sufferers run into 400 for killed and injured and probably loss 72 1/2 million £ or 12 1/2 million dollars.

So keep pegging away for there is no other witness on the earth, but the leaves of the Tree of life for the healing of the diseased nations today. Glad to see your mother enjoying fellowship with you and Him, the only thing which lasts for Ever and Ever and Ever.

My Love to both and all others,

Wm. Irvine

Thanks for Mills & other letter. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Dunbars
June 18, 1936

My dear Dunbars:

Thanks for yours today. I'm sure you are finding safety. The crutches being a thing of the past. I hope Marie Ring will soon begin to respond to your and Dr. McCoy's treatment. She has had a hard time from first to last. But kindness and care and the ear and heart for God will being her thro and we have more to look forward to than any other past days.

This is the 61st day of Arab strike and still going strong on both sides and no signs on either of compromise or negotiations. So can only wait and see. But the Goat I'm afraid is what we have so long and often said was sure to come. For the Spirit has seen the end from the beginning of both the unregenerate Babylon which began at Babel and what is written for Abram and his seed then and today; for Rev. shows the harvest of what began in Abram with ears to hear and obey and which marks the whole of those for whom His promises of blessing are given. What thieves and robbers the Cain unregenerate world has been and is - in every age. Stealing His name, promises and privileges from those who are His Abel seed and making them suffer at their hands.

You will enjoy reading Gen.11 and 12 - today when men began to increase and journey towards the East and fixed on Ur of the Chaldees to built their Tower and make it headquarters for the world, be a people and have a name and a Tower that would reach to heaven. Showing the same Cain marks which was manifest in the Sons of God and Daughters of men in Noah's. So He came down and confused their tongues and scattered them to become Babylon today in the Harvest age with the R.P. & E. marks. Only Abram had ears to hear and heart to obey, as God told him to get out and go west- and there the Lord would meet him, etc. Sarah was barren type of the Woman of Rev.12. But became mother of Isaac. Type of the Manchild and the father of Jacob the father of the 12 tribes. All seems to fit into Rev. today. In thee and thy seed shall all seeds of the Earth be blessed. You can see Blessed spoken a few times in Rev. to the Reader and they who have ears to hear. It's a world wide Harvest of what Cain and Abel were at the beginning and now to be ended forever. And all that's going is but the sign of His vision from the First coming to fruition. I am sending you 3 papers which give some idea of conditions in Palestine . I expect you are in the thick of Election squabble for Power - Landon and Roosey.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Ritzmans, Alhambra, Calif. 
July 2, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Ritzmans;

Thanks for yours. Your words were sweet and tasty, as Carl Wren was wicked and foolish. We have been hearing these things and worse for years and from various sources - Jacob and Esau have been well revealed.

I'm sure you will enjoy what I have written to others on Genesis 11&12. Genesis is the seed plot; Revelation is the Harvest; and now we are into the threshing and separating end. The Garden, Serpent, Adam & Eve, and the Voice of the Lord reveals the two possibilities in the whole human race for all time, & explains who-so-ever will or won't. You can see the Devil's lie & its methods; & quite in contrast to God's way, the Voice, proof that only the Spirit speaking through human lips as He spoke to Adam & Eve & the obedience in bearing such witness to others as He gave them concerning the Serpent & the Woman & Adam. One can see that there must ever be the same marks in any true Spirits witness, & you can see how weak our best witness was, & certainly now absent in the whole Testimony witness.

Then in Cain & Abel we have clear fruit of the Tree of Death & the Tree of Life. Noah's flood was the Harvest & you can see how the Devil can deceived humanity in 1656 years. Only one man with ears for God & 7 others with ears for the Man & Message then. And Ham the first of the Cain Seed - even though spared through the Flood - the way that seemeth right to a man, always wrong & vice versa. The Sons of God & Daughters of men in all their glory but type of what we see today in the whole Devil Serpent witness to the world in the end of the Gentile age, in contrast to the Man & Woman of Revelation, the hope, not of the Gentile or Israel, but the heathen who refuse both the Jewish Scripture & Gentile New Testament.

Psalms 2 becomes a wonderful programme today - the Heathen raging - the Israel & Gentile world imaging a Vain thing, as the Kings & Rulers of the earth plan & work to break the bands & cords the Lord has bound a people by, which seems to be the seal & sign of the blindness of the Gentiles, & the snare He is taking the whole world in, & for the judgment & breaking of the Nations all. "Ask of me & I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance & the uttermost ends of the earth for thy possession" - gives us some idea of where His witness will be most fruitful in days to come.

Genesis 11: They had one Language & speech. Notice that we have the record of the Shem Seed by whom Abram came. Their purpose was to be a people with a name. & be a people & build a tower to reach unto Heaven. So He confused their tongues and scattered them Eastward. Babel in Genesis XI has now become Babylon of Revelation with its Heads - the Great Red Dragon with 7 heads & 10 horns & 1/3 part of the lights - which are darkness - on its tail, standing, Cain & Esau like, to devour the Isaac Manchild of today - the child of 12 star crowned head of the woman, Sarah-like & barren as in Isaiah 54 who is to be the Mother to the Great Heathen, gathering from the ends of the earth as the sands of the Sea Shore for number, or whom no man can number - the Seed of Abram, Isaac & Jacob.

The 3 names seem to cover the 3 fold work of the Reader in Revelation, around whom the Woman is gathered to bring forth the Manchild, around whom the Woman will be gathered the 144,000, 12 x 12,000 Apostles of the Everlasting Gospel to the Heathen world & all who have ears for it.

Abram & Sarah cover the work of producing Rev. XII sign in the woman by whom Isaac is brought forth, which explains our barreness. Isaac & Rebecca, the Manchild & Woman producing the Jacob & Esau seed on the earth, revealing the 2 seeds in the whole world by their attitude. Jacob, Leah & Rachel by whom the 144,000 are gathered to be His witness with ears to hear & heart to obey, to gather the great sands of the seashore numbers to welcome Him when He comes to reign. Jacobs 2 wives seem to suggest the 2 fold witness of the Angel in Rev. 22 to the servants & those with ears in the 7 Churches. So you need not fear that He will forget Rachel - the Mother of Joseph & Benjamin in his old age.

You can see the part Joseph played in the drought in supplying the needs of his brethren. It's very interesting to see Abrams Seed by Ishmael - the Arab peoples of the Near East , in conflict with the Jews who claim Abram by Isaac, & the League & England pledged to protect the interests of both in the land promised to Abram, while the East sympathizes with the Arab, & the West backs the Jews in general. Abram was the only man in Ur of the Chaldees with ears to hear & heart to obey. "Get out of thy country, kindred & fathers house" is very like Rev. I8 today, he led all he had control of Westward to the land He would show him. Abram was of Shem & no question of Ishmael or Isaac to influence, which may show that the Man of Revelation will not trouble about the various claims but be satisfied to be as Abram, out of Babylon in obedience to the voice which only they with ears to hear can know. I am satisfied that the promises given to Abram have never been fulfilled in the true sense till the fulfilling of Revelation in these days. I am satisfied that the cities of the plain - of Sodom & Gomorrah - were Shemites, but with no ears to hear the Voice of the Lord God nor Abram the prophet & friend of God, & the terrible consequences - but not more than we find in Rev. 16 earthquake & hail which is to end the judgment period for all nations. "As it was in Noah's day & Abram's day, so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man". Noah had ears to hear, & proof of it in his building his ark for those who had ears for Noah as he had for God - so with Abram who had ears, for God went with Him.

So you see the 2 experiences of Adam in the Garden covers the whole earth in these days - either death of life - according to whether they eat of the Tree of Death which the Serpent advises, or the Tree of Life of Revelation 22, the witness of the Spirit.

It's interesting to see millions in Potash value being taken from the Dead Sea for fertilizer - reminder of the greatest quake up to that time.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Harpers
July 3, 1936

Dear Hazel, Fred and Co:

Thanks for your 3 letters, which I was glad to see, and hear how Hazel was.  It's very important to get to the root of one's physical troubles and know how to live healthy lives - for most people are more or less children in these matters till they wake up out of the R.P.&E. methods which oppress rather than liberate - for they teach us we can't serve God and go to Heaven without the clergy and public worship, and we can't be healthy without a doctor.  So we leave it to them as a rule.  But some day we'll be able to do without any such as the Scribes and Pharisees make indispensable, who have perfected the Thief and Robber methods in unregenerate Israel of O.T. or the R.P.&E. civilization of today - the victims of whom are the Dry Bones in the valley - which the Lord by His Son of Man prophesy is raising out of their graves to make His regenerate Israel - an exceeding great army standing on it's feet as in Ezekiel 37 - which is the power, purpose, and plan of God to give the Eastern world in particular the New Everlasting Gospel which the Gentile Thief and Robber people have made impossible.

Ezekiel 38 and 39 shows the great Slaughter of Rev. 9 and 19.  Then 47 shows us it's the same River flowing and the Trees growing as in Rev. 22 - which marks Ezekiel as the O.T. prophecy for today - which we have been offering to the world, but no hope of them who are satisfied with the unregenerate Gospel of the R.P.&E.'s.

You can see our Message will be as Death to all who profess to live by the Scribe and Phariseeism of the Gentile age.  God's true Israel of any age must be by those who hear His Voice and Obey Him and so are regenerate.  While those who walk in their own thoughts and ways in reading the book, but having no ear for His Voice perish by His Judgments - as did the old unregenerate Israel of O.T. times.  You will find Ezekiel give you samples of the enemies of the True Israel of God, and according to their heart conditions to Him is their Judgment.  You can see the attitude of people to the Voice through the Son of Man by whom He speaks, reveals and seals their doom.  They would not hear Him by His Spirit, so neither will they hear by the Servant.  So read Ezekiel for confirmation of all I have been giving you as His Message of Life and Death to men according to the way they use, it, or abuse those who give it them.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Burdick
July 4, 1936

My dear Kenneth:

Thanks for yours with the Bakers, so I thought I’d write you a little note to cheer and encourage you in having ears and  heart for the only Voice which can never disappoint, that of God, which delivered Adam and Eve from the delusion of hearing the Serpent in the Garden, which has been the trouble to all the human race.  For the way which seemeth right to a man means death, and the way which seemeth wrong to humans is the way which seemeth right to God.  So it’s  very foolish to follow, as all find out to their cost when death opens men’s eyes by closing them on the human scene and interpretation of men.

Animal can never understand human ideals and purposes, neither can humans understand God’s purpose in and towards Him.  Only by birth can we be made partakers, and this can only come by being born from above by the Spirit’s Message obeyed, and His coming to dwell and work in and by us.  You see the endless conflict between the Cain and Abel, those who listen to obey the serpent, and those with ears to hear the Voice of the Lord God and get the Lamb Nature, which alone makes us able to offer the Lamb sacrifice acceptable to God.

Cain’s vegetable work and sacrifice covers all we can ever be to God while only human.  And Abel reveals what  pleases and is accepted of God, what the Spirit can make us as we hear, obey, and bear witness.  Noah’s flood day shows how many followed the Serpent’s leading, and few with ears to hear.  And we don’t need to worry about the variety of Serpent seed on the earth  then or now - being many - and few with ears for the Voice of the Lord God.  Our joy is in being delivered from the human light, which is darkness, to walk in the light of the Lord, in spite of all that seeks to hinder in and around.

It’s always our choice to accept what He by His Spirit offers us, and only to use it that we may get assurance of it’s value.  There is nothing we can be or do to others as valuable as to be His Mouthpiece to others, no matter how they receive it - that’s their business.  But we always feel benefited by the flow of Living Water by our lips.  In this way we get much understanding in our effort to help others.  Then we can always be sure of refreshing in company of those who have His Spirit, whether we speak or listen, so long as our purpose is to obey.

So we find Satan as your enemy in all, and by all, who are under his power.  He is our adversary standing against us at every possible movement.  But we need never fear; if God be for us, who can be against us?

I hope you enjoy other’s letters on present condition.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine 

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Vera Lent 
July 4, 1936

My dear Vera:

Thanks for yours today, and the first fruits of your labour. The results of much labor spent on you by His best gift, loving parents and friends, whose only pay is in seeing you grow up valuable and useful to all you mingle with in human life. Even in the midst of depression there is always appreciation of qualities which many lack thru aimless living and purposeless activities. Many drift rather than steer a clean clear definite purposeful, valuable life to God and man, and its easier to do this from the start than to shipwreck or drift and try to recover our course. You can see in the Old Book a long record of lives which under great variety of conditions succeeded, and are left as a record to guide us in our humble and lowly life today.

Their anchor was true heart relationship to God after the pattern of His own Son and Servant. A correspondence fixed with heaven is sure a noble anchor. The Lord as Helmsman and Captain is about the only reliable and assured success. I could not wish you a better pattern for solid heart qualities than those I have found in your grandmother, though I have never seen her face or heard her voice. She always converses what appeals to my heart in contrast to many others I hear from, and heart qualities are the most valuable to God and man in a human life, so build solid from the start in all your choices - sincere and helpful to others.

You can see how vain the butterfly life is all around you and never surer to wreck in these troubled distressed times, when everybody thinks it depends on others, rather than our relationship to the Trinity of God. Appreciation and gratitude to those God has made His Servants in human affairs is always the way to work them into our own life activities. Much that young people despise is the very foundation of future value. Decision of character is necessary, and always to ere on the safe side is safe, for there is more need of decision today than ever before, when drift is the rule rather than exception.

Act well your part. There all the honor lies in our relations with God and man.

My love and best wishes for all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mary Westlund. Auburn, Calif. 
July 4, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Mary Westlund;

Thanks for yours, 10-6-36. I am glad you are beginning to help support the home or keep the home fires burning as they say. I remember taking home my first earnings, 75¢ for 72 hours work. But the memory is still sweet and I hope you have the same joy in service to those who have served you all these hard years as we are now in.

Aim at giving loyal, valuable service, which others can't excel. To make yourself indispensable, gives you a setting and value others often envy. All we know of Jesus bears this from childhood till he finished the work His Father gave Him to do.

Its written of Him as a boy, He grew in favour with God and man; at 12 you see Him talking about what He had learned from his Mother and able to hold His own against the wise teachers in Jerusalem. He was a carpenter like Joseph and became the main stay of the home when Joseph died, till He was 30, when He was anointed or Christed and became the mouthpiece and preacher, and you can be sure most of His disciples bear the same lowly humble valued marks in their lives, which brings it into range of our simple lives in earning our bread in the sweat of our face, which is the highest Ideal in Human life in God's eyes.

God made Adam and Eve working farmers. He made Jesus a working carpenter. Aim and learn to be useful no matter where and when found,--treat others the way you would like to be treated; avoid waste of time and energy in all your activities, so shall you find possibilities that most others miss by squandering values which don't come every day. Aim at being-- so that you may do.

Discipline can be taught in the home circle, which makes you reliable and valuable in every walk of Life. Beware of saving yourself, rather than being useful. To be healthy in body, soul and spirit to God and man is the foundation of all true valuable character, service and reputation.

Your witness by the Spirit to what is His purpose on the Earth today He accepts as Service of the highest quality and surest reward. So you are building a House on Solid Rock which will stand when all else perishes.

My Love and Best Wishes for you and all others there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Dunbars
July 5, 1936

My dear Dunbars:

Thanks for your 3 today. We are in our 18th day of strike and troubles of many sorts, called strike, amongst the Arab peoples. Shops and work stopped and no car service. 20 Jews dead and 8 Arabs killed by police. 200 injured and fire, bombs, knives and stones, with plenty of nails on roadways to puncture. 2 leaders have been in jail and on trial today, which adds to the fury some. The whole an impossible problem set to snare the world into great war.

Ethiopian King, family and staff arrive here tomorrow - while Italian world is rejoicing over their victory.

Psalms 68 - is worth reading and on to 72nd. Let God arise - and let His enemies be scattered. Ethiopia shall (soon) stretch forth her empty hands unto God, would seem to indicate that He had arisen before the defeat of Ethiopia . So all else is easy to read going on in the world. You find many indications in this and following Psalms - in our favour. His enemies - the wicked R.P. & E. are so common and plentiful and world wide, people can't make anything out of the Book. For they are all unregenerate and know it not.

When the Son of Man came - did He find faith on the earth when tested by His message from the Throne in Rev. read by the Spirit. So our hearts are glad to see the whole world full of what He hates; men worshipping God and Jesus - and carrying on their Idolatry and wickedness in His name and no hope for anyone who is satisfied with it. So His mercy in making Dry Bone victims in the valley that they may hear and without money or price get what He alone can give by His voice and message - for their Redemption from death to life - by the Son of Man's prophecy. It's so easy and simple - and God and Christ like - in face of a world full of every sort of evil abomination which men love to see and hear. That which is highly esteemed amongst men is abomination in the sight of God. While men go on justifying themselves before men - failing to see He knoweth their hearts and gives them according to what he see there.

Luke XVI: is very clear for if men are not honest in the lesser things or in how they profess to serve God in the things which are Jesus' - not theirs - how will God give them the Spiritual things as their own and we see in the parable - the clearest mark in the Rich man and Lazarus - they are all very ready to tell others to reduce what they owe to God and Jesus - and so it fits all who want to share in the mammon of unrighteousness in name of serving God.

Glad to hear the leg is well - but till the healing bone ring disappears - there will be some trouble - about a year.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards 
July 11, 1936

My dear Wm., Rose and Co:

Thanks for two and enclosures. I could have wished a share in your Pacific, Seaside 60 odd visitors, but you are having reward for your long watch and wait in barrenness since the Rivers and Fountains - the 3rd angel's work of Rev.VIII were dried up and made bitter to work death in all who profess to be the Gentile cacklers since 1914 while we have been schooled into the New Thing. The Gentile are where the Jews were in His day and you can see the Gentiles are now looking for Rapture, only revealing their poor, miserable pride and vanity.

Ps. 2 - is very clear and simple now. The Heathen, who reject Jewish and Gentile Scriptures - raging - while Gentile Kings and Rulers and people imagine a vain thing - the breaking of Bands and cords with which He has bound them who missed their privileges given to the Gentiles who have followed suit and now the Heathen are to have their big day in verse 8. "Ask of me - as the King on Mt.Zion and I will give thee the heathen and uttermost ends of the Earth for thy possession etc". "Be wise now ye kings and Judges of the Earth. Kiss the Son, by your recognition of the change over lest he be angry and ye perish from the way when His wrath is kindled but a little."

"Blessed are all they who put their trust in him who has the Message from the Throne of God and the Lamb - Cursing for all who Don't and won't". How different every thing looks in contrast to 1914; gathering out of the wreckage of the Gentile age the seed for the great gathering out of the Heathen world to welcome Him when He comes; promised to Abram as the sand of the seashore for numbers. So the barren woman becomes the Mother of Nations, while the Proud and wicked are destroying one the other.

And all the symptoms point that way. We are in the 83rd day of Arab strike over the East versus West question in dispute on the Earth and between Earth and Heaven. So you can see what conflict of this nature is and who must win. I notice U.S.A. and Canada in a bad way again and tho they give present loss they are blind to the cumulative affects which must be disastrous viewed in the light of what's coming. Surely they have had enough in Rev. harvest in 22 years to forecast the greater threshing days ahead. I have noticed for years past that the moving amongst the Servants with ears to hear, of the few out of the 7 churches always portends big things ahead. So we sit patient and sure of Him winning out on all points for all who prove to be His own.

My love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
July 11, 1936
PO Box 696 , Jerusalem , Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for both which are very comforting after 8 years. You can see back what was difficult to see ahead, and your labor has not been in vain, not to speak of its value in His sight. For He is always jealous of any other hand leading. Your effort has not been in vain. While Ps. 2 shows the Gentile nations, Kings and Rulers imagine a vain thing in all their efforts to loose whom He has bound. Heathen are those who reject both Jews and Gentile's Scriptures, and to them is the Gospel of today to go by the 144,000 who came to surround the 2 and the Woman body as she has encompassed a man fulfilling the promises to Abraham and Co., and producing the No. as the Sands of the sea shore to welcome Him at His coming. Jews missed their day of privilege which enriched the Gentiles by it. Now Gentile Gospel ended in Rev. 8. 3rd angel work which dried up the Rivers and fountains and made the waters bitter so that all who drank died to God, as we had clear evidence of in testimony people. When the Spirit ceases to speak there can be no rivers or fountains.

These facts prove that we had the privilege of closing the Gentile age Gospel, leaving them to cackle over words which are dead as was the proselytizing of the Jews in Jesus time, so your and others experiences after 1914 are very sweet as they may have been bitter at the time.

Ps. 2 is a perfect world outline of the whole harvest period of what Genesis was the Seed plot, and now we come to the threshing period, and now we can see the crops gathered on the threshing floor to be thrashed out leaving neither root nor branch of all that's proud and wicked on the earth.

Ps. 2 is like concentrated outline for the fulfilling of all prophecy, and you can see in Psalm 1, what marks these who can read Ps. 2, and all the detail of its fulfillment. How well Malachi and Rev. covers the great day.

I am sending you 2 of McCoy's articles sent me by Mrs. Manly which I regard as very valuable to any one who suffers. I notice what he says about asthma and which I have long suspected and had a little taste of once or twice. You will have seen other letters which may give more detail.

I am sure both of you will have much to rejoice in and over as you look back over your 8 years on the highways, &c., and no man can rob you even in your barren woman years.

My love and best wishes to both,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Lees
July 18, 1936

My dear Lees:

Thanks for yours. Hope you get relief from your troublesome neighbors - don't let them trouble you - in seeing them made manifest. There are 5 wise and 5 foolish must be revealed and these are people who have heard the Message - but NOT the spirit speaking thru it - so it can only be as other cackle around. Results can't happen to such and so they will go to buy where they sell OIL to find the door shut - when the Wedding feast begins. It all reveals how perfect Matt. 25; record for Servants - Sheep and Goats and the rewards are sure.

It's not possible but that offense will come - but Woe to they who are offended or offend the Least and little ones - because of their superiority in their own eyes. It needs wisdom and patience in dealing with such and it's always good to keep them where they belong.

The bonus will be a big opportunity in revealing many - U.S.A. seems to be having a big and wide judgment reports here say - over 4,000 dead - crops and stock in worse condition in memory. Canada also badly hit which may play into Republican hand in hand - so we may see the 4th beast - Elephant - of Dan. 7 result.

It's good to see the difference in servants who bear the Angel witness to what's coming and the more understanding - which the churches may have of the Angel message - for while the Woman of Rev. 12: - and Isa. 54: is like Sarah - BARREN - she will be the Mother of Nations - to be gathered by the 144,000 from the East or Heathen world who reject both Jewish and Gentile scripture. You will find much wisdom in Psa. 2: for every detail of what's on hand and what's to come later.

I'm sure you have seen some of my letters recently. It's good to keep in touch with the old Testy friends - who have better ability to grasp the Spiritual end of things - BUT BEWARE OF THE HUMAN SIDE in yourself and others - for we are living in very troublesome days, when it's hard to find any at their best. When you consider what others are facing in the light - which is darkness and even then, going out - we have much to rejoice in - even when our nerves get the better of our will to endure. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS means more to us than it ever could to the Gentile world - left with our witness since 1914 - as you can see in Rev. 8: 10-11 - which describes our finish of His Witness to the Gentile world - leaving what was once living waters embittered - as we know the Testy has been these 22 years - while for us- it's been getting clearer and more life giving all the time.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Hulls & Brashears 
July 18, 1936

My dear Hulls, Brashears & Co:

Thanks for yours (2) and all the detail "grave and gay" as they used to say. For it's very grave for the enemy today and it's gay for all who are His, but an earnest of the great day not far off.

Conditions in U.S.A. are the worst I ever read for it, though people are dumb as to its cause. I expect it will favour the Landon side; for many religious people will regard it as Judgment for having ploughed under and destroyed good foods in attempt to raise prices for the farmers. And so Daniel 7: 4th Beast - Elephant - which would be a good sign of where we are at.

To be rich in Gold don't mean much when heat and drought touches the whole earth. So boasted wealth or anything else short of God - can be seen to be but delusion and illusion - in trying to escape the consequences of wrath. But you know the effects of these things as such as hear - no matter what their circumstances are there remaineth the comfort of seeing the terrible things with our eyes, which are promised to all who are in the secret place and under the shadow of His Wings - type of which we have today here in the Trains and Convoys being under Airplane protection and escort as well as Military convoy.

This is the 91st day of Arab strike, and only 9 days from the Fast of Ab - And there are sounds that there may be big events by that time, though we can't rely on many of the rumours which gave hope to those otherwise feeling hopeless - for it's been a long pull for the general run of people. 15,000 troops etc., now on the job trying to deal with violence - larging in shape on the roads and railways.

There are many reports of such as may have spoken foolishly with their mouths - suffering - for their words can only provoke consequences to all who still fail to see the old Gentile Gospel day has passed in the 3rd Angel sounding of Rev.8: leaving the waters Bitter, which only ends in death, which was so clearly made manifest in 1914 - that I might be enabled to receive the Gospel of Revelation - which seems only for the debris and residue of the Gentile people who were its victims - to become the seed and gathering centers for the Heathen apostles - 144,000 - who are the hope of fulfilling His promise to His King - in giving him the Heathen and uttermost ends of the earth, who will welcome Him at his coming.

How many and often have I heard people talk about these things and days. But how vague and foolish they all seem today, and specially the Rapture Pharisees of the Gentile Gospel age, as blind as were the Piercers of His day .And so we can locate them clearly, after much experience of their similar rejection of the Spirit message, as clearly as was seen in His day and Message.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine 

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Pattens 
July 18, 1936

My dear Patten Family:

Thanks for yours of June 1936. Reports of U.S. conditions are very grave for the whole. 4,000 dead from heat wave and stock and crops in very sad conditions over a very wide field.

It's rather hard on Irvine Lee Patten to find the world in such condition; but it's precursor of better days for all who bear His name and have a right to it - thru their ear and heart condition towards God and the Devil - for it's impossible to have ear and heart for God with any ear and heart for the god of this world: and your children share with you in all the promises. Noah's family did not have the ear he had for God but they had ears for him who had ears for God. So with Lot and Co. It was Abram who had ears for God but they who went with him had ears for the man of God as the Sodomites did not have. Habakkuk, last two verses are very good as all the prophets seem to fit into the end of the Gentile age as truly as they did to the Jewish age. You can see that any attempts to read these things for Jewish judgments are left at sea as to what's taking place today. For the Gentile age finished in 1914 - as truly as the War began which was the sign as we see in Rev. 8: 3rd Angel sounding - dried up the Rivers and Fountains by which the Spirit was giving living waters and also made them bitter so that all who tried to drink of the old Gentile Gospel died. These are very fateful and enlightening words today in contrast to what they once were, for it was my experience tho I could not see why.

Then began the Alpha and Omega Message to those who had ears to hear and obey by bearing His witness to Rev. which is largely a Message of Death and Judgment to all who hold to the old and reject the new. Psalms 2 - shows us a very simple outline of the whole. The heathen are they who rage and refuse the Jewish and Gentile O.T. and N.T. scriptures while the kings and rulers set themselves to carry out what they regard as promised to Jew and Gentile and so set themselves against the Lord and His anointed - which shows us the why of the great conflict between the East and the West with it's centre in Jerusalem. Notice the promise to the King on Mt. Zion is to the heathen which indicates the East is to be the fruitful field which the 144,000 will be gathered as the Apostles of the New Gospel for the East - but gathered around the debris of the Gentile age - gathered out of the streets and lanes - not from the Churches and Chapels - and the highways and hedges to be the seed and the rallying point or ensign of the Nations and everything on the earth is moving and to be moved to this purpose so long seen and foretold.

My love to all Pattens,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Helen Sharp 
July 25, 1936

Thanks for yours, sensible and appreciative. I can remember my difficulties 43 years ago when 1st. I began to obey the Lord with very little to help me, but a strong purpose to obey Him at any cost and to find that my own flesh and blood were my greatest adversaries. But it made the Scriptures the plainer and easier to read, and here I am today in spite of all who are my relatives and friends. Compromise is no cure, for there never was any link between the Devil Serpent interpretation of Scriptures and God speaking by His Spirit thro human lips.

Repent - means cease from all the ungodly counsellors, mostly hireling imitators and the best of them are the worst and most deceitful and troublesome to unwary souls awakened by the Spirit's voice to have ears for God and a mouth to witness to what comes from the Throne, which is the only message today by which we can find the Spirit begin to work in and by us. No animal is religious all men are more or less and the Devil by Serpent Matt.23 methods deceives all who are unregenerate, as he did Adam and Eve in the Garden. The way that seemeth right to a man is the way of death. The way that has always seemed wrong is the way of life. For the Voice of the Lord God in the Garden forced Adam and Eve to see why they had been deceived and beguiled into thinking knowledge of good and evil was salvation. It's a new nature people need, not light - but guiding them to hear God's message by the Spirit. He cursed the Serpent, woman and man for what they had swallowed of the Devil's lie - and this is what's wrong with the whole world today - and you can see in Revelation 22 - the only cure is to drink of the Living Waters flowing thro channels that have got life thro them. The Tree of Death in the Garden or the Tree of Life in Rev.22 - is the choice that settles the whole matter.

You are very favorable situated in having many near at hand by whom the Spirit's message can flow to - in and thro you - and you will always find the waters flowing thro you - gives you assurance and comfort while every Satanic person you meet or know will try to stop your mouth. The Devil as Satan becomes the adversary of all who have ceased to swallow the Devil's lie. I am sending you a letter from Canada which came by same mail as yours.

My love and Best wishes,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Charles McNeal, Oakland, Ore.
July 31, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

Dear Charles:

Thanks for yours. I hope you manage to get copies from some who are good at it and willing to do it. For them, I write most to. For all I write is for any who care to hear and bear witness to the woes now on, which was the work of the fourth Angel in Rev. 8 v. 12, and brought on the war on land and sea.

3rd (and 5th?) Angel sounding, ending my Alpha- Gospel water in rivers and fountains and made them bitter, so that without the Man they only brought death to all who drank.

4th Angel sounding, gave us the New Message of woe, woe, woe, or witness from the Throne by the Spirit, that the end of the Gentile Gospel had come, and now their doom,- and became the Message of Life to all who were the debris and outcasts of the Gentile Gospel age, found in the streets and lanes of the cities, Highways and Hedges.

And now my work is to prophecy only to the Dry Bones in the Valley. And from them will come the Apostles of the New Gospel to the world.

These are the true house of Israel . Jesus preached to the lost sheep of the house of Israel at the end of the Jew period. The Jews did not like to hear of the end of their wicked reign, nor do the Gentile world today. They would rather hear of the rapture of the proud and wicked Pharisee churches, when in reality they are on the very brink of an open Hell to swallow them.

So Don't be surprised when you find the religious people with no ear for your and His Message of Woe, Woe, Woe, till they are all taken from the earth.

You can see in Spain , conflict between the Rights and Lefts on the earth which is the 1st Woe of Rev. 9;1 to 10. You see that the Apostles of Jesus had no offer of Hope for the Jews, apart from them having ears to hear their Message, and so today is our message.

This is the 103rd day of the Arab strike and still violence and shooting going on. So it can only roll along to its God - Appointed end in fulfilling His purpose for both East and West, while many cry for peace and saftey. The Nations as a whole are preparing for War, War, War, which shows that Woe, Woe, Woe, is determined, and you can see the Angel and all Nature expressing the same message, while many people would rather die by starvation than give ear to God's plain, clear message.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Youngs, Colfax, Calif. 
August 1, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Youngs:

Thanks for yours. Glad to hear of a little pleasurable holiday for all there. The quiet and fellowship would give you time to take in much thats very important in the fulfilling of woe, woe, woe, the Message from the Throne for the whole Gentile world.

First and second Angels brot on war on 1/4th part of the earth, and 1/3 part of the Sea. But I never saw so clearly that the Third Angel Message was the finishing of my work in bearing His Message to the Gentile world for 22 years, and the best part of my Witness was in giving them Matthew 23: which had become the marks of the Gentile as it was of the Jewry when ripe for Judgment, and which He came to bear witness against them by the Spirit - and their answer in His Crucifixion. And so the need for Two witnesses against them, and their killing etc, is but a repetition in a world wide sense.

The smiting of the Rivers and Fountains and making the Living waters Bitter, so that once was the Waters of Life, became waters of Death to all who drank thereof. 4th Angel gives us the New Message of Woe, Woe, Woe, which covers the whole destruction of the Gentile Nations and during that period the Heathen are to have Gospel privileges by the 144,000 that they never had before, as we can see in Psalms 2: "I will give thee the Heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost ends of the earth for thy possession.

Woe, Woe, Woe suits the victims of Gentile age who are to be found in the streets and lanes of the cities, and the Highways and Hedges, just as the Gentile religious world will have no ears for their certain doom- so its a repetition of what He did in the end of Jewry, and makes it easy to read Ezekiel 37: for our work today. For its a great valley full of Dry Bones produced by the Gentile unGodliness for they have followed Jewish traditional methods from the beginning, and refused to follow Him who is and was the Way, Truth and Life, and no man cometh to the Father but by Him as such.

I look back on my 22 years pre-war work as the greatest thing that could happen when Gentile age was ripe for Judgment as it proved to be. And now we look with greater confidence than ever for the crowning day, and setting up of the Kingdom we so patiently wait for. Spain Right and Lefts in Civil war, is but a sign that we are about to the end of the first woe, which also means beginning of Second woe at hand, which we can clearly see from other things going on here.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Mrs. Jay
August 10, 1936  (or October 8?)
P.O. Box 546.
Jaffa, Palestine.

My Dear Mrs. Jay:

Thanks for yours. Get as far as you can from all that's Scribe and Pharisee Hypocrisy carried on in the name of Public Worship;  for this is the Devil's way to deceive, making people good and Holy But without the spirit as were they who crucified Jesus.

Rev. 17, is for all who are hireling preachers in public worshipping Bodies. Rev.18, tells you what they are in God's Sight and what to do about it:  Come out, lest you be found partakers in their rascally hypocrisy and share in the plagues.

There are many there who can give you all the help you need. As you open your mouth to witness to these things, the Spirit will give you understanding. This is your Service which He will reward and Test of your loyalty to Him who sits on the Throne. If you serve Him in bearing witness by His Words as in Rev., you will need have no doubt the result.

My Love and best wishes to you

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Shumake's, Livingston, Calif.
August 21, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Mr. & Mrs. Shumake:

Thanks for your (2), both heart. It's a great Joy to hear of anyone who gives Ear to the Spirit Message today from the Throne.

Matt. 22: shows, is for the outcasts of the R. P. & E. world:- the Invitation is given. For all who are satisfied with Matt. 23: Scribe and Phariseeism, can only expect the 8 woes which you can see in that chapter. For its abomination in Gods Sight, for proud and wicked men to carry on their hypocrisy and make men believe its worship of God and Jesus; when its all their own blind, unregenerate, delusion. For they are only doing what the Jews did who Crucified Jesus for telling them they were wrong.

Matt. 24: shows what God gave them in 1914, and continued up till the present day:- War, Famine, Earthquake, and Pestilence in Divers Places. In Matt.24: 42-47, you see The Lord chose His Wise and faithful Servant to be Son of Man; by whom He would give understanding of whats going on in Judgment.

Matt. 25: Shows those who will hear and obey and get His Spirit in their witness- as Wise Virgins while others will be foolish Virgins with no oil in their vessels. Its only as we obey the truth revealed and give The Message to others, that the Spirit can come to dwell in and speak by us. Then you see some will be Wicked and Slothful Servants, who make no use of what I have given them; and so it will be taken from them- and no reward. Then you see my witness will cause men to show whether they are Sheep or Goats, according to the value they put on my words and Message. Goats will not recognize The Spirit Speaking and live by it, and witness to others.

You will find great help in meeting others and hearing their witness, But you will get more Spiritual understanding as you try to help others who don't know anything of the reason for Woe, Woe, Woe, conditions as you and they see them on the Earth.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Maurice Canada and Mother, Sacramento, Calif.
August 28, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

Dear Maurice and Ma;

Thanks for yours. I hope you had a nice time at Hulls for week-end. We had 3 Arabs shot today on main highway, said to be by Jews. We have only heard a few shots up to 9:30 P.M. tonight. This is the 131st day of Arab strike. Rumors of attempt to end the strike, but if Jews begin shooting Arabs, it will complicate matters some.

We have 3 senators from U.S.A. reporting to Hearst papers there, an Arab General who is said to be hearing the Arab side for the Arab Nations and trying to come to terms with the Government here for those in prison--who are many. So the whole East is for Arabs, while West is mostly backing the Jews,- for they hear only of the Arab terrorists, and very little of their claims in other directions.

Matt. 23. is usually read for the Jews, but Matt. 24 is very clearly for the fulfilling of the woes -8- of Matt. 23. So it fits into Gentile days of Judgment since 1914, and up until today. I witnessed 22 years by Matt. 23 to the 1/3 part of the earth- or Gentile part of it. And so Matt. 24 is the seal on that witness. And Matt. 24; 43- 47 shows my personal reward in being chosen the wise and Faithful Servant for the Son of Man Servant of the Lord on the earth, to all who are His household.

Rev. VIII gives you the war on land and sea, by 1st and 2nd Angels sounding. 3rd seems to mark the end of my living witness, and making the waters of life once life giving, bitter and deadly to use. The 4th Angel gives us the woe, woe, woe to the inhabiters of the earth, or the whole wide world.

The 1st woe, Rev. 9;12, creating the right and left spirits in conflict today on the earth, and especially seen in Spain with backing on both sides from the nations looking on. Right- protecting Church, Monarchy and Landlords. Lefts- Labor, socialism, Bolshi, And both seem to be organized for destruction from the 12th verse. Abbadon and Appolyon, both mean this.

The 2nd woe shadow seems to be resting on Palestine and making it easier to place Rev. 9 v.12 to 22, and other parts of the Book.

Our witness for the past years has been to Matt. 24 being fulfilled as in Rev. 8,- for the past, present and future.

The 3rd woe will be the great Earthquake of Rev. 16, which destroys Jerusalem , and the cities of the Nations. I'm sure it will be best for all to use in personal witness all they know, to their own circle. For every one has a circle they can witness to, and so give the Spirit a chance to Seal their witness to others, rather than too much trough work. For feeding with others is lost if it does not mean personal work and witness as His Servants to those most in need of hearing.

My Love in Him to both,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mabel Blankenship
September 5, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Blankenships:

Thanks for yours and bill. You can be sure we are nearing the day when foolish and wise virgins will be revealed and separated; as the servants will be either loosing what they seem to have or gaining in reward of their selfish use of what they were offered. Wicked and slothful just means people who seek their own in His name and are satisfied there, rather than being willing to let Him come in to bear His witness by them and so share with His who inherit the many great and precious promises for the day and what's to come. If human affairs are what people live for only, then they will be bitterly disappointed. Our willingness to serve God and man in giving the message is what will count.

Spain shows us what the 1st woe of Revelation IX has done to the nations in creating rights to fight for church monarchy and landlordism, as the lefts fight for labour, Socialism, and Boshivism. You can see how the nations have been weakened internally.

People talk about the call, but will He call people who are foolish in using what they have been offered. If they have no oil in their vessels by what they have had of life and light offered them, how foolish they are to expect more opportunity. Read Matthew 25 which is a good guide to any honest person. People who think to get much and fail to use it in His service are surely foolish.

We can see here now the coming of the great war of Isaiah III, Zechariah XII-XIV, Daniel VIII and Revelation IX:12-22, and can't be long delayed now. So our joy should be in seeing what we have witnessed to the inhabiters of the earth - woe, woe and then the final and 3rd woe in the great quake before He comes.

So don't fail to read all that's happening on the earth as His 3 woes of Revelation VIII last verse. Isaiah 66 says He will plead by fire and sword with all flesh. So if they hear and heed not in the midst of death around them, they will perish; or hear and live, and hear and see His promises fulfilled as never before on the earth. So in heart and life, honour God and Jesus by hearing and obeying Him at any cost.

My Love to all who do this,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Blackburns
September 14, 1936

My dear Blackburns:

Thanks for yours.  I expect, by the time this reaches you, the World War will be on and John will not tarry much longer.  Then you will see the drought and plagues following, according to Revelation 9:12, and the whole of what I have been showing His servants, who were willing to hear and obey, will shortly be done.  Blessed are they who keep the sayings of the prophesy of this book, Revelation.

Revelation 22 is an outline of all that comes from the Throne.  The River of Life flowing, and the Tree growing, its Leaves for the healing of the smitten nations, while men fearing, and war nearing, and our greater opportunity for witnessing and seeing the reward for those who hear and obey; and they who oppose and despise, wrath and more wrath to end all their silly cackle and lip service, worship, so- called.

Revelation 22:6,  shows you Him sending me, His Prophet-Angel.

Revelation 22:7, shows who are Blessed.

Revelation 22: 8 &9, the meeting of the TWO WITNESSES.

Revelation 22:10, Seal not the sayings of THIS BOOK, for they are NOW.

Revelation 22:11, The time at hand for men, unjust, filthy and righteous and holy are all in the same place and plane and will be rewarded according to the use they have made of the witness.

Revelation 22: 12, AS his work shall be.

Revelation 22:13, Jesus as Alpha, with the keys of Kingdom, and Omega keys of Hell and Death.

Revelation 22:14, shows who are BLESSED and his commandments are not hard to keep which comes from the Throne, not Moses and Jesus, as in low, or Alpha Days, but the Living God and Jesus as He gives us His Servant or Sent One.

Revelation 22:15, shows where the whole religious world now is and what their spiritual marks are.  They can never have any part in the Tree of Life or entrance to the City by the Gates.  The false preachers cannot climb up some other way this time.

Revelation 22:16,  shows Jesus sending me to testify these things.  Not in Babylon, but to those whom I got to know in prewar days, called the 7 churches.

Revelation 22:17,  shows the Man to be The Angel.

Revelation 22:17,  My message was to gather the Woman-Bride, who is to be the channel of the Spirit’s Message, or Witness, and all who hear my message will also say come;, for my message is to whosoever will, as the Old Gospel was in prewar days.

Revelation 22:18,  shows how foolish any man is who tries to take from or add to the message and my reading of Revelation.

Revelation 22:19, they shall be as sure of death and hell, as we who hear can be of LIFE, if we OBEY and so let the Spirit work in us and by us to all He is preparing through trouble and suffering in the clouds now let loose on earth, which will show who and what is what.

My love and best wishes in Him,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Hill
November 9, 1936

My dear Mrs. Hill:

Thanks for yours.. Your last question is easily answered by the fact that the people who kept the Sabbath day best – and were careful tithers and also keepers of the Law - were those who were the means of putting Him to death; and so today are all who put emphasis on Keeping the Sabbath, which was but a typical matter.  The true keeping of the Sabbath is to cease from your own thoughts and ways, and let God work in you and by you, by His Spirit - as in Isa. 55 - where you have a perfect guide for what to do today.  What value is a witness, Leader and Commander for the people on the earth, if the people don’t feel their need of such?

Revelation is the program for the judging of all nations, and every man on the face of the whole  earth; half has been fulfilled in the past 21 years; now comes the Tribulation years - with world war, famine, pestilence and plague.  The 2 witnesses of Rev.11 will appear when war begins in earnest.  If these days were not shortened there would no flesh be saved.  But for the Elect’s sake on the earth they will be shortened to 7 years.

Rev.17- The Whore and her daughters covers the whole Religious world of false prophets, or they who read or try to read the Book; pretty much as the Scribes and Pharisees then and now do.

Rev.18- The Spirit by all whom He dwells in cries Come out of her my people.  If you can hear this, then you may begin to get understanding.

Rev. 1:3 shows who are Blessed or given the Spirit to read Revelation, which was a closed Book till 1914 when the war began.  Blessed is he that Readeth and they who hear the words of this prophecy, etc. for the time is at hand.  Rev.22: 6-7 shows Jesus sent His Servant or angel to show to His Servants things which must shortly be done.  So you see a sent one at the beginning and end, and all through.  But the world of false prophets by the Devil’s deceivings  has greater power to blind and keep in darkness those who are content with their own thoughts and ways.

Matt. 22, 23, 24 and 25 are good reading for today.  The goats don’t need God and Jesus’ Sent Servant.  They have their own made, chosen, and paid preachers, and so Goats.  There are many in and around Los Angeles whom you can trust to read Revelation to you, as the Spirit has given unto me, and by me them.  Mr. Emil Ritzman, 2205 La Paloma, Alhambra, are not far from you.  I have known them for 30 years.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Omer Short & Co., Santa Ana, Calif.
September 24, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Omer and Co.;

Thanks for yours 16/8/36. To share in bearing the witness of God to the world for today may not seem very popular, but rather the opposite. But it's the Truth and Message of God to the whole world. Woe, Woe, Woe to the inhabiters of the earth. Not those who have gone before or coming, but those on the earth today. Rev. 8 tells us what has been since 1914 and what's to come ere He comes to reign.. Isaiah 66- The Lord will plead with all flesh by fire and sword and the slain of the Lord will be many, not few, as is commonly the cry. He will spare His own and destroy His enemies. So the people don't like to hear. He loves to hear and see us witness to what's truth and fact from the Throne in proof of our service to Him and our reward lies there. All else will prove to be but financial cackle to deceive. If the Blind lead the Blind, both shall fall into the Ditch. So we are well led to avoid all conflict with them.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Larrabees, Hertel, Wisconsin
October 5, 1936
PO Box 546, Jaffa, Palestine (Note new address)

My Dear Larrabees:

Thanks for yours. Your service for Him is to hear and bear witness to others of His works in Judgment on the Earth. For 22 years I bore witness by Matt. 23 to the Gentile world, with very little to encourage me but cold, hard looks and bitter words for daring to apply Matt. 23 to the so-called churches. But the 8 woes in that message because what we read in Matt. 24. for the Scribe and Pharisee hypocrisy of the Gentile world. What it did for the Jews it has done for Gentiles,--for the 1914-18 war was a Gentile war, Christian killing Christian, 10,000,000 of them, and since that no peace but Earthquakes, famine, and pestilence in diverse places on the Earth. These 22 years we have been bearing witness to Matt. 24 conditions,--yet men go on trying to believe that it's not God's Judgments, but men's folly.

My reward comes in end of Matt. 24,chosen to be Son of Man to bear His witness in making Matt. 25 possible; for virgins and servants are chosen or rejected according to the use they make of the Son of Man witness and also the sheep and goats are revealed by their choice,--to accept or reject God's man and Message. People never suspect that it's the good, holy Scribes and Pharisee imitators who were and are God's greatest enemies, for they make believe good people who pray, praise, and preach are God's people when they are only Blind imitators who read the Book any way to suit their own interests,--but are unregenerate.

The very purpose God put men on the earth, they frustrate by choosing the way that exalts man and shuts God's Spirit out, no matter how He appeals to them. Just as in Noah's day,--so today, they have heart and ears for anything and everything but the Spirit's Message. Whatever hinders the Spirit getting the ear, heart, and mouth of men is the enemy of both God and man, for they can never become partakers of His nature, and mind and heart in any other way. So Matt. 23 conditions can only bring wrath today as in all other days. We can see 1st and 2nd Woe coming on the Earth in Spain and here.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Warrens
October 7, 1936
PO Box 546, Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Warrens;

Thanks for yours. Glad you continue to enjoy His witness to all men, by the Man and Message - my reward for having been wise and Faithful in pre 1914 days in giving Matthew 23; witness and its 8 Woes, to the Gentile Nations for 22 years. Matthew 24: condition was the fulfilling of the 8 Woes, and now can the Lord also reward His Servant in making him Son of Man, which made possible Matthew 25; for Virgins, Servants, Sheep and Goats. No wonder people doubt the Man, for he can only be known by what men get by his reading. If people will honestly hear and witness - they will find the Spirit gives them words and wisdom.

My next reward will be as Man Child - to rule the Nations, with a rod of iron, for 3 1/2 years, while the Woman and 144,000 will also gather, to be the Apostle of the New Gospel - or the Gospel of the Kingdom, as Jesus preached; and after being disciples, they will go to the ends of the earth with the Gospel, to gather the great number no man can number.

You will see what is possible by ONE MAN in gathering the Woman Body and 144,000, and when killed - to see the 144,000 take the simple Gospel as He preached it, to the ends of the earth. Then shall the end come - or the 3rd Woe - the great earthquake which destroys Jerusalem and the Cities of the Nations.

So you will find the rewards to the Gentile Nations and all who are the inhabiters of the earth - is the reward of Matthew 23: conditions, spread over the earth, which makes men Good, Religious and Holy - in men's eyes: but no Spirit of Christ or God in them, so only human imitators and hypocrites, as Jesus called them.

What happened to the Jews for their Matthew 23: service and worship - happens to the Gentiles - and cause the death of the two witnesses - but prove they are Scribe and Pharisee Piercers - no matter whom they pierce.

To do in 7 years what He told His disciples "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel" with the results as stated in Tribulation Saints - is a great victory: while at the same time, the Nations are being broken - who refuse His Man and Message.

So we can rejoice in His great and marvelous works in judgment - and in Grace and Mercy - to all who will let Him - by giving ear. Who so ever shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Wm. E. Gale, Eureka, CA
October 10, 1936
Box 696.P.O.
Jerusalem Palestine.

My Dear Wm. E. Gale:

Thanks for yours. You can be sure that if you have ear, heart, and mouth for the Message from the Throne of God and Jesus all else will work out. Don’t try to change it, but let it change you, for that's the important item. To profess to accept the Message, and let our own thoughts and ways dominate our lives is folly which will be revealed in due time. What we need is a new Master and obey Him, so will a New Nature take possession of us, and His Spirit give us words and wisdom as well as provision and protection. Rev. 3:20 is very simple and easy to understand.  To hear His Knock and Voice and open the door and let Him come in to share our lot, so shall we find Fellowship and Palship with the Son of God-Jesus of Nazareth. It's all very simple for those who are sincerely feeling their need of Him and these are wonderful days ahead for all such. I wish you best results. Keep humble and sincere and nothing can hinder you.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine  

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: George Linn
October 10, 1936
From: PO Box 546, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear George, Family and Bill W:-

Thanks for both. I hope Bill Wallace will change Masters, for the Lord is meant as Master, and we as Servants, and it makes a bad job to try to reverse this order, no matter who or by whom it is tried. Rev. 3: 20 is very clear to any one who cares to hear His knock and Voice and open the door for Him to come in to become our honoured guest, that we may find out His value in all we say and do in serving Him - whom having not seen, we love. All thats wrong with the world, is just this same fact of Scribe and Phariseeism - carrying on their hypocrisy in saying and doing not. In doing this we rob ourselves, God, and man, for the Spirit will never work in or by those whose own thots and ways rule, in place of His thots and ways put there by His Spirit which is truly Christian. He cant be fooled, tho the Message is to any man, no matter what his condition or position. His power cant operate till put in power and by seeking to do His will rather than our own.

22 years I witnessed to the Gentile Scribe and Pharisee Hypocrite world as in Matthew 23: He accepted my service and sacrifice and the war of 1914 was on the Gentile world with their Scribe and Pharisee marks in colleges and churches and etc. and what a scourging He has given them these 22 years since Matthew 24: began to be His Progamme for Matthew 23: marked people. Yet men carry on their Deviltry, for its all the Devils work to deceive men into thinking a good life is a Christian life. But only where His Spirit can work and dwell, is Christian in the true sense, and He works the change as we obey what we have heard and witness by our mouth to all His revealed will and purpose.

The 8 woes of Matthew 23: have done terrible things these 22 years. My reward is to become the Son of Man and make Matthew 25: possible to Virgins, Servants, Sheep and Goats. And you can see there are some fools even in having heard and not obeyed. 1st of the 3 woes to the inhabiters of the earth, we can see operating in Spain and Russia, while the 2nd woe is looming up big in the near East, tho they say our 175 day strike is to be shelved today for an Armistice. But November 11 is my guess for Revelation 9: 12-22 while Russia will be let loose in Europe.

My Love to all.

Wm. Irvine.

Once true surrender to our Master and His Spirit can dwell in us, we are on safe ground. Till then its all shifting sand. This is what we and the world exist for. All other values perish as sure as they have had their day. We become the objects of His special care by Angel and all other powers. One such person becomes of more value in His sight, than a world full of any other sort. But our personality and will must be in place of Servant, if He is to be Master and Saviour. W.I.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to R. Young, Salida, Colorado
Box 696 Post Office
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Youngs,

Thanks for yours (2). Glad to hear the sun shines on you, no matter how much promise there is around you; and also from your neighbours. He says He will plead with all flesh by fire and sword, so they will find plenty to open their ears to the Message of Woe, Woe, Woe. Isaiah 66, is very simple to read. The place of his rest Is not in the house they build unto Him, but in the poor contrite Man, who trembles at His words. All their public activities are but proof they are Dead and abominable, choosing their own ways, and delighting in their own abominations, refusing His witness to them, and refusing to answer. So He will choose their delusions and bring their fear upon them. So you can see what a joke all their other activities and claims are.

2 Thess. 2: also shows the delusions of God upon all who hold the Truth in unrighteousness of heart, while outwardly righteous before men, and is more deceived than deceiving. Portugal declares today that Spanish conflicts between rights and Lefts, is an international matter, and quite right at that; as they will all fall soon, with the Ear lurking ready to devour much flesh, in Europe and elsewhere.

This is the 1st Woe of Rev. 9: 1-12, to weaken ultimately all Nations. While the 2nd Woe is ripening fast in the Near East, while men slumber, or treat Jerusalem as Poinson, to all who will burden themselves with it. Read Zech. 12 and 14. You will find much in the 12th present and coming conditions. The West in pretty much asleep to whats going on in the hearts of 200,000,000 as in Rev. 9: 12-22. So Zech 14, will awaken them as they taste the poison Jerusalem is to the East idol Worshippers and the Moslem world.

So we are well into the think of the 1st and 2nd Woe, all else is but signs of Wrath in many forms, not least the increase of knowledge & going to and from which kills and injured more every year than did the War, for its world wide and especially for the Gentile Nations. So don’t fail to answer to all wilaers, Woe, Woe, Woe, as His Message from the Threon to all who refuse to hear and answer; “Even so, come Lord Jesus” as you have revealed by word and Spirit, or by outward signs to all men on the Earth, and their Wail is their reply to Him.

Wm Irvine.

February 7th

Dear Cecils all,
Well the sunshines on us once again also, and the water is nearly all gone. We are planning on going to see the Westlunds and others in that locality if God be willing. Love to all under his merciful wings. E.M.A.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to  A. J. Dunbars
November 11, 1936
P.O. Box 546
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Dunbars:

Thanks for yours. Is this the great day we have been looking forward to so long? It looks like it any way, for Madrid seems like falling to the Rightists today, which is but an invitation to the Bear to arise and devour much flesh in Europe.

The 4th Beast is a donkey so far as we can see, and so a disappointment, though its work would be the same whether donkey or elephant. And I suspect they will be stronger backers of the Jewish claims in Palestine than Republic, and no doubt more sympathy with Bolshi also. U.S.A. has over 10 times more Jews than British Empire, so they will be more interested than Great Britain.

Today is 2 minute silence day in the Empire in memory of Gentile Judgment out of which came so many changes in Government. The high ups coming down, and the Low-downs coming up, both Fascists and Bolshiv Rightists and Lefts. Today the Royal Commission arrived and took part in the 2 minute silence ceremony in Jerusalem. So many troops made it more imposing. But the Arab Leaders have declared that they will not cooperate in what they believe can only be another disappointment.

Arab feeling is that no good thing can come out of a Royal Commission, inside the limits of the mandate. While the Arab kings seem to be working rather to demand the cessation of the Mandates, which fits into Revelation 9: 12-22. So we wait and watch for the cry from Bagdad in Iraq on the Euphrates, which seems the centre of the activity today, and where the Leader of the Arab shooters was received by the King and Princes as a hero on his return there after the strike was finished, and who are now discussing matters with Ibn Saud of Arabia and Zensen Kings, but whom the British Government have given no comitenance to, in the conflict, but whom the Arabs of Palestine have looked for backing for their claims. So it may develop sooner than we have any idea of.

The British have sent home 3000 troops, so there does not seem much vision or fear of what's coming and if it came soon would make Coronation in May 1/37 a big day for Daniel 5. There are many rumours wild and tame, but the Book is the great centre of Truth for today, for the inhabiters of the earth and the 2 woes in Revelation 9 the central facts as they drift into the snare.

Very wild weather in England and Europe since first November taken 100 lives and much damage and injury, while we have no rain yet, but some speak of the storm coming our way. If it did it would be a calamity for their oranges, season only beginning on 15th and trees carrying a big load, worth 5 million pounds and hoping for better prices owing to Spanish war. There are signs in all the other countries of sympathy for both Rights and Lefts. You can see how the whole world is ripening for the great day when their hearts reward will settle what they are to get personally and nationally.

I notice you have a shipping strike on, and tying up much shipping both in shoremen and seamen. I have noticed a number of my old adversaries all going to the other side, which brings up in memory multitudes who have opposed these 44 years, which reveals the reason for the Judgment of the Gentiles in the war of 1914/18.

They are keeping 2 minutes silence for today, with all the R.P. & E leaders in the front being seen in their loyalty to the dead, 10 million of them. They are still finding remains on the battlefields and putting them in their various cemeteries. How little they can know who look back on it as the greatest war in History, while they fail to see its place in God's purpose on the earth.

So we seem to be ready for what's written and revealed to, for and by all who have ears to hear.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine 

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Hulls, Colfax, Calif.
November 14, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Hulls, and Frank, and Co:

Thanks for yours. Hope Frank gets all O.K. for cold can be quite a serious matter if not attended too. I hope your roof gets on ere the rain comes to set the inside. Madrid burning and under Gun and Bomb fire on the 11th Nov., while Russia says it can only end in great War, where ever Rights and Lefts are found, was good news for all who have been looking for what the hour, day, month and year 11-11-11-36.

The 1st Woe, the product of all the years since 1918, when the Smoke came out of the Bottomless pit to prepare the world for organized destruction by the Rights and Lefts. The Royal Commission arrived on 11th in time for 2 minute silence ceremony on Mt; of Olives. But the Arab High Committee has declared no co-operation, trusting in the Arab Kings centered in Iraq to attend to their claims, rather than the Royal Commission from England.

So the 1st and 2nd Woe stand out very clear before the eyes that can see, because they have ears to hear. For its hid from the Wise and prudent, and revealed only to Babes by the Spirit, and who get the sincere milk of the word as Sucklings. You can be sure all who get Life by hearing, will remain Sucklings and live by the Spirits teaching, and so have eyes to see and enjoy and rejoice in all the great and marvellous works of the Lord in Judgment manifested on the Earth.

Great Britain has had very Hurricany weather ¹ since 1st of Nov., similar to what Atlantic Coast had 2 months ago- or less. 107 deaths, and many other missing. Damage on Land and Sea, right up to 11th. Our Orange crop begins to ship tomorrow - 15th - so it would be a calamity if such 100 mile per hour wind were to touch our Coast.

They hope it will benefit our sales by whats happening in Spain but if Russia were to let loose, it would be a Tornado which would hit all the Nations, and cause much loss and suffering. But we have here the nucleus of the 2nd Woe, which may develop any day in the great clash between East and West. Ramadan fast begins tomorrow here.

My Love and Best wishes for all.

Wm. Irvine

TTT Editor's note: Question marks were hand written above "Burricany mother" because it doesn't make sense. It could possibly have meant "Hurricany weather" instead. Just a guess from the rest of the letter content.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Sheelys, Santa Ana, Calif.
November 20, 1936
PO Box 546, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Sheelys:

Thanks for yours. Glad to hear Mr. S. is on his feet again, and fit to be useful. For health depends very much on activity to our strength and years. This I find in my 79th year. 7 more days to 27th Nov the day I arrived in Jerusalem 17 years ago. How much I have learned during these years I could not tell; but it has all been in finding out more perfectly my job and its value to Him and all who have ears to hear. And not one step or word all these 44 years, but to find the adversary - the Devil and Satan - standing to resist every word and deed.

So I'm glad he thinks I'm worthy of his opposition, and I am glad there are some with ears for His Message, in spite of all the Devil can do and say to deceive, and as Satan to withstand. Its always a real Joy to find some whom He thinks worth trying to hinder and harass. If we were of this world, the world would hear us and encourage, but because we are His witnesses from the Throne to the world under Judgment, therefore the world will not hear us.

Noah's word was to bear witness for 120 years by word and deed. Mine has been for 44 years, though I knew little about its value till these past years as Son of Man, being able to see, read and bear witness to those who are of the family of which He is head. For only those who have ears to hear, can expect to have eyes to see the things we have heard, being fulfilled before our eyes.

Since the 11th of Nov. the 1st and 2nd Woe have developed very fast and far towards Revelation 9: being fulfilled in Europe and here. The Arab Kings have signed Treat pact. France and Lebanon , also Germany , Italy , Austria and Hungary are also together in backing the Right in Spain and the world appeal to fight the Lefts. They also by word and deed, encourage the Arab Kings to demand cessation of the 4 Mandates in the Near East . The Royal Commission from England arrived on the same day, but Arabs refused to co-operate with them. So things look ripe for 1st and 2nd Woe.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Fladungs, Placentia, Calif.
November 26, 1936
PO Box 546, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Fladungs:

Thanks for yrs. Glad to hear John is O.K. It's good to know there are some with ears to hear, which but emphasizes all thats in the Book for the days and conditions for the Son of Man period - which is referred to in many places; and to be with him and stand before him, is the Sign of Hope. So we welcome every one of them. Don't mistake what is written for the Son of Man in Heaven, for the Son of Man on the Earth as Witness of His.

These people coming is but a sample of the days of Joy to be ours, when the world is in despair. The Book if full of promises -both of Joy and comfort and those for the wicked seed which will cover all their various forms of wickedness. People dont know that its what they choose today, will bring the various forms of Wrath. They choose the Stick and delusion which will most perfectly meet their needs. The Book and the Man they most despise, they will one day most fear.

Isaiah 58, 59, and 60, are worth reading and you can see the great promises for those who are the True Israel, and for the false. Verses 20 and 21 of 59th Chapter are very sweet when you run them into Chapter 60. 1 and 2 shows the conditions, 3 and 4 the Light that shall enlighten the Gentiles and Kings. These things are often given to Jews and Israel that He rejected, but are for the true Israel - or seed - of Jacob today. Isaiah 51, is very full of comfort. Verse 7 is worthy of special note.

You can see whats written in Malachi 3, being suddenly fulfilled, and this day we wait for with the whole world full of Signs, which even the blind can feel if they cant see. The more trouble you see on the Earth, and the more audacious the enemy, the nearer we are to the day of rewards for all, both His and His enemies as the Lord will suddenly come to His Temple - those who are His Living Temple, in contrast to the stone and lime affairs they insult Him with. Did we not have all these great and precious promises, it would be - Woe is Me. But its Woe, Woe, Woe to the whole Godless world.

We have had a good rain so the people naturally think its all come right. The orange crop now on way to market, no doubt is a comfort to the sufferers from the strike. I expect Roosey will be able to master His purpose, even though we must not see the detail, we have no room for doubt.

My Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine Letter to Edwards  
December 8, 1936

My dear William, Rose and Co.

Thanks for yours (2) and the enclosed. Our labors in the Lord can never fail. The words which go forth out of His mouth, by our lips, shall not return vain, but it shall accomplish that whereto I send them. The generalizing of the promises seem to rob us of the comfort they are meant to bring, both to the Reader and Hearers to bear witness. Every tare, dog, goat, and wolf claims them far more readily than we, but it's like trying to scratch your ear with your elbow--it can't be done.

A week today John Hardie, on way to Australia, via Ceylon, where he is to have Convention on way, arrived in Jerusalem and came to visit me in Jaffa, but I was in Jerusalem and passed them on the way. So I went up to Jerusalem and spent three days with them. (he had Fred Quick of Victoria, Australia with him, who is working in Cairo and had been in Greece and five for the for Cairo) and treated them to a good run around and Palestine, and what time they and I had flooding them with old and new living waters from the Throne, with only time to swallow, and am sure neither will ever forget it, come or stay.

And am sure they got the surprise of their lives and went away very hearty with $50.00 to boot. John says they all feel the need of the head they lost in me, but it who would have been wearing 12 star crown had I been one of them? I heard many of the troubles they have in loafing on others’ work, rather than working. William Gill is praying that God would raise up a man to be head and leader, and John was anxious that I should come back, an opportunity for showing them what it would mean for the world and Him on the Throne. The Man and Message and the Woman around the Man and the 144,000 disciples from every corner of the earth to become apostles of the new gospel of the Kingdom to be preached in all the world ere the end comes--seven years ahead--was my reply--and no arguments.

I told them this was the cure for all their troubles and delusions, and some will come and worship at my Feet and know that God has loved me. And John said on leaving, he hoped to be one. He asked me what I did regarding breaking bread etc.--another good opportunity to give him Rev. 22 as the Angel to the Servant telling them of things to come as a Prophet, and as Angel to the 7n churches which was my Testimony work, and when the Angel had testified to them--as in Rev. 2 and 3--the churches were left hopeless--as part of Babylon, while those who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches are the Bride, and the Lamb’s wife.

I showed them the whole priestly, clerical world held man by the throat by the same means, and show them the delusions were chosen of God according to their own thoughts and ways, and he would bring their fears upon them. They showed nothing but a very friendly needy spirit and I did not encourage any gossip about others, though I had much to hear of the early days sweet remembrances and of the latter days of bitterness and experience.

I gave them my 22 years witness to the Gentile nations, and the reward in the eight Woes in the war, and what has followed these past 22 years. Showed them my reward in being chosen as Son of man when the Lord began his work in judgment from Matt. 24 and my work as Witness Leader, and Commander in Matt. 25.

They marveled at my being able to keep on for three days. I'm sure they were more tired than I. I looked on the event as a sign of what's coming soon, as the war in Europe and here develops and clears the ground for John to come, after his hearing is poured out on Jerusalem as in Isaiah 51 and 52.

They were well able to take in all I flooded them with and gave them some idea of the many who profess to hear and obey, both wise and foolish. Five were Wise and five were Foolish. He told of many with heart for me, and praying night and day for my return, which I showed him was but proof they have not the mind of Him who sits in the Heavens, and who would laugh at all their anti-Christian thoughts and words. The end of many of the Saints was sad enough to hear and also many of the workers in sicknesses and in death.

War threats against Jews and British are quite common and eight powers in the Near and Middle East have signed treaty of friendship. Iraq seems to be the center and active power in bringing it about. So the Angel and Euphrates seem to be coming into view on India to fall into line. Iraq, Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan sighed pact half week. Iraq, the Saud, Yemen and Egypt had signed before, so that made 7 powers.

Russia and France have supplied 51,000 men to help government, while Spanish government, while Italy and Germany have been openly doing the same, and men coming in from other nations for both sides, which continues like extermination rather than civil war with Russia, but no doubt, able and willing to arise and devour much flesh. The scandal about the Empire King is taking up much space and attention, and clouding over the coronation talk and more in line with Daniel 5 than anything else while England is being hampered in her preparation for war for want of men for Army and efficient tradesmen.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mrs. F. Bisson
December 8, 1936

My Dear Mrs. Bisson:

Thanks for yours today and photos. I don't remember having seen your photo before and enjoyed a look which reminds me of mother's face and figure. But I enjoyed your hearty letter and appreciation what He is saying and doing today to give the whole world a new and greater opportunity than ever before, for being born into the family of which He is the head as surely as Adam of the family. The new thing which He is doing on the earth to end the world full of R.P. & E. activities which selfish human nature under the guidance of the Devil and Satan by their victims of all ages has filled the earth and world full of gross darkness and confusion, making men's salvation impossible by all that's past refusing the Spirit's person and Message which alone can give life. Rev. 22; becomes very simple as we see who are on the Throne and what the Spirit is seeking to give the world in the River of Water of Life, living and clear as crystal, producing the Tree of Life whose fruit and leaves is the Hope for the world smitten.

The Throne of God and the Lamb is sure. The River flowing the Tree growing, the promises given, no more curse etc. The method of the earth is Verse 6 & 7. The Lord God of the Holy prophets hath sent His Angel to show unto His Servants the things which must shortly be done. Behold I come quickly . Blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book - is quite to ensure that Revelation Message by the Man whom the Spirit gives understanding and ability to say and make clear to all who are His Servants, His purpose and plan Ending the present confusion and strife in His name and give us a clear living life giving Message to all who are honest enough to cease from Babylonian darkness and confusion and live by what comes from the Throne.

Verse 16 - shows - I, Jesus - have sent mine Angel to testify these things to those who profess to be out of Babylon as in the Testimony of churches which my Alpha Gospel produced. I, Jesus as the root and fruit of David or the Anointed seed of all ages and the Bright and Morning Star for the New Things of Mal. IV - while the proud and wicked are being consumed off the earth to make room for the meek of all ages to come with Him to reign for 1000 years. It's all simple and clear and we need not fear or worry.

My Love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Loitz Family, Placentia, Calif.
December 11, 1936
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Wm., Mary and Co.:

Thanks for your (3). We had some Ice this A.M. in Jerusalem where I'm now. I came up to meet John Hardie and Co. a younger Australia man- who is now doing Testimony work in Cairo . We spent 3 good days, as I took them around Palestine and entertained them. But these 3 days they will never forget. It was a real Joy to pour out in a flood tide the Waters from the Throne, which seemed to sweep all their dry bones away. For they had little to say, only how much they needed me now - more than ever - because of the confusion, selfseeking in many.

So I was able to show them that the Man and Message they despised, is the cure - not only for Testimony people - but for the whole world, and gave them abundance of proofs for all I said. Asked them to read all the promises to the Overcomer, and note that some of them will come and worship God at my feet, and know that God had loved me, and he shall go no more out, which is very personal for me.

I enjoyed hearing much of many people who we had Known in other days in and out of Testimony. John Hardie I have known all his days, like George Linn, though 10 years younger than me, was on his way to Ceylon and then Australia - has been sick a good deal, and not too well yet, though too fat. The usual tattling on and to each other, has been common cause for trouble. Many dead, others sick, and aging all. But only the old whale flesh dying, which brought the Son of Man to bear witness to the world, specially the Gentile world.

I hope you will enjoy Isaiah 51 and 52: which seems for today Hearken 3 times, and Awake 3 times, warning, Instruction and rebuke to His own, and cheer and encouragement in the Quakes. Ethiopia is a sample of what East and West conflict will be. Spain a sample of what awaits Europe, and both seem to get going together, so producing world war, 1st and 2nd Woe.

Things here go from bad to worse, and the Arab Kings - 6 in number - with Iraq on the Euphrates the centre organizing state. King of England's abdication in favour of the American, divorced twice lady, may be but a sample of what coming to the Empire as in Daniel 5: We have had much to be glad at, that our vision is being fulfilled before all eyes with ears to hear.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mitchells
December 12, 1936

My dear Mitchells and Co:

Thanks for yours and Myrtle's. Glad you are busy. You see I am back in Jerusalem again after 3 months in Jaffa . 2 of the Testimony workers called on me and I spent 3 days in their company, taking them around and entertaining them, while the Living Waters from the Throne flowed all the time, a flood, and I could see the reviving effect on them as it washed away their testy ideas of God and his true people.

It was the first time I had such an opportunity these many years. So I did not miss the opportunity and they were surprised to see and hear and I have great hope that every honest heart among them will yet come and worship God at my feet, and know that He loves me. He shall go no more out as in the promise in Rev. 3; 7-18. The whole of the promises to the Overcomer are for me and was a big surprise to them and to all who by ears, have eyes to see what they have heard and are the bearers. There is no church, Baptism or breaking of bread in what's the Woman or Bride being gathered out of the church.

Ethiopia is a sample of what the East and West conflict with Spain a sample of what awaits the rights and lefts in the world. For we're to have world war this time so that first and second woe will come together. Iraq on the Euphrates has now other Arab peoples here all looking to them for Justice rather than the Royal Commission, now sitting in Jerusalem . The King of England's abdication, choosing the U.S.A. born, twice divorced wife in preference to the Empire Throne may be a sign of the coming down fall of Empire as in Daniel 5 - which may come in place or at the time of coronation ceremony which they say will cost 50 million pounds.

Conditions in England are far from what they once were, in spite of rearmament programme. They can't get soldiers or efficient men for high class work as in armaments. While Italy and Germany are very strong for Spanish rebels and the Leftists world very strong and so slaughter goes on daily and nightly and now on the coast as well and no one to hinder in spite of all their bluff in a variety of ways. I notice Marine strike goes strong yet there.

My Love to all there including Ernie 2.

Wm Irvine

Wm. Irvine's letter to Donnie Symington
December 18, 1936
7 days to XMAS

My dear Donnie:

Thanks for yours. Glad you have place to work and make your witness to Revelation message as friendly and kind as possible knowing that only when thirst is present can we hope to see results. It's possible to "nag" people with the message and so aggravate them to our own hurt.

Our service is in bearing, clear, simple, witness to what's in Revelation made clear to us by the Reader, and by which the Spirit will enable us to have guidance in what is of the Spirit and what is not. We know there is nothing else given for the healing of the Nations, but the Spirit's witness by those who have got life through and by it.

Matt. 22; shows clearly there can be no mixing of those who bear and wear the wedding garment. So our confidence is sure in the matter. But it's not ours to judge who are wise and foolish; till the time comes, aim at giving all or any, all the chance possible. It's easy to be moved by our own thoughts and ways and you see there can be nothing but delusions for all who let this prevail. We have past 22 years proof of the correct record fulfilled in the beginning of sorrows.

Matt. 24; So we have no reason to doubt what's coming in the 1st. and 2nd. woes now on their way to filling the earth with wars, famine, pestilence and plagues. Jerusalem must be emptied before John comes. So the war is very important element in clearing the way and all seems working this out clearly when the 1st. and 2nd. woe will be ripe - impatience don't prove our faith and confidence but rather the opposite. Let us not judge others as foolish or wise or accuse the good or the bad bidden to the feast. He will do everything perfect, and reward all according to what He sees in their works - for or against. It's our job to bear witness to please the Spirit in all things and so prove that our works are of God rather than the Devil and Satan.

Conditions are very ripe in every direction and no doubt the late King's abdication will prove to be part of the grand whole - as Dan. 5; will prove.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Read Isa. 51 and 52 and see the 3 hearkens and the 3 awakes. You will always find Mal. 3; and 4; very tonic for the heart and life. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: George Linn, Vancouver, Canada, B.C.
December 18, 1936

From: Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear George and Co.:

Thanks for yours. It's good not to trouble about the manifestation which may indicate the foolish from the wise, or to judge them, but to give to all the only thing which can save them. There can be no room for foolish in Omega days as there was in Alpha. Matt. 22: is very clear and plain in who are to be the hopefuls in these days of the marriage supper of the Kings son and the facts that the man without the wedding garment shows there can be no sneaking in their own pretexts, which probably means people who might be tempted to try without man and message.

Nobody can rob the Son of man of the 12 star crown which the woman body, the bride owes everything to. There can be no church or churches after the Angels message has called and delivered those who have ears to hear what the spirit sayeth by the Angel.

We are apt to underestimate the perfect work from the Throne by Rev. 22: To add to or take from the reading of the reader is fatal to all who attempt to let their iniquity work and the hearty Amen - so let it be - of all who are His, is what we should encourage. Rev. 22: 17 the Spirit and Bride show clearly who are the Bride.

There can be no Bride but with the seal of the Spirit gained by using loyally the man and Message by which the Bride is chosen. Many are called, few chosen is still and more true than ever. Our service to God and man is in giving true and faithfully what is so clearly revealed in Revelation. All else is but empty cackle for people can't say "even so come Lord Jesus" if they have not a clear grasp of revealed working conditions for both Righteous and wicked. We can be sure that all will get reward according to their works as Servants, in the matter of bearing witness and vice versa.

You can see The Testimony people can have little hope in that they continue on with their church witness, while it's clear from Rev. that all such is finished for all who have ears to hear.

You can see the 1st. and 2nd woe coming in its terribleness in spite of all attempts to reconcile.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Edwards - Phoenix, Ariz.
December 19, 1936
P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Wm., Rose and Co:

Thanks for yours (2), enclosures and photos, which are good and gives one some idea of who we write to. Glad you can have some quiet, and glad Orin found work, and hope they find recovery of health. The cold climate is sure to get Rheumatism if people don't try to keep warm enough to keep skin active in throwing off poisons. And the kidneys have to deal with all the poison which naturally lodges in feet and hands, and specially about joints, and change of climate is very often the only relief possible. Foods also have their part. Cold climate needs heavier food, so makes the trouble worse. What fools we mortals be, is very true.

We have had a week of very cold East wind which took one million dollars in value out of the orange crop. 1/4 million pounds they put it at. Conditions don't calm down, but rather the other way, with 7 Kings signed up by Iraq on the Euphrates, for friendship and Pan-Arab Federation, while Spain is still the kindling for the great fire. Its sweet to have had a taste of the flow of the Living Waters such as at Denver and etc.  I also enjoyed its flow for 3 days with J. Hardie and Co., which was very much like the Waters of Noah, drowning them in Judgment, no matter how I tried to make it easy to hear, it only spelled death to all their thoughts and ways.  For there can be no church-or churches-after the Angel has given the Message and some have heard.

What’s promised to the Overcomer, is for the servants. But its all His work and fulfilling the promises given to the Son by the Father, and carried out by the Servant on the earth; He on the Throne with His Father. Rev. 6: still seems to me the 7 new conditions which operate on the Earth during the Judgment period. Verse 8 was very clearly operating on 1/4 part of the Earth. Chapter 8: when the 7th. Seal was opened in Heaven, we see the 7 angels prepare to sound the 7 epoch changes which cover the whole Judgment period. The 7 angels seem to point to the new conditions operating to the end. But the 7th. Angel sound the 2 War periods, when 7 Seals are in operation in full power, the 2 Woes, the Bolshi war and the East and West war, and the final in the great Earthquake and hail.

Chapter 19: seems to point to His coming to finish the whole and to His Bride, chosen by Revelation Message in preparation for His coming. The 4th. Beast, diverse from the other Beasts, seem to be now coming into sight in Roosevelt’s South American pact of defence and peace at Buenos Aires, and gives us the 10 horns in the South American states, who will be armed to carry out this. I expect the League of Nations and England will begin what the South American States will finish; for we find breaking and stamping in both cases. The abdication of the King may point to what’s ahead at Coronation, if Daniel 5 is to come then. The great horn of the He Goat of Daniel 7: is England; and it will be famine which will break the great horn, and the 4 Empires people will take her place. But we can afford to wait and see.

I have always found it difficult to fit in the same language, because we are reading of different parts and times of the great progressive programme. Revelation 8 is a good guide for the last war. Revelation 13: seems to give the results of the East and West War, with Revelation 9: showing how the 1st. and 2nd. Woe will operate. Maurice writes that the Jews claim Jeremiah 30:11. Jacob and Israel that was, is type of the Jacob and Israel today. Jeremiah 31:22 gives us the Key to Revelation 12: all hid from the eyes of the Gentile Matt. 23: people, and revealed only to those who hear what the Spirit saith.

My Love to All

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Percy Abbott
December 26, 1936

My Dear Percy:

Thanks for yours.  Don't let the Devil, as Satan, torment you.  All your failure is but part of His dealings with you to perfect you; whatever self-pity may lead to can only hinder the cure.  Many shall be purified and tried that they may understand.  The wicked shall not understand.

If you can understand Jeremiah 30, it may throw much light on His dealings with Jacob and Israel, who are with Jacob, and the Father of the 12 Tribes; who are but flesh and blood types of the Jacob and Israel of Revelation.  Jacob and his 2 wives are type of my family; by Leah, The Testimony people; and Rachel, The Woman of Omega days with her 2 Sons.

Verse 6, Jeremiah 30, shows the time of trouble of Jacob and the bringing forth of the Manchild.  But, "he shall be saved out of it," is written for me, not for the Jews and Israel of flesh and blood; but the Jacob and Israel of Revelation.

Verse 8 shows where we have been and the assurance in the Manchild being brought forth.

Verse 9 shows it's to be regenerate people of pure stock.  They shall serve the Lord their God and David, their King, whom I will raise up unto them in the Manchild.

Verse 10.  Therefore fear thou not, O Israel.  For He will save thee from afar, and thy seed from the land of their captivity; and Jacob shall return, and be in rest, and be quiet, and none shall make him afraid.  For I am with thee, to save thee; though I make a full end of (all) nations whither I have scattered thee, (But) I will correct thee in (measure), I will not leave thee altogether unpunished.  For thus saith the Lord, "Thy bruise," which made thee Least and Little Ones, "is incurable and is grievous."

Verse 13.  There is none to plead thy cause that thou mayest be bound up, thou hast no healing medicine.

Verse 14.  All thy lovers have forgotten thee, they seek thee not; for I have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy, with the chastening of a cruel one, for the multitudes of thine iniquity -- on our own thoughts and ways in His name and the increase of our sins.

Verses 15, 16, 17 are wonderful reading, and on to the end.  Self-seeking, self-saying, and self-doing can only bring added rebuke and chastening to all; for His eyes are as a flame of fire, and rein and heart are clear to Him who is The Rewarder.

It has been very difficult to keep Alpha people in the little one's place; to keep them from muddying the waters from the throne by their own thoughts and ways, which one brings them trouble to get simple and clear Spirit's understanding from Revelation with fear to add to or take from it -- is wisdom.  For if Jacob, Rachel, and Israel are not purified and perfected, what can we expect in the world wheat harvest of The Tribulation Saints?  So lick your sores and learn to honor the Spirit's reading, not in word, but in deed.

My Love in Him to you,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Fountains
December 29, 1936

My dear Fountains and Don:

Thanks for yours - many. The Devil is the deceiver of the unregenerate humans on the earth who glory in their 20th Century Matt. 23; civilization. As Satan - he is the accuser and adversary of all who have ears and mouth for what comes from the Throne. So it's our job not to give place to his accusation - or to be the mouthpiece of it or ear to receive it. I have noticed something like foot and mouth disease working in persons and places, but I'm not the least interested, but only to give (all) a chance to eat and drink from the Throne. If that don't help them - I know accusation - scandal and despising of them can't do more than make matters worse.

If you read Matt. 18: where we get the foundation truth for the Least and Little Ones - it shows clearly that they are those who have cut off right hand - foot and plucked out right eye - which simply means they will look in works and walk and vision very different from those who have perfect works - walk and vision - and have not felt need of what God only can supply in Meat and Drink from the Throne of God and Lamb.

Rev. 12:11, shows they who are most accused night and day - overcome by the Blood of the Lamb - and word of their witness - and they loved not their lives to the death.

So it's not by perfect works - walk or vision - that can only tend to make us "Judges" of others or measure them by their wrongness - while we measure ourselves by our rightness. From the cradle to the grave - the whole human race offend or are offended every day - that we may learn to forgive as we hope to be forgiven, and the end of Matt. 18: makes the conditions very clear and simple for all who are His Disciples.

Matt: 5:6: & 7: are very simple words for all who are the Least and Little Ones. Dog, Hog, and Goats, and Wolves will all be clearly revealed by their attitude to others. The Sheep will always value fellowship with others in their desire and value placed on the fresh green grass, which agrees with them and leaves the dog feed, or hog feed, or goat horns to others, while the wolf with sheep wool will raven and enjoy devouring, rather than covering and saving.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

I am very pleased to hear of Mrs. F's benefitting by the X-ray treatment, and hope it will ease and cure till something better comes. The test of Love of God in our heart - is not loving those who suit us best, but loving those who need our help most. Just the opposite of what unregenerate professors do.

Jer. 30 & 31: are very good as showing the Jacob and Israel of Rev. Jer. 30: 10-17, is very sweet reading, and gives us the Key to much of our suffering and the results. I never hope to be or amongst perfect people. But amongst those who have a Godly heart to treat others as God does them. As Abel treated Cain to the Death. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Ritzmans
December 29, 1936

My dear Ritzman Family:

Thanks for your (2). And I wish both the joy of heart in seeing come in the New Year what He has so graciously commuted to all who hear His Voice and can read and witness and Amen His programme in Revelation.

I enclose the photograph of the young man who asked me to go to the meeting where I professed, on 7th January 1893 - my 31stbirthday - his father, a neighboring colliery manager and elder in the church hindered Dave all he could - lost his namesake son by drowning near home - and was never the same. Died suddenly when he and Dave were chatting at the station on way for a holiday. His eldest and nicest of 2 daughters went for a holiday to Ireland, died in 2 days - Dave married and had 2 boys and wife died leaving the children, the one on the photo married and been teaching in Rhodesia, South Africa - other 2 brothers died during past years leaving only Dave and Tina who had married unhappily - so keeps house for Dave. Mother died from pneumonia 8 years ago - Dave is cashier and clerk at the only colliery in that district, all closed down, and what was once a gold mine for workers where I used to be central is now a black area unemployed and scattered. My chief was the most honored man in Scotland mining world - died in November - 81- and full of honours, who did all he could to hinder me doing what God put in my heart and which we can see better and clearer now than ever. Of the many wise advisers then there are few left, but all beyond the grave will be my friends today and I have no doubt they are but samples of millions who have been more or less directly touched by my life and Matt. 23 Message.

If not by Jesus - the Way - Truth and Life - and no man cometh to the Father on any other way, than He revealed - either as Son and Servant. How clear the 2 paths, the many who perish - and the few who are saved only revealed when I was made Son of Man as my reward for 22 years of wise and faithful service, and found no Faith on the Earth, so far as knowing Rev. in 1914 - though now we have quite a few with ears to hear and witness in proof of having ears to hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches - or my work in pre war days. If I had become the greatest in the Kingdom - the many would have followed and perished in their self righteousness - but the man Jesus said was to be greater than John Baptist was to be the Least in the Kingdom - which simply means he had cut off hand - foot and plucked out right eye - and all the little ones will wear similar marks in the eyes of those with perfect work - walk and sight - only to go where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched - while the little ones will have ears and heart for the Message of God from the Throne and live and suffer for it.

Matt. 18; is a perfect guide to His method of choosing the Least and little ones - who hear His Voice in spite of all the humiliation and rejection through cutting off of right hand - foot - eye. We are just on the brink of the volcano in first and second woes - becoming worldwide. The king's abdication is a far greater sign than appears. He sacrificed the greatest Throne in the world - for the love of a woman twice divorced which the R.P. & E. world rejected. But it shows where they are, and what tyrants they be in the name of God.

Genesis 2 - shows marriage to be civil contract. Genesis 3 - shows what the devil has made it. Could we think of Adam and Eve wanting to go through form of marriage after being out of the garden. The whole Leftists on the earth are opposed to Holy marriage as a sacrament while the Rights who fight for church - monarchy and capitalism - and privilege. So the 1st woe is made clear by the king's choice, but can only fulfill Mal. 4; Conditions here are very hot as you will see by today's paper which I am sending you.

My love and best wishes for all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Byers Family
December 31, 1936

My dear Byers Family:

Thanks for yours. Glad you are all O.K. and better times for farmers. The Gentile Nations still keep Xmas with its Peace on Earth and Good Will to men, but they forget that He is neither in the cradle, nor cross, nor tomb - but on the Throne with His Father and the Spirit on earth bearing witness now for 22 years by all He can get into and by their witness to be 8 woes of Matt. 23; being on the earth in fulfillment of Matt. 24; the end of which chapter shows the wise and faithful servant who witnessed to the Gentile Nations for 22 years previous to 1914 - of the 8 woes which have been controlled from the Throne and witnessed to by the Son of Man, now to be added to, in the 3 woes yet to come, as the Thrashing or tribulation period. Past 22 years have been harvest of what Man sowed in their Matt. 23; worship and service - putting God out of the picture and exalting the god of this world and devil in their pride and wickedness - called worship.

When they say this Xmas peace and safety - then sudden destruction cometh on them and they who say it shall not escape, and you can see it ripe for the work in the world, back Rights and Lefts in Spain . Rights for the Church - Monarchy and Capitalism and its privileges at the expense of Labour, Socialism and Bolshi. The lefts who are Democratic in so far as they vaulted into power legally - but Bolshi in all their tho'ts and ways. Spain but a sample of what's coming on the earth.

The King's abdication reveals the power of the R. P. & E. over the Monarchy. The religious objected to a double divorcee being Queen on the Empire - being a commoner also was a hinderance in the eyes of the Blue Blood. So you see it all fits into the world conditions - known as R. P. & E.

Roosevelt's work in uniting South American 21 Nations into a pact of friendship defense and peace, fulfills the 4th beast and 10 horns of Daniel 7; and they - I expect will do the Revelation 17; trick to the Whore. Here the Arabs are working hard, getting ready to drive the * British and Jews into the Sea - old and young rich and poor, are to be on the front line. So Ethiopia becomes a sample of what it will be ere long. The new modern armies in the air, destroying the old. What we see and hear on the earth is proof of who and where He is avenging His death, on the piercing world.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

TTT Editor's Note: *British? See next letter to Babylons (British & Jews into sea) [This is a hand-written note on original]

Wm. Irvine's letter to Dorothy & Tony Babylon
December 31, 1936

My dear Dorothy and Tony:

Thanks for 2 from you. Glad to hear how you get on. We are on the edge of the great volcano which expresses more fully what Revelation gives us to expect. It's comical to see and hear the whole Gentile - so called Christian world celebrating His birth, as Easter they remember His death. Peace on Earth Good Will to Men is for His first coming - but Wrath and Judgment From the Throne is the Message to the inhabiters of the earth. So you see how far removed we are from they who say Peace and Safety - after 22 years of Matt. 24; promises in wars and rumors of war - earthquakes - famine and pestilence in divers places - and the Son of Man witnessing to these things as His reward for 22 years witness to Matt. 23; amongst the Gentile nations - the 8 woes of that Chapter having been fulfilled to the Gentile world since 1914; but the 3 woes to come - will be worse - 100% - when they say "Peace and Safety" at Christmas - then sudden destruction cometh - and they who say it - shall not escape.

This is where we are and why we see Spain as a sample of Rights fighting for Democracy - but it's labor, Socialism and Bolshi and Anarchy - but called Democracy, by voted into power, and great many flocking to help them out on both sides from all over the world. Ethiopia is a sample of the coming war between East and West. The New modern armies - to destroy the old - but none to conquer - for it's but fulfilling Mal. 4:1, on both sides.

The King of England's abdication, because of the R.P.E's. would not let him make Queen a commoner, and the religious people in particular, because she is twice divorced - shows the Priest has more power than the King - revealing to the Lefts in the world the true facts behind Monarchism - and so weakening and revealing what is really behind Monarchy and Religion. So you see the conditions hotter by every move made. The Arabs threatening to drive British and Jews into the sea soon.

My love in Him who sits on the Throne - judging the Nations - and every man.

Wm. Irvine




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