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Fladungs - January 10, 1929
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Wm. Irvine's Letter to Fladungs
January 10, 1929
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Fladungs:

Thanks for yours and calendar, which I found in papers; for which I should thank you once per year, at least.  Calendar says this is the day in 1920 when the European countries signed Peace Treaty.  So you see we are quite safe since 1920.  Even though Judgment and Wrath of the Lamb in place of Mercy began in 1914, and no man excepted.  All were under the same ban, even we ourselves lost all we supposed we had; though we were slow to grasp the fact and experience, and I more than even you. But I had no life till some months before I came up there for Thanksgiving when I had only a taste and glimpse of the fuller things we revel in today and rejoice that we were counted worthy to be the Reader and they that hear and keep the words, which are the River of Water of Life.

Psalm 1 helps to make clear what Blessed means for Reader and hearers: “He shall be like a tree planted by the River,” walking not in the counsel of the ungodly.  Is this not where we are with the Moon under her feet?  “Nor standeth in the way of sinners,” to accuse them as do the ungodly counselors.  For our Message is for all men, and the sinner same as all others.  And even the more hopeful as Jesus said they would be.  “Nor sitteth in the seat of the scorners,” who scorn what comes from God and Jesus from His Throne.  “But in His law doth he meditate night and day.”  Is this not where we are?  For we can't get away from what the Spirit is so constantly revealing of His Truth and purpose for these days, which makes us the Tree planted by the River of Water, which in season bringeth forth fruit and His leaf fadeth never-- always fresh and new things to witness, and witness to.  “And all He does shall prosper.  The ungodly are not so,” but like chaff being blown away by the wind, etc. for the ungodly shall not stand in the judgments of these 14 and coming 7 years.  “Nor in the congregation of the righteous, or numbered amongst those who are His."  “Sinner” means a person that the Spirit can’t work in.  "Righteousness" means one He can work in.  A man may be righteous, though maimed and lame, and wanting an eye.  Better to enter into life halt and maimed, rather than being perfect in walk, words, and eyes and be cast into Hellfire.

And it's good to see how the Reader and Head are part of the same body in Revelation 12.  So don't give me all and refuse your share of these glorious promises which never had any meaning but for the Son of David (as today) and those who are with him.  Probably the 400 in Cave Adullam may be type of such. They were in debt, distress and discontent with conditions at the time under Saul's reign and rule. [1st Samuel 22]. But anything which made them one with David was good for them.  So you need not measure yourselves by the robbery, distress, and discontent with that which was of the Saul or Cain Seed.  For if you had given them your blood they would still be after your flesh and bones; and if you had let them walk over you, they would still wanted to hold a dance on your distressed body, and only add to your discontent with their fellowship.

This does not only apply to Testimony people, but to all kinds of the Cain Seed.  The Lord knoweth, or recogniseth, the way of those who let His Spirit work in them, but the way of the ungodly, in whom His spirit CAN’T work or speak SHALL PERISH.  Does Psalm 1 not cover all our experience and knowledge of His purpose, revealed in Revelation Message, which came from the Throne and is being fulfilled from the Throne, both in Wrath of the Lamb and Mercy to us beyond our wildest dreams?

People are always thinking about the mercy of the Lamb, and more so those who are under His wrath.  Just as we often, who enjoy His mercy, rob ourselves by seeing so much wrath being poured out every day and every where on men that dwell on the face of the whole Earth.  Our old habits of reading, praying, and all we used to think as right in Alpha days has been more or less a snare to us.  To drink and live, or make my words your own, to eat and feast, and give the leaves for the distress of all men everywhere seems almost too easy, compared to the old forms and ways.

To meditate in His law, day and night, is so easy and natural, compared to the constant reading of the book, praying, and testifying, etc. For the Everlasting Gospel is just the opposite of all that men have made to believe is the way to please God; and very much like what Father and Mother enjoy seeing in their children. The love, home, liberty with few expressions of either love or gratitude beyond the feeling of being one with them, such is our privileges in being one of the great family of which He is the Head; though few today, they will increase till we are the New Jerusalem.

Best love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Fern Sheeley
February 5, 1929

PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Fern:

Thanks for your kind letter. You need fear no man and can be quite sure that you have the message which is life to all who hear in the days when doom is written over all else in the world. All the bright promises which the Devil has filled the world full of, and the Liberty which people boast of, is only a delusion and illusion, by which all men will reap bitter fruits and death and Hell when finished.

For 10 years now the world has been getting Bolshi poison as we can see from Rev. IX: 1-10, but it's only for their destruction, while during these 10 years I have been seeking to give men the message of God from the throne with few to hear. You can see Bolshivism came from the Bottomless pit, as truly as mine from the throne of God and the Lamb. The one spells woe to all who hear, and mine life, peace, joy and comfort, today and forever. So you are not foolish in letting it in to your ear and heart and out to all who will hear. To be able to stand on the sea of Glass mingled with fire and sing the Song of Moses and the Lamb, is no empty promise, or experience.

We can every day, see proof of His great and marvelous works in Judgment going on, on the face of the whole earth, and the people can't see the difference between those who hear the word of life and those who don't, there is the difference of being on the glass roof looking on, at the fire of His wrath devouring, and being those who are under the roof, suffering and devouring one another and being devoured. Only with thine eyes shall thou behold the reward of the wicked, but it shall not come nigh thy dwelling place. Psa. 91.

So you can't do better for yourself and others than give them every chance you can, knowing that it's a life and death matter for all on the face of the whole earth. Ours is to say Come, drink, eat and be delivered from all your trouble and share in the great inheritance offered to all who hear and obey. We can't change it to suit ourselves or any other. It's they who hear who need to change, from all that's not of God, to all that is of God, and don't think because you are young and a girl, He will make any difference between you and all others. He will honour you as you honour Him.

I'm sure you will get more thrill and Joy out of saying, Come, than all the other pleasure which so order your whole life on these lines and you will not be sorry or found wanting. Stand clear and strong on the sea of Glass, Harp of God in hand and the Song of Victory in your mouth, and Sing it for all you are worth, no matter what people think, say or do, for it's the only thing that can help them, and prove your heart worth to Him..

You are very fortunate to have so many around you, who can join in the Song of Moses and the Lamb.

My Truest Love to you and all who join in the chorus.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to: Fay Sheeley -----------FREEMASON!
January 30, 1929

My dear Fay Sheeley:

Thanks for yours. It's good you are not in N. China these days where they are heaping up the dead in mounds outside the cities where 1000s are dropping dead in the streets. While flu in the West has been doing its work, leaving many to die from pneumonia & etc. So we see pestilence and famine at work and all between seem to have more than they want of wrath being poured out in every shape and form. And it's Woe - Woe - Woe - they should be saying in place of Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men. These days are past and all pre war things are under judgment and no hope but in the new thing which He is doing by the Least and Little Ones who will become the New Jerusalem as sure as the old will pass away by judgment as if it never had been.

It was good to have your brother and friend and the one you are fond of come to see you. And it gave you a chance to prove yourself and also a chance to them to hear the simple fact that wrath has come on all pre 1914 affairs and men on the earth; and not one single exception. For all have had a taste, are tasting and will till it has destroyed them from off the earth, and no hope in any pre war thing.

God and Jesus has provided a way of escape in His Witness - Leader - and Commander. So they can find cessation of wrath as they hear your Come and turn to live by my witness - leading - and control which is not hard for any honest - sincere person. These are the simple facts which cover all that's going on - on the face of the whole earth.

You may tell your brother that I also am a Free and accepted master mason. My Mother Lodge being 547 - Stewart Scotch for past 45 years.So I know all that it means. But if I were the Grand Master or the Pres. of U.S.A. it could not avail me any thing when wrath is being poured out on all that is prewar. And when only one way of escape from wrath is offered from God to all men. People whose confidence is in anything which existed on the earth before 1914 will be bitterly disappointed; just as they will be joyfully surprised in the new Way of escape which was given from the Throne along with Wrath.

I don't wonder you will find much to cheer and fill your heart and life and it will increase in quality and quantity as you drink - more fully and eat of the Tree of Life or hear and witness more every day. The great trouble is that people fail very often in not emptying out all the old pre 1914 thoughts and ways and enter in heartily to the New Thing which came as His only way of escape for all who are under wrath. The more you expect from the New Thing, the more you will get and be able to give witness to others. Just as those who do not believe that wrath is poured out on all flesh will be very much surprised to find it increase till they perish from off the earth. So keep your ears - eyes and mouth open. So shall you have full reward.

Best love in Him.

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Dilla Sheeley --------------FREEMASON!
January 31, 1929

My dear Mrs. Sheeley:

Thanks for yours. Glad to hear your boy had been to see you all which I know you would enjoy. It was good that he should hear as well as read letters and also see and taste the joy, comfort, and confidence which you have in all these matters.

The whole world was given over to wrath in 1914, just like Parents would give over a rebellious family to their own ways and thoughts. So Father - Son and Spirit gave the whole human race over to their own thoughts and ways and to reap the fruit of it. But providing a way of escape for those who would give ear and obey the Trinity of God. So the Witness - Leader and Commander is the only hope for them. All else is vain that is pre 1914 which is the old carcase given over to wrath - judgment - death and hell and so the 2 things is very simple and all men and nations are finding out the fruit of their own thoughts and ways to be grievous and bitter.

There is no other door of Hope open on the earth. Though men will try every way and thought of man which they think: but God's think and thought and plan is in the man of His choice who is spoken of in so many places all through the book. And you can't expect too much blessing. Just as sure as they who will not hear can't expect too much cursing and judgment. We have had 14 years experience of these things and who can't look back over these years and fail to see the sufferings. Happy are all who were made to feel their need and did not despise the cure. So drink - eat - live and rejoice. So shall your witness be the more valuable to all who are distressed amongst the nations. And though few today - the whole hope of the world is in our hands for the supply of what they need.

I am a Free Mason and know all there is in it. But it's part of the old thing which can never give life nor save us from our own thoughts and ways. So give your boy and all others a clear witness and also the proofs of His blessing to you and family and all others who will hear.

Best love,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to William Irvine's Letter to Andrew Walker, Pastor of the United Church, Canada.
February 21, 1929

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Sir:

It's good that you find honest, soul hunger and thirst when so many spend their money for that which is not bread, and labor for that which satisfieth not. I need not tell you anything of Alpha Jesus, which is so clearly given in the Gospels, and which the Spirit of God has sought so long to make known to men, and which I enjoyed so much trying to make clear and plain worldwide for 20 years; and it was rather a shock to me to find a change take place when war began in 1914. Revelation, up to that time, (and most of the Prophets) was sealed to me, and I used to suspect men who tried to read and expound in preference to preaching Jesus of the New Testament, and seeking to live by what He has so clearly marked by His life, death and resurrection. During the war I had little else than you speak of today, a big soul hunger and willingness to hear and hope in anyone or thing which could give me help to understand what was going on. And the more I heard, the more it was all made clear as mud and dark as night. But toward Armistice for about 3 weeks, night after night, His Spirit began to open up and put in order, the truth we find in Revelation; and since that, has increased and become as simple as the Gospel reveals Alpha Jesus in His mercy, love and grace and truth in way and life, and His redemptive work.

The first that opened was Rev. 13 which I saw to be for 7 years of tribulation. Then Chapter 8 I saw to be the war chapter in its four phases, marked by sounding of 4 angels ( of the 7 whose sounding marks the 7 phases from the beginning of Judgment to end), when He comes. Then slowly, line upon line, the whole Message or program for the last days or the age, has been unfolded. But with this came the unfolding of the whole book of truth, that I did not know was there at all, owing to its being sealed "till the time of the end", came when no man could know, and proof of this is - when it has come, men still do not know nor believe it, now it has come before their eyes worldwide in its awful consequences.

Rev. 1:1-3, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto Him to show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass, (or come to pass in a short time), and He sent and signified it by His Angel unto His servant John (that he might write them who had borne record of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus and all that he saw while with Jesus.) "Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear and keep the words of this prophecy, for the time is at hand (or when the time is at hand.) I put these words that you may the easier grasp is meaning. I had not the faintest idea or thought to claim being the Reader, but to read it as I was able to others, and the effect on them, did more to convince me that I was chosen for that part of the work in these days.

You notice John's condition and position when the Revelation came to him, what s shock it was when he saw Jesus whom he was so familiar with when on earth, appear not only as Alpha but as Omega as well, which caused John to fall at His feet as dead-- the same Jesus as Redeemer and Saviour of His people, but equipped as Judge and Avenger on all who are His enemies; in short revealing Himself as the instrument of the wrath of God and the Lamb to finish the wicked reign on earth - politically, religiously, racially and languagely ( if you will permit this expression.)

What began at Babel in Gen. 10 ends in the destruction of Babylon, as we see in Rev. 17, 18 & 19; the old passing to make room for the New Heaven and New Earth and its New Jerusalem, when the meek are to inherit the earth to reign with Him for 1,000 years. But He must sit in Heaven till His enemies are put under His feet. John the writer, and the Reader will be the two witnesses of Rev. 11. The Reader is called the Overcomer in the Message to the 7 churches, and they who hear what the Spirit saith are they who hear his readings; and you notice the 7-fold promises to the Overcomer and also to those that hear.

The head of the Woman of Rev. 12:1-3 is the Reader, and they who hear are the Woman Body--looking forward to the head being brought forth as the Manchild to rule the Nations in Judgment for 3 1/2 years along with John, (Jer. 31:22).

Read Rev. 21 and you will see God and Jesus as Alpha and Omega giving to the thirsty of the fountain of the water of life freely. "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; I will be his God and he shall be my Son." So the Reader, Overcomer, Head with 12 -star Crown, Manchild and Co-witness with John, is to inherit all things, and be the son of Jesus as he has been the servant found faithful and true as in Matt. 24; and the prophet of whom Moses spoke in Deut. 18 and of whom Peter spoke, who would be the mouthpiece of Jesus, who is seated in the Heavens. (Acts 3:20-23).

Isa. 55 shows him as Witness, Leader and Commander of the people in these days now ending the wicked reign, and beginning of the New Reign of Righteousness in the meek who are to inherit the earth (or the restitution of all things to this end.)

Rev. 21:8 shows you the various attitudes the people will take towards the Reader and Overcomer. You can also note what Jesus says in the last half of Chapter 22:12-21. What's written only becomes prophecy when read by the man whom He anoints, and verses 18 and 19 leave no doubt about consequences to triflers.

I know it will be all as new to you as it was to me, but it's life or death to the whole world, loosing or binding to all who hear or won't. So be patient, honest, and honorable and you need fear the face of no man.

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Edwards
February 26, 1929
Jaffa, Palestine

My  dear Wm. Rose and Co,

Thanks for yrs; and glad to hear you have some ears to hear.  Alpha was weak, in that it offered mercy with no present alternative; but Omega added, shows that He has redeemed by His blood, all men.  And if they will not serve Him, who bought them, they shall perish from off the Earth now, and bear the eternal consequences, also.

This is the Wrath of the Lamb, and of God.  "The Day of Acceptance," and "The Day of our God," coupled up, as you see in Isaiah, and which Jesus did not quote in Luke 4, 19, & 20—"To preach the acceptable year of the Lord and the vengeance of our God;" and He closed the Book.  Isaiah 61:2.  It’s good to give people a chance to read these two places, when you offer them "acceptance, or vengeance of God." As much vengeance now, as acceptance.

Have you noticed the 4,000 cubits of Ezekiel 47?  Eleven yrs. Is 4,015 days, which helps to bring me back to the weeks before Armistice, when He opened Revelation to me.  The waters coming from the Right Side of the Altar—Jesus being Temple and Altar in His day.  Acceptance with God and of God, depended on their attitude to Him and His Message.  So, again, the poor man is dwelling place and Altar, and the right hand may mean what has come from my pen.  You notice it’s to flow towards Dead Sea and make live with fish.  Nothing can live in it now; just as there can nothing live in the whole world.  The fish from the Jordan River die when they enter the Dead Sea  this gives us a clear grip of the need for the Man and the Waters from the Right of the Altar, flowing out from under the threshold, where people can enter in by.  The Waters can’t flow up hill, so will follow the meek path in their flow.  And the miry places and marshes are to be under salt, showing what selfishness and refusal to witness will do for those who hear.  "Such as follow their crooked ways will He lead forth with the workers of Iniquity."  Psalms 120 to 134 are full of wisdom for these days; and us, who are going up to Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 40 is good, also, as describing what took place in 1918 and since then.  The hand of the Lord was upon me and brought me thither. In the visions of God, bro’t He me into the Land and set me on a high mountain. (Psalm 2, "Yet have  I set my King on my holy hill of Zion;") upon which was the frame of a city on the South.  And he bro’t me thither and behold, a man whose appearance as brass—the mark of the Overcomer, with a measuring reed; And he stood in the gate.  Pretty much my experience.  And the men said to Son of Man, "Behold with thine eyes; hear with thine ears; and set thine heart upon all that I show you for to the intent that I might show you, art thou bro’t thither."  The vision; then, coming here; and then, the purpose to see, hear, and declare to Israel--Those with circumcised hearts and ears, who hear only God by His anointed Overcomer.

When I left California, it was but as a brass man in the eyes of my enemies; and in my purpose not to be hindered by them or anyone;  And only Revelation opened, and light on Armistice to find a wall around the house, or man, and my only weapon a measuring reed of 6 cubits.18 inches, plus four—the width of a palm of hand.  This measure is very familiar to all miners.  18" may draw our attention to 1918.  18 plus 4 equals 22 inches, which may refer to 11th hour of the 11th day; and 6 cubits makes 11 feet, which may mean the month.  And the four sides of the building was a reed—each side equals 4, and one reed high.  I suppose my friends tho’t the wall and the building would keep me safe, and there was no hope, either in them behind, or in those around here, but hope was in the gate towards the East, whence the living waters came forth.  And I can well remember the weeks were like stairs till the Big Snow, which came on February 8-10.  One metre deep, which began the flow of waters.  But in three years, the waters were ankle deep, at any rate; and the reed has been in use all these years, even tho people tho’t it was proof of my not being a prophet.  I have clung on to the 18-4x6 till we are now in the 11th year and the waters to swim in.

When I heard of the death of the first rascal Arab, who tried to hurt me; then, being shot with his own gun, while out hunting on 16th Feby, how my heart bounded with joy, for it was exactly 9 years to a day from the day he began his rascality for 3 months.  But it bro’t back many things, which one is apt to forget with the increase of things to see, and hear, and declare.  I expect, if I were to measure the gate today in the East side, it would be 11 feet wide.

I have gone through it a few times, but never tried to measure it; but I will, for the stone Desert and Dead Sea are all real, and the city is but a frame, and all South of the gate; East, and of course, the waters are literally, to come out of the Mt. Of Olives and flow towards the two seas, when the quake splits the mountain.  But the spiritual part is ours.

The width of the gate and the porch is good, for we can look back and see that only those who clung to eleventh—hour of 11th, day of 11th, month of 11th year had any show; and all others were out.  Then, the little chamber may suit some of you, 3 on either side used for guard rooms where I remember seeing police and watchmen.  Then, you see the gates, table, altar, temple and ornaments, etc.  Posts have palms on them, reminding us of those who testified to these things. The door posts and the narrow windows are good, reminding us of the little light we had.

Then, the sacrifices on the Altar.  Chapter 44 shows that the Prince is to eat bread before the Lord, and to go in and out by that gate.  I don’t think there is much chance of anyone trying to steal my place.  I will leave you to plough thro’ all the details, but every part has a very clear and simple meaning, even up to the name of the city—The Lord is there.  And we can be sure it’s not stone and lime Jerusalem these words are spoken of.  Many would like to accept Jesus and God, but not by his altar; and so you see the importance of the Man.  He that receiveth one such, receiveth me; and inasmuch as ye did it to one of the Least; ye did it, or did it not, unto me.

 I remember hearing a great "Divine" lecturing on the greatness of this temple, etc. in Bible Institute, Los Angeles, which look very comical now, when we look back; but all unregenerate men much have a stone and lime temple.

My best love to all five, and others who have ears to hear,

William Irvine

Maybe Dunbar can copy this helpfully for others.   W. I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to John Fladung
March 19, 1929

No address

My dear John: Your letter - thanks.

You could not have had a more perfect case of binding. Your letter expresses your desire and to find it answered almost as soon as expressed is just like Him and you will know the better what water being turned into wine means. It was the power of God sealing His testy in Alpha days. But the 2 Alpha and Omega - coupled now means people will either get blessing or cursing - life or death - mercy or wrath.

So that either case changes the water into wine, and when you bear it to the Gov. of the feast he can certify and surely it's better wine than today than it could be at the beginning when it was Alpha only, and is the fuller witness to power and faithfulness.

Just at the time this happened we got to see Ezek. 37:48 - which you will have mastered by this and after the King marking the 11th. year in his illness and treatment. It shows how the Book and signs, with personal seal go all together. The death of George Linn's son was also a very noticeable warning to all who have heard but not heeded. You can see how all the guests to the Marriage will share in all that's wine changed from water. So that we all drink the same wine, which proves fellowship not only with Him but one another. You can see how people who don't drink our living words won't have much use for our wine. They can't - it only produces blind rebellious fear which would make them more our enemies and so bring out their idle words which bring judgment on themselves.

It's not what people say to us but rather what they say when we are not there which is most dangerous for this is Scandal, to hear or speak it can't escape wrath according to its measure and weight with others. You are only finding in yourself what I have seen follow my witness all these years. When I left Calif. in 1919 I saw about 7 very clear cases of death to those who scandalised me and no doubt there have been many others.

On 17th Feb. - 9 years to a day, my first Arab Scandalmonger here shot his head off or his little boy did it who drew the trigger of the gun which was between his father's knees and George Linn's boy was burned to death on 14th Jan. a month earlier and some day we will be abler to look back at all these little details and see how faithful He has been in turning water to wine and the value of the advise the woman gives. What so ever he saith unto you do. It was true in the Masters case and will be true of the Servant. Fill the water pots up to the brim - draw out and bear to the Gov. of the feast and note that it was the beginning of Miracles which caused His disciples to believe on Him as the anointed of God, which shows us the value of such things to all who have believed the words.

If it only depended on one case. But we have had so many from different sources that we could not doubt it if we would or could. We are only getting the drops which precede the shower and storm. There shall be showers of blessing is an old hymn. But you can make it double now and I have no doubt but your seal will have stimulated all who hear to greater confidence and surer seal for the 2 will go together. To be ashamed of Him - Me or our words will bring little perhaps nothing. Lamb sacrifice acceptable to God always means suffering or willingness to suffer in bearing witness to what He and His Servant have said, and only what He accepts will get His seal - for the Servant of Jesus is Temple and Alter as Jesus was when on the earth. And it has taken 11 years to measure and reveal the Temple and Alter where He dwell and from where the waters flow from the right hand side of the alter under the Threshold of the gate into the City. The waters were only ankle deep 1st. 1000 days after armistice, but now they are waters to swim in and none can pass over them. If they don't - waters to swim in they will drown if they try to disregard our witness - Ezek. 37 - gives you the whole outline from the Lord and His Son of Man Servant and prophet and all that happens till you see City and people and the Lord finding a Sanctuary in them.

Best Love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

You can write to as many as you can the facts of your experience which will help them to look for clearer seal on their own witness. W.I.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Helen Kellog
April 4, 1929
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Helen:

Thanks for yours of (no date).  The way to prove that I am His prophet is to put my message to the test every chance you get; and make chances for that matter.  So you may be enriched by His Spirit giving you words and wisdom in speaking to others.

 Wherever the River of Water of Life flows, there will be Life and blessing to all, -you and those who hear you.  The more you give the more you get, and the Blessing the greater which remains to you. River’s don’t flow up hill so we don’t expect those who are high and mighty, proud, and self satisfied to receive the Waters of Life.  They will be left high and dry to perish, and  people who receive it but won’t be channels to others will not find it any blessing to them, for the salt and marshy land is to be given over to salt.  So what ever you get make sure and give it to some one, or as many as you can

If you read the Bible where and when it has been opened to you, by my reading and His Spirit, then it will help you, otherwise it will hinder you.  But to master all that has been opened to you and use it in helping others, will help yourself and those who hear.  You need not trouble about religion of any sort, It’s  all the same and never was any real value to any one, but to deceive them.  What people need is life, not knowledge of the scriptures, or anything else.  All human nature is selfish, and dead to God,  and so people need living words to quicken them and guide them to let the Spirit work in them, to will and do of His good pleasure (not ours) but His.

 It takes living fathers and mothers to beget  human children, so it takes words of life  thru living children of God to bring life to dead humans.  Naturally living human beings are dead to God, as buried dead are to us.  So seek to speak living words to all you meet, and God will honor you.

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to A.J. Dunbar, Placentia, Calif.
April 11, 1929

PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine.

My dear Dunbars:

Thanks for 2 from you. I'm sure you will have been having waters to swim in these days. It's been a long time since I came to the Lease - but it's so much bigger every day as we see what it meant for you and me and all who have either heard or known the man. We may have sometimes been tempted to think the man was too much in it. But when we see the reason and value of it, it's His wisdom and the Glory of His name to make a man who is not from Heaven but very much of the earth, - earthy - bear His name to the whole world and give life or death according to their attitude. This is surely making them take their medicine and no candy to tempt them. To make a man the Temple, not only of God but also of the Lamb, is to treat them to more than they expected. So many are looking for Jesus to come. So few for a man who bears all the marks He bore, both in blessing and cursing, with added vengeance on all His and our enemies.

The world is full of Temples, Thrones, Alters, Gates, Foundations, Walls, Alters, Prophets, Priests and Kings and all other rubbish which the Devil can palm off on men, why not give them their medicine in a man whom they know not and know not that they know not -- protected as the Tree of Life and River of Life by all the scandal, hatred and persecution the Devil and his seed are capable of. People are never tired pouring out the waters which come from their Devil sourced thrones and alters. But the water of Life and its Tree has no advertisement from that source and is kept from them by every lying device the Devil can invent. But it's increased and flowing to all who are the lowlying soil which it can make fruitful while the high-ups are left high and dry and shut-mouthed, salty and marshy land is given over to salt, and fruitlessness, forever. There is nothing it can't cure - if it gets in and out. But there is to be no pumping plant to supply the high places. The dry bones are in the valley and all else is left to their own designs and methods and will be found, - not an army standing on their feet, - but a great grave yard rotting in their graves.

So we still keep on the old Tack and find by all our past experiences that the double work of Alpha and Omega is being well done in the simple, clear methods Jesus showed and repeats in His Servant today. We have plenty of proof of the 12 manner of fruit every month from the Tree of Life in my letters and plenty of reports to me of the effects in both Alpha and Omega results to prove that it works in spite of all that men or Devils cans say or do. And in the way it has been done, almost in the dark, we see how little there was to tempt men and everything to test them and cut them off, - lest they should eat of the tree & live.

I notice we had 20 killed in Wisconsin and Tasmania on same day, which are two more of my parishes to get a little taste of their medicine. I'm sure Wm. Edwards will not be sorry to hear of Wisconsin and I can't be sorry for Tasmania, but rather welcome it as a sign that His wrath don't cool.

The Peace president did not have long to wait on something to test to test his metal and he has declared clearly that he is a Quaker and so in every tradition and sentiment and doctrine and opposed to war and strenuously for peace and safety. Quakers financed the votes for women and Prohibition all over the world. They have always relied on Education, votes and money-power in all their movements. Gold in place of God. And it's quite God-like to put a Quaker in the 4th Beast chair and a Destroyers crown on his head. And being opposed to Al Smith is good, also, as bringing the two into conflict. For Quakers are just the opposite of all that's Roman and probably the most subtle in their influence on the earth. For you may know a Roman C., but never a Quaker, tho they are ever active in their own ways.

I'm sure you are enjoying all that's going on there, everywhere and here. The oil war is somewhat like the coal war. The Frost and Flu took a big toll in money and lives.

Best Love in Him to all four,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Walter & Olive Hooes
April 11, 1929
P.O. Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Hooes:

Thanks for two from you. Your misdirected letter has not turned up so far. I wrote P.O. Jerusalem.  But the fact of money being in it made it very unlikely to reach me, as conditions amongst Jews are hard for money, and all others same these days.  But it's never wise to send bills in post, and when you are not sure in addressing, makes it more risky.  But never mind, all we have learned that is any use to us has come, not from perfection, but from imperfection. And when we consider what we have to be glad over we don't have time or inclination to take any stock in any other thing. But we can be quite sure, even a lost letter will not escape His care, by Michael and his angels, who are our guardians in these days, when we can hope for nothing but hatred from the whole world seed.

And as you know the innocence and ignorance and wilfulness of the babe is the charge and responsibility of parents and elders. So we are well shielded over in our ignorance and weakness; and are as the Apple of His eye, and we can prove it the more as we get clearer vision.  And it's always safe to err in trusting Him in all things.

I'm sure you have got a big kick out of Ezekiel, etc. It may seem like an insult to the wise and prudent of the age, that God should offer them the only way of escape in a man, the Least in the Kingdom, as Temple, Throne, Altar, Gate, Walls, Foundation of the city; as prophet, priest, and King, whose words are as the River, and whose fruit as the proof of the Tree of Life, and the added fruit in the Sword of Scandal, which turns every way to keep the man who will not hear and obey, from it.

People may be tempted to think this is giving too much honor to a man, but in it all, it brings glory to Him who sits on the Throne, for it sets the seal and crown on His head who was the Son of Man, veiled in flesh, which no man could receive who named His name, and refused to let God work in his heart.  You can see that the multitudes who only had the outward marks to go failed and melted away when the supreme test of Him becoming the criminal in men's eyes, of the most exalted positions amongst men. You can see the look of grim satisfaction on His face when He sees people stumble over the man of His choice, as did the people on the earth in His day. And wise Judas who thought he could hear both sides, fell into his own pit.

To whom can we go, thou alone hast the words of eternal life, is easy to believe of Jesus now, but the Test is not what Jesus was or is, but what do you think of His Son of Man Servant of today?  For there is but one River, and it proceeds from the Throne of God and also of the Lamb.  Whom do men say that I am, and whom do you say I am, He said to Peter. And Peter's confession was proof that the Father had revealed it to him, making him a Rock, and part of the Rock which the gates of Hell cannot overthrow.  How sure is His work and how impossible for man to overthrow or hinder.

Swatting flies is a hard job compared to ours in these days in dealing with the most dangerous enemies of His and ours.  For out of their own mouths comes the fulminate spark which sets off God's dynamite to curse the fruitless fig tree; or move a mountain and cast it into the sea is as easy as to take our morning cup. And if we could see the twelve manner of fruits (Rev. 22:2) every month, we would not have much trouble in proving that such is the fact and experience, it's so easy and simple.  But when we get letters from all who test it out week by week, we can't fail to see it's operation.  The word...that goeth forth out of my mouth:  it shall not return...void, but...shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.  (Is. 55:11)

A River of Water of Life is more deadly and dangerous than even Noah's flood waters, for every one can either turn them to Death, or Life according to their treatment of them, while even the Leaves of the Tree will heal the Nations--people who hear.  So never fear, but go on as if there were no obstacles or people to hinder, for they can only get their death if they fail to hear.  And if it produces wicked fruit in them, then the cure is death for all such.

But His rewards will be according to what He sees in the hearts of those who hear.  Wheresoever the waters come, everything will live, but the high up land and marshes which are shut-mouthed will be given over to death and salt.

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Percy Abbott
April 23, 1929
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Percy:

Thanks for yours March 26, 1929, and many others—It’s good that you should have all these marks for He is no respecter of persons and those who will let the Waters flow unhindered, and freely are the Banks of the River of Water of Life.

As you can see in Ezek 47: and there will be very many Trees on the Banks from the roots of the Tree of Life in the Midst of the River. So that 12 X 12 fruit and leaves for the healing of the nations are their privilege, who are shoots form my roots, as I am from His—The 1st promise to the overcomer is to eat of the Tree of Life which is in the midst of the Paradise of God—Jesus is this Tree--

But the River and Tree of Rev. 22 is the Servant on Earth, who is the Temple, Throne and Altar and Gate—and the River flows from and out of & lead all who drink to the fountain head.

Read carefully Isa. 40:--46: Chs., and not especially 41: and you can treat Isa. 42: as my photo in working Clothes and shop with the results and methods—Note Isa. 43:8-13, Ye are my witnesses, which has 2 sides—Our witness to Him and His witness to us, in its 2 fold Alpha and Omega mercy and Wrath.

This is the work of the River of the Water of Life.  It has 2 elements in it, and the word which goeth forth (The River) out of (His) mouth, and by my right hand, shall not return void, but shall accomplish that where to I send it.

It shall not return void of results, in either cursing or Blessing.  But notice what‘s said in Vs.11 of Ezek. 47:  The miry land and marshy places are given over to salt, which shows there will be no fruit or honour from God to those who mix the Water with their self motives, or all else that’s human.  Marshy may mean those who take in and don’t give out—the Waters which don’t lead to the same Spirit and root in those who hear are the foolish virgins, whom the Bridegroom will not honour in fruitful fellowship.

So its good to aim at finding the inside of the door, in fellowship with Him as surely as all triflers, secret or open will find the outside.

Isa. 44:21-28, remember is reassurance to all who are Jacob and Israel.  For Thou art My Servant, I have formed thee from the Womb.

Notice Ch. 43.25 & also 44:22 which deals effectively with all weaknesses of all who are now His Servants.  Note Vs. 26 confirmeth the word of His Servants and performeth the counsel of His Messengers.

There is no lack on God’s side, to cheer and comfort all who are truly partners with Him in these great things, in these great days when the unfertile eggs of the League of Nations (Leopard with wings of a fowl) cackle, lay and hatch, only to produce rottenness & weariness to the whole earth, while the fertile words of the prophet in Blessing and Cursing to the whole world, are being fulfilled by every tick or the clock.

So attend to the roots, as well as the River, Tree, etc.  So shall you find yourself enjoying the fruit6fulness of the inside of the door and a place on the Banks of the River with 12 x 12 fruits & leaves of above for the healing of all who will hear, for all others are under wrath, but it may only be revealed by their attitude to the Waters and witnesses.

Best love,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Loitz
April 20, 1929
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Wm., Mary, and Co.:

Thanks for yours.  I’m sure you are having plenty to feast on these days, which all is like proofs of what we have been learning, seeing, saying, and doing.  Ezekiel. 36 to 48 is all in one line, also Isaiah. 40 to 66 parallels this in a different way.  But specially 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44.  Isaiah is rich in thrills as we see the worm Jacob and Israel the few poor men of Israel - the Hope of God and Man on the earth.  When men are revealing their want of faith in the record the Book.  Specially concerning creation and Genesis.  Revelation is being fulfilled before their eyes in the destruction of the old 6th Day creation and founding the New 7th Day, and being half fulfilled makes them the more blind and the Joke the greater on all the wise and prudent of the Earth.  When they are crying and working for peace and safety to save the old creation or civilization as they call it, God is slowly wearing it down and burying it.

The League of Nations Leopard with the wings of a fowl is like a mateless chicken laying unfertile eggs and trying to hatch them.  But finding out they only become the more rotten the longer they are hatched or tested.  So the cackle of the league of Nations ends in a Joke on them; all the time and till the final and great quake which destroys Jerusalem and the cities of the nations this will go on increasing, while the words of the prophets are like fertile eggs which bring forth the new things, proving what is of God and what's not.  The Spirit Brooding over the face of the deep, brings to nought all that’s not of God; and to life, light and love, all that is of God.

Genesis. 1:1-3 is very prophetic.  In the beginning God created.  But the earth has been without form and void all these 6000 years with the Spirit brooding over the face of the deep producing sons of God to inherit the earth, and now the hatch is ready to come out of the nest and shell and be manifested on the earth.  Verse 3 says, God said let there be light and there was light.

Let, shows the part we can play in hindering or helping.  For it must ever be by our will.  To hear, obey and say, is to let there be light.  To refuse to hear, obey and say, is to remain in darkness, which to the world is light.  And God separated between the light and darkness.  So we must not try or expect to see them mix.  For fellowship between the 2 is impossible.  Those who hear will see.  Those who won’t can’t and out of the heart the mouth speaketh.  The only proof of what we receive is in what we give to others.  Darkness is always in power if we shut out the light.  We don’t need to do anything to make darkness, it is upon the face of the whole deep till light comes to dispel it and the separation takes place in the conflict between the 2 seeds.  But it’s the light of life, for we become partakers of His nature and so walk in the light as He is in the light.

The Evening and the morning were the 1st day.  For the morning reveals how dark it was, and generally the darkest hour is before the dawn, which gives us some idea of the condition of those who are most likely to hear.  People who have a good artificial light are not so eager to let the Sun light in as those who have no artificial light.  Hence the hopeless Dry bones in the valley are more likely to hear than those who are green on the hell tops or mountains.  High places, etc., where the water labor for that which satisfieth not.  You can see how little value people put on a cup of cold water today because it’s so plentiful.  But when drought comes how highly they will prize it.  Such will it be later on for the water and Bread from Heaven when all else fails, and can give them no more to hope in or for.  They have forsaken the fountain of living waters and hewed out cisterns for themselves which have no water
springing up.

Jerusalem water supply used to be mostly cistern water, caught when Rain came.  Yesterday’s paper says, Jerusalem is very short of water owing to one of the Engines having broken down which pumps.  So they get it twice per week and much bad water is being sold to the people at high prices and building work stopped for want of water.  While they have the streets torn up putting in pipes for another Co. who are to give them water.  But we look for the supply out of the Mt. of Olives when it’s split from East to West and waters flow even as does the water of life from where He and the Lamb dwell and reign.

It’s very enjoyable to see that there are very many trees growing on the banks of the River, probably shoots from the roots of the Tree of Life in the midst of the River, and also to see that the miry and marshy places or the mean and shut mouthed people are to be given over to Salt, or produce nothing even though they are near the Bank and River which flows.  This shows the danger of trying to mix up selfishness and the old mud of alpha days.  This also reminds us of the foolish and wise virgins.  For all scandals and workers of Iniquity are to be taken out of the Kingdom.  Within are they who keep the commands and so have a right to the Tree of Life, in the midst and entrance into the city.  But without are Dogs, Sorcerers, etc.

My Best Love in Him to All.

Yours very truly,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  McLarens
May 9, 1929
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Gordon and company,

Thanks for one from you and brother.  Nothing puts sand into a man like standing alone for God; hearing His voice, and enduring as seeing Him who is invisible.  This is what made Moses the man of God and all others who ever were any value in God’s sight, or useful to men in their day and generation.

The world religious people always boast in God hearing them because of their much speaking, but it’s the other way about.  He hears none who refuse to hear Him!  This is the heart test of all righteousness.  Not what we do, but why we do it.  Jesus said, "I thank thee, Father, for thou always heareth me, for I do always the things that please thee."  And you can apply this to all who truly and honestly hear and seek to obey, in spite of our own or others fleshly self-righteousness, wisdom and iniquity.  Excuses don’t go far in His sight or service, but are usually dope to quiet our own conscience, in having robbed Him of what He has created and redeemed, sealed and sent; and in whom alone He can dwell, walk, speak and work by.

The world was not made by things which appear, but by eternal word spoken, which brings about all things on the earth; whether of life and organism, or death and destruction, and in these days, when life and death are expressing Jesus as Omega, wrath and destruction in vengeance  on all who know not Him; and mercy in the fullest measure to all who do hear, and therefore know and are known of Him.

Israel was blessed, in hearing and keeping what He said, and cursed till they ate one another, in that they would not hear nor obey - even when He sent men to speak to their natural ears.  So read Ezekiel 37, and go to it with all your might, knowing that all else depends on that hidden secret thing, which men always despise and oppose.

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Sheeleys
May 15, 1929

No originating address

My dear Sheeleys:

Thanks for yours. It's good to have something to do on Sunday, which brings comfort on Monday.

The Sabbath was made for man - not man for the Sabbath as the Devil always has tried to make out. Religious people always try to make it a day for filling the people up with the wine of her fornication which keeps them drunk for the whole week with the spirit of the wicked one.

But to hear what comes from God becomes in us a well of water springing up unto everlasting life. The Spirit of God coming to dwell in you and give you comfort - hope and joy - with the overflow for all who will or won't hear - people who don't know this are always looking for someone to fill them up rather than people thirsty that we may fill up with what will lead them to the source we have and so become Rivers of water flowing to all who are the needy tired perishing around us.

It's good to know the source of all things rather than to know about the things. It's God in their heart by His Spirit that all men need. Then shall they know and understand all His work being wrought on the earth whether in blessing or in cursing. Saving or destroying - and you will notice you always know more after trying to speak to others than before - and when you see people who have more spirit and waters flowing then that's proof that what they have you may have.

Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it is the promise of God to all who name - and whether you tell people about Alpha blessing or Omega wrath on the earth - it's the same message by the same Spirit from the same source and don't mind what people say or do to you for the more of God in you the more hatred of the Devil will be manifested around you. So you have a well of water springing up within you which can never go dry.

My Best Love to all 3.
Yours truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Miss May Mulligan
May 15, 1929

PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Miss Mulligan:

Thanks for yours. Its good that you have some ear for what is the message of God to the whole world by which men will either be saved from Judgment or perish by it because they have no ears to hear. Jesus said in these days the Bad people would hear and enter the Kingdom of God while the good people who tho't they were God's people would be cast out. It was so in Jesus days, the good people would not hear Him while the Publicans and sinners drew near to hear. The more religious people are the more selfrighteous they are and so the Devil has control and makes them the accusers of others. You never find Jesus accusing a .sinner But you never find Him miss His chance of accusing the Holy righteous people. And He is just the same today. It was the religious people who killed Jesus after despising and persecuting Him all thro His life on the earth. What was true then is true today of all religious people. Read Matt. 23 and see the marks then and now and for all time. Animals are not religious. All men are more or less till they hear the voice of the Lord God and begin to follow and let the Spirit of God speak to them, work in them, and thru them speak living words to others.

Only when we get life and light from God do we know what terrible darkness the world is in. All who ever got light from God are considered crazy, mad, bad, foolish, weak, ignorant and so are despised. And the more light we get the stronger becomes their hatred, and opposition. This is the reason they killed the prophets, Jesus and the apostles; and is doing over again what Cain did to Abel his brother. So its good to be on the suffering crazy side when it comes from hearing God and following His leading which is always the lowly, lonely path with comfort from God and torment from the Devil and all who are his possessed people.

You have plenty of people there to help you if you care to hear and choose to honour God and become one of His people and witnesses to what He is doing on the earth. You will find much more to fill your heart and mind in these things than the world has to offer you so go in heartily and enjoy all that the people in Heaven enjoy and those on the earth who are His sons and servants. You need not think there can be any hindrance in your condition and position in life. It is not what we are but what He is and can make us that counts. So spend as much time as you can both with those friends who can help you and your Bible will become a very enjoyable Book to read, more than all else in the world. And you may have the joy some day of seeing some of your wise friends want to hear more of what has made you crazy in their eyes. What men call wisdom, God calls foolishness and what men call foolishness is the wisdom of God in Spiritual things.

Be sober, sincere, simple, honest and true; so shall you find God all you could desire to satisfy your heart.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Mildred Fladung
May 16, 1929

No originating address

My dear Mildred:

Thanks for yours of April 21, 1929. It's good to be looking forward to doing something.

The world is full of people who only want to hear and speak, which is a very dangerous condition, when we know God's purpose, for all is to earn their bread in the sweat of their face and Jesus has given us a very good example of what that means and also in the apostles whom He sent. There is very healthful conditions in honest labour for body - soul and spirit and woe to all who try to get it by eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Eve saw by the Serpents wisdom that the tree was good for food, pleasant to the eyes and to make one wise, which gives you the appeal of the Serpent to all who are human and come under his power. It looks good but ends bad. Making people outwardly righteous before men but inwardly full of all hypocrisy and iniquity. Our own selfish human nature responds very easily to the selfish angel nature of the devil. Who though outwardly is a shining angel is a rebel against God using all that's of God for his own selfish purpose. He fell through pride and iniquity thinking he was the best angel and his thoughts wiser than others. So God cast him down and keeps him in darkness. In so far as His Spirit don't give him light and all his seed or those who follow their own ways and walk in pride and iniquity, are in darkness and all their lights darkness and their works hypocrisy. These things may seem beyond your years, but they are fundamental and so the better for you when beginning life.

In these days you notice that young people want to start at the top, so they are sure to end at the bottom as surely as those who start at foundation will find their building stand the Test of the storm which the whole world has today and which is revealing all sorts of houses great and fair which come down with a crash every time.

You can see how many people would love to be Aimee McPherson or something after this pattern. This is not confined to any special religious people, but is the mark of all, as you can see from the Pope. Who would want to aim at being crucified for having been true servant of God and man as all the Apostles did and aimed at - He that would save his life shall lose it - He that would lose his life for letting God work in and speak by him shall save it - is a safe way in looking at our whole life and it's good to start right and see where people are bound for no matter what the Devil's price may be offered to and for us.

These are simple truths but sure as the rock of God a foundation which never can be shaken. The worlds fashions may change, but He can't. So we must if we would walk with God on the earth and He witness which is the sum total of all true living.

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Mr. Sheeley
June 4, 1929

No originating address

My dear Mr. Sheeley:

Thanks for your hearty appreciative letter. For if it's good for you, it's good for me and better for God who values this heart condition more than we can ever dream of.

I know a little about working at all kinds of hours during my grind on the wheel for bread and also during these past 36 years when I have sought as best I could to scatter bread and water to all those who would use it; freely and without respect of persons or places or things. It was far harder work than most people could believe but the rewards were and are beyond reckoning.

Your family is only a sample of what He desires for all families and which will be the rule rather than the exception when His work of Restitution has been finished.

Read Rev. 21; 1,8, and see what a contrast it gives with present conditions when the whole creation is groaning and sighing, waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. What God and Jesus say by the Spirit to all who hear are words of life and He will honour all who hear Him and purpose in heart and life to obey Him. The only proof that God speaks is that He will honour all who hear and the value of a true witness is in giving men a chance to hear and obey what God can and will honour. He speaks and creates all things - life or death to all men in these days according to what He sees to be their heart attitude to Him. It's God all men need and peace can only be enjoyed by such as give God His rightful place as surely as trouble comes to all who won't.

God is simple and sincere to all who are the same to Him and no good thing will He with hold from them who walk uprightly or in this way. God requires that men should do justly - love mercy - and humble thyself to walk with God. I always enjoy coupling the Carpenter of Nazareth with His name for Jesus was God manifest in the flesh and can only be so in our flesh when we cease from our vanity and all pride and iniquity which we see and feel working on every hand. We can't hinder this around us but we can hinder it operating in us and all we can do to help people see their folly is by showing them that God honours and cares for us and give the reason for so doing in meekness and fear, not in boastfulness or pride of heart. In the Book you have many samples of families who honoured God, were honoured of God and that in the midst of all sorts of vanity around them.

And God who spoke all things into being can speak it all out of existence, hence the passing of the old to make room for a better and more lasting condition of things. Human history is a fearful record of men taking their own ways and thoughts and being destroyed from off the earth by violence in many varied forms and places. But men soon forget God when their hearts get hard through prosperity and pleasure loving.

I am very pleased to hear your witness to your family and can only wish for increase of God and His blessing in all who bear your name and His.

Best love,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Chester Bell
June 5, 1929

Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Chester:

Thanks for yours. 5/12/29. Glad you enjoy both God & mans fellowship in the things which are from the Throne of God & the Lamb & which are slowly finishing up the old wicked conditions & bringing in the new.

If we could gather together all the debris of the present conditions on the earth, we would see a big pile of material out of which He will create a new seed for the New Heaven & the new. He made Adam from the dust of the earth & His mill is grinding men into contrite condition or into powder or dust to make a plastic clay for the New Thing. If you notice the marks at the end of chapter 42 & 43 of Isa. you will see how He is destroying all the Iniquity & selfrighteousness of those who are to be His Jacob & Israel. In mens eyes they will be looked as suffering for Sins & Iniquities, but its only the preparation for the being made Living Stones in the City which hath foundations whose builder & maker is God.

Its good to find people who are suffering and being broken into pieces & hopeless & helpless. If they have ears to hear their soul shall live & they can eat whats God & have a constant feast & fellowship in all thats the covenanted mercies of David of this day. All who recognise God in His work of preparing them for the New Thing will be thirsty to hear, while those who try to cover up their troubles will only get more & more till destroyed with no hope or help.

Iniquity & selfrighteousness will be destroyed in all who are to be the seed of the New Creation & live only by what God & Jesus say by the Spirit, whose witnesses we are to be. Never take any notice of peoples blindness and folly, but try to give them the reason for their suffering & the sufferings of the whole world. Its Gods mill grinding for a New contrite Seed whose only hope is in God, and there is little hope for any one apart from those recognizing that the mills of wrath will grind till there is none left - & hope of relief comes when they have ears to hear God & be made after His pattern to live by faith in God, rather than all their foolishness, iniquity, hypocrisy & selfrightness.

They are all in the mill together whether they know it or not & only such as are ready to hear can escape & those who wont may find it get heavier for them according to their own foolish ways & words. So keep busy & dont be bluffed by people who pretend they are not going thro the mill, for there are none such on the earth - and if they will not be made contrite (as dust) & thirsty for the water of life, they will be ground out of existence on the earth to make room for those who have made room for God in their heart, mind, life & so witnesses unto Him, who is the source of all Hope to all in need & all who will hear.

Best Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Fladungs
June 20, 1929

My dear John,

Thanks for yours and money order.  It’s good to have such clear testimony from God.  The world puts much stress on what they do for God and get from God in mercy, but we know both sides; and the wrath is more often seen than His mercy.  John Lauchlin had 2 very clear cases in 2 men whom he had spoken to nearly a year ago, and who were very wild beast like, were dead in cabin of a yacht which they were breaking up.  Your case and his was about the same time.

We can’t see all that goes on, but we can always be sure He never fails to stand by His own message, no matter when, where or how given: even in weakness and fear.  The purer it is, the surer results; for to mix it with our own thoughts and ways only hinders.  And people who test it out best, whether for or against, are surest of definite results.  People often trifle with it, both in giving and receiving it; but the partnership with God truly will never fail, can not fail.  It’s in this way the ark is being prepared. And we are like the wood; and people’s attitude to us will put them inside or outside, and the day will declare it fully.  People often think it depends on what happens now only, but that is contrary to the whole spirit of the message - though we expect to have an earnest of both blessing and cursing from the minute we give clear witness, which is like putting the wood into place and building on and up.

There was only one door in the ark, and this you point to when you witness to the man.  People who would like to come in over the boards, and not by the door, will not be welcome.  Then, there is only one window in the roof of the ark, and so only one light for all who are inside: and it comes through a window.  People don’t need light through a window when they have all they need out in the sunshine.  But when the rain comes, the sunshine won't be very useful; and it rains night and day for 40 days.  So a window will be very welcome between those in and the rain, which comes on the wicked despisers of the revelation which God gave Noah, concerning the world conditions and its judgment.

People are very willing to see the condition of the world in general, but not their own condition towards God and those who bear His message!  They test themselves by outside things, rather than what goes on in the ark being built.  They might hang about, and even hand you a board; but they need to be sure of finding a place for themselves, or become a gopher board: clean, straight towards God and all who are in the ark.  For warping boards are not likely to find a place, neither crooked, rotten or knotty boards.  And the framework is even more important than the covering; and each will find place according to their value.

People who don’t want to see our face today, will see our back tomorrow, when it would become very valuable to them.  But they would not hear, nor be entreated; so they will call, and find no answer.  They will hold out their hands, and no help; because they heard not when the ark was preparing.

The fact that the King’s illness runs the dates of Noah’s story, in the coming Jewish year, is very significant.  October 5th is New Year day for Jews in coming 12th year.  This makes 22nd November the day Noah entered the ark.  April 22nd, the day the King sent out his message of thanks to the world, and appointed 16th June for Empire Thanksgiving Day; on which day the old Salvation Army General died.  They had taken the shoes off him, or the crown on his head when the King’s life was in the balance.  New Zealand had a very violent quake on that day, and 15 dead.  The natives in Durban, Natal South Africa - which is the best British colony there - were attacking Europeans on that day.  This gives us the raven gone forth from the ark.  While the dove of peace, which is the vain hope of the Western nations, was seen in General Dawes and the British Premier talking peace in the north of Scotland.  An airplane came down in English Channel, killing 7 and wounding about same number.  So Empire Thanksgiving Day was well marked, and came at Pentecost of Jews; which took place on 15 June.  And so we look for more plentiful and direct signs, but always as a snare on all who dwell on the earth.  It’s hid from their eyes.

Best love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Walter & Olive Hooe.
June 13, 1929

PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Hooe's;

Thanks for 2 from you. It's good to hear all the conflict and taste of the victory, which only God can give. If people trifle with God there can be only one end and all their graven images which men love to worship can avail them nothing when He speaks or works either in wrath or in blessing. You can always be sure He will deal with us as we would with our children for their benefit. He wont spoil neither harass but guide and discipline knowing better that we are dust and prone to every thing that would be against our own and His interests. So to walk, work and speak in the Spirit is the surest way to get His very best. Psalms 103 is very good, also Psalms 32 is very useful. Be ye not as the horse or mule that needs Bridle and Spur, I will guide thee with mine eye.

The Granite ware people I suppose will be taking a fling at the Aluminum people by their advertising. The Alums used to decry the granite ware for the danger of chips off when cooking if it got burned which is quite true. All metals give off a certain amount of their material every time they are heated and cooled - So that there is no vessel perfectly clean. Clay and granite ware are the safest. Copper the most dangerous. Tinned goods of all kinds, or even water kept in tin vessels give off tin in solution. Iron is good if kept clean and free from rust. But beware of the advertiser who scares by extravagant use of knowledge in part. One thing they all remind us of is that the less we cook the safer we are, for there is much food and many people destroyed by over cooking and under chewing and less digesting. For only what we digest is any value to any person.

In the matter of words, tones, manners &c., its very much a matter of habit and easy to acquire careless habits of speech and manners of addressing others. Just as Bondage on the other hand is acquired from being mixed up with those who are holier or wiser and superior to others in their pretences. Study to show thyself approved unto God - Be wise as Serpents and harmless as Doves, are 2 words of advice which covers all our relationship.

What is the use of opening our mouth if He does not fill it and what is the use of speaking to men if we dont do it in the way approved and fair to those we speak to. But beware of the fear of man which bringeth a snare or the discouragement which comes from the strength or skill of our Serpent foes. Jesus used the strongest language ever spoken in the ears of men, but He did it in such as left as left them no word to say against Him.

A wise mans heart is at his right hand, a fools at his left - meaning wisdom is to know what is effective and use it straight and sure as you would a Sword, or hammer, or other tool. This is the difference between a skilled man and the other. A fool wastes his time on side issues and being against many things rather than being strong on the matter which is vital. A good dentist will not pull the wrong tooth and a wise mother not put the poultice on the wrong place or foot.

You notice how most people learn to use one hand and generally the Right thro seeing other use it, and following the habit. There are other reasons but thats the surface one. We are not born skilled and experienced but acquire proficiency and experience by practise which is more mistakes than successes. You notice how long it takes a child seeing and being fed by his mother before they begin to want to do what mama does. So we are but babes at best in these things and days which are new - very new - But which will become the established truth for the next 1,000 years, and displaces all that has been looked on as of God.

So we dont wonder if people kick and squirm and fight against it yet, but they will all be convinced by the greater Judgments coming on the earth and become as hungry for the word of God as they are now satisfyed with the lies of the Devil and his seed.

I hope you will have enjoyed some of the new things concerning Noahs day and the Kings illness - and find that the window of the ark is open and we on the Mt. Ararat Rock.

Best Love to all.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to John Fladung
July 10,
No originating address.

My dear John:

Thanks for yours. Glad to hear you are where you can have some quiet where God can speak and reveal a little of His work even in Nature. I think the last 5 months of the preparation of the Ark is on and the pitching it within and without is the job on hand for all who hope to find shelter there or Judgment outside it. For only with thine (eye) shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked shows we will see what people refuse to believe come on all men outside His Wing and who know not the secret place of His Tabernacle. The pitching is the sealing of our witness inside our own hearts being perfected and our witness to others outside being more finished like. All the chinks weather cracks and faults of others covered over and made water tight.

Pitch needs to be put on good and hot and well rubbed in. But beware of fire, or open hostility from those who would hear, get it clear in the Spirit and so give it to all. The clearing up of the King's illness records in the 11s - and also in the later fulfilling of Noah's dates and periods is the pitch supplied coupled up to all the various events which have been so harmonious in their witness along with the various days so clearly marked in Gen. VII & VIII. So get all the facts as fully as you can and so be master to applying them to yourself and others.

The 11s are witness and seal that this is the 11th year and the Noah dates in the illness are for the 12th and coming 1st year of tribulation. You can see that when you can give these dates so that people can read them into Noah's story for the coming Jewish year. You have closed many mouths and it will put fear in all hearts specially when it's all backed up by signs of every sort - such as we have - Peace and Safety is a world wide expression today and hope in the feet of Clay and Iron Gov.

The twisters and storms in U.S.A. drought in G. Britain - quakes in New Zealand and the Islands. Pest scare in U.S.A. Hong Kong water and bread famine - hail the size of snow balls in Durban S. Africa after 3 days riots. But the Kings illness and recovery and the Thanksgiving days coupled with the various days and periods of Noah's flood are the clearest witness and anyone can grasp them.

You don't need to bother about the man - give them the Ark marks - days and periods and let them read for themselves and encourage all to do the same and avoid all other cackle of every kind. We have had some very clear bindings and general marks of His displeasure on those who have been triflers or opposers and Mrs. Petty's letter gives much encouragement from the No. she has had witness to. We are apt to measure the next 5 months by what has been in the past. But the bare boards are to be well coated now and sealed both sides and the inside is to be the 1st. for its hard to expect these things to affect others if they don't have the true effect in ourselves. The seeming long wait tests the wood and work of the Ark. But all will benefit by the hot application and rubbing in of the Tar. Your many fires there is not a little part of the many signs.

Best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Hooe's
July 16, 1929

PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine.

My dear Hooe's:

Thanks for three from you. It's quite easy to find out that what we are by nature can do all the eighteen different things spoken of as the works of the flesh or what we may be when not controlled by the Spirit of God.

Galatians V. gives us the two possibilities in all who are called to liberty and who may use this Liberty as an Occasion for doing what they like - rather than what He likes. Such were many of the Galatians and so they suffered much. Use not liberty as an occasion to the flesh - but by love serve one another. For all our natural learnings are in the opposite direction to the Nature and interests which are of God.

Look up Galatians V: 19-21, which shows what we can be and do in contrast to 22 and 23, and those who expect God to work in them have professed to put to death these human controls and let God's Spirit control them.

And you can be quite sure that all who profess and know better, will find God very Faithful in making them suffer, if they are careless or indifferent. It's just as easy to have love, joy and peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, Faith, meekness and temperance - as it is to have any other of the works of the flesh, which can only bring us and others trouble from God and man.

To do justly, love mercy and humble yourself to walk with God is a very safe condition and frees us from much danger - just as the other atmosphere keeps us all the time on the danger line. If we allow hatred, malice, meanness of any sort - to find place in heart or lip, it's easy to have anything happen - adultery, emulations, strife, murder or drunkenness. So let all be sober and sensible and walk kind in thought, feeling, word and work towards one another and all men and all their deeds, words and works.

Best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’ Letter To:  Mrs. Annie Noble
August 1, 1929
P. O. Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Mrs. Noble:

Your letter gave real joy & comfort for it helps prove that He who was dead is alive forever more, with not only the Keys of the Kingdom but the Keys of hell & of death, & that what we read  & witness, His Spirit also reveals & seals to all who hear, & hear means, as in the natural to hear that we may repeat, for dumbness is always proof of want of having ears to hear.  If people would have anything more worthy for their hearts, mind, mouth, then there would be some excuse for denying Him the fruit of our lips.

My going away at the end of my 3 ½ years with John, will do more than anything else could do, for it’s the final sealing of all (----) been, said or done, & you will rejoice in my going as I have done.  Jesus said its expedient or needful for you that I go away, for in my Fathers place on earth among men, there are many dwelling places, & that was the full purpose for which He was manifested  to destroy  the works of the Devil, & create Temples for God & Pentecost was proof that Jesus'  work has been successful in His disciples.

For greater works than He had done were done by the  greater number of those in whom God could dwell by His Spirit, speak (-) work, no better test could be  for an unregenerate heart, professing His name than to ask them to read John 14; & when you have all the funeral rubbish which is taught & practised on the people in this chapter. It makes one hope less for all such.

All who are redeemed unto God were those who let God come to dwell, walk, & work in them, & only such can ever hope to be immortal in the sense they have been useful to God here & then; for always, no matter here or there.  If ye love me Jesus said, ye will keep my words, & we will come and dwell in you, that where I am as a dwelling place of God now, there ye may be also.  John 15; comes next, the husbandman and the true vine, which alone can produce good fruit, in contrast to the wild vine professors, who in their own thots and ways in  His name, which the Father is always cutting off, just as surely as He is seeking to make us more fruitful by His Spirit.

John 16; tells them of Tribulations, but He has got over it all so shall all who are sealed by His Spirit.   John 17; is the summing up of our enemies, with Father and Son in the Spirit, this is life Eternal to know thee and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent, and we are all one in thee and thee in us.

John’s Epistles were written in defence of the sinner saints in the Churches, which the holy people wanted to put out and refuse fellowship, then his Gospel was written to prove from the words and works of Jesus, that He was the friend of the sinners, and the enemy of those who were the accuser, and all the latter epistles are written under the same conditions.

Revelation was given John as His seal from Heaven when the churches as a whole refused to have anything to do with him or his teachings, and were clambering  for his death, which was the cause for the Romans to send him to Patmos to end the trouble, You can see how comforting it was for John to have Revelation of that day when all the false seed on the earth would be destroyed, such are the tares of every age.

People who have heard the truth and received, but never let God work in them and seal it to them, but rather follow their own thots and ways, or thots of others and so outwardly are professing Xtians, but inwardly have the same accusing spirit which all the devil possessed of every age have had, which is the wide gate and broad way which the many have always entered by.   The straight gate and narrow way has begun and continued by letting God work in our own hearts and guide us by all the various life experiences, which perfect us for His service as simple men and servants of Him,. God’s human family needs humans to carry it on; so in the Divine it’s the same way, tho one being type of the other, but that which is human can never beget that or help that which is Divine the 2 Kingdoms are always at daggers drawn, & even our own flesh will always war against all that His Spirit  works in us, so that it never becomes  really  natural to serve Him, there is always opposition from our own nature, & from those who are round, so much so that people treat us as if we were criminal  when we put His interest first.  This is the true meaning of the cross for all who will be His disciples, & follow Him as He revealed.

What you say regarding binding I can well understand, but why should  we not rejoice in His victory over His enemies, when He has the Keys of death & hell, just as we would rejoice in seeing people share in Alpha Blessing, who refuse to witness & enjoy Omega cursing for all His & our  enemies, we rejoice ------------ more in Him, than in what He does.

When people have doubts about the prophet spoken of for these days, you generally find they have little trouble in swallowing a world full of false prophets, whose influence is felt on every side, every day, & in nearly every person, I could much more easily believe in one prophet, than in a 1000 or a 1000,000 for that part on earth, but every man tries to hide his own thots & ways behind those of others, as Adam hid among the trees of the garden, when the voice of the Lord God came walking in Him.

Tuch not mine anointed & do my servants no harm, is good council in the light of the terrible record of what has happened to all who ever did, just as people who have honored the false prophets got their eyes opened at death so none can escape who dishonour the true of any age, the flood was the answer to those who dishonoured Noah & his Ark.

Sodom & Gomorrah was  God’s answer to those who dishonoured Abram & Lot, the Red Sea was the answer of God to Pharoah & his host who would not hear Moses & Aaron, & the desert & wind covered all who dishonoured them.   This last part is often overlooked, not one person over 21 left in Egypt, but  was buried in the wilderness, because of their unbelief in Moses & Aaron, life and death have always been in their attitude to the prophet, & because He would not have need a prophet if the people would have ears to hear Him, which alone can give life, & which has been the test from Able to the last man in these days, & it has been false prophets & prophecy in every age, which has caused people to cease from the Living God & walk in their own thots & ways in His name.

You notice how tradition & exposition of the Book by Scribes & Pharisee has always  been the curse, & its consequences was the only way to put an end  to it & begin with God, so that when the new thing in  one day, is only a bigger measure of the old cure.

Paul was combating  the mystery of iniquity which was working in the churches in all the epistles, for iniquity  always triumphed in possessing the whole outward church in word & form, while they cast out & refuse to have those who are sealed of God, it is a mystery why God let this happen in every age, even as Cain lived after he put Able to death.

But the wicked will die in the coming 1000 years, just as the righteous died in the past 6000 years, and 2 Thes.2:  is dealing with iniquity which was claiming that the Lord might come any day or minute, just as you find it the same today.  Paul says—The Lord will not come, except  after the falling away of first 3 ½  years, when John & I witness, and that man of sin,- the anti-christ, who is to be leader of the Jews in 2nd  3 ½ years & because of his success in furthering the Jewish interest, the Jews will say, “this is our Messiah” & so make him the anti-christ , just when the end  is nigh, by the great earthquake and hail of Rev. 16:  He who letteth, will let, till he be taken out of the way, refers to the Spirit of God, hindering & opposing iniquity till the end of the age, when the spirit ceases to hinder; & so now you can see them having their own way,  Let  is an old English word which meant to hinder as far as you can , but let their iniquity be made manifest.   God has always let the Cain seed kill the Able seed, so that they might made manifest, & then judged and destroyed.

Rev. 22:4- the woman and 144,000 may all have this experience now according to their faith, but the fullness will only be when it is revealed, & the New City in the New Creation, & Him in their midst.

They may have open vision as revealed in Revelation and His Name shall be in their foreheads, who are the 144,000 & quite a necessary experience to fit them, meaning they shall see & think as He does, & as He has revealed in Alpha and Omega.

These are the things revealed which must shortly come to pass, and which we are all seeking to prepare for, these sayings are faithful & true, tho new to us He wants us to be sure & enter into them now.  Matt. 16:28 shows that with many other places that Jesus knew that John would be Co-witness and martyr at the end of the age.

This wicked generation now ruling shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled, 1 Cor. 15: 51-52 - refers to both 1st & 2nd  resurrection and experience of those who rise.  The last Trumpet may refer to the sounding of the 7th angel,- 1st of which sounded in 1914- when war began, and the 6th is about to sound for peace & safety  is to be signed on 27th or 28th of Aug. in Paris, so say they on 27th July per paper.  (The first resurrection is for those who are to rise & reign as in Rev. 20 and the 2nd is at the end of the 1000 years; for those who have been so privileged, but were children of God.  These days of binding & loosing are only revealed who are the Bride & who are the Woman who is to flee into the wilderness and who will take the place of John & I when we go.)

There is no hindering or favoring, but rather seeking to perfect all as far as possible.  You can see from Rev. 22; 17- how wide is the encouragement given.  The Spirit and the Bride & him that heareth, both may say come, whosoever is thirsty, and whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely, so you can see every one getting all he can take of blessing, just as no man can choose how much cursing He will give, so in blessing.  It depends on our words and ways being His, and on our usefulness in what’s His work for these days.

There can be no doubt, that those who have been with me all these yrs. and have got meat in due season right along, have had much privilege which others have missed, and which they can share thru those of greater privilege,  But there is no respect of persons with Him.

Those who make most use of their opportunity to hear & witness will find Him always ready to stand by them & give them freely to speak the words of life and death to all no matter what use people may make of them, thats their business.  You can see how much more difficult it was to see 14 years ago than today, and it becomes the more full & easy for all who honestly seek to listen and benefit.

The letter enclosed betrays a very zealous person for everything thats not of God, she follows the multitude to do well, and her reward is manifest in the spirit she shows.

There can never be any hope of anyone seeing by the spirit, if they cease to witness & war for Jesus, whom the Spirit alone will honour,  you have much cause to be thankful in that you have seen your Testimony  sealed, & that in your own family, you  notice this is true of Noah, Abram, but not of Lot in the same measure, you know there was a good deal of relationship in the John Baptist, Jesus & His disciples, and after among the saints, I have noticed a properly brot up family generally hang together, & especially after marriage if this is not so, then they are apt to become enemies, rather than friends, & I know nothing more destructive to all thats best in them, than a bad spirit amongst those whom God has united in the bundle of life.

For thats the reason for family life to be naturally helpful, and get the discipline which can come in no other way, which helps us in world struggle for place & bread, one bad grape in a bunch, or any thing else is apt to do more hurt than all the good ones.  The Spirit brooding over the deep, or the human family, is like a hen sitting on eggs, & you know the various possibilities in eggs to eat, to hatch, to be broken or rotten, so in human life only those whom the Spirit can regenerate, have any chance for immortality in fellowship with God, & nothing else counts now or forever.

My Best Love in Him to all who are in the bundle of life with you.

Yours very truly In Him,

Wm. Irvine

Bells - August 22, 1929---------not typed

William Irvine's Letter to Bob & Minnie Skerritt
September 3, 1929

Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for yours. I was glad to see you labeled on the big photo as No.1 and No.2. The wheat crop of the world seems to be only 50% this year and it's good to find you both so well rid of the trouble, and free and happy and content in spite of all the Devil's attempts to put a chain on your feet. God's mercy on a man or woman whose heart is toward Him does not depend on our perfect knowledge, nor perfect righteousness. His promises and provision covers all our needs for past and future, and our only interest is that of the child who lives today and sleeps and eats care free.

People may have been slow to get dragged into the fiery furnace. I have lived so long "as like the Son of God" but when they have tasted of the binding & heat, and find it only purify, make white and try and find close fellowship with the man in the furnace, there is no smell of fire, or hurt upon them, and we have had abundance of proof of that the binders and casters into the fire get more than their share. How clear becomes Dan. 3 when we look back, and how clearly defined the little ones are, both in their attitude to God & Daniel, and the more binding and hotter the fire, the better and quicker the results have been. "They overcame by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and loved not their lives to the death" helps us to couple and place ourselves in little ones of Matt. 18 and Daniel 3. What mercies we have had, and what torment from the Devil and all that's flesh in us and in the world and what seal by the Spirit of witness, and what joy and comfort by the blood, and what deliverance when we love not our lives to the death. Fear of our own sins, and fear to open our mouths, and fear of their power to hurt and yet what victory all the way.

To live in the past or in the future brings trouble; to live under the blood and seal of the Spirit on our lips, and fear of God rather than fear of death, is surely next to Paradise in comfort. We are like animals often, in our self-righteous foolish vision--when the doctor has put the wounds right, we tear the bandage and lock off the healing salve even if it's antiseptic. Such is all the influence of our own nature and that of all who are Devil possessed around us. The Blood of Jesus covers all that ever a man could do or be in his animal and human nature, and the Spirit quicken us and makes us more than well in spite of all that would point to weakness and suffering thru past activities and confidence in Gods protection and provision makes us bolder than a lion. Every time we test these things out they are proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Devil will never cease to accuse all who are under the blood, and the Devil and all that are his will never cease to hinder the Spirit's witness thru our lips, and do all in their power to shake our confidence in our God who is victor every time, everywhere.

When I think and look at all that has made me the least amongst my brethren, and all the unseen things of truth which God used to make me the greatest of all the prophets, where is there any room for discouragement from any man who knows my name, or His who is my Master.

We may let them all come,. And share without fear or favor what is mine, and proof of His love, grace, mercy and power of the Blood and spirit and providence. If one such man is Master over all the power of the world, flesh and devil, then who need despair, or have one minute of darkness when the glory is all over, and around us. I f I was better than others then many might fear, but how wonderfully comprehensive is His grace, and who can condemn when God has justified.

You will have been getting many kicks out of the news of Palestine these days. Read Zech. 12 and 14 along with the news, which is scarcer here than anywhere owing to martial law, but the warships and men are in control, and for this I came to Jaffa a year ago, and now we are ready for the echo from the East and West as Dan. 8 and Rev.9 make so clear.

My love to both,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Corbett
September 19, 1929

PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine.

My Dear Mrs. Corbett,

Thanks for yours 28/8/29. It's good to have ears for God at all times, but specially in these days when He is judging all men and nations on the face of the whole earth. The trouble with most people is they have ears for every other man, way and thing; and so can't have any for God, Jesus or His Message and servant. People take the name of God and Jesus and put it on all or everything they choose, while refusing to see Him as Alpha AND Omega, even tho His work of judgment has been going on for 15 years preparing for the great day now at hand when He will finish what He has begun and come to reign with His meek seed, who had no ear for anything but God in all ages.

You will find people of every sort very much against you and quite active in resisting your witness, but this is only a mark which all had who ever were the seed or Sons of God meek. To have ears to hear the reader and obey the message and witness to it, is all that the Book demands. All else is well provided for in what God has given us in Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. They overcame the accusers by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony, and loved not their lives to the death. Rev. XII says this is the mark of all who are His.

They will be accused night and day by the devil and his seed, but these are the 3 answers which turn him down and off. So don't worry when either your own conscience or memory get stirred up over what you may have done or been, or not done or been. His blood covers all we are, have been and will be in our human weakness; and our mouth open for Him means the Spirit will always give us witness and words. And we need fear the face of no man, for He will protect and provide for all who are His own as surely as He will destroy all who are not. Ps. 91 is very full and fit for all your present, past and future needs.

Isa. 55 gives you a very simple outline of the Man and his Message as witness, leader and commander of His people. Hear and your soul shall live, and let your feast be fat and satisfying and enjoy all the covenanted mercies of David which are mine and yours.

Isa. 41, 42 and 43 and 44 give you some idea of the man and those who are with him. Jacob and Israel who are His witnesses on the earth. You can be sure that He will take as much interest in you as you do in Him; which is a true fellowship and partnership. So expect much and enjoy what He gives you, and let not be any doubts or fears; for He can meet every enemy and every demand made upon you by the very wicked world, and measure your worthiness not by the standards men set, but by the very opposite. It's the least and little ones who are His Special care and heritage. Read Matt. XVIII and get to understand it; also Zech. XII and XIV for these happenings you see in Palestine these days which lead on to Rev. IX being fulfilled from Vs. 10 and also Dan. VIII - the great coming war between East and West. Percy can be much help to you.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Mr. Wm. Potts
October 1, 1929
P.O. Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Brother Potts:

I am glad to hear you are my brother  in tribulation, and hope you may become my brother in the greatest salvation ever provided or revealed, and especially for these days. You are not alone, for the world is full of people suffering. This is God’s way of sealing the 144,000 of  Revelation 14: and preparing them for receiving His Message for today, and will gather them to Jerusalem to have it perfected, and so become the Apostles of the  New Gospel of Jesus, as you see Him in Revelation 1:- as Alpha-  What He is to His Disciples – and also Omega, what He will be to His enemies who bear the marks of Matthew 23:. So long as man can find any hope in the religious world, there is little chance for them to be thirsty enough or hungry enough for what God has provided for their salvation from all their troubles. You cannot do better than read Isaiah 55: in the Light of what I’ve said. 

“Ho (or Hello) everyone that thirsteth, come ye to the Water and he that hath no money, come ye buy (or make it your own, the same as you had paid for it) and eat, chew till it satisfies and meets all your needs. “Yea come buy wine, (or new life)  and milk (for such babes) without price”, shows it can never be had from any hirelings of any sort, or where money has ought to do with it. Verse 2, gives you the contrast, spending money for that which satisfieth not;  hearken diligently unto me,” its the Lord speaking by His Servant whom He has made Witness, Leader, & commander. “Behold” ( see by the Spirit) “ I have given him for a Witness, to the people a Leader and commander to the people.”

Eat ye that which is good, and let your souls delight itself in fatness”.- a feast to satisfy the hungriest and most needy.  “ Incline your ear and come unto me”. The Lord by His Servant speaks, and we can either incline to, or decline the Message,  “ Hear and your soul shall live”.  You will become as much alive, as once you were dead, and know it not till life came. “And I will make an everlasting Covenant with you, and the sure mercies of David.  “Which means you can share in all that was  promised David, and to His anointed Servant of those days.  It was all new and strange to me to find these things open up to my understanding, and ability to read what has long been hidden till the time of the end, and not till the end of the last war did I get any vision or understanding of Revelation and the whole truth for the Latter days, tho I had looked  for and listened to every man who had anything to say on the matter. You will find Revelation and the Whole Truth for these days very simple, when you see John as writer, and a man as Reader of Revelations Message to those who will hear and keep Revelation 1: 1-3.  When the world is full of false prophets pouring out their Iniquity  or their own thots and ways in His name - His Mercy demands One who will be His mouth piece to those who will cease from their own thots and ways, which fill the earth with darkness, confusion, and strife in His name. “My thots are not your thots nor my ways your ways”. 

You have some people there who have known me for many years, and when I knew nothing of these things and tried to live and preach Jesus, in face of all the various forms of iniquity and hypocrisy  practiced for gain by so many everywhere.  They can help you understand all that your heart would desire, and shall be pleased to hear you have ears and purpose to live by my witness, Leading and control, till I see your face glad and happy some day, with your wife and family enjoying His sheltering Wings in Jerusalem, when the whole world is tasting the wrath which will convince or destroy  all others from off the earth, in preparation for the Meek to reign for 1000 years. “The whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain till now, waiting the manifestation of the Sons of God.”  You will find it a wonderful new Book and a new world when you hear and witness, so that His Spirit may seal and guide you into all He is to His own in Alpha Mercy, and before your eyes you will see the reward of the wicked on every hand.  Psalms 91: is especially for the coming days.

My  best Love  in Him to all who bear your name.

Wm. Irvine.

You can see in Matt. 13, that He will gather out of His Kingdom, all  scandals and such as work iniquity, which gives you some idea of what to get rid of in seeking unto Him.  Then shall the righteous in heart shine forth in the Kingdom of their Father.  It's a New Thing, so all past experience will be little help to guide us.  Such is my own experience.  So be childlike as a little one.  Matt. 18 is good to read.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Sid Ring
November 9,  1929
P. O. Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine.

My Dear Sid Ring:

Thanks for your.  If you wait till the world gives you time to serve God in any shape or form, it will never come.

We serve God because its the only thing worth doing and all else comes after, same as doing the chores.  Its this condition which robs us of much true partnership with God and so reacts on our getting less rather than more.  You will find you always know more after feeding others the bread  and Water of Life.  Sinfulness covers all that is the result of God not in or controlling us, wickedness is the results of the devil being in us, so that we see, say, think and act in the way which robs ourselves and hurts others, and its nearly always done in the name of righteousness, morality or God.  The sin which can’t be forgiven is that of being the accuser and hurter of our Brother.  For if we forgive not, neither will God forgive us.  The meek who are to inherit the earth who forgive in spite of their own selfish nature because they also need forgiveness from God and others.  The wicked generally are those who are always looking for something to stumble over and be unforgiving about and  so try to hurt others.

But God is the avenger of all who forgive and leave matters in His hands.  Read Matt. 18: till you get a good clear grip of the conditions for the least and little ones, and who are the seed of the Kingdom of the Meek.  And notice that all who offend are such as will find the millstone  and deep water from which there is no escape.  All who despise such little ones will find Angel  interference  in their lives which expresses  the anger of the Father, and all who refuse the witness of 1, 2, or 3, such little ones will have binding as sure as all who honestly hear will be loosed from all their troubles and find God in them and God for them.  But let them forgive all men everything and so leave it in the Fathers hands.

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Mr. & Mrs. Ritzman
November 12, 1929
PO Box 28
Jaffa,  Palestine

My Dear Ritzmans:

Thanks for your two letters.  I’m glad you find a valley full of dry bones, for such must be the experience of all who have ears for me and my Message.  But those who hear shall live and stand on their feet as sure as all others will stand where they are and perish from off the earth.  If Jesus were not on His Throne in Heaven, He would not need a man as His servant  to be mouthpiece and prophet nor would it be right to make one such unless he were a man of our own day and generation, to prove that it was possible for a man to know God and be known of God.  Then the darkness, strife and confusion and contradictions on the earth in His name, make such a man necessary to put an end to their iniquity, wickedness and hypocrisy in His name—and we don’t expect anyone to value His Servant who can find any satisfaction apart from Him.  You will find every man you speak to either loosed or bound from the moment he hears, and at His convenience   (not ours) we shall  see the results, and no man can offend the least of these little ones or despise the witness of two or three in His name and escape very definite marks for our comfort and the warning to all men who can see the results.  To offend one such, means a millstone around the neck and drowned in the depths of the sea, but we don’t  expect to see the literal millstone or drowning in the literal sea, for that would be a type of a more actual- but  watch and you will have no difficulty  in seeing cursing on all who despise, offend or refuse your witness.  I have proof from many sources every day and they come according to what the Father and Jesus with His eyes of flame can see in their hearts.  So  don’t live by what you see but what He says, sees and does.

Sometime we see men go up- rather than down, but watch and see how he comes down.  Aimie  McPherson and Keys – went up, but watch them come down. These are only samples which are scattered over the earth.

I expect you will get copies of some of my recent letters which may help to make plain and clear where we are.  Ezekiel 37: 5.  An outline of me and my work.  You saw me carried out in the Spirit of the Lord by the Lord’s hand upon me and sat me down (not up) in the midst of the valley full of dry bones.  (It was rather a trying experience to find no man who had the marks of life by the Spirit of the Lord), and caused me to pass by them round about, which explains my experiences up to Armistice and Behold, they were very many and Lo after testing them,, they were very dry.   And He said unto me, (not to the bones) “ Son of Man can these bones live?” and I answered, “Oh Lord God thou knowest.”  How could I know what to do with such conditions?  And He said unto me “Prophesy upon these bones.”  People want to know what authority I have for being the Son of Man and Prophet,-  I know, and no other is supposed to know, but such as hear my words and obey them can know by the results in themselves.  To him that overcometh, I will give the hidden manna and a white stone, and a new name written which no man knoweth, saving to him to whom given. “ Say unto them - O ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.” And it can’t be had from two sources, only from one who was carried out, sat down and  caused to pass by them round about and see the general wreck and ruin caused by wickedness on the earth thru men speaking in His name without His Spirit which alone can give life.

Thus said the Lord God unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you and ye shall live - and I will lay sinew upon you to keep your bones in place and will bring flesh upon you, and cover you up with skin and put breath in you (in you who live) and ye shall live.  First give us life and then give us the Spirit which makes us live, so  that others may get life from our words and witness, AND , ye shall know (then) that I am the Lord - dead bones can’t know  where or who the Lord is nor His Servant, till they get life and the Spirit seal.  So I prophesied as I  was commanded. Not as the bones would want or desire, and as I prophesied, there was a noise and behold a shaking and the dry bones came together, bone to his bone and when I beheld, Lo, the sinew and the flesh and the skin covered them and I found marks seen  on Jesus own flesh (again) on many who were but dry bones, but there was no breath in them to work or witness. So I prophesied as He commanded and breath came into them and they lived, and stood upon their feet an exceeding few so far, but to become an exceeding great army.  In Ezekiel 37: 11, He said to me: “These bones are the whole house of Israel.” Which makes it quite clear that no people on the earth today are His Israel, but such as are the product from dry bones to living souls witnessing in the Spirit and that by my words and works.

Behold, they say, our bones are very dry, our hope is lost, we are cut off from our parts ( from all else in the world ) only such as get life and Spirit can truly see who they were and how hopeless and so will value the Son of Man and Prophet all the more, but they are like people in their graves as they see death on every hand. There fore Prophesy unto them and say, “Thus saith the Lord, Behold O my people, I will open your graves(present conditions and circumstances  ) and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel, AND ye shall know that I am the Lord when I have opened your graves, O my people and brought you out of your graves (scattered over the whole earth) and shall put my Spirit in you and you shall live and I shall place you in your own land.  Then shall ye know that I the Lord hath spoken it and preformed it, Saith the Lord.  “ And whether I have been the Son of Man and Prophet or not, the rest of the chapter shows there will be no two people, but all one, and David my servant shall be King over you, not Jacob my servant of today.  And the heathen shall know That I do sanctify Israel (those who have ears to hear the Lord today) when he shall come and dwell in their midst.  It is not hard  to grasp for such as live, but quite impossible for the dry bones who have no ears to hear.

Ezek. 40: gives you my coming to Jerusalem, Chap. 47: gives you the increase in  the waters depth since 1918- 11 yrs. 4015 days or so, and so we have the waters to swim in or drown in for all.

Best love to all Your Family,

Wm. Irvine.

This is the New Thing He is doing on the Earth and no man can know about it, but they who are partakers with Him and Me, so they can’t fight against what they don’t know and can’t see.  If they are dead enough, they will be glad to hear, if not, then they perish. W. I.

William Irvine's Letter to Mr. Truman
November 20, 1929

Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Truman:

Thanks for your letter. Its not the 4 beasts you need to know about, but to know God dwelling in you by His Spirit, then all else becomes possible, including Revelations. If you hunger and thirst after what can make this possible, then my words can give you life, and then comes true light.

All light without God is only the light which is darkness. There are 2 sets of beasts mentioned in Rev. Chap. 4: shows you the 4 beasts around the Throne: the 4 fold witness to Jesus as Alpha given in Matt., the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Mark gives Jesus as the sacrificial Calf. Luke gives you Jesus as the Man. John shows you Jesus as the Eagle, far-visioned & clear from Eternity to the Cross. You notice the word LIKE used. Rev. 4:8 shows how the 4 fold witness Jesus gave to the world in Matt., Mark. Luke & John are still operative & effective in, for all thats to happen by Jesus as Omega, is there given, tho it was sealed till the time of the end. You have no mention of Jesus as Omega till you find Him in His New Alpha & Omega outfit for the Judgment of all nations and men. In Rev. 1 when John saw Him he fell down at His feet as dead, and he had to be reassured that it was the same Jesus on whose bosom he used to lay his head, but now equipped for dealing with all who are His enemies.

Chapter 5: shows the Lamb on the Throne, & opening the seals of the Book which had been sealed, or given understanding how judgment is to be wrought on earth in these days, and its good to notice there are no Priests, Herods, Parsons, or Rabbis, or such as believe in anything more than Jesus revealed in Alpha revelation, given in Matt., Mark, Luke and John. You notice it speaks of Beast & Elders; the witness in the record and the witnesses in the Man; so you see the Book opened which had been sealed, inside and outside, so that no man could understand till the time of the end had come in 1914 when the work of preparation for judgment began. The 4 beasts of Rev.6: forms the judgment which are on the earth since 1914. White horse here is the big self-righteous flesh on the earth with sword conquering and to conquer.

We see this going on all over the world today and peace and safety is only one of the many signs of it. U.S.A. & Eng. are the white big flesh on earth, and have the crown & sword which will yet kill 1/3 part of men on the earth, by all their might and power. A RED HORSE, peace taken from the earth, and that they should kill one another. BLACK HORSE, & he that sat on him had a balance etc., expressing whats given in Matt., Mark, Luke & John. High cost of living, prohibition in cheap barley & food control in "see thou touch not the wine and oil." A Pale Horse with death and hell in 4 different forms in Europe which is a 4th part of the earth, by sword, hunger & death & beasts, or men who are Beasts; what is written in Matt., Mark, Luke & John in regard to judgment in Omega days is to be carried out by the New conditions let loose on earth for judgment from 1914 to end of 7 years more (hence).

We have had beginning of sorrows, in war, famine & pestilence & earthquakes in divers places as Jesus said in Matt. 24, and 120 millions have died by violence these past 15 yrs, when the 7th seal was opened in Rev. 8 the war of 1914 began, and now we are preparing for next greater war when we will have world war, famine, pestilence and plagues on the whole earth, as in the past it was in divers places at different times, but these things can only be known to you or understood if the Spirit of God can find a heart & life and lips, for all else is wasted time for you or me. Any value I can be to any man is open and read to him by Rev. and encourage him to let God make it clear as He has done to me and all who honestly have ears to hear & heart to obey.

My best love in Him to both, Yrs. very truly,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Lees
December 11, 1929

PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine.

My dear Lees:

Thanks for yours. You can be quite sure that you will find what you know, well used, a means of meeting all your needs even to feeling lonely. Its never a good sign when you find too much human fellowship needful for your comfort - when you have the Trinity of God to comfort you and His Message with all His thoughts and ways known to you.

Then you have the Book and the Key to it and the Spirit of understanding given you - and a whole world to witness to - and so much Judgment to see and say to everybody - so I don't pity you in any sense, and then there are so many who have had fewer privileges and less fellowship to consider.

So use all you have and are for Him and you will find very much to cheer and comfort - and if you can't get out - you can at least write a letter everyday to some of the many big bugs who have never heard - and don't and won't care. But your words will come back to them - for every day writes them deeper into every heart and life - no matter how hard their hearts and perverse their minds.

I think most people suffer from want of using what they have rather than from want of getting more. This is where the shoe pinches in most cases. If we use selfishly anything which is meant to be sown, we can't eat it and have it growing. If we regard the wind and weather too much - we will hold our hand. But to sow beside all waters - will bring crops, sure and plenty.

You can see it's not our privileges that count - but the use we make of them, and there is no way of being able to help such as your sister, but by showing that we have more than enough to do and attend to as the result of our sowing our little time of opportunity, so that it produces something to attend to.

Canada is short 500 million in crops. U.S.A. lost 3500 million in stocks which hit the whole luxury business very hard and especially in cars and oil. And the more they have been going on credit and installments, the more surely hit will everyone be.

God's method is to lift up and cast down, hence the marks of prosperity and wild finance. A big appetite suffers more when shortage comes.

People can see China and other places suffering, from the four-fold curse - but because it's so far off, they don't dream about the same spirit working to bring these things to our very door, and in a snare like way.

Every country is suffering according to their form of iniquity and wickedness and such is true of all men. People want to excuse the consequences, rather than get rid of the cause of their own thoughts and ways; even iniquity in eating and drinking and general use of all God's gifts bring trouble.

So it's aiming at getting rid of all our own thoughts and ways, habits, feelings and likings and welcoming His. Such brings comfort, and strength, cheer and hope and gives us power to stand when others fall.

Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord, is not meant for after death - but now - in our faithful use of what God has given us, and which most people don't know or have.

My best love to all of you,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s  Letter To:  Dempters, Australia
December 15, 1929
P. O. Box 28
Jaffa,  Palestine.

My Dear Dempsters:

Thanks for your letter, I have sent on papers to be copied and sent around to some, for its appreciation for the New Gospel is good, and clear and encouraging to all who have any vision.

You will see from Sam McMullens letter what I say regarding the value of the 7 opened seals, as the strength  of our witness to the world, which covers all the various phases of wickedness on the earth, and shows how they all conspire to destroy each other.  This is the key to reading what is a riddle to the whole world, and the ground for our confidence that all that is going on, no matter what men say, think or do, is only bringing out the faithfulness of His witness, and giving us proof  that we are the good and faithful servants, in that we witness to Him and His words, in the face of the whole world, how many people there are who accept Babylon as Rome. But  the whole whore family are all one. The Dragon of  Rev. 12: is all one piece, as a woman are all one body, and there is no medium between.  What is life to the Woman is death to the Dragon.  What is honor to the Bride, is dishonor to the harlot; and what is gain to the good and faithful, is loss to the slothful and wicked servant.  The Bridegroom coming to the Bride, is the putting off of all professed fellowship with all others.  “My people in whom He can dwell can never be found in Babylon the fallen.  Come out of her my people, that ye  be not partaker of her sins and plagues. 2 Cor. 6: 14-18.

Contrasted with Rev. 18: Babylon  the great is fallen, is fallen, and become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit, a cage of unclean birds, the mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth.  These are very comprehensive words, and explain the root and fruits which make the world abominable to God and all who are His people.  If they don’t feel that way, where is their Light which is proof of their Life.  How vain and foolish are all attempts which justifies anything which bears the old taint, and I fail to have any regard or sympathy with any of it’s influence and is fatal to all help that would take away from what has reached unto Heaven, an abomination and bringing Judgement.  How worthless and purile is the Alpha  Testimony of Jesus, when He is the Alpha and Omega of Rev. 1: and all attempts  to get away from this can only be suicide, and it’s here where the Cross comes in today, and the possibility  of being good and faithful or wicked and slothful.  They would like the supper of the Kings Son, but the great  supper  of  Rev. 19: 17-21, is the other side; and how can people expect to share in one, and refuse to witness to the supper of the Great God in flesh of Kings, Captains, Mighty men, horses and riders, free and bond, great and small?  You notice how many try to claim the coming in Glory and refuse the wrath of every kind on every hand, and fail to see it, and witness directly to it, it can only weaken.  That  this should have been made the test for all His people is surely a good test of self-righteousness, and that which is of God.  The inside and outside of the camp. The place and condition where men consider worthy of a place, or worthy of death for our witness.  And I suspect weakness,  and failure to get most depends on this mark, and this has been my observation in all.  People are apt to treat it as a joke, and proof of our crazyness  but when we go on with it in detail, it becomes evident by their look, words and action, that it bores, hurts and stirs up their hatred even in wishing us the very thing we say are spoken and being fulfilled towards the whole world.  The truth He spoke which led to the cross, surely leads the same way for us when we witness to its being fulfilled.

But they are powerless to do us harm, being under His care, and the millstone and deep waters awaits all who will offend us for our witness or despise us, or reject our word.  It helps to give us better grip of Matt. 18: when we see the way of the least and the little ones, and the special care taken over them, compared to others and in other days.  Crops and weather conditions are the worst in memory and financial and industrial every where getting more serious, and especially since Nov. 11th when they are only beginning  to “smell a rat” as it were, and as we see so many indications of in the press in various forms and shades.

My best love, and the compliments of the season to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Cummings
December 20, 1929

My dear Wm. Cummings:

Thanks for yours and that to Ollie which I have read carefully like 100’s of other productions which only proves that what and when God hides no man finds out.  Jesus rejoiced in Spirit and said, Father I thank thee that thou has hid these things from the wise and prudent and hast revealed them to Babes and sucklings.  The best thoughts of the best men and scholars of all ages, called orthodoxy, or wisdom, is foolishness with God and the light which is darkness.  Men have no more power to understand what’s of God than an animal has to understand our political wisdom or Philosophy.  When you take a good look at Nicodemus who was the “acme” of all that was manly, even his human qualities made him come at night.  He was a Jew, a Pharisee, a Scribe, and a Ruler of the Jews, and thought he knew.  But Jesus told him, Except a man be born from above he cannot see, and then he began to show his learned ignorance.  But he was honestly deceived and did not know it.  But got the help which could not come from any other source than a man through whom the Spirit of God could speak, and though slow to confess it, became a disciple and learned from God at the lips of a man.  The man Jesus, whose reputation and social standing and education or ignorance made it very hard for Nicodemus to hear.  You notice that Jesus when asked questions by Lawyers and Rabbis, etc., answered them by giving then proof that the Spirit was in Him as the Christ or anointed of God.  He did not answer them in their own cunning craftiness; and such was my answer to your question – all the prophets and apostles of all time are in Heaven, and Jesus the prophet, apostle, priest, and King in their midst as you can see in Rev. 4 and 5.  But the prophet spoken of by Peter in Acts is a man on the earth of this generation at the End of the Gentile age, who is to be mouthpiece of God, Jesus and the Spirit to all men in the Times of the Restitution of all things.  All who hear and obey his reading of Revelation and the truths for these latter days will live and find provision and protection as in Psalm 91, when the wicked Scribes and Pharisees of the Gentiles are dying like flies on every side till not one is left on the face of the whole earth.

Through the whole Book runs two threads of truth.  Like a scarlet thread, all that speaks of Jesus; and like a linen thread all that speaks of those who have been the anointed of God for any age, but specially for the end of the Gentile age.  He shall not strive nor cry, neither shall his voice be heard in the streets till he hath brought forth Judgment to the Gentiles, refers to the work going on today.  Jesus is to sit at His Father’s right hand till His enemies are put under His feet.  What John the Baptist was to Jesus at the end of the Jewish age, I am today at the end of the Gentile age.  Among those that were born of women there hath not risen a greater than John, nevertheless, he that is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he – referring to the Least one of Matt. 18 and Matt. 25.  Inasmuch as ye did it to one (not 2) of the Least of these my brethren, ye did it or did it not to me, and there can only be one Least.  Your lawyer sense can tell you that, and all men who have any sort of pretence to being Godly will be revealed either as Sheep or Goats.  For or against God and revealed by their attitude to the Least.  Goats will see that all the world’s false harlot-hearted hireling hypocrite prophets are looked after well, but that’s only negative.  The positive is their attitude to one who is the Least of these His Brethren with a world full of false prophets climbing up in reputation and position amongst religious.  What better thing could God and Jesus do that gives us one who is the Least as the Test for all who have ears to hear the voice of the Shepherd which is the only proof that a man is a prophet; and only sheep can know the Shepherd or those who have got the Lamb nature.

Your letter to Ollie will do more to convince her that I am the prophet than anything else could do, for it’s a very tangled skein you offer her, mixing up the Scarlet and Linen Skein of truth till it’s a mess of confusion such as one would expect from attempting to unravel 2 skeins in darkness or Sepulchre.

When did the Scribes and Pharisees of any age know the prophet of their day?  Did Cain know Abel?  Or the sons of God know Noah?  Or the Sodomites know Abram or Lot, or the Egyptians or Israel know Moses?  And so on to Jesus.  It has always been the same Lord speaking by the Spirit in old and new Testament.  But He spake concerning Himself and it has all been fulfilled in His coming.  But the same Lord spake of another man, His Servant whom he would send and anoint to be His mouthpiece in the Judgment of the Gentiles and the world as a whole.  Read Isaiah 41 to 66 and you will find Him speaking about this man and those who hear him, called Jacob the worm and Israel the few men and poor in men’s eyes.  The Least and Little Ones of Matt. 18.  If you were to attempt to read the 4 Gospels and no man Jesus Christ, it would be a muddle.  So today – to attempt to read the Book and specially Revelation, which is the program for Judgment of all Nations, you only get into deeper darkness and gross darkness which covers the people.  What the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ time made the Scriptures concerning the coming of Jesus as Alpha, the Gentile Scribes and Pharisees of today make the Scriptures concerning Jesus coming from Heaven and His Servant on the earth who is to prepare His way, and set up His King, and gather a people to welcome Him at His coming to reign with the meek on the earth for 1000 years.  The light which comes from all the Theologians on the earth and all their literature and exposition of the Book or recorded words of the Prophets is only darkness – and gross darkness to the people – and if the light which is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness.  If ever you have any honest hunger or thirst for what comes from God to meet your present and future needs, just read what the Lord says in Isaiah 55, and put my name in it as the Ho man or mouthpiece and you will then be able to know by experience that the Lord has made me His Witness, Leader and Commander, and it will solve all your doubts and fears and fill you with hope and Joy and be a real Xmas to you.

My best love in Him to you,

Wm. Irvine 

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Charles Ring. Sr.
December 21, 1929

P.O. Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Charles:

Thanks for yrs. I'm afraid your fur business would have been better further North where there is more freeze; but I don't see any trouble in getting a crust in being a cleaner on your own. The competition is keen these days & increasingly so as trouble of every sort looms up. I suspect you can do better for yourself and all others by using the Talent which God has given in knowing His mind, Will, Purpose in these days. Well done, good and faithful servant, Thou has been faithful in a few things, I will make thee ruler over many, enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord. Read Matt. XXV, which is specially for these days & things; so you can make more use of the Talents given you than all else in the world.

To hear the message & then hide it in the earth, will only prove how selfish people can be in allowing human considerations to dominate their lives.

You have had enough proof to encourage you in fuller use of your gifts in the Service of God & humanity & the greater troubles of these days only makes the matter surer. The Devil will encourage in anything but in the right & full use of your talents. You need have no doubt, but that you can make them pay & increase a 100 fold as well as entering into the Joy of thy Lord in seeing His great work increase every day. So be good & faithful to a good Master in these great days, when you can through using your talents, gain other 100 or 200 % & become more powerful in many things as you have been in few.

So wake up to your privileges for God is never asleep, nor a trifler with us or any others. You can have a Xmas every day, & Santa Claus only reminds us of the Eternal God who visits us daily with increased gifts according to our heart desire, either in blessing or in cursing to the whole creation.

My Love in Him to both,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to John Gibson
December 31, 1929

P.O. Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine.

My Dear Gibson:

Thanks for 2 from you. I wish you a Happy New Year and assure you that His blessing and fellowship is the only way to have it. I was pleased to see your photo and my other 3 friends.

Marriage is honourable in all men, and bed undefiled, whoremongers and adulterers ; God will judge. This is Paul's summing up in the matter. Hebrews XIII: 4. You can read along with this Ps. 103. This is true both in natural and Spiritual things and you will find the more room you make in your life for God, the less trouble you will have in the flesh. I know the atmosphere and surroundings of your past and present life . It's hard today to find a woman who makes life easier for a man, and that is owing to conditions brought about by judgment on the earth. Jesus said to the weeping women who followed Him as He bore His cross to Calvary, Weep not for me, but weep for your own children, for the time will come when they shall say, Blessed is the womb that never bare and the paps that never gave sup. Luke 23: v. 29. You will always find it good to read over the trial and death of Jesus and the Resurrection, or any part of His life.

Matt. 25: gives you a very good idea of the 3 marks found in all who are wise and good and faithful in the use of what He gives us today by my lips and life and as men use it they will either be amongst the foolish, wicked and slothful servants and the goats, or the wise who have heart and get His anointing (the oil) and the servants who use what they get and find it increase and so become powerful in bringing either blessing or cursing to men and entering now into the joy of the Lord and their fellowship with the Least of the little ones, will prove that they are sheep and not goats and so find an abundant entrance into the Kingdom which the Father has been preparing all thro the ages for us to inherit and now to be set up on the earth. You need not worry about whether you speak to men in groups or singly. But keep your ear, heart and mouth open and make His business your business wherever you are found and you need fear no man or devil for God will care for and protect you even from your own folly, and that of all others.

You look to be a solid man that God can dwell in and work by. Don't measure yourself or others by their weakness or flaws, for God has made provision for all our sins and iniquities. If we have ears to hear and heart to obey. It's quite a new path for even my feet, but He is guide and protector and Friend to all who will be His and bear the marks we see in Matt. 25:. The disciples and apostles were just men like ourselves in every sense of the word and it was letting God work in them which made the difference.

I notice you are having a drought there. Every part of the world has some form of nature expressing His wrath these days so we don't need to worry, but rejoice in His great and marvelous works in Judgment on all who will not hear as in mercy to all who will.

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

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