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First Missions
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In 1913, the first workers went to Norway. Edgar Carlson and August Gustafson held their first mission in Fredrikstad. The earliest Workers List for Norway located thus far is 1924-25, and by that time, there were already 13 workers listed for Norway. Peter Svint is on a 1929 list in Norway. Peter pioneered Denmark.

From notes of James Jardine speaking at Avonbridge Scotland Convention (no date): “One of my companions started out alone in Norway to have a mission. I shall never forget the look on his face as he went away. He had very serious considerations on his mind; he felt alone in the world. He did not go forth in vain. God opened up the way and a few got to know the Lord, as a result of his going forth alone.” It is not known if his companion was Peter Svint or someone else.

Edith Hanson (1890-1965) went from Oregon to Sweden in 1920, with her brother J. Henry Hanson. Not certain when Edith went to Norway. Her brother, Henry, was Overseer in Sweden for a few years before his death. Edith Hanson was arrested in Norway on October 14, 1942 along with her companion, Alma Lee, and they became Prisoners of War in Norway and Germany. Edith died December, 1965 at the age of 75, and is buried in Boring, Oegon USA.

Sydney Holt wrote in his Letter No. 6 dated July 16, 1985: [The convention] "Stokke is about an hour drive south of Oslo and held on the property of the Sverres Skallebergs. His parents first heard and believed the Truth in Alberta, Canada in 1912, but moved back to Norway about 1920. Several of the family live in homes here...Not many friends in Norway, and no doubt the slowest for the Gospel of the Scandinavian countries. The meetings are held in a nice shed and headsets for those who want to listen in English or German. Even the testimonies are translated and this is nice. Convention has been on these grounds since 1947 and about 240 here and at least 50 from out of the country. The older brother here in Norway, Hasken Ausenhus, is soon leaving for a number of conventions on the east coast of U.S. and a visit to his relatives in Canada."

When did the workers first arrive?  1913

Who were the first brother workers?  Edgar Carlson and August Gustafson

Who were the first sister workers? Unknown

Who was the first to profess? 
Who was the first native to go in the work?

When & Where was the first meeting? 
When & Where was the first baptism?

When & Where was the first convention? 
Where have subsequent conventions been held?
Where is the convention currently held?  Stokke

Who have the Overseers been? Hasken Ausenhus

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