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Later Workers
Letter by Jack Price
Overseer of Montana
July 23, 2018

1017 Olive St.
Bozeman MT 59715 U.S.A.
Jan. 23, 1997

Dear Co-Workers:-

Must not delay longer to send you this 'apology' with our signatures attached, along with the Certificate of Dissolution.

During our three days together in Calgary there were great searchings of heart as we sought the Calgary the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and turned to the word of God to find the answers.

Most of the Alberta workers except for the youngest were interviewed individually and confidentially, resulting in the majority asking that Willis would remain as their overseer. A meeting including all the Alberta Workers plus the overseers present was held on the evening of the second day. It was a meeting that I'm sure none of us will soon forget. Several have written since, remarking how very evident it was that the Spirit was much in evidence & in control throughout the meeting,

Due to the fact that this was a first admonition & since Willis manifested a true spirit of repentance, in addition to making every effort to get the 'document' dissolved, it was only reasonable to give him another chance to prove himself in the place where he has had the privilege & responsibility of serving. Should also add that we were satisfied with the apologies from those who co-signed the 'document.'

I trust that this information will be a help in settling any who have been disturbed to the extent that their confidence has been weakened in the ministry. This has been a costly experience but considering the overall picture we cannot help but feel that the Lord will turn this into a blessing whereby many will feel a deeper concern & responsibility for the welfare of the Kingdom, producing a fuller commitment to this great cause.

Please feel free to show the enclosed information to any who would wish to see it.

It feels good to be back in circulation again. I'm hoping to make a start very soon in Helena. Just wish I had a companion but hopefully that will come soon. Dean & Steve have offered to help get this away to you, when they return today from Pray, where they have some promising interest.

Dean told us last night from Ps. 40 that David was lifted from the cry in the pit to the song on the Rock. This helped to sum up the theme of our recent studies. Many in the world today are taken up with the ages of rock, but God's true children are taken up with the Rock of Ages.

Thanks for keeping in touch, we love to follow along with the activities & interest of each field. This comes with kindest greetings in Christ.

Your brother in Him,


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