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Secret Mormonism and Christian Science
By Amelia A. Atmore
Published October, 1927

Part 3
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Publisher Christian Literature
Barkingside, Essex , Great Britain



Many people wonder at the Go-Preachers’ profession of belief in the Deity of Christ, whilst at the same time they say that He had to overcome His own flesh. But note, the Go-Preacher, like any other Mormon, claims to have the same Deity as Christ. Since their claims are so lofty, what could be more appropriate than for them to acknowledge the Deity of Christ? As they cannot deny their own sinful flesh, is it not natural that they would accuse Christ of also having sinful flesh? They claim that Christ, whom they speak of as Our “Elder Brother,” was the Divine Son of God, in that He kept the Commandments of God, the same as those of “the Jesus way” are the divine children of God, and likewise keep His Commandments.

Both Go-Preacher and Latter Day Saint teach that God sent His Son into the world to redeem mankind from inherited sin, and that through His death, man was brought to the knowledge that Christ was the Messiah and was thus reconciled to God through the death of Christ. Thus Christ was the Messiah and the divine Son of God in that He kept the Commandments of God, and was obedient even unto death.

They likewise claim that just in the same way as God sent Christ into the world to redeem mankind from inherited sin, so God also sends them, His present day Saints (the Go-Preachers and the Latter Day Saints) into the world to redeem mankind from personal sins, and as Christ was obedient even unto death, so also are they prepared to die for “the Jesus way, which is the only way.” Hence their claims to be “gods,” “Jesus Christs” and the divine “children of God.” Surely such teaching as this is nothing short of blasphemy.

Both Latter Day Saints and Go-Preachers state that the death of Christ merely gave us the chance to be like Him. If that were so, then, “What did He live for?” If, as they argue, the fact of the Apostles being saved before Christ died, proves that we are saved by the life of Christ, then what of our inherited sins, for which they state Christ died? The Apostles, according to their teaching, could have only been half saved.

I have heard the Go-Preachers remark that “It is the Roman Catholic’s delusion, and over estimation of the Deity of Christ, which makes them pray to the Virgin Mary, and prejudices them against giving the people of God (themselves) a hearing. Likewise it is the Brethren’s over estimation of the Blood of Christ, which makes them refuse to listen to the people of God (themselves), who are the only means of Salvation.”

I am not a member of either the Church of Rome, or the Brethren, but it was these statements which caused me to see the Go-Preachers were a false Sect.


The Go-Preachers, like the Latter Day Saints, declare that the text, “Israel shall be chosen out from among all other nations,” does not mean that the Jewish Nation shall be chosen out from among all other nations, but that it applies to themselves; they being composed of all nationalities, and they alone walking the “Jesus Way” are thus God’s chosen people – the true Israelites.

Many think that their lofty claims are vain imaginations. I boldly say that they are not imaginations at all, but the white slave traffic or what is equally as bad, carried on under the cloak of religion. The Mormon’s great cry is “You must live the life Christ lived.” I, therefore, spoke to the supposed Go-Preachers concerning a young man who is not only a firm believer but a zealous worker who follows as closely in the Master’s footsteps as any mortal possibly could. He simply said that if he was one of God’s chosen he would link up with them. They tried their very best to trap this young man into their religion.

They know that his zeal would draw many others (I venture to say many girls). But because they failed in their efforts, they would not acknowledge that he was living a Christ like life. This, combined with other facts already mentioned, proves that the Mormon’s lofty claims are but the Devil’s snares to entrap and to make the victims submit to his ministers. I am sure that any right-thinking person will agree with me that this marriage of my daughter can only be looked upon as white slave traffic conducted by Mormons.

Young men could, of course, always find wives for themselves. It would seem as if it is for this reason that the Mormons always sell their victims to old men who, burning in their lust and passion, are prepared to pay any price which may be demanded of them for young wives.

It was only after they failed in their efforts to transport my daughter out of the country that they sold her off right here, and taking all circumstances into consideration, there is not a shadow of a doubt that her husband was in league with the supposed Go-Preachers and that there was a definite understanding amongst them all. It would be good to know exactly how much these Mormon fiends have gained by my daughter’s marriage. I have at last fathomed the depths of the supposed Go-Preacher’s impudence and deceit, when he on several occasions asked me what I would do if my daughter got married; and I can now also understand why my daughter’s husband and his brother, who at one time were so bitterly opposed to the supposed Go-Preachers, are now so friendly with them.

Whilst the Mormons will not discuss any private business when there are strangers present, it is quite clear that they allowed my daughter’s husband into their private meetings, because he was at that time, if not a prospective buyer, a prospective tool. The fact that the marriage took place speedily and secretly is proof that both Christian Scientist and Mormon were trading and each were eager to clench the deal.

It is common knowledge that when Mormons are eager to clench bargains, they frighten their victims into marriage by telling them that if they do not marry and have children they will go to hell. I would here point to some of the Go-Preachers speedy and secret marriages.

Whilst speaking with the Hostess, I was told that my daughter was of age and this being so I had no further claim upon her, and that she therefore had a right to join God’s chosen people. I turned to her and said, “Whether your daughter was of age or not you would not like to see her ruined would you?” To my amazement she replied that if her daughter was ruined for the Lord’s sake she would not mind. This, dear reader, hypocrisy from the very depths of “Hell.” It is to make people believe that their lives are so consecrated to God, that they would not mind what happens. I am sure that if the Mormon God requires the ruination of women and girls in order to increase man’s honour and glory, our Heavenly father does not, for He values a good woman as priceless. Such statements or mentalities can only be regarded as either a cloak or an excuse for their immoral supposed-to-be religion, or else it is Mormon insanity.

Whilst a victim’s age may count, as far as her relatives are concerned, it is of no value at all, when it comes to Mormon authority. Whether old or young, she simply has to submit, and dare not complain or disclose secrets, not even if such a victim escaped. To prove this, I may mention a case that has been brought to my notice, where a victim who had been initiated into their vows, and had broken away, would not tell her reasons for doing so. Personally, I do not blame her in the least, for I know that their pledge has a double knot which binds both sides, and which might mean loss of character or even death to such a victim.

“It would be a good thing to know whether and how many Mormon sealed wives we have in the country.”

The supposed Go-Preachers’ large family is a strong indication of Mormonism. We know that the Mormons blasphemously quote Scripture and teach that the salvation of women lies in child bearing.

Does not their teaching contradict itself, for if women can only be saved in child bearing of what avail is either the life or death of Christ? The fact that they do not recognise others, whose lives really are Christlike, is but further proof.

On another occasion the Hostess told me that people say that she is Dutch because she has so many children.

The statement was quite uncalled for. But for her remark I would never have given the matter a thought, for I am not opposed to large families and God forbid that I should grudge life to anyone.

The Hostess was neither Dutch nor British, but according to her own statement, half American-Irish and half South African-French. She further claimed that her father was a free thinker. Perhaps these things may partly account for her strange mentality.

I am convinced that unless definite steps are taken to remove Mormonism from the country, we shall soon be over run with Mormons.

Many girls obtain employment and enter our territories without any guardian. They come and go and often are never heard of again, not even by their parents. Where do they get to? If the Mormon could go out under disguise and take advantage of a girl being of age and sell her in our own colony where she has her people, what would they not do with girls who are away from their homes?


Whilst both Go-Preacher and Latter Day Saint know perfectly well that there is no law on religion providing they do not break the law of the land, they have both threatened to take action against me, and finding that they could not bluff me that way, they have declared that they have no desire to take action, but prefer to take a humbler attitude. (Chance would be a fine thing). They know that every word I have said or written against them is solid truth, and that a great deal more would come out if they did take action, so it would not be to their advantage to do so.

The statement that they do not believe in, or have any desire to take action, is another falsehood; for they went so far as to threaten action against the Editor of a certain newspaper, who exposed them on my behalf, if he did not publish an apology withdrawing his statement. Needless to say, the Editor refused to do so; and although this was three years ago, he is still waiting for them to take action.


Both Go-Preacher and Latter Day Saint declare that it does not matter what man may do to them, they will stand any test, as the truth of God (their religion) was not founded on the traditions of man. Whilst it is quite right of the Go-Preachers to ignore Irvine as their founder, is it not fraud on their part to let the world remain under the impression that he was? Has it not been proved beyond doubt that the Mormons’ so-called Bible was founded upon an historical novel, written by Solomon Spaulding, who died before his manuscript was published? Under these circumstances, would any Mormon dare to tell us that their religion was not founded on the traditions of men? I may here say that whilst the Go-Preachers wear black stockings to indicate that they have died to the world, they are very much alive to the flesh, and God’s Word teaches that if we sow to the flesh we shall of the flesh reap corruption.

For the safety sake of our girls, both Go-Preacher and Latter Day Saint misapply the following texts– 2 nd Chron. xix., 2; Matt. xix., 2, 29; Rom. xvi., 17, 18; Luke xiv., 26; Matt. x., 35, 7- to cause family dissension. The Mormon misapplication of these texts has lured thousands of girls away from their homes, and has finally led them to immoral slavery, insanity or suicide.

Whilst the Go-Preacher bishops guarantee their preachers into the country and afterwards allow them to sponge on others, we may ask the reader to compare such a state of affairs with 1 st Tim., chapter iii., verse 2.


There are but very few people here in South Africa who know the Go-Preachers by any name at all. They are usually referred to as “Those People.”

During my interview with two Mormon Elders, I told them straight to their faces that Mormonism had converted my precious and once pure and innocent child into a common liar. They were not in the least surprised at my accusation and remained perfectly silent.

But the secret of their silence lies in the fact that Mormons declare that God permits them to lie; and to deceive the Gentiles in order to save His people.

This explains the Go-Preachers’ school of falsehoods and likewise their silence when we approach them with regard to the lies they unblushingly tell.

In Rev. xxi., verse 27, we read, “And there shall in no wise enter into it (the Heavenly Jerusalem) anything which defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie.”

We are further instructed not to bear false witness against our neighbours. Where are the Go-Preachers or any other Mormon in this?

These elders attempted to tell me that even though the supposed Go-Preachers preached the same doctrine as the Latter Day Saints, it does not say that they are Mormons!

But I challenged and asked them whether they meant to tell me that if people preached Mormonism, they were not Mormons?

When they saw that I had them beaten on this score, the one turned on me and said, “See if those people were connected with the Latter Day Saints, we would know, for they are bound to use the Book of Mormon, and we know where our books go. We keep a record of all books we sell and also to whom they are sold.”

But he was surprised when I told him that twenty-six years ago I bought a copy of the Book of Mormon, and gave it away. I asked him whether he could tell me where this book went to. Needless to say, he acknowledged his defeat, and declared that the methods employed in working my child out of my home were heartbreaking. (Hypocrite).

Whilst I had this Mormon beaten with regard to the book bought, I must confess that it at the same time brought home to me the error of buying books of these false Sects. Why, I myself may have been responsible for having raised a Mormon Sect, just through this book!

Whilst these Mormon Elders knew right well that the Go-Preachers do not distribute literature, they asked me to show them some of the Go-Preachers’ literature. Thus one sees how the Go-Preachers’ nondistribution of literature answers the purpose of both Go-Preachers and Latter Day Saints.

If the supposed Go-Preachers distributed literature it could only be Mormon literature.

It is also known that owing to their double dealings they often have to deny that they know one another. This sort of thing is what they call “taking up their cross and denying themselves in order to follow Jesus.”

I may further state that whilst these Elders were total strangers to me, yet when they were taking their departure the one addressed me by my daughter’s name, the same as most Go-Preachers do. This, as well as other evidences, not only proves that these Elders knew all about the affair, but that every victim secured by the Go-Preachers are registered at the Mormon Headquarters. When the Mormon President visited Salisbury during August, 1930, my daughter did so likewise, and it is evident that they all had a good time together.

The Latter Day Saints claim to have a good many supernatural gifts in the way of healing, etc. Hence the Go-Preachers’ bogus nursing.

When I convinced the Latter Day Saints that the Apostles had the power to raise the dead and did so, they wriggled out of it and said that “The Apostles never went to the cemetery to raise the dead.”

In conclusion it is gratifying to know that not only does my daughter indirectly admit that they are Mormons, but also that the Go-Preachers more or less universally own up that they are Latter Day Saints, and still more so to find that some of them blush at the word Mormon. The only pity is that they never or seldom admit anything in writing, or in the presence of witnesses. They usually admit or own up in an indirect manner. It would seem as if they are afraid of their pledges or vows.

It was quite honest of them to deny that they are Go-Preachers or Cooneyites, but certainly not honest to deny that they are Mormons known as the Cooneyites or the Go-Preachers. For that is what they often do when asked whether they are the Go-Preachers!


All Mormons base their individual salvation on the life of Christ (both before and after His death) and membership with them. All Mormons claim to be the restored Church of Jesus Christ, there has been no true witnesses of Christ in between themselves and the early Christians and there can be none apart, their mission is directly linked up with the mission of the early Apostles and on that account the Bible is a dead book unless it is made to live through their preachers: and thus no one can be saved without their agency. They claim to carry out their mission on the principals and methods introduced by Christ, and hence the expression “The Jesus way” and “The lowly way.” They claim to be Zion, the Israel of God, the Testimony of Jesus. No Mormon preaches for a salary, nor does any Mormon take up a collection at any of their meetings. They all claim to be out looking for the lost sheep of the house of Israel (themselves) and others whom they may deem worthy. It will be noticed at their meetings that they usually speak about sheep, and refer to their preachers as “the servants of God,” and likewise speak of their people as the Saints or the People of God.

All claim to carry out our Lord’s instructions in exactly the same way as the early Apostles and Disciples did. They all go out on the strength of the same texts, as the early Apostles and Disciples. Namely, Matt. x, Luke ix. and x. All Mormons state that “the miracles performed by the early Apostles were in a spiritual sense” (and not in a material sense as the so-called Christian Churches claim), and “that they likewise perform the same miracles.” And all Mormons baptise secretly after the style of the endowment house in Utah, and all claim that if people having met the truth of Jesus, which of course means having listened to their arguing or preaching, allowed themselves to be baptised by a hireling such as a Baptist Minister or any other person who receives a salary for preaching, or by imposters and counterfeits such as Plymouth Brethren, shall be eternally lost.


Very often after people have been in contact with Mormons they become unreasonable and impossible, they will not be warned, to try and show them their error is a waste of time. Others again become depressed and melancholy and seem to find no alternative but to join the Jesus way. I have in my possession several letters written by people just before joining the Cooneyite Section of Mormons. These letters were all written by females and all show a depression and melancholy state of mind.


Ask and insist on them telling who their founders were. It will be found that they claim to be linked up with and to go about in the same way as the early Apostles. They may admit that there was a lapse between themselves and the early Apostles, but will not tell who revived the Apostles’ mission. This is a good way of getting rid of them, for we would be quite justified in telling them that we do not wish to listen to people who are ashamed to mention their founder’s name. (Of course we must be on our guard lest they give some false name, hence my object in giving so much detail), and I ask: Does not the above on all points prove the Go-Preachers to be Mormons of a very high order?


My experience proves that Mormons not only have general pledges binding them and their religion together, but they also have individual pledges accompanied by threats, and there are no two converts held by the same pledge. In this way their Leaders are able to conceal from one convert their wickedness with another, and further to immediately trace any individual who may expose a pledge.


A sewing shop bearing the above title has recently been opened by one of the so-called Go-Preacher women folk in the country. She is supposed to specialise in the invisible darning of silk stockings. This is a sure trap for girls. A short while ago it was my privilege to rescue a young married woman who had been attracted there. It is quite clear that this darning specialist picks out girls who are half witted and unacquainted with the Scriptures, inviting them to the abode where they would come under the influence and observation of the Hostess. Note, she does not take such girls to the abode herself, but sends someone else to fetch them. I happen to know the person who calls for them, and I may add that the owner of the shop is the very woman who hid my girl away. If she could hide mine, she could hide someone else’s.

Would it not be better to have your own eyes opened first, before attempting to open the eyes of another?

The so-called Cooneyites are quick at pointing the finger at any professed Christian worker who happens to get into trouble for breaking the laws of the land. They consider it is because such an one has not been saved through their preaching.

But how about their member who has just completed (here in our own town) a three year penal servitude sentence for breaking into a woman’s room with evil intentions. Of course we do not doubt that the Mormons may regard it as being “Imprisoned for the Faith’s sake,” but for all that this man had broken the law.



One of the most dangerous of false religions is Mormonism. That it is spreading in this country there can be no question. They are going about distributing their literature to unsuspecting persons. To hear them speak or lecture on Mormonism one would not get any idea how dangerous their teachings are. Like the Proselytes, they disguise their identity and appear to be quite orthodox at first until they have secured a hold. Our pastors ought to keep well informed as to their operations and be ready to expose them on short notice when they appear in their neighborhood to proselyte their members. There is no question that they are growing rapidly. “The Christian Statesman” recently had the following concerning this sect:


FIRST-That “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” is what is known as the :”Mormon Church”?

SECOND-That this Mormon Church unchurches all other churches?

THIRD-That in order to deceive the unwary, they sometimes call themselves “The Church of God,” “The Church of Christ,” and “The Church of Jesus Christ”?

FOURTH-That the Mormon Church calls three thousand young men and women as missionaries each year and that these missionaries prey upon the young people of evangelical Christianity?

FIFTH-That these missionaries receive no remuneration, and are compelled to beg or earn their way,. so that they besiege Christian women to buy subscriptions to magazines, Christmas cards and calendars, silk hosiery, etc. to assist them while they proselyte?

SIXTH-That the Mormon Church teaches that Adam is the god of this world and the only god with whom we have to do?

SEVENTH-That Jesus Christ was a polygamist, and at the wedding at Cana, Jesus married Mary and Martha and the other Mary, and that Jesus lived to see His own children?

EIGHTH-That the Holy Spirit is a substance; the purest, most refined and subtle of all substances, as electricity, etc.?

NINTH-That the Mormon priesthood holds the power and right to give laws and commandments to individuals, churches, rulers, nations and the world; to appoint, ordain and establish constitutions and kingdoms; to appoint kings, presidents, governors and judges?

TENTH-That the Book of Mormon, Book of Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Sayings of Joseph Smith, the Seer, are regarded as equal in importance to the Holy Bible?

ELEVENTH-That there are many gods and that every man is an embryo god who, with his wives, will be able to raise up a numerous family of sons and daughters throughout eternity?

TWELFTH-That the Mormons teach baptism for the dead and cite as authority for this teaching Malachi 4, 5 and 6?

THIRTEEN?-That the Revelations on Polygamy is still a part of their teaching and says that “no one can reject this covenant of polygamy, and be permitted to enter into Heaven”?

It would be well if our pastors would secure a list of tracts and other literature on this subject from the Utah Gospel Mission, 1854 E. 81 st Street, Cleveland, Ohio. It would not cost much to get authentic information from this source.

The following is a remark by the Editor of “Heresies Exposed” concerning the Cooneyites:

“It would also be interesting to know how their ‘Bishops’ show ‘Hospitality’ (1 Tim. iii., 2). Is it in other people’s homes?”


The Go-Preachers motive for misconstruing the text “Faith comes by hearing” is undoubtedly to disguise the fact that they are not in a position to distribute literature, and to prove that they play on people’s temperament. Whilst their leader was staying at our house he was in daily contact with my sister-in-law, who is rather deaf, and she being a married woman he could not take her out for walks (like he did with my daughter) in order to find out her weak points on which to trade, and owing to her deafness he would not dare to speak too loud. It is evident that rather than give the game away they would see a soul eternally lost, for once when I asked him about my sister getting saved he replied that Mrs.– is a nice young woman and seems as if she was one whom they could help, but on account of her deafness he was unable to do so, for which he was very sorry.

I would further warn girls against the Go-Preacher women folk, for I know from my own personal experience of them that they make it their special business to get into contact with nurses and other girls and that without exception all such girls are invited to the abode and are then subtly thrown under the influence of the Hostess.

I shall never forget, whilst I was staying at the abode, how their woman leader got into conversation with a pretty girl and invited her to the abode. The woman leader instructed the Hostess to have the place cleaned up, for the reception of this young woman, but the girl, however did not turn up. Several notes were sent to her renewing the invitation, but still she did not come, whereupon the Host (their Bishop) was instructed to keep a sharp look-out for her by the woman leader, who made it her business to find out the girl’s movements.

It will further be noticed that the victims of the Go-Preachers, like the victims of any other Mormon, are chiefly girls, who have either a step-father, or no father at all.

A LETTER WRITTEN BY THE AUTHOR to the Secretary of a Christian Science Committee in South Africa

Salisbury, South Africa

Dear Friend

With regard to my publication now in circulation. In consideration of the expense thereof I had to put things as briefly as I possibly could, and yet at the same time show up as much as possible of the Mormon wriggling, so as to safeguard people against future events. A second edition is now about to be published, which will prove the Go-Preachers to be a secret Mormon organisation. They constitute what is known as a “stake” in the Mormon Church.

Whilst a stake is not necessary a higher order, but a stronger organisation controlling wards (smaller organisations). The Go-Preachers are after the highest order of Mormons possible. They are after what is known as the Melchizedek order; in other words, the Order of Christ, or the Testimony of Jesus. Now we all know that the higher Mormon orders are the worse possible, and the very fact that the Go-Preachers refuse to tell us who it was who revived their mission, which they (like any other Mormon) claim to be directly linked up with the mission of the early Apostles, is proof that there is an evil motive in the background and I feel sure that you will agree with me that (whether directly or indirectly, whether cash or kind) when people buy and sell girls, and that right here in our midst, they should be exposed no matter who they may be. However, I do not for one moment suggest that Christian Science as an organisation is already in any way connected with Mormonism, but this I do say, that in the same way as Christians will unite, so, also, will anti-Christ sects unite. There is every indication of these things being so already even here in our own town right before our eyes, and how could it be otherwise? Light is light, and darkness is darkness, and the one cannot have fellowship with the other. And those who belong to Christ at His Second Coming will go with Him, and those who belong to the Prince of Darkness will of necessity remain with him. And you will forgive me if I in love, humility and sincerity tell you that in the light of God’s Holy Word Christian Science is even more anti-Christian than Mormonism, for whereas Mormonism professes to believe in the Deity of Christ, and in the atoning value of His death, half way, Christian Science unblushingly and wholly denies both.

Christian Science may have many beautiful qualities, but in her attempt to knock out the fundamentals of the Scriptures all her good qualities become but as filthy rags in the sight of the living God.

Note, friend, I have no desire or intention to hurt your feelings unless that by so doing I could bring you to God, but I feel it my duty to tell you that by most people who have been in contact with Christian Science as well as by more able writers than myself, it is regarded as mesmerism; I, however, can only say that I find it to be wholesale hypnotism (Mrs. Eddy’s mind over other minds), but that does not matter. We all know that these two are both mind sciences, both go in for mind training and deal with the mind, and both require trained practitioners; they are but twin brothers, and no doubt Christian Science consists of both. My grief lies in the fact that I do not believe that every Christian Scientist is a Scientist merely because he or she thinks it respectable to have a religion, or because Christian Science is a convenient religion in that it permits its followers to have a God whom they call mind, in one hand and the world in the other-far from it. I am convinced that Christian Science is one of His Satanic Majesty’s lullabies and that there are some of those whom he has lulled to sleep, who were (when they came into contact with Christian Science) genuinely seeking something to satisfy their Spiritual Being and who otherwise would have been very much awake and very much alive in the happy service of Christ. Apart from love for Christ and looking at matters from a common sense standpoint, if our Lord Jesus Christ is not “God the Son,” as the Bible teaches. He of necessity must have been the greatest imposter and the greatest blasphemer the world has ever known or ever will know. Right through the Old Testament, holy men of God described and pointed to the coming of the Lord Jesus. In the New Testament holy men of God declared Him to have come, and ever since then right down the ages, His Name has been above all other names. If in the face of these hard facts we declare that Jesus Christ was not God manifested in the flesh, we not only go against God’s word, but we deceive ourselves, and let us not do so, for the Scripture says, “Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap,” and again, if, as Christian Science states, “that Jesus Christ was not God as He was said to have declared,” how was it that He, the lowly untaught Nazarene, without money and without training, could perform, and likewise give His Apostles power to perform, miracles which surpass any of those which Christian Science practitioners train for, and claim to perform, and for which training they pay money, and for performing they accept money? Christian Science claims to heal through the mind. Whereas our Lord and His Apostles cured the actual disease, and their patients were astounded at the wonderful way in which their diseases were removed.

Should not these things convince us that Jesus is indeed the Christ, and that Christian Science is but a huge business concern? It is with the deepest regret that I should have to write in this strain about any sect who profess to be Christians. Not desiring that any should perish, but that all should turn to Christ and live, I am duty bound to do so. It is also apparent that you realise the imperfection in some Christians who do not live up to the requirements of their religion, but has it never dawned on you, friend, that it was our imperfection and inability to carry out the commandments of God, which led the Lord Jesus Christ to Calvary, so that by believing in Him and in His atonements we might escape the wrath of a just God?

You have further asked me not to take offence. I am glad to say that in our Lord Jesus I have long ago overcome that sort of thing, and therefore I never do. On the contrary I very much appreciate your kindly attitude and am in truth grateful to have got into touch with you, for the possibilities are, that hitherto you have not realised that what the glorious light and liberty the Gospel offers us, surpasses all else. Material things, pleasures and prosperities are not to be compared with having the joy of the love of God in our hearts. All other things become but fleeting shadows. Dear friend, will you not, like doubtful Thomas of old, humble yourself and accept Christ to be your Lord and your God? His burden is easy and His yoke light. You will find that the peace of God thus obtained, passes all understanding. Note how very fair and just our beloved Master is. He does not only tell us what to do to be saved, but also how it can be done, and where to come to, to have it done. Hearken to His declarations, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God” (John iii., 3). “Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matt. xviii., 3). Our first step is to be regenerated. How is this going to be done, except we come to Christ, who says, “Come unto me all ye who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” And again He promises that “He who cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out.” The moment we receive Jesus into our hearts and confess with our lips that He is the Christ, the personal Saviour of our souls we pass from death unto life. When we are in Christ Jesus we do not come under condemnation. (See Romans viii.).

I may add that love is not only impartial and universal, but also unselfish and eternal. I truly love my Master and also every soul for whom He died. Hence my labours.

In conclusion: God truly is love. “He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John iii., 16). Will you not believe in Jesus and receive the everlasting life God offers you? I pray you, friend, let not self-reasoning or any other reasoning hinder you, for I am convinced that however much we may blind ourselves against the truth, deep down in every heart lies the conviction, that some day, sooner or later, he or she will have to give an account for having rejected the Lord Jesus Christ, and of having spurned the Love of God, so amazing and so divine. I pray, friend, that you will give the matter your earnest consideration.

Feeble though these lines may be, I write them in all humility and sincerity, and trust that you will be able to see the awful delusion of “God is mind and mind is God.” Also the mis-construction Christian Science has placed upon the text “God is Love.” Whilst the whole of the Bible reveals God’s love to mankind, you will find that John iii., 16, and Romans, chapter v., reveals it in a very plain and practical way. Oh! may you come to Him. I do not ask you to join anything and I do not believe in pledges. My object and humble endeavour is to lead souls to Christ, where they may receive a full and free salvation and enjoy the glorious light and liberty of the Gospel of Christ.

Very sincerely yours,

For Christ and the lost,

A. A. Atmore

P.S.-Whilst I may appear hard in denouncing error, I assure you that in the depths of my soul there is nothing but love, pity, and deepest sympathy for those who are being deceived.-A.A.

Both Go-Preachers and Latter Day Saints omit the text “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel” because they cannot find the class of girl they want in every part of the world, and because it proves them liars with regard to the Bible being a dead book and that the Gospel was dead from the time of the Apostles until the advent of themselves. In Matthew 28, 19 and 20 our Lord instructed His disciples to go and teach and baptise all nations, promising them that He would be with them always even unto the end of the world. This is sufficient proof that the Gospel of this Lord Jesus has been handed down from age to age.

People often say that so and so is one of their sincere kind, and therefore would not do this or that! My experience proves that the sincere ones are the ones who can be least trusted; for the more sincere they are the worse they are. It stands to reason that the more interest we take and the more training we receive in our profession (be it what it may) the more efficient we become and thus we are the better able to produce or bring to pass our desired results. I may here add that Brigham Young was one of the most sincere Mormons who has ever walked the earth. So much so that Mormonism declares that God is not a Spirit but an exalted man like Brigham Young. It is a common boast that Brigham Young had twenty-one wives and a school of children.

I would solemnly warn all who have daughters against taking into their homes any of these supposed Go-Preacher women-folk whether they are supposed to be preachers or otherwise. Sometimes they arrange with people to take them into their homes on a plea of ill-health or some other excuse. The real object is to get, and to keep, in touch with the daughters of such homes, and to draw sympathy from them. They will appear to grow very fond of the daughter, but deep down in this exhibition of affection lies the trap to entice and decoy daughters away from their homes. The subtlety of these evil seducers, no human intelligence can fathom.

Where there is a Mormon either open or under disguise, there also is White Slave Traffic, either directly or indirectly, and whether they sell a victim in her own country, or transport her to another, makes no difference so long as they sell her and make the money, or achieve their objects.

Mormonism being such a strong organisation all over the civilised world, there would be no further need to transport girls to America, for everywhere is a Utah.

It was to the advantage of my daughter’s husband to shield the supposed Go-Preachers, for in so doing he would avert suspicion of the fact that he himself was having (if not directly then indirectly) shady transactions with Mormons.

So far as I know, one of the conditions in the marriage was that her husband would not interfere with her religion, the undoubted object being that in the event of children being born they would receive Mormon teaching without any interference from the father, and also keep his home open to these parasites. They do not care what method they employ to extend their kingdom, so long as they do so.

All Mormon children receive their instruction from their own parents or guardians in their own homes, and not at Sunday Schools or elsewhere.


Quite recently I have been in contact with a Latter Day Saint, and he argues in exactly the same manner as the supposed Go-Preachers that my daughter, being of age, has a right to please herself with regard to joining the “Jesus Way.” He went on to say that she, being of age, and a consenting party to her marriage, so long as she were happy, I should not accuse them of carrying on a white slave traffic, even though she married for her religion’s sake.

How conspicuously mean after using their filthy influences in decoying girls away from their homes and marrying them off, to say they being of age “pleased themselves.”

I also approached him with regard to taking wives away from their husbands. He replied that they only take wives away when the husbands are opposed to Mormonism. What impudence! I soon cornered him on this point by asking where we were going to end, if every sect who enter our territory were going to take away wives whose husbands are opposed to their religion.

He is very much opposed to the publication of this book, and maintains that so long as my girl is happy, I should not worry. He remarked that old men make good husbands, and that I was only wasting my time. I reminded him that no matter how unhappy my girl was, owing to Mormon authority, she would not dare to complain. I also pointed out that even supposing she was happy, how about other cases with no such happy results?

Would it not be wicked to sacrifice other people’s daughters in order to extend the Mormon kingdom? Would I not be as bad as the worst criminal to see this sort of think going on, and not warn my fellowmen? But he ridiculously maintained that so long as the girls are of age and agreeable I could not blame the religion. Could they possibly take a lower advantage? Could anything be more Satanic?

I further asked him what their object was in going out under disguise, seeing that Mormonism was permitted by law. He made no reply to this question, but admitted that if the New Testament condemned polygamy, then they were wrong for entertaining the idea. He also remarked that they were not strictly religious in these days. He further tried to soften me by saying, “See how brave and sincere the Mormon missionaries are. They give up all they have to their church and then go out into the world penniless without purse and without Scrip, simply trusting God to supply all their needs.” I soon convinced him that according to the Scriptures they were swindling, as those two commissions were given by our Lord to His Disciples, and were duly carried out by them. I proved to him that it was their hypocritical method of drawing sympathy from the public, and pointed out the evil of this, how that helpless and delicate children go short of food, because these parasites were eating what belonged to them.

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