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Letters of Concern
By Ron Campbell
Posted March 23, 2017

October 9, 1952 - George Walker to Ron Campbell

October 20, 1952 - Ron Cambell to George Walker

November 5, 1953 - Ron Cambell to George Walke

6704 Leeds St.
Philadelphia 31, Pa.
October 9, 1952

My dear Ronald,

Your letter of Sept. 20 came some days ago. Since I wrote you Sept. 2, I have been informed that you are not recognized or received as a worker or as being in fellowship in South Australia or any other State in Australia.

A brother and a sister worker in South Australia have written of the division that has come amongst His people through you.

I am sure it is not the Lord's will for me to make arrangements for one who is not in fellowship with those in his own country I am in fellowship with.

Sincerely yours in His service,

(Signed) George Walker

Mannararie P.O.
South Australia, Australia.
Oct. 20th 1952.

My dear George,

In reply to your Oct. 9th letter, I have no knowledge that I am not looked upon as a worker or in fellowship with any in Australia. I do not accept this, for I have had no connections whatever with any worker in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia since returning home, other than a brief correspondence with Bill Carroll of whom John Baartz was responsible for. I know very few workers in those Statues. I have had little to do with a few here in South Australia, following advice from Willie Hughes in case the American trouble would be brought up. John Baartz is amongst those I have conversed a little with and in these conversations and two letters he wrote me, nothing was ever expressed that such a condition exists. If any worker has anything against me why don't they come forward with it?

Your letter demands some explanation of what has been going on. The arrangements you were responsible for for my home coming led me into a "trap” set by Jack and Bill Carroll's ungodly influence. I walked into this unknowingly and have been almost crushed to death in it, but God has undertaken for me. Because of Jack's unbelief in the doctrine of reconciliation and eagerness to cripple me spiritually including my ministry, he has used others for this end. I believe you will understand this being once a victim of his. John Baartz is one he has used, a weak man for he revealed to many including myself he cannot stand for what he knows to be right, and please the Carroll's, resulting that this State to which I have given my "all" when going forth in the work, had no welcome for me now, in arriving home again amongst the workers.

Bill Carroll wrote me I should return to U.S.A. John Baartz and others said that is my field and I should return. U.S.A. is where the trouble started and the place to make things right and to me this is the wise and sensible thing to do. I know Jack is afraid of me but that is unnecessary, providing he ceases his hostilities towards me and others whom he has wronged. Otherwise all that is left for me to do where trouble exists is to state facts, be honest and truthful in what I have seen and know.

That is definitely untrue me being responsible for division in this State, John Baartz well knows that. The facts are it came out of Victoria and John was a strong helper in this. To my knowledge division was in Victoria in 1936 there at the Dandenong Convention Willie Jamieson and Bill Carroll did their best to turn me against you. Willie called you a false prophet. I knew if I accepted this a division would have come between Willie Hughes and I, as he definitely believed in you. It was more pronounced in that State in 1947. Percy Barelli and others were worried and were disappointed in Bill, wondering where things were going to end. Before my return home an open division was there, and you know this George as Willie Hughes told me and others he talked to you about the condition of things in Victoria in his last visit to U.S.A. before I came home. Some in South Australia were dividing away from Bill when I was home in 1947 and since have and still are, because he has wronged some they love and value in Christ through breaking up fellowship.

Willie Hughes last visit to Australia opened my eyes and gave me a great shock to know how deep and far this division had gone. He told some of the solid faithful brethren here Bill Carroll was definitely wrong and advised them not to support him, “starve him into submission", he stressed. Willie also told some who were ousted by Bill in Victoria that he is as they, also ousted by Bill. Bill later sent his agents telling some to have no fellowship with Willie as that he is inspired by satan and out to destroy the work of God.

This manifestation so shocked me that I went into seclusion and glad to keep free from the mess. It is all too ridiculous for me, also knowing that I came home to rest and get my body built up and since U.S.A. is my field, I took the stand it is out of place for me to be involved in any way. John Baartz was with Willie against Bill but since has come under Bill's influence and as a tool in his hand has talked and made division and I am told they are telling it's necessary to have a division.

From their works four factions now is apparent, I one on the outside of this division looking in, never before have seen such a display of human and spiritual corruption in lies being told, false accusations, agreements broken, hate, bitterness, defiance and other unchristlike marks expressed, they are going like a storm hitting the country leaving behind them a trail of broken hearts, homes, churches and relatives, forcing people to submit to them—if not they tell that they are cut off and doomed, stopping some from holding meetings if they can, refusing them to attend convention in case people will know the truth of the matter, telling them not to have anything to do with this one or that one, to walk off the street and out of the home if this one come to see them. Christ is a secondly person, workers are the supreme authority and gone as far as to say that no saint can receive anything from God unless it comes through the workers.

It is obvious that there is fault on both sides, I believe Willie Hughes is right in trying to help some who have been injured and scattered by some of these workers, among them are the cream of our fellowship. We know the spirit of our chief and great Shepherd is to heal, bind and gather any sheep lost or saved, but Willie has disgraced himself and let some of us down by his conduct, and my own family are amongst those who feel this the keenest. He tried to influence one of my sisters to marry a man whose morals were bad. Bill Carroll warned him not to do this so did his own daughter (that is this man's own daughter) but he would not listen. My sister refused Willie's advice. Willie later tried to assault her, she withstood him. She being offended later tried on two occasions to make things right, resulting that he further oppressed her to cover up his sin, and even used his position as her minister to crush her and justify himself.

Some of the respectable people in our fellowship took the matter up, amongst them some who served on the jury and brought convictions on others for more minor offences than Willie's. At a great cost she revealed this to me. You know how I feel, put yourself in my place. Willie has not made this right with her or us as yet. John Baartz knows this and has not even expressed any regret to my sister, but has taken the covering up attitude toward Willie's offences and also other workers offences, that "fig leaf" garment idea that God condemned and exposed long ago. I was moved in the fear of God to tell John Baartz unless he cleaned house in the ministry here among these offenders I could not have full confidence in him, this made John hostile but I know I am in the right.

I wish to state George if you are in fellowship and upholding the hands of a few of these workers who are the influence of trying to cripple me and my ministry who are out for division and involved in spiritual and moral corruption you know where you stand with me, I can tolerate it but definitely cannot accept it.

For years Willie Jamieson has worked under the influence of the Carrolls. One of the reasons he came to Australia in 1956 was to turn Australia against you and others in the East. One of the reasons he came to Australia since I have been here was to turn Australia against me. He failed with you and I am convinced he will fail again. He told some falsehoods while here and has taken lies back with him and is injuring the Kingdom of God. It has been recently told in U.S.A. that I am now out preaching on my own, having a following and declaring a new doctrine. This is also definitely untrue. Lies have come out of Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand, when traced back usually ends with Bill and his agents. I ask you to be careful what you receive and act upon. Colin Watt awhile back made a few statements that puts the position very clear "The serous thing about the conditions is this, some of the older workers in their wrongdoings are indoctrinating other workers who will have to be handled when they are dead and gone and will be difficult to handle.

I have been accused of not co-operating. This is also not true, for I have co-operated all I possibly could until I discovered the depth of this grievous division, how can one co-operate with workers when they are divided? When those responsible for division settle things and give us something sound and reasonable to co-operate with them then I will do my best to co-operate. John Baartz knows this is my stand here and he has nothing in this line to offer. I am taking my stand here as many of us did when similar was our lot in U.S.A. A year ago.

I am sorry you have forced me to reveal what I have. It has cost me much to write like this, wish I could talk to you face to face. I have written this in the fear and under the guidance of God, as I have no desire to state anything misleading or for personal advantage. I hope that you are satisfied with my reply in these false accusations. I again repeat repeat the best and wisest course is for all who have done wrong is to ask forgiveness and be forgiven, all show mercy and strive through His grace and power to love each other and return to the example and teachings of our Lord.

I am your responsibility and await further word.

Yours sincerely through His grace,

(signed) Ronald I. Campbell

Mannanarie P.O.
South Australia, Australia
Nov. 6th 1953

Dear George:

I have been wondering if you received my letter written Feb. 14th, as all letters do not get through, if it did not reach you I will send you a copy, it was a reply to yours of Jan. 31st, in it I asked you questions and I am disappointed in having no reply.

Since that letter was written I have received added shocks through some things that have gone on here as well as over there, which certainly is further injurious to confidence. Many wish to know the following:

1. Are their sincere efforts being put forth amongst the Elder workers to help the serious and sad conditions now existing?
2. Is their any provision made amongst the older workers to straighten out some amongst them who are wrong?
3. Some believe that their are so much wrongness along the Elders resulting they are in no position to help each other, is this so?

I have been informed that Jack Carroll has been further speaking evil against me in the West, also Willie Jamieson is doing similar and has carried it as far as Texas.

I am again stating I am amongst those who cannot accept any person or persons who are the accusers, jury, judge and law in any case or issue. Please find a copy of a letter written by John Hardie regarding this. Many believe this kind of administration is largely responsible for the sad condition as they are now.

The conditions in this State and also in Victoria causes me now to be grateful in that I took a neutral stand as far as workers are concerned in 1947 and again since coming home. John Hardie said to me before arriving in South Aust. in 1947 "stand for right and principle Ron, I have said if we do not get together and come to an agreement and understanding this fellowship is going on the rocks." John's advice was good and what he predicted has in part come true. As things are now in this State and also in Victoria, it’s most difficult to see how any worker can claim to be a New Test. servant.

We are now seeing a fellowship being changed into a dictatorship, the church organism being changed into totalitarianism. The seeds of division, lies, hatred, backbitings etc. sown now bearing fruit and such ungodly production. Old time friends who were once enjoying fellowship as brethren have been divided by the workers and so indoctrinated with this evil spirit that they say I would spit in this ones face it I had a chance. Refusing to shake hands is common to those who were once good friends. They pass old time friends in the street and refuse to bid them the time of day, they act as if they have got some kind of a disease and do not touch me or you will catch it, the deceptive part is that some of the workers are teaching that they have some special holy ministry and this is the fruit of it, they call it “a holy anointing” is there any wonder precious souls are confused and disappointed. Some of these who have been ousted receive deceptive and pretensive(sic) telephone calls from those who have been indoctrinated by this evil spirit, the government has offered to place detectives on the line to catch them.

These souls who have been ousted for standing for what is right meet in obedience to the word of God, and are enjoying fellowship, the workers are now mocking them, they are often referred to by them as an element in a degrading way. We experienced a very sad reality at Willie Wuttke's funeral, you would remember the Wuttke’s of old, George. Willie was the first young man to profess after Adam H. came to South Aust. He later went into the work but had to quit because of ill health, through the years his condition became worse and recently he knew the end was near, he left a request that another worker and I officiate at his funeral. This he requested to help unify the fellowship, his wife and family did right in being loyal to his request.

Just a few minutes before the body was carried outside of the home for the service to start, in walked three workers and began to make a fuss, in the presence the weeping grief-strickened widow and only a few feet from the dead husband’s body. The chief trouble maker among them was not even contacted by the wife or family. He presumptuously came into the home and after fussing awhile, I spoke up and said if you men refuse to co-operate with the deceased request, please cease fussing at a time and place like this. We had to carry on without them, that was all could be done. The Lord undertook and the family was greatly helped and so were others, but some of these indoctrinated saints and workers acted as heathens. I never witnessed before such disrespect at any funeral in the midst of those who came for the purpose of paying respect to dear Willie.

His body was not long in the grave then came John Baartz and started to justify himself and others in Willie’s home before the sad sorrowful grief-strickened widow making trouble condemning and accusing and never let up until a later date had her kicked out of fellowship, this almost killed Mrs.Wuttke and she with a friend came up 200 miles to see some of us to get help. I hope never to see another soul as she. Last year we are informed that John Baartz and his comp. were told to leave a home they had used for some time because of their conduct there. The guilt seemed to be on his comp., but John's interference made him involved. I am mentioning these facts to you George, because you wrote me some tine back that you are in fellowship with these kind of workers, now you know a little of the true position and I am asking you are you in fellowship with such doings?

More are asking for my return to U. S. A. I cannot see how I can avoid this much longer, there are many reasons for this and I feel compelled to respect there requests, in this I desire to do the right.

What I have written is concerning things in this State, since I last wrote you I have fulfilled invitations to come to Victoria, in the early stages of this trouble I wrote Bill Carroll for an interview he refused. When I discovered that J. Hardie, W. Hughes, C. Watt., S. Berriman and other workers felt it necessary to interview some Bill and his workers had wronged, I decided also to know the facts. After interviewing many and seeing their honest sincere desire to stand for Christ and the faith once delivered to the saints, I am deeply impressed in their vision of the truth as in Jesus. Some of Bill’s old friends told me sad stories. 30 years ago they said Bill was a man of love and compassion, he was a lover of souls, we received life through his message, but now he is a different poor Mr. Carroll our hearts yearn for him. Others told how they faced him with falsehoods made by him and his workers they were face to face with facts rather than honorably and honestly own to their wrongness they would condemn and judge the guiltless saying “your spirit is wrong” to clear themselves. In many cases this kind of a thing of wrong spirit was used as a way of escape for him and them. This added more guilt to them to judging people wrongfully to justify themselves.

Bill went as far as using anonymous letters to get his way with some but would not produce it when faced and asked to do so. Bill again on another party placed a curse upon a mother and her children predicted disaster toward then when he was faced with a falsehood. He did this to get his way but only revealed to them his true condition. Mental torture was forced upon others, a worker would come into their meeting and calling some hyena's, wolf's, bear's and dog's. “I love to thrash the dogs.” they would repeat. This happened meeting after meeting, these others would come, home eat dinner and afterwards vomit, so upset from the meeting. This went on until they received a letter from Bill ousting them. He wrote another demanding she apologize admit she was a liar and other evils to him and others, not knowing what she had said or done. They tell of a sister now dead through worry caused by them. Another had to have shock treatments to be restored from distress caused through Bill and his agents.

One of Bill's grandsons prays repeatedly help me Lord to serve the servants, where it used to be help me to serve thee Lord. A Sister worker repeatedly told that Mr. Carroll sits in Moses seat leading the people to the promise land. Another worker said whatever Mr. Carroll asks me to do whether right or wrong, false or true, I will obey him. Others were asked do they stand 100% behind Mr. Carroll. Some who do not know him said how can we if we do not know the man — they were ousted. People are ousted for standing for a homeless ministry and a nameless way, they say these were the grounds we were brought in by 30 years ago by the workers and Christ is unchanged. The man who I was accused of for Convention being taken from his place told me he was asked by one of Bill's workers to not receive Willie Hughes, Jack Annand into his home if he wanted their fellowship. The man replied I am responsible for my home--not you and if this is what you are out for I am through with you.

I read letters written by Bill where he accused who are standing for Christ and what is right “it’s a subtle, secret, and satanic work" he stated. Such is the farthest from the truth. Willie Jamieson told in Texas that he found things different in Victoria to what T. Turner and J. Hardie told him and was upholding Bill. They are most disappointed in Victoria that Willie and Jack when out here did not visit any of those whom had been wronged and know the true position of things. They believe the reason was they were afraid to know the truth of things, others believe they want it that way so to avoid facing corruption. Strange to know that these people are standing for in doctrine what Jack and others have taught in the West for years, and have some of his notes to prove how wrong his Bro. is. Jack over there calls those ousted people "miserable people” so they write me. This is not true of them — they have their feet on some thing to secure for Jack, they are people of vision. The Carroll faction tells that Willie Hughes and his click in New Zealand are going to perish. I have been asked to get some of this doings of the workers across to you and it is hard for me to write such. I am writing as a reporter.

This is all for now I will appreciate a line soon.

Yours sincerely in His Service.

(signed) R. I. Campbell


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