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First Missions - Australia
New South Wales
May 28, 2017

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When did the workers first arrive?  1907

Who were the first brother workers?  John Hardie and Richard (Dick) McClure came to Sidney, NSW in 1907.

Who were the first sister workers?

Who was the first to profess, what year and where?  Ruth & Ethel Harrison, 1907 who later went in the work.

Who were the first native workers to go in the work and When?
First Native Brother Worker:
First Native Sister Worker:

When & Where was the first Gospel Meeting?
When & Where was the first Sunday fellowship meeting?
When & Where was the first baptism?

When & Where was the first convention? 
Where have subsequent conventions been held?

Where is the convention now held?  Booyong, Glencoe, Mudgee, Wattamondara, Maroota 1 & 2

Who have the Overseers been? John Hardie 1907-1961; Joe Williamson 1961-1963; Gordon McNab 1963-1994; Dan McNab 1994-1995; Clyde McKay 1995-2016; Alan Kitto 2016--

Native Language?  English

TTT Editor's Note: In the absence of a written account, the above information has been compiled by the TTT Editor from various sources. Corrections or additions are most welcome; as well as other historical accounts for this country Email TTT

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