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Secret Mormonism and Christian Science
By Amelia A. Atmore
Published October, 1927

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Publisher Christian Literature
Barkingside, Essex , Great Britain

Part 4


Three or four days after the arrival at our house of the Male Leader in May, 1928, for the supposed object of conducting a Mission in some of the mines, five miles out of town, my daughter came and told me that owing to slackness of work in the office, the Service might transfer her. This was undoubtedly the time she sent in her medical certificate together with her application for transference. About ten days later she came and told me that the Service had transferred her, and that she would have to leave on the night of the 24 th May, 1928. Note how they worked by stages.

Naturally, I was down-hearted at having to part with her. And whilst their Senior Elder was working for all he was worth to get the girl away, he used to come to me, pretending to console me. Often he said, “Don’t worry, she will be quite all right, and now that she is saved you won’t even have to worry about her getting into temptation.” Sometimes he used to say, “Look at me, my people are all scattered, but what does that matter? We are all right, we have got quite used to it.”


When they saw that I was determined that my daughter should not stay at their abode, they tried to find all manner of fault with me. I was amazed to hear the Hostess shout out the name of a certain boarding-house, saying that I would rather see my daughter stay there and go about with bobbed hair and half-naked, as other girls do.

Several boarding-houses offered accommodation to my daughter, and I did not stipulate which one she had to go to, but merely objected to her staying at the abode. Even the house mentioned by the Hostess is quite a respectable and up-to-date place.

My daughter was with me for twenty-one years, during which time I made every stitch of her clothes. In short I did everything for her, and as many people will testify, she always looked neat and modest.

During the time my daughter was staying at the abode, she wrote me a ten-page letter undoubtedly at the instigation of her friends. One of the many false accusations this letter contained was to the effect that I wanted to marry her off.

Whilst this concoction of lies were written to me it was addressed to my husband. The object was that it should fall into his hands so that he might see what evil things I was capable of, and thus would not blame the supposed Go-Preachers for having decoyed her away from home.

I, however, opened this letter myself and showed it to my husband. She actually had the impudence to ask him whether he had seen the letter and what he thought of it. She was very much taken back when he told her that it was a bundle of nonsense and asked her to remember how much I had done for her.

Would the Go-Preachers dare to say that my girl is the only one they have ever taken away from her home?

And who now has married the girl off? Was it I? Was not the boot on the other foot? Was not the very thing that they were falsely accusing me of, but what they themselves were doing? “Truly from the mouth proceedeth the things of the heart.”

It is too dreadful for words, to think that people in their full senses, with a living conscience and human hearts, can influence an inexperienced girl and make her two-fold more the child of Hell than themselves. Hell deserving as they are, I pray that God may save them one and all. He alone hath power to raise from death unto life, whether it be materially or spiritually.


Oh! that I could for one moment get the Go-Preachers and all other Mormons to honestly examine their position before God. They would find that in very deed and truth they were worshipping a religion (if I must call it a religion) and not the Living God. If they could but realise that the Bible teaches that the blood of Christ was not shed for any particular sect, but for whosoever believeth, I am sure they would be liberated and would become bright happy Christians, doing no end of good work for the Master. But no one can work when in chains.

The Bible plainly teaches that to those who believe on His Name He gives power to become the Sons of God.


In 2 Timothy iii. we read the following, concerning evil characters in the last days:-

1. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”

2. “For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.”

3. “Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good.”

4. “Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.”

5. “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.”

6. “For of this sort are they which creep into homes, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts.”

This chapter well describes present day evils which exist under the cloak of religion.


It has often been thrust into my face, by the Go-Preacher Women Leader that she, being a Spiritual Mother, and me only a Natural Mother, hers is a higher calling than mine.

Apart from this being one of their methods of teaching children to disregard their parents and influence them away from their homes, it is also a method of crushing a parent’s heart, so that he or she might lose their natural affection and thus be willing to sacrifice their child in order to satisfy the lusts of this supposed-to-be religion.

It pays them to stamp out the affection of parents for their children, and also any prejudice there may be against the “Jesus way,” for where parents begin to regard the position in which God has placed them as inferior, and to gain the impression that these Spiritual Parents have a higher claim, they become willing to give up their children, and no evil comes to light.

This would seem to explain the Hostess’s statement that she “would not mind seeing her daughter ruined if it was for the Lord’s sake.” And hence their Male Leader’s statement that “the Hostess is a good woman and does not let her children take God’s place.”

The necessity of a hell is a great pity, but it would be a greater pity if there were not such a place, for where, rightly and justly, should such corruption be consumed but in the Lake of Fire?

Oh! for the day when our Blessed Redeemer shall take His loved ones away from all this wickedness.


It is apparent that owing to Mormon callousness, the Go-Preachers do not understand that God endows a mother with a love which ranks next to His own, and which excels all other human love.

It does not seem to enter into their minds that God has favoured a mother with this superior love because He knows that the child He entrusts to her care and influence will spend its tender years with her. A mother’s office is beautiful and sacred. Being endowed with this special love she is less likely to fail in her duty towards God, with regard to her child, than anyone else would be.

Nay truly, every mother holds the key to her baby’s soul and has the privilege and opportunity to unlock it by instilling in early years the “Old Sweet Simple Story of Jesus and His Love.”

How strange that Mormons should see fit to try and destroy the love with which God has endowed a mother, and also the honour which He has bestowed on her.

Truly Satan knows that the best way to reduce the Kingdom of Christ is to do it in Christ’s own Name.


Whilst all Churches and denominations are suffering at the hands of the Go-Preachers, I find that the Dutch Reformed Church and the Church of England are the greatest sufferers of all.

Error in the Churches is the great cry of today. My experiences proves that there is greater error elsewhere.

Naturally, we expect to find the Church different to the ballroom and the Christian different to the worldling, and we say that “No man can serve two masters. We can’t serve God and Mammon also.” These things, dear reader, are only too true. But whilst we may expect these differences, we have no right to expect perfection in any Church as a body, for the simple reason that we cannot expect it in any individual person, “For we have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God.” If we cannot be perfect as individuals how are we going to be perfect as a Church? Running after sects of whom we know nothing takes us nowhere and will not mend matters. Patience and perseverance will accomplish much, and the spirit of Christ will conquer all.

Often the very people who talk such petty nonsense would join the Seventh Day Adventists; pay them a tenth of their incomes; buy their valueless books at extortional prices or spend their last penny on Christian Science literature and practitioners, or even sign all their property over to Mormons, not because these false sects have any interest in either our souls or in our country, but simply because they have learned the art of twisting the Scriptures, and have plausible tongues.

In order to support these wolves in sheeps’ clothes we often cut down our household expenses and so throw our fellow-countrymen out of employment and thus no doubt thousands of pounds are annually being sent out of the country.

Lack of love is another great cry. Whether your brother loves you or not, you love him and love will win love. Remember Christ went further than loving His brother. He loved His enemies and gave Himself for them.

Personal grievance is another thing we ought to put away. We are so apt to cut ourselves away from our church and so neglect God’s work (for which He will hold us responsible) just because our minister, elder or fellow-churchman has said something we did not like, or done us some small injury, which often is lack of tact rather than lack of love.

Very often the people who speak harshly to us, or on the spur of the moment cause offence, are the people who love us best; the very fact that they speak harshly is often proof that they have an interest in us and want to see us on the right footing. If they did not care about us I am sure they would not worry. And after all, “The rebuke of a friend is better than the flattering tongue of an enemy.”

Oh! for wisdom and understanding. If we could but bury our grievances in the Ocean of Love, what a difference there would be in this world.

The lack of love is not nearly so great as the lack of humility. Not only is humility the sweetest thing on earth, but it is the most powerful weapon anybody could have. It breaks the hardest heart and defies our fiercest foe. It pricks the conscience of those who have injured us, when they see us humble, and thus we are able to help them on to the right path. We lack willingness to bear with one another, and to reasonably submit.

Finally, whilst we never can be absolutely perfect, either as an individual or as a Church, we must remember that it is only on our shortcomings and imperfections that the devil can trade. He indeed has nothing else. And we only lack these beautiful qualities because we lack the spirit of Christ.

Our first business is to get right with God, and then pray fervently for the Spirit of Christ which alone can remove error and guide us in the right path.

Get right with God, and do it now.
Get right with God, He tells you how.
Oh, come to Christ who shed His blood,
And at the Cross get right with God.


Many prayers are being offered daily against these false sects, who like wolves in sheeps’ clothes, enter our Territory and so enter our Fold, and not only scatter the sheep, but even seek to devour those who are seeking after truth. Without prayer we cannot accomplish anything, but does not the present state of affairs call for action as well as prayer and will God not hold us responsible for the fact that the time we should devote to pulling our fellowmen out of the fire, we are actually spending at tennis, or some other form of amusement, all of which we call exercise. I am sure that we can all find the exercise we need for our bodies, in the Service of God, which would only be our reasonable duty, for we ought to remember that if God in His great love had not saved us we might have sunk as low in the scale of human degradation as the worst criminals. Ought we not therefore to be up and doing?

Lest my Christian friends do not understand me rightly, I am not referring to tennis in particular, nor do I grudge Christians a game of tennis, providing they are playing with Christians and are not wasting our Lord’s time. What I do feel and think is that a great deal of the time spent on tennis courts, etc., by our young people, should be spent going from door to door warning people against these false sects, distributing Gospel tracts, and inviting them to Church or Gospel Services.

I think it rather selfish to leave these tasks to older people, who already have their hands full in looking after the material wants of the young.

Who, then, will help to banish these foes? We cannot win the battle if we do not fight it, and we only lose because we lack courage.

Many giants, great and tall,
Stalking through the land,
Headlong to the earth would fall,
If met by Daniel’s Band.

I often hear Christians say, “What is the use of going round people don’t take any notice.” This is but Satan’s method of deluding and discouraging the Christian. People do take notice, even if they themselves do not come to Church, they often encourage others through their influence. Even if we do not see the fruit of our labours, what does that matter, so long as we sow the seed and our Blessed Master has the harvest at the end, which He undoubtedly shall have, and which shall be our joy?

Remember, dear young reader, often whilst we are on the tennis court or at some other form of amusement, Satan is sending his ministers from house to house under the disguise of Russelism, Seventh Day Adventism, Mormonism and all sorts of Isms, and they specially make for the Christian and those who are seeking truth.

Let us awake from the slumber of over-indulgence.

Never before did ministers of the Gospel so much need our help and co-operation as in these days of religious confusion and spiritual wickedness.

Who, then, will help them?

How it must grieve the heart of God to look down on a perishing world, for whom He gave His very best – “Our Lord Jesus Christ.” Truly the harvest is great, and the labourers few.

We see, right through the Bible, how that blood was offered for the sins of the people.

We find everywhere that Christ is the Door, the Way, the Truth, the Light. The one and only Mediator, between God and Man.

From whence, then, cometh all these duplicates? Are they not but tares sown by an enemy, whilst men slept?

We are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against the powers of darkness. The supposed Go-Preachers have not only robbed me of practically all that earth held dear to me, but have ruined my only little girl. I am no longer pleading for my own, I am leaving her entirely in the hands of God. Her conscience has been seared, and she is dead whilst she liveth. My purpose is to point out that what has happened in my home, is but what has happened in many other homes, and is likely to happen in yet many more, unless we awake to our responsibility toward God and Man regarding the evil of Mormonism.

It is the flower of our womanhood Satan seeks to destroy. Those who are pure and seek to do right.

People tell me that I should not worry, the Go-Preachers are only Roman Catholics. But nay, I know the Roman Catholic faith as well as I know my own, and whilst there is a resemblance between Roman Catholicism and Mormonism the same as there are resemblances among all religions which come under the heading of Christian Religions, I declare that Go-Preaching is not darkest Rome, but darkest Hell (Mormonism).

We do not find anywhere in the Scripture where it says we must walk, what Mormons call the “Jesus way,” before the blood of Christ can be of any avail. We do not find that Christ lived a ransom for any, but that He died a ransom for many.

If the blood of Christ cannot avail for the sinner’s individual accumulation of sin, and can only cleanse from daily sins if we join the Jesus way, how could it have removed so great a thing as the curse of Adam’s sin?

They dispense with the atonement wholly, and altogether, but they know that if they deliberately made a clean sweep of it they would not get nearly so many followers. So to secure converts, they cunningly classify sin and soothingly tell their converts that their inherited sins have been removed through the atonement, and that their individual sins will be removed if they obey the gospel preached by God’s own people (themselves). And to clench permanent membership, they bluff their victims that only if they continue to walk the “Jesus way” will the blood of Christ cleanse them from their daily sins.

When they have secured their victim, the atonement goes altogether. I have noticed that my daughter, as well as others of the sincere class, have left the room when we have played hymns concerning the blood, deliberately turning their backs on the blood of Christ. Who but a person with a seared conscience would do such a thing?

Nay, friend, unless we accept the blood of Christ, as the only means of cleansing from our every sin, we are still under the curse of Adam’s transgression, being the inheritors thereof.

Paul said, “We preach Christ crucified.” Are the Go-Preachers or any other Mormons doing this? Is it not only when we approach them on the atonement, that they speak of it at all, and then either to reduce its value, or entrap us?

If the tempter comes to you under the disguise of, “We are only just Christians preaching the true Gospel of Jesus,” and tells you that all you need to do to be saved, is to listen to their preaching or talk, and turn from the wrong way to the right way, may God help you to say, “Get thee behind me Satan.”

Truly Mormonism, whether under disguise or otherwise, is Satan’s supreme method of luring souls to hell. We see on every hand, and at every point, that their one object is to increase and secure permanent membership.


Christ offered Himself for all who will accept the gift!

The price of sin was blood, and that the blood of Christ. Salvation is now without money and without price. We cannot buy it nor barter for it. We can neither walk, nor work for it. If we through Satan’s prompting attempt to make it subject to good works or anything else, it would no longer be the blood that would avail, but our good works or whatever we substitute, and thus our souls would be lost, for it is only the way of the Cross that leads home. If there had been another way, Christ need not to have died, not even for what Mormons call Adam’s transgression or inherited sins.

Can we find a more blasphemous and fraudulent substitute than the preaching of parasites, whom I declare to be downright imposters, obtaining their living under false pretences?

Note how unscrupulous they are. They do not mind What sorrow and misery they bring into people’s homes and lives, so long as they can continue this deceitful methodical system of swindle.

Once, after a gentleman had told their Woman Leader that he could not join them, as he did not think they were a very progressive movement, she said to me, “He is very much mistaken for if it were not for our large membership in other places, we would never be able to live.”

On another occasion the same woman remarked that she did not feel like holding a meeting that evening, adding that if she were working for an earthly master, she would have to get a move on, but with the Lord it was different, as He was not in a hurry with His work.

I would ask the reader to look at the condition of the world, and judge for himself, whether our Lord is in a hurry for His work or not?

Would the Go-Preachers, in the face of these statements, dare to tell us that what they are doing is for the Lord, and not simply because they are too lazy to work for their living?

Whatever error or flaw there may be in the financial system of our Churches, many have given up good homes, and gone out braving the storms of remote deserts and islands and have put more into the Gospel than ever they took out of it. And many have given their lives as the result of hardships endured in remote parts of the world.

I shall be pleased to hear of any remote country or territory pioneered by the Go-Preacher or any other Mormon.

Do they not usually follow, after others have paved the way, and then sow the seed of error and spiritual destruction? I shall be sorry to hear of another sect who seek more after the material things of life, than the supposed Go-Preachers do.

(See Matt. 13)

All Mormons endeavour to appoint in every city or town they enter one of its residents as Steward or Elder. The object is to establish everywhere a Church or an abode, where their Preachers and victims may be received from time to time. This not only shows how Irvine and Cooney Elderships came about, but explains the object thereof.

To raise Elders in this way would seem far better than sending them from their Fair Utah, for thus thousands are being cunningly deceived and drawn into the Mormon Church without their knowledge.

It is indeed lamentable that we should be thus deceived and that the Holy Scriptures should be blasphemously quoted for raising Elders in this manner.

A description which is often given of the Mormons, is that they sneak about without a name or under a false name.

I have proved this to be quite correct, and I would warn my readers that out of nearly two thousand organisations in the Mormon Church, many of them are prowling about the world without being registered as a Sect, or without any identification whatsoever, and all Mormons are like bloodhounds after those who may be seeking truth. We need to be on our guard against these silent but deadly enemies.


Latest investigations prove that some time ago a meeting was called in connection with an engagement between a Gentile girl and a Go-Preacher, and when brought face to face with the truth the Go-Preacher admitted that they were Mormons, but denied that they practised polygamy.

It was however, proved to him that the Mormons do practice polygamy, and as the result of this conviction he cleared out (chance is a fine thing).

Whilst the Go-Preachers may not deliberately or willingly tell people that they are Mormons, and whilst there may be a few of them who still wriggle about the matter, there are none of them who actually deny the fact any longer, it being beyond dispute.

And after all, it is but the fulfilling of the Scripture which says: “Be sure your sin will find you out.” It truly was their own sins which found them out!


Besides the woman who went from our own town to an asylum, we know that the wife of one of the Go-Preacher workers is now spending her days there also. Another lady in England who joined the Cooneyites, went to America, where she found out that they were Mormons. This drove her insane and she was brought back to England in that condition.

Every time I had any of them staying at my house, I felt that conflict had entered my door and harmony had gone out at the window. I instinctively felt that there was something dark and repulsive about them, and that their eyes were following me wherever I went.

I, however, understand things now, and am satisfied that where and when they are eager to achieve some special object, they exercise evil influences either to sooth people, or to make them low-spirited, in order to make calm sailing for themselves.

Satan’s ministers should be shunned wholly and altogether, for we never know what evil motive they may have, or whether their influence and teaching is going to lead to insanity or suicide or both.

Just in the same way as we can physically recognise an ointment (without seeing it) by its odour, so also can we instinctively recognise either a clean or unclean spirit in our midst.

Satan’s ointment is the presence of his ministers in a home. The odour thereof is their evil influences, silently shed, but (unless we are careful) with deadly effect.

Oh! friend, should you come in contact with evil spirits, and God in His Love warns you through spiritual instinct, I pray you do not follow suit with me in giving them the benefit of the doubt, but obey the Gospel which tells us to try the spirits and see whether they be of God.

Try them with the Blood of Christ, for no evil could ever stand against it, much less penetrate it. I have proved it so.

I have heard the Go-Preachers say that they were unable to preach because they instinctively felt that there was someone in the meeting whose Spirit was in conflict with their own. So we see that God not only warns His children against evil and seducing spirits, but devils likewise recognise the Spirit of Christ, and despite their attempts to bluff and camouflage, they are powerless. Let us put on the whole armour of God, and demons will fear and fly.

The Mormon lie that no one can be saved by simply believing on Christ, is the equivalent of the lie Satan told our first parents in the Garden of Eden, “Thou shalt not surely die.” He knows that his doom is in the hands of Christ and that his time is short. Hence the many sects preaching anything and everything but the atonement.

Undoubtedly they are blinded by the devil, for they constantly read the Bible, yet do not see the truth. “They ever learn and never come to an understanding.”


My daughter, whilst she states that she is not a Christian Scientist, still works hand in hand with her husband in the interest of Christian Science.

I have also known both of them to go to a hospital and there bluff a patient that Christian Science could cure him by correspondence.

The proof that Christian Science is but an hypnotic money-making invention under the cloak of religion, lies in its own declaration that pain, sickness and death only exist in mortal mind.

It proves itself to be a swindle and an insult to common intelligence.

If sickness only exists in the mind, why accept money for curing the body?

How could we be conscious of disease, either in or on the body, unless it actually existed there? And, likewise, if death only exists in mortal mind, why are the cemeteries full?

If Christian Science would but raise one person from the dead, she would have the world at her feet. Their claim of this high elevation of mind is overthrown, by the fact that Christian Scientists have been know to die in hospital. Further, Christian Science tells us “that in the case of an accident, we may call a surgeon until such a time as we may be able to see a practitioner.” (Why see either?)

The wonder is how intelligent people can listen to such stuff and nonsense, and spend their money thereon, but no doubt that is where Satan’s master mind comes in.

Since they deny both the Divinity, and the atoning value of the death of Christ, are not all their miracles but the deceivableness and lying wonders of the anti-Christ spirit, which the Bible tells us shall be found in the world in the days before the coming of the Lord. See 2 nd Thess., 2 nd chapter.

I am convinced that Christian Science can never have any effect upon a true Christian, and that a true child of God would rather endure affliction than go to the devil to be bewitched and bluffed that he or she is being cured by Christian Science.

Nothing is impossible with God and “the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much,” but to tell us that we can be cured from actual diseases simply by believing that we have not got them, is not only an insult to our intelligence, but is dangerous, for falling under such an impression is apt to make us neglectful of our afflictions.

Since Christian Science is only a Mind Science (its founder’s written influence exercised over other minds), it is hypnotism, and as such it is a false science. Further, as it is called Christian Science, it is proof that it is but a false science practised under the cloak of religion. And note the methods. In order to have the Founder’s mind directly conveyed to other minds, they have readers, and to prevent it from being destroyed by the emphasis and misinterpretations of others, they have no preachers and Christian Scientists are forbidden to write on Christian Science.

The Gospel of our Lord is neither a religion, nor a Scientific Outfit, but God’s simple message of salvation to fallen humanity.

1 st Timothy, chapter 6, teaches us to avoid oppositions of Science falsely so-called. It is such which answer Satan’s double purposes. It would be well to study this chapter against all anti-Christ money-making inventions.

Also Matthew 23, verse 27, where our Lord addressed the Pharisees of old, and said: “They were liken unto whited sepulchres, which, indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead man’s bones and of all uncleanness,” and again Paul’s words.

“For such are false Apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the Apostles of Christ” (2 nd Cor., 11, verse 13).

“And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an Angel of light” (2 nd Cor., chapter 11, verse 14).

“Therefore, it is no great thing, if his Ministers also be transformed as the Ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works” (2 nd Cor., 11, verse 15).

“Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites, for ye compass Sea and Land to make one Proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him two-fold more the child of Hell than yourselves” (Matthew 23, verse 15).

The above rightly describes the Go-Preacher Mormon Scribes, it is just what they do. It seems to take more than human intelligence to fathom their deceit.

I would advise parents to keep a strict eye, should the Go-Preachers happen to correspond with their children. In the case of my daughter, they used to address their letters to her office, and as I never suspected anything wrong, I never troubled about the matter. It was after she had been transferred, and her letters were brought home, and I came across them, that I found out what had been going on. I was amazed at the nature of their correspondence. I am in a position to produce any of the letters quoted herein, as well as several others.

They chiefly work in small towns, because they know that in such places people feel lonely, and welcome strangers, and that living in a small place they have not the same chance of hearing the Gospel as those living in large towns. Thus the Go-Preacher is able to give to hungry souls, all beautifully wrapped up, serpents for fish, and stones for bread. They are also very anxious to be useful to Proselytes in time of sickness. Such assistance ought to be strictly avoided, for it gives them a chance to recommend tabloids, and other remedies they may have. And further, it makes people feel that they are under obligation to them. This is one of their methods of securing victims.

The Mormons whom I knew were followers of what is known among Mormons as the Book of Knowledge. This order is the closest of all. They carry out the life of Christ, not only to the extent of abstaining from strong drink and tobacco, but also from coffee, tea, newspapers, etc. They are only supposed to read the Bible, but when we find that they extend their kingdom by immoral production, and in order to justify this state of affairs, they accuse our Lord of being a Polygamist, is not all their righteousness but as filthy rags, only fit for the fire, and does it not further prove that they only preach the life of Jesus because it serves their purpose so to do?

One Mormon Elder, whilst conducting an open-air meeting, was pelted with rotten eggs by a mob of hooligans, who shouted out that he was a Polygamist. In spite of this, he prayed “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” I mention this in order to show that the Mormons go so far to imitate our Lord’s life as to offer up the same prayer.

The Go-Preachers declare that the poison referred to in Mark 16, verse 18, is typical of the false doctrines which shall be urged on to them, and shall have no effect.

Not only do the Latter Day Saints, like the supposed Cooneyites, go out in couples, fraudulently on the authority of Matt. 10 and Luke 9 and 10, but likewise endeavour to establish churches in private homes, where they may be received from time to time, and there is no questioning the fact that all Churches thus conducted by the supposed Cooneyites, constitute some of these. While there are 28 Missions in the foremost countries of the world and a comparatively small number of Churches in various towns which are known as the Latter Day Saint Churches, they have these private home Churches practically in every city, town and village of the world. I have not only stayed at the supposed Go-Preachers’ abode which is their Church, but years ago had many occasions to visit some Mormon Elders, at such homes where they lived and which were their Churches.

Whenever Christians refuse to join or have fellowship with the Go-Preachers, they either stigmatise such as dishonest toward God, or blasphemously quote Matt. 20, verse 16, “For many be called but few chosen.”

Mormon women, whether under disguise or otherwise, are most unfortunate and are greatly to be pitied. To show a spark of human feeling or to think for themselves is a “crime,” and any sign of affection for their gentile relatives, who do not favour Mormonism, is regarded as “earthly, sensual and devilish.”

The motive for this discipline is simply because they do not want their relatives to find out, or to realise, the true state of affairs; it will be found that no matter how dastardly the crime or offence committed by their Elders and Spiritual Mothers (so-called Workers) they are not allowed to admit that it is wrong, not even when they are brought face to face with things which are absolutely beyond disputing. Nay, indeed, they are taught to regard all such crime as “unto holiness, and in the service of God.”

For the establishing of this unity in evil, the Leaders constantly and cunningly quote to their victims the text “Be ye perfectly joined together.”

In the days gone by, my daughter would have thought me very wicked if I had allowed her to mix with people of a false doctrine without warning her. Today when I tell her that Mormonism is false, she tells me that I would not be held responsible if she went to hell. However true this statement may be, it is camouflaged. In lifting the veil thereof, it will be found that she not only admits that it is a false doctrine, but also that she is concealing something which holds her in the power of the Mormons, and which if revealed might lead to imprisonment for the Mormons, and disgrace for herself. She further states that she has made her choice and that nothing can alter it. This is a typical Mormon phrase. The truth of the matter is, that others have made this choice for her, and she cannot alter it.

When I told their Woman Leader that I knew that they had decoyed my girl away, she replied, “You should not use such strong words. It sounds awful.”

But was not their action far more awful than the sound thereof. I told her that the only words I could put it in was that they worked my child out of my home. (She made no reply to this.)

Descriptions which are often given of the supposed Go-Preachers are as follows:-

“They are a Sect who go out in two’s, and hold Tent Meetings, leaving their card at people’s houses inviting them to evangelistic meetings. No explanation is ever given. More than that they are just Christians preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“They entice and decoy girls away from their homes, and work them into the Mormon Church, and once the door is shut on them they are finished.”

Cards are distributed as described, and their convention meetings are most always held in tents, and sometimes on entering a new town, they hold their meetings in tents.

For the rest I would ask the reader to take the circumstances of this story into consideration, and form his, or her, own opinion.

The following are quotations taken from letters concerning them:-

(a) I have met these Go-Preachers, they are very subtle and dangerous, and un-Christian.

(b) I greatly regret the evil effect of the influence of the women in question and at the moment of their presence, I did speak words of caution to several persons about them. As usual such words are not noticed, not even after evil has been done.

(c) Doing a lot of harm and cause great dissension in my Church. Don’t you agree with me that they should be exposed?

(d) “The Cooneyites are quite well known in this country, some of our people have already had sad experiences of them. They are very cunning and deceitful.”

Both Go-Preacher and Latter Day Saints declare that Adam had to fall, so that men might know the difference between right and wrong. They likewise declare that as Christ was, in the beginning a spirit who had to be clothed in mortal flesh in order to show us how to live, so were we also from the beginning, spirits who had to be clothed in mortal flesh.

Hence the Mormon’s assertion that there are countless of millions of spirits waiting to be clothed in mortal flesh, and that it depended on the womenfolk to do this. This explains the object of Polygamy.

The Go-Preachers usually appear very shy, and humble as dust, when they are not sure of their ground and are feeling for it, but once they know that they are not going to be entertained, or have achieved their object, which is to secure proselytes, they prove to be as proud as Lucifer and bold as the British Lion.

To prove that the sincere ones ought least to be trusted I will here draw attention to the fact that the woman who was in charge of my daughter at the house where they were hiding her, was said to be a very Spiritual person. Likewise the person who wrote the letter instructing her to lie to me was said to be a very Spiritual man.

The victims of the Go-Preacher are most always sick, and with few exceptions chiefly consist of the domestic and labouring classes. The Christian Scientists are chiefly in large cities, advocating “love, kind thoughts, right thinking, and declare that they are prosperous, and that poverty, sickness and death only exist in mortal mind.” With but a comparatively small percentage of the humbler or less educated class, they consist chiefly of the professional and moneyed classes.

To all outward appearance, these two Sects are entirely different one from the other but when we look into them, we find that both are bound by pledges; both come in the Name of Jesus; and both deny the atonement. Well might the Scriptures say that it is not everyone who says “Lord, Lord, that shall enter.”

It is only when we realise what these pledges mean, which bind people to these Sects, and which in many cases compel them to obey whether right or wrong, that we can fully appreciate the liberty of our Lord’s Gospel, and what a grand thing it is to be able to say: His grace is sufficient for me.

Whilst the Go-Preacher preaches what he calls the lowly way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Truly there are many ways to hell, but only one to Heaven. Our Lord says: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Even if this shuddering expression of theirs, “The Jesus Way,” means following in the footsteps of our Lord before His death, then is it not only right that we should follow Him all the way to Calvary, and there accept the salvation He bought for us? Why run away before we get half way, and dispute that it was for our sins He suffered and gave His Life?

Having left the blood of the Saviour out of their gospel, there is nothing in it wherewith to draw the sinner, and I unhesitatingly declare that their membership is gained by individual inculcation of the mind, and not by their preaching. No wonder people become melancholy.

Whilst the Go-Preacher Male Leader was staying at our house, he spent every spare moment my daughter had, in her company. I asked her several times what he had so much to talk about, and she would say: “Ah! only just the Bible,” and I do not doubt her at all. I knew it was the Bible he was talking about, but he was undoubtedly twisting it to suit his own purposes, to inculcate and pollute her mind with his religion.

It is common knowledge that conversing with Mormons makes people melancholy and often do rash things. We find the same happens when people are too frequently in the Go-Preachers’ company. I know from my own personal experience that they trade on the feelings and emotion of others. Perhaps this would, to some extent, explain their object for having continually kept my daughter under the influence of their Male Leader. Indeed, their very atmosphere is Hellish.

I know that they frighten people by telling them that they are in danger of Hell-fire, if they do not turn to “The Jesus Way.” Is this not rank Mormonism?

The Mormon Elders I knew twenty-four years ago, like the Cooneyites or Go-Preachers of that day, were separated from their wives and lived at the homes of their victims, in order to preach their gospel. The Go-Preacher’s outward and supposed good life being the outstanding feature of his religion, is but further resemblance of the Mormon.

It is likewise being said, that although some of their meetings are quite sweet, there is always a strange atmosphere about them all. The truth of the matter is, that whilst people are under the impression that they are listening to the Gospel of our Lord, they are actually listening to the Gospel of the Mormon Leader, the Polygamist, who had to overcome his own sinful flesh, the one who did not finish his work and who instead of being able to give salvation, needed salvation himself. “Let him who preach another Gospel be accursed” (See Galatians 1, 9).

Whilst some of us might instinctively feel that there is something wrong with their preaching, the average individual will rarely detect it. It is when one gets into personal contact with them or when they have worked their way into one’s home, that we see the fulfillment of the Scriptures regarding false prophets.

They use hymns out of other books as a convenience. They are, I believe, now having a complete book of their own set up.

I have often condemned Mormonism in the presence of the Go-Preachers, and they have agreed with all I said, but whilst they preach and talk against all Churches, and against all other Sects, they never preach or talk against Mormonism. Of their own free will, the Mormons are noted for doing this sort of thing, when they have an object in view, and know that their identity would stand in their light.

It will also be noticed, that the Go-Preachers take special precaution to appear of good sound character. It is a blind, a dread of being exposed, and a dread of the Law.

One person whom they asked to join the Jesus Way, replied: “I have seen the leaves of your religion, but I would like to see the root from which it sprung, before I join you. Needless to say, the root was not produced, and my friend escaped their snare.

When they have succeeded in getting a member away from his or her Church, they compliment themselves by saying they have picked a diamond out of the dirt. They further state that the so-called Christian Churches are anti-Christs and Idols. That the Church of Rome is a Harlot, and all the other churches are her daughters. The Plymouth Brethren are a good counterfeit, and their doctrine, which is redemption through the blood of Christ is being styled “Plym Poison.”

Their dowdy style of dress is to strengthen their disguise and further to enable their victims to cut down dress expense in order to contribute toward “the work,” which means keeping parasites.

On another occasion, their Woman Leader, or rather, their Advance Agent wrote, asking whether their Male Leader might spend the week-end with us. She knew right well, that he was accompanied by a Cape coloured man, but omitted to mention this fact, and was quite prepared to land him at our house without a word of warning or explanation. It was through sheer providence that I got to hear of this coloured man coming also and was thus able to write and ask the Male Leader to come by himself, and he actually had the impudence to ask my daughter my reason for not wanting his companion at our house.

I do not despise coloured people, far from it. In fact, if I had the choice of service, I would choose working among our coloured friends, but this woman knew that I had other people in the house, and had not myself to please.

Often when the Go-Preachers are up against anyone who fully believes in the atonement, they would in a sarcastic manner say, we appreciate the death of Christ but we are very grateful for His life. This is exactly what the Latter Day Saints say, they appreciate the death of Christ, but we are very grateful for His life. This is exactly what the Latter Day Saints say, they appreciate the death of Christ because it was God’s plan for our individual salvation.

The supposed Go-Preachers often forbid their converts to discuss their religion with outsiders. This is because they are afraid of the truth dawning on such a convert and because of the risk of giving away secrets through ignorance. It is one of the Mormon’s great cries that the many books written about them are lies. I have compared several such books with my own experience and I am satisfied that they are perfectly true, because the Go-Preachers have had to remove some of their Leaders from the country, and I am convinced that they think nothing of murdering those who expose them or break away from them.

The Latter Day Saints, like the supposed Cooneyites, are keen on secret, mystery, trickery, hushing-up matters, and sealing the lips of their victims, even to the extent of committing perjury in the Law Courts, if needs be. The Latter Day Saints like the Go-Preacher, speaks of others, as so-called Christians, Gentiles, Jewish, and other Heathens.

When discussing the matter of women who have taken the names of men and lived with such men as their wives, although not legally married, I was amazed to hear the supposed Go-Preacher Woman Leader say that “The mistake such women make is to take the man’s name, for if they kept their own names they could still live with such men and be looked upon as their housekeeper. They would thus not lose their social standing.”

I should have thought that a woman’s soul is far more precious than any good name or social standing, but this shows that the Mormon does not care how bad things are so long as they do not appear bad.

A year ago my daughter told people that if she thought the Go-Preachers were Mormons she would leave them, but how about it now? It is no longer a secret, and she is perfectly aware of the fact that they are Mormons. Why, instead of coming out from among them does she now say that she does not care what people say she has no intention of giving up her friends. Does not this prove that she was bluffing in order to get my friends to persuade me to destroy the evidence against the supposed Go-Preachers and to stop me from exposing them? The fact that she still remains with them is but further proof that for some secret reason she dare not leave them. All the unfortunate victims of the supposed Go-Preachers now say that they are satisfied. But what else can they say? They are under covenant and dare not give away secrets. We can only look to God, for He alone can break the fetters of Mormonism which is indeed the devil’s own power.

“Truly the God of this world has blinded the minds of many. And the dear old Cross has indeed become an offence, foolishness and a stumbling block to all who perish, but to us who believe it is the power of God unto Salvation.”

Twice during the course of conversation with the Go-Preacher Elders I queried them with regard to their condemnation of other Christians, and on each occasion I was told that I was under a wrong impression, that they do not condemn Christians. They explained that, being God’s own present day people, they are not a sect and thus they alone constitute the Church of Jesus Christ and, this being so, they cannot possible have fellowship with people who belong to so-called Christian Churches or Sects, but that when they meet a person who believes the same as they do, they allow such a one into their fold and have fellowship with him.

“This clearly shows that their object of finding out people’s religious views before they give their own has a threefold purpose. First of all it could only be a Mormon who believes the same as they do, and naturally they would be sorry to turn their own down through ignorance.”

“Secondly, when they come across a household like my own, where there is a young girl whose parents would be opposed to Mormonism and on whom they have set their lustful hearts and eyes, naturally they would know how to go about their business.”

“Thirdly, when they meet people who are well grounded in the Scriptures they know they cannot bluff and therefore avoid such, lest they be found out.”

One of their Junior Elders told me that his religion did not compel him to abstain from the use of tobacco, but that he, of his own free will, gave up smoking.

“Insignificant as this statement may seem, it is this fact, combined with fifty years of establishment and membership all over the world, which reveals that they constitute a stake in the Mormon Church and are part followers of the Book of Knowledge. Owing to their disguise they are unable to wholly carry out this order, for if they refused coffee and tea and only accepted milk or water at the different homes where they visit, people would know that they were Mormon Elders. They, therefore only follow the Book of Knowledge in part, by abstaining from strong drink and tobacco of their own free will.”

I now quote from the Mormon Articles of Faith, and would here ask the reader to judge for himself as to whether it is the same thing or not.

“But besides this Universal Application of the Atonement, whereby all men are redeemed from the effects of Adam’s transgression, both with respect to the death of the Body and inherited Sins, there is application of the same great Sacrifice as a means of Propitiation for Individual Sins through the faith and good works of the Sinners.”

Surely, if the Blood only avails on account of our good works, it does not avail at all! Here is where they go wrong. Christ gave His life freely, a free gift unto Salvation, for all who would believe, even unto those who would believe on His Name?

The Latter Day Saint, like the supposed Go-Preacher, on accepting a Stewardship has to sign all his property over to the Church, be it little or much. This deed is sealed with a Covenant that cannot be broken, thus should he decide to give up Mormonism, he is left penniless.

“Of the proceeds of his labour, every man who is not an Idler; may use as he requires for the support of himself and his family.”

This would explain the Go-Preachers making use of one another’s homes, and helping themselves to one another’s goods in the way they do, and it would be a difficult matter to find one among their Preachers who is not an idler.

Widows and orphans are also provided for out of such funds. This may explain where our money goes, and it would be well to know how many widows and orphans each man leaves.

Men like the host of the Abode are usually ordained Stewards, and on receiving their Stewardships, they sign all their property and earnings over to the Church. Thus their homes become Church property and hence the extreme authority exercised in such homes by the supposed Go-Preacher Elders and Spiritual Mothers (Advance Agents and Workers of Iniquity). Their justification for inviting whom they like and sending whom they like to such abodes, and hence the authority for any of God’s people going there and helping themselves to the proceeds of the Host’s labour.

Such houses are called “Church Houses,” and exist everywhere, both openly and under the disguise of “We are only just preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

In running these Church Houses, they not only control whatever the Host owns and earns, but enslave him for the rest of his life; he knows that the moment he gives up Mormonism he is left penniless. It is a good way to bind and hang on to their prey. “Of course, we need not doubt but that there are many who would gladly give up all they have in order to reach Brigham Young’s goal.”

Much as I may despise Mormonism, I must admit that the Mormon methods of organisation are most wonderful in every way and everything, and we need to congratulate them on their all-round diplomacy.

The Latter Day Saints, like the Go-Preachers, claim that they are not a sect, as theirs is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The great cry of both Latter Day Saint and Go-Preacher is that they are looked upon as the off scour and scum of the earth; that they alone bear the reproach of Christ; and that it is these facts which prove that they alone are God’s People, preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is but another method of drawing sympathy and so working their way into people’s homes in order to get hold of young girls. I have proved it so, and who dare to contradict me whilst I have the proof?

I would further warn men against marrying supposed Cooneyite girls. Wives whose husbands are not of their faith are instructed by the Articles of Faith not to defy, but to rely upon gentler and more effective means of influencing such husbands. This is an absolute fiendish instruction. I boldly and unhesitatingly declare that it is not their husband’s soul they are interested in, but their own purses and their own stomachs. Naturally to keep peace with such husbands they would keep their doors open unto these parasites. The Mormon hardness of heart towards those who are not of their faith and the fact that they take away wives from husbands who are opposed to their religion proves this. Indeed, a man who is not a Mormon never knows when his wife is going to be taken away from him his home broken up, and his children given up, by their Mormon Mother.

But we do not find the same instructions for Mormon husbands with Gentile wives! Whilst it may be that there are no such husbands, it certainly shows how they work round the soft side of womenfolk.

I further venture to say that those supposed Cooneyite girls are so well instructed in the art of lying and deceiving, that whilst they possess the poison of the very worst adder they will appear as meek and as gentle as lambs. They would indeed do well on the stage.

As their Woman Leader threw me under the impression that she and her companion were only just two Christians working on their own, I was surprised when she later asked me whether one of the brother workers might spend the day with us, and I told her so. She got all flushed and said, “Oh! but we must have fellowship with someone.”

Both Go-Preacher and Latter Day Saint declare that theirs being the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, it must have its sway, even if it put the whole world out of harmony.

In order to mark them, may I draw attention to these small points:-

The Go-Preachers never speak as “from the time they were converted”; but, as “from the time they understood the way.”

When anyone approaches them with regard to the trouble they cause everywhere, they excuse themselves by saying people misunderstand them.

In the same way as my daughter now tells people that I am full of misunderstanding, all Mormons claim that they are a “a misunderstood people.”

The Go-Preacher, like the Latter Day Saint, always writes and speaks of his people as “the Saints or the people of God.”

They are so far embondaged in the chains of darkness, that they simply cannot do anything straight or open.

What a terrible thing it must be to for ever “Have to sneak about eves-dropping and whispering and to have to continually be scheming as to how best to deceive people.”

How terrible it must be to have to be afraid to say who you are!

How can they have peace with God, when they have not got it with their fellowmen?

The pollution of false doctrine altogether surpasses that of the world, for after all, even in cases where we cannot bring the worldling to admit that he is on the wrong road, deep down in his heart he knows he is bluffing himself and that sooner or later he will have to meet God.

But what can we do with a person who is polluted and deluded by false teachings. Soaked in Satan’s hypnotism, he is under the impression that he is on the right road, and thus he rejects our Lord’s salvation.

It is my earnest prayer that every Christian and Preacher of the Cross will not fail to do his duty in condemning error where and whenever it is necessary to do so, and to realise that “prevention is better than cure,” and that the Lord will hold us responsible should we fail in such duty.

I have often wondered, how it is that my daughter, instead of asking for forgiveness for the wrong she has done me, tries to find fault with me. But since, according to Mormonism she has become a god, whatever she does must of necessity be right, and thus there would be no need for her to apologise.

I once asked my daughter why she allowed herself to be influenced by this Sect, and she replied that it was not a matter of being influenced, but that she has got to obey those who have got the rule over her. Further, does not the extreme authority and influence exercised by the Go-Preacher workers over their victims resemble the Mormon Priesthood, which says: “To disobey the Priesthood, is the same as disobeying God.” Under these circumstances, can anyone wonder at the absolute martyrdom and perfect obedience of the victims of this religion, whether right or wrong?

When Paul instructed the early Christians to obey those who have the rule over them, he was referring to those who had the rule over them in our Lord’s Gospel- not the sects who go about dabbling into people’s domestic affairs, causing family dissension, and so break up homes.

All respectable American citizens declare that Mormonism has disgraced their country. It is further acknowledged, that even when a Mormon has half a dozen wives, he would introduce one as his wife and the others as his relatives. Thus whilst he is father in one home, uncle in another, and grandfather in another, he is the Boss in every home. Under these circumstances, we can quite understand his artfulness in teaching that relationship does not count, and that disobeying the Priesthood is the same as disobeying God. Now that Go-Preaching has been unveiled, we can see the resemblance. I once went with their Male Leader to the home of one of their victims, and on reaching the door, I was amazed at the manner in which he told me to walk in, and having before noticed how they dictate to their victims, with regard to the running of their homes, I did not hesitate to ask him whether he was the owner of the house. His reply, however, was just a dry smile.

During my thirteen months of investigation, I have heard many sad stories with regard to little children going short of food, because there was not enough to go round when these parasites are staying at their homes; about husbands having to go out at night, owing to these parasites monopolising their homes; and often leave their homes for good, there being no longer room for them after these Go-Preachers have taken possession. I know that these stories are well founded for in many instances I have heard the Go-Preachers themselves mention some of the names. And apart form judging from past conversations with the Go-Preachers, I have my own personal experience of them, and of what I have seen.

Delicate children go to school in the mornings on just a plate of mealie meal porridge, whilst these parasite Preachers were having eggs and stewed fruit for breakfast, and in the bargain, pick and choose as to what they could and should eat.

Again I remember a victim who having her hands full with her own household said to her Spiritual Mother, “I think I’ll span you in with some sewing.” It is hard to believe that instead of being grateful of the privilege of helping those whose bread she was eating, she simply turned on the victim and said, “Oh! no you don’t, the Christians work for me, not me for them.”

Is such, not impudence and fraud combined?

The methods now being employed to persuade me to discontinue the writing of this book and to destroy the evidence against this Sect consists of bribery, flattery, influence, bluff, love-making and Christian Science.

My final message in this book is, let us cast our burden of sin, sorrow and care at the foot of the Cross, beneath our Saviour’s feet, live rejoicing in His glorious resurrection, and ever strive to serve Him faithfully.

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