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Letters by Ex-Message People
Lew Fountain and Pat C.
Revised March 10, 2011


July 5, 1998 Letter Letter by Lew Fountain

April 25, 2001 Letter by Lew Fountain

August 30, 2002 Letter
by Pat C.

NOTE: Llewellyn (Lew) Fountain passed away in his sleep on March 8, 2011 in Burns Lake, B.C. Canada.

Letter by Llewellyn (Lew) Fountain
July 5, 1998
Box 359
Burns Lake, B.C. VOJ 1EO

Dear Friends,

After months of writing these pages in my spare time, and correcting them to at least an acceptable level.  They are now ready to go to a number of the friends in U.S.A. and Canada  I do hope you will read it through, and give serious thought to all things I mention. This may be the last contact we have in this life.

Imagine how I felt, after writing so much about the drought in South. Sask, and to a certain extent reliving it: The very days I was giving these pages the final touch up, (These were June  26 - 30th) on these very days, unknown to me, THE WHOLE PROVINCE OF SASK. WAS GETTING A STEADY DOWNPOUR OF RAIN, after a very long dry spell. Almost too much rain. One newscast told of one place getting 10 inches in two days . One news reporter reported thus; “There is water all over the place, in places it is like a lake. 'There are mushrooms all over, some as large as DINNER PLATES." "People are gathering them, and using washtubs to hold them."  "After the long drought, this will save the crops."  My first response was to exclaim "Good old Saskatchewan.”

I also had a few other thoughts, re. the big downpour. If Lew Fountain wanted to build himself up as some kind of A HALF BAKED FALSE PROPHET, well this would be the perfect chance to do it. I could be gloating all over the place, beating my drums and tooting my trumpet, claiming this to be SOME SPECIAL OMEN FROM ON HIGH. But to tell the truth--I do not take this attitude at all. I am too insignificant to make that claim, All I would claim, however, is that what I have written is just good common sense thinking.

When I officially departed from Wm. Irvine’s so-called "Omega Message" in early 1946, I already had sufficient evidence to establish in my mind, that he was nothing more than, a first class, run of the mill, garden variety, false prophet.
I was then just 25 years old, had followed him faithfully for about 16 years.  I had heard, you might say, only a one-sided story from William Irvine and his faithful followers of what his so-called, “OMEGA MESSAGE” was all about. Nothing about his somewhat checkered past.

Some 52 years have past now, and I have become well established in what true Christianity is all about. I know where I am going in my spiritual life.

Maybe I would not be writing this letter if it hadn't been for this book, which was loaned to me by our Baptist  pastor, here in Burns Lake. Also two other books pertinent to W.I and the 2x2s. Our Pastor came here the fall of 1996--and to shorten the story, his wife’s great great grandmother was a faithful follower, for a time in the Province of Alberta of the so called 2x2s which W.I. started in 1898 or 1899.

The bright side of her story is that she came out of this group, searched for and found the true way.  This book (which you may keep) is written by some other people who are Ex-members. They have done a very thorough research. This book was the result of these Ex-members going to those countries involved and doing the thorough research.

I began by saying "I had sufficient evidence" in 1946 to convince me. At that time I had certainly given him the benefit of the doubt (that is W.I.) had chosen to not marry, had really lived what he preached (even tho what he preached was wrong) had not committed fornication, had not what is called a “checkered past,” had lived quite a frugal life.

Upon being given this book and reading it, I must say I was shocked to say the least. Pass this book on to your children and their children. Let them have the benefit of the other side of the story

One of the reasons I write this letter (more accurately called a book) is that after all these years you might come out of his so called “Message”! Come out clear and clean and seek the truth. Don't gravitate to some other cult, of which there are many, and if possible, worse than W.I.’s rantings.

But at this point, I must say that I arm very unsure if any of you old timers will be moved to do so.  How well I know the mind and thinking of the “Message people”!! And how it works!! I an quite sure you will just dig your heels in all the deeper, and you will not move one inch. It will not matter to you, if it is proven beyond a doubt. It will not matter if it is proven that W. Irvine told one or one thousand lies, or if he were the Father to one or fifty ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN, you will just go on in your blind state--defending him. A false prophet.

I am very sure not many or any of his followers, (1914--1947) knew of his illegitimate son, who by this time could very well be dead. It would seem that the son was not even converted to his father’s Omega Message: WHY didn't he tell us, when he was hinting for money, that he needed it to support his son--born out of wedlock??  I will tell you why!  I am sure he knew that if he divulged this information, it would be “game over”-- many would have said to him "I have had enough of you and your Message-- thanks and good-bye."  Doesn't this put him on the same level as some of our not so famous T.V. evangelists who are living a double life?

The question comes to mind:  would God have forgiven W.I. if he had repented of his sins. The answer of course is yes. But W.I. did not.  How many times did he say "If I had my life to live over again, I would not change one thing"?  We have David in the Bible, who did similar things that W.I. did--but David repented.  Read the whole chapter of Psalms 51 and you have the story, and in Verse 4 you have his famous words "Against Thee and Thee only have I sinned.” But with W.I., he rationalized all these things God calls sin. Further to his life with women, read page #61 of this book--and then he had the gall to try and tell young people how to live.

Another thing that shocked me: "He died a very wealthy man" (pages 65-66).  I had heard that he left something like $15,000.00 to the poor, at the time of his death, March 3, 1947. But apparently there was much more than that (see page 65). And we will want to remember that, that money came from those poor workers, who he demanded the money from (page 59) and then he absconded with it to Jerusalem, Palestine, where he lived the rest of his life in "High class hotels,” from where came all those letters.

I contend that the Moonies, Scientology, and Jonestown must have copied off of Wm. Irvine. Because they all had the same procedure as W.I. and that was: sell all your land, your house, your bank account and anything else and hand it over to their wonderful?? Church. After which time, you become a glorified slave--you are just putty in their hands, they usually convince you that the leader has some special call from on high. And oh yes--you must obey the leader without question, after which time, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, you are trapped. There is no way you can get your money back, and you can almost starve to death--and they could not care less.

Since W.I.’s starting point was Matt. Chap. 10 and he emphasized how poor one must be, how could he or any of you faithful explain to me why he would die "A VERY WEALTHY MAN"  (page 65).  The book also states, "he gave much to the poor dist. in Scotland." That was before he died.

My thoughts now go back to my family, and how poor we were in the 1930's, as were many others. We lived in the dust bowl--South Sask. I can well recall even in some of those very bad years, my Mother and Father seeing fit to take 1 dollar or 2 or maybe more, put it in an envelope and send it to W.I. who no doubt had thousands at the time This was when we could ill afford it. I just wonder??? When we were about to lose our farm of 480 acres to the loan Co. (all that my Father and Mother had worked for, for about 30 years) in 1936 and 1937. why couldn't W.I, have given us the small amount maybe just two or three thousand dollars. Saying to us “Here it is--pay it back when you can." Or better still with a note saying, "I gave you some bum advice. I told you to hold your two carloads of wheat, I said the price would go up--instead it hit rock bottom. Here is the money. It's a gift. Also your poor wife is on her deathbed, you will need all this and more. Besides I have plenty--maybe I have 50 or 75 thousand dollars in the bank."  You see my friends, William Irvine was just the same as the once famous--but now infamous P.T.L. in the U.S.A.  The sum of money may not have been so great, however.

My mind also remembers very vividly, the way my mother suffered, certainly from the cancer, but also as much from his never ending prophecies--the confusion and anxiety that tortured her mind. Plus all his false teaching. As you will remember John was supposed to return from heaven. Now he taught that all who were sick and ailing, this would give the signal that all would be HEALED.  This was torture of the kind that words can not describe.  How well I remember her telling a neighbour Charlie McCoy when he called to see us, shortly before we moved (she was moved on her deathbed).  She told him "I don't expect to die from this--John is going to come from heaven and heal me."  At which time Charlie McCoy gave a puzzled look, and was too modest to dispute her.   Do you see what I mean? We were all kept sitting on the edge of our chair, wondering what “this wonderful prophet” was going to have revealed to him next.

Even in Bible times there were a great many false prophets. In Deut. 18:21-22 we have the answer. How to tell the false from the true. In our present world you find a lot of false prophets. You might say “they are a dime a dozen” in any age, every Tom, Dick and Harry have claimed to be one. Also, Matt. 24:5 tells about false Christs going to arise. They also are many.  Just last summer the news told of a little boy from China landing in Vancouver. He was "THE JESUS CHRIST OF CHINA COMING HERE TO MEET THE JESUS CHRIST OF VANCOUVER.” Whatever that could mean?

I have given you some of the places in the Bible to tell the false from the true. My Mother died 61 years ago. There is still no "JOHN FROM HEAVEN." Also no worldwide drought. Still no---well, to tell the truth, I can't think of anything he said is coming to pass. A GREAT QUESTION to you people who still hang on. What do you answer?

In the past 50+ years, I have thought how nice it would have been for my Mother to have died like real Christians die, know where you are going, to a prepared place, for a prepared people—Heaven! This is the terrible turmoil you people are in who still blindly cling to what is left of W.I.’s  so-called “Message.”  He made wrecks of your lives, to say the least. And the sad part of it is you are just too stubborn or brainwashed to say to yourself, "Even tho I look back now on 70 or 80 years of following him, I now see that he was all wrong, and I am going to come out of his Message and seek the truth, like it has been taught ever since Christ started the Church 2000 years ago. Please get one thing clear: John is NOT going to return like W.I. said.  The only one who will return, according to the promise is our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. THIS COULD happen very soon.  This is what true Christians believe.

You will want to rid your mind of all W.I.’s false teaching. Read your Bible in a new light, seek for the truth. If you love truth--you love Jesus Christ! Don't just listen to anyone who seems to have all the answers. Many so-called Christians will tell you that everyone is going to Heaven. A careful study of the Bible will tell you that this is not true.

True Christians are called upon to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION as outlined in Matt. 28:18-20 (not just become hooked on prophecy as Irvine and others advocate, to the exclusion of the most important commands).  True Christians are called upon to do what God and His Son Jesus Christ commands--not what some man says you should do. True Christians have followed very closely, ever since Christ, I Tim.2:5  "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man CHRIST JESUS.”  There is absolutely no place left for a Priest or a Pope (as R.C. Church teaches); or as W.I. told people (pages 90 + 105) that the only way to hear and be saved was through one of their flock. This one way through Christ is mentioned many times in the Bible. One such place is "I am the door to the sheepfold, anyone who climbs up some other way is a thief and a robber."  There are quite a few warning signals to be on the alert for. One of the marks of the cults is that they exalt the name of a man or person ABOVE THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Wm. Irvine made scant mention of Jesus’ blood being shed for our sins, etc. (page 102)

We are all one day going to grow old and die. I am going to go that way some day. Or we may die when we are young, as some of my family have already. As we are told in the Bible, it is important to be ready to die, some people are not.

A while ago I mentioned, how much better it would have been if my Mother had known she was going to heaven, and died with great peace, rather than the torturous death she experienced. Yes--I have some nostalgic thoughts at this point. It was a true story she told me of when her own Mother died. The year was 1914, the place rural Ontario Canada. My Mother had been nursing her at home, she was dying of cancer. She was a fine Christian woman, a true believer in God, and His saving through His Son Jesus Christ, as was her Husband, a true believer.  My Mother’s Mother knew she was about to die, and that she was going to Heaven, as per the promise given. My Mother told me it was the end of the day--twilight in the bedroom upstairs. I saw this house when I visited her birthplace in 1956. As the family gathered around her, realizing the end was very near, the minutes ticked away and, as the minutes turned into seconds, a lovely smile came over her face. And she distinctly said, “I SEE JESUS."  Then she died. My Mother told me in the minutes to follow she stood by the bed in the twilight she saw plainly, a star rise heavenward from the body.  Now when the great CHARLES HADDON SPURGEON (1834-1892) was preaching one time, he said these words "CHRISTIANS LIVE WELL, AND THEY DIE WELL."  Now I say isn't that a wonderful way to pass from this life?  And I say Amen to what Spurgeon said also.

Who says there is not something very special about the Christian life? It has no everlasting pilgrimages to Mecca, no everlasting confessions to a Priest, none of the FEAR, CONFUSION AND FRENZY WILLIAM IRVINE KEPT HIS FOLLOWERS IN.

I am now a man of mature years, I have thought of this experience of my Grandmother a number of times, also other ones similar situations. I have come to the conclusion that to believe in this story, is not being in the least fanatic at all. I believe God sees fit from time to time to give us a peek into the afterlife. Further may I say, it would be wrong to assume that every Christian when dying, would have this or similar experience. Many when dying are not conscious or die suddenly (car or air crash).  However, I must say I have heard and read of a number of such oases. If you ask a nurse or a Doctor I think they also will give credence to such stories, or happenings.

Now atheists are quite different in their last hours, Lenin of Russia (1870-1924) spent his last hours "Crawling around the room, begging the table and chairs to worship him.”  There was once a nurse who wrote a book of her experience when she assisted at the deathbed of a famous atheist not so long ago. Her experience was one she remarked that she would not like to go through again:

There are cases without number in both areas to support these happenings. But in the meantime, I am now thinking of those people I knew 50 and 60 years ago. I hear in such a way that I believe it, that you believe and follow W.I. very avidly in this year 1998. Please tell me, what do you tell a person you are talking to, and might be a potential convert to W.I.’s “Message”? Do you tell them, all the Churches are of the Devil? That all these are going to hell? Do you tell them that John is going to come back from Heaven—W.I. said it would happen? Also what about the worldwide drought that W.I. prophesied would come some 90 years ago?

A great deal can be written about prophets and prophecy. They/it has been with us since Bible tines and before. This is why the people were asking how to know the false from the true (Deut.18:20-22).  Now it's still the same in recent times, or in the last two or three hundred years. In a word, "IF IT DOES NOT COME TO PASS," we will want to forget about it---THE PROPHET IS NOT OF GOD.  I don't think anyone can stretch their imagination enough to state that anything Wm. Irvine has prophesied has come to pass. After all, he having prophesied 80 and 90 years ago, that some thing would take place, is an awfully long time, especially when he said it would happen "SOON," or in the case of the worldwide drought, he said would come "ON AUGUST 1st of that year. There is the old saying you must remember that goes like this: "Even the clock on the wall, that has been stopped for many years, is still telling the time of day correctly, twice in a 24-hour period" After all, if Irvine were correct on some small thing, that should not make him a prophet--any of us can say through our life, that we have been right some times.

Lest some of you think that the true church today does not believe in prophecy or preach on it from time to time, this is not true. We believe prophecy is there, and we should heed it--but we do not believe in “DATE SETTING.” That is to say that we don't say (prophesy) that such and such a thing is going to happen on a certain, day, hour, month or year. As a rule of thumb, you might say, we believe Matt. 24:36 to be clear enough for us to follow---not forever setting “DATES.”

Now to name only two cults, W.I. and the so-called J.W's, I will state without a doubt, they were/are always dating things--"DATE SETTING.” Both of them, Irvine and Russell, said a certain thing would happen in the year 1914. It did not happen. So each of them kept changing and changing and changing their prophecy. They did this with a great many things or prophecy. All this vacilliation can mean nothing, and can only spell "FALSE PROPHET.” Further, to these “prophets”?? and their followers, it seems there is no end to their second and third try "AT THE BAT,” and they seem never to “STRIKE OUT,” as far as their gullible followers are concerned!  Now is it any wonder that many of these people had health problems (Page 90 + Page 95) and "they are never happy"?

The following statement may seem to be a broad one, but it is true. Wm. Irvine and Hitler were very similar: Their lives, temperament, also the way they could control people in a hypnotic way. Consider the following: Each had an illegitimate son; Each kept this fact covered up for years; They knew that if this got to be known by their people, the STIGMA would wreck them. Hitler’s son now is 70 years old and lives in the U.S.A. We know very little about Irvine's son, he is possibly dead.  Hitler sired a child--the mother was Hitler’s niece. Each man was controlled by his ego personified!  Each had GRANDIOSE plans that never came true. Hitler told his son "You are my son. You will follow in my footsteps. And when the time comes, I will give you everything, including the world." Irvine thought he would be one of two people who would rule the world. Also he would be able to destroy “from off the earth” those who would not do what he said to do. It is told in the history of when Hitler was in power, that some women would “BARE THEIR BREASTS” when he was passing, because of their lust for him. Irvine had the women "squabble over which could have the privilege of washing his back" when he was having a bath. (see page 61 of this book) He encouraged it. It is on record, when Hitler was on his way up and in power that: "He was never happy unless he was monopolizing the conversation in a room or around the dinner table talking," and in order to keep on doing it he would talk louder and louder until he was shouting." Then he was happy. And all the people would smile and nod their approval (many of them fake smiles). Now, this was observed and recorded about Hitler in the pages of history. Then if you will go to page 61 of this book--close to the top of the page, and you will find W.I. described just about the same way. These two men were alike in many ways. THEY WERE NOT HAPPY UNLESS-- THEY WERE "COCK OF THE MANURE PILE."

Wm. Irvine’s hot temper is mentioned on pages 62 and 120. "To disagree with him was fatal." Now as for Hitler, it is duly recorded that his FOREIGN MINISTER VON RIBBENTROP one day, summoned up enough courage to disagree with Hitler, resulting in a disaster! Hitler flew into a rage, frothed at the mouth, babbled away, turned first white in the face, then very red. He also trembled. After this poor VON RIBBENTROP was shaken and remarked, "I will never do that again, because it was such a horrible, unnerving experience" Back again to W. I.: I firmly believe he controlled his followers the same way, and as this book says “Not many or any were able to stand up to him."  Now this was when he was alive. I further believe that even to read his letters today, he is controlling you poor folks, in death. Do any of you realize that in Germany for many years after the war (W.W.#2), it was against the law to play a recording of Hitler’s voice, lest some of the faithful would be influenced by his voice, even in death. Many experts today claim Hitler mass hypnotized the people, and I do believe Irvine did too.

One other characteristic about Hitler that was also found in Wm. Irvine: how fast he could  ''change face”: Those working close to Hitler, his aids and others were amazed at how fast he could change face. One hour he would be in a room filled with young people and be all  kindness and caring, chucking them under the chin--all sugar and spice. The next hour he would enter another room, and give the order to kill hundreds, yes thousands of people. The writer of this book "THE SECRET SECT" tells us on page #61 just halfway down the page “Irvine's contemporaries noted the disturbing contradictions of his character: dedication of early years gave way to exercise of privileges and power; a note of tenderness with some people, and children, contrasted with his harsh, sarcastic remarks made in public".

And so, we have another similarity of the above mentioned men. Both of these men were SATAN personified in their day!! There are many hundreds of false prophets, who have made their appearance in the world since, and there seems to be no shortage of people to follow them.  I have observed now for over 50 years, the cults and where they started--just about all of them in Southern Calif.  I have coined that place, 'THE INCUBATOR FOR CULTS."  If they did not start there--they come there and find many people who will buy their wares. It is so well known by just ordinary people, yes they have made jokes about it, such as: "Two men are riding together on a bus, down Hollywood Boulevard. One looks out the window, and he sees two men talking to each other on the street corner. And they remark to each other. ‘Oh there is the start of another Religion.’" Now on page 65 you will find these words "He had many friends, especially in California, who made sure that he lacked nothing. I conclude that if not in S. Calif., it was in Calif. that W.I. had his greatest number of followers. And maybe, just maybe, it is the same to this very day, that of the few followers left, this is where to find them. So much for "THE INCUBATOR FOR CULTS."    See Matt.7:15.

Many false prophets have come and gone, even in my short life of 77 years. One can't even scratch the surface--to mention only a few. In the middle of the great depression, when I was just a string bean kid, I can remember some group of people all gathering on top of some mountain peak, I think it was in the State of Colorado. And their prophet had told them that the end of the world was coming on that day, and God was going to “take them up.” And it did not happen.

Another man told us of a family in the Southern part of Alberta, living in, of all things, a very large tent. Now in this tent or tents was stored just tons and tons of sacks of flour, sugar, can goods and all the food staples. This family was living there, and they were expecting a great famine to come, and in theory they would be safe and would not starve; their children, I further theorize would all come through it and have ROSY CHEEKS. While the others who did not have a large tent and food—well, they would be nothing but a pile of bones, bleached white by the sun, and the wind would be making music in their ribcage. This just shows what foolish things people were doing in those depression years. And of course, Wm. Irvine's prophecy was just about as foolish.

I stated in theory that is what would have happened. But Lew Fountain with his practical mind, would have done it much different. First of all, I would have found gross mistakes in the "BIG TENT PLAN.”  Many people just don't live in “the real world,” and they do the most ridiculous things, especially when goaded on by some half-baked prophet!! What I mean is this: Take the story of the people living in the big tent, and if the famine had really come, what would really have happened?  First, Southern Alberta with all those high winds, blizzards, 50 below zero, living in a tent!!  Ordinary people freeze to death, even in good, well built buildings. What about a water supply? Food is not much good without water. Also I once pitched a tent in South Sask., and it did not stay up 24 hours--because of the high wind. Just let your imagination run wild and think of wild animals that would be starving.  Then there would be other people also starving and would want to get at that good food in the tent and steal it. So that in real life, they would have had to hire some men with guns to even attempt to make it work. Not to mention many other defects  in their plan to live through a famine in a tent in the south part of Alberta.

Wm. Irvine's reasoning on "TOBOCO" or "SMOKING" was just as mixed up and garbled as is the rest of his life. Now as I review his letter to McGowan's December 13, 1920, in which he takes half a page to make it clear as mud, I take it that, whereas he had stopped smoking, he was then starting to smoke again. Here again was where he hit hard on the Protestant preachers who were preaching against it. (Keep in mind that he died from cancer of the throat, common to pipe smokers) Now in those early days of the cigarette, some 120 or more years ago, these preachers were preaching very much against it, or smoking. "It is bad for your health," and "It is a dirty habit.” Both good common sense reasoning. In the light of what we are finding out about smoking and how it is causing cancer and also other ailments, I ask you a very simple question: Who was right:  William Irvine and his lazy thinking. Or those bad, bad old preacher?

When I ceased to follow William Irvine, I was about to learn many things. I also had many things to unlearn. What made it easier for me I think, was the fact that I was not really taken in by him, as much as some of you were. He would beat the drums, and his followers would dance to the beat. The manner in which he would so thoroughly condemn the Clergy and Churches.  That was his hobby horse. It seemed he could hardly find words bad enough to describe then--resorting to such low language as so and so is a "DIRTY OLD SKUNK."  That of course was said of a man who disagreed with him,

At the time of my departure from W.I, and his “Message,” I felt certain I was making the right move. Those Message people I had known, many of them were kind, friendly, loveable people! Most of them morally, had quite high standards. I had enjoyed quite a few years with them, and, even though the meetings we had with them were brief, they were still very much a part of my life. However I could not help but observe, that this fine friendly spirit, you could find in many small Church groups. Even the so-called Jehovah’s Witnesses people, who I certainly do not admire, have a certain kinship. There is an old saying you know, "Fowls of a feather, flock together." People tell me that even the gangsters feel very much at home with each other, when they are together. And with the “Message” people I could see it was not so very different. I could see that these people were nice people not because of W.I., but in spite of him. Many of them had in their recent or distant background a fine Christian upbringing. This fine country/s we live in is/are the result of Christian. influence. Our countries are this way because. of CHRIST.

To continue in the same vein of thought. I give thanks and praise to my parents for doing their best in hard times, to pass on to me much of their Christian upbringing, in spite of their having made mistakes. They had departed from the Church, but as I have said many times, in all the errors they made, one of them joining W. Irvine--they still passed on their Christian values to their children, without them realizing it.

My thoughts now go back to the 1930's. I was just a young lad; and knew very little of what life was all about. We were in desolate country and surroundings. We had joined with Irvine and were trying so hard to faithfully follow him with all our heart.  Here I was, a young lad at a very impressionable age, very sincere and sensitive about doing the right thing in my spiritual life. At the same time, we have all these letters from this man, written from Jerusalem, Palestine.  This really was something! My! The Holy Land where Christ was born. It fed my imagination. But at the same time--all these letters received if not weekly, certainly monthly, with all his prophecy of gloom and doom. He was supposed to be one of the two witnesses who were going to be able to put plagues "ON AND OFF THE EARTH AS OFTEN AS THEY WILL" also Mal. Ch. 4: ver. 1--BEHOLD THE DAY OF THE LORD COMETH THAT SHALL BURN AS AN OVEN; AND ALL THE PROUD, YEA, AND ALL THAT DO WICKEDLY SHALL BE STUBBLE," etc. (It was going to happen soon.) He kept it at fever pitch. "The first WOE has sounded--the second and the third are about to." "The trimming days are over (trimming of our lamps) the great judgment is about to begin." "The door will be closed, and after it is closed no one will be allowed to enter," and on and on it went. Iit would be too late to get inside the door (according to him). I have called it "The Everlasting Frenzy." "The squirrel wheel that never stopped turning."

Keep in mind, these were terrifying words, falling on the ears of a young lad 7 to 17 years old, who had no other yardstick to measure it by. And oh yes--the only way we would be able to "get inside the door" or be saved, was to read these letters of his, obey everything he said (he wrote thousands of letters), and if we followed him closely, did this and much more, maybe just maybe, we would make it, or be saved from the wrath to come. I can remember as a lad in the late 30's suffering great anguish, about whether I would have a chance. All these broad statements, uttered by an old man like he was cause to be confused and troubled!

Now, all this time, we were living in South Saskatchewan--the dust bowl, the "OKLAHOMA OF CANADA." We had the locusts, army worms, dust storms, when at mid-day it was dark as night. Outside some days it was 110F in the shade. And at the same time we have W.I.’s letters arriving in the mail prophesying "What you see there (the drought dust storms, heat etc.) we will soon see world wide." I would remind you dear friends-68 years have passed since he wrote those words, (see Deut. 18: 21-22). It was all like an orchestra--this man was the leader waving the baton, and all the other things--dust storms, drought, hoppers, worms, starving, horses, cows--were the ones coming in on the chorus.

Why am I writing in such detail things that happened to me 68+ years ago:? Well, it is to try to jar you people, both young and old, out of your sleep!  We have that old verse in the Bible which says so much "If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch." There is no doubt about W.I. being the blind leader! All those years he was applying that verse and others the wrong way. He should have app1ied it to himself. Now as I write, yes--I can hear many of you say "why is he writing all these pages?” "It happened so long ago." "What right has he to say all this?" Your reactions are no doubt varied. Now as for me" writing all these pages” I would answer: W.I. wrote enough letters, full of lies, that would reach halfway around the world. I want you to consider these few pages as just a postscript to try to refute those lies.  As for me "having the right to say these things," well by all means! And why not? Don't we almost every day in the news read of MAINLINE CHRCHES BEING EXPOSED FOR THE TERRIBLE THINGS THEY (THE CHURCH) HAVE DONE TO CHILDREN, IN THE LAST 100 YEARS OR MORE? (corruptible Church, that is). And many people are glad to see it exposed. Read Ecc. 8:11. And further may I add, I doubt very much if you or I would be enjoying the wonderful freedom we have today, in the free world, if it had not been for a man named MARTIN LUTHER who, some 500 years ago exposed error in the R.C. church.

Let me now go on to another line of thought--I have many. I may repeat myself--but that is alright, because a famous preacher I know once said, "We have to be told 20 times, because 19 is not enough"!

I have said I admired my Father and Mother, through it all, also other people, neighbours, some of then were going to a local Protestant church. Many of them (not all) were such very nice, kind people, outgoing, salt of the earth kind of people. And many more nice words I can't think of. These people are not the big bad hypocrites W.I. is depicting them to be. Now I must say: I went in search of what made me admire my Father and Mother--and I must say, I found it.  Gone were the days of the everlasting roller coaster ride W.I. and his LACKYS had been giving me.

When reading some of Rose Edwards old letters (which I do only once in a while, and that only to review), I learned that she had been brought up in a good Methodist home, and of how terrified her parents were when she joined up with W.I.’s group. Now what I want to say is this: I had never met Rose Edwards--had only heard her described in letters others had written about her. I have no doubt she was as described, loving, kind, outgoing and many other nice things. But, let me say this loud and clear. Rose Edwards was this way not because of W.I., but in spite of him. I say the same thing about some of you people who still cling on to the fragments of his "Message." Many of you had first of all a good upbringing, or just living in a Christian country, with all its short comings, has taught us to love that which is right--the Golden rule, in a word. Prov. 14:34 says "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” You will want to forget all the ambiguous remarks W.I. made about such verses in the Bible. He was always sounding off about us feeling big and puffed up, if anyone even breathed such a verse.

Another thing W.I. was forever harping away on was THE RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL AND EDUCATED WORLD or as he put it, the R.P.& E world. My!! How he despised it.  According to him it was supposed to be the great enemy of God, Now, I have often asked myself, why? For me to comment on all these would take too long. I will only say of the first two, it seems to me that in our world, religion or politics can be used either for good or evil. Further, as for education, I ask you where was the man’s reasoning? Was he really consistent? Was he not terribly mixed up?  He himself was not exactly an ignoramus, having gone to college and had become a engineer, and had a thousand men under him. It goes without  saying that he had quite high level of education. I ask you again, why did he despise so much the educated world?  The King James Bible from which he was reading all his life--did the poor man not realize that this Bible was translated and written by 400-600 of the best brains (or educated) men that King James could lay his hands on?  One scholar says of this body of  men "there will never again be a gathering of such fine, well educated men in that field."  Where would W.I. or any of us have been if it had not been for others like them. Consider also Christ’s disciples--they had a certain level of learning, The apostle Paul, if it were today, he would be Professor Paul. He was well educated and in Acts Ch.9 it says "He was a chosen vessel of God." So, again I ask, why did he make such a mountain out of a molehill? Even when he was sick or whenever any of you faithful are sick, do you go to some old horse Doctor, or one who is not educated, in order to comply with this man's wishes? Or whatever his reasoning was? It seems to me, you do as I do--you go to the most well-trained Doctor you can find, and I am sure Irvine did too. In this and a dozen other things, he made a bogey out of some simple thing.

If you are reading this far, read on. Notice on page (67) of this book, about the middle of the page. This man, Alfred Magowan quotes W.I. as saying he had set out to "DO A GREAT EXPERIMENT.”  Now, my dear reader, read on what he says. At this point I must exclaim!! MY, MY!! What is this about an "Experiment??" I never heard him say anything about this GREAT EXPERIMENT.  The story I always heard was that he was the Prophet of God raised up for the last days (no Experiment there).  He was supposed? to be led of God to go to Jerusalem to await John from Heaven (there certainly should not have been any Experiment doing this). He was supposed? to be God’s mouthpiece on earth (again no Experiment there).  All I can conclude is that he must have been something like another KARL MARX trying to create some kind of a new order. I still ask myself--what about this great Experiment?'

Further re his R.P.& E. world: He took only a few months training to be a Presbyterian Minister. Keep in mind, it takes 7 or 8 years to train and obtain a degree--but he only took a few months then Presto, he knows everything. Now put him alongside men of God  today or any day. They have been studying the Bible all their life and many of them consider they have only scratched the surface. The Clergy were his main target, or were always fair game. All of them were of the devil, even when they were faithfully preaching God’s Word to people: that they must believe and obey Gods word, keep His commandments, live a morally upright life, don’t steal, tell lies, murder, commit fornication, adultery. Now when we consider William Irvine, and his fornication which he did not feel the need of repenting for, then we read what is written in I Cor. 6:9-10, but especially Ver. 9. Now ask yourself, does it say EXCEPT for William Irvine (he has a special right to do these things?)  NO, I don’t think it says that!!

He preached 100 years ago now. In all the places, Scotland--the British Isles, in many parts of the world. He preached in tents, halls, Churches, on the streets. He was a very polished speaker, and could hold the people spellbound---he was also a demagogue!! He preached that all the great men of God of that era, and who we learn from today in the Church, were going to Hell. He said, they were all “FRYING IN HELL" (exact words). Moody, Wm. Booth, C.H. Spurgeon, Luther, J. Edwards. Now some person speaks up from the crowd and asks "Mr. Irvine, what about your own mother--is she going to hell also?" “Yes,” Irvine answers, “She too is going to hell, because she listened to the preachers." (his mother was a Presbyterian.) If it were today, we would call him something like a “CIRCUS BARKER.”

And so today, 100 years later we are considering all these broad statements, lies, half truths, false claims, of being a prophet "raised up"--this half-baked Presbyterian Minister, who took just a few verses out of the Bible very much out of context, self-ordained himself a prophet, and ruined so many lives!! Hundreds, yes thousands of them, most of them with as much or less true knowledge of the Bible as himself. Consider, gentle reader, that the HOLY BIBLE (K.J.V.) has in it---3,556,480 letters 810,677 words--31,175 Verses—1,189 Chapters--and 66 Books. This man W.I. took just a handful of verses to support his own little empire. He did not know Latin or Greek.

Some other thoughts that come to me are: His wrong interpretation of his starting point--Matt. Chap 10. You can see the Brainwave he had on page #2 to almost starve to death. In view of what page 2 says, now read the last half of page 44 and you will find the answer. It was a special command Christ gave to go to the Jews. It does not say how long it was to be carried on. To mention only a few things he/they were doing it wrong: They should have used for travel, an ass instead of their bicycle, and wore sandals on their feet instead of shoes. They should have worn seamless garments, instead of clothes with seams in them. These are only a few things they were doing wrong, if they were really wanting to duplicate what was commanded to be done.  However, like so many other points he was wrong on, these are just a few: Christ told them they would be taken care of.  The 2x2s almost starved.  Now if you read this book through, and I hope you do, and you learn of how the workers, going out 2x2 almost starved to death, suffered life long damage or permanent damage to their health, went blind due to malnutrition, went insane, slept in the cold and damp places, suffered through heat and cold, were not allowed even two sets of clothes, slept in barns, sheds, caves, in the open, straw piles, did not eat for days, many of them when no longer able to go on were simply cast off with not so much as thanks and no compensation. Now if you have read all this, and not shed a tear for these poor souls, even posthumously, I say you must have a heart of stone. The truth of the matter was that many of these workers would really have starved to death if it had not been for many of the kind people, many of them Christians, who fed them and gave them a place to sleep, were kind to them, and all the other things we can imagine that good people do. And at the very time this man named WILLIAM IRVINE was “bad-mouthing” all these bad, bad Christians saying they were going to Hell. This really happened, don't try to sweep it all under the rug.

While all this was going on, W.I. like so many cult leaders was living 'high on the hog."  See page 61. The women were going GA-GA over him and cooking the best food for him. He had a motorcycle while the worker had only a bicycle. "Don't do as I do, but do as I tell you." How very much like the Moonies or other cults. Also when he traveled around the world 7 times in 14 years (page 60), are we to suppose that, in order to be on more of the level of the poor starving workers that he packed an old suitcase with some cheese and crackers, some cans of beans, some loaves of bread, took along an old felt mattress. And then found some old tramp steamer, on which he booked passage, where he could sleep down in the “crews quarters” where there would be lots of dirt and filth, in order to be like the workers? I think you will find that the answer is NO, and that he traveled first class! With the money he demanded from those poor workers.

There are those of you who make the claim that, "all that Wm. Irvine has prophesied is coming to pass."  Now shall we just put this claim under some good common sense reasoning, and we shall see, what if any credence we ought to give to your claim. W.I. prophesied about the Jews and Arabs fighting in the Holy land; also the new state of Israel, etc., coming about. Well now it seems to me that W.I. had nothing new in this prophecy, because many recent prophets, have been telling us about it--and much more accurate than W.I. Also the Jews and Arabs have been fighting for hundreds of years anyway

Further to his prophecy about the worldwide drought that was going to happen "SOON.” In his letters to the Fountains (then of Ponteix, SK) and the date was in the early 1930’s, we were beginning 10 years of extreme drought. Mother and Father were writing him about it and he wrote us in reply, thus: "What you see there (the drought) we will soon see worldwide" Now that was prophecy. Also, it was some 67 years ago. Don't you think the poor man was slightly wrong? Now I must add this. My birthplace is southern Sask., I smile to myself each time I go there for a visit, and see the lush crops of grain, which has exceeded all other years.  It is to be granted that there has been a few bad years now and then. But as a whole, it has been good. Some years too much rain (no "worldwide drought"). And oh yes--W.I. prophesied in the teens or twenties a worldwide drought (it did not come to pass). Little did the poor ignoramus W.I. realize that away back in the MISTS CF TIME, GOD MADE THIS PART OF SOUTHERN SASKATCHEWAN, FOR REASONS BEST KNOWN TO HIMSELF, IN SUCH A WAY, THAT, EVERY SO OFTEN IT HAS A TEN-YEAR DROUGHT, AND MEN MORE INTELLIGENT THAN WM. IRVINE HAVE DISCOVERED THAT THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR CERTAINLY THOUSANDS, AND MAYBE MILLIONS OF YEARS!!

One other thing to add, with regards to "lush crops” and another thing that makes me smile. From the window of the house where I live here in Burns Lake, B.C. I look out and see passing daily, freight trains, or grain trains going West to the port of Prince Rupert, to load on the ships. Keep in mind that the grain trains are over one mile long. 100 cars in all, each holding thousands of bushels of grain.  There are up to three of these each day. Also this line is only one of about four lines to haul all this wheat away from "THE BREAD BASKET OF THE WORLD." The three prairie Provinces of Canada!! As for W. Irvine and his prophecy, dear reader, please read Deut. 18: 20-22.  We have put your claims to some common sense reasoning. Above, I have said, "I smile to myself when I think of all this man said, claimed to be and kept doing until his death.

In the 1930’s, he said in one of his letters to us. "Next year at this time John will have come."

When the W.W.#2 broke out, or started, he said in a letter "I don't expect BRITAIN will suffer very much." Two years and five years later what does history say? Many nights the city of London was called an INFERNO plus--all those killed at home and in battle, buzz bombs; food and many other things very much in short supply. Whole families killed.  No, Britain would not suffer very much (said in jest).

His contradictions and love/hate of things and people knew no bounds And the worst part of it all was that all his faithful were just hanging on his every word.

Towards the end of  W.W.#2, he praised the KING AND QUEEN of England very highly. Now that made his faithful rather impressed, because a handful of patriotic words thrown in re the MONARCHY does not hurt anyone--even a false prophet! My point is this; For 44+ years previous to this, he had been mounting his soap box and saying, "All the clergy and those who listen to them are going to Hell;" another term, they are all "FRYING IN HELL." Now little did W.I. realize he was praising the Clergy, when he said nice things about the KING and QUEEN, because they, so to speak, are at the very top of the HIGH CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Or to put it another way, they are the very top rung of the ladder of that Church, so here is W.I. praising the clergy. "How about that"!!

Further to his saying one thing, then doing another (page 65 ) tells as well as some other facts, of him (W.I.) lodging with, of all people a Presbyterian Minister. Now, think for a minute. If W.I. thought they were so hell bound, please tell me why in 1930, he was living with one of these men? Should not he have stayed at a distance, lest he too would "FRY IN HELL”? Also, at his funeral, why didn’t he leave previous to his death, explicit instructions, that no Clergy (man of the "cloth") is going to officiate at my funeral!! Instead, what happened? One might say he had "THE WHOLE WORKS.” The British Military buried him, with Chaplin, and I imagine all the trumpets tooting. And the British Flag waving.

Now if some of you followers of the late William Irvine follow his example of a funeral, and how to do it, you also will have "THE WORKS"--but instead, as per instructions from the "Message” people, you have no service at all. So I think you ought to do your  homework, otherwise you may have a red face.

Additional reasons for me writing this letter/book are: I am thinking of all those children of yours, as well as their children, who may have such a lopsided view of what W I really was. And in their lack of knowledge of what TRUE CHRISTIANITY is all about, possibly it at the worst, has made them atheists, or take attitude of "I don't care." Or it may have made them perfect targets for all of these horrible cults--of which there are many. But to those younger people, and I understand there are a number who have followed their parents, and for the want of a better term, I'll say are true believers on W.I. in this year 1998. May I ask you a simple question? What is your blueprint for today? Are you as faithful as your parents were 50 and 60 years ago? ( I knew some of them real well.) Do you go out "witnessing" as did your parents? Since W.I. has been in his grave 50+ years, and he can't be alive to meet John from Heaven, as per his prophecy--what do you tell them is about to happen? Did he leave any instructions at the very last, of which I am not aware, as to what to do after his death? Rather than just believe what others have told you, have you made an independent research into W.I.’s claims?

Cults to name a few other than W.Irvine, have at least one thing in common. There is SCIENTOLOGY, THE JONESTOWN GROUP, THE MOONIES. All these have ONE MAN telling all the faithful followers that they must obey and believe every word this man says--no room for any questions or doubts. In many cases this man is the only one on this earth, that God is speaking through. OBEY HIM OR ELSE!! This is what Irvine was personified! There is but little difference between him and all these cult leaders of the present and past. In God’s Word, the Bible we read of idolatry, or idols. Human nature is such that they like to make idols of men and also "things." Now when we read God’s Word, it tells us how He hates making idols of men. People who followed W.I. made an idol of him. I know, because I once followed him. Looking back I can remember how little we heard about God and his Son Jesus Christ. Of his Son, it is written "Thou hast given Him a name which is above every other name.” But men just love to have or make idols. W.I. was just a man. A man just the same as any other, needing to be saved by Grace--but he was not. He made himself  "god." How often do I remember some of his followers making such remarks as "I wonder how God must have felt when William Irvine was born into the world." As if it were some event that was second only to creation itself. Also a woman once said of W.I. "My!! How he has suffered for us. No one has suffered as much as he." Now you would think she was talking about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ--but she was not--she was talking about Wm. Irvine! A very good way to tell a cult from what is the true Church is as follows: The true Church will direct you to Jesus Christ, THE SON OF GOD who is our Saviour, and the one who died for our sins. Now a cult amplifies the name of a man or person, above the name the name of God and Jesus Christ.  Now in this book (page 60) you can read how it started early with Irvine.  The idol about which I speak. "The King is coming." Now this was in the days of the so-called 2x2s, and it followed straight through in the “OMEGA" message til the day he died.

I have stated one man, and the followers all doing just as he said. We don't have to think back very far to recall the MOONIES, and how one man controlled all of them. Another the JONES TOWN GROUP. Now as you will recall, the group were first of all in the U.S.A. and then fled to South America. I think this took place in the year 1978. They were all in something like a jungle, and for what reason I know not, this leader (one man) gathers all these people together.  There are somewhere in number 300 or 900 in all. At a given signal, this one man tells them all to drink, from a paper cup filled with something like PEPSI laced with cyanide. You will recall how they were all found, adults and children, dead, and bloated and stinking in the heat. Also the great problem of removing the bodies for burial. I said they all drank the poison--well, all but a few, they ran away and hid in the bus.  They were probably like Lew Fountain was in 1946, when he wrote W. Irvine telling him he was through with him!  However--all those people dying. And because one man had them under his power. What do you people say? Now as you people, who are still slaves to W.I. heard of this JONESTOWN as the whole world did, I can imagine how you would be saying to yourself, "My, how horrible, I would certainly never do anything like that”!! Now, please think for a moment. William Irvine had you just as much under his power, the only difference is/was he did not tell you to drink CYANIDE.

Just read this book and discover how he treated those workers. Yes some, and I think many, died. Now if you think W.I. was any better in his Omega days, think again. In the early 1940's W. Edwards was, you might say, a Deputy of W.I.  Now I will not mention any names here. However, at W. Edward’s urging, a young newly married couple in Vancouver, B.C. went to the Doctor, and the man was operated on so that he could never sire a child.  Now this was done, by the couple because W. Edwards had convinced them, this would be in line with what W.I. would do. Further to the young couple--they regretted having done this in the years to follow. Also many young couples getting married then, did so with a feeling guilt, because of the way this man had power over them.  Think of it, one of the most sacred and wonderful things in a young person’s life, being marred by this FALSE PROPHET and his silly ideas.  You will keep in mind that I did not  know all the other thing this man did, of similar nature.

As for the "MOONIES"--well I only know a certain amount about them. We have here in Burns Lake, you might say a survivor of the Moonies, who came here from the U.S.A. and believe me he is not a very pretty sight. Just to meet him in the store where he works, one can tell that he is not quite sixteen ounces to the pound. He is just a fragment of what he might have been, if it had not been for the Moonies, bending and warping his mind. And the same can be said of all the cults.

There is a verse in Matt. 23: 4 that W.I. was always applying to the churches, but he should have put his own name there.  The verse reads:  “FOR THEY BIND HEAVY BURDENS AND GRIEVIOUS TO BE BORNE, AND LAY THEM ON MEN’S SHOULDERS; BUT THEY THEMSELVES WILL NOT MOVE THEM WITH ONE OF THEIR FINGERS.”   Wm Irvine’s so-called MESSAGE certainly did that.  Even those who were his most faithful, he was forever building them up to high heaven then tearing them down.  W. Edwards was just one of many. Praising them, and telling others to follow their example.  Then a short three years later he writes words like, “I have seen the wrong things working in them (Rose and Willie Edwards) for years!  These poor people gained and lost W.I.’s diplomatic recognition more often than a small Balkin State.  I’ll tell you folks this man must have been plain CRAZY!!  Do you folks realize? That in the last year before his death, his letters he named the following people in the Message who were “not showing the right marks,” and not doing it at all right according to him.  We were guilty of being “big” and “puffed up”, etc., etc.  Those names were:  W. Edwards, Balls, Loitz, Fountain, McCaskill, Symington, Berglinds and many others.  These people were ALL in his BLACK BOOKS.  So that strictly speaking, dear folks, NONE of you have  the right to speak for him to this day.  But I don’t think you realize it.  It does seem to me that many of you are just pulling ideas out of thin air, as to what procedure to follow and carry on.

He was NOT supposed to die a natural death!  He (W.I.) was supposed to “meet” John when he returned from Heaven, etc. In one of his many letters, he wrote about one of his old 2x2 friends who had written him implying that W.I. would die a natural death.  Wm Irvine answered him assuring his friend that the only death I (W.I.) am going to experience is the martyr's death written of in Rev. 11:7-9 when he and John were going to be killed.  His own words prove that he was not supposed to die a natural death.  This also explains why he wanted to keep his death a secret. I have always said, "There is a limit to how many RABBITS a false prophet can pull out of the hat."  One letter he wrote to Fountains said, “Next year at this time, JOHN WILL HAVE COME.”  Don’t we all  remember the last few months of 1946--his letters ceased to arrive.  

There was a young British soldier visiting him. This young man was supposed to be a follower of W.I.’s “Message.”  However, W.I. at that time, knowing that the cancer in his throat was terminal made the young soldier “SWEAR THAT HE WOULD TELL NO ONE” (those people in the Message, I presume) of his condition and approaching death.  Now this information all came to us shortly after W.I.’s death. 

Now, you dear people who still follow him (in death), why would this great prophet want to keep it a secret?  I have thought to myself many times.  All those letters, all those false claims, all that pseudo power!!  Then at the end, he just goes the way of all men. He has been dead over 50 years now, and nothing has happened the way he prophesied. I can tell you why W.I. desired to keep his death a secret--in a word he had run short of tricks to pull out of the hat. He could no longer put his finger on something in the Bible to twist, and attempt to explain his soon going to the grave. At the end he had nothing to tell his followers. So I can understand why his followers want to run away from all these difficult questions I am asking you.

All through the years WI. was certainly not very skilled at giving any person a good and clear answer to a clear and sensible question. A case in point: One man wrote him one time asking him, among other questions, "What proof do you have that you are the prophet raised up for the last days?” Back came the answer to this query "I KNOW, NOBODY ELSE IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW." Do you get my point-- what outstanding logic!!

In my musing through the years of William Irvine and his life and many claims (which has been well described already), it has reminded me of some small or great DICTATOR in some far away country--haven't we all heard of such a person in our short lives? I must say that I have, Now this dictator or their glorious LEADER has become "god" to his people; not all, but many people worship him. He has had all his glory, which he has reveled in. Not just his throngs, but the whole world is looking on, and exclaiming MY! MY!! This INDOMINABLE MAN!!  And a little voice is saying to everyone, he is so great, yes he is immortal. He has had his day, he is now growing old, and one day he is admitted to the hospital. To the press and the world, his head supporters report that, "He just has a slight cold and that very shortly he will be out kicking up his heels like a two year old.” The news about him, however, is very scant. In reality, their great idol has, cancer, stroke, heart trouble or whatever. Some weeks or months pass, and one day his true condition is divulged. They can't keep it covered up any longer. This great leader, dictator, idol and manmade "god" comes face to face with THE COLD CLAMMY HAND OF DEATH, and goes to the grave like any other mortal. And his followers are left, much like those of William Irvine: like a chicken with it's head cut off--just flopping around. Any supposed answers any of you have, is only a dream and a myth. The reason W.I. wanted to keep his terminal cancer secret, was just the same as the imaginary dictator.

William Irvine was, among other things, a first class Bully. All men and women who were his most dedicated followers took on the same nature. On the one hand they/he could be sweet as honey, but just try to challenge them on something, or some broad statement--and you had better look out. This book tells of his terrible temper. Also, they were afraid of him, yet they liked him. (Page 60 & page 120) states: "To disagree with him was fatal".

Through the centuries the best and the worst have come out of Scotland, Ireland and England. I refer to the many great men and preachers, when I say "the best". But to help anyone understand such one's as W.I., you must read History. That is History of what was taking place in Scotland, 100 years before he was born, also some years after. The history that I am thinking of was: In the 1700's rich land owners were ever so cruel to their poor tenants (peasants) who had been leasing, their land for many years, just barely making a living. It was really like “glorified slavery.”  Now there came a time when these rich land owners, in mass, told the poor peasants to just "get off the land, we don't want you any longer!”  There were many thousands of these peasants, and this caused them hardships one can't describe. Many almost starved--the rich land owners did not care. Subsequently, these poor folks came to the "new world" (U.S.A. & Canada) and other parts of the world, where they made out much better, but they were still very poor. Now W.I. was part of this vintage and I do believe made his character, or helped to make it what it was. He had been a mine boss, very used to giving orders and everyone obeying those orders, and WOE BETIDE anyone who would talk back.!! He was just a natural for forming “another cult.” Oh yes--he was a son of a peasant, and he was preaching to people much the same as himself, with a zero knowledge of what the meaning of the Bible was all about..


In 1925 my mother and Father had returned to Southern Sask. with their children, from their sojourn in the northwest part of U.S.A. and British Columbia. This sojourn had been from the Fall of 1921 to the fall of 1925. My Father had rented the farm in those years. We had about three good crops before the great drought started, which lasted almost all of the 1930. In the fall of 1929 (about the time of the WALL STREET CRASH) Father took out a loan on the farm, which could have been something like two or three thousand dollars. He got this loan on the strength of having two carloads of wheat, which he could soon sell and pay back part, if not all, of the loan. This was not the way it turned out.  Things were happening very fast in those last months of 1929. The stock market had crashed; everything was going down. Now my Father had written William Irvine all about this loan and wheat affair. So W.I. writes back with some liberal dollops of his PROPHECY? saying "Hold your carloads of wheat--the price will go up.” Now, dear folks, what happened--the price of wheat hit rock bottom!

My Father foolishly listened to this man (did not use his good common sense which the Lord has given to us all), borrowed money on the two carloads, and ended up losing both carloads, and subsequently, his farm of 480 acres.  Now this just shows how W.I. had my Father and Mother hypnotized, in a way. Instead of my Father and Mother answering his letter and advice something like: “Mr. Irvine, Thanks for your advice, but I must ask you, have you gone mad? Have you gone clean out of your mind? Don't you realize the bottom has dropped out of everything? The price of everything is going down, including wheat!! Now, Mr. Irvine, you live some TEN THOUSAND MILES AWAY on the other side of the world. You know but little about wheat fanning. So, we realize you may mean well, and all that, but we take this opportunity to advise you to--GET LOST, GO AND SOAK YOUR HEAD IN A RAIN BARREL!!” Now this is what they should have done. But what did they do? Well--- they just followed him blindly. And, come to think of it, I do not recall W.I. ever apologizing for his bad advice—no, he never apologized! And so we can clock up another one of his "PROPHECIES" not coming to pass (see Deut. 18:21-22).

As mentioned in another part, my parents joined with W.I. about the year 1927. Mother had known she had cancer since 1924; she died of it in 1937. I have told you of how much she went through and suffered, However in my hind-sight, I tell myself that it would be wrong and also very misleading to say it was all Irvine's fault, because Mother had had a good Christian upbringing, and should have known the true way, if she had listened. And would have able to tell who was a false Prophet. Also who was a true. She should have been well grounded in the Word.

Around the turn of the century, my mother would have been just starting her 20's. Now as we all know, even today, some young people think they know everything at this age. My mother was no exception, especially with regards to her church. In a word you might say she was a rebel. Other young people go through the same stage--but later they will mature and realize that very often, the old tried and true ways are best. Not so with Mother, this malcontent with her Church resulted in her eventually departing from her Church. That happened, then she was disgruntled, cast out on the slough of despond, perfect target for any and all cults to peddle their wares to. A good old saying can added here, "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." Certain statements she would say so often that to this day I can quote her verbatim.  She used to say that "After the Church service I would shake the Ministers hand, and ask him WHY didn't you preach on prophecy, such as what the Book of Revelation and Daniel contain"? Now the Minister would reply usually "Oh, the people are not ready for that yet." Now these and other replies were most inadequate for Mother because she was what you might call “hooked” on prophecy, even to her dying day. The great question for me to solve through the years, about Mother's great quest for Prophesy, also her very critical attitude of her Church (which was just the same as W. Irvine) Yes--the great question: What poisoned her young mind about the Church, which is certainly not perfect--but is really a force for good in this old world? Well, stay tuned, for I feel sure I have an answer!!

This was all taking place just about 95 years ago. Today as I consider her situation then, I am inclined to think that her great craving for prophecy and the sensational preaching, to the almost total exclusion of--just living the Christian life, was the cause of her downfall, or missing the mark.

To make her story more understandable I shall tell how she first met with one of W.I.'s group. The year was 1922 or 1923, the place was Grand Forks, B.C. Canada. Our family had located there after moving from South Sask. It was upon the occasion of a public meeting of the BIBLE STUDENTS in that town. These people now call themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have changed their name some 7 or 8 times since they started, you see. My Mother in her great quest for something that savored more about Prophecy, was in attendance. Now to cut the story short, as the crowd was filing out of said meeting, my Mother, more to make conversation I guess, remarked to a woman about the man who had been the speaker: "Fine speaker." "Yes," remarked the lady, "BUT IT'S NOT THE JESUS WAY." The lady, later to become her friend, was Mrs. Manley. Now apparently it was the GLOOM and DOOM voice or the HYPNOTIC way the lady said these words that made them fall on my Mother’s ears LIKE A CLAP OF THUNDER.  “YES, BUT IT’S NOT THE JESUS WAY.”

After this there were some meetings with Mrs. Manley, and Mother was learning more of this William Irvine.  Now I wish to interject here a few thoughts about this Mrs. Manley, that have come to my mind. I have asked myself: If this lady was a good convert of W.I., and she thought HE was the All in All, please tell me what was she doing going to one of these meetings??

Also--another thought. Mrs. Manley should have done her “homework,” because that was one of the names W.I. gave his group before 1914.  It was now 1923, and Mrs. Manley should have called it the Omega Message. She was away behind the times!! But we must forgive Mrs. Manley her slight error, with regards to what NAME to call William’s group/s. For in their HEY-DAY, they were known by more than 24 names: GO PREACHERS, THE JESUS WAY, COONEYITES, DIPPERS, THE TRUTH, THE WAY, THE TWO BY TWOS,  PILGRIMS, THE TRAMPS, REIDITES, IRVINITES, THE BLACK STOCKINGS, THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF AUSTRALIA, THE SECRET SECT, DIE NAMENLOSEN, FAITH MISSIONERS, NO SECTERS, THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF NEW ZEALAND, LES ANONYMES, THE TESTIMONY, THE FELLOWSHIP, THE CARROLLITES, THE NO-NAME CHURCH, THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH equals 24 names. Now this did not include "THE OMEGA MESSAGE," which was something like a splinter name which he had coined--1914—1947. Now even the so called J.W.s could not beat that--I have clocked up 9 names for that group. With 24+ names like Irvine’s group had, in retrospect he might well qualify, even posthumously, for "THE CHURCH WITH THE MOST NAMES" to be placed in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.

To continue on with Mother meeting Mrs. Manley: My family was at that time quite transient, due to the fact that my Father's trade, carpentry, was not too much in demand at certain times of the year. For this reason we made a number of moves to the State of Washington to the South, back to B.C.--but last of all to Kellogg, Idaho, for a few years; from thence in the fall of 1925 to our farmstead, in South Sask.

My parents were, of course, real busy for a number of years. We three children were still quite young. It followed that, after Mother found some spare time, that she contacted Mrs. M. by letter, in which she indicated continued interest in this William Irvine and his Message. She still had a burning in her heart for more of the false teachings of this man. PRESTO!! Back came a letter from Mrs. M. with great rejoicing.  It was like hearing from a person raised from the dead, she exclaimed enthusiastically!! Mother wrote W.I. He also gave her/us a Royal welcome. From this point on, the course of my parents spiritual life and that of their three children was set. Mrs. Manley visited us on the farm for two or more months. This resulted in more indoctrination. Later another follower of W.I. who lived in Vancouver, B.C., a George Linn also visited us. These were the years 1928 and 1929. These years, W.I. was praising these two people to high heaven. In one letter W.I. writes, “George Linn is an old friend of mine, we have known each other for years.” Now it was only a few years later that he changed that praise of Manley & Linn to words describing them as "the most wicked people on this earth”--his change of mind knew no limits.

NOW YOU may ask: What about the Fountains--all five of us?  Well their 3 children were still quite young, and as for myself, I was just blindly following them. As for Father and Mother--well they were just like putty in W.I.’s hands. He had convinced (brainwashed them) them that he was “THIS GREAT PROPHET,” and he could do no wrong. Mother died in 1937, shortly after our family moved to Vancouver, B.C. I left W.I.'s Message in 1945. My Father lived until 1963. My two sisters, both older than I live in Vancouver.

Away back on the previous page, I alluded to the fact that my Mother’s young mind had been poisoned, it would seem, about her Church. Also how similar it was to the same HATE W.I. had for said Churches. I am now going to tell you one or two stories, which my Mother told me, or at least it was in my hearing. After Mother had embraced W.I.’s Message, her thoughts went back to the turn of the century (the year could have been 1905--1910) she was just a little over 20 years old then, and still going to her Church. She told of this group of evangelists visiting the small town in Ontario. And as it was “the thing to do,” she had attended their meetings. And her thoughts went back, and yes indeed--she did remember that they were called "THE IRVINITES" (one of the many names mentioned above). Now I am very sure that it was the 2x2's she had been exposed to, with all their hate and false teaching. Mother further told how she had been quite impressed with the nice music, also a very nice singing group consisting of grownups and some just little children. The old Hymn was called "Pick up the little lambs and put them in your bosom." Now the refrain of this old hymn, is to repeat the name of the hymn three times and at the last say "and let the old sheep go." I recall Mother remarking how touching it was as the little children went around as they sang this refrain and went through the motions of picking the little lambs up and holding them to their bosoms. She felt it rather touching. Who knows, of course it will never be known for sure, if this was the start of my Mother leaving her Church. Little did she realize that some 17+ years later, not in the Province of Ontario, but in the Province of B.C. and after she was married, she would come in contact with this group again, and be taken in by it. This is the evidence off which I make my claim that my Mother’s mind was at an early age poisoned by Wm. Irvine’s false teachings.

What shall I say of my Father, who in 1963 died in Vancouver--age 82!! He had followed W.I. just about half of his life. As I remember he was, at the very start, somewhat slower to accept all that W.I. taught, but once started, he was a believer. However, the last 15 years of his life he was full of doubts about "this great prophet”? He had talked to some of the most faithful in the Message, and he told me "I don't like their cock-sure attitude." It followed that one day he visited me alone, and just out of the blue he says these words to me "You were right, Lew, about William Irvine and his followers being wrong"!! To this day I can't tell you if I made a reply, or if these few spontaneous words would constitute a true conversion. However I do value these words from my Father, and I'm sure he meant what he said.

You will understand that my departure from W.I. has cost me a great deal. Whereas if the four remaining members of our family 50 years ago had collectively departed from his "Message" and not just depart--but seek the truth, realizing what a mistake our parents had made by listening to the many falsehoods W.I. taught, then our lives would be much different today. There would have been 50+ years to revel in the grandeur of a Christian life, to say the least. Sad to say, however, with many it has been a case of many of just kind of half in and half out of W.I. and his Message. Or just kind of putting their spiritual lives in neutral, Or just trying to sweep all these bad things under the rug, and they will all go away. This is not what God requires of them at all!

I now direct a few words to someone who has read this, possibly you have read one or two things that has wakened you from your brainwashed condition, God has spoken to you through this written word. We will assume you have decided to come out of the cult which W.I founded, the Omega Message, and before that the 2x2's or it might be another horrible cult of which there are many--The Moonies, Scientology, the so-called Jehovah’s Witnesses, New Age, and hundreds of others. I speak for the true Church, not a cult! You had best do some studying and discover, what the true Church is and what a cult is. The true church has been ever since Jesus Christ.

If you have decided to “come out” there are a few DO'S and DON'Ts for you to follow. Let me make that clear! To you, whoever you are, because just coming out could spell DISASTER (see Luke 11:24-26) Don't just come out and become disgruntled, put your mind in neutral and do nothing, letting your mind run wild; partly "I don't care;" partly "A little religion is a good thing;" partly "Once bitten, twice shy;" or "The Churches are all the same;" or you might become an atheist, agnostic or many other things which can only lead to a dead end in your Spiritual life. "DO" come out and seek the truth! Don't come out and just believe what anyone may tell you; even your best friend, who might advise, "One religion is as good as the other." If your best friend is not a true Christian, don't listen to them, and this also applies to your: wife, husband, sister, brother, uncle, aunt or cousin or anybody--because this could be simply "THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND." Come out and seek the truth, pray to God that He will lead you to a true God fearing, Bible-believing Church, and if those people and the pastor are doing their work properly, they will direct you to God and his Son, Jesus Christ, as Man’s only hope--NOT A MAN  (see 1 Tim. 2:5). Now may I add THE MEDIATOR is Jesus Christ only--Not a Priest, Pope, or a Wm. Irvine or many other men. Don't look to all the HIGH ROLLER T.V. EVANGELISTS because too many of them are only interested in the size of your wallet. So beware!! However, there are a few you can trust.

While the true church does not take the stand that every one is wrong but me, as W.I and others do, we still take the warning very seriously "Not everyone that says Lord, Lord are going to enter." Also, "Ye shall know them by their fruit," and many other warnings. Or as the Baptist Pastor from Texas put it, "Not all that glistens, is gold--not all cows that say MOO give milk." Don't look for a perfect Church--because you will never find one. Look for a healthy Church, that is striving for perfection. (even the seven Churches in the Bible were not perfect Also we must be very basic, and realize that even one of the disciples was a traitor.

Be brutally truthful with yourself and realize that all those years of believing in, and listening to a false Prophet, has filled your mind and body with a poison that is just as real as if it came from a bottle. Now the antidote for said poison is to read your Bible in a new light, revel in His Word--the great promises He offers. You will experience THE PEACE THAT PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING. You will find the poison is going and gone from your mind and body! I said above, don't trust too much in all the big T.V. Barkers; rather seek out all the hundreds of small local True Gospel Preaching Churches in Canada and the USA, who for hundreds of years have been working away, quite un-noticed, preaching the True Gospel, The GOOD NEWS. Yes, you will find them all over the world. The great trouble in our world today is that most people are looking at T.V. and are led to believe that is what true Christians are.  I say look for them all over the country, they are doing a work every day of the year.  Yes, they are being paid for the work they do--which is very much in line with what the Bible teaches. We are paying our Pastor about $2,500.00 per month, which as you may realize is what we call, "Well below the poverty level." I have known several Pastors who, for several years, have worked for nothing. They have had a steady job, and have done the Church work in their spare time. We have our Pastors in large cities who are being paid higher, but we must realize living is very high, especially in these times. I state these facts to dispel the thinking of a great many of you that: All these Preachers are getting rich.

Now, I don't want to attempt to speak for all those high rollers on T.V. However, I do believe some of them are sitting on top of an empire, worth millions--possibly millions. I also feel sure some of them are honest, and are not getting rich.  Our local Church depends on the “Free will offering." Also our Church members see fit to do a great deal of good to people, even outside the Church. Just this winter we helped a family pay some bills, while the Father was laid off work for awhile. Another time a family had their house destroyed by fire. We gave them a gift of money.

To mention only a few other Churches who do a great deal of good, sending clothing and food to poor countries, also people to help. There is the MENNONITE CHURCH. I know because we have quite a few of them here. Do you people, who still have your heels dug in and still believe all the rubbish he taught you, ever stop to think of these good things? And all the other things--too numerous to mention? if you remove the scales from your eyes you may!! We can not even scratch Church history in a few words: But just think of the Protestant Church, in the last five or six hundred years: what it has done. Search out the facts, and you will find the following to be true.

Who started hospitals in death dealing swamps?
Who began general education?
Who moved to free the slaves?
From whence did trade unions arise?
Who first concerned themselves with wretched factory conditions, or stinking prisons, or child labour?
Who first introduced Democracy?
Who first founded orphanages?
And who does not know of the Salvation Army, and the great work it has done?

Now if you have done your research properly you will come out with the answer—CHRISTIAN.

Through the past 50 years I have wondered what part, or chapter in the Bible would be most appropriate to describe and remedy your poor and lost condition. There are too many to mention. But here are just a few: Acts. Ch.9 – Paul’s great conversion is what might be called the HALLMARK of conversions. Often I have wished that we were living in the age when God spoke from a cloud, but we are not.  One verse found in 1 Kings 18:21. And you can read what goes before and after this Verse. "And Elijah came unto the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word. Now when people are blinded by Satan and are confronted by God's truth, in all its power, this is often what they do:  "THEY ANSWER NOT A WORD." This is what I fear most of you will do, with the facts and questions I have written on these pages.



The 480 Acres the Fountain Family lost to the Loan Co.--61 years ago, was put up for sale by the owner. This was in the mid 1980's.  The asking price was around 3/4 of a million Dollars.

The so called Two by two's in the world today number in the thousands. See page #48 which shows where they have conventions in America alone, After almost 40 years in Burns Lake, I have yet to find one here, but people tell me there are many around Vanderhoof and Fort St. James. They are still very secret. My personal feeling about them is:  They are just as wrong as W. Irvine--but at least they were doing the right thing to kick him out.

Rose and Willie Edwards are mentioned on page #122.

What Alfred Magowan says on Page #65  tallies perfectly with what W.I. was writing t to us in his letters in 1938.You can check his letters.

Page #63 tells of him starting the OMEGA GOSPEL.  Page 66 states that he was really in exile in Jerusalem, This was not the way we (his followers were informed) were told the story.  Of false ways and false Prophets, Charles H. Spurgeon had this to say: "A LIE GOES AROUND THE WORLD TWICE, WHILE TRUTH IS GETTING ITS BOOT ON."

On page #12 also 66-7, you will find W.I.’s ILLEGITIMATE SON mentioned.

On page #4 of these pages, where I refer to HITLER and hypnotism; The Source of my information is THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH by WM. L.  SHIRER (now deceased). This is a large book which has 1245 pages. In writing of the end of W.W.2 and the City of Berlin, he outlines the horrible state of the city. When it was over or the worst of it, he tells how people were coming out of hiding, and knowing Hitler was dead they     were saying to others such things as “THE BEAST IS DEAD” AND THEY WERE WANDERING around the streets. Many of them testified to having a feeling of having been in some kind of a trance or terrible nightmare. At this point (after Hitler was dead) they felt it was all over, and they wanted to get on with their life and start living.

These are a few of the facts on which I base my claim that BOTH HITLER AND WILLIAM IRVINE WERE OF THE DEVIL, and as such they could bend peoples minds, through their devious ways. Let no one think they are the only ones in the world with such power.

As for the Message people, after March 3, 1947, well it was much the same. I can testify to that, because I was on the outside looking in. The people were more relaxed. Many young people were getting married, and not feeling guilty about doing it. Also they were building their homes. One person remarked how they used to enjoy singing some of the old Church Hymns in secret, but now they felt it was alright, now that W.I. was dead. They did not feel guilty. Many little things gave the signal that the "TRANCE" WAS SOMEWHAT OVER.  In this year 1998, over 50 years later, I am quite sure, that those of you who profess to follow W.I. very faithfully--well, it is only kind of a quasi sort of following him, not even a shadow of what he would have required over 50 years ago.

On page #2, I mention how W.I. could have helped us pay off the loan Co.  Instead he was helping the poor people in Scotland. Also, when we were poor, it was not W.I who was helping us. It was good Christian neighbours. And good Christian people in Christian Churches in Eastern Canada who were helping us with food and clothing, and many other things. Also the Canadian Govt.  This (the above) was just kind of a repeat of what I write on page #9. How it was the fine Christian people who kept the 2x2s from starving to death--not William Irvine.

So to all who still blindly follow the late William Irvine:  “PUT THIS IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT.”

Letter to Cherie Kropp From Lew Fountain:
Box 359
Burns Lake, B.C. VOJ1EO
April 25, 2001

Dear Cherie Kropp,

Thank you very much far the material you sent me, re the life of W. Irvine,  Also the information on his son, who died in 1952. It is information I can use as I further study the man and his life.

I am a man who has just past my 80th. birthday. And as I think back, I can remember my parents, William Irvine and his "OMEGA MESSAGE, so that this amounts to about 75 years of observing him and his work. And while I do not have a photographic memory, some people claim that I do.

HOW queer and shall I say unique the cult was, in that all the years my parents were in it, not 1% of his followers had met the man (W.I.). It was only by letters written back and forth. We can learn a great deal from this, because it points up the fact that it was a "GREAT SPELL" he could cast over people, even by the written word!

Many of the name listed in the "Returned mail list" after his death are known by me.  Of course, my Father, FRANK FOUNTAIN. Then there is William Loitz, who I met in Vancouver, B.C. the summer of 1942. His parents really thought "THE SUN ROSE AND SET" on that man W.I--because they named their son WILLIAM IRVINE LENARD LOITZ.  Some other people had a daughter, and they named her IRVINA

While all the books I have thus far read about W.I.’s life and work are good, they still hardly scratch the surface of what the man really was, especially from the years 1914--1947. That was when he started the "OMEGA MESSAGE",  taken as you know from the Bible verse, "I am Alpha and Omega.”  After which time he was to refer to the Testimony people and the 2x2s in despicable words or terms. Yes, you were all on the wrong track, every one was wrong but him!!

What I have written on enclosed pages may seem extreme to some, but you must understand that when my parents joined W.I.’s group, it affected my whole family til this very day!

If I were to rewrite these pages I would correct a lot of mistakes I made. Some in spelling--others in too much prefacing my statements with too much "NOW."  However, I do not have the time to do this--so will let them go 'AS is.'

The following are things I will just mention---sort of me just thinking out loud, William I. had an old friend, also a Scott. who lived in Vancouver, B.C. about his own age. He was also a follower of W.I. in early days. His name was George Linn. Early in the year 1938, G.L. had some sort of a vision, message "from God” or whatever (To this day, I think it was just one of his FANTASIES) That he (G.L.) was JOHN who W.I was waiting for to return from. This made W.I. very wroth.

For G.L. to assume to take John’s place was the worst 'sin' W.I. could imagine.  He wrote him telling him how wrong he was--and to repent. G.L., it seems, did not heed his warning, and one day a number of months later appeared in Jerusalem uninvited, along with one Percy Abbott of Eureaka, Cal.  P.A. was another old timer who had been with W.I. in 2x2 days (I found his name in a list away back in 1903) I met P.A. in South Sask. in the year 1934 when I was just 13 years. He never married.

W.I.’s first encounter with them was outside the Post office in Jerusalem. G.L. walks up to him and said "ARE YOU WM. IRVINE? " (Scotch), and I am G. L.  The first day W.I. refused to talk to them and told then to "GO HOME.”  A day or so later, (they would not give up) W.I. writes thus, “They wallayed me outside the P.O.” George & Percy had visited his (W.I.) sisters in Scotland on the way to Jerusalem. G.L. had been given a few pictures by one of the sisters, to give W.I. who had not seen them in years" and did not wish to see them. G.L. walks up to him and said, THEY THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD” at the same time forcing the pictures on him. AT THIS POINT W.I. TAKES PICTURES, DID NOT EVEN LOOK AT THEM,TEARS THEM UP AND THROWS THEM AWAY. He sent G.L. & P.A. "TO HELL" AND TOLD THEM IF THEYDID NOT STOP BOTHERING HIM, HE WOULD CALL THE POLICE. They stayed a good number of days sightseeing in Jer.  G.L. had then been living on “BORROWED TIME" due to a bad heart, he was then an old man. G .L. died and was buried over there.  P.A. returned to Calif., and needless to say, was in W.I. BLACK BOOKS EVER AFTER.  We his followers (I was one of them at that tine) were taught to hate and despise these men.

There were many sides to W.I.’s life, and I don't think the MR. T. COUSSIN WHO assisted him in his last days really understood the "TANGLED WEB" or "THE GREAT RIDDLE" that had been    W.I’s life!  When he wrote that letter to Mr. Miller.

I am slowly after all these years 'putting the puzzle' together.  During the 30s & 40s, I read just about all his (W.I.) letters, which were certainly in the hundreds.  There was  NO mention of him being treated for cancer of the throat, which MR. COUSSIN said started about 1941. Any mention re his health was always "UPBEAT" or the strong and healthy Scot. he claimed to be. One letter he told how "THE DOCTOR HAD EXAMINED HIM, AND HAD TOLD HIM:  "YOU HAVE A HEART LIKE A BULL."  Now it seems to me--- at this very time the "BULL" had cancer!   I'll leave it for you to decide. There was only one slight clue of his failing health--and that was about the year 1941, he told everyone that he would only write Willie Edwards in order to take the great load off him of writing everyone.  Edwards would copy the letters and send them to all the faithful, which he (or his daughter did) until the time of his death. This was done so that all the faithful Message People could share in “THE MEAT IN DUE SEASON" from "THE THRONE."

You can read what I write about his death, and how he made the young British soldier “SWEAR THAT HE WOULD TELL NO ONE" of him being on his deathbed. The young man’s surname was NOBLE; his family were one of the very few in England to support W.I. after 1914.  This keeping it a secret (his cancer) til the very last supports my claim that:  He wanted to play the part of "THE GREAT PROPHET RAISED UP TIL the very last!!

It was really amusing, if it had not been so serious. He even read himself into that Verse Rev.  1:14 "His head and his hair were white like wool". As you may know, W.I. at an early age had poor white hair, hence the likeness.  Also the whole Chapter of Rev. 11 was W.I. and John, who was going to return from Heaven, and John and W.I. would play the part of the two Witt. who would later be killed, and their bodies would be in the streets-- and all it says. We were instructed to witness to this coning judgment of God plus the three years of worldwide drought. And that the only place of safety would be Jer. Pal. where "THE LITTLE ONES WOULD GO TO A PLACE OF SAFETY."  Little ones were those who were obeying his every word. W.I. was going to be one of the two Wit. "WHO WOULD HAVE POWER TO PUT PLAGUES ON AND OFF THE EARTH AS OFT AS THEY MAY."

WILLIAM IRVINE was great at setting dates. I can remember my mother was always HOLDING HER BREATH or expecting some great thing to happen when Nov. 11th. rolled around.  I can't quite remember all that was involved. Possibly it would give us a hint that he was 'into NUMEROLOGY.'  As you may know WORLD WAR #1 ended ON THE 11th HOUR OF THE 11th DAY OF THE 11th MONTH.  He would always refer to this as 11/11/11. It is just my feeling that he could have some what with the thing called NUMEROLOGY. This book hints at this.  In one place it states he warn inclined that way into ASTROLOGY or it whatever.  I can't help but remember how HITLER was doing the same thing at the very last--when he was in a tight spot!!

W.I.’s many spiritual shenanigans could be excused, if it was only in his old age and suffering from cancer--but this was not the case, because as the book states, he was always this way, and the locals in his hone town in Scotland, when he was just young never took him very serious, and regarded him as rather “queer," and did not pay too much attention to him.

In the pages enclosed you will read how could control 'some people’s minds'  As I have read considerable about mind control I cant help but point the finger at W.I, and W. Edwards. One thing is to NEVER LET THE PERSON YOU ARE CONTROLING FEEL SECURE!!  Always make then feel when you correct them-- no “correct” is too mild a word. Always make them feel when you "CHEW THEM UP", "BROW BEAT THEM" "SHUN THEM" or "CAST THEM OUT"-- that they deserve it and that they will 'thank' you for doing it.  SCIENTOLOGY to mention only one cult does this very thing--only with them, it is more than words, it is beatings!!

One case in point:  W. Edwards deemed it necessary one time to "correct harshly one man in the Message, Vance Fixen. After he had "CHEWED HIM UP " for some time--He (W.E.) took him on his knee and kissed him.  This really MADE VANCE FEEL "ALL BROKEN UP”. To think that W.E.  "LOVED HIM SO MUCH!!  THIS is what the SCIENOLOGY cult do also. They are all compelled to kiss each other.

W. Irvine did just about the same thing, only it was by letter. Especially with W.Edwards.  I can show you the letters. Time after time he would praise him--then tear him apart.  To shun people "NOT SHOWING THE RIGHT MARKS" was another way. One time when the Loitz family were "NOT SHOWING THE RIGHT MARKS," W. Edwards advised us by letter thus:  "A GOOD LEAVING ALONE WILL BE BEST FOR THEM."  The reason was because they were giving ear to what Percy Abbott was teaching about George Linn being a a "John" in 1937-1938.  It followed that we (The Fountain's) did as he said.  Afterwards the Loitz family were "SHOWING THE RIGHT MARKS," and as I remember, were given "ALL CLEAR SIGNAL."  I write these things to try to paint a picture of the “OFF AGAIN - ON AGAIN" situation all those years were. And all the time this William Irvine was the one who bent and warped our minds.

I must say this--All the time I was with him, I must admit, I only had a vague idea what his "OMEGA MESSAGE WAS ALL ABOUT." We were all so concerned about pleasing him (W.I.)   He was forever changing. As before mentioned “DATE SETTING.” He would write such things as "THIS IS THE DATE WE HAVE LONG FOUND HARD TO GET, OR FIND." And a short time later he would change that “DATE.”  This was what he made us believe, was "THE MEAT IN DUE SEASON--FROM THE THRONE. We all gained or lost his “well done” by how well each of us could feign keen interest in every word he wrote!  We were like "PUPPETS ON A STRING," and those of us who could put on the best show were deemed to be "THE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT."

He used to have his own way of speaking.  He was always referring to "those who have ears to hear" (WHAT THIS GREAT PROPHET HAD TO SAY").  At other times he would abbreviate it too much--and the casual reader might think he was referring to some human who had a malformed head when he referred to "THOSE WHO HAVE EARS" or "THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE EARS"!!  This is the way I spent my early years--from about 1927--1945. I am thankful I got out from under his terrible spell.

If I could sum up in a few words William Irvine’s life. Which was just about all lived or devoted to this what he thought was "A GREAT CAUSE" I would say that:  First of all he was a dreamer. From about 1890—1947, his whole life was spent "LEAPING FROM ONE CLIFF-HANGING EXPERIENCE TO ANOTHER."  In what he thought was the only way (on MAN) that God was speaking through on this earth!!  He often referred to "THE ALPHA DAYS" OR "THE TESTIMONY DAYS." I always understood these "DAYS" as being when he was in the 2x2s.  After 1914 he had discarded all of that seeing he was doing it the wrong way.  After 1914, some time after, he went to Jerusalem (possibly in the early 20's).  He started calling it THE OMEGA MESSAGE.  I think it should be made clear here that: It was the "OMEGA MESSAGE " not as the book The Secret Sect states “THE OMEGA GOSPEL."  This he made very clear--this was the message for the hearers when we witnessed to the last Message or their last chance!!

It seemed he regarded the Alpha Days and the Testimony Days as sort of stepping stones in him searching for and finding "THE UNIVERSAL LIGHT OR RIGHT WAY." And as we all realise, he thought he was the only one who was "RIGHT in the whole world!!

About the middle of WW#2 days (1939—1945) or about the time he was taking treatment for cancer,  he had another great urge/message from God, or "DREAM TO SEND OUT ONCE again, men and women together as "APOSTLES" all over, and especially in the West part of U.S.A.  To give people "THE OMEGA MESSAGE."  This being sort of a 1940's version of what the 2x2's did at the turn of the century. This he thought would expedite the great work. He was however, not too explicit how this work was to be done. The faithful tried their best to 'do it his way' --- There were, of course, no bicycles or one suit of clothing. Many of the faithful, after selling their homes etc. went out self supporting themselves, especially in the western part of U.S.A. living in house trailers. And tarried for a time in many areas. It seems to me this did net last very long. About this time I was departing from the group.

The way the faithful had attempted to do the 'going out' did not please W.I.  This resulted in scathing letters being written with huge amounts of his venom in his letters, he wrote to some of his most faithful. Many of them--his own contemporaries!! They were "TOO MUCH YIELDING TO THE FLESH;" they were "PUFFED UP" Not the kind of people that he or God wanted.

His head man in those days was W. Edwards (He and his wife Rose are mentioned in this book The Secret Sect on Page 122.  W. E.’s first wife Rose had died in about 1941. A second wife was with him (shortly after they divorced) It was an Apr.-Dec. wedding.

Unknown to us W.I. did not have many years left to live. The battle he was having with these people was at its peak in the years 1944--1946. At this time many of those trying their best to please him, were losing their zeal. It made them very confused. Just about this time the War was ending. A number of other people besides myself were not taking him too serious. It followed that this last try--this kind of a "LAST DITCH STAND" faded out. His letters to people for a whole year before his death were not very many. I never did see the last letter he wrote, nor to whom it was written. We were given as the date of his death March 3, 1947, but Mr. Coussin gives the date as March 9, 1947. This however is not too important.

ONE THING that has been through the age a subject of much speculation is Rev. Ch. 11:3-- the two witnesses. Students of the Bible tell us that for hundreds of years "MANY HAVE CLAIMED TO BE EITHER ONE OF THESE."  So that W.I.'s claim was just another.

Rose Edwards had a good Methodist upbringing (while some Methodist are very much in error--in those days they were VERY TRUE TO GOD’S WORD) In one of her letters she told how she was just about to enter the well known D. L. MOODY school to further her studies. But before she did the 2x2s won her over.  At this time she writes in her letter thus:  "My Father was so mad that he was just about to hit me with one of the chunks of firewood he was holding in his arms."  She was one of W.I.'s most faithful.  Another time she wrote of her idol W.I.:  “I WONDER HOW GOD MUST HAVE FELT WHEN WILLIAM IRVINE WAS BORN INTO THIS WORLD.”

In the Edwards family, there were 3 children.  Anna is still 1iving, I think maybe in Arizona, and was born in 1916.  John was born in 1920 and married Ruth Loitz (shortly after, they divorced).  When John was drunk and driving, they were in an accident and just about killed himself and wife and their newborn baby was killed.  John died quite young.  Phillip was born in 1926.  I don't think he married. Some ten or more years after W.I.’s death, he shot himself.  I will let you draw your own conclusion--but it does seem to me that it was not a very wonderful ending to their lives. Anna the girl, I last heard, "MARRIED A JEW."   All these things that happened to the Edwards’ children, makes me reason in my mind this way:   After W.I.’s death or after "THE BUBBLE BURST" or after the HYSTERIA that these young people had been under all their life, they had nothing to support them, or turn to that would give them any hope. What other way can it be explained?  For Anna to marry a Jew (It is not very likely he believed as she did).  Also, for John to start "HITTING THE SOFT SIDE OF LIQUOR" (which he had not done before); plus what Phillip did, paints a picture to me of them just going wild. This however can't be said of many of the other young people. Many of them went on living quite normal lives.

One other thing that Rose Edwards told of W.I.--After he had gone to Jerusalem, HE LOOKED FOR A SIGN FROM HEAVEN, WHETHER GOD WANTED HIM TO STAY. Next day "THERE CAME A SNOW STORM, MEASURING ABOUT 6 inches. This he took as a sign to stay. It does seem to me that from this point on, he started what he was to call "THE OMEGA MESSAGE," and he being the "GREAT PROPHET," and all he was to claim to be after that!!

YOU and your husband are in my thoughts, as you have departed from the 2x2s.  Do let me know if I can help you. Do hope you can make out all I have written.


Signed:  Lew Fountain

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August 30, 2002
Letter by Pat C.


I was born and raised in this belief system in the U.S. I had many, many letters that were written by Wm. Irvine mostly from Jerusalem, many were passed down to me from three deceased members. During the years it was known to us as being called the "Man and Message".   Many of us were not aware of the title 2x2 nor being called the "Secret Sect". The older people knew.

It was later on in my 50's that circumstances led me to look more closely at what he was writing - about the unforgiving actions of the R, P & E (religious, political and educated people); the woes on the R,P&E; saying that all would be unworthy if one does not believe in "the truth"
of his message, even to say that there were no religious people in Heaven.

After the deaths of my father, mother and brother, I wanted to learn about what happens to the soul/spirit after one dies. So I began to read many books about near-death experiences.

I learned that when one passes away and goes to the other side (Heaven) that there were people of all religions, belief systems, faiths, including all races, who do actually go to Heaven, where there is the divine feeling of overwhelming love and forgiveness, just as what Jesus taught before his teachings were misinterpreted and mistranslated through time.

I then went to Wm. Irvine's letter where he said "not one religious person is in Heaven", and I compiled all the experiences in my head that I read about the contrary. It was then I began to read and delve into more books written by people about their experiences through near-death,
out-of-body and astral projection. They all described Heaven and that there are many, many, many, vast numbers of spirits of religious people of all faiths & non-religious people who reside there.

I then starting reading about all the aspects of spirit and spirituality, and found that so much of Wm. Irvine's teachings were untruths. But like all religions and faiths, there is some truth, but I
found the biggest deception was his convincing people of many things that were not true. Although I truly think he felt it was the truth.

I felt deceived and betrayed. What I discovered was a shock to my belief system, of which I spent many years believing. I follow my own spirit now and do not focus on the doom and gloom of which he had written because those very thoughts can manifest such energies.

By believing in such negative energies, I felt I was actually bringing about the doom and gloom. The power is in numbers - just think what can be manifested by a large group of people who think and focus on negativities. That which they focus and contemplate on will materialize in the physical.

I have destroyed all William Irvine's letters and gave away to a member the portrait that I once cherished.

We all have a God-given free will, and I will no longer ever, ever be brainwashed again by anyone. I am now focused on the many realms of spirit (in my Father's House are many mansions), without any limitations and restrictions of any particular belief.

My soul is free without the burden of the doom and gloom and without hatred against the R,P&E - all of whom makes our world a free and civilized one. I am free of being enslaving to any certain belief system, free from the threat of feeling guilty when not witnessing to others, free from feeling like I will be unworthy if I don't pass the message on to others.

I have basically cut out the middle man and have gone straight to the Source, the connection of Holy Spirit from my higher self to our Creator/God, Who loves all His children.

We are all tiny sparks of energy hosting a physical body, and each spark of Light and energy compiles the Whole, our Creator. Why would He want to destroy any part of Himself/Herself/All That Is???????? He loves us unconditionally, which is the basic teachings of Jesus - love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, non-judgment and tolerance.


Pat C.
August 30, 2002

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