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The Pioneering Workers

Idaho:  When the Gospel First Came to the Palouse Country (Idaho), 1913
Idaho: A Brief Summary of Those who Worked in the Lewiston Idaho Area
Idaho:  Early workers in Viola & Surrounding Area

When the Gospel First Came to the Palouse Country, Idaho
Written by:  Esther Hedlund Anderson
March 8, 1974

Perhaps it would be interesting to many of you to know when the Gospel first came to the Palouse country.

Two servants of God, Tom Lyness and Donald Davidson, arrived in Viola, Idaho, during the summer of 1913 and held some meetings in a tent they set up. They held meetings for several weeks and quite a few decided to accept the Lord and the message that these ministers had been explaining from the scriptures, about how God sent out His Apostles.

Many of these people who attended the meetings got terribly angry and upset, for they could see that Tom and Donald had the Bible on their side, and several who attended a denominational church in Viola could see the difference in what they had and how they had been blinded in paying a minister to make trips from Moscow to come out and preach a sermon on Sundays, the pay coming from the congregation. Many young people attended Tom and Donald's meetings, even though the principal means of transportation was by horse and buggy! Many young people rode saddle horses, too.

One night some of the younger set decided that they were going to have some fun with the workers and they painted "Devil's Hotel" on the tent, along with "Mutt and Jeff, Proprietors" (Tom was tall and Donald was short). I understand they found out who did this painting and made them clean and erase their mess from the tent. Those who professed in this mission kept true and faithful to the end of their days. Some of them were Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Williams and Mrs. Chaney. After Tom and Donald finished the mission in Viola they started meetings in the Flannigan Creek schoolhouse, in the winter of 1913-1914.

This was the first mission that my immediate family, the Andrew Hedlunds, attended. We had to travel to meeting by horse and buggy or a bobsled if there was much snow. We had to travel about 5 miles, part of this was through a timbered road that was just being built, so going was pretty rough, and we had to dodge a lot of stumps. Many who came walked carrying a lantern for light.  We enjoyed these meetings so much. It was in this mission that my mother, along with several others, professed. Our farmhouse was new and Tom and Donald stayed with us quite a lot.  

After finishing this mission at Flannigan Creek, my father thought Tom and Donald should try some meetings in our district, so he went and called on the school board to see if these ministers could hold some Gospel meetings in our two-room schoolhouse. This was the East Cover school. The school board consented and Tom and Donald began some meetings; about four meetings a week. Large crowds turned out, and quite a number professed, but we were the most fortunate, since we had Tom and Donald in our home and thus were able to have some great visits on the scriptures. We had been a religious family before, and it took a lot of explanation to get us straight.

One evening when we were coming home from the Gospel meetings, my brother Willie asked this question of Tom and Donald, "Are we right, or are we wrong?" Tom took his Bible and opened to the 10th chapter of John's Gospel and explained about the "Good shepherd, hireling, and the wolf," and this was the chapter that brought things to light for us. It made things as plain as the noonday sun. So, when the invitation was given one evening at the Gospel meeting, Willie and I stood to our feet, along with Mrs. Elesa Anderson. (Elesa and I are the only ones alive who professed in this mission.)  Others who professed in this mission are Mr. and Mrs. Michael, Mrs. Adolph Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, and Julia Vogel, also some of the Ross Greer family. It was in this mission that so much hatred and prejudice outside the faith, but directed toward the faith, erupted. Tom and Donald's lives were threatened, but I am glad it was soon hushed up. The religious people were the cause of all this.  My father didn't profess until two years after this mission. He professed at Dalton Gardens, out from Coeur d'Alene, where one of our conventions was held. My family was faithful until their deaths.

It was at the farm home that we had our first special meeting; the summer of 1915. We had two tents set up, one for the meetings and the other for eating accommodations. Friends came in their cars from Dayton and Walla Walla, Washington, since Tom had worked missions in those parts.  The ladies slept on straw ticks upstairs in the house, they brought their own bedding, etc. Our eight-room house was new, but had no electricity, nor running water, but we made out very nicely with the conveniences we had. We had so much to be grateful and thankful for that the servants of God came to our community, and brought this glorious Gospel, and this special meeting was indeed special to His people. It was indeed wonderful to see and hear these servants and handmaidens of God who had sacrificed their lives for the Gospels sake.

Here is a list of some (workers) who were there: Willie Jamieson, Jack Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. Richter, Emily Wilson (now Emily Christie), Carl Wren, Dan Sedlitz, Walter Waldon, Tom Lyness and his sister, Annie Lyness, Donald Davidson, and Adga Sterling.

It was at this meeting that Nellie Williams professed. She went out into the work as one of His handmaidens on Nov. 18, 1920.  Her field was Montana. Her parents, the Charles Williams, lived in Viola and were very faithful in His way and an encouragement to many. Nellie is still in the work after over 50 years.

After Tom and Donald finished the Gospel meetings in the East Cove district, they held some meetings in Princeton, Onaway, and Deary.  I cannot remember the names of those who made their decision in these meetings, for all are gone, either by death or moved to other localities, but one lady, Mrs. Goldie Lee, professed and was very faithful for 60 years. She passed away just recently.

In August 1914, Tom and Donald held a tent mission in Moscow, Idaho. Many professed, including Mr. and Mrs. John Oberg and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Oberg and daughter (who professed in later years as she was just a child then), Mrs. Engdall, the three Mattson girls--Alice, Esther, and Mabel. Alice was in the work a short time, but ill health forced her to quit the work. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mattson are the last I can recall. Must add that Alice Mattson passed away several years ago, and Mrs. Frank Mattson is now Mrs. George (Anna) Allen.

Esther Jones was in California when the meetings were going on in Moscow, but she came home in time to attend them, so some of us got her over to Moscow, and she became very interested, and before the mission closed, she stood to her feet and instead of saying, "Christ for me from tonight," she said, "I had been a Methodist, but now have found the true way and want to walk in it." She is the daughter of Mrs. Rose Wilson (her mother professed at the East Cove school). Esther Jones offered her life for the work in November, 1916, and she and Annie Lyness went to Montana. In 1919 she came back to these parts, and she and Fannie Carroll held a mission in the Angel School about four miles from Palouse, Washington. In this mission, the Charlie Tevertmeyers professed, along with their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Carson, who live in Dayton, Washington.  Esther Jones left for Buenos Aires, South America on December 23, 1923. She and several other workers spent several years there. They found some honest people who accepted Christ and kept very true. Much hard labor (was) done in this foreign land in seeking souls to Christ.  Esther is now in California.

There are only four professing people in Moscow and myself left who professed 60 years ago in 1914.  Mr. and Mrs. John Munn and family moved to Potlatch many years ago and have a lovely family of 6 children.  Two of their daughters are in the work—Jeanette in Korea, and Phyllis in Viet Nam.  The John Munns now live on the coast.

There has been some wonderful spiritual work accomplished in this Palouse country during the past several years.  We now have many young babes and trust they prove true and faithful.

I have tried my best to get this great story together and it has been quite difficult to get all the names down correctly so please excuse my mistakes.

NOTE:  Palouse Country is in Latah and Whitman Counties, Idaho

A Brief Summary of
Those who Worked in the Lewiston, Idaho Area

Jack Carroll and Carl Wren had a mission at Lenore in 1914 in a school house. Those who professed in this mission were Mr. & Mrs. Jack Shilts, Mrs. Tom Pea, Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Gilbert (who later married Mr. Darland) & Mrs. Joy who died in the faith at the age of 101.

Mr. Jack Shildts owned a church building at Lenore that he had built and they and others were attending then at the time of the mission. There was a preacher who came from peck to conduct the church services in the Schildts church building. One Sunday during the mission this preacher said some terrible false things about jack Carrol and Carl wren right to their face as they sat in the service. Mrs. Schilts was a rather frail woman and she fainted there in the service. It seems to be understood that that was the last Sunday there was ever any services at the Schilts church building.

Bert Middleton and Carl wren came to Blake district above Orofino in school. Mable Blake professed in that mission, also Mrs. Shoemaker and her daughters Ora & Dora. Dora married a man by the name of Bauton in or near Seattle. Mr. & Mrs. Everett Sloan. The Sunday am meeting was at Shoemakers first and later at the Sloan home for several years. The Sloan children are in the Aberdeen County of Washington. Later Eddie Cornock and Bert Middleton were together for 2 years in the field and then Dan Siedlitz was with Ed Cornock. Ed and Bert had a mission across the river from Lewiston, results unknown. Sometime 1917-1919. Agda Sterling and Emily Wilson had a mission in the Cold Springs school house a few miles out from Winchester in 1917 when Mr. & Mrs. Pratt professed.

Linda Hayes [Heyes] and Edith Ward had a mission in Kamiah when Mr. & Mrs. Turner and their daughter Clara and Arvilla professed and they had the church in their home for several years. Clara married Mark Jay and lived in the Yakima Valley. Arvilla lives in Yakima. Mrs. Hardin, Mrs. Spivey, they also had a mission at Winona when Oma Turner who later married Lee McRoberts and live at Caldwell. These two missions were in the early twenties. Jennie Gilipin was with Eelizebeth Anderson in that area afterwards for a while. This is a different Elizebeth Anderson than the one that is presently in the ministry and has been for years.

Jim Jennings and Howard Mooney had a mission at Reubens in the Presbyterian church building for several months. Violet and Dicey Pierre professed at that time. (Violet DeHaven and Mrs. Burnett) Abe & John Frieson were at this mission part of the time. In the summer of 1928 Jim Jennings and Loyd Hamilton had a mission in Winchester when Mrs. Nana Bruch professed. After Jim and Loyd left the mission Linda Hayes [Heyes] and Rose Mooney came to take care of the mission. Jim Jennings and Loyd Hamilton had a mission at the Silcott school 9 miles west of Clarkston in the early part of 1928 when Barbara Scott professed.

Alice Wix and Grace Ploegsma had a mission at Winchester in 1939 when Mr. & Mrs. Orval DeHaven professed. She, Violet, Renewed her vows at this time.

NOTE: This September 15, 2018 Version 2 has the end notes from the original inserted in chronological order.

Palouse, Washington; Ringo, Cove, Viola, Moscow, Potlatch, Deary, Idaho
January 16, 1997

Workers and origin taken from Maude Carter Martin's Bible.

Tom Lyness & Annie Lyness came around 1908 --- Ireland
Jack, Fannie & May Carroll --- Ireland
Donald Davidson --- Scotland
Walter Walden --- England
Joe Kerr --- ?
Willie, Elisabeth & Violet Jamieson --- Scotland
Dave Christie --- Ireland; Married Minnie Wilson
Gus DeLane --- Scotland
Carl Wren --- Scotland.
Cecil Fletcher --- US
Henry Hanson --- Oregon
Charlie Morgan --- England
Dan Hilton --- California
Oliver Barene --- Wash
Nels Jorgensen ---Norway

Following are dates of Workers & Friends who professed.

1912-1913 Tom Lyness & Charlie Morgan
George Bingman Sr. & wife
Mrs. Walt Horrigan (sp) He didn't accept the Truth.
1912 Maude Martin's mother (Lula Williams) heard of the Truth from her niece Elsie (Will) Cox who lived at Dayton, who moved to the Viola & Princeton area.
1912 Mr. & Mrs. Charlie (Josephine Elizabeth) Williams and Mrs. Maude Chaney professed. Mrs. Chaney was Dode Hollen's mother.
There were meetings at Viola?
1912-1913 Meeting by Bingman's log house.
1912 Viola, Princeton, Rock-Creek & East Cove, the Cox's were cousins to Maude Martin.

1913-14 Tom Lyness & Donald Davidson
Had gospel meetings at Flannagan Creek school.
1913 Eppa & Lula (Williams) Carter professed (Maude Martin's Parents). Lula had a brother who was a Methodist preacher in Palouse. Elsie said "What is your brother going to say?" Lula said "I don't care what he says." She had been looking for the Truth a long time. These were the workers she heard the Truth from: Tom Lyness, Annie Lyness, Joe Kerr, Charlie Morgan, Francis Korr (sp). She was from Montana.
Joe Kerr worked in the harvest to make money possibly for convention. He borrowed a team of horses from Maud Martin's parents.
The Carters lived on the Torrie place.
Mrs. Andrew Hedlund professed on Flanagan Creek. Mr. Hedlund professed 2 years later 1915. They are Esther (Hedlund) Anderson's (Cedric) parents.

1913 Charlie Morgan & Walter Wallen

1914 First convention at Moscow by Mrs. Greer's place in a tent. It was there one year. (Ross Greer's mother)
1914 Mr. & Mrs. Burns had meetings in Palouse, Wa. He was a butcher.

1914 Tom Lyness & Donald Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. John Oberg & family, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Oberg, Mrs. Engdall, Esther, Alice, (Mabel) Mattson (Ed Sweedman), Mrs. Frank (Anna) Mattson later Anna Allen Elesa (Victor) Anderson & Mrs. (Jim) Bertha Milton professed. Mrs. Milton was a sister to Elesa Anderson.

John James Munn was born in Boston, MA and then to Prince Edward Island. The gospel came there in 1909-10 by Helen Harrison & Janet McDougal. John was 19 years old when he professed in 1909 or 1910. When he was 19 went to Vancouver, BC & worked there.
John's parents had the convention at the old Mill place near Belle Island, Prince Edward Island for 30 years. John's sister Lena professed & faithful to the end.

Dorothy Derry was born in 1893 new Leadsville, Co. Dorothy's mother Fanny (Boise) Derry, moved to Dalton Garden near Coeur d' Alene, Id. In 1913 Enrid Johnson & Jack T. Carroll came to Dalton with the gospel. Fanny, Dorothy (19 yrs) & sister, Hula professed. John Munn & Dorothy Derry met at Milltown Wa. convention and later married.

1911 First convention at Milltown.
Harold & Dorothy (Adams) Silvernail had the grounds.

Munn Children: John S., Donald (died when he was 12 or 13 in 1930), Jeanette, Phyllis, Isabel (Frank) Melius, Francis (Leonard) Hunt, Emily (Morgan) & Jerry Jones, [who are] Ginny Jones parents [who is] laboring in Russia.

John Munn came to Potlatch, ID in the spring of 1935. Rest of the family came after school was out. They lived in a tent the first winter while John built their house. They had many meetings there. In 1941 Roy & Evelyn Berry professed, had meetings in their home & later [meeting] was moved to the Munn home. Roy [shd be John] & Dorothy Munn had meeting together for several years without any workers in the area. (Information on the Munns from their daughter, Francis Hunt.)

1915 Tom Lyness & Donald Davidson
Maude (Carter) Martin (Louie) and father Eppa Carter professed at convention in Moscow by one of the railroads. She thinks it was on the North end of Moscow (Northern Pacific, Union Pacific & Great Northern.) Maude Martin went to meetings in Viola. When they were in Viola the meeting was at Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Williams (Nellie Williams' parents)

1915 Tom Lyness & Charlie Morgan
1915 Lewis & Hattie Fleiger, (Otto Fleiger's parents) lived near Moscow mountain.
In Jan 1915, Tom Lyness & Charlie Morgan came walking out in the country visiting homes. A neighbor warned Lewis & Hattie Fleiger, "Two men are coming your way and going to have meetings in the school; they sure have weird ideas. Don't let them in." Lewis told Hattie to open the door, he was going to the barn. Tom explained why they were there & invited them to the services. He tried to explain a little of their belief. It was enough for Lewis. He had been listening. He said "Woman move aside & invite these men in." Lewis said, "We'll come & hear." They had several kids so took turns going to meetings--6 meetings a week. Hattie professed in Feb. & Lewis shortly after.

Lewis Fleiger [was] not happy with fathers religion (Catholic). Went out on his own & married, tried several churches. One preacher k ept saying "We must build on the sand, not on the rock." Lewis thought that he didn't know what he is saying so wouldn't go back. Another time the preacher didn't know how many windows were in the ark but thought there were several. So Lewis wouldn't go back as he knew his Bible better than that. Lewis use to smoke & chew until he got sick on it one time so threw most of it away. Put some on a shelf and said, "You devil - stay there & I'll never touch it again." And he didn't.

1915 Maude Martin baptized.
1915 Moscow Mtg. at Pinegrove school. Otto was a baby. Charlie Morgan picked him up & said he would be his companion and it happened.

Later in 1915 Tom & Charlie had a mission in the Pleasant Valley school. Charlie & Annie Fleiger professed. Also Charlie & Lewis mother, Mrs. Helen Bielenberg professed but didn't continue.

No date Tom Lyness & Donald Davidson went to Avon Id., to see
Lelia (Craine) Linde. She had professed in Spring Valley, Wisc. Maggie Gowans & Rose Lurch in 1910. A daughter Margaret Linde (Milton) Dykstra professed at Chelan in 1931. Lela's sister Elsie Loomis went to Deary, Id. for meetings at Goldie (Antone) Lee home. Mrs. Rist lived there later years. Goldie Lee's children: Esten, Iva, Lela (Lind), Martha (Dahmen), Anna (Parson) & Darlene.

1916 Esther Jones went into the work. She and Fannie Carroll went to Montana.

1917 Tom Lyness & Donald Davidson
Jim & Mernie Hamilton professed in Cove. Clarence Hamilton's grandparents. Maude Martin & her parents (Carters) went to Jim & Mernie Hamilton's place for Sunday Morning Meeting.

1918 Fannie Carroll & Esther Jones
Charlie & Ethel Tweitmeyer of Ringo area were the only ones to profess. Jennie Eva Ringo & Ethel (Ringo) Tweitmeyer were Mrs. Darling's aunts????

1919 Fannie Carroll & Esther Jones
Had meetings at the Angel school which is 4 miles south Palouse, Wa. Some of the foundation of the school is still there.

1920 Nellie Williams went in the work.
1920-1930 Charlie Krub & Elmer Larson tent meeting at Napavine, Wa. (Chehalis)

1923 Esther Jones
left for Buenos Aires, Argentina Dec. 1923 and labored there for several years & then labored in California.

1923 Spring, Annie Lyness & Sarah Humphry (England)
Deep Creek (Potlatch) mission at the school. Ivy Watson (Charley) & Vida Adams professed.
1923 Genieve Moore professed in Ulm Mt. Ida Kruegar & Fern Ball.
1923 Deep Greek mission school (Elmore)
1927 Everett Blair went into the work.

1927 or 1928 Florence Lindquist & Rose Mooney
Had a mission in a hall in Pullman, Wa.
Mrs. Marie Hanson invited J. D. Carson to a meeting at Avondale Convention to visit with Jack Carroll & Workers (Hayden Lake)
J.D. & Daisy Carson (ex-preacher) both professed and resigned from his church while the workers still there.

1928 Percy Barelli (Australia), Elmer Larsen & Oliver Barene were at Napavine, Wa. (Chehalis area).
Lawrence & Cecil May (Russ) Newman professed, Rosetha & Wayne Newman's parents.
1928 Cecil Fletcher's mother Mrs. Connors had meeting in her home at Wiona, Wa. passed Endicott. Cecil had one sister Venice (Hollis) Stormant, they had two sons, Norman, married Joann Hoversland. (Ronan Convention) & Glen married Marie Thom (Nancy Thom's sister).

1930's Howard Mooney & Therald Sylvester ??
1930 Mrs. Marie Hanson had meetings in her in home Pullman.
Mrs. Hanson had lived on the Dode Hollen farm.
Ivie Watson and her daughters went to her meetings. Her daughters were: Sue (Elmer) Kromm (Ben's Parents), Edra (Speck) Newman (brother to Rosetha & Wayne Newman), Les (Jesse) Sandvig, Vera (nickname "Tinz") (Len) Jensen; (Jennie Jensen was a vet student at WSU Parents). Daisy (Carson) (Ciriao) Angcas Alaska, has been in the states since 1991. Mrs. Vida Adams (Willis Carson) sister went to these meetings.
J.D. & Daisy Carson (Willis Carson) parents went there. Maude Martin went to special meetings & convention at Hayden Lake (Avondale) Idaho.

Wayne Newman went to Hayden Lake meeting & Convention. Cecil Fletcher and Wayne Newman worked together in harvest. After harvest they had planned to go to Lake Chelan but Cecil received notice from Jack Carroll there was an opening for Cecil, so they didn't get to go. Cecil Newman had 2 brothers, Stanley & Elgin

1932 Jim Jennings & Albert Lehrman summer
Pullman & Moscow. Tent meeting. Edra (Watson) Newman professed.Wayne & Laura (Fleiger) Newman came to Viola.
Gospel meetings in Moscow. Mrs. Oliver had Bible study until she died, then it went to Ed & Mabel Sweedman. There was a mission in Pullman & Ed Sweedman would take his truck with a load of people to the meeting.

1933? Oliver Barene & Cecil Fletcher Ringo Meetings
1933 Wayne & Laura came to Viola
1933 Mrs. Ellen (Francis) Gosselin Union Mtg. Onaway. 
1933 Bonnie Robinson went in the work.

1934 Oliver Barene & Cecil Fletcher
Oliver & Cecil went to Wayne & Laura (Fleiger) Newman home to spend the night but no one was home, so they broke into the house & went upstairs to go bed, There were no sheets on the bed so they took one of their sheets and went to sleep. This was at Ringo. Wayne and Laura Newman went to Mrs. Hedlund home for Sunday AM meeting in Palouse Wa.
1934-35 Speck Newman was 9 yrs old and professed in the home.
Wayne Newman house set J.D. Carson Pullman

1934-1935 Oliver Barene & Nels Jorgensen
1935-1936 Oliver Barene & ??
1936 Wayne Newman & family lived on Deep Creek which runs
south from the Freeze church & enters Palouse River at Potlatch Y.

1936-1937 Oliver Barene ??
1936 Gary Parnell had a saw mill and Wayne Newman worked there. 1937 Beryl Newman professed, 15 yrs old.
1937 Spring. Wayne Newman & family moved to Okanogan, Wa.
Note: Wayne has been very helpful in names of workers and dates. His laugher Roselle & (Jim) Billi have moved from Petersburg, Alaska to Princeton, ID on Hatter Greek. In 1995, Wayne is staying with them. The Billi's have a son, Keith (Kate) who live south of Moscow and a daughter Cheri who lives in Spokane.
1937 Harold Silvernail started college at (WSC) now WSU. He married (Dorothy, sister in law to Vida)

1937-1938 Oliver Barene & Fremont Kelso
Marie Gray Lillia Willis

1938-1939 Oliver Barene and Alex Lyness
(No relation to Tom & Annie.)
1939 Rosetha Newman went into the work.

1939-1940 Nels Jorgeson & Dan Hilton--1st year in work
H ad meetings at Johnson WA.

1940 Oliver Barene & Dan Hilton

Jean Ringsage professed at Park school. (South of Helmer, Id.)
1940 Gospel mtgs. on Flanagan Creek School (Viola)

1940-1941 Nels Jorgensen & Robert Wainwright.
1941 Meetings at Rock Creek School, (Potlatch)
1941 Roy & Evelyn Berry professed

During the war years 1941-1945 (I don't have the actual years) Willie Jamieson, Leo Stancliff, Herman Beaber & Cecil Barrett (NZ) were prisoners in the Philippines under Japanese control. The missionaries were put in compounds with a guard. Where the workers were in a little batch they were allowed to stay there without a guard. They were able to acquire some rice, so they would put some rice on to cook in their batch then go and eat the Japanese rice and come back and eat theirs. The last 8 months on diet in prison Leo traded a shirt for 5 papayas, but the guard kept 3 and they had only 2. Then he traded his watch for 2 kilos soybean milk. If it wasn't for Leo it was doubtful if Willie would of survived.

1941-1942 Marie May & Rose - Pullman & Palouse
       & Nels Jorgensen & Oscar Anderson in Moscow
Verna (Twietmeyer) Kilmantos, Reynold, Carson professed Lewiston, ID when Alice Wicks & Rosetha Newman there.

1942 Therald Sylvester & Dan Hilton ??
1942 Vern's husband Frank Kilamis
1943 Mrs. Marie Hanson meeting moved to Tom & Mabel Faulkner then to Will & Lilly Thompson in Pullman, Wa. The Thompsons are Anita Thompson's grandparents.

1944 Jeanette Munn went into the work.
1945 Lucile Milton professed.

1946 Phyllis Munn went into the work.
1946 John Munn renewed his vows.
1945-1947 Bill Bailey

1946 Rueben Bennet & Bill Hunter.
Mildred (Ed) Hamilton professed. Clarence Hamilton's mother.
1947 Beryl Newman went in the Work . Her first companion was
Mabel Sills.

1946 & 1947 Had first meeting in the home of Tom & Mabel Faulkner in
Pullman. Emery Carper got Jerry Jones interested, though he was not professing. Also Marjory Hain, Emery's girlfriend. The three of them professed in the Faulkner home. Jerry not in the home but at Hayden Lake. Jerry married Emily Munn (Jeanette & Phyllis Munn's youngest sister) also Jerry & Emily are Ginny Jones parents who is laboring in Russia.
Vic & Shirley (Livengood) Green went to school when Emery & Marjorie professed; also Ton Lian.

1947 Nels Jorgensen & Jake Hill
- Bonners Ferry, Id.

1948 Bill & Marian (Daly) Kingman professed in Pullman, Wa. They are the
parents of Kent Kingman.
In these previous years Laura Faulkner and Nellie Williams were in Pullman and Viola & Palouse area taking care of their mothers. While here they would have a few meetings

1948 Jake Hill came from Bonners Ferry and had Nellie Williams mother's funeral. Possibly Bonnie Robinson & Selma House had grave side service? Jake Hill had just been in the work 2 months & his first funeral. She was buried at Rosalia, Wa.

1948 Lecil Sullivan, Bob Erickson & Jake Hill to Cashmere, WA.

George Fourwer & Jake Hill to Leavenworth, WA. Winter temperature was -40 degrees.

1948-1949 Rueben Bennett & Bill Hunter

1949 Bonnie Robinson and Beryl Newman here for short time
1951 Louie Fleiger died and Nels Jorgensen had the funeral. Hattie Fleiger died 19 yrs later.
1949-1950 Winter of 1950 Bob Erickson & Jake Hill to Ellensburg,
Cle Elum & Yakima.
1950's Louie Martin & friend Virgil West professed, Virgil didn't continue. Louie, Maude Martin's husband.

1951 Don Fisher & Jake Hill
Had meetings in Colfax in an old restaurant called the Sand Bagger. They cleaned it up and got benches from John Munn and had a full house. Also had tent meeting in Colfax but none professed!!!!
Hollis Stormant professed (Winter time). He was Cecil. Fletcher's brother-in-law.

1952 John Porterfield & Jake Hill
They had a lead to visit Dode (Dorothea) Hollen, and while visiting she told them she had a church in Viola ready and had asked around the neighborhood & found they needed some preacher and they had a room upstairs to stay.
Dode Hollen, Mull Pollen, Lorus Walser professed.

1952 Fall  John Porterfield & Jake Hill
Pitched a tent behind Norm's Glass in Moscow & across Washington Street where George & Mildred Mitchell lived and George let them use a stove as it was cool and the Mitchells came to these meetings.

1953 John Porterfield & Jake Hill
They had a tent meeting by the Log Inn in Potlatch before convention. Jeanette Munn and Bonnie Dahlin were in Kellogg, Id. Joan King & Joyce Walser were teaching there and would come down to these meetings. Lorus Walser was always afraid of any bugs--anyway a big fly landed on her head and John Munn took his hymn book and hit her on top of the head!!!!
Joyce Walser & Joan King professed at this meeting.
Jake Hill & Dale Bors went to Bellingham, Wa.
Lecil Sullivan came to be with John Porterfield when Jake Hill left.

1953 John Porterfield & Lecil Sullivan
Lola King, George & Mildred Mitchell, Lillian Bafus. Dan & Donna Bafus came the meetings. Florian & Reva LaHatt came from Lewiston to the meetings.
1953 Florian & Reva LaHatt professed in November.

1953-54 Hayden Lake convention was moved to Post Falls.
When the Hayden Lake property was sold, the new owners wanted to tear down the barn but the people that lived around it didn't want it to be torn down as they remembered the beautiful singing at convention time. In the spring of 1989 Charlie & Alta Beck sold the Post Falls convention grounds to Dick & Carol Waldo.

1954 Lillian Bafus professed.
1954 Baptized at John Munn Creek on Flanagan Creek near
Potlatch, ID. Bill Bailey spoke.
Lillian Bafus, Lola King, Joan King, George & Mildred Mitchell, Shirley Vogel, Clarence Hamilton, Roy Hollen. Sandy Hollen (Strong) wouldn't be baptized in that old muddy creek
1954 Spring Florian & Reva LaHatt were baptized at Walla Walla, WA.
1954 Lynn (LaHatt) Casto professed in January

1954-1955 John Porterfield, Fred Hiller, Lecil Sullivan
1955 First convention at Post Falls, ID. Charlie & Alta Beck had the grounds. John Porterfield & Bob Ingram were there.
Spring 1955 Dan Bafus, Donna Bafus & Mary Neal professed.
Lynn LaHatt (Willis) Casto baptized at Walla Walla, WA.
Donna Bafus baptized 1954.
1955 Dan Bafus baptized at Twin Lakes. Aplegates had a cabin there.

1955-1956 John Porterfield & Lyle Van Keuren.
1956-1957 Lyle Van Keuren & Bob Dye.
1957-1958 Lyle Van Keuren & Paul Boyd.

1958-1959 Lyle Van Keuren & Charles Wells (brother to Phyllis
1958 Juanita Pearl (Sines) (Bill) Schwartzman professed.
1959 Paul Ingram & Cecil Fletcher were baptized at Twin Lakes.
Ross & Pearl Culton professed,
1959-1960 Lyle Van Keuren & Leo Lightner

1960-1961 Bob Ingram & Dale Smith

1960 Evelyn Berry renewed her vows at Dan Bafus' home.
Louise Fuhrman professed. Daughter of Esther (Hedland) Anderson and Reta Fuhrman's mother. Reta is laboring in California.

1961-1962 Everett Swanson, Phillip Gallagher, Paul Abenroth, Lyle Van Keuren, summer & Robert Ingram.

1961-62 Robert Ingram & Everett Swanson . Bob had to leave on account of his throat.

1962 Everett Swanson & Phil Gallagher.

Donna & Larry Bevan professed at Colfax, Wa. in spring.
Donna Bevan was baptized at Bonners Ferry, also John Mastin who labors in the Philippines.
Larry Bevan was baptized at Twin Lakes, Wa.
1962 Mae Goebel (Howard) Howell Trudy Brown's mother went to meetings at Eden Valley School
1962 George & Mae Bingman Jr. came to meetings with Dode Hollen, no response. His parents died faithfully.

1962 Everett Swanson & Lyle Van Keuren
Lyle & Jamie Howell went to gospel meetings at Kennedy Ford Grange (near Potlatch) and professed at Boring convention. Everett was there; Harold Stelfox had the meeting.
Lyle & Jamie Howell were baptized at Walla Walla. Nels Jorgensen & Leon Stanton.
1962 Margaret St. John (Larry Bevan's mother) professed at Boise, Id. Letha Kelsey & Betty Draper.

1962-1963 Bob Ingram & Cecil Fletcher

Mrytle Hughes (Jamie Howell's mother) & Edith Luce (Linda Blair's great grandmother) professed.
1962 Jerry James professed. Orrin (Bud) & Jessie Frink. Jessie heard the gospel through Everett Swanson & Lyle Van Kueren. Bud & Jessie stood up at Bob Ingram and Cecil Fletcher's meetings.

1963-1964 Bonnie Robinson & Rose Ella Behrend
1954 Boyd (Bud) Walser professed at Mrs. Benges' home on Hatter Creek, south of Princeton, ID.
Otto McCoy professed.

1964-1965 Bonnie Robinson & Mary Ellen Harvey

1966 Bonnie Robinson & Hilda Hanson
Jeanette (Jo) Walser, Debbie Walser, Christie Anderson professed. Christie didn't continue.
Vange Swanson professed in Bud & Jo Walser's home.
Mrs. Maude Chaney was Jo Walser's grandmother. She remembers sitting on her lap telling about the Truth,
George & Ellen Slead professed.

1965-1966 Bud & Jo Walser were baptized at Twin Lakes, Wa. Bonnie Robinson & _____ were there.

1966-1967 Bonnie Robinson & Sally Alexander
1967 Nina Chaney (Jo Walser's mother), Marilyn Chaney (Sister-in-Law) professed.

1967-1968 Marge Hill & Sally Alexander

1968-1969 Marge Hill & June Trevithick
Had gospel mtgs. Bovill ID.
Two Mothers of Israel passed away that spring.
Nadine Behrend and Cherroyal Holder professed.
1969 Lue Robinson professed. Baptized at Spirit Lake
Marge, June & Lucile Stanley there.

1969-1970 Helen Aarestad & Edna Anderson.

1970-1971 Dan Hilton & Jim Stancliff

Mike & Linda Blair. Trudy Brown professed.

1971-1972 Oliver Barene & Dan Hilton

1972-1973 Everett Swanson & Jack Nelson

Came down from Bonners Ferry, ID and had a mission in both places.
Dick & Beverly Bright professed.
1973 Chuck Robinson, Jack Robinson, Wayne Robinson professed--3 generations, very unusual.
1973 Kym Howell & Edee Howell professed. Hymn 108

1973-1974 Everett Swanson & Ray Dissmore. (Ray's first year)
Ted Hinderer professed, wife Fern professed many yrs.

1974-1975 Everett Swanson & Andy Stevenson

1975-1976 Claudia Toppin (Pat Taylor is Dan Hilton's niece.)
Kevin Howell professed at Pullman, Wa.
Dodee Howell professed at Portage La Prairie--hasn't continued yet
1976 Larissa Lee professed.

1976-1977 Claudia Toppin & Myrna Danell

1977-1976 Phil Gallagher & Mark Roberts (Larry Greenaway at beginning of year.

1978-1979 Phil Gallagher & Russel Osborne
1979 Bruce Danell & Russel Osborne
Allen Churchill professed, brought to meeting by Lee. Allen married Shari Watkins.
1979 Vaneta (Jack) McCoy professed at Wickenburg, AZ.
at a Sunday Morning meeting.

1979-1980 Walter Pollock & Russel Osborne

1980-1981 Walter Pollock & Kent Kingman (Kingman's 1st yr from Dec.)
1981-1982 Walter Pollock & Kent Kingman
1982-1983 Rose Johnson & Cheri Beck
1983-1984 Gay Turner & Debbie Snow
1984-1985 Gay Turner & Cheri Beck
1985-1986 Gay Turner & Linnet Long
1986-1987 Gay Turner & Marilyn Beck
1987-1988 Susan Weichert & Ginny Jones (Darlene Cheek on list but not in field.)
1988-1989 Mark Huddle, Dean Bruer & Glen Hamilton
1989-1990 Mark Huddle & Joe Lewis

1990-1991 Terry Wells & Wayne Bechtol

1991 Doug Walser professed.
1991-1992 Jan Demon & Julie Raab
1992-1993 Jan Demon & Nancy Thom
1995-1994 Mike Thorsteinson & Marvin Smith (Marvin's 1st year)
1994-1995 Mike Thorsteinson, Harry Henniger, Joe Schoen
Harry Henniger to Australia, Mike Thorsteinson to Brazil and area for special meetings and convention.
1995-1996 April Pierce & Muriel Corcoran
1996-1997 Muriel Corcoran & Carrie Clinton (Carrie's first year)
1997 Muriel (Meier) Berry passed away Feb. 20, 1997. Joe Schoen & Muriel Corcoran had funeral. Internment at Pullman, WA by Fay. 92 yrs old.
1997 Maude (Carter) Martin passed away Apr. 14, 1997. Dan Hilton & Linda Horn had grave side service. Linda was a great niece to Maude. 97 yrs old. Buried by her husband, Louis in Colfax, WA.


Bonnie Robinson
Laura Faulkner
Maude Martin
Esther (Hedlund) Anderson
Wayne Newman
Leslie & Jesse Sandvig
Ed Hamilton
Jake Hill
Ruth (Berry) Downhour
Margaret (Linde) Dykstra
Clarence Hamilton

There are letters in the back which are very helpful in more detail than was put in the list and give you more understanding.
Also list of convention lists in other states and provinces from 1915 through 1920.
There is a list of two ships from Liverpool to Montreal dated 1904 and 1905 showing names and their destinations.
These were given by Laura Faulkner.

Carl Simmons, Seattle, Wa. has a list of the Workers buried in Washington state.
Some of the dates are approximate and possibly some of the workers.

When you find errors please notify me at:
Lyle & Jamie Howell, 1325 Davis Rd., Viola, ID. 83872
Telephone: 208 882 2305
We have an answering machine.

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