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Secret Mormonism and Christian Science
By Amelia A. Atmore
Published October, 1927

Part 2

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Publisher Christian Literature
Barkingside, Essex , Great Britain



The Go-Preachers call their religion “The Jesus Way,” or the “Lowly Way,” because the Mormon Church is supposed to be carried on in exactly the same way as Jesus and his Apostles carried out His church whilst on earth. And they are supposed to cultivate the same humble spirit as our Lord, and to go about in the same lowly manner.

Mormonism says: You must learn to be Gods yourself—Same as all Gods have done before you.

Go-Preacher! Hence the-Go-Preacher talks about the work of perfecting, which makes them a Jesus, and just like Jesus.

Mormonism says: The atonement has to do with the Sins of Adam only.

Go-Preaching! The atonement has nothing to do with Personal Sins.

Mormonism says: All will be damned who are not Latter Day Saints.

Go-Preaching! All will be damned who are not born into the Family of God. (Themselves).

If Christ was a Polygamist as the Mormons say He was, need we be surprised at the Go-Preachers saying that Christ had the same passions as ourselves and had to overcome His own flesh?

Do not the Mormons proclaim that the writings on the Plates (which “Joseph Smith” was supposed to have translated) constitute the Book of Mormon, or the new Bible as it is commonly called?

All Mormons claim that the first advent of Christ was to redeem mankind from the curse of Adam's transgression and to show us how to carry on the work of complete redemption which is to be the means of bringing about His Second Advent. This work is said to be in progress now, under the supervision of the Holy Priesthood. Hence the Go-Preachers assert that Christ did not finish His work, but left it for the people of God (themselves) to carry on and complete.

We find that after Prophet Joseph Smith translated the writings on the supposed Plates, the Messenger called back for them; thus no one else has had the chance of translating them. And hence the Go-Preachers, like all other Mormons, claim to have the monopoly of this religion called the “True Gospel of Jesus,” or the “Gospel of Jesus Christ.” They like-wise claim that they alone are the people of God, and that there is no other way to Heaven but through them.

We also find that the Latter Day Saints claim that from the time of the Apostles, until the advent of Joseph Smith, there were no true Witnesses or Preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We find that whilst the Go-Preachers wriggle about their origin, they lay claim to exactly the same thing, that since the time of the Apostles, until the advent of themselves, there were no true Witnesses or Preachers of the true Gospel of Jesus on the earth. And like all other Mormons, the Go-Preachers claim that they endure the same persecution as Jesus did whilst on earth.

If the Christian Church died out with the Apostles, and was only revived when Joseph Smith received his instructions to continue the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in order to bring about the second Advent of Christ, we can quite understand the Go-Preachers' assertion that the Bible is a dead book, unless it is "made to live" through the mouths of their Preachers, who like all other Mormon Preachers, claim to have divine authority.

The Go-Preacher, like the Latter Day Saint, quotes "Go-Preach without purse or without scrip."They either omit or forget the fact that that commission was specific in its time, sphere and object. See Matt. 10. These twin Sects likewise leave out our Lord's words on the night of His betrayal: "He that has a purse let him take it and likewise his scrip." See Luke 22, verses 36-36.

Do not the Mormons claim to be the true Israelites and all else Heathens? The Go-Preachers proclaim the same thing, that only those of the Jesus Way are the true Israelites. And because they are not in a position to openly say that they get this idea from the Mormon Church,- they deliberately mis-constrew the text, which says: “Israel shall be chosen out from among all nations.” They definitely declare that this text does not refer to the Jewish people but to (themselves), God's people, walking the “Jesus Way.” One of their Elders, who died in India, is styled a “Prince of Israel.” Thus they blasphemously rank him next to Christ.

The Go-Preachers know that if they distributed literature it would give a clue to their identity, and no doubt being aware of the fact that I was- acquainted with Mormonism, they camouflaged their teachings considerably. Nevertheless I have conscientiously compared with Mormonism what little I have grasped from their preaching and conversations, as well as from various letters written by them, and find that both Latter Day Saint, and Go-Preacher, declare that Christ was born and grew up in the home the same as any other child, that He lived and had the same passion as any other human being, and had likewise to overcome His own flesh. Both teach that the life of Christ was God’s plan of salvation for mankind; that the Bible is a “dead book” unless it is “made to live” through their preaching; that the blood of Israel, though mixed with that of the Gentiles, is counted as the Seed of Abraham to whom the promises of old were made, and not one of them will fail; that the Gospel died with the Apostles and was not restored again until the advent of themselves, when by divine revelation they were instructed to carry on this Mission, which they call the “TRUE GOSPEL OR THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS, WHICH TS TO BRING ABOUT THE SECOND ADVENT OF CHRIST.”

They likewise teach that when Christ in His agony cried, “It is finished,” He did not insinuate that His work of Redemption was complete, but that His life and personal ministry on earth were finished, and the curse of inherited sin removed.

They both teach that all the sons and daughters of God of the race of Adam will come forth from the grave; and finally “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus (our elder brother) is the Christ to the Glory of God the Father.” And then Jesus, having finished His work of redemption, will present it to the Eternal Father, that He may be all in all.

The Go-Preachers, like all other Mormons, do not condemn any error there may be in the churches, but condemn them all wholly and altogether.

And whilst they sneak about among church people, or where they think people are inclined to be religious, it will be noticed that they avoid those whom they think know too much about the Bible, and also side-step and avoid any question which may be put to them by such, simply because they are unable to substantiate their religion from the Word of God. Whilst the Go-Preacher is standing with the Bible in his hand, he in truth is preaching from the Book of Mormon.

The Go-Preachers, like all other Mormons, preach the life of Jesus before His Cross, and base their Salvation on the same.

The Go-Preachers, like all other Mormons, are perpetually scheming as to how best to deceive and trap people into their religion. They likewise lose all natural affection, become callous, past feeling, and void of shame.

The finest trap Satan has ever invented for the Christian, is the Mormon preaching of the Life of Jesus. He knew this would appeal to Christians. Whilst we listen to his ministers preaching the life story of the Master, in a subtle way they omit the Atonement, and thus the Salvation of our Souls. Apart from Salvation, it is sad to think that the flower of our womanhood should he exposed to the danger of Satan's snares. We know that whilst the Mormons are eager to accept anybody into their religion, they specially make for pure and innocent girls. Surely the very fact that the supposed Go-Preacher conceals his identity, shows that there is some underground object or practice, and under these circumstances alone, they should not be encouraged.


Does it not seem strange that a mother should so far forget herself as to cast her children off, and entrust them to the guardianship of what she calls a bad man, and a daughter to cast off a mother who has sacrificed all for her, in order to join this Sect? Would not such doings suggest secret Polygamy? What in the world is there to prevent these upper Gods from secretly marrying their victims unto themselves? And even if such victims were to marry outsiders afterwards, it would only be a blind. If, however, a victim should of her own free will break away and marry an outsider, they will dog her footsteps, but cannot stop her from doing so, as Polygamist marriages are illegal, and marrying outsiders becomes but a frail disguise, just to suit themselves in special cases, where there would seem to be financial gain.

For instance, in the case of my daughter, it suited them to have her married, and that to an outsider. But look at the matter as a whole, and it will be found that the girls who join the Go-Preachers do not seem in the least anxious to marry, but are quite content to remain apparently single, and to work to keep these parasites. It would be good to know whether this is because Polygamy is not permitted by Law, or whether there is secret Polygamy in existence. Since Mormonism is allowed by Law, and only Polygamy prohibited, and since out of all the 600 Sects that are in existence to-day, the Mormons seem to be the only people who go out under disguise, would we not be safe to conclude that their chief object is secret Polygamy?

Who but a Mormon would work a young girl out of her home? And since drug methods were employed in doing so, could not the same methods be used for other purposes? The victim need not necessarily even know about it. And if the Go-Preachers can preach Mormonism under disguise, could they not practise secret Polygamy as well?

The very fact that the word Mormon has become both scornful and objectionable might account for them goin g out under disguise.

When we consider that the Mormon's plurality of wives is considered a means of grace, and that the number of wives and children increases a man's honour and glory in the world to come, it is disastrous for him to be robbed of these privileges by a law which prohibits polygamy. We might, therefore, also conclude that the real object of their disguise is secret Polygamy. Does not all this secrecy and subtlety point that way?

When I first began investigations, they had been seven years in our town, and yet I could not find twelve persons who knew anything about them. All that they could tell me was that they knew that there was a strange or mysterious religion in town.

I am convinced that the Go-Preachers, while on the Mission field, are now being forbidden to marry in order to strengthen their disguise, and would not this fact but further throw ajar the gates of evil?

It is a true saying, that “it is only man who sinks below his nature,” indeed animals are an example to this Sect.

We are living in dangerous times, and need to be very much on our guard. If we look around, and note the large surplus of women, it would almost seem as if Polygamy would be an acceptable thing,—indeed if we add to these the large number of divorces, we can almost say that Polygamy is already in existence, in another form.

In one of our South African cities, the Latter Day Saints number six hundred and fifty. Throughout the world they have a population of seven hundred and fifty thousand. If they go on at this rate, they will soon be in a position to put their own men into power, and so eventually reach their idol (Public Polygamy).

It would seem as if the Scripture which says seven women will ask the same man to give them his name, and they will earn their own bread, is about to be fulfilled. Note how many married women there are to-day earning their own living. Christians need to watch things which creep in under the name of Christianity.


Whilst these plausible wolves prowl about in country places, they have established abodes in the larger towns, waiting to receive any victims which may be secured in the country places. Some come to the abode under the pretence of an invitation of a holiday. Some because they are out of a job. Some because they are seedy. If he or she is out of a job, they will do their best to obtain employment for them, for they will then be able to contribute towards the keep of these parasite preachers. If the victim is seedy, the hostess of the abode, who is considered to have wonderful nursing ability, will do all she can for them. It is calculated that although the hostess has not had any training at all, she knows considerably more than many doctors. Such ability can only be looked upon as supernatural, or witch-craft.

Some twenty-four years prior to meeting the Go-Preachers, I knew several Mormon Elders, and if it had not been for this long interval of time, I would have known at once that the Go-Preachers were a Mormon Sect, for all Mormons speak alike, and are strangely conspicuous by their phraseology, both in their Meetings and in private conversation.



Great indignation has been caused in the United States by the allegation of the Christian Scientist Parent Church that the late Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, the famous founder of this world-wide creed, was a drug addict during the last ten years of her life.

A Boston message to the “New York Herald” (Paris edition) says that a Bill of Equity has been filed in the United States Supreme Court by the Directors of the Christian Science Parent Church against the First Church of Christ Scientist, the Mother Church.

The Parent Church also alleges that Mrs. Eddy plagiarised the writings of various other authors in one of her books.

The Bill (Writ) seeks to restrain the Mother Church from disturbing the services, radio programmes and publication activities of the Parent Church, which was organised in 1924 on different principles. (Central News).

The Christian Scientists, like the Go-Preachers, call Jesus the “way shower.” But who dare accuse Him of the same things as Mrs. Eddy was accused of?

The Christian Scientist may bluff himself into believing that sin, death, and hell only exist in mortal mind. But the Bible he uses side by side with Mrs. Eddy's textbook definitely states that there is a hell, and that the soul that sinneth shall surely die.

My daughter's brother-in-law, if not a professional hypnotist, is considered to be a hypnotist of no mean qualification, and reckons he can break the spell of any other hypnotist: Such are the things practised under the cloak of religion. Thus whilst the poor girl worships with one set of evil genii, she lives with another.

This marriage has been a very desirable affair for all concerned. First of all it has served as a blind contradiction of any suspicion there may have been of secret polygamy being practised. Secondly, there is financial gain for the Mormons. Thirdly, it has relieved the brother-in-law of the responsibility of an old brother, and last but not least, it has done away with any claim I may have had on my daughter. It just seems as if the conscience of these sects have been seared, and they are past feeling.

Where is the Christian who would sell a young girl, as these Mormons have done? And where is the Christian who would throw his responsibility on to the shoulders of a girl hardly out of her teens? All I can say is that between the supposed Go-Preachers and Christian Scientists my only daughter has been ruined soul and body; material gain being at the bottom of it all.

Because my daughter wanted to serve God truly, she of necessity had to live at the abode and not with me or anyone else, as they assured her that she would not have any spiritual uplifting elsewhere. But how about it now? Living in an atmosphere of Christian Science she is able to serve God truly. Does this not prove that £ s. d. is behind the whole thing?


The Go-Preachers definitely dispute the text: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” To make this text of no avail they say that the disciples had to lay before the prison-keeper those principles which constitute true belief. I, however, failed to see how that could effect the issue. For belief is belief, and nothing else, and unless true belief, it is not belief at all.

To strengthen this argument they deliberately misconstrue the second chapter of James: Faith without works is dead. They claim that no person could be saved by merely being a believer and not a doer of the word. Thus they base their salvation on their supposed good works and good lives, and hence their great cry, “yo u must live the life of Jesus.” If we study the above-mentioned chapter we will see that the Apostle was speaking to people who were already saved, and was urging them on, to active service for the Master. He goes on to say: “Show me your faith without works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” Seeing, then, that the people to whom the Apostle spoke were already saved, how could he make good works a condition upon which salvation might be received? By grace we are saved. Salvation is the free gift of God through the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Whilst it is our duty to follow the Master as closely as we can and to work for Him as hard as we can, good works have nothing to do with salvation.

If salvation was only a reward for our good works, or for the good lives we live, how much salvation would there be for those of us who are poor and weak, and cannot do as much as those who are strong spiritually, physically, and financially? And how about the thief on the cross? He only believed.

One of the Go-Preachers is said to be “exactly like Christ in features, and in every other way.” But let us bear in mind that John the Baptist; who was a holy man of God, said he was not worthy to unloose the shoe latchets of our Saviour. Yet these blasphemers put themselves on a level with the Lord.

I know some of them have been going through what they call the “perfecting process” for twenty years, and their letters still prove them to be the core of corruption, and to be in the gall of bitterness.

Does this not clearly show that because of our sinful nature, we could never be like Him, and that nothing else but our Lord's supreme sacrifice saves us?

Christians are born of the spirit of God.

The Apostle Paul even, said: “In me, that is my flesh, dwelleth no good thing.”

As a rule, the Go-Preachers have no actual subject. This is especially noticed by preachers of other Sects or Denominations. When there are other preachers present, they camouflage their preaching, lest they should be detected, and they often refuse to answer any question which may be put to them by other preachers. For instance, a friend of ours, an earnest Christian and preacher of the Cross, attended one of their meetings, and noticing the vagueness of their preaching, endeavoured to draw them out, by asking a question, quoting the words of the Philippi an gaoler: “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” (Acts 16-30). He expected that they would in reply quote the text following the above: “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16-31), but they made no reply. To this day my friend does not know that the secret of their silence lies in the fact that the Go-Preachers, like the Latter Day Saints, definitely declare that no one can be saved by merely believing on the Lord Jesus. We must of necessity work, as well as believe, in order to earn our salvation. The following Scriptures flatly contradict such a doctrine: “Believe on the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16-30), “By grace are ye saved through faith; And that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast” (Eph. 2. 8-9). I am afraid that if we did have to work for salvation, the Go-Preachers would come pretty badly off, for little is the work they do. And how much good do they do, apart from among themselves or where they are prosylizing, concerning which we read in Matthew 6-46, “for if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? Do not even the Publicans the same?”

Taking into consideration the fact that neither the Go-Preachers nor the Latter Day Saints recognise the good works of others; that they both have two classes of saints of which neither will be lost, that likewise their evil deeds and parasiting is considered unto holiness, it is clear that good works with them merely means membership.

The fact that they make salvation conditional upon remaining with them is to secure permanent member-ship.

It is their chief method of securing and holding their prey. They frighten their victims into the belief that if they break away, they would be damned for all time.

They further quote 1 st Epistle of John 1 st Chapter verse 6, “If we say we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, (which they state, means belonging to another sect or denomination) we lie, and do not the truth.”

They likewise quote the 7 th verse of the same Chapter, “But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the Blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin,” and on the strength of the misapplication and misconstruction- of this text they claim that the Blood of Christ can only avail for individual sins if the sinner works as well as believes, which means joining and having fellowship with them. That they have no foundation for such a claim, at least not from the Bible, it seems unnecessary to state here.

On two occasions when I had the Go-Preachers cornered, they quoted the 1 st Epistle of John 1 st Chapter verses 6 and 7, but these texts do not make the blood of Christ conditional, as the Go-Preachers insinuate, but go to prove that after we are saved there is forgiveness for our daily sins by virtue of the precious blood of Christ and cleansing by the washing of water by the Word. Although we- are saved through the grace of God and our faith in the finished work of Christ, we still have a sinful nature within. “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”

A live Christian is better than a dead one, but to insinuate that after Christ has once saved us, He would again withdraw His salvation because we fail to do good works, would be blasphemy. For whilst we may fail in our work, Christ cannot fail in His.

We are not saved by corruptible things such as silver and gold, but by the precious blood of Christ, and when Christ saves, He saves once and for all, and though we may lack in good works, or though our works may be tested and thrown into the fire as value-less, God will not on these accounts withdraw our salvation. He saves to the uttermost. See 1 st Cor. 3 rd Chapter verse 15. Also John 10 verse 28.

Those who make an empty profession drift back into the world because they lack the power to resist the evil one.

My husband had an argument with a Go-Preacher regarding the text: “Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin,” but this text is a stumbling block to them, as far as personal sins are concerned, and he lost his temper, saying: “It is no use splitting hairs, am I up against a Plymouth Brother?”

My husband knew little or nothing of the Plymouth Brethren, and was merely quoting God’s word, desiring to know how they could dispute this definite text. When they are unable to have things their own way, or are cornered with regard to the Scripture, they are noted for losing their tempers and getting impudent.

If, instead, they would throw off their mask, and produce or bring out the book of Mormon, they would have a foundation for their religion, which they certainly can never have from the Bible. Well might they say it is a dead book, it certainly seems so, as far as they are concerned.

For the establishing of their claim that no one can be saved, unless he has actually heard the gospel from the lips of one of themselves, the scriptures concerning Cornelius, and Philip and the Eunuch, are used, and to further establish this claim, they willfully misapply the text: “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Then “how shall they hear without a Preacher?” See Romans X.

It was also on the strength of this text that I was told that the Bible was a dead book, and that I could not be saved by reading it, nor by the preaching of a hireling. It must of necessity be one of God's own people (meaning themselves, of course). When I mentioned the names of some friends who are out preaching the Gospel at their own expense, I was told that those will not do either, it must be one of them. For they alone are called by revelation from God, and they alone preach on divine authority.

I questioned them as to how I was to be saved, if the Blood of Christ could not atone for my sins, and I was told that I must begin and follow in the “Jesus way.” All this talk, dear reader, comes from the heart of Mormonism.

Their Male Leader once told me, “The whole of our faith is wrapped up in one text: “Fear God and keep His Commandments.” I would here ask the reader to compare the quotations taken from their letters with the 5 th Commandment.

On another occasion I cornered one of them with regard to the Blood of our Lord, and she said, “Oh, well, we do say that by His death we are reconciled.” She was referring to Romans 5, verse 10, of which the last- portion is the stronghold of both Go-Preacher and Latter Day Saint, and which is explained by both as follows :

“For instance, Paul and the Romans must have been at one time enemies to God, but later on were reconciled by the death of His Son. They both explain that this reconciliation does not apply to people whose parents had taught them from infancy that Jesus is the Christ. And that it thus has nothing to do with personal sins. It merely means to be reconciled to the knowledge that Jesus is the Christ. They state that it is the latter portion of this verse that counts—“We shall be saved by His Life”—for the Life of Christ, whilst on earth, was God's plan of salvation. Hence the Go-Preachers’ instruction to me that all I had to do to be saved was to follow in .the lowly way, which they consider is keeping the Commandments of God.”

Such wriggling is very frail. For surely it would not require the death of the Son of God, merely to reconcile people to the knowledge that Jesus is the Christ, very especially since they reckon to be saved by the Life of Christ.

According to the Mormon Articles of Faith, it is evident that whilst the last portion of the above text is their stronghold, they do not lay stress on the first portion because they claim that whilst we were yet enemies to God through the sin of Adam, Christ died to redeem us from this curse. This being done and beyond it, the Atonement is no longer a matter of importance. The Redemption from Adam's Sin is also being styled “Reconciliation,” hence my friend’s statement, “Oh, well, we do say that by His death we are reconciled.”

If the Mormon acknowledged the supreme sacrifice of Christ as being for our sins, he would no longer be a god himself, and would thus lose the submission and obedience shown to him by his victims. And further if he acknowledged that the shedding of blood was necessary for the remission of our sins, and he being an equal of Jesus Christ, the same sacrifice might be demanded of him. Where would his Lordship be then?

Whereas, if he preaches the life of Christ, he can twist it to suit himself, and to enable him to marry more than one sister, and further to have young wives. He blasphemes our Lord Jesus by saying that Christ was married to both Martha and Mary. Hence the Mormon grip of young women. It is needless to say that the Go-Preachers have the same grip, and that a large percentage of their members are young women.

Just after my daughter's marriage, she wanted to come to town one day, and when her brother-in-law, who had to drive the car, asked her what she wanted to come to town for, she said, “To pray.” He then asked whether her God was only in town? To go a distance of ninety-seven miles just to pray did indeed seem a feeble excuse. And no one can be surprised at the question he asked her.

But when we find that redemption from personal sins can only be obtained through obedience to the requirements of the Mormon Church, we need not, be surprised at her wanting to come all that distance to pray, the abodes being their secretly established Churches, and the hosts thereof are a sort of Bishop. It would be good to know what the requirements of their Church are. Not only does the fact that the death of the Saviour is mentioned in the first part of Romans 6, verse 10, show that the latter part of the verse refers to the resurrected life of Christ, but it is further confirmed by Paul’s statement, “If Christ be not risen from the dead, your faith is in vain and ye are yet in your sins.” We further know that Christ is now in Heaven—a High Priest making intercession for us.

With further references to Romans 5-10. Both Go-Preacher and Latter Day Saint alike declare that Christ died to take away death, without the chance to live again. Only as we please Jesus, shall He be pleased to receive us into His Kingdom.

But here again Paul’s statement, “For if Christ be not risen from the dead your faith is vain and ye are yet in your sins,” proves that the Life of Christ is not the basis of salvation. Surely we can understand that if it was necessary for Christ to rise from the dead in order to justify us from our sins, He of necessity must have died to pay the debt.

They further forget the words of our Lord: “I will destroy the temple, and build it up again in three days. As Jonah was three days in the whale's belly, so also shall the Son of man be three days in the bowels of the earth. I lay down my life of my self. No one taketh it. I have power to lay it down, and power to take it up again.”

Surely these statements of the Saviour prove that His death was a certainty, and the fulfilling of the Scriptures.


Not only do the supposed Go-Preachers teach their converts that neither Christ nor His Apostles ever raised anyone from the dead physically, but they preach the same from the platform. They definitely declare that Christ and His Apostles only raised to life those who were dead in sin; only opened the eyes of those who were blind in sin; and likewise only cleansed people from the leprosy of sin, by getting them to turn to the Jesus way, in exactly the same manner as they, the Go-Preachers, are doing to-day.

They state that the little maid of twelve years whom Christ raised to life had not committed very many sins, therefore Christ only had to take her by the hand and say: “Damsel, I say unto thee, arise; and she straightway arose.” (Mark, chapter v.).

The young man of Luke vii., being a little older than the damsel, had sunk further into sin, therefore he did not likewise rise up straight away, but sat up and spoke, and Christ delivered him unto his mother.

Lazarus of John xi., being older than the other two, naturally had sunk much further into sin than they. So much so that he was bound in grave-clothes, de-composed in sin. Thus Christ had to use far more strenuous efforts. He had to groan in a loud voice, the stone had to be removed from the grave, and the grave-clothes had to be loosened. Thus they say, “The further we are sunk into sin, the more drastic the methods Christ, or they (His latter-day Apostles) have to use in raising us to life, which they declare is ‘the Jesus way.’

To strengthen this argument they quote the text: “It is appointed unto man once to die; and after this the judgment.” They argue that if Christ had raised those people from the dead physically, they would have had to die a second time, and then where would this text come in? The Bible, however, does not give any account of them having died a second time. But whether they did or not, does not affect the issue at all, since Christ’s special object in raising these three people to life again was to glorify God and to convince people that He indeed was the Messiah.

The Go-Preachers claim that Christ and His early Apostles only cast out devils in the same way as they themselves are doing in these days. Is this teaching not the essence of Mormonism? We know that all Mormons claim to be “Gods” and “Jesus Christs.” And if they were such, naturally they would be expected to do the same works. Not being able to do so, their only alternative is to reduce the power of Christ and His Apostles by denying that they ever performed these miracles physically or materially and so bring them down to the level of Mormon gods.

The supposed Go-Preachers further teach that the serpents and scorpions mentioned in Luke x., and on which the disciples had the power to tread without fear of being harmed, were not real reptiles, but types of the people who would oppose their teaching, as in my case; I am considered a reptile because I am opposed to Mormonism. Whether open or under disguise they go so far as to say that the fact of people reading and understanding the Bible in this literal way is proof that all outside the Jesus way are heathens, and that the Bible is a "dead book" unless it is made to live through their preaching. They further state that Christ laboured among people who were spiritually poor and needy, and not among people who were materially poor and needy as is taught by the so-called Christian Churches.

Is this not a disgraceful perversion of the Word of God? The spiritual things of the Bible are put into a material sense, and the material things into a spiritual sense.

They forget, or leave out, the Scripture which describes false teachers and their principles, and which says: “But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption.” 2nd Peter, chapter ii., verse 12.

Whenever they cause trouble and family separation, the victim is also led to believe that he is suffering for the Lord’s sake, and that this, being the Saviour’s own religion, it is the only one for which He will be despised. For this they quote our Lord's words: “In this world ye shall have tribulation.” The victim is also led to believe that this, being the only true religion, all else must of necessity bow or submit to them. They must never give in. This is but their fiendish methods of holding on to their prey. Whilst others are working hard to keep them, they lay or kneel about in their rooms, or rather in their victims’ rooms, and then declare that they are labouring and travailing to have babies born into the family of God. Their woman leader had the impudence to tell me that her calling was a higher one than mine, for I was only a natural mother, whereas she was a spiritual mother. This is but another way of teaching children to disregard their parents, and further influence them to leave their homes. They also declare that they are the salt of the earth, and as such, they stay the corruption of the world. It is hard to believe, but I have known them to telegraph to my daughter, asking her to meet another of their women converts who was passing through by train. Instead of a woman, there would be three of their male preachers on the train. The object was not to surprise my daughter, for she could read between the lines, but to deceive others.

On the 1st July, 1928, my husband wrote to their male leader asking to let my daughter come home, as I was ill. He did not reply that day, but got her to reply in her own name, at his dictation, of conditions under which she would return. These conditions were scandalous and most oppressing. They thought my husband: being out of employment, and houses being scarce, we would not be able to meet their disgraceful conditions. But God was on our side, and we met them and all other conditions they dictated. Eight days afterwards he replied to my husband's letter, from another town, pretending not to know anything about the conditions laid down by my daughter, and of which he himself was the dictator. This was the third time he had waited to get to another town before replying to our letters. The object being to side-step and avoid our requests.

I approached them several times on little things which I did not consider to be quite straight; such as engaging church halls with the express purpose of luring people away from their churches; listening at keyholes, and peeping through the curtains. But each time I did so I was told that “the Bible instructs us to be wise as serpents.” I am not in a position to guarantee that they possess the wisdom of serpents, but can safely vouch for the poison.


One of the excuses made to keep my daughter at the abode, was that my house was too small, and that my daughter was in a position to pay for better accommodation than I could offer her. When I asked them who it was who worked to place her in that position, their Woman Leader said: “Oh, you worked to put her there, but that does not count now, because she is now serving God.” They forgot that when my girl stayed at the abode, she shared a filthy little back room with any other victim who came along. Was my house not big enough for her for twenty-one years? And why did they refuse to let her go to a boarding-house? Anyway, I got a bigger house, and the excuse then put forward was that the road was too rough for her to cycle on, but when their Mormon letter fell into my hands, the road was no longer too rough.

The excuse which they now offer for my daughter and themselves is that I want to bind her to my will all her life. I never bound her to my will before she was twenty-one years old, and have no desire to do so now. To prove this, may it be stated that she at one time sang in the Dutch Reformed Mission Choir, Cape Town; taught at the Brethren Sunday School, Salt River; attended the monthly United Conference, Cape Town; was, I think, a member of the African Junior Evangelistic Band; and attended many other Evangelistic Meetings, both in and out of doors, and I never once interfered. She also taught in a Wesleyan Sunday School, until, through these Go-Preachers, she gave this up. There was a great deal of unpleasantness in the home because of this, and I took her part against everybody; I did not even object to this Sect, until I found out that there was an undercurrent of evil, and that it was a false doctrine. The real trouble is that the girl is bound to them, and has to do as she is told, and whilst this anaemic Sect consider that they live above the law and sneer at our police, they certainly make use of the law when their women folk reach the age of twenty-one years.

Their Woman Leader once remarked that I could have no idea how they have to wriggle. She may now rest assured that I not only know how they wriggle, but also know why they wriggle.


I have often asked them why they do not preach to Natives? They always wriggled and said that they thought there was plenty to be done among Europeans. However, one of them made a slip with his tongue, and I discovered that they were not allowed to preach to Natives in Rhodesia. It is to be hoped that the day is not far off when white people will share the same protection against the subtlety of these Go-Preachers.

Whilst it may be true that they are not allowed to preach to Natives in our territory, what about their lack of ambition to do so in other territories? Can it be that they have no desire to extend their Kingdom with a native population? Or is it that the authorities of other territories realise that Polygamy would be a far easier matter among natives than it would be amongst Europeans, and on this account prohibit them from preaching to them?


Owing to their disguise, they are not in a position to distribute literature of any kind. They forbid their victims to read other Christian literature, because they are afraid that the light of God might shine into their hearts, and thus they would be delivered out of the chains of error and darkness. If the victims were allowed to read other literature, there would be a possibility of them finding out the horrors of Mormonism.

Again, their non-distribution of literature, like their every other method, has its manifold purposes and advantages.

Their having no original writings gives us no opportunity of comparing their religion either with the Bible or with other religions. It further places them in a position to repudiate all we may say about them, as, for instance, they would do in my case, were it not for the fact that some of their letters have fallen into my hands, and that I am further supported by other letters and literature written about them.

My girl was cut off, not only from me, her mother, but from all her old friends. Their Male Leader had the impudence to say that for her to correspond with people outside their fold, was unnecessary correspondence, and unnecessary friendship, and told me to burn the literature which was sent to her by her former friends.


The bait the Go-Preacher Mormons throw out to catch people, is that the love which is supposed to be manifested among themselves, does not exist among Christians belonging to any other religious Sect. I have honestly analysed this love, and find that there is a great exhibition of hugging and kissing among their women folk, and that when it comes to securing a new victim, they will stand by one another to the bitter end. But if we combine this hugging, kissing, and faithfulness, with their extreme backbiting of one another, we will see that this combination only amounts to Mormon organization.

They pass their letters on from one to the other, right round the world, and hundreds of letters are being written daily.

On the night of the 24 th May, 1928, when my daughter was sent to the abode, I saw their Male Leader handing a letter to “the woman” who was in charge of the victim just after she got on to the train. I (in fun) asked him whether it was not dishonest to do the Post Office out of a job by sending his letter privately. His reply was, “No, not at all, as it is, the Government is making thousands of pounds through our correspondence.” As I was not at the time aware of the fact that my child was not being transferred by the Service, as I was led to believe, but was in truth being worked out of my home by Mormon fiends, I did not think anything wrong and was merely joking with him. But as this letter could have been posted or handed to its carrier before she left my house, there is not the slightest doubt that he did not trust it through the post, and his object in waiting until this woman was already on the train before handing it to her, was because he did not wish other eyes to see the address. But without doubt it was one containing instructions to either the Host or Hostess with regard to the new victim. And it was his guilt which drew the uncalled for declaration from him.

Whilst staying at the abode, I was amazed at the very large number of letters which came and went daily. So much so, that I ventured to ask them whether they were carrying on a private Post Office. They, however, just smiled at my inquiry.


Having such a large majority of female members of the domestic class, they are almost in a position to run an Employment Agency. Quite a number of people, when wanting nurse girls or other domestic servants, go to them.

I would warn ladies in regard to taking them into their homes as servants. No doubt they make excellent servants and rapidly gain the confidence of their mistresses, but they do not think it wrong to abuse such confidence and, when the mistress's back is turned, convert her home into a convenience and hiding place for Mormon victims, as was done in the case of the house where they hid my daughter.

On two occasions I have seen a little child fall out of her perambulator whilst her nurse was gossiping. I mention this, not because other nurse girls do not do so (I know they do), but because the Go-Preachers make an open boast that through their religion they make such good servants, that people cannot help coming after them, and I humbly ask, Is it right and safe to throw our children into contact with people of whose religion we do not know anything? And that just because we find them useful!


According to a Mormon letter in my possession, the Book of Mormon is the record spoken of in Ezekiel 37, 16, where it says: “Moreover, Thou Son of Man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions; then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions; and join them one to another into one stick (or Book); and they shall become one in thine hand.” The stick of Judah is said to be the Bible, and stick (or book) of Joseph the Book of Mormon. Hence the .Go-Preacher, like any other Mormon, asserts that from the time of the Apostles until the advent of themselves, there were no true witnesses of the Gospel of Christ on the earth, and that the Bible on this account is a “dead book” unless it is “made to live” through their preaching, and that this, their Latter Day Mission, which is to bring about the Second Advent of Christ, is a direct revelation from God and is directly linked up with the mission of the early Apostles of Christ. There have been no true witnesses in between the early Apostles and themselves, and there likewise can be none apart from themselves. Whoever is a true Christian chosen by God of necessity would, and must link up with them, and of course no one becomes truly born again until he or she has been in contact with them or has heard the Gospel from their (blasphemous) lips.

Owing to my failing sight I am not able to study very much, but I would humbly endeavour to point out that the wages of Sin is death—not classified Sin, but Sin—and “Without the shedding of blood there is no remission.” In another text we read, “When I see the blood I will pass over you.” How clear and definite? The blood has to be shed, and God has to see it applied, before He will pass over us. Our hearts must he cleansed in the precious blood of Christ before we can enter the presence of a Holy God.


According to their Articles of Faith, the Mormon Church instituted Plural Marriage by direct Revelation and many of those who followed the practice felt that they were divinely commanded to do so. In the beginning of 1862, however, laws were framed declaring the practice unlawful and imposing penalties therefore. However, this Sect did its best to continue this practice, but failed. Through its President, it solemnly placed the responsibility on the nation whose laws forbade it, and announced to the world that they had discontinued the practice of Plural Marriage.

This comes under the heading of Submission to Secular Authority.

If they are truly submitting to the law in this respect, will they tell us why they go out under disguise and work young girls out of their homes; why they run houses where such girls are being sent to, and where their Elders also live; why they by stages endeavour to transport such girls out of their country under the pretence of a holiday; and why they have got many unbreakable covenants to bind their victims unto themselves?

*NOTE.—The blood which was annually sprinkled on Jewish altars was sprinkled for the sins of the people. Not because they were cursed with sin, but because they themselves had sinned. How then can the blood of Christ only avail for Adam's transgression? “The blood of Jesus Christ—God's Son—cleanseth us from all sin,” the moment we believe, and accept the cleansing.

I may also state that just recently I have handled the photograph of a young Mormon woman at present in Utah, who has a half-sister. They are the daughters of two mothers and one father. All three parents are living. These girls are between the ages of twenty, and thirty years.

If the Mormons are abiding by the law which since 1862 prohibited Plural Marriages how can this state of affairs be in existence? The one girl is at present corresponding with a friend of mine here in our own town.

In another instance one of their women was riding a bicycle in the dark without a light, but, on seeing a policeman, she jumped off and wheeled the bike home. The policeman followed her to her gate and she then turned round and made some vulgar exclamation because she had defeated him. I mention this to prove that they only abide by the law, when people are looking. It is indeed all outward show.

Whether, under the cloak of religion or otherwise, it is illegal to sponge about from house to house, yet they do so.


Both Go-Preacher and Latter Day Saint alike make an open boast that once anyone has been initiated into their religion, they simply cannot and will not ever give it up again, and they very rarely have need to excommunicate a real saint.

We know that it is in this fact where lies the secret and the grip of their evil practices.

Whilst they may ask people to show repentance unto God, in truth the only repentance they preach is to abandon one's religion and become a Latter Day Saint. We know that the life of Christ is so closely imitated, that the services in the Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City, are supposed to be conducted in exactly the same manner as Christ conducted His services whilst on earth, even to the extent of having twelve men representing the “Twelve Apostles” of our Lord. But whilst this is so, they also have their theatres, and other amusements, which those who do not follow the Book of Knowledge may indulge in, if they wish. These things clearly show that they draw a dividing line between conversion and being born again, with the express purpose of decoying Christians. Membership with them signifies to be born again. Were it not for fear of having their pledge exposed, excommunication would be known. The fact that they are Latter Day Saints justifies their evil deeds, and is their passport to Heaven. Even though they have two classes, the Progressives, and the Non-Progressives, none are lost, but all else go to Hell.

Towards the end of a Go-Preachers’ Mission, all who have repented and decided to serve God are asked to raise their hands. If anyone who raised their hand afterwards attended church or other religious services, such a one would not be recognised as being born into the family of God. Thus it is clear that the repentance they proclaim means to abandon one’s religion and be born into the family of God (themselves). After anyone has been initiated into their secret vows, their evil deeds are justified.

I think the reader will agree that this book, together with their letters quoted herein, prove that they are perfectly joined together in evil, and on this account they dare not excommunicate lest the one excommunicated exposes them, but since none of their membership will be lost, where is the need for excommunication?

The chief corner stone of the Mormon religion is that those who join them have to abandon their former religion; they are never again to kneel down in prayer; never to read the Bible or take part in any meetings except their own. They are strictly forbidden to have fellowship with others, either privately or in public. Under these circumstances we would naturally conclude that if a member violated this obligation he or she would be excommunicated. But although they objected to my daughter having what they called “outside and unnecessary friendship,” yet she can play the piano at Christian Science meetings and there is nothing said about it! Why don’t they excommunicate her? Simply because they are as much in her power as she is in theirs. Indeed, they are so tightly bound in the chains of iniquity, that they dare not even raise a finger to defend themselves against that which hits them hardest. They teach finally, that no Mormon ever goes to Hell, unless he or she is sent there by their Leaders for disobeying the Priesthood (whatever that might mean). The Go-Preachers, Elders and Spiritual Mothers, like any other Mormon Leader, teach their victims that they who have the rule, have power to forgive sins; or to retain sins at their own discretion whenever they wish to do so.

Hence the perfect submission on the part of the victims. Does not the fact that my daughter is now being seen at tennis courts, bioscope, etc., but further resemble the state of affairs at Salt Lake City? However much, through fear, she may profess, there is not a spark of holiness about her. She has been stripped of all that is good.

The Book of Nephi is one of Joseph Smith’s translations. I have not gone very far into it, but quite far enough to see that it is an exhibition of visions which Lehi and also his son Nephi were supposed to have received from God. It would seem as if this book authorises murder, for it definitely states, “Behold the Lord slayeth the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes, it is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief.” Nephi, chapter 4, verse 13.

Hence the many murders we hear of in Utah and hence the supposed Cooneyites’ callousness, their spiteful attitude towards others and the many black looks I receive. It must break their hearts to see me walk about and not be able to lay their hands on me. If it was not for the protection of the law, I am convinced that all who oppose “the Jesus Way” would be murdered.

The Book of Mormon declares that “Whether Jew or Gentile, bond or free, male or female, all who oppose Zion (Mormonism) shall perish.”

The further I study Mormonism the clearer I see the supposed Go-Preacher.


The supposed Go-Preachers are most subtle, and diplomatic in giving instructions to their victims. Usually instructions are given in the form of advice accompanied by quotations from Scripture, plausily twisted to meet the demand of each individual case.

In the event of trouble, neither the victim nor anyone else is in a position to accuse them of having given harmful instructions, as they themselves are in a position to say that their victims “please themselves.”

Like every other phase of their religion, the giving of instructions has its manifold advantages, for whilst they are actually giving instruction in order to achieve some special object, the victims are thrown under the impression that by taking the advice of their leaders, they are carrying out the instructions of God through His Latter Day Apostles (the Go-Preachers). The woman who went to the asylum, instead of saying she took the camouflaged advice of her leaders in letting her husband have the guardianship of her children until they were old enough to work and help her, told the people that her religion did not permit her to interfere in the matter of her husband having the guardianship of the children. The children, on who’s behalf she was said to have gone out of her mind, are now grown-up girls, and one of them is at present staying at one of the Abodes. May God save her from their snare.

Continued in Part 3

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