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Keswick Conventions
Revised February 5, 2017

The Keswick Conventions

Keswick Conventions Headquarters
Keswick Convention Centre
Skiddaw Street
Keswick, Cumbria, England CA 12 4BY UK

The Keswick, England Conventions are held annually in July.

There are many other Keswick Conventions held in various locations.
See their website for information about "Other Keswicks."

The annual Belgrave Heights Convention held near Melbourne, Australia, is interdenominational. The Keswick Convention in England was a formative leader in this movement where the distinctive Biblical teaching developed for which the Belgrave Heights Convention movement has become known. It is located 45km east of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Their website contains map, and additional information. Friends, Ex-2x2s and others look forward to and attend this annual convention.

More information on their Website:

Books about Keswick Conventions

The Spirit of Keswick, 1988
By Derek Williams
Order directly from Keswick Conventions.

5th Authorized History Book:
Transforming Keswick - The Keswick Convention - Past, Present & Future, 2000

By Charles Price & Ian Randall
OM Publishing, 2000; ISBN 1-85078-350-0 (288 pages)

4th Authorized History Book:
The Keswick Story, 1964
By John C. Pollock, (authorized history of Keswick Conventions)
Hodder and Stoughton, GB, U.K.(Out of Print)

3rd Authorized History Book:
These Sixty Years. The Story of the Keswick Convention, 1935

By Walter B. Sloan
London: Pickering & Inglis (114 pages)

2nd Authorized History Book:
The Keswick Within, 1914

By J. B. Figgis

1st Authorized History Book:
The Keswick Convention: Its Message, Its Method and Its Men

R. W Simpson and Co., Ltd Printers Richmond and London . 1907?
Edited by Charles Harford (Son of Canon Harford-Battersby, Keswick Convention Founder)

The Keswick Movement - Its Origins and Teachings
By Mark Steven Rathe
M.A. Thesis, Simpson College, San Francisco, CA, 1987

The Keswick Hymn-Book ,
Compiled by Trustees of the Keswick Convention
London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, Ltd
(c. 1940) +560 pages (music)

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