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Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Lauchlin
January 1, 1944

My dear John, Vina, and Jesse:

Thanks for yours and P.O. M.O.  It’s the cheeriest and best letter I have had for years, and proof that God is honoring your witness the past years when others were dead asleep in the dust of the earth as in Dan. 12.  But I expect man will awake out of their sleep of death to arise and shine and turn many to righteousness of the God-given sort which makes them willing to labor for the salvation of many in the new days just ahead.

“Many will awake,” but some to shame and everlasting contempt, for with all the privileges they have had with my 50 years work, suffering, and witness, they will miss the very purpose and possibility in their life-TIME on the earth. John is to lift his hand to Heaven when he comes and cry loudly, witness to the world, "time shall be no longer."  Time is the opportunity God has given the human race to reveal what men can be to God, and have been from first to last in going in the way of Cain and following greedily after the error of Baalim for reward and perishing in the gainsaying of Kore as in Jude, and you see what Enoch said would be at the end of time.

A sower went forth to sow 50 years ago, got a few with 30, 60, and 100 fold and is called the Son of Man and the good seed the children of the Kingdom; Matt. 13.  The end of it all we get in Rev. 21:7-8.  The Overcomer inheriting all things; fearful, unbelieving and abominable, etc., ending in death and Hell.

The mention of Bella Jarvis who became Mrs. Shaw; she was a very nice sweet girl; when I gave her up I went to Calderbank over 2 pits - there for nearly a year.  Then from there to Haugh 1 at Kilsyth for 4 years.  From there I went to Kirkintilloch, Meiklehill No. 4 and 5 for a year; then to Bothwell Park for 4 years, and sold out to become the sower, though it looked foolish in men’s eyes.  There I knew Mrs. Duncan as the youngest in the Candie family whose mother kept house for me after her husband’s death.  I had a little hand in the beginning to sink the Preory shafts.

It’s quite wonderful that you have men - Calderbank, Preory and Blantyre - by bus where I was being curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth to be His Son and servant during these 50 years and what is to follow.  Read Psalm 139 and note vs. 15 and 16.  Little did I know He was preparing me for the conflict of these 50 years.  Now read Ps. 71, vs. 20 and 27.

So your letter brought much that was sweet and tender both in the human and Spiritual sense, and I share the joy and comfort of your experience in bearing witness to Him and His Reader of Revelation and in being His Angel in testifying the Message of Revelation to the 7 churches, the result of my work in Great Britain and Ireland; then in USA, East, then in So. Africa, Australia, New Zealand, then USA West, and in Canada.  For these 7 were the work of my 22 years labor as Paul’s 7 churches in Asia was his best, though they all forsook him, showing that church only means those gathered out of the Religions, and most of them to be tares with no Christ in them as their fruit shows in the end.

My love and best wishes for all 4,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
January 3, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for 2 from you and quite a number of others.  Had a very good letter from a woman in Long Beach, whom Mrs. Sheeley witnessed to, and got others to help her, which is a good sample of what the weakest may do, and a hint may be worth taking.  Also had the best letter for years from John Laughlin, who is blacksmith 5 miles from Kilsyth, where I spent a year in 1887.  Now miners are coming in buses from 20 miles away, from 3 places where I spent another year, - then 4 years in another part, and from where I started out to sow 50 years ago.  Many of these people remember me and gives him larger opportunity, as they all come to shop for tools.  The old mines are finished, and so they come where work is plentiful.  He spent also 2 days in my native town, where I spent my early life in natural and Spiritual, and where the Tares of my witness have 3 places where they carry on their hypocrisy with great zeal and show.

He came in touch with 2 families who were very close friends in my natural life, and saw and tasted of the Spiritual also.  They were all glad to hear where I am and as I am.  A son of one of them is here and called on me, and reports well to his people there.

This John Laughlin covers a distance of about 20 odd miles and touches ground where I have been known in mining, and the work I have been doing for 50 years, and he seems to enjoy and value his privilege more than most I have known who had greater privilege and profession, but no marks of doing and using them as he does.  He works 7 days per week and 9 hours per day, and reports he is in good heart and health.

John has not had 1% of the privilege most others have had, and has had much to hinder rather than help him, but he has been a doer rather than a sayer and God has honored him in contrast to his father and brother, who were greater at saying and writing.

These 2 letters coming together seems to point to the value of true, simple, using of our heart, feet and mouth, or letting Him have such for His purpose in unsealing the words of the prophecy of this Book, in sowing beside all waters, and having the joy and stimulus of zealous effort, where I spent many hard years in mining and then in sowing, and now hope to see reaping and harvest.

People who measure their effort by the reception and welcome and results, don’t grasp the fact that people don’t hear or respond at first offer, but we witness by the words of the prophecy of the Book; show them what God says of what’s to come; this will not return void but will accomplish what it has been sent for in wise and faithful use through our life effort, and what we read of the efforts of the sower of Matt. 13 is assurance in both senses.

Those who let him sup most with and by what we are, can be sure supping most with what He is and has to give them and vice versa.  The Message of God and Jesus by the Spirit will be as effective in curing what Adam, Eve and the Serpent had.

The seed of the Woman Body is to smite the head of the Dragon, and the Dragon will bruise our heel in doing it.  The Devil works through the head, but the Message of Revelation is to create in men’s hearts the fear of God which will compel them to ask for the cure, protection and deliverance that He alone can give.  What must I do to be saved from the World War, Famine, Plagues, Quake and Hail?  The expression of His wrath on those who have no fear of God, only the delusion of their own thoughts and ways.

The world under the curse and consequences of His Wrath today is but another way of saying, “Adam where art thou,” hast thou eaten of the tree of your own thoughts and ways of corrupting His way on the earth, so that the Spirit can’t strive with men for their salvation then or now.

“Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead and Christ shall give thee light,” on how to act, say and do.  “Arise, shine for the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.”  Shame and everlasting contempt shows the opposite of allowing our own dust to keep us from letting Him make and use us in doing for others freely and fully what God has done for us.  How can we expect others to lay hold of our skirts to go with us, if they have not seen that God is with us.  John’s coming will be a reminder to all who have heard His Message from the Throne, no matter how dead they may seem to be, and the Drought and Plagues will add to their conviction before all men, so the witness will become more effective during the fulfilling of all that’s promised.  It will either work in or harden them till they blaspheme His name.

The 144,000 are to be the Gates of the New Jerusalem, as the 12 were the foundation of the City, New Jerusalem.  It’s a long journey from Matt. 13:3 to Rev. 21:7-8.  The Sower is the Son of Man; the good seed are the 30, 60, 100 fold who get Life.  The Devil sowed tares, both to grow up till the Harvest as in Rev. 21:8.  The 7 Churches is the work of gathering out of the Religious World.  Church means “Called out,” but the Angel Jesus sends to testify these things to the churches, gathers out those who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith, while the tares are left.

The Lord came in 1914 when the 7th seal was opened in Heaven and the 7 Angels prepared to sound.  The Lord chose the Son of Man to give Meat in due Season to those who had life, and made him ruler over all His goods.  The wicked servant being out of, and all who said the Lord had not come.  In 1918 the Reader began to read to those who had ears to hear and to test those who were the 7 churches.  First in G. Britain, and then in Eastern States of USA, then S. Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  Then the Pacific Coast and Canada where many had been gathered, but few gathered into the Kingdom.  “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify these things to the churches,” but few to hear because they were fearful, unbelieving, etc., as in Rev. 21:8.  When John comes you will see the Drought as sign and the Plagues begin to deal with our Adversaries, etc.

My Love in Him and Best Wishes for 1944,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Mosely
January 20, 1944

My dear Ernie, Alice, and Co:

Thanks for yours and M.O., also Mrs. Donn’s and M.O.  What I like best is to hear of a stirring amongst the dry bones coming together in place of the stand-off spirit, always a sign of death rather than life.

Discussing who will be greatest led Jesus to show them how to come down to be little ones in place of being the big ones.  If your right hand offend, or your right foot or eye, better to get rid of our righteousness at any cost than to be cast into Hell fire through self-righteousness, the most hateful condition in His sight.

He gave His Disciples a good humiliating ere He went up which prepared them for what came at Pentecost.  What took place on Mt. Tabor, 6 days fasting, no money, no friends, and plenty of mud from the Pharisees through Judas, up till crucifixion and resurrection and on to the 7 going afishing for food, after waiting for Jesus for many days at Tiberius, looking for Him in the flesh rather than His presence, which had been there, waiting and watching over their unbelief, making sure there would be no fish in their net on their own fleshly unbelief.

The Lord teaching them, if ye feed my lambs, shepherd my sheep, and gather them in place of scattering them, I will fill your nets on my side of the boat, as I will keep it empty on your unbelieving side of the boat and give you toil and a dark night and nothing for it; made it easy for Peter to say, it’s the Lord, and make for the shore 100 yards away, naked, with only his fisher’s coat to cover every experience they had from being driven out of Galilee and all doors closed behind them, was like preparing them for resurrection or getting to know Him, not in flesh, but his as Lord with all power in Heaven and earth, and dwelling in them by His Spirit.  And the same anointing He had, now given to them to fight the same battle to death and victory.

It was raising them from the dust of the earth experience they had been in and through, revealing the weakness of all flesh; spirit willing but flesh weak.  He was going away in flesh that they might get to know Him in Spirit, in them, with, and by them.  He was burying them in flesh to awaken them to newness of life and sharers of the power from the Throne.

I go to prepare a place for you to be and do what you have seen me say and do.  I will come unto you in Spirit and the works you have seen in me shall ye do, and greater because there are more bodies I can possess and use.  As my Father sent me even so send I you, and whosoever’s sins ye remit or retain I do through you; what men are to you they are to me; he that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth Him that sent me - is true of all who bear the Apostolic marks, either as Apostles or those who are worthy of fellowship with those who are Apostles.

I don’t expect there will be any women Apostles but every woman can spend and be spent in their own sphere of activities, which are unlimited as you can see in the women who were the helpers of those whom He sent as Apostles.

A weak body can do much in her own home and sphere, but will and would be a source of weakness without her home.  Mary and her daughters would be interested in all the works He and the Apostles were doing, but James and Jude became Apostles.

The sower went forth to sow 51 years ago and after much hard work and lonely, got some true seed, then the Devil sowed tares, describes what happened in our early attempt to let the world know He was the way to do things, the truth by which it was done and the life experience of being Apostolic; all sorts of religious professors came in, and so tares was the result.

But the 144,000 are to be men from the 4 quarters of the earth, being sealed in their forehead in being prepared to come when John comes as His Ambassador from the Throne as the seal on the Reader and Man-child.  Jesus chose 12 (one of them a devil) to show that no unregenerate can ever hope to be any help, but hindrance and betrayer.  He sold his share for 16, in his disappointment.

Most of the 12 were disciples of the Baptist John, who was strong on the austerity possible to men.  He took them around and gave them a sample of what it meant, then sent them 2 and 2 to find out people who were worthy to help them in their work and so find out the worthy and the worthless professors; then 70, so you see it grew, many went back from following when He said, except ye eat my flesh and drink my blood, or want to become as He was, they had no life in them, only outward interest.

You can see the value of your work there in the light of John coming when they will be convinced that your witness was of God, and so will wake up.  Wm. Edwards has 130 million to work amongst, so I don’t expect he will come to N.Z. with its 1 ½ million people.

I had a New Zealander from Wanganui today and expect him again, but only a Pharisee, thinks about the Lord coming soon, but He won’t come till the work of Judgment on the Nations and every man.  When He has fulfilled Revelation He will come.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
February 7, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and many others with greetings, seasonal and birthdays, my 82nd.  It was good to see W. McGowan and family photo, for it gives what the dust period can produce.  Abel and Abraham had no heirs.  The photo God gives us of Cain’s seed in Genesis 6 is very good and more convincing than any photo can be, and we have seen many.  But 80,000,000 they say, of superior humanity, did not impress God or Noah, and it’s good to have had the least vision of what men can be in name of loving and serving and worship and sacrifice in the human light and wisdom of all men.  It was love to God which moved Cain to kill Abel, and Jesus got the same treatment by the same lovers of God because He was the only begotten Son, given to manifest what is necessary for the regenerating of men, and a sample of what we can be in our only begotten humanity to all, on the love of God to be manifested to men, that they may believe and be saved from the sure perishing that happens to all who have known the value of the sacrificed in a human body.

No doubt Noah and Lot’s story was given as solemn warning to all men in the ages past, and warning of the greater results happening and to happen in the near future.  Fearlessness and audacity increased through familiarity with the threatening truth of God, as it increased Noah’s fear and care in building the ark according to the pattern revealed from Heaven by the Spirit, and the same marks can be seen today even in those who have had great privilege.

Matt. 19:27-30 is very clear and definite for all who are to be with Him in the regeneration.  Peter said, we have forsaken all, what shall we have?  Ye shall sit on 12 Thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel, or the 144,000 apostles; and John will be one of the most experienced of them all.  And every one that hath forsaken houses, brethren, sisters, father or mother, wife or children, or lands for my namesake, shall receive 100-fold and shall inherit eternal or everlasting life; the promise which the rich young man wanted to share.

Taking wives out to do apostolic work and leaving the children seems a very flagrant mistake, and a wife can in her home and around her home, do very valuable apostolic work, such as Minnie has been doing, which gave me great pleasure and joy.  Taking a home on wheels and a car, seems also a dangerous provision.  My car and tent experience was that it kept me away from the closer contact, useful and essential for reaching people; and the present developments have been weighing very heavily on my heart and mind, for the 12 Judges of the 144,000 are men who fulfilled the apostolic marks in His company, and then in Him dwelling in them and being with them for their lifetime, sealed by their death.

Every leak in Noah’s ark would have let the waters of wrath in, so in every departure from His name, which contains all that can conform us or others to His Image.  Rev. 14 leaves no room for doubt about the 144,000 being men for the stern work of the Everlasting Gospel.  No doubt but the Devil was aiming at hindering of this work above all other work.  It’s better we should see and recognize now than later on.

Read Rev. 14 and convince yourselves that the 144,000 apostles are men redeemed from the earth, which is full of every human imitation of the truth as revealed in Jesus and the 12 who sit around the Throne.  Women’s part in the work is in the home sphere; the men in the field - the world.  Women’s apostolic work is as valuable and useful; as the men apostles are suited to outside conditions.  So if we make a mistake in our attempt to lay a true foundation to guide those who are yet to come, there can be only one way and time to correct it.  Apostolic work at home and around can be a great comfort and help to those in the field.  I feel it’s an insult to the Throne and all there, to depart from what they shed their blood in doing and being.  All that’s human in us is easily beguiled into iniquity or our own thoughts and ways, when it comes to such a time as we are now in.

Arise from the dead dust of the earth and Christ shall give light on what and how to go forth as He and His did who are to be the Judges of every effort put forth by the 144,000.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and so cannot change.  So we must and can if we want to, offer a sacrifice acceptable to Him.  It’s been a very painful experience to me, as well as to you no doubt, to recognize what has happened, and I have no doubt John’s coming will put everything right and seal.  Only when we look at the end can we see the consequences of departure in any measure from the Truth they crucified on the Cross, and it’s good to have vision enough to depart from iniquity rather than persist in what you must now feel is far from unsealing the words of the prophecy of the Book.

We are having cool weather now and with flu, etc., about.

My love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
February 25, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

The old Heaven and Earth that’s passing away to make place and room for the New Heaven and Earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, or the doing of things in such a way that it’s obedience to His Spirit; just as the old has been a matter of doing His work in our own way, which is iniquity which He can never honor because it never can produce what God is Father to and of.  I am the way to do God’s will and work, the truth by which it is done, and the life lived which can be accepted and fulfill His purpose.  All that is the expression of human love, ending in those who profess to serve God, is only human imitation or hypocrisy, which appeals to men, but is abomination in God’s sight, for which the world is under judgment.

He that putteth his hand to the plow and looking back is not to inherit the Kingdom.  Looking back was emphasized in Lot’s wife.  Ye are the light of the world, and salt of the earth, to keep the way, truth and life from being corrupted by human imitation.  She had the salt profession, but not the power to rebuke human imitation.  It was this quality that was rebuked in her being a pillar of salt, and shows what brings the fire of His wrath, in Noah’s and Lot’s day and ours, as well as what caused His death.  All you have done bears the same marks in contrast to the marks so clearly given in Revelation 14, which has been God’s revelation of what is to bring salvation to men on the earth.  What you have done is very like an imitation of what Wm. And Rose were in their 29 years life in the dust of the earth, which covers all they could be or do in His name, and if repeated in other lives could never have His seal or acceptance.  Husband, wife, and child pretending to be apostolic is surely corrupting His way on the earth, in contrast to the clear marks Jesus gave to the Apostles in Matthew 19:29 and in Rev. 14, which are the marks to look forward to as the hope for the world in the 144,000, who will fulfill those conditions which alone can please God and accomplish His purpose - - as all looking back over history up till now can only end in death and rejection.

Matt. 19:28 shows the reward for the 12 in sitting around the Throne, and are to judge all who are the 144,000, and no possible mistake about the reward, if the conditions are fulfilled 100-fold.

Jesus and Co. did not go forth to repeat what had been His life in the 29 years in the dust of the earth, which covers all we can ever be or do, short of doing it as He did.  What Jesus mentions in verse 29 of Matt. 19, is the true value of the dust of the earth; what human life and love value most is the enemy of all that is the love of God as revealed in Jesus.  Many that are first in privilege shall be last, and the last shall be first, is prophetic warning for these days.  So don’t be discouraged, John’s coming will settle all these matters, so let all bear witness worthily, but cease from all such pretense as apostles.  It’s been a very severe trial for you and me.

My love in Him to all who love His name, and would rather suffer than make Him suffer.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Nobles
March 3, 1944

My dear Walter, Neomi, and Co:

Thanks for yours - came 2 weeks ago.  I hope Neomi will get help in her gland trouble Minnie mentioned, and that she may be one who will look on John when he comes from the Throne in Heaven, to do the just thing to the Sheep and the Goats who are the fruit of our witness to the virgins and talent people from the far country.

Often I wondered who they would be, but now I see it’s the many who have had the privilege of hearing my reading of the Book and Revelation in particular.  51 years seems a long time since Matt. 13 saw a Sower go fourth to sow, getting enough to show God was with him; then the Devil sowed tares.  All sorts of outwardly religious people became professors and followers, who turned the Truth given into Meal that the woman might put leaven into it, so that it could feed them by word but had no life giving power.  Then we see in Matt. 24 what took place in the breaking up the House; leaving tares and wheat to survive till the harvest now coming on for reward.

The Son of Man was chosen to give meat in due season and to rule over all He had, while the evil servant said in his heart the Lord had not come, etc., as we see in end of Matt. 24; then Matt. 25 says, then at that time shall the Kingdom be like to 10 Virgins wise and foolish, and the Man go into the far country, entrusting them with what was his goods.  But we never saw for a long time how perfect John’s coming down to judge all men begins at the Sheep and Goats separation.  Matt. 24 shows judgments of tares and wheat.  Matt. 25 the separation between the 2 uses made of the reading of the Book for these days since 1914 - till the Bridegroom comes.

These 29 years are the sleeping in the Dust of the Earth, as Jesus did till He was 29 and was anointed to do something for the many victims of the religious world.  My coming here in 1919 was the beginning of reading Revelation, which seems ended by the marks of keeping the message sealed in place of giving it to all - their unjust actions and filthy words, etc., and righteous holy marks as the goats will have.  How wonderful that the very marks mentioned should be found in those who are most privileged and trusted since 1938.

I noticed my personal letters were being used wrongly so I allowed W. Edwards to get my letters and send copies to all who were interested, which he did reasonably well, though I could see there were unjust, filthy and righteous, and holy - better than others; rather than the Nature and heart of God and Jesus manifested, more like a little ring seeking favor from him, attracted by his success in the Dust of the Earth, for he had 2 homes, a nice family, and put much stress on others doing after that pattern; and I could see much evidence of following him rather than seeing the Carpenter of Nazareth; hungry, thirsty, homeless, half-clad and sick and in prison as the mark of the Apostles for all men in any or every age, who would be acceptable as His Servants.  It’s a matter of the honoring the marks He had and His Servant - the test for all who profess to accept the reader of Revelation, and as Servant or Angel whom He sent to testify these words of the Prophecy, and you can see at the end of Rev. 22.

How many of all sorts and sizes have tried to take my crown, or the Seal of God on my witness from first to last, when they failed to recognize all the excuses given them were but the test of whether they were tares - outwardly righteous, but none of the Godly grace and forgiveness which Jesus manifested, or the living interest they had in the witness I bore to all men, of how to follow and serve as in Matt. 19:29.

When I wrote the time had come for the unsealing of the Message to the world as the foundation for the 144,000 Apostles God is now sealing in their forehead, or causing them to see how to be true servants, W.E. and Co. started out with car and trailer, with wife and even some children.  Only Bob and Minnie made any sign to know how it should be done; so I wrote them and told them I would not touch it till John comes as the Bridegroom for the Bride, who were men in His day and will be again.

Conditions for service as Apostles will be more clear and definite as in Rev. 14; and though Jacob the worm and few poor men are to do the work of harvesting, it does not mean that any way to suit us will be acceptable, and so you can see the value of what’s written for unjust, filthy, righteous and holy hypocrisy will not be accepted in any case.  Inasmuch as ye did or did it not to one such, ye did it not or to me.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.  Read Ps. 55 and see how many endured David, and how few friends, all because he had the anointing.  W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
March 7, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for quite a number from various sources, the two best being from a man and woman who have been helped to see and say what the sayings and prophecy of this Book says.  They gave me real joy because they were the fruit of labor which would not find encouragement from what seems to be the fashion today, in contrast to the Eternal marks He handed down for apostleship:  willing to be hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless, sick and in prison - what the whole world has always scorned are the Eternal marks He puts into all who are His sheep, to honor when and wherever found.  Other marks are painful to all who are truly His sheep, for the voice came always in the same outward marks, which the Devil and all his angels will accuse unjustly and pour their filth out upon, while the righteous and holy will be with them, which they did to Him and all who ever bore the apostle marks.

Matt. 13 gives us the beginning and the end of Alpha days and work in 1914; Matt. 24 shows the 29 years of living in the dust of the earth, which Jesus reveals the various marks of in Matt. 19:29.  Houses, brethren, sisters, father, mother, wife, children and lands, to be forsaken if we would bear the marks He so loves to see in the very weakest, as much as He hates and amoninates all other attempts, as will all His sheep.

Matt. 25 shows the separation of the Tares and the Wheat during the 29 years in the dust of the earth; the Son of man feeding the virgins, wise and foolish, and the talent people sheep and goats.  In Matt. 25 we see the final separation between the sheep and goats at John’s coming, the goats probably clearer than the sheep, but the Father’s name written in the foreheads, both of sheep and apostles who represent Him and who bear the marks, as surely as the goats know nothing about these marks and care less.  If human love to God rules, then Goats; if the love of God rules, then sheep, who will bear the marks and honor the apostle marks he bore, and refuse all substitutes.  Goats and sheep have had the same opportunity in Matt. 25, till the Son of Man comes and the separation takes place.  The first will be last and the last first.  Rev. 22 shows why He had to say, “Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this Book.”  The accusing seed and the filthy, the righteous and the holy have nothing to give, though they know it not.

You can see this is prophetic for these days, so we rejoice that the time is at hand, and John comes with the judgment from the Throne and for all men, according to their works, being Goat or Sheep.  The Devil’s work amongst men and nations is to spread accusation, filth, righteous, holy, hypocrisy; God’s work to supply them with victims as Abel was to Cain.

My love and best wishes for all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  McMullan
March 8, 1944

My dear Sam and Co:

I have been wondering how you took my advice about spending your time and strength in giving or unsealing the words of the prophecy of Revelation.  I did it owing to a move in the same direction in California.  So don’t worry any more about that, though a good walk is said to be the most useful for arteries and high blood pressure.

W.E. encouraged people to go out on a trailer and car, taking wife and sometimes the children; in others, leaving the children behind.  So I told him I would have nothing to do with such an attempt at doing the work of an Apostle in that way, for it’s the very opposite of what Jesus did and taught men to do.  Matt. 19:29 shows conditions in forsaking what they have accumulated during the 29 years of sleeping in the dust of the earth.  144,000 ministry of Rev. 14 is to be Apostolic and I thought W.E. would have been keen to make a good honest attempt with a few of those who had tasted of Apostolic service long ago.  In place of that he went as far as he could the other way.

Matt. 13 shows the beginning of the Devil sowing tares and the woman putting leaven in 3 measures of meal till the whole was leavened.  God’s way of putting the words of truth they had received, out of action.

Matt. 24 shows conditions in the world ending in showing the separation of the Son of Man and the few to get feed as you see in Matt. 25, the Virgins and talents ending in the separation of the sheep and goats, preparing for John’s coming and Judgment of every man begins, as you can see; Rev. 22- which reveals the use made of many privileges they enjoyed all the 29 years; the Devil leading away from the Apostolic marks He bore and taught others to fulfill, and which He used and honored till the Devil blocked the attempt revealing conditions in the world then and now.  So we are being prepared for the test of His hungering, thirsting, half-clad and homeless, sick and in prison test which the goats know nothing of, while they know only His way of being His Servant by whom they got life.  He couples up the man on the Throne and the man on the earth as the test of whether they serve the Devil and his angels or the Man who tried and tries to emphasize this as the final and only test of who are His, and who are not.  No other matter counts.

Rev. 22 mentions 4 marks, unjust in their judgment and attitude, filthy and repetition of what we saw in 1914; Righteous and Holy; 4 marks of the enemy possessed, revealing the absence of His nature and fear controlling.  I still remember the trip home we had in 1914, and it’s sweet to think on, the difference between the devil-possessed and God controlled in the trial which He had and all who ever have been His.

So it’s proof we are near when John - one of the 12 around the Throne - will settle unjust, filthy, righteous and holy; were the marks which led to His death as the chief of criminals by Latin, Greek and Jews.  So He is only clearing the ground for the setting up of the Kingdom, while avenging the death of those who bore the hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless, sick and in prison men who were willing to bear the marks He bore in revealing the Love of God shed abroad in their hearts in contrast to the Love to God for favors given which is the imitation or hypocrisy and iniquity of every age.  But it’s pointer to the N.S.E.W. 144,000 whom God is sealing in their foreheads to be His Apostolic Servants.  The marks of Matt. 25 are the most precious and valuable possible to any man and the reward sure, for these works so few value in any age, and none shall be forgotten who ever made an honest attempt.

I had a letter from E. Cooney from Belfast and enclosed 24 lines of poetry A. McGowan had written on the death of W.I.  Very flattering, but mostly to himself.  I had D. Dempster letter; he need not worry.  He who made the program is the only one who cannot fail.  Pray always that ye may escape those things coming on the earth and to stand before the Son of Man.  Beware of surfeiting and drunkenness or intoxication, for there are many forms of intoxication such as I can see - as well as the cares of this world.  How big the program becomes, and one fears lost if we have not relation to Him who is behind it all with the definite clear outline which can never be blurred or blotted out.

I hope you are finding some relief from your trouble.  All these things but add to our intense desire for the man of 96 from the place he occupies before the Throne.  I hope you are all well and busy no doubt as things roll on and roll off.

My love to all thereabouts,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
March 28, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and others.  Everything seems to point to John’s coming being at hand.  War, signs of all sorts, and conditions amongst those who are the sheep and goats, getting right and left for His coming to judge those who have been getting meat in due season - as virgins wise and foolish.

My experience for 50 odd years is that the hard part is to get people to see that Jesus was the door into the sheepfold; where people could be saved and go in and out and find pasture, in contrast to those who climb up some other way, as thieves and robbers.  The foundation and door can never be other than as seen in His manner of Life and work, sealed by His Blood shed as a criminal, and God raising up and sealing Him at His right hand with all power.

We saw 50 years ago what one man could be and do in being willing to follow His rock pattern in service to God and man.  The Devil sowed, the woman put leaven into the truth they had received, the end in Matt. 24.  Now we have come to the end of Matt. 25, as we look for John’s coming in His glory of crowning John to judge all who have sought to have His name in Apostolic - “I was hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless,” and the sheep cared for me.  These marks are the marks of all who ever gave Him their Body and Life.  The Goats never - and don’t today recognize the same Devil can give us Goats in place of Shepherd and sheep.  Such seems to be the case in what has taken place.  Showing no need for apostle marks as those who pretend to be such.  We can disregard all He was and made His apostles, and do as seemeth right in our own eyes.  But Matt. 25 leaves no room for doubt as to the end of all trifling in our efforts to wipe out the very foundation of all our iniquity.  The marks He had are still the marks He expects in all effort in laying the foundation for the 144,000, who follow the Lamb withersoever he goeth, and are they who have not been defiled through women influence, good or bad, as has been the case in all past History.  So cars, trailers and wife and children with the apostle seems like a comedy or joke when we read the new Testament; no matter what excuse we may seem to have.

To attempt to build the foundation of the 144,000 on the pile of Earth Dust of 30 years, seems goatish in the extreme, as if we knew no better after experience of years in apostleship.  I noticed the drift for years, but hoped you would awaken and shake clear of all that makes any true obedience to Him impossible.  John’s coming as Son of Man in Matt. 25 will clear it all up and reward those who seek to bear His marks, and those who encourage them who do, as well as those who go their own way with no thought or feeling in realizing what value He puts on His marks for service to God and man, in the most terrible days of all History and reward not according to who or what we are, but according to it bearing the marks He bore in His service and his apostle’s service.

Bob Skerritt at least showed he had fear of His name in what he did in refusing Minnie, who was left as a guide to other wives, who may have heard enough to do His work as women with apostolic spirit and life in them, in place of corrupting what He gave to the world as the only hope or salvation to men perishing around everywhere.

A man and wife in a car and trailer as his home can do apostolic work, earn his living and move where he can be most use, and will be able to help feed the hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless apostle.  So that even the present mistake can be righted if they have heart enough.  But it looks as if ye have fallen into a trap or snare, for want of one to take the true step and get authority and power to guide.

It’s like separating the sheep and goats, for I’m sure many will see what a mess and mistake has taken place, all because those who should have known better trifled with the foundation Jesus laid down His life in giving for our guidance in any age, place, or clime.  All excuses and reasonings can only add to the disaster, for there is only one test of right or wrong in Matt. 25.

I really thought you had a wonderful opportunity for Apostolic work if you had taken the true step as you did 40 years ago; and which made all that has come to you possible.  He needs you more than He ever did to show who He was, is, and will be forever - the pattern for all true service of God and man.

The fact that Rev. 22, unjust filthy, righteous, and holy are mentioned, awaken me to see the danger of the days we are in to all who have shared in privileges, never possible in any other day.

My Love and His wisdom to all of you in what you do and say and be.

Wm. Irvine

Click here to read Willie Edwards' reply to the above letter

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
May 18, 1944

My dear Edwards and Minnie:

Thanks for yours and Minnie’s.  Glad to hear you are so young and well, and Minnie ripe for the apostolic work of a woman, free to serve amongst the new and older people who value the Man and Message which is the only hope for any; and beware of adding to or taking from what has been given so freely and fully of Revelation message which is the only hope for any and all.

Cain and Abel had the same full and free offer of God to the human race.  Abel let God work in him the sheep nature; Cain chose to let his human nature guide him in understanding what God by Adam gave.  The Abel brother is No. 1 of the 24 around the Throne.  Noah was witness to what came of Cain’s earth pile.  In the days of the Son of Man witness by Revelation, Matt. 25, judgment is clear to all who have had the privilege of being stall fed for nearly 30 years now, with the Alpha wheat and tares growing up till the harvest now at hand as in Matt. 24; tares appointed their part with the hypocrites and out as under from the guidance and food in due season given to the virgins separated from them and the religious world; five wise and five foolish, which makes them either sheep or goats, by their choice of who is let work in them, God or the god of this world the Devil.

The Goats seemed to have no understanding of their wrongness; the Sheep had no comfort in their rightness in honoring the mark He and His servants bore as His apostles, then, now, and forever.  No woman can be an apostle in going forth as He sent His chosen disciples to be, then, now, and forever.  They were apostles forsook houses, father, mother, brother, sister, wife and children and lands, which were necessary for the generation of the world.  But to be with him in the Regeneration, they forsook all that, to be free from this influence to be His Bride.  No true apostles then, no true regeneration for any, so it’s good to be able and willing to face the condition He so clearly mentions for apostles.  Hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless, sick or in prison; which are the marks of the true whom God will care for and honor, while the goats will not recognize the need of such marks.

The disciple is not above his Master, nor the servant above his Lord.  Read very carefully Matt. 10:10-42, which shows we can’t trifle with any of these conditions and expect God to be in, with, by, and for us, and no goat can have any part in such work, as we see in Judas.  These are not words for idle talk or trifles or women, but for men of healthy body, pure motive and whole hearted purpose.  It’s worth mentioning these marks for the guidance of the sincere who have the sheep nature, going forth amongst wolves.

My love to all in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
June 8, 1944

My dear Wm. and Anna:

Thanks for your 2 letters and photo.  Nothing but what has happened could have convinced the Dust of the Earth which He made man, to dig and put into it the spirit of human life, which could be appealed to by His Spirit and Voice, that we see evidenced in Abel, Enoch and Noah, Abraham, Moses and Co., who are now around the Throne in Heaven.

If dust is to interpret what he says by those who are His mouthpieces, then we can only have Cain seed, Tares and Goats, dogs, hogs and wolves in all who have had the opportunity of hearing His truth, seeing His way and walking in their own dust interpretation which is iniquity, or that which suits them, and wickedness which robs God and Man of what alone can regenerate.  Monkey can’t produce what’s human, neither can human produce what’s Divine.  He alone can work the change, as all the lower Kingdoms show.

The Kings and Rulers of the earth of Psalm 2 can make war; only can and by finding the Lord and anointed will win.  The Kingdom of Dust can only be destroyed by their own efforts for mastery.  The Tares of Matt. 13 and in hypocrisy and rejection, as in Matt. 24.  Though allowed to grow up till the Harvest with the wheat.  They turned wheat into meal or an easy way of living, but the woman put yeast in it and so it was dead to any possibility of regenerating.  So the words of an apostle can be used in the same way today, to produce Goats, if it does not produce sheep nature.  The Apostle is the Shepherd with 2 possibilities, sheep or goats, according to their interpretation as in Alpha, so in Omega.  “Feed my Lambs - Feed my Sheep” - Shepherd my sheep was spoken to true Apostles, who were in the dilemma of living by their own Dust interpretation of their new privileges as Apostles.

Dust is to live by bread got in the sweat of their face.  Apostles were to live by giving Bread and Water of Life freely to man, which cuts out the financial share which dust always presents.  Dead to God men can live by Bread alone; Alive to God Man, by giving living Bread and Water flows, Heaven freely, at any cost.

People today who are not suffering from Psalm 2 war, are making money and turning it into property, fearing inflation.  Famine conditions when the 6th Angel sounds the hour, day, month and year, when John comes and famine begins, covers their needs.  People can’t eat money or property.  When rain ceases to produce food from the earth, Plagues, Earthquake and Hail will finish the program, which John’s uplifted hand proclaims.

So you have a very full opportunity of fulfilling true Apostolic conditions.  Wise for the past mistakes made, in seeking to build on your Dead as Dust days.

My love and best wishes for all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.  Go afishing for men, not for fish to eat.  He will look after the eating.   W.I.

William Irvine's Letter to Pages & Co.
June 22, 1944
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Pages & Company:

Thanks for your two yesterday and small book with Wellington pictures, but the news of your 77rh birthday was the most interesting part. I noticed in paper the other day that New Zealand people are the longest average livers in the world, and women there live average of 5 years more than men; so you are proving what they say.

Temperance or God control in all things proves more valuable in old age than at any other time in life. John was 90 when he wrote his Epistles to the churches, rebuking their departure from the pattern Jesus was and gave. In 93 he wrote his Gospel to prove by Jesus' life and work that his Epistles were correct. They rejected him and his letters and demanded his death, and he was put in Patmos for safe keeping by the Roman Empire . When he was 96 or thereabout, God and Jesus gave him Revelation by an angel, to write it and to be read by the anointed when the time is at hand; and all who have ears to hear will share in the blessing, as surely as all who try to add to it or take from our reading will suffer and perish, Proving that - John's crowning seal of his Apostleship and relationship to God and Jesus.

Jesus said to His Apostles he that receiveth you receiveth Me, and he that receiveth Jesus receiveth Him that sent me, and you can see them that hear and obey the Message of Revelation are His sheep who have the Lamb, and know not that their and care of the Apostle today is proof of their relationship to Jesus and God; while the Goats think the Message is all they need and so go on to find out their mistake when too late, as did the churches of John's time. The world has always been full of ungodly counsellers of the Cain sort, and the same as the sons of God who were drowned at the Flood and now we find the heavens closed that it rain not during the two witness period.

People rely on money, place and power, but we can't eat those things; so you see while the rich people can put up a world war against the Lord and His anointed, he will speak to them in His wrath by John and company. Psalms 1 and 2 with Revelation 1 and chap. 22 read well together. Isaiah 24 is an exact description of what the Lord is doing on the earth today by war, and then the earth made waste by drought after the war has cleared the earth. The Land shall be utterly emptied and utterly spoiled, for the Lord hath spoken this word. Verses 4, 5 and 6 gives the conditions produced and the cause for it.

Matt. 19:29-30 shows us that houses, brethren, sisters, father and mother, wives and the children are necessary for the generating of the human family, whilst for regeneration it was the forsaking of these and becoming Apostles and apostolic people. What's animal can never produce what's human, neither can what's human produce what's Divine; so it's in fulfilling those conditions and getting the nature and anointing of God which alone can produce the Lamb nature in the human. This is where the world is all wrong, which the whole world is fighting for, and which He is now going to put right in the New Heaven and New Earth.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  John Lauchlin
July 5, 1944

My dear John, Vina, Jessie and Boy:

Thanks for your joy producing letter, for it gave and you give proof of having the Lamb marks in your willingness to bear witness to Him, His Servant and Message to the world by those who have ears to hear.  What you are to the Least of these my brethren ye are to Him; are very reassuring words He spoke, and speaks today by the Spirit through such as bear those marks.  Though the very meekness of the Sheep will cause them to be ignorant of the value of their sacrificial labours, and the suffering and reproach which they bring from His enemies who bare the marks of the Goats; who think when they use the words and have the cheek to think they are Sheep and have a Shepherd.  But the Lord, the Shepherd of Psalm 23, everybody uses, as well as saying our Father which art in Heaven; don’t know that He warns of the possibility of being dogs, hogs, goats and wolves who will receive very different treatment from what He gives the Sheep.

Matt. 19:27-31 shows what is necessary for generation, - houses, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, wife and children, and lands or property.  Those who were Apostles had forsaken all these as the foundation of hope in their being anointed to speak living words of the living; which alone can regenerate those who obey, and so they become Sheep while Goats only have words.

This is the cause for the world war as in Psalms 2.  They want to go on with out apostles, and every other abomination they have devised to take the place of Him whom God gave to the world to show how to live, speak and work, they speak and act against.  What they have made the world without God they want to perpetuate, and so He that sitteth in Heaven on the Throne laughs at their presumption, and now we are in the 39th year of the conflict when He is to speak to them in His wrath by John from Heaven, and vex them in His sore displeasure as you can see by John from Heaven what’s written for the two Witnesses’ days.  Jesus was about thirty years of age when He was anointed to preach to the victims of the religious world in mercy and grace, and to witness against the proud and wicked rulers then and now.

Jesus in 1914 began to warn men by the beginning of sorrows, and now the hour, day, month and year 1944 seems to be the time for speaking in His wrath to His enemies who despise His reavealed will in His Apostles marks and those whom He sent.  The War in 1914 began on Fast AB when He judged Israel by Nebuchadnezzar, and in 70 A.D. when Titus took Jerusalem, so the    began thirty years ago on an hour, day, month; Jewish time, and finished on 11, 11, 11, Christian time, and now Rev. 9: points to the great day when wrath and mercy are to be His work on the whole Earth.  Closed Heavens will cause people to see that money and property can do nothing to protect.  Read Isaiah 24; and see how it levels the high and low, rich and poor, and no men will be compelled to choose whom they will hear and obey.

My love and best wishes for you and all who will hear Him.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Skerritts
July 5, 1944

My dear Bob and Friend:

Thanks for yours today and M.O.  Don’t mind such results from your labors.  When the Heavens are closed that it rain not during their 3½ years of prophecy, with the other marks which will be more personal in answer to their various activities and conditions, you see the use of the plagues, etc. in last of Revelation - Rev. 22.

Read Psalm 139 for my 20 years in the lower parts of the earth.  Earning bread in the sweat of my face 1000 or more feet under-ground, from 0 to 1 - bottom to top - but never dreamed it was preparing me for what came after.  And now you can read Psalm 71 for my gray hair period.  Vs. 20 is very scriptive.

Psalm 1 read in the light of Rev. 22.  The Tree of Life in the Street and wither side of the River and the leaves or witness of Revelation for the healing of the nations by 144,000 apostles.  The one thing the nations hate today and have practically wiped from the earth.  Rev. 12:9 shows the serpent, the Devil and Satan, has deceived the whole world and so the Kings and Rulers of the earth set themselves against the Lord and His Anointed and take council together to carry on in the past and present, or the old Heaven and old Earth in its condition, while He is going to give us a New Heaven and New Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness by His indwelling Spirit controlling the Least and Greatest.  V. 1 shows the heathen raging and the people with the Book imagine a vain thing.  He that sitteth in the Heavens laughs and has them in derision and then speaks to them in His wrath and vexes them as they Him.

You will probably be able to follow Psalm 2 in the bringing forth of the Man-child to rule as in Rev. 12.  Proverbs 6 probably is for the day of the Lord, or the period from 1914 up till now - called the day of the Lord - warning them, and reading Revelation to those who have ears.  The 1914 war began on the same day the Jews FAST in memory of Jerusalem being destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and Titus in 70 A.D.  So it began on 11-11-11 Jewish time and ended on 11-11-11, hour, day and month.  But we see hour, day, month and YEAR fixed for what’s to come as in Rev. 9:12 to end.  God created Adam and gave him a wife to propagate the human race on the earth.  But God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son to show men how to regenerate by Apostles, willing to cease from Generation and become His instruments through whom He could speak and work and live and move by.  Jesus’ life up to 30 years is pattern for any child, youth and work - 20 years labor as carpenter.  Then anointed to preach to victims of human, selfish in name of God; and also to witness against the thieving and robbing.  So now He is on the Throne, and prophets and apostles - 24 - judging the nations and every man.  The 30 years finish this month on 29th July.  So He may speak by John in His wrath and mercy and grace to those who suffer.  I often tried to find out the YEAR.  Now it seems clear, for if He spent 30 years and then became the anointed, so 30 years as Judge and rewarder before He speaks in wrath and mercy to the whole world.  So we don’t need wait long to see if this is right.

My love to both there and elsewhere,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.  144,000 Apostles is what the world needs and is going to get as the New Thing.  W. I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
July 7, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for a good many letters this week.  Thirty years ago on 27th (Fast of Ab day, or the 9th of Ab) Russia mobilized.  On 29th, or 11-11-11, Germany mobilized, and war finished on 11-11-11 November 1918.  Rev. 8 shows what was taking place in Heaven when He had opened the Seals of the Book; 7 angels prepared to sound, 4 sounded during 1914-18 war and the beginning of sorrows in divers parts of the earth.  Now you see practically the whole world affected by the 1st woe war of destruction.  Now it seems we are to see the 6th angel sounding on an hour, day, month, and year, which has been very difficult to see.  The Fast of Ab reminds of the 2 judgments of Israel.  Jesus began to speak on the earth when He was about 30 years of age; both in grace and mercy to the victims of those who were the rulers, and of witness and warning to the rulers.  So now it may not be too difficult to see Him speaking from the Heavens by John coming to bear message of grace and truth to the victims, and vengeance to the rulers in the end of Gentile days, and the marks of his ministry is very serious for the world, specially the closing of the heavens.

Isa. 24:2 shows the effect on all, for we can’t eat dollars nor property.  If there is no rain from Heaven, it will produce wailing in all who are flesh and blood piercers.  It’s good to see the end of Cain seed, as Sons of God in all their glory and multitude; whole seed of Abel was very small in their eyes.  Judas was chosen to show what presumptuous flesh and blood can do with Apostle conditions, and how much one such can hinder those who have the Lamb nature.

Sheep and goats were and are like Cain and Abel; had the same privileges by the Least of these His Servant.  The sheep got the Lamb nature, while the goats only had the words and message.  We see sheep and goats around Jerusalem every day; goats generally in the lead and more business-like than the sheep.  This contrast gives us the strongest warning we have in the whole Book, with the sheep quite unconscious of who they are to Him and the servant; while the goats are full of confidence in all they are, say and do.

We can see the danger of people reading themselves into what Jesus said to the Apostles; and so they claim all He said, without having begun where they started from.  There is no room or time for trifling today when we see the Lord is surely going to give the world a new Apostolic ministry with the Everlasting Gospel to gather out the great number whom no man can number, while the whole world is fighting to keep on the anti-apostolic plane, as you can see in Psalm 2.

If the 30-year is correct, then it’s not far off, and the program will go on, either with or without us.  “Come ye Blessed of my FATHER, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you.  I have long noticed how little interest or care is generally taken in seeking to have the sheep nature and marks.  If you are good and profess - is the general rule, and so is a terrible snare.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
July 18, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for quite a number of letters this week.  It will be 30 years on the 29th of July, 1944, since Jesus began His work in Judgment, and so we look for the hour, day, month, and year as the day when He will speak from Heaven as He spoke on the earth and began His work as the Apostle in seeking disciples to be as He was to the needy, and as witness to the proud and wicked of His time.  This was the foundation and fulfilling of what was needed for the regeneration of men; and the purpose for which God so loved the world in giving His only begotten Son.  Jesus lived, before he died, and because of the way He lived and its purpose, He was put to death as a presumptuous bastard, the natural result of being born of the virgin and labeled bastard by the 3 peoples of His day in Palestine.

This was the Alpha, or beginning of His work in dealing with the world; Omega is the beginning of the Judgment of all nations and every man.  So we have had 30 years of the beginning of sorrows.  Revelation is the prophecy  concerning the judgment period to the end, when he will come to rule the world in righteousness.  A new Heaven and new Earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.  I began to read Revelation as the Spirit gave me understanding, not knowing or thinking how long it would take.  W. Edwards began to build up home and family, and so we can see the parallel, but during all these years we have been the closest of friends, and him always anxious to give all I got from God.

I wrote much to many, but found only ONE, who was able to give it to others as I gave it to him, and so finally began to write him only, and expect him to pass it on to all who had ears to hear the words of the prophecy of Revelation.  Few can know all it meant in labor and cost to do this, and the time spent on seeking to give every one a fair chance of being able to see and bear witness by the Message of God, so long dead and sealed till the time was at hand.  So, the opening of the seals in Heaven, it’s opening on the earth by the Spirit as in Rev. 8, when I saw in Rev. 22, “Seal not the words of the prophecy of this Book.”  I asked W.E. to try as he could to make known the Message, by all who had ears to hear and a mouth to speak it; but failed to recognize it was to be the foundation for apostles and apostolic service as in Rev. 14, guided by the conditions His Alpha apostles fulfilled under His guidance and example, as in Matt. 19:27-31.  What happened was the surest and quickest way of revealing how the world has always corrupted God’s way of the earth, as in Noah’s day the sons of God had done, leaving them lifeless so far as the Lamb nature or sheep nature, and also reveals today what sheep and goats are.

What God gives for the generation of the human ruling in those who profess to be His servants, in place of forsaking all such influence to sacrifice our lives as He did and taught His disciples apostles to do and be.  Those who are sheep are produced by true apostle service; goats are those who had it but failed to let it work in them and control them.  So we are but being prepared for His voice from Heaven; which settles all questions.  “Come ye blessed of my Father,” - these shall go away having missed being Blessed.

My love to all; the Sheep will be at peace, goats can’t.

Wm. Irvine

Thank God for the 30 years labor of W. I. and W.E.

Letter To:  Edwards
July 21, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

I had word of the death of Wilson McClung in Auckland, New Zealand; a large funeral by his many friends.  I got to know him as a very tight P.B.  His wife Annie was a very nice woman, now left comfortable; but the man she loved and was loved by in their 40 years experience, neither of them got to know.  They were following the lead of their own human interpretation of what doing the will of God in the Way of God, revealed by His only begotten Son whom He gave to reveal the only possible way of life which can be honored in regeneration, because the generating conditions rule and control.  And the more success we have, the more deceived people become, and the more power to deceive others, till their eyes are opened by death.

“Will a man rob God?”  They did in Noah’s day, as a warning for our day.  The world, old heaven and old earth are anti-apostolic, while the new is to be pro-apostolic, so that there may be regeneration power to meet the needs of humanity and fulfill God’s purpose.  Bring ye ALL the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat, in place of an empty show.  The houses or homes, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, wives and children and property and power, have robbed God in every age, and now the world wants to continue it.  But He that sitteth in Heaven is laughing and will speak the stern, stirring words in His wrath.

To you that fear my name - means more than soft, sweet words and oily speeches and fanciful interpretation, as people try to evade what He did and taught.  Deny self, take up the cross, may seem hard to people under the control of what’s hindering, but the consequences on the other side are more terrible when people hear.  These shall go away into everlasting consequences, prepared for the Devil and his angels, who trifled with God’s only way of being His instruments in the regeneration of men.

If your 30 years of building up the dust of the earth, in which one can smooring and hiding and holding you from doing the thing which lays the foundation for the greatest day of salvation in History.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

The Harvest is at hand for all. W.I.

Smooring means smothering, hiding and holding down which he feels we (or I) have been doing; rather than letting it out and laying the foundation for the 144,000.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
August 19, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours which reveals the weakness of attempting to justify your experience, both in Alpha days and now in Omega days.  I never had a doubt about Alpha people being left with no hope of regeneration, while they went on speaking the words they had heard by the Spirit through my lips.  God’s ways as revealed through Jesus can never change, for there is no other way for the regeneration of bodies created from the dust, and God breathing into them the human spirit as they become living souls, but dead to God, and reveal it by their words and actions.

Hebrews 4;12 shows the living Spirit of God speaking through the lips of an anointed man, who has fulfilled the conditions for being the Bride, or those who can expect people to be guided to God and made partaker of His life and nature.  The word of God is living, or quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing to the dividing of soul and spirit.  Soul is all, or any human attempt, or all human attempts of men to imitate what they have seen and heard; or imitate by aid of the record of such men in Scripture, and no matter who, where or when any one attempts to do, or expect God to do, and be to, and by them; it’s all put under one name - Harlot - or attempting to speak words of life which will regenerate if they have not fulfilled the conditions before God and man which Jesus fulfilled, and was so careful to guide His disciples into doing.  For, no Bride, then closed Heavens.

Paul knew what a battle it was to separate between what men wanted to do and be in corrupting God’s way on the earth, and what is needed to separate between the soul way that men love, and the way the Spirit works in and by those who fulfill the conditions.  The joints and marrow, or the activities of men and their strength being used to corrupt or reveal which is which, and the need for revealing the difference in the thoughts and intents of the two ways - the way that closes the Heavens and the way that opens them.  And if the reading of Revelation has not convinced you of the need for fulfilling all the conditions, the Spirit will not honor any other.  No matter what it means or costs, just go as heartily into doing everything as He has made so clear and plain; err on His side rather than seek to justify the soul life which you have lived, both in Alpha and Omega days.

All the things which make generating life so attractive and alluring is death to any apostolic attempt, and the further you can remove yourself from all those, the surer you will find the Heavens open, so much needed even amongst those we call our friends, for there has been weakness manifested.

Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
August 22, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

I had my pad ready to write you when yours arrived today of 24th July.  Philip’s letter is a sample of how the Heavens are closed by men so that Apostolic witness is impossible.  Malachi shows how men rob God of what Jesus was, gave and bought with His blood, the right to show how men can be regenerated.  He was, is, and ever will be, the way, truth, and life lived out in a human body, willing to pay the price as He did and taught His disciples to do and be; and there never was any other way.  All else is but ungodly counsel by the breath in their nostrils, or their human soulish interpretation - no more value than a monkey imitating a man to make it partaker of human nature.

Malachi, last chapter in Jewish Scripture, shows how men close the Heavens by their many ways, so regeneration cannot take place by the operation of the Spirit’s speaking living words.  We need to be born from above, of water and the Spirit.  Iniquity and wickedness are the words which express what men do in His name.  The world is full of people who use the recorded words of God by those who were His anointed, all served up in the way that seemeth right to a man, but trampling the Blood shed in the conflict under their feet while God is refused and dishonored wherever His Spirit is allowed to speak, but the Spirit will never honor any one who dishonors Him as way, truth, and life, in which God can be honored.

When we come to Revelation we find those who have ears for the Apostolic Message are the chosen out of the 7 churches, to hear and obey the reading made possible by the anointed.  If men can shut the Heavens against God’s purpose being fulfilled, God by the 2 Witnesses can shut the Heavens that it rain not during their 3½ years of prophecy.  So you see their prophecy opens the Heavens to those who will hear and obey the anointed, while it ends the hope of any who refuse.  John lifts his hand to Heaven and says, Time shall be no longer for men to shut the Heavens because of their iniquity and wickedness in the way they use His name, truth, life and manner of life He revealed.

This explains the passing of the Old Heaven and Old Earth, wherein pride and wickedness has ruled God out of His right to dwell in Apostles, and by them to speak life-giving words with the authority which no man can refuse and be regenerated, made partaker of His nature and sealed by His Spirit; a Temple in flesh and blood, where His work will be the first and only thing that counts.  This is the Righteousness of the new seed who are to enjoy the earth for 1000 years.  How can you be sorry to find out the condition of the earth in our day as they have closed the Heavens against God’s purpose in regeneration?  What joy it ought to give to have the opportunity to share in the new.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
September 5, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and others.  Adam found a need for a bride in order that he might propagate the human family; so Jesus reveals the need for a Bride, as revealed in the 12 who were to be a sample of all who would be fitted to regenerate humans and make sons of God with ears to hear and eyes to see as God sees.  To read John 13 to 17 as for those who only had ears and eyes, when they were so clearly furnishing words and wisdom for those who had fulfilled conditions as apostles.  This is where and why the Heavens are closed, so that regeneration is an impossibility.  So you can see the 2 witnesses close the Heavens that it rain not during their apostolic ministry.

When the world is in the Anti-apostolic condition, you can see how easy it is for people to drift on in a dead condition in place of having the Spirit and the Bride speak living words and have authority and power.  He sent them 2 and 2, and gave them authority to go into all the world and preach the living, life-giving Gospel in place of the work of the Harlot, who spreads over the earth and all abomination or dead imitation in using the words of the dead prophets and apostles; and even the words of Jesus only living as the Spirit and Bride say Come, though they that hear may say Come, but there is a vast difference as you will find when conditions are fulfilled.  But there must be no trifling in any sense of the word, no theorizing, or spiritualizing or favors shown.

The feet washing shows the care about keeping one another walking as apostles.  Apostolic people will soon see who are and who are not.  John 14 is very full in detail.  Ye believe in God, believe also in me, He says for in my Father’s House, or those who are to be fruitful in begetting sons in the family, etc.  I am the WAY, truth and life, and no other possible way.  I am going away in the flesh, but I will come unto you that you may be what you have seen me to be, in you and by you and with you.

John 15, I am the true vine; dead branches will be lopped off, or false professing apostles, etc., with many very special promises.  Apostolic people will honor those who have the marks.  This is the program for the coming Apostolic age, Rev. 14.  So be wise and faithful in all things and see if He will not open the windows of Heaven, and beware of all influence from generating relations who will be our enemies.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
September 26, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and others.  Your handwriting is always a comfort to me, though it shows you ought to get a young apostle who can write so it’s readable; such as Paul had to get, owing to weak eyes.  2 and 2 was and is His way of going forth, and Bob Skerritt needs a companion also, and a younger man could easily learn to type.  Paul and the apostles only wrote to those who were their regenerate sons in the Gospel, for letters can never regenerate; only the living God in an apostle can speak living, life-giving words, as you can see Jesus writing to John and Andrew would never have revealed that Jesus had been anointed, but in hearing Him for most of the night, convinced them they had found the anointed one, by the well spring in their own hearts, even as we see in the woman at the well, while Nazareth people were raging at the presumption of the man they believed was a bastard, daring to say He was anointed to preach to the poor, and witness against those who were closing the Heavens by their pride and wickedness; daring any one to doubt them as the true seed and sons and servants of God.

Scriptures show how men can close the Heavens, and how God can open them.  Two trees in the Garden; tree of knowledge of good and evil; a deceitful and wicked heart may become wise and prudent, but only babes and sucklings can know the things of the Kingdom.  So aim at getting spiritual children with ears and eyes to see as God sees.  As the Lord walked in the Garden to deliver Adam, so he must have a man who will let Him walk and speak as He did to them.

The tree of life is kept by a flaming sword of scandal, such as protected Jesus from the enemies.  When men had closed the Heavens many times by offering what God could not accept there was nothing but dry dust of knowledge and profession.  The Lord said He would give Israel a sign, and so the babe was born of a virgin to be labeled bastard by the 3 leading peoples in the world of that time, and they were well prepared to give Him a hot time in the town where He lived and worked.  He ever brought all the tithes into the storehouse and got the anointing.

John and Andrew could never forget the night they spent within Jericho, and you see it in the Samaritan woman, and in Nicodemus.  It’s this we need for opening the seals of the Book of Revelation, which is God, Jesus, and the Spirit’s Message in judgment and mercy to the needy.  Revelation shows us Heaven opened and what’s going on there by Him and His 12 apostles.  So don’t let your 30 years in the dust of the earth since 1914, blind your vision to all that’s written.

The only hope for friends and enemies is to let God speak and witness to any or all you meet.  If they only hear for a few minutes, it will remain for their life or death, as conditions ripen day by day.  In 1914 men closed the Heavens, when Kings and Rulers of the earth made war against Him and His anointed, but to His the Heavens were opened to see what was to happen in the conflict, and it’s ending in an apostolic world which men have always hated.  The woman put leaven in 3 measures of meal till the whole was leavened, making sure that there would and could not be any leakage to the tree of life.

Too much Bible talk and trimming, etc., tends to take the edge off the sword of the Spirit in its piercing to reveal whether men will hear and obey, or refuse and perish.  What will you do when the Heavens are closed and it rains not for 3½ years, or when you add to or take from the words of the prophecy of this book - will produce convictions, when a lot of knowledge of what’s good and evil will only weaken true deep convictions.  Fifteen minutes of the sword of the Spirit will do more than a week of talk on Scripture, or many letters.  So aim at being as direct as He was with Adam, and as Noah was in his witness to the flood.

Too much attention to human detail in their life.  To sleep on the floor after a hard day or night letting the sword of God do its work in producing fear of God in human hearts, is very sweet.  Too much wondering whether the Spirit is speaking by them to those, are all blunting the sword which Jesus did not tell the Samaritan woman to go home and wash her face, before telling the men, “Come see a man that told me, etc.”

The idea of thinking that people will see God in us by certain respectable marks is only a sample of the Devil’s wiles.  Too much trimming has certainly revealed Pharisee marks, rather than the mark he bore as hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless, sick or in prison; He was poor and had lived amongst the poor, a man of no reputation.  It’s hard to forget the Scribe and Pharisee influence of the dry-as-dust days, but let the life-producing spirit loose as a piercing sword bringing conviction and fear of God in them that hear.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Ellen Pincetl and Hans Sutter
October 3, 1944

My dear Ellen and Hans:

Thanks for the most cheering and understanding letters I have had for years and I could feel the human sweetness and the Divine flavour and especially of your experience under the tree for 3½ hours with one who has been eating the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, which was all Presbyterian John E. Patton could offer him or any other.  I met Patton and other 2 of the most popular missioners, who were canvassing Britain and the world for missionaries trained in their colleges, and was greatly interested in their records.  Patton’s life and work in New Hebrides was the most attractive.  But I had fallen in love with Jesus, and so did not fall a victim to the serpent and the Tree in the Garden; the Truth of God which no human selfish and deceitful nature can do more than Cain did, when in contrast with Abel whose sacrifice is acceptable to God in spite of all the hatred and shame which is always present where Jesus can walk, speak and act as the voice of the Lord God did in delivering Adam and Eve from their illusion and delusion.  Cussing what they had blessed and clothing them with sheepskin coats in place of the Matt. 23 covering that deceives humanity and closes the Heavens which would regenerate men and women and conform them to the Image of His Son.  All else is vanity, no matter how much we get out of life if true divine nature is not begotten in us, which is the great purpose for which God put men on the earth.  God’s purpose was to propagate Himself and give them home, place and possibilities called Eternal Life.

I shook hands and listened to these 3 great men with all their blandishments and they were very moving, being old and tried vessels in the missionary world.  But one look at Jesus settled the matter for me.  He was hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless.  They were the opposite in every sense, and after money for all their necessities which came more freely.  A ship for the New Hebrides cost many thousands.  I was but a Babe and Suckling - they were wise and prudent and knew how to appeal to Matt. 23 people anywhere; and the more their success in China, Africa and Hebrides, the more the serpent delusion, which only can be truly and fully known in death or by true apostolic work as the Lord gave in the Garden or Jesus in Palestine.  Born in Bethlehem and labeled Bastard by the 3 leading peoples of the world in His day, which cut him off from all the ordinary human privileges and made His greatest words and works only fuel to the fire that raged in Nazareth and wherever he went till, to end the conflict, they put him on the cross and killed all His apostles except John, whom we look for from the Heaven as in Rev. 10 and 11.  I did not know what Psa. 139 or Psa. 71 meant then, nor did I suspect what Psalms 1 and 2 meant; but I have slowly but surely seen clearly His record for these days being fulfilled.  I cannot shut my heart or mind from seeing a place in His great program since 1914 up to date.

As a woman gives herself lovingly and loyally to be a bride and propagate the human race, so Jesus taught His disciples to leave all that and be His Bride then and in Rev. 22.

You can see how men close the Heavens against God being able to regenerate men by robbing Him of what He can and does bless, when they are willing to give service as apostles and prophets through whom He can speak.  When Jesus was born of a virgin, the Heavens were closed for 30 years while the 3 leading peoples in the world were filled with the greatest scandal of human history, in them publishing and believing He was a Bastard.  See the atmosphere in Nazareth when He fulfilled apostle conditions and was anointed to preach to the victims of the Religious Matt. 23 people - revealing the condition the world gets in, and in 1914 when Judgment began amongst the nations and against the Lord and His Anointed as in Psa. 2.  You can see what we have had and what is coming, as in Rev. 11.

What can men do when the Heavens are closed and no rain from Heaven during the 3½ years of prophecy by the 2 witnesses?  Men can’t eat money, property or what they value amongst men, and this is the best appeal to all we meet, for there is nothing but God can change conditions in nation as in men.  This is the Lord speaking to the world in His wrath.  A few minutes pressing this on the hearts of men is the best and surest witness we can bear, and will produce fruit in true seeking unto God.  The end of anti-apostolic witness has produced conditions as they are.  But the New Heaven and New Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness is to be apostolic, as we see in the 144,000 gathered to John from Heaven from N.E.S. and W. and as in Rev. 14 you see them prepared to go back to where they came from with a new song in their mouths, and the Everlasting Gospel.

This happens when the 2 Witnesses are killed as in Rev. 11, and is the mercy of God offered to men world-wide in the midst of Judgment of sorrows, but the more severe is coming when John lifts his hand to Heaven and says time shall be no longer, and the mystery of God is finished.

John the apostle and Andrew, who went home where Jesus stayed overnight, said they had found the anointed one and by hearing God speaking through Jesus lips.  So seek His anointing.

My love and best wishes,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards' and Co.
October 5, 1944
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards' and Company:

Thanks for many letters; one from Minnie and others re: Bob going from door to door, saying he was an apostle sent by Jesus to warn them of what God and Jesus by His Spirit in unsealing what was given to John, and now to the world by His servants; and even breaking the law in living out, which Jesus did even when disciples were housed, so as to get rid of what hindered in the battle He was fighting to reveal God's only way of regenerating men and women on the earth in that day and any other day. Jesus was the most scandalized and criticized of the human race in His day, to show us what the three most privileged peoples in the world were and are, and always will be till they perish from the earth. Born of a virgin, labelled as such, and known and treated as such for 33-1/2 years till He finished His work on the cross, between two thieves and murders.

Scandal and criticism revealed the closed Heavens, for there was no apostle or prophet in His day but Himself, and we can see the same marks since 1914 leading up to the two witnesses. John had 96 years of sharing in the reproach of Christ, and it was fact which led to the death of the 12 now around the Throne. So you can see the danger of scandal and criticism which is the snare which catches all men, anywhere, any time, and the "why" the Least of these His Brethren is the test for men in our own day. What is done to him is done unto Him on the Throne, and it's good to always notice what the marks were of the 24 around Him.

Bob's work in Alpha days was considered good, in spite of peculiarities which most people measure by, and he quit like a man in 1914, and tho his dust heap has not been so attractive as others in and out of Testimony, I can see possibilities and an easier stepping over into apostolic conditions of the 144,000 gathered from N.S.E. & West from 12 tribes, with greater variety in their marks, as seen in those mentioned who are to be gathered. You can see the Test'y people's condition toward Rev. reading, in contrast to Bob, only trying out his baby feet in conveying the message of God to men on the earth, and the only message that can save and redeem men from the dust, earth conditions we have seen for 30 years. So cheer up,--let him have the choice of a younger companion. Joe had experience and so will be able to take a younger and stronger companion to help him along. Past 30 years' experience should be a stimulus to help us on in the new possibilities of the flowing rivers, and the fruit and leaves of the tree for the healing of the nations smitten and in the snare into which they are caught.

To unseal the words of the prophecy of this Book, is not a matter of how many we can get to become one with us, but a matter of how many are given the words of the Book concerning what lies ahead. If a man can be made to see what he will do when the Heavens are closed and no rain from Heaven during the prophecy of the 2 witnesses, he will have much to cause him to fear and hear God; if he can't eat money or property it will get him wondering what to do.

I had a wonderful stirring and cheering letter from Hans Sutter and Ellen Pincetl. Hans wrote from New Hebrides where he is serving as a soldier, telling me of spending 3-1/2 hours under a tree talking very sweetly and heartily to a native convert who has been four years in England, no doubt preparing for a part in Matt. 23 activities by John E. Patton, whom I had the chance of meeting and shaking his hand, along with China Inland Mission and Gratton Guiness. All three were the most successful 50 years ago and had the most zealous backing in men and money in the world. I also had the opportunity of meeting and hearing the best of Matt. 23 people, but God opened John 3:16 and revealed where they were and pointed the way for me to go, though I was but a babe and suckling.

Bob there and Hans in New Hebrides under a tree for 3½ hours giving the native missionary Rev. message, is the most comforting thing that I have had for a long time, for I could see and feel the dust heap getting big and making it the more difficult to see the great vista which opens up before all who can read and give the words of the Revelation to stir the hearts. It's more like sowing than a reaping , and only as men hear the warning voice of closed Heavens, etc. can we expect the Harvest promised and the new thing to be accomplished.

Best love and thanks,

Wm. Irvine.

I know El Cajon well. --W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
October 6, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for many letters; one from Minnie and others re Bob going from door to door saying he was an Apostle sent by Jesus to warn them of what God and Jesus by His Spirit in unsealing what was given to John and now to the world by His servants and even breaking the law in living out which Jesus did even when disciples were housed so as to get rid of what hindered in the battle He was fighting to reveal God’s only way of regenerating men and women on the earth in that day and any other day.  Jesus was the most scandalized and criticized of the human race in His day to show us what the 3 most privileged people in the world were and are and always will be till they perish from the earth.  Born of a virgin, labeled as such and known and treated as such for 33½ years till He finished His work on the cross between 2 thieves and murderers.

Scandal and criticism revealed the closed Heavens for there was no apostle or prophet in His day but Himself and we can see the same marks since 1914 leading up to the 2 witnesses.  John had 96 years of sharing in the reproach of Christ and it was fact which led to the death of the 12 now around the Throne.  So you can see the danger of scandal and criticism which is the snare which catches all men anywhere anytime and the “why” the Least of these His Brethren is the test for men in our own day.  What is done to him is done unto Him on the Throne and it’s good to always notice what the marks were of the 24 around Him.

Bob’s work in Alpha days was considered good in spite of peculiarities which most people measure by and he quit like a man in 1914 and though his dust heap has not been so attractive as others in and out of Testimony, I can see possibilities and an easier stepping over into apostolic conditions of the 144,000 gathered from N.E.S. and West from 12 tribes with greater variety in their marks as seen in those mentioned who are to be gathered.  You can see The Testimony peoples condition towards Rev. reading, in contrast to Bob, only trying out his baby feet in conveying the message of God to men on the earth, and the only message that can save and redeem men from the dust earth conditions as we have seen for 30 years.  So cheer up - let him have the choice of a younger companion.  Joe had experience and so will be able to take a younger and stronger companion to help him along.  Past 30 years experience should be a stimulus to help us on in the new possibilities of the flowing rivers, and the fruit and leaves of the tree for the healing of the nations smitten, and is the snare into which they are caught.

To unseal the words of the prophecy of this Book is not a matter of how many we can get to become one with us, but a matter of how many are given the words of the Book concerning what lies ahead.  If a man can be made to see what he will do when the Heavens are closed, and no rain from Heaven during the prophecy of the 2 witnesses he will have much to cause him to fear and hear God, if he can’t eat money or property it will get him wondering what to do.

I had a wonderful stirring and cheering letter from Hans Sutter and Ellen Pincetl.  Hans wrote from New Hebrides where he is serving as a soldier, telling me of spending 3½ hours under a tree talking very sweetly and heartily to a native convert who has been 4 years in England, no doubt preparing for a part in Matt. 23 activities by John E. Patton whom I had the chance of meeting and shaking his hand, along with China Inland Mission and Gratton Guiress.  All 3 were the most successful 50 years ago and had the most zealous backing in men and money in the world.  I also had the opportunity of meeting and hearing the best of Matt. 23 people, but God opened John 3:16 and revealed where they were and pointed the way for me to go, though I was but a babe and suckling.

Bob there, and Hans in New Hebrides under a tree for 3½ hours giving the native missionary Revelation Message, is the most comforting thing that I have had for a long time, for I could see and feel the dust heap getting big and making it the more difficult to see the great vista which opens up before all who can read and give the words of Revelation to stir the hearts.  It’s more like sowing than reaping, and only as men hear the warning voice of closed Heavens, etc., can we expect the Harvest promised and the new thing to be accomplished.

 Best love and thanks,

Wm. Irvine

I know El Cajon well.  W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
October 7, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Reports from Australia say they have the worst drought since 1914, which was very bad the last time I visited.

Bob giving El Cajon the message of Revelation and telling as did the disciples, he was an apostle sent to give them the message I could not give them, for I knew nothing of it or the value it has for a world under closed Heavens, and under Judgment, though they know it not.  The sweetness of conditions under a tree for 3½ hours pouring out all Hans knew, and no scandal-mongers or critics to hinder and harass.  Women love the dust heap more than the loneliness of the tree in New Hebrides.  So both events seem to be warning against the influence of the dust heap, and how hard it is to get the New Hebrides experience.

You can be sure the 80 million sons of God and daughters of men and their giant sons and renowned men, would have filled the air with their scandal and scorn at the old 600-year man who had made what God revealed to a world who had made their destruction as sure as the scandal had created in the birth of Jesus by a virgin, the poison of which had so filled the three leading peoples of that day with the hatred which ended in the cross and death for His most faithful disciples, except John who got the message to write which is clearing the earth of all similar people who delight in scandal, and that is their own thoughts and ways revealed by the way they treat His message, no matter how weakly it may be given.

If there are to be 144,000 from the four quarters of the earth, of 12 tribes, then there will be great diversity; the lion and lamb to lie down together, and no violence in word or deed in all the places where they gather.  What Bob was doing was what Jesus sent the disciples to do, - find out a place where peace reigned towards the Babe apostles, and give every one in the village or town the message, - Repent, for the Kingdom has come unto you, and if they would not hear, they were to shake off the dust of their feet against in warning; if persecuted in one city, flee to another.  Ye shall not have gone over the cities till the Son of Man is come.

I would be glad to hear of 1000 with the marks of Bob and Hans under the tree, and Bob going to every door in El Cajon where I used to visit when I knew nothing of Revelation, so could not be any value to them.  These letters coming together on same day cheers my heart, and helps I have no doubt, to disturb the dust heap that had done much to weaken the attempt to give the warning of what’s coming very soon, when we will not be able to shirk the wrath poured out, but under His wing and our feet and mouths busy.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  McDonald and Gruber
October 23, 1944

My dear Thomas McDonald and Mrs. Gruber:

Thanks for your letter.  I don’t write many personal letters, but your Scotch name and being a coal miner appealed to me.  I have been Scotch for nearly 82 years and was coal mining from 10 to 30 years of age, when the Lord opened my ears to hear and see what His purpose was in my life.

Jesus was a poor, common carpenter, earning an honest living for 20 years when He was anointed to preach to those who were the underlings of that day, the poor broken-hearted prisoners, blind and bruised by the Religious world then, as most common people are today, and it’s the same sort of people who will be honest, sincere, and humble enough to give ear to what is written in Revelation, which is His Message from the Throne for the Salvation of all who are the sufferers in the world now.

If you are hungry and thirsty for the Truth of God, there are many there who can help.  They have copies of most of the letters I have written from here these past 26 years, so they can meet all your needs and give you help to understand what’s written in (the) Book and my letters.

My love to you and family and all who name His name,

Wm. Irvine

Rev. 10, 11, 12, gives you what we expect soon in fulfilling Acts 3:22-23, which is for these days when He is restoring the Kingdom on the earth and judging all nations and every man.  Ps. 1 and 2 are both useful today.    Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Pages
October 25, 1944

My dear Arthur, Dolly and Co:

Thanks for 2 from you.  To feel how useless we are and how helpless in helping others is but what He looks for.  If we are willing to let Him come in to live out His Apostle life, it’s not what we can do and be, but what he can do and be in and by us if we are willing to fulfill the conditions.

Rev. 3:20 is a very big offer.  If any man hear my Voice and knock, and open the door, I will come in and sup with him and he with me.  It’s a very big offer and like the 144,000 offer.  “I will sup with him” shows He is willing to put up with all that we are, and the hope is that we’ll share what is His as truly as we let Him share what is ours.

I had nothing more to start with than that, and knew very little beyond the experience I had when I decided to serve the Lord and did it, to find out that many to despise and hinder, but they were my teachers in the sense I could see where and what they were in contrast to what was so clearly revealed in Him and His work in producing others to do as He was doing.

There is nothing so much needed as those who will unseal all God has given in Revelation.  The time is at hand.  It’s not a matter of preaching, but rather a simple witness to any or all we meet, and Apostle simply means one who cuts free from all that naturally fills up our human life and activities.  You see how the Disciples grew in their experience daily.  Pentecost was the crowning day for them, but you can see how impossible if they had not started.  There would be much criticism and scandal, for He was born under conditions that proved to be the greatest scandal in History.

The Tree of Life in the Garden is kept by a cherubim with a flaming sword that turns every way, but only to keep away those who are not in condition to receive Life Eternal.  He can’t live in our human bodies and do His will and work and we not share all or any of the things which marked His life work.  John 13 to 17 gives you much to comfort and cheer and guide and direct - and assurance.

Bob Skerritt started in a town to witness at every house.  I wish I had the same chance today for I know the town well, but knew nothing of the Message of Revelation which is from the Throne for these days.

You have a good opportunity if you only go and do what others can’t do in witnessing.  It’s like sowing seed to give them Rev. 10 and 11; and to inquire what they will do when these and other things come on us.  You can go back over the same ground and if only one is awakened it is good work.

 My love to all,

 Wm. Irvine

P.S.  You can work around Aukland and then down south Wellington way, or Wanganui.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Moseleys
October 25, 1944

My dear Ethel, Joan, Mum, Moseleys and Co:

You have been wishing me a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2½ months ahead; for all your kindness and Mrs. Adams’ gifts have value, in as much as they express what God and Jesus have put in your hearts and lips.

I have written Arthur Page giving him encouragement to do as Jesus did and taught in freeing himself of all human ties which binds us to the dust heap; how few have ever realized in our day what that means.  You can see the power of the dust heap in the 80 million in Noah’s day.  Sons of God, choosing nice wives and having nice sons and daughters - men of renown and giants in those days, insulted with old Noah’s 600 years of age, talking about a flood which God had revealed to him as coming, because those Godly good people had corrupted God’s way on the earth, and just did and said as pleased their body, soul, and spirit, as did Scribes and Pharisees, etc., of Matt. 23.

What scoffing, jeering, gossip and scandal would fill the air, and more brassy and cocky when the 7 days period came for entering the Ark and closing the door, and opening the windows of Heaven to drown what they believed to be God’s true sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, wives and children, all doing whatever they did in name of God, and in their usual tolerant ways as found amongst all religious people in any age.

The Lord sat as king at the Floor, and so could look back to the flood as He could forward to the days of the Son of Man we live in, and see the same marks in the whole religious world today as then; when the Sons of God, etc., were blind and deaf and dead to God in all their activities which were seen in their attitude to Noah and Company.

They were all happy, healthy, hearty, and safe from all that the one man of His anointing had to say, and were not disturbed by all Noah could say or do, whose work was rather a joke and more like a hen house or other farm building.  Their prayers could be as loud and long as their jeers and scoffs and jokes and scandal was, but too late.  Proverbs 1 goes well with these facts, for the Lord could look back and forward to the days of the Lord in Judgment as just and terrible as He had seen it when He sat as King of the Flood.  When in their simplicity and false confidence they returned to the dust, empty as they came into the world.  I don’t remember ever having heard that these people believed they were God’s people.

You ask me what is scandal - you see it in Ham.  Noah’s righteousness had saved him from the Flood but it had not saved him so he had the nature of the Lamb.  Noah, 600 and used wine till he fall and fell asleep.  Ham came on him intentionally and after taking in all the details went to his brothers smiling, inviting them to share in the unrighteousness of their righteous father.  To measure the righteousness of the Anointed of God, as Noah by his unrighteousness is scandal; and there can be no scandalmonger in Heaven as per the Flood.  Judas was the scandalmonger of the 12; which ended and always ends in suicide either natural or spiritual.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is a Matthew 25 interpretation - easy for them, impossible for the disciples who bore the hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless marks.  But you can see the very manner of life produces criticism and scandal in those who have not the righteousness of God, which covers and helps to bear the burdens of others.

The scandal of Jesus’ birth followed Him to the Cross and identified Him with the less fortunate of the human race.  The Pharisee did not offer him the kiss of welcome, the comfort of feet-washing after a journey, nor the use of the family comforts; but Jesus valued Mary’s tears to wash His feet and her hair as the wash-rag; so what drives the Pharisee away as useless material that would clog the Tree of Life.  Much that is the so-called hygiene of every age and often looked on as Christ-likeness is white washed Matt. 23ness.

So beware of scandal and criticism of those who have Him in them, for it tends to make them like Ham in manner of life.
My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.  There would not be many Pharisee marks around the Ark abuilding.

William Irvine's letter to Chas Colling
October 26, 1944

P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Charles:

Thanks for yours which I always enjoy. Glad you are feeling in good shape and Spirit. Everything is bound to come in order. Our anxiety may be what the children have about Xmas--we want more, while we don't always know how to use what we have.

The prophet, the Lord raises up of the people and only one. The time is in the Restitution of All Things, or putting everything in His order, or the setting up the Kingdom on the Earth. The message of that prophet is Rev., so the Reader of Rev 1:3 is the prophet who makes the words prophecy, so that people can understand. The best way to help people is to make it clear and plain, and in order so they can grasp it. It's no use arguing with people. We are to unseal the words of the prophecy of Rev., or enable them to grasp it for themselves.

I, Jesus have sent mine angel (the Prophet) to testify these things to the churches, or those who profess to believe in Jesus. If any man tries to add to what the prophet reads, or speaks by the Spirit for their understanding, God will add the plagues. If any man take from the words of the prophet, God will take their name out of the Book of Life, etc.

You will find Rev. 22 a good guide in trying to help them who have ears to hear. There is only to be one prophet, or angel sent by Jesus, till John comes from heaven as in Rev. 10, to be the Co-Witness. He is to prophecy before people and nations, and that will be in Jerusalem where the two witnesses are to witness to the whole world. The sign will be the closing of the Heavens, that it rain not during their prophecy. It's good to ask a man what will he do when rain stops on the earth for 3-1/2 years. Will his arguments or money or property feed him, or his conceit and self confidence. God's promises to those who hear that prophet's reading of Rev. will be like a cheque Book to meet the needs of those who truly live by what God & Jesus say. All of the money will be waste paper.

The Lord sat as King at the flood, and Noah was the prophet telling them of what's to come on the Sons of God, their nice wives and families. Just as you see in the days of the prophet today, showing there is not much hope for people who believe they are saved today, but who don't want to hear what God's Servants have to tell. The two witnesses are they who stand before the God of the earth, and there are no others on the earth by whom men can escape Judgment.

You are doing good work, and teaching you [your children?]. Keep the Book handy and read it to them, and when alone. God will help you through.

My love and best wishes to all,

Wm Irvine

Wm Irvine's Letter To: Southworths
October 27, 1944

My dear Harold and Marion:

Thanks for yours, 9/25/44. It’s the most practical letter I have seen from any of those who have been Stall fed all these years; so much so, going forth is a matter of suiting their own convenience rather than letting Him come to dwell in them and use their life as He used His human body for the regeneration of men; which can only be done by the living God through our lips and life.

The Message from the Throne of God and the Lamb is the Message of life or death to all men, and only as we can make them feel this fact will they get anxious enough to say, what must I do to be saved from the Judgment of God and be sure of my name written in Heaven and a place under His wings? - as sure as was Noah’s Ark for the 8 who built according to God’s revealed plan, while the 80 million sons of God and their wives and famous families were gossiping, criticizing, scandalizing all Noah said and did - till the flood came and took them all away; so shall it be in these days of the Son of Man, the Reader of Revelation and the Prophet of Acts 3:22-23 to be joined by John from Heaven as in Rev. 10, making all that has power to hold us from letting Him in and out by our lips which makes the 2 Witnesses of Rev. 11, who stand before the God of the Earth and by whom the words and works in Judgment and reward are to be given to the world.

When the Heavens are closed and no rain for 3½ years, and what will money, property and all that men put their trust in do for them if God’s check book of promises has not their name recorded there.

It was pleasant pastime to scandalize Noah as it was of Jesus and all His anointed, but the consequences were terrible. Prov. 1 is good for today, for during the day of the Lord since 1914 when the day of Judgment began, people seem to have less fear of God than before. Hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless, sick and in prison are not written and spoken in Vain for any one who is willing to put them to the test, for God cared for Jesus to the Cross, and the Tomb, and raised and put Him where He is as Judge of Nations and men. Home, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, wives, children and property - what men love most are the dust pile which clings and clogs any attempt to go forth as He did and taught others to do.

Begin where you are and give every one you meet a chance of feeling their responsibility and keep going forth and beware of the Dust Heap - all that has the power to hold us from letting Him in and out by our lips.

My love to you both,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
October 28, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for 2 from you - very hard to read, like mine.  The moneys came all right, but you have only forced the issue of whether men shall live by the mammon of unrighteousness, or by the promises of God which come from His mouth; which brings up the old issue of the promises of men and nations, or the promises of the check book, very much despised and neglected.

The Reader of Revelation by the Prophet of Restitution of all things, does not impress men much, as you try to unseal the words of the prophecy of this book Revelation.  A little scandal and gossip about Noah’s foolishness, or the scandal in Sodom by Lot’s wife; why did Sarah have no family, and why they had to use Hagar to have an heir - were more convincing to deceitful and desperately wicked hearts than any threat of danger from flood or fire.  The very building of an ark to save Noah and Company was, to the Sons of God and Company, proof they were not saved by faith; and so today, people who profess to be saved are in more danger as they enjoy enough scandal and gossip and criticism to feed their hypocrisy and hide their iniquity.

Moses’ prophecy was for the coming times of restitution of all things in the reading of Revelation to those with ears to hear, and now to be unsealed as the test for all who name His name, and reward not according to their profession, but their works in unsealing what has been revealed.  The weakness in the attempt made is but a sample of the conditions He must see on the earth, much more energy in keeping it sealed in the few who have been fed as calves of the stall, than in the purpose and activities of spreading it abroad as He did and taught in word and action.  He was not troubled about the few who received Him, but rather in giving a wider opportunity to all He could reach.  It was sowing for the bigger day at Pentecost.  To let Him come in, and then tying Him in us down to all our human whims and fancies and claims, is not like apostolic work, and all our fancied civilization and methods and excuses only tend to rob Him and ourselves, as well as the multitudes around us whom we pass by in our rush to those who have had abundance of privilege so long.

My love and best wishes,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Everitts
October 29, 1944

My dear Everitts:

For there are many of you who used to hear about these days now on hand.  Even if men don’t take notice of the consequences to Nations and men on the face of the whole earth, it’s come as a snare, as a very positive condition, when people are everywhere thinking about what the human race have made.  When they say “Peace and safety then cometh sudden destruction and they shall not escape” judgment - the restitution of all things or the putting everything in order where He considers it wrong or out of joint with His preconceived plans for the earth and world.  The old Heaven and old earth to pass and a new Heaven and earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.  The mammon of unrighteousness which rules largely everywhere; and all essential to present conditions will get a shock when John comes and the 2 witnesses begin the work of expressing the mind of Him who sits on the Throne in preparing the earth for He and His to come and reign for 1000 years in peace.

God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son to reveal His purpose in Regeneration and the methods by which such should be accomplished; but men refused Him as a Bastard because of His birth by a virgin and killed off His 12 Apostles except John, whom Jesus chose to become His mouthpiece from Heaven when in wrath He speaks in answer to all their many thoughts and ways of carrying on the human race and His work on the earth.  John lifts his hand to Heaven and says Time shall be no longer, for the human race to carry on things as they desire, and refuse Him and His ways which would produce Sons of God for His family; the principle reason for me being on the earth.  People and all created things have power to propagate their species on the earth, but deny God the right to propagate Himself in the Human Race.

So Revelation is a revelation of His apostolic methods on the earth as in Rev. 14.  The closing of the Heavens that it rain not on the earth for 3½ years will be a terrible shock to the human race.

My love and best wishes,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
November 6, 1944

My dear Edwards and Co:

It’s Sunday and raining, first since 8 months ago, for it was short last season.

Thirty years ago we, you and I, tasted what people are who are unregenerate in spite of all profession, work and sacrifice.  Criticism and scandal are God’s method of revealing unregenerate in contrast to regenerate, or those who are truly partakers of His nature; just as a man cannot be satisfied with animal life in their family, so God has no possible use for the very best human imitation and this is revealed all through His record.  God broke the law in men’s eyes when He gave Jesus a body by a virgin.  Scandal is revealed in Ham’s attitude to Noah, the only righteous man in God’s sight on the earth.  Ham is revealed as unregenerate, though he had been in the ark.  Measure the righteous in God’s eyes by his unrighteousness in men’s eyes, and no doubt it was God’s work in Noah and Ham.  When Abel was worthy of death in Cain’s eyes, he was acceptable in God’s eyes.  So the cross and the resurrection are only 3½ days apart, revealing the regenerate and unregenerate.

We did not know we had come to the day of beginning of sorrows 30 years ago, though I never had a doubt about God having begun in and by me all the years up till I began, and you, to taste the sorrows from the unregenerate to the regenerate.  We took very different paths; you married and had the full complement of what Jesus said was to be forsaken if we are to share in the anointing, which alone can make true regeneration possible in those who are our nearest and dearest; and all the brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, wives and children who gather around in 30 years service, which God cannot accept because the conditions are not fulfilled in bringing all the tithes into His storehouse.  It can only be dust, as dust can only produce dust, though we don’t know till He awakens us.  We may shake, stir and get all sorts of vows and profession, but it cannot get life, but by the living God in and by Apostles.  All else is like mixing the old that has robbed God and man by trifling with the simple, sincere marks He gave His life for to the death.  There is no other cure for any one, no matter how loud they profess, if they don’t get His nature.  You can expect every human manifestation you find in the record through the whole Book, and I’m sure you will find honest hearts whose ears you have; but your work and sacrifice will mean nothing till they get what will change all their selfish activities into what you see in Jesus’ work, now to be revealed on the earth, as it has been blotted out by men’s iniquity.

I spent 1914-19 looking and listening and tasting, only to find death reigning as they tried to stir up what had died by refusing to obey and practiced every possible way they could devise to suit and please their own vanity and iniquity.  Twenty-six years today, I was in Genoa, Italy, seeking ship for Egypt; 2 nights and 2 days in train with snow on the ground and no heating.  Most of my time here I have lived alone and done my own everything, but I’d rather have that than all the other places I’ve been, for I was hungry and ye fed me, thirsty and ye gave me drink, I was half-clad and ye clothed me, homeless and ye took me in, etc., - was always cheering and refreshing in contrast to Paul’s complaint, all men (professing) seek their own, not the things that are Jesus’.  I can see now clearer than ever how He planned not to suit my comfort or convenience, but to keep me tasting what He got so much of.  I can’t think I could have been able to read Revelation apart from what Jerusalem has been to me, in the making of a prophet and turning His words from Heaven prophecy for all who would or could hear.  What men are to me, they are to Him, is always some comfort, and makes bearable what would otherwise provoke resistance.

Read very carefully Rev. 2:18-29, message of the Son of God to Thyatira - California - and all who profess to be His people.  He has eyes as a flame of fire, and feet of brass; nothing can be hid, which concerns Him; works, charity, service, faith and patience.  But these 5 things were connected with Jezebel who calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce my servants to put women into ministry - Jesus never did.  Contrast of the Harlot of Rev. 17 and get recognition from what man-made preachers delight in.  You see how He gave her plenty of scope and facility to indulge.  Aimee was a sample of what women preachers can be and do, and the consequences she expresses what the world is today in closing the Heavens against them.  This was written for today, as you see what is said of the 2 witnesses in avenging the brazen effrontery of women in their pretentions encouraged by men who find it suits their taste, but can only produce a dust heap, great or small, for God can never dishonor His Son and give life eternal, which is His gift to all who honor His Son.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

It’s a warning to all, and witness to what has made the world what it is and what the 2 witnesses will end. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Sam McMullan, Australia
November 20, 1944
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear McMullans:

Thanks for yours. It's been a long, big job revealing what's in His plan and purpose, and the why of Judgment on the Earth since 1914, and now we are at the other end which will be much more severe. The signs of which will be John's advent in a cloud from Heaven with the Message "Time shall be no longer," and the mystery of God finished, and the closing of the Heavens that it rain not during the two Witness period, which will reveal the value of money, property and power on the face of the whole Earth. It's to come (as a snare) on the face of the whole Earth. Showing that it will not be seen or heard of by men till they find it in operation.

Proverbs 1 shows that people will have no ear for the warning during the Day of the Lord in warning. So we need not be surprised at how little ear we find for God's revealed purpose from the Throne as in Rev. 22. Psalm 2 is most clear for the conditions on the Earth, in the conflict between the Kings and Rulers and the Lord and His anointed. They try to force their anti-apostolic ways when He has revealed we are now to have an Apostolic Ministry on the face of the whole Earthy by the 144,000 whom He is sealing in their forehead as in Revelation 14, offering mercy to all who will hear His Message while He is speaking to them in His wrath by Judgments they have no power to evade or resist.

Revelation 2:18-29 --Thyatira, well marked as California by the Prophetess who has recently ended her career. In 1906 I arrived in time to taste of quake and fire in Frisco. I was asked to help straighten a large tent full of people who were of every shade and sort in name of God. I gave them the Truth as in Jesus, only to find in two weeks--Rebellion. They were all pretending to have known Frisco was to be destroyed; a colored woman being the strongest, got the white people to her and the Pentecost movement began and spread over the world. The Queen of Pentecost being "Aimee" the Prophetess. But the Eyes of Flame and Feet of Brass of the Son of God has not been deceived or moved from what He revealed as the only way humans can be regenerated, as in Matthew 19:27-30.

To attempt to serve God and man and violating any of these marks, simply closes the Heavens, for God can't be fooled nor can He accept any other service and give His nature in reward to faithful service. The depths of Satan's work as His adversary is seen in the world-wide violation of what He gave His Son for, and the place Adam's bride has got in the Gospel of today in contrast to the Bride of the Lamb as revealed in Jesus and His Bride in the twelve, and in the Bride to be as in Revelation 14; and so darkness covers the Earth. But He tried the hearts and reins and is not one bit deceived, and you can see what's written for today, at the end of the Message to Thyatira. I hope you will be able to see back through all these years of your own and my experiences, His purpose being worked out. Aimee McPherson began her work in Los Angeles just when I left to come here.

My Best Love to All,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Skerritts
December 5, 1944

My dear Bob and Co:

Thanks for yours.  In 1906 I arrived in Frisco on 17th of April, and on 20th we had the quake which destroyed and burned 10 sq. miles of the city; mercifully it took place at 5:13 else there would have been thousands dead in place of 100 if two hours later.

I went down to where some Irish workers were and had some meetings where I met the leader of a tent full of people of all sorts in Los Angeles.  After hearing what I had to say, he asked me to come and give them the Truth as in Jesus, to guide them in their great and varied noise.  I gave them all the help I could, but only to find rebellion for two weeks, till the majority went down to the colored people in Azusa St., where they were all claiming to have known that Frisco would be destroyed.  They all got more foolish and extravagant, owing to the whites coming to them.  This was the very foundation of what is now known as the Pentecostal people, who have spread over the world, with much strife, hatred and variety in their witness, of which Aimee became the queen-Jezebel, as in Rev. 2, the Message to Thyatira - which is California - in my giving them the Truth as in Jesus, the Son of God, whose eyes are as a flame of fire, and His feet of brass, which cannot be corrupted, defiled or tarnished; who can see the hearts and reigns of all men.  And you can see how Aimee’s work looked in His eyes, and the part he played in giving her opportunity to reveal who and what she was, and its fruit.  Fornication and adultery was not of the human, but spiritual, in mixing up the Bride of Adam with the Truth for the Bride of Christ, which were 12 men Jesus chose who had forsaken home, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, wife and children, and property, that they might be His Bride for the regeneration of men and humans - the purpose for which God sent His Son into the world.

Aimee used the name of all sorts of people who had fallen into the snare of Satan, as she did.  So encouraging people to follow them, the idols which men had made and sent to do as she was doing in her four square Gospel, while trampling under foot the blood He shed in revealing the only way God has of regenerating humans.  She was queen of all of them.  Jesus calls it the depth of Satan, for closing the Heavens, because they offer what God can never accept or honor, while it’s the most deceitful work of Satan in hindering and deceiving any man who wanted to serve God and man in regeneration.

The place that the Bride of Adam has in the name of God on the earth before humans, is the masterpiece of the Devil to deceive, and of Satan to hinder any honest person from serving God as Jesus and His disciples did.  Contrast the prophetess Jezebel with the Prophet Moses said the Lord God would raise up of the people like unto him.  Him shall ye hear in all things, and in the future every soul that will not hear him shall be destroyed from amongst the people.  These words reveal the great importance God puts on what people today are taught as service, either in women preachers, or as wives of men who are but man-made idols, appealing to men’s vanity and iniquity, in contrast to marks Jesus and the Disciples had, and which God honored in giving His nature to those who had ears for God’s speaking through His Bride, who ruled and guided His home while giving regenerate women a place as helpers such as we see in the 3 Marys, and many others in the New Testament.  The Spirit and Bride say Come, and they who hear say Come, etc., but they don’t even pretend to be the Bride, but rather the opposite way.  The Religious world has gone in the way of Cain and followed greedily after the error of Baalim for reward.  Read Baalim’s record and what it lead to.  And perished in the gainsaying of Korah, which probably caused Moses to prophecy 3500 years ago what to expect in the last days we are now coming into.

Little did we know of what lay before us 51 years ago; but by His grace and mercy He opened our eyes and ears to see the ungodly council as in Psalm 1, and led us on by experience and His guidance to see why the world is what it is today.  And now you can see in Rev. 14 the Apostolic ministry, the 144,000 redeemed from among men, who have no guile such as deceived Eve in the Garden by the serpent.  These are they that were not defiled with women’s influence, right or wrong, to dishonor what Jesus gave His life to the death for, in revealing the way, truth and life, which alone can bring God to men, and men to God.  Dust, or human imitation, can only produce dust, or hypocrisy.

So use wisely and well the privilege you have of open ears and eyes and mouth.  So shall you find the Heavens open to God and man, with marks we have so long looked for.  We have nothing but failure behind us, but nothing but hope and assurance ahead.  Noah’s story is full of help, hope and cheer, as we can see the sons of God and the daughters of men today as they were then.

My love and best wishes for all who love Him, so much despised today, as then.  Aimee’s death seems like a pointer to what’s ahead.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Skerritts
December 12, 1944
P. O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob & Co:

Thanks for yours from Weiss's place.  Don't trouble about what you mentioned -- let it wait developments.  It's good to hear Minnie has got relief from her trouble.

Probably the greatest event from our standpoint is what happened to Jezebel, the queen prophetess of the Pentecostal movement which began in 1906 out of the Frisco earthquake and fire.  I was asked to go and try to sober a big tentfull of all sorts of religious fanatics stirred up by the quake.  I gave them the truth as it is in Jesus for 2 weeks, which produced a rebellion in most ... went the Azusa street colored peoples madness; and out of that came the Pentecostal movement, which has been wide spread with much hatred and confusion.

Aimee came on the scene in 1919 -- when I was leaving, and you can see in the Message to Thyratira in Rev. 2, the outline.  You notice Prophetess and Jezebel.  It gives the Message of the Son of God whose eyes are as a flame of fire and His feet as Brass -- so that He sees the heart and motives, and His feet of Brass can't be tarnished, or his walk and manner of life etc.  He calls the ministry of women and that of men with wives -- "The Depths of Satan," bolstered up by all sorts of man made Idols whose names are used to bolster up the violation of the Apostolic condition revealed in Jesus and His Apostles.  All her activities and success in men's eyes, was but Him giving us a sample of what Satan does, and has always done in shutting the windows, because He can never accept what tramples the Blood of His Son under foot, and put Him to an open shame.  You can see the effect on any honest person feeling his way to service; but when you contrast what's written for the Prophet like unto Moses as in Acts 3:22-23 -- what a clash and end to all such as have corrupted God's Way as revealed in Jesus on the earth.

Looking back over the past 50 years, what a Battle it has been in opening our eyes to see the ungodly counsel everywhere given in place of clear, simple, practical attempt[s] to do what He did in the same Apostolic way -- and how He has guided us to where we are today, which must give Him very great satisfaction, as we read the end of [the] Thyratira message; and gives us the contrast between Jezebel, Queen of the Pentecostal movement, and it's results contrasted with the prophet for the restitution of all thing sin preparation of His coming, whom the Heavens must receive till preparation.  The woman preacher, and the man and wife preacher, seems to have been the Devil and Satan's masterpiece, and also in revealing the condition of the world in general in the gross darkness which cover the earth -- putting the Bride of Adam in places of the Bride Christ, which Jesus & Co so clearly and strongly emphasized.  So it's but another step nearer having His seal in sending John to emphasize the 144,000 of Rev. 14.  Notice the Message of the 144,000 -- "Fear God and give Him glory for the hour of His judgment is come."

I hope you will see the simplicity of witness to the Prophet and Message.

Wm. Irvine

The depths of Satan revealed in Aimee & Co. The simple fullness of God in Acts 3:22

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Pages
December 22, 1944
P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Pages and Co.:

Thanks for Owen's today.  The 2 women you mention are far from ripe for hearing the Prophet, whom to hear is life; and whom to refuse spells destruction.  If fear of God's Judgment don't [?] lay hold on the heart and mind, people will not be in a condition to find out the provision for their safety and Salvation.  God is not going to destroy His sons and servants, but His enemies who refuse even to hear His warning Voice and threats so long made, and now to be fulfilled both in Salvation and Damnation.

If you can get people to face what they will do when the Heavens are closed for 3½ years, when everyone will have to face a problem the world has never had to face.  The very fact that closing the Heavens is the sign of the choice which men must face, and the power to turn water to blood and put plagues on and off as often as the 2 witness think needful, on people who try to misread Revelation by adding to or taking from the reading God has revealed and sealed.  If these facts are kept before the people it gives God a chance to compel them to face the Choice.

The world is full of all sorts of trifling with God and Jesus and the Spirit's appeal.  The coupling up the choice of natural death and the penalty of their choice to refuse Spiritual Life by hearing and obeying God; and Noah and the Flood are made a sample for today, the day of the Son of Man's warning voice and reading of the Book.

Don't think you have failed if you have witnessed and read the Book -- words of warning -- and even marked them so they can be read.  Memory is the greatest witness people can have.  So aim at getting God's record there; people can't blot them out, even in Hell, as we see in the record of Dives and Lazarus.  They may choose to keep on the far side of the gulf in Life, but in death it's a fixed gulf, which neither God nor man can cross.

When they, the nations, say Peace and Safety, which the whole World is very anxious to hear, then cometh sudden destruction and they shall not escape.  It shall come to pass that every soul that will not hear that Prophet shall be destroyed from amongst the people, and who can say what hour, day and month or year John will come.  It may be any hour, day, month, or year.  It shall come on all men that dwell on the face of the whole earth as a snare, so it's good to be awake and watching; but these truths are meant to awaken and produce inward result which means Salvation or Damnation -- natural and Spiritual.  God will not destroy His own Family or property.

It was the sons of God and the nice families of the Cain seed who were drowned at the flood, for it was Cain and Co. who taught men to call on the name of the Lord; which is the condition of the whole religious world in every age, and you will always find easier ear in the publican sinner class than the religious.  The poor broken hearted, the blind and bruised by the religious world were His and God's choice in every age.  Jesus says publicans who have no provision, and harlots shall press into the Kingdom, while those who profess will be cast out, and the War has increased the hopeful class more than the professed order, so that its' working to open ears for God's Message and close ears to the hypocrisy of the religious order who have never troubled read Matt. 23; for it's not for persons, but for the religious of all sorts who have brought the 7 Woes on the face of the whole earth.

We need to put the emphasis on the nearness of the coming Wrath of God; which the past experience by War is only the preparation fro vengeance on all that are and is enemies of God.  While their religious pretense is like the little child carrying a parasol in the London Blitz.  The Devil and Stan has filled the earth with Adam and his bride and family as what's acceptable to God, and so closed the heavens against God and man, while trampling Jesus and all He suffered in revealing God's only way of regenerating humanity and making them Sons of God and co-heirs with Jesus Christ.

The death in California of the Queen of Women preachers as in Rev. 2, Jezebel -- Aimee Semple McPherson -- is one of the surest proofs we are near the day when John will come with the seal on the Prophet Moses spoke of 3500 years ago, as the Prophet of Restitution of all things, or the putting of every thing right, as men and devils have filled the world full of what only ends in the Dust Heap of serving God and man with what is but Matt. 23, brining the Judgment of God on the face of the whole earth.  Read Rev. 14 and see the new Everlasting Gospel marks -- fear God, give Him glory in place of all you see men and women get in His name.  For the hour of His Judgment has come  Worship Him that made the Earth, Heavens, the Sea and the Fountains of Waters.  These are the marks of the New Apostolic world wherein dwelleth righteousness.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Ellen Pincetl & Hans Sutter
December 27, 1944
P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Ellen and Hans:

Your letters were welcome and cheering.  Out of your own mouth you learn, as you speak what God has said and fulfilled and what He says for today and tomorrow.  The very spirit men show when these things are mentioned show[s] the need there is for our witness.  And the highest honor God can give man is to find a man like Noah to [sic] whom He can reveal and guide in preparing him and his family for what men have compelled God to say and do in ending their vanity in their calling on the name of the Lord.  No animal does that or has any religious profession, all men have, and you notice there's Cain who taught men to do this.  ["]Then began men to call on the name of the Lord ["] -- is the foundation of all rebellion and delusion.  Just as God speaking and men hearing is the foundation of any hope.  Sons of God and fair women and nice families, eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage is all vanity and dust.  God wants a family with His name and nature, and all short of that only ends in dust to dust.  Men must hear and obey God in getting His nature; we need to be born from above to have any place in God's family on the earth or in Heaven which is God's Home, and only Sons born of God can find a place there.  If Sons, then heirs and joint-heirs with Jesus, and all else is but what the Zoo is to the human race -- and exhibition of the lower Kingdom closed to higher, or hypocrisy; monkey trying to be man.  Cain's offering was vegetable, Abel's was lamb -- same nature as Jesus had -- and shows the only thing acceptable to God for His heart and home to share.  A good man going to Heaven would be like a good monkey claiming a place in a human heart and home.

Dives and Lazarus or the Rich man -- rich with all that men love and give themselves to and for in seeking the honor that comes from man as a false prophet -- place and power, food, clothing, honor, home and comfort.  The memory of such is the beginning of the Torment of Hell, when death opens deceived eyes, and finds the Gulf fixed and no possible bridge or contact.  The Torment of having 5 brothers deceived by our hypocrisy is Terrible, and no possible way of saving them from the Torment so real to the false prophet.  If they hear not Moses and the prophets of God, neither will they believe if one rose from the dead, showing the terrible effect of hearing the Serpent seed on the earth in any day or age.

We are at the end of the old Heaven and Earth, and the beginning [of] the New Heaven and New Earth wherein God can dwell, rule and propagate Himself.  To know God and Jesus Christ whom He sent is Eternal life.  But knowing God and knowing about God and Jesus are very different.

Moses, Jesus found at the back of the desert, like a slave shepherd enduring as seeing Him who is invisible.  The Lord asked him to take off his shoes in pledge of willingness to be the Lord's slave servant; and when Moses went to Egypt, his slave brick-making brother Aaron became his mouthpiece.  Moses was the meekest man on the earth as a sample, as Jesus was after His 20 years as a humble carpenter, earning His bread in the sweat of His face.

3500 years ago when Moses was nearing the end of his work, he prophesied; a prophet shall the Lord God raise up of the people like unto me, him shall ye hear in all things, and it shall come to pass that every soul that will not hear that prophet shall be destroyed from amongst the people.  In Acts 3 you se how the Heavens had been opened up by Jesus coming to reveal how apostles could have the Spirit given them in prophecy of old Scriptures being fulfilled in Him and His Apostles.  He had gone to the Throne and they were doing as He said.  So the prophet Moses Prophesied about [what] was for the preparing in the judgment period for His coming back to reign with His people from Heaven and with those redeemed from amongst men, as in Revelation -- 144,000 and the great crowd won by their apostolic ministry.

You can see the power of memory to Torment in Hell.  So you can see the Message of God will be terrible in the Hell on earth when He speaks in His wrath and vexes them in His sore displeasure, while to hear His Message will be like Heaven on earth in the midst of Judgment on those who have refused and acted dishonestly in the matter.  And our witness is the only thing than can awaken people from the sleep which would be a sleep of death.  So don't think the words of His mouth can fail in the purpose for which He sends it.  No matter how wise in their own conceit of any sort, you will always find the Spirit of God able to give them a good answer.  You notice how Jesus never lost a battle with the very wisest and craftiest of His religious enemies.  This is for all who truly are His witnesses.  So they can't get away with the goods if they stand up to it.  You will find it good to read or let people, and mark the place so they can refresh their memory by the Book.

Deny self and take up the cross and follow His example.  Cross means to be looked on as a breaker of the religious traditions.  Deny self means not to let your own feelings, etc., hinder us in letting Him speak His words by our mouth.

My love and best wishes for you and all,

Wm. Irvine

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