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Edwards & Kerrs - January 7, 1927

Minnie - January 11, 1927
Loitz - January 21, 1927
Lauchlin - February 23, 1927
Fladung, J.J. - February 25, 1927
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William Irvine's Letter to Edwards & Kerrs
January 7, 1927

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm. Rose, Joe, Sarah & Co.:

I had expected to write Joe & Sarah tonight. But will do 1st time have a little leisure - as I want to reply to yrs. I got today. Sorry to hear that the head of the house is suffering from throat, but very much pleased to hear that the other half is in good shape, & I hope both of you will be well by this time as well as Joe & Sarah in good shape, after the good rain you have had which proves the drought is not here yet as your friends who want to see rather than hear will have noticed. Its quite comical to see them all bear the same marks. They always enjoy seeing anything that proves our prophesy has not materialized. Never dreaming that what the prophets have all ages saw & said will not be all fulfilled till He comes to the New Heaven & New earth, & even then they wod. not be convinced unless they were in Hell tormented by their eyes being opened, & their mouths when too late. This is the sort of Prophecy they hate worse than any other. But their very desire to see it not materialize, is proof that there is a layer of them deep down that believes & trembles as does the Devil.

Surely if we had wanted confirmation by 2 witnesses of our reading we could not had it better than from Kamal Pasha & Chickerin, who are the moving powers in the Ram body, and I'm very pleased to see that you cld. see it as clear as me, & no doubt was all planned for Nov. 11. If we cld. see it from the fulfilled end & read the words of Rev. IX: we would see that it must come our end first & finish with the fulfillment which will convince all men that it has been so in spite of their refusal to hear, and we will not quarrel about a year or 2 when its so thoroughly made manifest. The time of the end which Jesus said was in the Fathers hand & unknown to all others, came in 1914 & yet people are looking on these words from the finished end rather than the beginning. And our ignorance of these things in 1914 is a good measure for those who are still in the dark because they are hid from their eyes because of their wisdom & prudence: just as they come easy to those who are Babes & Sucklings born of the Spirit & so dependent on His care and feeding.

Many today claim to have His nature -- but show its only as delusion for they refuse & don't even feel the need of what the Spirit saith unto the churches, far less for a Reader. Those who refuse the Reader today are dead. Thats all thats wrong & the woman are those who have life & have shown it by their suckling condition & the value He has given them in the Man necessary because of the great changes which have & are taking place which is quite in harmony with all the various crisis in world history, & if they were sucklings they would see the need for such. I was as surely blind to the man as any other could be & it was hard for me to believe in such need or possibility, than it could be for any other. It was forced upon me & made so clear & in so many places & ways that I could not hide from it, nor hide the fact, & it has proved to be one of the shortest ways of finding who lives & who are dead.

The 144,000 are dead. But the woman are those who are alive. The seed for the New Kingdom or the Bride rather. I wonder if many of the wrecks from the late war may not cover many who will come to Jerusalem for healing when Rev.XII is fulfilled. For there are many who can never hope for a days health or happiness any other way & I'm sure the Governments of the Nations who have them would be very ready to carry once there are evidence of Salvation & Strength & c. Somewhere it speaks about Kings shall be thy nursing mother, & shall carry them on their shoulders. I can't just recollect where it is. But I have often noticed this I think in Jer. & the Jews of course claim. But I rather think it will be the 144,000 who are to be made alive. Surely the war wasters of all sorts provide a Big Crowd to gather from & the worse victims the better the miracle will be & the greater the power they will have amongst those who saw them in their physical helplessness when all human skill & aid has failed to give them that they so much needed. You can see in Jesus time the people who got healing were those who had been left without hope of any sort, & this gives us a key to reading from the record of His miracles - those who are today being sealed. Palsy, Leprosy, Crooked woman, woman with issue of blood who had spent all. The man who had nobody to put him in the water because he was such a big sinner. The halt, lame, blind, deaf & dumb & we would extend this list very far today.

Missing rest of this letter

William Irvine's Letter to Minnie
January 11, 1927

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Minnie:

Was very pleased to have yours of Dec. 7, 1926. I can understand all you say well, & you can be quite sure that there is nothing but hope & deliverance for all who will have ears to hear - just as surely as there is no hope for those who wont, no matter what excuses they make or how much they may find to stumble over, for that's just as important as all the rest. You can see what a stumbling block Isaiah was in men's eyes in Isa. 20:, and also Jeremiahs experience in Jer. 20:, and that of Ezek. 4:, while He, Himself, was the stumbling par Ex., which led only to rejection and the cross. Its these things which reveal how hard it is to fathom the depths of wickedness & iniquity in mens hearts & the dumb & deaf devil possessing men in His day reminds us of the most difficult of all to reveal & cast out.

Jim Gordon
in Australia was as much a wreck as any man cld. be & would not give ear at first, and very slowly was willing to give God a chance. Now he is well, & happy, married & working steadily. Sam McMullen was about the same and only through some of the saints whom he could not hinder did he get enough to deliver him. I know too well the self righteousness & pride that ruled many of their hearts which made it very easy & possible for them to be where they are today. If they despise not the day of small things they can have no part in the greater days. I am satisfied that none of them had ought but what they got from me, and if they refuse me when made the test for all and the gatherer of the woman who is to encompass a man, then they will find God as stern in grace as He is in nature, and its much easier to hear than it is to stay in the pit of noise and miry clay.

You will find Psa. 40: is written for these very days & conditions. Notice the waiting - the new song in his mouth. V. 6, Sacrifice and offering thou didst not require, mine ears hast thou opened, burnt offering & sin offering thou hast not required, is a very clear outline of present conditions you will find like an outline of my activities these 34 yrs., which ended on 6th Jan. The last verse gives very definite proof of the man spoken of in Matt. 24, 25th chapters and the poor man of Isa. 66. Notice how terrible are verse 14 & 15, - make no unnecessary tarrying Oh my God. I am poor and needy yet the Lord thinketh upon me. This Psalm is there for me these days, & has been fulfilled in every detail, & you can see how it ministers to the pride of all sorts of fools. Read carefully Ezek. II & III, and see all the detail for the great conflict between the Son of Man & the Rebellious Judah & Israel. Those who have departed from the written record & those who have kept it as did Judah, the religious world & The Testimony of today in the fullness of the Gentiles.

The whole Book makes it very clear that He has put any hope for the world in a man & just as surely only those who recognize their own emptiness & helplessness can have the ghost of a chance, & it's been His method in all ages when crisis came. Even the 144,000 of Ezek. 37 shows they are being sealed as the hopeless people in N.E.S.W. "Behold they say our bones are dried, our hope is lost, we our cut off for our part." You can see the marks of the whole accused seed on the earth in Vs. 3 & 4, 17 & 18. The Lord can't do a new thing in the old stuff which has corrupted the whole earth & His method of selection is by rejection by those whom He has rejected though they know it not. Notice Jer. 20: 7-11, & note especially 10 & 12, & see how perfectly they fit present conditions, for all these men & things were but God giving comfort for the greater days which He knew were coming & the greater work of the Manchild in the time of the end.

What we have in the O.T. is only types & shadows in a small way for the greater days at the end of the age, and you can see how little value these records are to any man if the time and conditions don't make them need & ministered by the Spirit to the man of His choice, for men never have and could not choose the man that could be any use to God. The sign of His choice has been their rejection & no exceptions. The O.T. is very good in supplying the detail which is quite lacking in Rev.

I enjoyed reading over Isa. 41, 42, in fact the whole from 40: on - always adds zest to the whole conflict for its all for these days and you will find the Man of REV. just as clearly revealed as in Rev. with much more detail & always the few who have ears to hear with him. The 11th Nov. gave us the birth of the Ram of Dan. 8: who is to be the aggressor in from the East and whose work will finish in Jer. in the fulfilling of Zech. 14: 1-3, & Isa. 3: 1-3. This is the Asiatic or Eastern League of Nations whose purpose is to oppose the Western League of Nations and have one million of a united army & 10 millions reserve. Russia, Turkey, Persia, Afghanistan & China were the 5 who met at Odessa, but there were many other Eastern people with them. You can see the Spirit or wind at work both in China and in S. America States against the U.S.A., just as you find China against England, the notable horn on the He Goat. And you can see what a fight a He goat & Ram will make. Signs of unrest have increased very much since Nov. 11, and all Bolshi in one form or another from 11 to 18 Nov. The three things were taking place, the settlement of the worst strike England ever had, the greatest Empire conference Empire ever had, and the birth of the Ram all took place in Noahs 7 days of grace before he entered the Ark.

I am glad you have so many who are anxious to help & comfort you & you will find it good to take a little while alone in these matters and remember what Jesus said, He that is not for us, is against us when it comes to revealed truth, just as He that is not against us is on our part. But the dumb devil madness is the most difficult of all to deal with and can hinder you much from getting the comfort & stimulus you may find in letters. I am not sorry at all the suffering which you may have had for that is His method in dealing with all & those that suffer most will also get most comfort and He knows best where & what & when we are benefitted. There will be no bands to bind us when the great day comes for the gathering to Jer, if the heart conditions & ears are towards Him, His and Jerusalem. I have noticed that since Xmas there have been added fearful sights & signs from heaven in every paper, which makes for our hope being near in its realization. My niece who was in China is glad I'm sure that she's out of the trouble, for it has been very trying on the whole of the foreign population, but specially on the British past 2 years, and now increases every day in intensity and spreading fast.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Wm. and Mary Loitz
January 21, 1927
Box 553 P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Wm. Mary and Co.

Many thanks for yrs. letter Bill and Box. The Shirt is good and useful, tho it was 15 1/2 in place of 16 1/2, but that won’t matter for I have been wearing it and find it good for keeping out the cold, which is the main thing in my condition and age. The fruit I shall take in small doses so that it may last the longer. So far our winter has not been so cold this year as last, or at best I may know better how to dodge it, in my room which means a good deal.  I usually am up most of the night and go to bed about daylight and sleep till I'm rested. So that I have quiet at night. I suppose a good many do this now with Radio Sets for the further off you are, the longer you have to wait at night till they begin. So I may be permitted a little laxity in my hours for I guess I have the longest and most important listening in to do..

On 7th. My natural birthday, they spoke across the Atlantic as the Dragon will cast out of his mouth waters after the woman when She flees on the wings of a great Eagle. On same day the greatest Eagle that has ever crossed over Palestine arrived at Purachi in India from England. So we are getting things into order no matter what people think or say. We cld not have known what these words in Scripture meant till the day came when we cld see them being wrought out before our eyes, and it’s true of all the Omega truth we cld never have grasped it till the time came. So that we are fortunate not to have been poisoned by all Sorts of Rubbishy interpretation and So the fitter to grasp the interpretation when the days had come and we cld see and hear So that we might understand.

You know the amount of praying that took place during the war from 1914-1918, and how the Churches Seemed to be targets for Guns in place of places, to be spared. Then the prayers of the people of Russia and what came of them, when Bolshi got on the Job, and how he put up placards by the Side of Christian Churches saying that it was only the places used to dope the people and make them Subject to the tyrannies of the age and all ages. Then you have seen the prayers of the faithful in Mexico and the whole R.C. world and how they are being answered, and how the Eastern Missionaries who are Supposed to be the cream of all the Western Religious world are being treated in China and we may expect the same in the other Eastern countries later on, and you know all the prayers which have been sent forth in Connection with Aimee’s case. But where are the answers to all of them. Is it not in increased loss suffering and dishonour, everywhere, which reminds us of Rev. 17:13-18.

You can see the contrast between their words and profession and the answer they are getting. For you can be sure China is being prayed for by all the best and most zealous of the whole Western world, while their property is being destroyed and their hirelings driven out and fleeing for their lives. This is the side which we are apt to overlook. But is the most important to us. The heathen will think it’s their prayers which are being answered, rather than the so called Christians full of pride and self-righteousness and we know what the heathen are going to get when the end of Rev.1X. has come. Tho they will not repent.

There will have been 1/3 part of them slain as the answer to all their prayers and activities. But what a glorious clean up of the whole it will be from N.S.E. and W. Then you know how the whole Jewish world these days is praying day and night that their nation and Kingdom may be restored and you shd see their zeal and tears at the Wailing wall outside the Temple. Specially so at certain Seasons when all Jews go there to take part and pray for the restoration of Israel. But what an answer to their prayers in the Slaughter of Zech. 14:1-3 and then when the Great Earthquake finishes Jer. and the cities of the Nations in One day and hour.
You can apply the same rule to all that’s Political, Racial and Linguistic. For they all 4 go together- and its only when we get a long view of the whole matter and see the end that we get the present perspective clear. It’s like the confusion which is found in the germs of the Rubbish pile when the broom and shovel comes along to remove- and they are no more wise than the grubs, who only think about their own existence and who hate to be removed from the part of the earth which they have claimed as their own. And the hardest job on the earth is the removing of the human grub who thinks the earth is for him and no other, and the big ones and fat ones, most lusty and loud and the big hives, the more sure they won’t be dealt with. If the meek are to inherit the Earth, then there must be a big clearance made for there are very few who bear this mark today, and certainly the Leaders in politics Religion Races and Languages, don’t bear these marks- for they are valued for their want of meekness in their dealings with others.

You can see the difference between all the activities you see and hear in the colonies of avaricious and covetous proud men. They hang, imprison and destroy All who will not be subject to their laws which are the opposite of meek, and so in looking at them we can see that many of their victims may become part of the Meek who will inherit the earth and that partly thro the treatment they have received from their violence. How many there are on the earth today who sigh and groan and long and wish for a new condition. Tho they cld not describe what they want. Many are criminals against the present Ruling Classes, and yet cld not give very good reasons for it. Many are in prison and only nurse vengeance in their hearts against the System which has made them what they are. Many are mad because they cannot reconcile things as they are with the ideals they have. So we can see what material there will be for the great new things and days coming. And its only when we grasp these things that we feel how little we can do to bring about such a change. But our God in Jesus Christ revealed and now on the throne, is fit for the job, and all we can do is be willing to share with Him in these wonderful Omega things.

He don’t expect the Bride to do more than understand and sympathise. But it gives Him nerve, and power more than we can imagine to have some who see the greatness of His work, which is more tender and terrible than was His first coming and you can see how little people can grasp from His Alpha work, the greater and more glorious Omega things which He is surely and Steadily working out for His own glory, and our eternal honour and deliverance even if we are only the victims of the Big mad world. I hope you enjoy this vision of it all and share it joyfully with the others there.

Yrs Very Truly and Thankfully.

Wm. Irvine.

I don’t suppose they wld have inaugurated the Speaking across the Atlantic on 7th, January, my Birthday, if they had known that it was my Birthday. They expected to do it on 1. January. So He fooled them well, and I've noticed other similar affairs, Tho it seems egotistic for me to claim such honours but they are very Small and only baby gifts to me from Him that holds my right hand in these days. Hankow was evacuated on 8th. January. So you see my second Birthday in one month was not altogether forgotten and I suppose He wld be thinking about my 2 Birthdays more than any other cld, and wondering what wld suit me best and please me most. So there you are. I suppose you will be thinking I'm ready to burst, but I ain’t. I want more much more for His sake, Yrs and mine.


William Irvine's Letter to Lauchlin
February 23, 1927

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear John, Vina and Wee Jessie,

Was very pleased to have yours 2 and photo of family which is very good and gives one a more intelligent grasp of who you 3 are. The reason for Jessie being thin is because she has very much alive face, which means she will be active all the time, she is not sleepy in either hearing, seeing, saying or doing in her own little life & way. You may have seen some of the pictures so common amongst R.C. of the holy family. You can see in your own little group similar marks to what wld mark Joseph and Marys life, when Jesus was but a child, and tho you may not have Jewish blood, or Eastern clothes &c. To have the same hearing ear and devoted heart to His ways thots and works, makes you closer than any other ties cld, and not only to them but to all those you read of in the Book. For settle it once and for all in your mind. They were all of the common working stock, and bless God for the horny part of your hand, as well as for the tender spot in your heart, and the ready ear for His voice, and the thunder of His wrathful footsteps amongst the nations, which to them spells terror, but to us the tenderness of His preparing the world as our home, His and all who have ever been as we are.

One of the Freebairns family is getting married shortly, and I was thinking over what a tragedy it wld. have been for me to have married and dragged the woman I loved thro all the conflict of these 34 years, and then I thot of John, who was to be my companion in Jer., and in Heaven on His throne. What a tragedy it made of his young life, and how it wld. appear to others who had known him, for he was a loveable young man, and then we see the other end, alone in Patmos, in bonds till God and Jesus gave him Revelation, which branded him as mentally weak from old age. For he was by that time 96, and so they set him free to die amongst his few friends. But I can see his old and new eyes with a twinkle in them today. When he is eating the same Book we are eating, and thinking , longing and looking for his return to witness again, when judgment is to overtake those who are the same today, as His enemies were in that day. When you see Jesus the boy in Joseph the Carpenter's home, and the tragedy of His life and death and where He is today. Then look at John the 1st of His disciples to have ears and eyes to recognise that He was the Anointed of God for that day, and what a long patient life of suffering followed that meeting, and the old age death. But what grandeur and glory, when we see where and how he is today, and the part he is to play and the glorious death and resurrection and ascension to share a place at His left hand.

And what a human wreck has been those 34 yrs. in mens eyes, and specially those who knew me and loved me, best in the human sense, and who wld. care to change places with me onward from the seen and temporal aspect. But when we glimpse the end and see the place, which has become mine with no competitors or . How glorious it all becomes, and who cld. offer me anything place or power which cld. tempt me to covet, desire or possess anything or all they have in the world. Yet have I set my King on My Holy Hill of Zion, and who can displace rob, or dispossess me of this honoured place in Heavens sight, and who ever dreamed that such a thing cld. or wld. be reserved for any man in our day or age, and me least of all. For no man cld. have been blinder to Omega things than I was, till Gods time came you can see how often and much is said of Moses in the Scriptures, and most of all Jesus. But next to Jesus the Book speaks more of the Man of Rev., than of any other in the Book. And to be sure that there is a place on the right side of His Bosom for me, as He is so lovingly and tenderly giving John the left hand side, does more to thrill a man whose strength and life has been spent battling and overcoming all forms of wickedness on the face of the earth.

I once sat on the garden seat in Fyfe at my brothers home, when he and his family were all going away to Church dressed in their best Babylonian Garments. My sister-in-law came and sat down and said, would it not have been nice for you to be going away to Church with your family like John on such a nice Sunday morning. I had a skin full of tired bones from riding the byke from Kilsyth and not too well or clean looking and was to go in afternoon to Perth for meeting. So I said , Mary some day I will walk into the great assembly and church of the 1st Born where He is the head and minister of all, and I will have my eternal family who will be mine forever. I little knew how much there was in what I said. She said you are an awful man, and went indoors to look after the dinner. I have tasted the same bitterness in many homes, and almost felt amongst my own flesh and blood, and the young people. But today what joy fills my heart, when sorrow and anguish is taking hold of many. I know of nothing so sweet as a little family based on honest love, and plain honest toil. But the end will be according to the ears to hear, and the heart to understand. So I congratulate all 3 of you on having the best of whats human, and the best of what God has to offer men today, a place in the New Creation of God as His chosen seed, whose name will not be forgotten in the coming age.

Best Love and Thanks

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  J. J. Fladung
February 25, 1927
Box 553, P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Fladungs:

Many thanks for 2 from you.  I suppose it's only right to expect that we will have a little rest after such a busy 10 days since February 9th, when our storm began here.  There have been plenty to satisfy anybody who wants to see and take stock in it.  It's only when the papers from different parts arrive that we can note the whole and get the details.  Today's paper says that battle for who will have Shanghai is at hand.  Yesterday told of England giving ultimatum to Russia that if she does not stop her anti-British propaganda at once, they will break the present trade agreement which exists between the 2 countries.  But does Russia care for what they do, when they have succeeded in setting 400 million people on fire with their Red stuff.  It will only add fuel to the flames and give Russia encouragement to go ahead and stir up the whole East, though I don't expect it will be more than 6 weeks from the quake in Sarajevo till we will have war on--as it was before--and I would not be surprised to see many of the soldiers of the Northern army in China become one with the Cantonese.

When you see trouble on the Pacific, which we call the limits of the Western powers and see what's going on in the Far East, China, we can't help seeing both ends, though as wide as they can be separated on the earth, and we look on it as sign of the coming E. & W. clash, which will meet in Palestine which is pretty near the center of the two.

The big snow has always remained in my mind since February 10-20 as a sign that my coming and reading was the mind and Message of God, and these 10 days have only added to the conviction; for we have had in Australia, U.S.A., Europe and here, plenty of death and suffering while the big toll of death by Flu goes on all over, and very little said about it.

We had 21 deaths here by the storm, then the other day 7 boys were blown to pieces by a bomb they were playing with, and yesterday another man lost his hand from the same cause and in a small country like ours, not much bigger than many of your smallest countries, it means much, and the suffering from unemployment these 10 days has been severe, not to speak of many who have been unemployed for months; for Palestine has had a very bad year and many of the dependents who crowded in, in 1925, to depend on the labors of their relatives when they work have become a very serious matter for all of them.  There have been quite a number of suicides amongst the Jews in the City, which they have boasted so much of to the world as the 1st Jewish City.

The fact that nearly all reports speak of record storms etc., of every sort shows that we are not having the usual, but the usual severity which has marked all these years since 1914.

The war was the biggest they ever had.  Russian Revolution is unequaled in all History.  Their propaganda to the world has no equal.  The unrest and disquiet is unequaled.  The crime wave and its nature, the suicide and lunacy causes the same, the extravagance and poverty. The League of Nations and all the other associating themselves in every shape and form has no equal; the increase of knowledge; the rebellion of the children against their parents, expressed in short hair and bare legs.  The craze for jazz and dance, the cinema and sport activities.  The brass and effrontery of the young against the old and the old against the young.  Honor thy Father and Mother, that thy days may be long on the Earth which the Lord thy God giveth thee, can be read in the other sense. Dishonor thy Father and Mother and thy days shall be short on the earth which the Lord thy God giveth thee, and surely the latter is coming to pass as surely as the other promise has been true in all ages.

You would think there never had been any sense, feeling or wisdom on the earth till after 1914, and now we see it in everything we touch.  But it has not made for peace, plenty or prosperity, but rather to a nervous rush by all people to get what's beyond their reach and quite dissatisfied with what's in their reach. They all want to go to school, High and College and then grumble and sulk because there is not a gentleman job at the end, and those who succeed only make it harder for those who don't and anyone who would seek to live as our fathers lived, is accounted a fool and traitor to the high ideals and standards, which are taught mostly by women teachers and men (women) or feministic minds who can always succeed best in saying, but have least power to execute or carry out anything.

Mussolini I notice has put all women teachers out of school, high and low, for teaching boys.  He says they may be (though he has his doubts) able to teach girls, but can never produce the qualities which are needed in men to face the battle of life.  Such I have noticed for long, especially in U.S.A. and Canada people.  They make pacifists not only in war but in all other sorts of hard and disagreeable forms of earning a living. Feminine nature is for the home, as the masculine is for the affairs that lie outside the home, and this is true also in women preachers.

How can they ever hope to face the battle the Apostles faced? Neither God nor man can expect it.  They are well described in the false prophetesses in Ezekiel - they sew pillows on all elbows, or seek to make people feel an desire the comforts of Religion rather than face the pathway which is strewn and hedged with thorns and briars (Ez. 13).

The whole feminish movement in the world is only rebellion against God, and giving ear and eye to the same old serpent in the Garden, who flattered Eve till she became the victim and fool of the serpent and Devil, and I'm afraid her attempts in dress is to get back to that which the Lord found Adam and Eve wearing in the Garden; for I'm sure the Lord clothing with coats of skins was much more comfortable and covering than the fig leaf idea, and when Eastern people see films etc., and the people who come from the West to rule over them it does not impress them much in the right direction.  I see fellah women around every day and they seem much more like the mark than any of the official's wives who trot around, or Jewesses from England, Europe and America who never seem to be happy unless they are getting the whole street to recognize their folly and brass.

The prohibition fiasco brands U.S.A. as more foolish than it would be wise to say and makes them on a par with the old Eastern nations who have been prohibitionists for 1000’s of years of not only alcohol, but many other things in the shape of food and customs, and all these things have helped very much to bring on the conflict between E. & W. as well as the greater political and Religious, racial and language confusion

We can't control all these things, but we can refuse to be controlled by them and strike a sane, happy medium which saves us from conflict till He deals with them en masse.

Best Love to all in your home and around,

Wm. Irvine.

I had a letter from George Linn and was glad to see he had arrived home safe and with tender comforting memories of his stay amongst you for which I am grateful for; for these are the marks which gives some hope for the joy of gathering together when the world is under storm such as they have never dreamed


Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: John, Vina & Wee Jessie Laughlin
Spring Villa, Waterside, Kirkintilloch, Scotland
March 2, 1927

From: P.O. Box.553, Jerusalem,Palestine

My Dear John, Vina & Wee Jessie,

Was very glad to have yours to day, and especially the details of the wee Smiddy, where you do your tool dressing & drudgery. I wonder if you can grasp the fact that He who sits on the Throne is just as much interested in your workshop, as if it had been His own place of earning His bread in the sweat of His face. When we hear and see so much of the bigness of men and nations its good to see what a small and very human part He played amongst men, when giving us the true human marks, which were to characterize all who would be possessed by His Spirit.

And its not all loss to be alone, when He can be the more real to yourself, and don’t forget the kind of home He lived in, as the eldest son in a family. Everything was plain, common, no marks of pride or vanity about the whole, and there were Wee Jessie’s in that home as well as boys, and it was the tender care and loving interest He had shown for them and their home, which made His mother and brethren think He had gone wrong in His mind, when He left them and took them to a house who were His disciples about 40 mile away up at Capernaum.

To grasp the fact that He put on humanity perfectly, and was in all things subject to the test and trials of the common man, and His life from Birth to 12 is how to bring up a child. His mother is the true type of all a wife and mother can ever have to face in humble life, with God in her heart and His words on her lips. For Jesus learned from His mothers lips and life, what made Him wiser than the Pharisees and elders at 12 yrs of age, which simply means that in the things of God, we can put more into a child than the religious world can ever destroy.

Then Jesus the young man growing towards 30, is type of the Son and the conditions which shd mark those who are growing up into the knowledge of God. Then from 30 to death you have the full 4 sides manifested of the man whom God chooses and sends and dwells and speaks thro.

You will find much joy and comfort in looking this up in the Book, and you will find most of the Human marks in Lukes gospel, and don’t forget the thots people had of Mary and Jesus as well as Joseph thro the circumstances of His Birth, and the more people were influenced by the Clergy of that day, the more they wld despise them, speak and act evilly to them.

This is one reason why the common people heard Him gladly, when He became the mouth piece of God, and manifested the signs of His anointing. Jesus till 12 is pattern for the child upbringing, and all that Mary was to Him, a Godly mother can be to her child, from 12 to 30 is pattern for the saint, and from 30 to death is pattern for the Servant. The mixing up of Saintship and service causes all kinds of trouble. The Gospel shows you the Servant making Disciple servants. But the Epistles is an exposition of the various activities, which saints may enter into, and they were guide for Alpha and also Omega days.

So you can see what big (little) privileges you have in your smitty, house and family, and how full it is of possibilities and sweetness. You can see how little place the great of the Earth had in His whole life, and so it makes it possible for us to be content to bear the marks, which are common to all who ever had a heart in which His Spirit cld dwell and work.

For little Jessie’s being thin, milk is good, and marrow out of a bone are the very best and most easily digested foods with fruit and some vegetables, but don’t worry her much with potatoes, and Bread shd be brown whole meal bread or a little force and milk for breakfast with fruit, which is more easily digested than porridge. Cod liver oil is very good, or olive oil and lemon juice. You will find lemon juice good with cod liver oil, and fresh fish is good for her rather than meat. If herring is to fat take the skin off, and give her the meat only. But not salt herring or tea. I am glad you are feeling in good shape again. I notice a good many cases of flu and its consequences in many ways.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to John Galloway
April 7, 1927

PO Box 553, Jerusalem ,Palestine

My Dear Bro.,

Many thanks for yours today of 29.3.27. Glad you enjoy 56 on Sunday when able and am sure you are well suited in Bob who has always shown Big heart for the common man Jesus who sits on the Throne as much a carpenter as He ever was in Nazareth and you can be sure the company who are welcome around His Throne are the same sort of people who were His friends when on earth.

Our very social disabilities in men's eyes only makes it easier and the more possible for us to be able to hear when we see the effects of education, religion, culture, property & c on the men of His time. What can be sweeter than to find that our very position as a working man or tradesman is like a fence to fence us off from dangerous ground, which means that mens feet will sink in the same mire as did those of Jesus day, for Pride of Heart is easily fed. A little pride makes it impossible for God to reach men. Most people are very like the Pharisee, God I thank thee (for the very things and conditions that Railroads them to Hell and Eternal torment). A man often thinks he is very fortunate having a Babylonian Garment to go to Church or to appear amongst those who are the Standard of Respectability whereas its often the snare in as much as it makes us the more welcome amongst the mob, whose ear, eye and heart are tuned to the music of Hell and the Hall mark of the Mammon, and I know from experience how hard it is to get glad to be in the place and position where you are like a speckled bird amongst the respectable people, who are looked on as the average and Standard. Man looketh on the outward appearance, but God on the heart.

But I know how difficult it was to get away from the outward Babylonian appearance which men Judge by, and I always found when it was truly a matter of seeking to express what His Spirit was working in me. I felt most at home with Him and His and also a little bit shabby and strange in the eyes of men, specially those I had known in the religious and Social world. When people really grasp who He really was and why He was as He was, it solves many struggles and brings peace of heart and mind which the world can never know and only then can we grasp how deep seated is the Serpent poison the whole civilized life and its more pronounced in the religious world than in the Social.

Nearly all the wage in life and the struggle and strain comes from the influence thats operating from without on ears and eyes. For the more we are conformed to this world, the more strain is put upon us in seeking fellowship not only with Jesus, but all who have been and are and will be the meek of the earth. You can notice the struggle Nicodemus had in coming to Jesus in contrast to the woman at the well, or most of the people who came heard touched were healed or blessed and it was this influence generally, which was hard to overcome afterwards and which often overcame them and ended them amongst the multitude who forsook Him, as He became the more hated and dangerous in proud, covetous hearted mens eyes. They said He cast out Devils by Beelezbub, the one whom they said made guttersnipes of men & c. They took men and exalted them before the eyes of men. So His work became the more hateful in their eyes, when He persisted in making these common, uneducated, socially low and common people believe the Kingdom of God was in and with them. Just as it was impossible in the exalted people.

I can well remember today how long it took to get strength to bear the marks of the Jesus in the New Testament before the eyes of men, and to feel more at home in clothing and manner of life at the common working man level than in attempting to ape the Devil possessed religious world. But what joy it is to see now that I was following His Spirit leading and working in me, and every step it has meant my natural relatives being more or less against me. But what victory to have overcome all their world wise and prudence, which has only hindered themselves and would have hindered me had I considered them. Why would the servant not rejoice in bearing the marks of the master, when He is Creator and Redeemer as well as the pattern and sample of all who will name His name.

You can know a little in the difference there is in going to 56 compared to a big church. The bell tolling, the Babylonian garmented crowd filling in and all the hush and solemnity which reminds one of a funeral. The organ plays, the big man in his biggest tones leads and the best singer &c. leads off in praise of Him who sits with Carpenter ears on the Throne in heaven, but who can never be fooled with all their folly and nonsense which is according to their measure of Devil possession and unregeneracy of heart. To get a grip of this side and be able to catch the hidden social marks which are on Him and His in the Book is to tap a well springing up and giving us much joy and comfort, and makes our understanding of all things the more easy, and you will have felt that the atmosphere in 56 is much more healthfull than any other you will strike, watch and see if it is not so.

I can look back to the time when I was on the swither for everything was moving along the old FreeKirk lines, while I had tasted but little of the other, but my heart always led me the lowly way and how glad I am today looking back over the struggle, and how many were dragged down just in this way. We are apt to think outward things have no power but they have power to delude deceive an destroy all who will not recognise the Spirit which rules the whole world. The meek of all the ages were those who overcame the outward influences by yielding to the unseen operating in their heart and mind. I will write my law in their hearts and put it in their minds and their sins and iniquities will I remember no more forever, is just the opposite of all you see around you everywhere everyday.

I'm sure you will benefit by lemon fruit and vegetables. I enjoy onions carrots and turnips boiled for a good feed at night. Fat, sugar and starch are sure to make for a clogged stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels if long used.

My best love to self and family. Yours very truly in Him.
Wm. Irvine.

P.S. Everything in China and Russia and Empire points to the near beginning of the great conflict which will be world wide. As many of the big past things began on Easter or Passover. I wld expect some new thing about Easter. Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed at Passover, and now He is going to deal with the whole Egyptian world and deliver the oppressed on earth. We look for the beginnings now. Russia can do nothing on the Sea so I expect operations may be centered in cutting or trying to cut communications with the East in blocking the Suez Canal, which wld bring her thro the Near East, and they are all very ripe for helping her shd. she make a try. I notice Japan rather half hearted in the matter of demanding reparation for Nanking killing and blockade which wld result if Canton don't bow the head to Eng. and U.S.A..

Missionary work and business is finished for U.S.A. and Eng. in China at any rate, and I expect the others won't make much out of their attempt to keep in with Chinese. G.B. U.S.A. with Japan are the strongest Naval powers. Russia and China are strongest in NOS. and land power. So it will be divided for a big conflict and the others will be left to side with either, and so make it a world wide affair, as Rykoff said recently in Russia.


William Irvine's Letter to John, Vina, and Wee Jessie Lauchlin
April 13, 1927

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear John, Vina and Wee Jessie,

Thanks for 2 from you and also the note. Don't worry yourself about notes. But its good to see your heart so big after such a long trying struggle. I'm not sorry you have to work on Sunday. Tho I know its very trying and makes the week very long as I know from experience. But its good to have the oppy when so many are finding the other end. Its good to hear of your meetings in 56, and glad you all enjoy it, and hope it may much more to quicken as the days go bye. For this is more enjoyable for all, and awaken than ever.

You can see what a busy 7 days they wld have in preparing to enter the Ark, no matter how long they had been looking forward to the flood, which helps to show there wld not be much thot about those who were outside, and who had slowly but surely by their words and works fixed the gulf, which made it easy for them to go, and very hard for the others, to think of such a thing as hoping for mercy. The Voice that had called for 120 years was stilled by the closing of the door, and the hand outstretched withdrawn, and Noahs sorrow turned to joy, and the doubts and fears of the other 7 cleared away by their safety being assured. You can see the indignation of the many wise men outside who had refused to believe that God wld speak and reveal these things only to one man, and the only hope was for those who wld hear his words and keep them, and such has been the marks in all Judgments we read of in the Book, and so Rev. is only the practical application of all that has been revealed and practised by God in His dealings with men.

He knoweth the proud afar off, and surely He puts them far off in the very man and methods He chooses, when His wrath is kindled but a little, and if it took Noah 1/5 part of his life to be perfected and made ready and to the pride and iniquity of those who would not hear or heed, our time has not been too long, for we will still learn some new thing every day and more clearly are the hearts of all revealed whether for or against, and His tender Mercies have been as great to those who as His dealings have been hard with those who have chosen their own thots and ways and never once does He violate personality free will and free choice on either side. But deals with all as if they were His equal, and probably the Servant marks are more God like than we dream who has been more humiliated amongst men than God in all ages , who has been more despised, more accused in His dealings with men, more fault found with His counsel opposed than God and surely we shd be glad to have a taste of what He has had to injure in all ages, and which all His people and Servants have tasted because of their fellowship with Him who is invisible.

To do justly, love mercy, and humble ourselves to walk with God, reveals the atmosphere of Heaven, and conditions which make it easy to enjoy His presence, but ever brings the condemnation and reproach of those who look upon us. Their pride is offended, their iniquity powerless, and their hypocrisy revealed at every word and step they take, and so the gulf naturally widens, till its the fixed gulf between those whose eyes open in Hell, and those whose eyes open in the Reality of fellowship of God. What was once a matter of the inside or outside of the door, has become the gulf across which no man can cross, such is the key to reading the differences which we see to day in our own invisions.

The poor in Spirit shall inherit the Kingdom. The rich shall be left in their Godlessness as sure as the poor in Spirit become the Godly for ever and ever and ever. The very feelings you have when you are face to face with pride and iniquity is only a taste of what He feels under similar circumstances and people. So dont fail to note your feelings and thrills and you can be sure that when you are hurt, He feels, notes and never fails to repay in their own coin, no matter where when or how it takes place. This helps us to understand why so much suffering often follows the path of the Scribe and Pharisee, which seems so smooth and flowery before men, but has thorns and suffering often beyond our ken. Men who have set their heart on all the world can give wrenched from it at the very mouth of their success, and that often by their own hand and without any seeming cause of a human kind, and often the reason could not be found in the person, apart from following in the iniquity of his fathers.

The trouble in reading Gods hand into human affairs is very often that of being deceived by the Scribe and Phariseeism of the world in which we have been stuped so long. But you can always be safe in believing that God is in everything and over all men in what happens. My Best Love to all 3.

Yours Very Truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Bob & Jean Goodwin
April 13, 1927

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Bob & Jean:-

I was glad to have yrs. & also to hear that you are keeping well, & am sure the good weather will be a change for you. I'm sure you will find Lemon & Raisin Juice good to sip 1st. thing in the morning & then eat the raisins to Brown Bread & butter, & if you like a cup of tea take it before eating. So that you will always avoid mixing your food with liquids, which hinder digestion very much unless in a very strong active stomach. Was glad to hear that you all had been in at Bobs for I'm sure what ever mistakes he may make its all to try & help people to see who the man is around whom are to be gathered the woman & the hope for the whole needy world.

This has always been the test in the Judgments of past days. The one man test is still very effective in finding out the pride & Iniquity of human hearts. For He never has made Noah, Abram or Moses the man that the people wld naturally think had anything to do in affairs of such importance. Gods one man test has always seemed like an insult to the greatness, who were wallowing in their own pride, vanity, selfrighteousness & understanding by their own iniquity, and so killed them & stoned them that were sent unto them & there by perished. Such was true in Noah Abram & Moses. For to these men alone the Lord revealed His mind & by their mouths spoke He the words, which meant life or death to all in their day. O, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the Prophets, & stonest them that are sent unto you. Shows that its the attitude to His man or men that counts & people always naturally think they shld be many, rather than one man.

If there were 10 men today to choose from there wld be room for pride & Iniquity to excuse itself in choosing which. But when there is only one it takes away that oppy. & temptation, & makes it hard for Iniquity, & easy for honest hearts, & this will not cease even after I'm dead, for the same name & words will still be a test for all who hear, & try their actions & words will it be life or death to them. The whole world is full of men man made priests preachers & teachers. But only what & who God makes can be any real value to any body, & we can see from the Scriptures that men never chose the man whom God did & never will. But those who chose to hear the man of Gods choice found out that God honoured their faith, & so they were assured & sealed in who they had believed.

To believe those whom God had not sent is as deadly as to believe whom He has sent, sure to bring life , & salvation. How shall they believe on Him who they have not heard. How shall they hear without a preacher, & how shall they preach except they Be Sent is the one thing which people fall over, & God never has & never will send the men whom men choose or send. The death of John Hardie* is another added contrast & when we see the death of the 2 witnesses in Rev. XI, you can see how unapostolic has been the death of many of those who were puffed up with pride & selfrighteousness in the hearing of my words in Alpha days, which is but the moonlight we expect to find beneath the feet of all who are clothed with the Sun & the 12 Star crown on their head to give light. Things are going well in China this month, & all seems to point to early victory for all who have ears to hear.

Yours Very Truly in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

*Error - John Hardie didnt die in 1928. He died Died on April 24, 1961.  View photo of his tombstone.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  William Pollock
April 13, 1927
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Wm.

Was very pleased to have yours today and photo which seems very nice.  You all look well though Mrs. Pollock looks tired, just as you would expect when 4 children need so much attention; but the 2 little girls will soon be a good help.  My sisters always told me that when they had 3 it was the hardest time on them. As they had little help from the others; and conditions in the world today don’t make it easier on a Mother and wife and if worry or discontent, which is often the result, takes place it adds very much to the burden already heavy.  The cheery contented way of facing life’s difficulties and responsibilities are always the most efficient.

I can still see the restless fingers of my mother, when she would try and sit down, which kept pace with her busy mind planning all the time for her home and family, and the care does not grow less as they grow up.  And although I’m 64, I can see as fresh and clear the faces I used to see around the table and sometimes around the big bowl of Kale on cold days when we came from school.  And I can still remember the moving and shuffling of the porridge bowls to suit my appetite whether it was big for porridge or something else that was in view.

Many times in all sort of places and conditions, shipboard in storm, or long trying journey in train, or lonely places with none to care, I have lived over again my early boyhood days amongst my brothers and sisters and now recognize that it’s the greatest book with most attractive pages we can ever come across.  Births, deaths and marriages in a family are only less sacred than the records we have of God’s sent ones recorded in the book.  The former’s lasts for life, the latter forever.

The little boy in kilts reminds me of my advent in Henderson St., Glasgow, where they were turned into my first suit. I would never wear a cap because I had always been in the country and had plenty of rough curly hair.. Our first home in Glasgow was in Anderson St., S.S.  Then in Henderson St.  I went to school in Stanley Street and worked later in W. Scotland Street in grocery and then in Stanley Street in Gray Dunn and Co. biscuit factory, and then core maker in Nelson’s foundry, Plantation St., and every little detail is vivid today, showing how much depends on early impressions and surroundings.  I got 3 pounds per week in grocery when I was about 9, then for 72 hours work per week and never home til after 12 on Saturday.  Then I got 4 pounds per week in Gray Dunn’s and overtime 5 nights per week till 9 P.M. and finish at 4 on Saturday.  Then 5 pounds per week making cores and little kettles in the foundry.  But I look on it all as good for me and probably better than many got at school, which I had to make up for till I was 30.  And when I was 20 was able to make about 300 pounds per year contracting and then manager til I was 30, when I heard His Voice and bowed my knees to my present Master.

And after 34 years my heart is glad as I look back and see all the way He has led me and never failed me in the midst of a very great conflict and most trying condition; all of which has made the men of the book the more real to me and helped me to understand much that only those can know who have trod the same path and met the same enemies and overcome by the same power.  But never in my sorest dreams did I suspect the present possibilities in my life and work, and yet all these year I can see that it was in refusing to compromise the truth, as it is in Jesus, which brought me out of touch with all the iniquity and hypocrisy which fills the whole religious world and snares all who will not face what it means to stand alone, by, or for Him who shed His blood in redeeming us unto God that His Spirit may alone be allowed to work in our hearts the good pleasure of His will and reveal what pleases Him alone; no matter how it may effect us in our surroundings.

Every step I have taken has been in opposition to those I loved most dearly.  But Father and Mother on their deathbeds left clear witness that they could see that I had done the best thing for all; so that was great comfort and cheer to me after many lonely years when I knew that they were not in sympathy with my work.  If I had gone into the Presbyterian church missionary or other recognized work, they would have been delighted, but to take the lowly, lonely path with so much opposition of all kinds, I hurt them badly.  Most of my relatives were interested till 1914, when I began to see what’s my work today, and during these 7 years they have all become victims to the worldly religious systems which feeds their pride, vanity and iniquity; and what ever hope there is for them in future, I know depends on my loyalty to Him in spite of their indifference and opposition which is harder to bear from those we love than any others.

Jesus said a man’s foes shall be they of his own home or family or relatives and so the greater victory is to be won in patiently bearing the cross or blame for what we do in pleasing Him who is Creator, Redeemer, Lord and Master, as well as Judge.

My best Love to all who are on the Photo which I value.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Ivor Everitt, Holly Rd., Watnall, Notts, England
April 20, 1927
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Ivor,

Thanks for your hearty letter and all the news. I  hope you had a very profitable time in Liverpool, which helps to make the purifying, made white, and trying experiences the more valuable. He don’t always keep us in the mill in making us contrite and broken hearted, or grinding us fine as flour, or potters clay, which is the condition in which He can make use of us, in fashioning us like unto Himself, in contrast to all the self-righteous iniquity and hypocrisy, which the Devil loves to feed in us. This is where most people fall down and miss all. But He has no 2nd. methods, for all His work is perfect, and so can’t be changeable, and as men search for the right material (raw) for their works. So His eyes run to and fro thro out the whole earth looking for a perfect heart, that He may show himself strong on their behalf. But what confused thots people have of a perfect heart, which simply means that people are prepared for all the grinding, discipline, and suffering, humiliation that will destroy all our own thots and ways and righteousness that He may be able to put His own nature, mind and heart where it was once hard, high, rocky rebellion.

You will find Jeremiah XVII very good reading along these lines, and you can see what Jer. was in contrast to the people amongst whom he lived, and to whom he witnessed. The heart is deceitful beyond all things, and not only wicked, but desperately wicked or opposed to all that wld make it possible for Him to make us what He created us for, and purposed from the foundation of the world, and the 1st and most important work is the breaking and grinding, for contrite just means ground to powder, or made fine like flour or cement or potters clay.

I am sending you Mrs. Nicob’s letter which will give you some reward for your interest in scattering Mallett’s wisdom, and the value of lemon fruit and vegetables. There are many others. But this is as good a case as we cld have for it shows that kidneys has much to do with all sorts of muscles, skin & bone troubles, which very often lead us into deceitful and very wicked methods of curing what really has its roots in bad feeding and too good feeding, is a better way to express it.  Starch, fat and sugar too much produce conditions in the whole alimentary tract which if not taken away by bowels and kidneys & c, will surely produce trouble in bones, joints and muscles. But when the controlling nerves from brain to  finger tips and they fail.  I have long looked on the roots of Cancer as nothing more than diseased nerves and the Cancer the product of the faulty nerve control. And it seems the most important of all things to hear from the source of the trouble, for we can’t do it from the surface.  That’s the reason I wld think Mallett’s advice good about 1 meal per day if there is any danger in the poisoning being carried on. It seems to me that all nerve troubles come from that source and become the more aggravated, when stressed thro outward tests, which may arise from very common, ordinary difficulties, which wld not affect healthy nerves. Much of the treatment for nervous diseases is like what we find given in Rheumatism, in bone and muscles, more an attempt to get rid of the symptoms than of the 1st cause, and most people are most amenable to this method, than the fundamental attention necessary for righting the wrong.

It’s just the same as in the Spiritual. Its easier to get people to respond to outward righteousness than to be willing for the heart breaking and grinding, which makes for true righteous in wrought by His Sp. writing His laws on our heart and putting it into our minds. What you say about your fathers condition, I can easily understand, and am sure that mother and you can do much to supply the mental_____and purpose necessary to fight the matter thro.

What you say about your sisters, seems to be God working for her deliverance in His own way rather than ours. For nothing else cld have brot about the change, and I look on it hopefully. The world is so full of all that contradicts what we find in Ps. 19 and in the Psalms which the Jews read so much at Passover, which make us see that He is over all things, and never ceases from His fixed eternal purpose, which is last and least thing Devils and men consider, but which makes for all sorts of trouble in every part of His universe. Angels who fail to grasp His purpose, and to obey His will in this sense became Devils, and so all their influence is to hinder this. The poor broken hearted prisoners, blind, bound, buried, and hopeless, were those Jesus said He was sent to. But where today do we find people appreciate those conditions. Rather do they value all that builds up their pride, righteousness, selfwill, and selfseeking and satisfaction apart from His purpose being wrought out in them; and yet the whole Book is a record of such as lost their human lives, so to speak, in the eyes of men, that as the meek His eternal purpose might be perfected. Paul says if only in this life we have hope, we are of all men most miserable, and when we see from Abel to the last John in Rev. It’s one long record of humiliation such as no man cld naturally choose.

Mrs. Petty recently said in a letter that all ever broke her pride and humbled her, she can see was God’s great overruling care for her in the light of His eternal purpose. But who can see these things till we get a little glimpse from the other end, and how hard we strive after all that wld defeat His purpose in avoiding the very blows and methods whereby we are brot broken hearted and contrite to be the material the Holy Sp. can work in and by. What sane man wld want to be numbered amongst those Jesus said He was anointed to preach to, that our righteousness before God shd lead to our being killed for unrighteousness before men seems a paradox, only long and better experience can feebly grasp; and the more we are mixed up with religious people as we see in Jer., can we see how strange and foreign and pilgrims we are. Our proud hearts like a cork, which always seems to pop up amongst the people or sea, no matter how God tries to weigh it down, sorry suffering disappointments in every sphere, and how hopeless we can see people to be who are getting the desire of their heart, everything and person wants to live and exist as they are, rather than by death be made part of the higher Kingdom and fulfill His purpose. The potato wld rather rot in the field than be cooked for our uses, a simile we can use. You will get from Bob Lauchlin’s letter other details.

Yours in Him.
Best Love to all.

William Irvine.

Dunbar seems to be in touch with 2 very hopeful families all grown up. I suppose you have noticed Zech.8. 19-23, which may date from this Easter time.

Wm. Irvines letter to: Frank & Jenny Presbury
11th. May 1927
68 Spring Rd., Normocott, Longton,
Staffs. , England .

From: Box 553 P.O.
Jerusalem , Palestine

My Dear Frank & Jenny,

I was glad to have yours, and hope your eye troubles of all kinds pass. You can be sure that He hearkens and hears and notes all your interest in me, and these things we write, and can make all things work out for your good as He recognizes your heart interest in what He has nearest and dearest to His heart. You are looking on His handiwork as Creator destroying the old to make room for the new creation of God, and preparing us as a seed to begin with in the setting up of His Kingdom on the earth.

Its good to put our own thots and ways as far from us as we know how, and live by what He gives and I read and you hear and keep. This is the beginning of faith in us, and all we see going on is to strengthen our confidence in Him. For He can create the new as sure as He can destroy the old. For He has said both things and its ours to trust His word, which shall not pass till all these things have been fulfilled.

The taste you have been having this past year of suffering and seeing and hearing others suffer would only quicken your hearts and cause more longing for the day when His Sons of God shall be made manifest in the earth in the New Heaven and Earth, where none of the present Godless seed shall rule over others or be able to rob them of what is His blessing and purpose for all men. Jesus said all that ever came superior to me were thieves and robbers, and we see the world to day what they have made of it for men.

Just as Palestine reveals the work of the robbers of the land in its present state. We are apt to think that present conditions have been produced by our generation but we are reaping what has been sown by the Devil and all his seed for 6000 yrs, and no matter what men say, re our civilization and advancement in every way, we are more slaves and sufferers than our fathers were. But it will be foolish to expect any few or many would change present conditions, when He alone can and will finish up all thats wicked and give us righteousness as He means it to be on the earth.

Every form of suffering is only a spur to those whose confidence is in God. For all will work towards the accomplishment of His purpose on the earth. To hear these things and see by the Spirit is to be partakers with Him now, and so share in the victory, which the Lord of Hosts is going to have on the earth. What He is going to do, He reveals to those who have ears to hear, that by this means He may prepare a seed by whom the New things will be made known to the world. We wld not expect you to have a very big grasp of these things from the oppys you have had, but to have ears and desire for more is a good mark. His Servant is not to break the bruised reed, nor quench the smoking flax, till Judgment is brot forth to victory.

You may find Is.42 worth reading, which gives you an outline of His Servant, and much detail when the Spirit opens it up to your understanding. Bob can give you some help over the Book, making up or gathering His Jewels around the Manchild when he is the least, like the babe in the midst of the Woman of Rev. XII - who is to be brought forth as the Manchild to rule all nations with a Rod of Iron and dash them in shivers as clay vessels are when smitten with an Iron Rod, and when the work is finished to be caught up to God and His Throne. The part I wished to emphasize most is, I will spare them as a man spares his own son that serveth him. So your 2 lovely children can help to make this plain.

You know you can't help loving your son, and what dreams parents have for their children's future; but for one that serveth them in the way they want. What love, care and interest you have in such. This is the picture given here and you cannot strain it, I will spare him. Who would not spare such a son, and what does spare mean, but that He will not test you beyond what you can stand & care for your interests as much as you care for His.

We have been polluted by all sorts of false professions which He could not honour, till it's hard to find those who will so love, fear and honour Him, that He can honour them. You little dream of the possibilities of your meetings, talking and thinking these days, and I pray you be as hot and sincere as you were in your love making, so that He can honour you as never people have been honoured in all time. For such is your privilege, and this is the purpose for which I exist as His servant, and under the conditions here, when you have a wife and children, and a simple life where you have the best conditions, and you can use them as guides to help you into the love activity in Him, which He delights to honour, just as surely His Wrath will wreak His vengeance on all the hypocrisy and empty professors who talk love and walk in their own iniquity.

I don't ask you to be angels, but just plain people with a sincere heart interest in all He is doing on the earth. And don't be afraid to speak out and interest yourself in all that's His work on the earth. You will find the Spirit of God shed abroad His Love in your heart and give you great understanding and vision of all that He has done, is doing and going to do; only keep simple, sincere and honest towards Him. For you know how He must be sick of all else. I will spare Him as a man spareth his own son that serveth Him. Let the Spirit of God give you the fullest meaning of this in your heart or hearts, and you can be sure of it as if it were written history. For His promises are all yea and Amen to those who are His Jewels.

Best Love and Thanks,

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Ivor Everitt, Holly Rd., Watnell, Notts, Eng.
May 26, 1927
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Ivor & Family,

Was sorry to hear of Papa's passing. But it was evident for when the poison gets into the blood stream as it had done, as evidenced by the jaundiced condition, there can be little hope. Death brings us into touch with the actual value of all that’s human and emphasizes the meaning of vanity, which covers all sorts of our relationship to the eternal God, who was and is and ever shall be. To know God and Jesus Christ, whom He has sent is eternal life.

I think Bob & you played a nice part in so arranging funeral and all connected with it, and I'm sure you wld seek to be all the comfort possible to your mother and family. Mother will miss him more than any of you, and all you can do to cheer and interest her, is your 1st duty, and will bring you sure reward. To think that death visits 1 out of every 7 over 30 yrs of age.

Just as it come to Papa, brings us into touch with a great circle of people with similar hopes and fear such as have been yours during past years, and adds very much of what the painful is most valuable in life. It helps to bring out the more clearly the majesty of Jesus the Carpenter as He moved amongst the people in contrast to the many Scribes and Pharisees, who only saw a chance for gain in making long prayers for the dead, and devouring widows houses, in payment for their services. You can see how the traditional methods were like chains for those who were held by them. He put out the professional mourners ere He raised the child. He stopped the men who were carrying the young man on a stretcher, covered with a blanket as we see them do daily here, took the young man by the hand, and raised him and handed him over to his mother, who was a widow. Jesus wept at the unbelief of Martha and Mary at Lazarus tomb. These 3 cases are very full of comfort, when we see the heart of God revealed at such times by what Jesus did. But in as much as there was only 3 cases, we see how little faith there was or heart conditions, which made it possible.

Human death gives us a sample of conditions brot about in the eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil or the religious teaching, which is practised by the whole world, which makes people dead to God in their self sufficiency and selfrighteousness, ways and thots of iniquity. As you long for the old living fellowship with that one who lay there as Adam lay before he was inbreathed, and as your father lay after his spirit had gone. So men live their lives, no ear, heart, or thot for the living God in whom they live move and having their being. He speaks the words of tenderness and longing, but no response, and so the lonely God has to suffer all the years, mourning and knowing what it means for them to so live and die, while men never realize what it all means and look and listen to that only, which keeps them in the chains of Spiritual death.

Another thing I'm sure will have been emphasised in the experience, which has come to all of you. That of the great contrast in Rev. 21, when death will have been swallowed up in victory. The last enemy to be destroyed is death, and what a glad day it will be for the world, when the New Heaven & New Earth find in Jesus and His seed and servants the antidote for all that’s so trying and painful by God Himself dwelling with men on the earth, to displace all the imitations, which now are found on every hand. One thing has always been sweet to me in Jesus life was the never failing sympathy He showed under every trial, which came others, whether in being, despised, accused, sick or dead. He was all sympathy and tenderness. But the contrast in His treatment of the thieves and robbers as He called the Scribes and Pharisees was the more terrible as He realized how much responsibility rested on them for the condition He found the sufferers in. And today it’s worse than it ever was, for they all lie in wait to deceive, at every corner & point of vantage, trained and equipped for their deadly work of hindering everyone from hearing words of life, or having the succour and comfort of God in their pilgrimage, either to life or death eternal. The cunning craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive. The blackbirds who are ever ready to pick away the good seed, which the Anointed of God wld sow in men’s hearts, thro their hearing of the words of life.

Paul gives us a picture of the conflicts, when he speaks of fighting wild beasts at Ephesus, as he sought to save some from their power. Again he speaks of, we wrestle not against flesh and blood of men. But against principalities and powers. The rulers of the darkness of this world, against Spiritual wickedness in high places, which enthrall men in Spirit soul and body. So that they have little chance of escaping their power to fascinate and enslave. Think on the power of the Pope and Archbishop (principalities). Powers in belonging to any of the great so called churches. Think on the power the rulers of darkness have when you come into contact with people, who have been made their slaves from birth. Then the power of Spiritual wickedness in high places, which refers to the more holy teachers and leaders of the Serpent kind. Think on Jesus and Paul in their conflict with all the established religious powers in seeking to deliver one soul. And the consequences to them in being hunted to death by such people, because they had dared to expose their power, over the simple sincere people, who were their victims, and by and on whom they fattened and got honour.

I have never been face to face with death these 34 years without having a deeper purpose in my heart formed to fight the battle to the death in delivering a few from the powers of darkness of this world, and bring them into the place and condition, where they cld hear God for themselves, and give Him the place in heart and life, for which He created and put them on the earth. And I can only wish for you a share of this same purpose and desire and courage to face the battle till victory is won, for Him who created, Redeemed and now is about to deliver the whole world from the wicked one, and all his legions, who share the spoil and fatten on the mammon of unrighteousness. The scars we may get in such a conflict will remain thro out eternity our marks of honour. Just as Jesus will ever bear the marks in His body put there by wicked men, as He sought to save them that wld hear.

Tenderest Love to self, Mother and Family,

Yours Very Truly in Him,
Wm. Irvine 

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Hilda Spencer
June 2, 1927

My dear Hilda:

Thanks for your letter today.  Nerves are very hard to make over, and many people suffer from conditions which they had and have no control over, for we are the product of  2 or 3 or 4 generations.  But this should only be the reason for expecting that we have some control, even in our day and generation.  We are always influenced by our environment, which includes all we come in touch with from infancy.  I once knew a very capable, nice young woman who was haunted by what her mother said in a temper to her when a girl growing up:   she would never scratch a grey head.  She had always remembered this, and so was thinking she would die young, early.  I use this as a sample of much misery that may be caused through words spoken carelessly, not to speak of cruelly; and there are many whom I meet learn phrases and habits of thought from older people, suffer very much from fears.

We are tri-part: body, soul, and spirit; and we need to recognize that if we don’t attend to law of health in each sphere, there will be some suffering.  And it’s little use to try to overcome spirit disease by human, or natural means. Many people have been broken in spirit by early training and association.  Too, others suffer in mind through wrong ideas of life and living, and their  relationship to others.  And when spirit and mind have lost its balance and control, it takes clear understanding to control.  Spirit and mind have much to do with our bodies and their nerves, of course.  For instance, your tears are no cure or help to Jack’s condition; rather, your spirit should be stirred up to do what’s needed. And the more you give way to emotion like that, the weaker you are to do what’s needed.  A strong spirit becomes ours as we face all the difficulties which come in our way, and use our minds to find out the way to overcome.  And you notice a strong spirit generally expresses itself through an active mind working out its will in face of all difficulties.

So you see the cure for strengthening your spirit and mind, in controlling your thoughts and actions to bring about needed and desired purposes.  Many people, when their spirit is stirred, lose their temper and say 1000 foolish thoughts, and have allowed their stirred up spirit to show them what’s to be done, and do it.  And when people do, they get stronger; just as those who blow off and cry, get weaker.  A cheerful spirit is just as good as a morbid spirit is  bad. For instance, for people to brood over all the wrong of life, and the calamity of every day and its tyrannies, makes the spirit bitter, hard, and indifferent.  Whereas to see beyond the darkest day and hour, and the sun shining out when the dark clouds have been dispelled, helps to keep our spirit strong, cheerful, confident and helpful.  Then our minds do not conflict by thoughts which are not useful, constructive, and in harmony with all that God has made, and is doing on Earth.

You notice the practical mind gets strong because it feeds on clear thoughts, and strong; and so the mind is strengthened by thoughts, just as our body is with good food. For instance, when I used to come in touch with men whose spirit and mind I admired, I did not always want to be where they were, and hanging on to what they were or said; but rather, wanted to be free to act as they did, and so become what they were.

When I read the Bible, and see what men in other days overcame; and how they could know God and do His pleasure; and that, in spite of all that was against them, it caused me to see that it was possible for me to do as they did; and that at any cost, and in spite of all that was against me in the world today.  I never had any use for people who tried to make me believe times had changed; and we can only follow the crowd, and take the easy and short cut when we fail or fall down. You know how important it is to forgive and forget, and stand on your own feet, and watch our steps all the more carefully.  You have seen some children, who, when they fall, would lie there and cry till someone picked them up.  This is bad training, and worse for us as we go on.  No matter what the difficulties are, they will make us stronger if we face them cheerfully, brave, and confident we can overcome.  People who plan for an easy, plain, flat path have yet to learn the value of a hill to climb, and one to go down; both of which are good for the heart, both in spiritual and natural things.  Then, in reading and hearing and seeing every day, we need to know what to take and what to let alone; just as we do in eating and dressing.

We are living in the worst age in history; and so the greater need to be simple, sincere, and sensible.  The Devil is always known by his accusing us of all that will make us suffer; so to resist the Devil, he will flee from us.  If he accuses us of our sins and failures, we can tell him that Jesus’ blood cleanses us from all sins.  If he tempts us to accuse others, then tell him, and yourself, that we must forgive as we hope to be forgiven; and so there’s an end to his attempts, and you have peace straightway.  If we are wronged by others, and no chance of redress, we can always rely on God adjusting such matters; no matter how big, or hopeless they may appear.  Beware of all scandal, either out of your own or other’s mouths, for that’s the Devil’s territory; and his spirit is always busy in this way, as it hinders God’s spirit in our hearts.

For your general health I will advise both Jack and you to give good heed to Mallet’s way of health.  Cut out all that would hinder you of good, healthy blood; which is the secret of all sorts of health.  You notice Moses’ law had much in it concerning what to eat, wear, etc.; and much concerning our relations with our neighbors, as well as towards God; and it was all to guide people into ways which would be safe and sure to follow.  The crowd in any age never could be wholesome and helpful.  Cultivate robustness in spirit, soul and body; and you will find everything becomes less harmful.  Most people cultivate the very opposite, and so become supersensitive.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's letter to Wm. & Mary Loitz & Co.
June 24, 1927

Box 553 P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Wm., Mary & Co:

Many thanks for 2 and photos, which were very good of the whole bunch. I had word of another namesake in New Zealand, Irvine Mark Darris. So I'm not quite forgotten in the world even if I died as so many wish I would before the world is finished. But the anointed of God is immortal till his work is finished.

I am glad they are all looking and feel well after measles and no dregs left which happens often thru carelessness when the skin and nerves are still weak. It will always be good for them to have a good rub of lemon and olive oil after a bath, once or twice per week. I'm sure you are all on the qui vie these days to see what Aimie will get out of her next tour in the East on which the eyes and ears of the whole world are centered.

We have seen Harding, Wilson and Lenin, Lord Carnarvon and Lord Northcliffe get, so we don't lack for knowledge of the why of her having been in the spotlight so long. Even Louis' preeminence in the Insurance business will look very small when the drought and War make them feel who and where they are. The Wing of Jehovah will cover all our needs, but the Insurance Co's of the world will be able to cover nobody.

You can see tow the Mississippi floods have been covered by no society, they don't do these things, and so it has hit the people all the harder. Tho' I would not be surprised to see the Companies trying to get such insurance on the policy - 600,000 of them have lost all, but no cover for it beyond the pity of their fellows, who have given them 14,000,000 dollars to help tide them over, which means only 20 or 25 dollars per head, which don't go far to feed them and shelter them for 3 months.

So I expect the Government will need to step in and give them a big boost of 100 million dollars to start them off again, for most of them had little money in bank or other forms. So it's a pretty big job to even give them the most meager start in life again. You can see that those who had most, lost most, which points to the fact that certain forms of comfort don't mean much when tested.

The same is true in China, for the Missions and Missionaries were the most surely fixed and comfortable, but now it's all gone by a flood which is not water, but a flood of wicked people and words and deeds which have destroyed all the paraphernalia which was being used to delude the poor people into Scribe and Phariseeism, in place Of that which is of God and revealed in Jesus, and made flesh in the Apostles who saw Him and made it real to men in their day.

Jesus or Paul would not have lost much in the floods East or West and saints who have been following them as revealed have always been inclined to get down as near necessities as possible, and always putting their hopes in unseen and eternal things. "Foxes have holes, birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man hath hath nowhere to lay His head," is a great source of comfort to those who would make the eternal God their refuge and it will become the more manifest when day comes to see the difference.

I often am forced to laugh at all the building which goes on in Jerusalem and the improvements made, which often causes much expense to all the people, but little do they dream they are preparing for a people they know not and who know not them. I'm sure that Jerusalem when I came here would not have been able to house 144,000, but now it could be done comfortably. For all are seeking to have big and expensive a house as they can get. Eating, drinking and marrying, giving in marriage is the craze; planting, building, buying and selling been the Jewish activity during these past years, which no doubt is the sign Jesus spoke of, of the day of the Son of Man. And it's very comforting to have it made so clear every day and every hand.

The first 5-1/2 years I spent in a very poor room, where I had to but up a paper room inside in winter to make it possible to write, as there was no ceiling in it, and very much exposed to wind. Past 14 yrs I have had 3 basement rooms for 10 dollars per month, tho I only use one and it's very dark, but I have good light at night, which helps to heat and light it, but it has been very damp in the winter months; so now I move next week to one room in a new house, with ceiling, tiled floor and wt W.C. So I am moving up you see. Tho I will be on ground floor as usual, and a bank clerk upstairs. But these things don't move me, though they have stumbled many to see me so live - with my soldier's campment bed, table, chair, lamp, etc.

I have always done my own washing, cooking, repairing, mending, and never had one item of help from any here in this way; Tho I have gone to the restaurant for a meal somes when I had company, but all this has given me more time for Reading, writing, etc, and kept me from company, and made it possible for the holy people and all sorts of proud people to cut me out of the Mountain without hands by their tongues, for it would be hard for them to believe that I would be a Servant of Jehovah and live as I live.

You can put this picture alongside Isa. 49 and see how they look. One man who has been nibbling for 7 years past has seemingly got his ears digged and has great appetite for the truth, and enjoyed your letters, which I gave him a read of last week for the 1st time. He took me up to his native town where he has 90 relatives and they came in and went out and always with a bee in their ear, which wakened the whole town and set them talking, which is good for them when they have had so much religion all their days; even the R.C. Priest came in and had a good dose before he knew what he was getting - at dinnertime.

Best Love to all,
Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Ivor Everitt, Holly Rd., Watnall, Notts, England
July 7  1927
P.O. Box 553
Jerusalem   Palestine.

My Dear Ivor:

Many thanks for yours yesterday & Bills.  I would  not have written  today but I forgot to say what I tho’t about Spirit, Soul & Body.    Gen. Gives us the body like a corpse created of the dust.  Then inbreathed  by the Spirit and man becomes a living soul.   Soul describes all our human activities, while the Spirit is in the body.  Soul must cease to be when  spirit and body are separated.   It’s like a house when family  in it, there is domestic & social life.  But when they go out that ceases.  The house & people may still exist.

And death is very much like  people vacating a house, when it no longer is fit to live in.    What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul.   Meaning all other purposes  accomplished if God has not been able to regenerate and dwell in work and speak by, then the opportunity has been missed for being fitted for Immortality and Eternal life.  The human soul  period is the time when we can hear His Voice and let His will  be  wrought in us and so be saved.   Eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent, in contrast to human life, which is a vanishing, perishing thing.   The Spirit  returns to  God and the body to the dust from whence it came and was sustained.  But only those who have been born into the family of God can be with Him in Heaven and  (or) earth according to His pleasure and purpose.   Jesus said, God is not the God of the dead but the God of the living, either here or  elsewhere.

This may make it easy for you to follow what’s written in the book.   People generally have a poor conception of what’s spirit, soul and body.  We can be alive to God in Spirit, soul and body while here, or dead to Him and alive to the world, flesh and Devil, which determines our condition and relationship.

Death opens the eyes of all that’s eternal verities  and so joy or sorrow according  to the way we have used our opportunity.   We are born, to be born again, and better never born if we miss the purpose of it all, and so perish.  The work of the Devil is to make people think they can do these things by their own wisdom and knowledge, and so people are very easy to lead to choose whats good for food, pleasant to the eyes and  a tree to make one wise which  is all the Devil possessed world can offer.

The pride of the human  heart and our own natural iniquity  or thots  (and) desires leading us  and seeking the (---on) of unrighteousness or all that the Devil can offer us, or place, power, portion, influence, is very seductive, and no man can resist  them without God.  With God all things are possible in fighting this battle.  Without God we can only drift or perish with the mob.  Adam was head of the human family   and his experience in the Garden, show the 2 possibilities in human life.   Jesus is  the head of the regenerate family, 1st begotten of many brethren .  If we shared the Adam nature and failed in the Christ nature  as we see in Cain and Abel, we can see the eternal possibilities.  Wither (sic)God  possessed and suffering for it, or Devil possessed and making the God possessed suffer.

My best love to all,

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:
Rev. Chas. E. Fuller, Calvary Church, Placenta CA
July 26, 1927
P. O. Box 333
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Fuller:

I was pleased to hear from Mrs. Mary Loitz that you had been to see her, even tho it looked wolfish in its manner, seeing she had a husband---who was worth trying to help--which would have been more even Justice rather than 2 to one—or 2 to  half of one .

Adam and Eve had 3 experiences in the garden.   1st. They were perfectly  human.  2nd.  They were perfectly  deceived by the Devil thru Serpent, to eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and  evil, having their eyes opened  ~ and clothing themselves with fig leaves, the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees of all ages with their experience & profession.   3rd. Their hearing of the Voice of the Lord God walking in the Garden in the Cool of the day.

The 2nd. Experience is what the whole world unregenerate world has had, & which covers all the profession of the whole Xtian  professing world whose outward marks are given in Matt. 23;  which is like a full length  portrait of all, & all their varied activities, from the Pope of Rome to your own self in your work in Placentia.    I don’t expect you can see this, nor do I expect you to do other than run and hide amongst the trees in the garden  ~ as I have so often seen people do when told the truth for the first  time by the  Spirit & power of the Lord walking as a Stranger amongst.   You notice the “Voice of the Lord” which is the only Gospel that ever has saved or ever will save man from their own & the Devils delusion thru the written words of the prophets which was able to deceive the people who put Jesus to death according to the Scriptures  as a Bastard  ~ saying he was the Son of God, a heretic, Blasphemer, & mover of Sedition ~ which words  describe  exactly what He was when He came walking, or in apostolic fashion in opposition to the orthodox Serpent way of living settled amongst the people.

You can have no difficulty in seeing the connection between Adam’s 2nd. experience and Matt. 23:  Jesus summing it up in the Scribes   educated preachers & teachers, Pharisees, holy Righteous professors before men, seed of the Serpent, Generations of Vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of Hell?” & these words are for all who carry on so called public worship with education & profession which passes in the eyes of men as being Xtian.   The Voice of the Lord God opened Adams eyes to see he had been deceived by the serpent & thro influence of Eve, the woman in all ages having been the ready willing instrument of the serpent to deceive  the man, because she is more susceptible to what is good for food, pleasent (sic.)  to the eyes, and knowledge of the Scriptures which will make her wise & God like.    The false prophets in all ages have, & More so today than ever, relied on much on  womans influence, -- Baptising babes—marrying &  burying of  the people being the links that bind them very closely.

The Lord cursed all that Adam had been taught to Bless.  “ On thy Belly shalt thou  go & dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.”   Which is an exact description in pill form of all the  activities of all the false Scribes and Pharisees prophets  from then  to now, & refers to the hireling being the foundation mark of all  false prophecy . John 10; gives you a contrast between the 2 ways of becoming a preacher.   It’s  worth notice that all 10 chapters in N. T. refers to the same matter—those who become preachers as Jesus became  preacher & those who  climb up  some other way . He sums it up by saying all who ever came me, or  Superior to me, in like manner of their life were thieves and robbers,  The sheep did not hear them, & this may explain why Mrs. L  did not hear you, & why the goats will be very fond of you & hate the Least of these my brethren who is to be the test for the sheep & goats  who name His name in these last days of this age.    You can see in Cain & Able the 2 effects worked out, Cain being a sample of what an unregenerate professor with the  2nd. experience of Adam will be & do.  Able what the voice of the Lord God will produce.  The Pharisees  & Scribes  always give the best the land can produce, or what’s possible to a man without letting God work in His heart according to the Voice of  the Lord God Gospel.   All scriptures came by inspiration.  No scripture  is of any private interpretation.  If a man   had not received the Spirit of the God of Heaven, he will have the spirit of the God of this world the Devil, & so use every scripture to his own destruction  as did Cain, & all through to the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus & our day.     All the theologians & professors of all sorts in all ages have been able to make use of the words of the dead prophets for their honor, glory & profit, but not one  in any age could take the Spirit of understanding which only God can give & so they are Blind leaders  of the Blind, & both fall in the same ditch.   Think today  of the world full of preachers, professors, blind leaders & blind followers who preach in His name, cast out Devils & do many wonderful works, but do it  not as He did it who was the way to do it,- The living truth (not the dead letter) & the life manifested in every detail which revealed the  works  of the Devil not in the sinners around Him, but in the so-called Righteous  whose hatred was stirred till they killed Him, as Cain did his brother.

You may be as good a man as Nicodemus was, with the same sort of knowledge, or like the rich young Ruler who wanted to have the power Jesus had, but you can never hope to but by hearing & and heeding the voice of the Lord God thru the lips of a Man sent & sealed of God, and it will cost you  all you ever sought to be & and do in His name, for iniquity is our own ways & thots about Him, encouraged  by our following of other workers of iniquity such as the Pope, Luther, Calvin, Wesley Fox, Spurgeon & Co., who saw  one another wrong but never saw that Jesus alone was right.  There is perhaps a 1000 ways today of reading and interpreting His words which fills the world full of Iniquity, confusion, darkness & death as in Noah’s day, Abram’s day, Moses day and Jesus day.  Has it ever changed the Carpenter who sits on the Throne, or changed His mind in how men can live so as to be anointed of the God of heaven and sent to preach, or speak His words by the same spirit as the apostles.   Did Jesus ever  say   Go and preach to a man after the pattern & manner of the life of a Pharisee or Scribe?  He made His disciples like Himself in manner of life & such He spoke to & gave power by His Spirit.  If men are ashamed to bear the  same marks and relationship to the Religious as He did, then  there can be only one answer & end to all their activities and they will see the difference between the 2 ways and manner of life when they have been honourably  buried & open  their eyes in Hell to pray for the help they despised for themselves & others, but the gulf is fixed and the matter settled..

I will be pleased to hear from you at any time, & its a matter of life or death to you  and  all others in the whole world.  And I know my place & work as well as did Noah, Abram, Moses, the prophets, and as the servant of Him who sits on the throne.  I pray you to give earnest  heed to the matter.

Yours very truly  in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Walter & Neomi Noble
August 23, 1927
P. O. Box 553
Jerusalem  Palestine

My dear Walter, Neomi & Co;

Many thanks for your 2. I had another short note from Minnie in good heart, we had a paper notice of a quake in Calif. But no details in todays paper also Hong Kong typhoon for 15 hours & some other items, but the main thing is the Saccho Vazzette case & the execution, which I expect to hear tomorrow has been carried out after 4 years delay.    its quite a big lot to see U.S.A  embarrass   all other places where U. S.A. people are being guarded night & day by police or soldiers, a big job when you realize they are scattered over the world.   U. S.A.  has tried  to keep clean & and out of trouble an has been brought more directly into touch with Bolshi than any other nation, this is  His power & wisdom made manifest over all & none can escape what He sends as their lot.

Cholera  is reported in Iraq, Persia & China in several places in each country no doubt the whole world,  Health organisations(sic) will be on the jump because  of it, Locusts in Syria, Transjordania & Egypt & I notice that Boll Weevil is in the maze and cotton in U. S.A. fields & has raised prices considerably, then the Northern army in China  seems  to be pruning the south back in Nanking & Shanghi, I was out at Bethlehem on Sunday & had a look  at the 200 houses which are to be demolished, & had the pleasure of seeing the house I left on 27th. being  leveled to the ground, I also found the house  I lived in for 5 1/2  years unoccupied so I think it got smitten also, & reports also that the bill will be over 4 million  in place of  ¼ million  they spoke of first & this is for Palestine alone.

All public servants are given 3 days pay for relief work, but the hardest hit people are those who were owners & renters & and for them we have less sympathy when we know their ambitions for past 3 years.

The real cause for the Jewish act back was putting too much into houses  & land  & leaving too little to go on, and now they have still a large unemployed people on their hands to whom they have paid in dole, 1200,00 nd and nothing  for it.  Many of their officials salaries  are 7 months over due which has damped their arder (sic) some & one is not seeing as many  big headed cocky Jews.  About 100 Communists attacked  the S.A. counsel houses on Saturday night with stones, & were soon dispersed.  It’s queer for us to be in the place where the more  mourning  and suffering we read & hear  of should fill our hearts with joy & gladness.

Read  Rev. 15: & see if it’s not proof that we are near the beginning of the greatest things when the plagues are to be  poured out  on the earth.   We are pretty  clear on the signs of Rev. 12 and Exodus 15: opens with another sign in Heaven, Great & Marvelous  and Angels having the 7 last plagues, for in them is filled up the wrath of God, and I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire, this is my vision of the whole sea of humans on the earth, what was in 1914, a sea of mud to me is now clear as crystal  & mingled with fire.  His judgements in Divers places till the whole is pretty near covered  and here we see the Woman stand, that has gotten the victory over the  beast,  the image & mark & number of his name, this gives us some further marks  whereby we can  know who are the woman and  who are not, 1st. they were to be  those that hear and keep the reading of the  reading, then in  Chap. 2 & 3 they are they that hear what the Spirit saith to the churches, then they are clothed with the Sun, Moon under  their feet & a crown of 12 stars on their head & in pain for the bringing forth  of the Manchild, but there in Chap. 15: we find them having the victory over the Beast of Rev. 13:  The League of Nations which has not been able to deceive or raise any false hopes.  But rather is the sign of the breaking of all nations, then we are not deceived by the Image of the Beast.

Balfour in who’s name the League of Nations promised  a National home to the Jews, nor are we deceived  by the mark of the Zionist which is published  far  & wide as the hope of the Jews, nor  by the number of his name, S.A.M.U.E.L. the man who has been the first high Commissioner and who will come back again to be their president, &  whom they will declare  as their  Messiah, the Anti-Christ & they who have gotten the victory, sang a New Song of Moses & Servant of God and the Lamb.

You can look up Moses Song after they saw the Egytpians (sic) washed up on the shores of the Red Sea, Ex.15: and then the Song of Moses before  he returned to Nebo, to be bound there.  But thats the old song and it’s a New Song about the Servant of God, the Moses of today and the Victory which is ours over the whole deluded Devil possessed world, and of the Lamb who has made it all possible, as we look on the victory of the past 13 years there can be nothing but song in our hearts as we see all His and our enemies defeated and left blind, dark and dead to all thats going on, on the earth in contrast to the clear vision which make the humanity of the earth like a sea of Transparent Glass mingled  with fire of His Judgement everywhere.  Great and Marvelous are thy works Lord God Almighty, Just and true are thy ways thou King  of  Saints.   You can apply this in a double sense to Him that  Sitteth on the Throne in Heaven laughing at their wise attempts to counter His work  of Judgement  (sic) and also to my King on Mt. Zion, for you to notice how Moses the Servant of God &  of the Lamb are  coupled together, the Master and  Servant, who shall not fear thee O Lord and Glorify thy name of Him as Judge and the work of Judgment.

Mention to all whom we meet , for thou only are Holy  (wholly) true, to all you have ever said from the foundation of the world, no matter by or thru whom spoken, for all nations shall come and worship before thee, the 144,000 who are to come from N.E.S. & W  shooing (sic) how His past judgments have been made  manifest to all who are being sealed in their foreheads.  This is where we stand today and gives us some idea of what 4 mo. past feast  was meant to be and it will increase every day as we see the plagues being poured out on the earth, first of which is to be a noisome  grievous sore on these who have the mark of the beast & worship his image, which means the League people and those who take great pride  in the image.

Balfour & his declaration, so it will be very personal and easy to see.  I’m sure you will be able to read for yourselves in here  and enjoy the Song to the full for it’s  a New Song of the Servant of God and the Lamb with the greater  things to follow.

Best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Mary O’Mullen, 597-Lisburn Rd., Belfast   Ireland.
September 1, 1927
PO Box 553

My dear Mary  2nd;

I call you this because I have known [Mary ? Cooke] from a child though only in these past years by letter  have I got to know more of her heart toward Jesus and His Servant.   I was also a Presbyterian till I began to seek the Lord 35 years ago, and found they could only give me words and doctrine which was dead and so no value (either) to them or me.  It was a surprise then more than now, as I recognize that all religions no matter what its name or form is but a form of Godliness to deceive the hearts of the simple and keep them in bondage till their day and opportunity is gone to find out they never could be regenerated by what was contrary to all Jesus revealed.  God has never dwelt in or spoken by men who are of all the same kind as His enemies when He was here amongst men. Matt 23: gives you the marks we find (on) all sorts of religionist no matter how they may vary in many ways. And the words He spoke to the Jewish scribes or educated people who were the leaders the,… apply to all who have the same pretense today.  Pharisee  means holier than the common people. And these two words covers the marks we find on all who pretend to be Servants of God, but who only repeat His words and seek to  get profit  and honor, place and power amongst others, as did the Jewish Rabbi’s in their day.  When a person truly desires to follow the Lord, he won’t  want to be much amongst such people who are always full of iniquity and hypocrisy and very able to deceive simple minded  people, who have never been awakened to the eternal possibilities  in going on without God working in their hearts till its too late, and so perish, or miss the great possibility of being a true child of God, and having the Spirit truly work your heart and so be able to understand  His will, working in  purpose today as in Jesus Alpha days.  You may find it as great  change in your life and destiny, as it was for Mary and Martha to meet Jesus, and sit at His feet and hear God speak truth by His lips, which was as life Giving as had been the words of the clergy of that day and of ours, producers of death and all attempts by unanointed  people to interpret the Book is only serpent poison, same as Adam and Eve got from Serpent.  All the men you read of in the Bible who were Prophets of God were common ordinary men with no clerical pretension or recognition, but hatred and persecuted by them.  Jesus was a plain common carpenter, uneducated man, but anointed with the Spirit of God and such were the true apostles also.  W(h)en you grasp this fact, it makes it easy to see why you can find such conditions in James Cooke’s home, a carpenter in Belfast, as Jesus was in Nazareth.

So  you see ( sic) are very fortunate, and you can give God thanks for His Mercy in having met Mary and her home folks, and also for Having (had) ears to hear what she said and inquire for more light.  It will all be very new to you, but it will give you something to live for and hope in, when all else seems very drab, dark, and dead around you.  Hear and your soul shall live, watch how it will  give you new life, light, love, vision and possibilities you could never dream of and which will dawn on you slowly but surely, if you have an honest heart towards God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, who alone can make you understand and value privileges .  Don’t think that your being a simple country girl can hinder you, but rather the opposite;  for you can see from the Scriptures the sort of people whom God and Jesus chose to be their Servants in that day, and  so now  I look for  the same marks.

Yours very truly in Him,  

Wm. Irvine

P.S . I am pleased to see you bear a good Irish name, which I trust will be better known in Heaven  than in Ireland  and find a place in the Lamb’s Book of Life, as a brand plucked from the burning of general destruction which is about to begin.  For we are just about on the eve of the Great Tribulation for judgement  of all men and nations on the face of the whole earth.                  W. I.

I will be pleased to hear from you whenever you care, or when I can be useful to you in any way and you will find all my friends the same I’m sure, when you get to know them better

Wm. Irvine 

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Carson
October 27, 1927

My dear Harry and Mary:

Thanks for your letter and the Baby and the name, which I hope may do as much for your home as it has done for me and Mrs. W. Loitz, for it was the first name I got and was the beginning of life for them in every sense of the word, which I believe has had His Seal.

It was a surprise to me when I had heard they had called their boy Wm. Irvine Loitz, for they had been but little in touch with me prior to that, and were not very hopeful.  But the naming of their baby after me caused them to find out who were my friends and enemies among their own people, and so their confession was what brought His Seal on them and all they have, which is more to me than any honor which can ever come from man.

What would my honoring be if it did not bring His blessing on those who confess my name before others, and I don’t know any way people could do it better, or in a more public and practical way, and later on we may see it’s wisdom when my work develops as the Manchild, by whom blessing and cursing will go to the ends of the earth.

I suppose you know that your children enter the same covenant you do.  So that not only your name will be found in the Book, but all that concerns you.  You can read up Malachi 3 for yourself and see if it does not warrant this.

Paul says of Alpha days that even the unbelieving husband or wife is sanctified or included in the blessing through their partner.  So that father or mother can always claim for each other or the family.

It’s wonderful how some who were babies when I last saw them are now quite interested in me and Jerusalem as well as in the things which I write to their parents.

Children are in the Covenant of either blessing or cursing with their parents till they become of age to choose for or against.  Just as Cain and Abel were.

But I keep all that comes from His heart for I would not trouble you or any other with anything else if I know It.

The world is full of plenty that comes from every other source.  But it’s dead, dark, and dangerous, not to speak of robbing of all that’s blessed and glorious in giving strength, comfort, hope, and every other which is valuable.

Jesus said to the women who were weeping over Him as He bore His Cross – Weep not for me but weep for your own children.  The time cometh when they shall say, blessed is the womb that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck.  Referring to what awaits the children of the whole wicked world when Judgment years begin with it’s war, drought and famine.

This is very bitter medicine, but it’s all the sweeter to see that He has prepared a place in Jerusalem for the woman seed, which will include the children.

You can read Rev. 12 and see for yourself a place prepared of God where they, the Angels and Michael, will feed her there 3½ years, twice over.  So it’s good to see His interest in those who have had ears to hear, and gather around the Man of Revelation.

I’m glad you had such a nice helpful time when Mr. And Mrs. Lauchlin were amongst you, and as sure as your appetite and witness increase it will grow sweeter as the days go by.

There are many great and wonderful things happening on the earth – more than we can count – but every one a step nearer the day when we shall enter on our inheritance in fuller measure.

I’m sure your baby will have joined you closer to Walter and Neoma than ever, for it’s very sweet to have the double experience with others.

My best love and wishes for all three,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Webbs,
224 North Street, Hugglescote, Leicester, England

October 31, 1927

My dear Webbs:

Many thanks for your letter, kind in Spirit and word.  I have never met Ivor, but am sure you met a man, and may find it a big day in your life some day later on.  The answer to your question is that He made a corpse from the dust of the earth, which proves that He today has met all their scientific bunk, even in that very act, for He did not know who or how far anyone might go in pride and vanity, either angels or men, but He did know what they would think and say when they did.

He made angels and they made themselves Devils – deceivers of men – in place of ministers to those who were the heirs of Salvation.  He breathed into his nostrils the breath of Life and he became a living soul such as men are till the Spirit and body are separated; then there is no more soul life till they are united again.  So it only covers the activities which are possible while here in social intercourse with others.  The body returns to dust and the Spirit to God, showing that He has preserved in death the pattern given us at the beginning.

What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul, or remain dead to God, or fail to be born into the Christ Family, which is the real purpose of existence, for the lower kingdoms have no value apart from that which they have in relation to the higher and highest.  To perish, just means to fail to be brought into the Family of God, for God’s purpose in all that He has done, and is going to do, is to propagate Himself in His universe.

Inasmuch as He made a man and not woman – till the man had found what he needed – He did not create man and woman, but one man and then out of the man the woman to satisfy all the felt needs which he had learned amongst the animals and lower creation.  This is what a true love match really means, which is more difficult than ever, for a man can never value a wife if he has not felt the loneliness and need, nor can he truly love till he has found the one woman who meets that need.  This is God’s ideal, and all else is second rate.

Why brand Cain? is second cousin to the old skeptic’s question of where did Cain get his wife; the answer being where did Adam get his when there were no woman.  The one necessity includes the other – of marrying a younger sister in the same family, which no doubt he did.  The danger in these questions is that they lead to death to God, for that’s the penalty of knowledge of good and evil from the Serpent (unanointed) devil-possessed teachers or preachers.  What value can the Spirit of God be brooding over man, if they accept the Devil’s tuition by a serpent guide, and how few can escape such, but you can expect that Cain and Abel were well kept from Serpent guidance after Adam and Eve were outside the Garden, but you can see the end in Cain’s experience by his own self thoughts and ways.

Angels became devils by their own pride and iniquity, so with Cain, his own thoughts and ways guided him in his worship and service, even with his father as his Spiritual guide, which made it possible for Abel to become Lamb natured and Spirit sealed.  We are often apt to think that when we get rid of Serpent influence we are safe, but not from our own iniquity such as we see in the many who are called, and the few who are chosen even by the True Prophet of God in every age.  What made angel devil, can produce Cain sacrifice, service and pre-eminence amongst men, which probably is the “Mark of Cain.”

There is always plenty of respect shown to a man who will go his own way and vent his own thoughts, but never to the man of God.  There can only be one reception for that, and that is scandal, persecution and suffering from every thing of person which is not of God.  So they have been always Pilgrims and strangers looking forward to the day when wickedness would cease from the Earth, and Righteousness reign, such as we can look forward to; so if we escape the Serpent and his poison, let us beware of the more subtile form of interpreting God’s thoughts and ways by our own selfish spirit, soul and body.  He said the things of God are hid from the wise and prudent people, and revealed to Babes and Sucklings, or those who have got life through a Man, or Seed of God, and therefore gladly welcome the sincere milk of the Word from his lips, as a babe would milk from the mother.  What a natural mother is to the natural child, the Spirit of God is to the Spiritual.  We are born of the Spirit, cleansed, clothed, warmed, fed, led, guided, reproved, etc.

These are the marks of the Spirit of God, and you know dead human can never produce living human, no more can dead Spiritual ever speak and give us the words of Eternal Life which brings us to know God.  While the Devil, etc., is always anxious to get us to know about God as if He were a dead, far off person, in place of a living, Loving Father to all who will hear Him.  Gospel, is not reading about God, or quoting the words of God, but hearing God speak through a Man’s Lips – words which cause us to hear God and respond and learn to walk by His Guidance.

The Brand of Cain is the world mark, or that which makes men tolerate us and let us go on our own way in contrast to the hatred which every true child of God gets.  There is toleration to all men who take their own way, but none for the man who takes God’s way.  All the 7 sects of the Jews in Jerusalem were solid against Jesus and Co., though they were all cats and dogs to one another, and so we can always know what’s of God of this world – or Devil – and that which is of the God of Heaven.

Insomuch as Adam and Eve were created in the Image of God, personality, free will and free choice, you can see the full liberty to choose and do as we like, even when we know God has said we shall surely die, or be left so that the Spirit can’t do anything for you, till you are willing to hear the Voice of the Lord God walking in the Garden.  Adam’s 3 experiences cover all that ever happens in our life.  1st, human; 2nd, deceived by the Devil; 3rd, undeceived and saved by God, and taken outside the whole religious world, to do for others what was done for us in saving us from our delusion and unrighteousness in the Garden or religious world.

Sin, is living so that God can’t work in us.  Tresspassing, is doing what we choose, whether it be contrary to God or man.  Wickedness, is taking the Serpent’s guidance and our own way, and judging all men by that standard; so you see there are many brands and degrees, but all wicked devil possessed, while thinking they are God possessed, for all the Devil’s work is marked of God, just as all that’s true work of God is branded Devil.

The Scriptures, or Truth of God without His Spirit, is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  It’s not knowledge people need, but Life by God’s Spirit working in our hearts.  You can’t make a dog your child – it needs your life and nature ere it can respond to your guidance and care.  The Scripture is like a looking glass, and so we can see where we are, but it’s no use unless you have the Light of God.  If the Light which is in you is darkness, you can only see as Adam and Eve saw in their 2nd experience.  You can see in their 1st experience the light of human life in Adam’s desire of a wife and her meeting his needs in every sense, but that same human nature only let them to swallow the Serpent’s lie, and but for the Voice of the Lord God reaching them they would have perished, and they did not desire or welcome or feel their need.  It was forced upon them in the providence of God.

Darkness always fears and flees from the light, whereas Light is always fearless of darkness and aggressive.  All the comfort Adam and Eve had in the Garden only made for their greater danger, such is all that can be said of all that’s Church, Charity, and material blessing.  If the Prodigal had found satisfaction in feeding the swine and eating their fare, he would never come home, and such covers all religious experience and so-called material and other help.

The Tree was good for food, pleasant to the eyes, and makes one wise with the hoping of becoming Sons of God.  This was the lure of the Serpent to Eve, and covers all the power of the appeal of the religious world.  Jesus’ poverty could never tempt men by food, or His reproach appeal to pleasing the eyes of man, and it could only make fools in place of wise men in the eyes of others.  God’s appeal is always the opposite.  The Pilgrim’s Progress is a good sample of all that men can get from the religious world, and only proves Bunyan’s unregenerate heart, even though he was a martyr to the English Church – orthodox bigotry.

All Scripture was given by inspiration, no Scripture is of any private interpretation – meaning no one can understand but by the same Spirit which inspired the man who gave the Scriptures.  Cain is a sample of what man can become without this inspiration.  Judas shows us how hopeless a man is that tries to follow Jesus, and yet hangs on to his religious thoughts and ways in heart.  Judas was trying to follow Jesus with a Pharisee heart, or trying to be friendly with Adam and Eve; outside the Garden, while lodging in the Garden at night.  Judas was more influenced by what he heard of scandal outside, than by what he heard from God through Jesus’ lips.

Judas is a good sample of Cain, who had all the privileges of Abel, but his own selfish thoughts, ways, and doings made it impossible for God to work in him, and so Cain killed Abel and Judas betrayed Jesus.  We see the 2 possibilities in Judas and the Disciples, for they were all martyred, while he destroyed himself and his bowels gushed out, to show us what was controlling him.  Judas was like many in the Evangelical world today who claim the blood of Jesus, but don’t let God work in their heart, which is the real faith which justifies.  Only such as are in Christ can claim the covenant promises.  Read Heb. 8: 10-12, this is the new covenant.

If we are in Adam, all die.  Even so in Christ Jesus all shall be made alive, but it means being made partakers of human and Divine nature.  There are 7 Kingdoms – Elemental, Compound, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Angel, and Kingdom of God; and all that fail to become members of the 7th Kingdom – what value is all else, it perishes or misses the purpose God had in view in all that He created and made, so if you can find the Spirit of God witness to these things, and let Him work the good pleasure of His will and you will begin to realize the value of Ivor’s friendship and fellowship.  I have found him a very true, hearty man, though it has only been by letter, which is the condition for present days for the Reader of Revelation.

Because wickedness has over run the whole Earth, therefore the need for the New Creation, and the need for the destruction of the old, which has been going on since 1914, and explains all the changes which have taken place in every sense of the word.  The War was but the start of the work of destruction.  We reached the end of the 6th day, and the eve of the 7th day with its New Heaven and New Earth, etc.

My best love in Him to all who bear your name,

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Fladungs
November 4, 1927
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Fladungs,

Many thanks for yours.  It’s good to hear about the stirring up of the hornets nest.  They would like to kill the bees and eat the honey; but they can’t do it this time, for times are changing for us and them.  They do the dying, and we enter into fullness of life.  Cain has had long enough run on the Earth, and now it’s Abel’s turn.

But they will not be able either to see it or hear it, with all history and tradition to prove that the mark of Cain has been effective during the reign of righteousness.  This gives us probably the reason for the mark of the beast, who are to die; just as those who are sealed in their foreheads are to live and reign with Him, and will have the Father’s name written in their foreheads by the Head with the 12 Star Crown; and the Woman clothed with the Sun and Moon under her feet, and hope of bringing forth the Manchild in her heart.

The true Cain Seed of this generation are the Remnant of the Woman; for they had the same opportunity as the Woman of Revelation 12:1-2; like Cain had all the same privileges which Abel had--same father and mother, same home training, same truth and altar.  But they offered the fruit of the ground, showing their self thoughts and ways hindered God being able to perfect the Lamb nature.  And so they could offer no acceptable offering which God could seal with His Spirit.  In The Testimony today, we see the Way the whole religious world has produced and perpetuated from the Truth of God without His nature and seal.  The proof of their Devil possession is always revealed in their anger, hatred, controversy in the field; with the final killing of the anointed of God.  The blood of Abel has been crying out for vengeance all these ages; just as the blood of Jesus speaks peace to all who are born of God, or in Christ. For He has promised to be merciful to our unrighteousness, and remember no more our sins and iniquities.

To those who are not in the covenant, which begins in Him writing His law in our hearts and putting them into our minds, there is remembrance of all their sins and iniquities forever; and they are blood guilty, or guilty of the blood of Abel in that they are the seed of Cain.  I often wondered at how often it speaks about blood guilty in the Psalms and Prophets.  You can look it up, but it always refers to the guilt of Cain.  And the proof that they are his seed, is their spirit and actions; their hatred of all Spirit revelation, teaching and witness, and the seal they have for offering the fruit of the Earth, or flesh fruit of all sorts.

God’s purpose is to multiply Himself in the universe; and so you can see that only what comes from God, and is created by His Spirit, can ever be acceptable to God.  And how foolish to think that anything His Spirit would work in our hearts could make us see, feel, think or be contrary to Jesus, who is the head of the Christ family; and to whose image we have to be conformed.  So they measure us by our human marks, and fail to see the Christ marks; in that we have His law written in our hearts.  They accuse us for our sins and iniquities; we accuse them for the Earth righteousness, the fruits of their own thoughts and ways; and God sets the seal of His disapproval on them by making them hate and kill their brother, even as Cain did.  They profess to love Him who is the first begotten in heaven, while they hate him whom they have seen, eaten with and shaken hands with, and all the other marks which Abel had towards Cain.  So their Devil-possession is God’s seal on their fruit of the ground offering; just as His Spirit and our suffering is proof of our acceptance by God.

"Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen?"  Is not this the mark on all who claim the Lord as their master, etc.?  Surely, of all things that should be expected from those who name His name, is that they will not be offended in the sins and iniquities and unrighteousness of those who name His name; for if we can’t forgive those whom we have seen, and are part of our own flesh and blood nature, how can we have any hope from God?  Sin lieth at the door; and if we fall over that, then there is no hope.  If thou doest well, in forgiving others, then God has given us in our heart, the proof of what’s in His heart.  And we should be very glad to find such a nature as refuses to measure man by their human marks, and seeks to have people bear the marks of God’s nature being in them.

   "And unto thee shall be his desire."  Abel will desire his brother Cain, but Cain shall rule over him.  "If thou doest well" shows that it’s not a matter of theory, but a matter of doing.  Surely it’s not hard to do, if people are willing.  But if we remember against our brother his sins, then our sins and iniquities will be remembered forever.  You can see what a gulf is fixed between those who forgive and those who accuse; and it lies at every man’s door, meaning there is no getting past it, for such is necessary in His purpose.  People who have been made to believe that if they had no sins, then God would accept them and be their God; whereas, sin and sins can never be separate.  A man’s sins will be revealed by his attitude to others sins; for sin means a man in whom God can’t and is not working in.  So we see how easy the whole thing works out practically, and how little theory can do to help.  For the more knowledge of good and evil people have, the more they stumble over others sins; and the louder their profession of holiness and righteousness, the surer they are to become the accusers of their neighbors.  And you can see the home becomes a very nursery for the truth of God, for home is just as sweet as it should be in proportion as love and forgiveness rule the hearts and homes.  And where could it be more bitter and galling than where this is lacking?  So that the divorce court speaks loudly for what’s in so many, and is like a finger post to warn.  But sin lieth at the door seems to imply that the real test lies in our relationship to those who are not of the family.  And we soon find out, no matter where we go, that there are plenty occasions to stumble over our neighbors, and so exercise the gift which God has so wonderfully and fully revealed and given to His own Son.

And He has also made the Anointed, of all ages, the supreme test for the whole wicked world, for have they not in all ages, been made victims of scandal and iniquity as no other could be?  Paul speaks about being a spectacle to angels and men, to either be for us or against us.  Salt and light bear the same meaning.  Pharisee salt is to accuse everyone who will not bear their yoke.  Their light is to blind the eyes of men, till they believe that the Devil is God, and God is the Devil.  So Calvary conflict has been good, and no doubt all arranged to reveal the hearts of all who have been touched by it.

My best love to all who bear your name and His,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: James Cooke & Family
November 15, 1927
From: P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear James & Family,

Many thanks for yours. It's not to be wondered at that the 2 new chums should have tribulation to test their heart. It would be no value if they had not the qualities which make it possible for Him to work out the good pleasure of His will in them. You know how many of the same sort we have seen, even in Alpha days, and now when He is gathering His Jewels you can be quite sure there will be no chaff or trash amongst them.

Our joy and gladness is not centered on anything that man can say or do, but on Him who is the doer of Great and Marvellous works, the greatest of which is the man and woman gathered around him. The greatest manifestation of His Love, Grace and mercy the world has ever seen or ever will. What He said in the Garden: The Seed of the woman shall bruise the Serpent's head, and it shall bruise his heel, is being fulfilled in this work.

This is the true meaning of overcomer. That when the earth is full of false Prophets there should be one of this age, a true prophet; and their bruising of his heal (sic) is the surest mark of a human kind we could have and the methods by which He keeps the tares out. For the tree of life was to be protected from the presumptuous workers of Iniquity and the proud of heart thro their walk, work and light, that the Man of Rev. should be the greatest born of woman, and the greatest of all the prophets and Apostles and 2nd only to Himself, which is the meaning of sitting at his right hand.

People went out into the wilderness to see John Baptist, expecting he would be a reed shaken by the wind; or a big man moved by the spirit of the age, such as we see in the world so common; or someone in special dress. But Jesus reminded them that such that bear these marks are always to be found in the high places and big houses. And we have little idea how far this covers all the great servants of men and devils today. But John, tho more than a Prophet, had none of these marks. Just the simple dress of the fellah of the desert, as Jesus had but the marks of the village workmen from Nazareth, a place that could not produce anything of note in men's eyes.

Amongst them born of women, there hath not risen a greater than John. Born of woman reminds us of what seed of the woman means in the human sense. Nevertheless he that is least in the Kingdom, is greater than he, looking on to the time of the end. It's good to sit quietly and look back thro history, and over the whole earth today and recognise the simple truth which is contained in these words, and how well the secret has been kept by his being the Least in religious men’s eyes.

To think that a man of our flesh and blood day and generation should overcome as He overcame and sit down with Him in His Throne, even as He overcame and is sat down with His Father in His Throne, are tremendous words in import. We think much, and not too much, of the victory which Jesus won in Alpha days. But His victory in producing such a man is the greater and greatest of all His works.

It's one thing to read Rev. XXI: 7: He that overcometh shall inherit all things (that I have) created and redeemed, promised and foreshadowed. He shall be my Son and I will be his God. Think on how long and patiently He has waited for that day when He could place at His side on the Throne a man born of women. It looks like presumption and Blasphemy to say such a thing, but it's the greatest Joy of Heaven and the only hope for the world in future days, and the great triumph of His Grace. Whether the end of the age was delayed till this could be accomplished I know not. But I'm certain today that the end of Alpha could not have come till this was fulfilled to His satisfaction, and it makes the Alpha work which I did all the greater in my eyes, for that was the foundation of it all.

Surely no one will be able to say that the opportunity did not lie at every man's door. For what advantage had I over anyone. But I did what other people said and did in spite of all. For I never had one man tell me it was the perfect thing to do, nor did I ever think it was such a valuable thing in His sight. And to the world with a world full of enemies and plenty around me gathered, I finished the Alpha Gospel. And even what's going on was only made possible by the perfection of the work done and is a monument to His Grace and my grit.

People might say that we Boast. But there is no room for boasting when there are no competitors. And I'm sure there will be no envy in Heaven, nor will John despise my rightful place. For they have all been looking on at the battle won. And victory is victory, and vengeance for all who have been made to suffer.

Psalms 2 and Proverbs 1 finish with great comfort: Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him. Cursed are all they who put their trust in the Lord and despise His Anointed. Whose hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely and shall be quiet from fear of evil. Can you trust it, having heard the call and regarded the hand held out.

In the light of these things you can see what it means for a woman to compass a man and see him brot forth to judge all nations with the Rod of Iron & smite them to shivers. And you can see what a great work it has been in perfecting the man & those who are the woman, for such tremendous work as judging, by people of the same blood, the whole world. For we will be like Judge & Jury. Who can accuse Him for injustice when it's all to be done by & according to men in the flesh. No wonder our hearts produce music & our mouth the song of Moses & the Lamb.

So we don't take any stock in the whole 1700 millions who know nothing of these things, far less your 2 friends who, in their simplicity, don't know their right hand from their left. Your eyes will be towards the man as you surround him, and all else will matter little, knowing what great things from the whole earth will come out of this gathering and perfecting.

My Best Love in Him to your Family and Self,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Walter & Neomi Noble
November 17,  1927
P. O. Box 553
Jerusalem  Palestine.

My Dear Walter, Neomi & I.J.:

Thanks for yours today & last Thurs. & the notes enclosed with sweetest & tenderest wishes & most ardent hopes.   The contrasts in the weather of Nov. are not more  striking than that of those who are clothed with the Sun & those whose light is in darkness & Gloom. The moonshine & candle light is about as effective as home light is compared to sunshine.  No wonder people used to read the extravagant words of the Book as figurative.  But there is no exaggeration in saying that Omega things are 1000 fold more glorious than Alpha.  When Jesus said in the garden of Eden (as Lord) or voice of Lord God.  The seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the Serpent & it shall bruise his heel.  How we can  laugh at all the silly readings of these words when we see it fulfilled in the Overcomer, who is the man referred to &  all  argument ended. When we read Rev. 21:7--  He that Overcometh shall inherit all things.  I will be his God & He shall be my son  & V.8 gives you the marks & doom of these who have been his enemies & despisers because of his being least & by who he was made. Least in the Kingdom of God.

He that sat on the Throne said, Behold I make all things new, write for these words are true & faithful.  True in promise & faithful in fulfillment & said, It is done—which reminds us of His—It is finished ( the Alpha work). I am Alpha & Omega.  The beginning & the end.  I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the Water of Life freely. Read Isa.55: & see the conditions the same.  Ho every one that Thristeth, come & etc.  The Overcomer is the Ho Man.  And you can see how large provision He has made in the  144,000 whom He gathers from the ends of the earth to take the waters of life freely to  all who feel their need & He will by His judgments  create thirst.   Read Rev. 8:10-11, is the finish of the old  Gospel.  A star burning as it were a lamp, fell upon the Rivers & fountains & the Star was called Wormwood  & 1/3 part of the waters became bitter as wormwood & many died of the waters.  When we see so  many who have no more use for what  preached.  We can see the effects  & now  when we see the living souls in the sea to die by plague 11, we can grasp how perfectly He is finished what He began in the 3rd. Angel sounding.  1st. Angel gave us war on 1/3 part of the earth.  2nd. gave us Naval  war on 1/3 part of the sea. These  were very big things in men’s eyes.  But the 3rd. Angels  work must have been as big and death producing & no doubt a ¼ part of  the earth was Europe & 1/3  part of the sea the Atlantic, But 1/3 part of the waters (or preaching & teaching) will cover Europe & U. S. A.  or if you like to put it in the Christian part of the world of waters .

The 4th. angel is a message to the inhabitants of the world of waters as to whats coming by the 3 woes.  The  1st woe, we may say has been world wide in its Bolshi serpent of poison & the consequences from it.  So  you can see how out of the 1st.  3 angels work it has spread to the whole earth & with it has come up 4 beasts, which simply are the 4 various voices being heard, Empire, Bear, Leopard & U. S.A., the 4th. Beast  & one thing we notice is that neither one or the other has any waters of life or that which satisfy so that men are being made thirsty by the very noise they all make & becoming desperate & ready almost to drink each others blood to quench it. But all these great works are small compared to the work of producing the  Man who is to be His Son & heir chosen from the seed of a woman, or human family

Whether the end was delayed till He  could  got(Sic) a man or not I can’t tell.  But one thing I’m sure of, That not till my Alpha work was finished did the War begin that shows how closely the 2 things cam(e) & from the 1st. I knew there was a very close connection, & I said Eddie Cooney-  I will come out of this with my crown   as surely  as Kaiser Wm. will come out without his & I leave you to judge whether  this  has been fulfilled or not.   Kaiser Wm. The Great & Wm. the least  seem very far apart, But what a contrast & to think that all that has happened is centered in me  rather than all the great men in worlds eyes.  People may think it vanity & pride of heart that would make me say these things, But it’s the plain reading of the Book, & the key to unlock all the mysteries of past & present things.  Jesus coming from His Father brought the Kingdom near unto men. But in making  a man  of flesh & blood & of the most wicked  of all days, Son and Heir brings it nearer, than it ever could come.  We honor the name of all who & and whom  He ever  honored—But the sum of it all was leading up to the putting a man at His right hand who had overcome as He overcame.  This is the pledge & fulfillment of all His promises given to all men in every age & condition.  If I overcome & inherit.

There will be plenty of evidence  of my work not only in  Salvation but in destruction of the wicked seed from off the earth & you can see how both these  things done by a man of the people & age will be the greatest pledge of His Good Will & purpose towards all men that could ever be given.  The Scribes & Pharisees went out to look for a Reed shaken in the wind.  A big man moved by  some popular Spirit- Jesus said such are in the Kingly houses & fine clothes, But John was more than a prophet & amongst the Born  of woman ( seed of a woman)  There hat (sic) not a greater than John B. never -the- less  He  that is Least in the Kingdom  ( in mens eyes) or in Scribe & Pharisee eyes is greater than he. So that the man is greatest  of all  men in all history as well  as the greatest of all who ever named  His Name on the earth .  Mark 9: is like a picture of my experience in overcoming. V.1 refers to John V.2 to 10, the storm of scandal  had broken over His head - driven away the multitude & left Him with only 3  poor doubting  disciples  - No homes open - no money & no food, troubled face & garments besmirched with all kinds of dirt & filth.  Jesus was very much more alone even on the mount, than one could ever know except he had passed thro a similar experience.  He was transfigured before them, it was a slow  painful 2 years to me till the transfiguration work had been done & my face & Testy began to shine again & His voice to reassure those who wondered if I was His Son & whether they should hear me or not ( a voice came out of a cloud - This is my Beloved Son Hear Him –

Moses & Elias came down & talked with Him.  What would it have been if Moses and all the prophets had not opened up to bear witness to me  of who I was & what.  After all they saw no man save Jesus only & now its pretty much the experience of those  who know me.  That they have little eyes & ears for any other & he said you need  not tell what convinced you till I’m risen from the dead - which points to the great day of victory for the Woman body in her witness to me & john.  V. 11 - 13 Why say Elias is come, He has come & been killed - but the Son of Man  is to suffer many things & be set at nought, showing the whole plan was being worked out & will be again. V.14 - 20, The casting out of the Dumb  devil out of the 9 - who had not seen or heard, is given in illustration of the Boy & all his experiences helps us to grasp what those go thru who have only heard.  Some day we will hear experiences which have been those of the woman  body - ¾ of them as the 9 were ¾ of the 12.  V.30 - 32, shows how difficult it was to grasp the need for being delivered  into cruel & wicked  hands before the Rising was to take place. The power of the wicked one is to be made manifest ere the power of God is to be revealed. So my leastness precedes my ruling of nations & my death before my rising, standing & ascending & quake.  V.33 - 39, gives you  the outline of how to become the greatest & the results for those who receive the Least or reject him & all the  details to the end of the chapter for those who receive me.  But you can see how death & life  are in the cup for all & the source of danger in perfect hands, feet & eyes which so blind mens eyes to His man.

My love to all 3,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Olive Grim
November 19, 1927
Box 553, P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Olive:

Very Many Thanks for yours. Glad to hear you have some iron to sharpen your tools on in the shape of a college girl, who naturally expresses the more fully what the world flesh and Devil can make people, and the fig leaves which they hope will cover them in His sight because it covers them in men’s eyes. I’m glad to hear of Mary showing her abiding interest.  It’s not a bad way to nail them down to one part of the Book such as Isa. 55, & read it simply to them and see what it means to them & give them your reading & mine of it. Or Ps. 2 or Prov. 1, the whole Religious of the world try to make people believe if they die Loyal to them or anyone of them they go to Heaven. But if God by His Spirit has not been able to dwell in them, how could they hope to be at Home with Him, and if they have not known something of being strangers & pilgrims in the earth how can they hope to be at Home in Heaven with people who were strangers & pilgrims on the earth.

Every sacrifice must be salted with fire which means the hatred & persecution of the Religious world & every sacrifice must be salted with salt (God in them) Mark 9, last verse, and if the salt have not its saltness to make proud flesh smart when applied, it will be no good. So that we have the 3 definite marks on all who are accepted in Him. Hatred and persecution, the seal of His working in our hearts to make our own natural ways and thots void & give place to His & then 3rd, the effect it will have on others to make them feel & reveal where they are. The Devil knows his own & also knows those who belong to God. So you can be quite sure there is no place where you can escape the fire.

God also knows his own and you can be quite sure He will fill your mouth when you open it and the  ______to be rid of us. It’s never any good dealing with those who are salting of others will bring forth their bitterness and desire dead. Always attack the living, and use the dead as an argument to reach the conscience of those who try to trap us into having others stirred up. Jesus said God is not the God of the dead but of the living. It’s good to show people that if God don’t control and work in and by them here what change can death make on them. We bury our dead because they can no more hear, respond and speak with us or live under living human conditions. What could be happy with God and His people if they are dead to Him. They can put the name and words of God on any of their human imitations here, but how could they pass ministers in the family circle if they live happy where the harlot hearted hireling hypocrite is the Image by which they worship God. How could they be happy where there are none such. For there never can be any hope for scribes and Pharisees where Jesus is any more than there is for Pilate or Herod, Caiphas or Anna.
Inside the 1st. year after I professed to take the Lord Jesus Christ as my all in the 3 fold sense a young man whom I had often spoken to was drowned in a lake nearby. I had been telling him how to swim and warned him not to go where he could not touch bottom, but he got into a small canoe and went out to where it was 10 ft. deep and tipped out and drowned in sight of his pal. I got him out, and over his body I spoke to the crowd of 200 people who had gathered and asked them what it would have meant for them had they been as he is now. Of course there were many to scandalize me, and say I said he was in Hell, and the clergyman came and made plenty of fuss on the other side and said he was a good boy and always at church. But he was rather wild and wayward even with his parents, and I knew him well in his attitude to me and my message at that time.  His parents and sister and Bro. all got very cold to me tho I had been always their best friend.  But it did me good and shook up many others to the reality of death and life and the possibilities of heaven and Hell. But it’s a real test and brings reproach and hatred for His name sake.

Matt.23, leaves me no doubt about what Jesus thot of all who bore the Serpent marks. Scribe Pharisee Hypocrite seed of the Serpent generation of vipers. How can ye escape the damnation of Hell and who could expect to be at Home with Jesus who said these words of the Devils dupes if we take sides with them or seek to Justify what He condemns. I'm glad to hear that providence brought about such conditions and am sure you would not shrink from the test, and it would do Mary good also if she faced it. If dead people all go to Heaven of the good amongst them, then the whole Book is Bunk. It’s good to fall back on Noah and what came of those who were drowned in flood or destroyed in Sodom etc. ,and Jesus couples up our day & Noah’s day in saying that the flood came & took them all away in their simplicity, ignorance & wisdom etc. Their chief interest was to eat & drink, marry & be given in marriage, buy & sell, plant & build & so they perished with only thot and provision for this life and none beyond it by having an ear for what God said by a Noah or Abraham or Lot, who were no better than I am or you.

People often ask about the children when they die in their innocence, and my answer is usually what happened to the children in Noah and Lots day. The Devil’s business on Earth is to fill Hell with people in name of going to heaven. But then whole Book is very emphatic in the marks of those whom He was able to honour on earth and so will not be dishonoured in Heaven.  As the Tree hangs towards the South, so shall it fall and it’s not hard to see from any life the hang of it. What it’s for and what it’s against and whether the salting by fire or salt and the effects in making others feel the salting, for if the salt have lost its Savour wherewith can it please God or be any use to others. We can only be sorry for people who are so tested and show there is no salt in them or saltiness to make others feel the effects of Gods providence working on the earth to make people feel and fear, turn and live.
Glad to hear Mrs. Long is hearty and enjoying good crop of walnuts. What a cruel shame to see the canneries growling about paying 1 1/2 cts. per pound for what they sell for 25 cts. in the markets of the world.  Some day they will wish they had back the tens (1000ds) which perished this year thro pig headedness, and this applies to many things, as well as peaches. The figures for Miss. flood were good and valuable. Its not hard to see a big bill of one or up to 2 billion dollars loss in such a big area, not to speak of permanent damage, but its quite impossible to get anything near the loss in $ because of the effect produced;  just as the war could not be reckoned in dollars, lives, or injured, for it has affected far worse the whole world course for 10 yrs now and not far ahead, yet, nor ever will be till the new creation repairs all.

He is pulling down and destroying the old, but the new has become very much more clear and real these past 8 years since I came here; and you will know a difference in your own experience since I saw you in Dunbars with your mother. How comparatively dim it was to me tho the general outline was the same detail has been filling in and this is the sure foundation of all thats to come. Heb. XI says that what we see was not made by that which appears but by faith revealed and then produced. To think that all things we see were 1st. in His and then in created things which materialised which helps us to see the importance and value of all we have revealed.  People sometimes say and think it has been a long weary wait and watch, so from the human standpoint but never a day when some new thing is not revealed and made more clear, and it would not have been possible if I been surrounded by friends. Even my enemies have always been the source of my getting comfort from Him wherewith I can comfort others.

My Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Hooe Family, Santa Ana, CA
November 24, 1927
PO Box 696
Jerusalem,  Palestine

My Dear Hooes :

Thanks  for yours of Oct. 31st.  I’m glad you  find 2 sides to your experience.  The seed of woman, Jesus said to Adam & Eve, would bruise the serpents head & it would bruise his heel.  This was spoken of the man of Rev. by whom He would put an end to the whole world full of false prophets.  If you notice, we are continually up against thier (sic) head, & its iniquity,  for the head is a place where their  “I thinks” come from & their iniquity covers all their own  tho’ts  & ways ,which are as much opposed to God as is the flesh & blood of all men.  All that is natural & human is enmity  to God, is not subject to God neither indeed can be.  Romans 8: makes that  very clear .  Just as you find enmity between the various Kingdoms.  The cow and the grass. The higher is meant to live on the produce of the lower.  So  if God is to work in us we must be willing to die to our own tho’ts & ways.  In the day that Adam & Eve ate of the tree of knowledge they died to God , which is just another way of saying what I have said.  If we take our own tho’ts  & ways God can do nothing for us, if we take His tho’ts & ways, we live by faith of God.  All human knowledge about God or His truth is what makes us workers of iniquity.  The angels became Devils when they allowed their (sic) pride & iniquity to guide them in the work God created them to do.  And they are reserved in chains of darkness.  So all who come under this wicked influence will find plenty to encourage their (sic) pride of heart & the tho’ts & ways of selfish human nature.  This is darkness & the more people are educated & exalted, the further from the possibility of hearing the Voice of the Lord God by the man whom He sends.  He hides the secrets of the Kingdom from the wise and prudent & reveals them to the Babes and Sucklings.  It is not knowledge  we need, but the sincere milk of the word which only can be by the Spirit teaching & leading.  People read the Bible, but whats the value, if they have not the guidance of a man of God, which is always back of all we read.  And the difference between the man of Gods help & that which comes from the Serpent seed, is that we get life & then milk, & find the Spirit of God working in & by us, which gives us comfort, tho it reveals all the Devils possessed people whom we speak to.

If you read Isa. 6:  Matt. 13: & Acts last chapter, you will see its hearing, & not understanding, seeing, not perceiving, which caused mens hearts to wax gross & hard. So that they will not hear, see, or turn that they might have life.   And the more Scripture they know, the more difficult to deal with them, for they know all about God, but don’t know God, which is Eternal life.

John 17:3 - Jesus said, this is life eternal, to know God & Jesus Christ whom He has sent.  You will find it good to cultivate friendship & fellowship with those who have ears to hear, & watch and see how the Spirit reveals & seals all my words & their (sic) & their help and fellowship.

Isa. 55: gives you an outline of my work.  And you notice the Message is to them who Thirst  & are hungry, & tired of getting stones for Bread & spending their money & labour  for that which satisfieth  not.  Hearken diligently unto me to hear & your soul shall live, & feast on the fat of the Land.

And He will make an everlasting covenant with you -  Even the sure  Mercies of David; which took him from the Sheep following & made him King of Israel.

Many people who have seen thro the Serpent preachers ( for every  man who has not been born of God, anointed, & sent of God is  a serpent  but many who see thro them, fail to see the need for the man of God in helping them to read & understand & so are apt to read themselves into whats spoken for the prophets and apostles.

 The Gospels was teachings which Jesus gave to men who were to be His sent ones & witnesses; but the Epistles written to saints & churches  of apostolic christians, give us truth for Christian people.

Martyr - is the death of a man who has been a witness sent of God & was a coveted thing for all, but only given to the one whom He thinks worthy.  It excludes nobody; who is willing to pay the price and suffer the suffering.

Many difficulties exist today because we are in the Transition period from Alpha to Omega things. - And you will see from Rev. 12: that salvation and Strength, the Kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ are to come when the Manchild is brought forth & our accusing enemies cast down and out.

These are not the days when His seed are being exalted & thier (sic) prayers answered  in moving mountains & casting them into the sea.  His anointed is now the Least in the Kingdom, but our day is coming.  The secret place of the Most High, is to have ears to hear the Reader & keep whats heard & so find ourselves under the shadow of the Almighty.

This Psalm is like many others--referring to the day & man  by whom He is judging the world. If you  manage to grasp the fact, you will get out of a big muddle which the whole world is in.  People want to deal  with God & Jesus Christ, but that can be by their attitude to His Chosen Vessel.

The Seven-fold promises of Rev. 2 & 3; are for the Overcomer Reader.  But with this we find coupled up those who hear & keep what the Reader reads & what the Spirit Saith unto the churches.  Those who hear the reader will also hear what the Spirit Saith.  But don’t confuse the promises given to the Reader & Overcomer with those who hear.  This only makes for confusion.  As it was in Noah’s day , so shall it be in the day of the Son of Man - The Lord spoke to Noah & by him to the seven who had ears to hear, & you can find that all thru the Book & it is more important today than any past age.  You can be quite sure the more you trust me as His Servant & Son, the more your  difficulties  will vanish & the more comfort & blessing you will have in every sense of the word, in yourself, family & world affairs.

Read the 2nd. Psalm which gives you an outline of me & my work & hang onto the last verse.  Blessed are all they that put their trust in him whom the psalm speaks of, and you don’t need to doubt its a man anointed for the Judgement of the nations, as His Servant.   In as much as  ye did it unto one of the Least of these my brethren, ye did it unto me (Him).

Prov. 1; tells you of the Lord holding out His hand & calling, But He needs a man’s hand & voice to do this, & peoples attitude to the man will determine whether they get Blessing or cursing.  The last verse says, - “Who so Trusteth in him ( not in Him above) but the man on the earth who is His hand & voice, Shall dwell safely shall be quite from fear of evil: “Sanctification” is His Seal on all who are Justified by hearing Him speak His words by His Servant in any age,.  The Devils interpretation of this is “I am holier than thou”, which is the fullest meaning of Pharisee.

You are sanctified  to your  husband & he to you, & your children to both, meaning you are responsible to provide & protect what God has given you.  You know the Holy Spirit is like the mother in the Divine family.  We are born of the Spirit, cleaned, clothed, led, fed, warmed, taught: & this is what Sanctification means . The Spirit will look after all who are Born of God & no Other. But the Spirit needs a man to speak the words of life by which makes him like Paul, A father in the Gospel.

Whenever you find people speaking about Sanctification or holiness in the Religious way, you can be sure they are of the Devil.  Pharisee means “ Holier than thou”  And all sorts of people believe they are holier.  You are wholly for your husband & he is wholly for you & your children are wholly yours and you, theirs.  So that no child of God can be such without this mark.  But many people profess to be  & are not.  So Paul writes “without holiness, no man shall see the Lord”.  And if you apply that to the Reader, you use it well and intelligently, for he is the test by which all who are His will be known.  He that hath an ear  let him hear what the Spirit Saith.   To the Churches, refers to those who are the woman being gathered around the promise of him are very different from the promises to them who have ears to hear the Reader, & who are there by prepared to hear who the Spirit Saith.  Jesus  takes no more notice of the whole Religious  world who read the Book today, than He took of them when He was here on earth.  And all His interest is centered in the Reader, Overcomer, Head of the Woman with the 12 Star Crown. – Rev. 21: shows him as Son of Jesus. “I will be his God and He shall be my Son”.  But the fearful and unbelieving ( those who have refused the man of His choice) shall have their part in the Lake.

Showing  how  terrible are the results & how glorious are the privileges of all who hear what the prophet of restitution days has read and say to them.

Get clear & strong on the Man of God, & all else becomes very simple comforting, hopeful & profitable in every sense of the word.

My best love to your family.

Wm. Irvine.

Try 3  lemons per day to each member of your family & 6 oranges, which are better than milk, & you will be surprised at the results.  Give them raison  juice along with the lemon  juice, first thing in the morning & teach them to eat a dry meal with only fruit juice, & cook as little as possible for your benefit & theirs.      Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Presburys
December 1, 1927
PO Box 553
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Frank and Jenny:

Many thanks for your letter and good words.  How different to find so many who see nothing in all that's happening but chaos, when it's all His ordering from the Throne for the finishing up of the old, wicked age; which most people are more or less tired of, though they know not why, they feel and speak and act as to show it.  Boishivism and the whole unrest on the earth is only expressing this one thought.  Their change would not solve the problem; for animal nature can't change his spots, no more can human devil possessed humanity cease from its wickedness.  Nothing short of a New Creation and seed can give Hope for the world's peace.  They speak about outlawing war, and yet they even go to war in words over the fact.

All their plans and schemes, no matter from whence they came, are only like holding on to the hair or your head to save you~ from drowning, which would only hasten what you were trying to avoid, and many people shut their eyes to what's going on, which is no better than shutting your eyes when you come to a dangerous bridge or chasm.  Suicide is only proof that people have lost their head in the conflict, and when it comes to killing their own, whom they should protect, it only proves how terrible is the battle with economic and other circumstances.

I was reading the Christian Herald which someone sent me, and it's pathetic to hear all the piffle that goes on in name of Religion and church, Salvation Army and Mission work generally. But all agree that things are very serious, compared to what they were pre-war.  I notice the Salvation Army has been trying to wake up the people.  But most people have found out that the picture show has more to offer for their money than church or army or any of them who name His name.

In Glasgow they had a meeting to waken people up, regard the dogs.  They say it has added to the gambling craze.  So Lord McLay and 2 ministers were warning the people and Gov. of the need for shutting down racing.  Strange that the most devil deceived and devil possessed people are always those who are readiest to throw stones.  Indeed the clergy etc. always think this is their JOB; when it only reveals their Devilish nature and readiest to accuse, which is the surest mark of Devil possession.  The proof that the world is under delusion is seen in that no matter how the church and education generally accuse the people; who openly go their own way in human affairs.  Though others seldom think on turning round to say that they are the source of Godlessness and all Iniquity and Hypocrisy, which causes people to even Blaspheme the name of God.

The atheist and infidel are generally those who are honest enough recognize the Religious world as being what it really is - the handmaiden of the Tyrant and oppressor, and who turn from all claptrap, in place of recognizing that they are the servants of the Devil; and God their enemy.  Voltaire turned from church, Bible and clergy, because he saw they were all used in the robbery of the people of what was their just rights.  But if he had read the Book, he could have seen that the Book from Genesis to Revelation is against all such Religious rubbish, and the people who carry it on.  Remember the flood of Noah, the Red Sea drowning and the Dead Sea Monument, all of which covered the whole of the sons of God of that day, with all their Glory and pomp, and the work of Judgment today will be much more thoroughly complete than was the whole 3 drownings put together.  And happy are they who are found where and as Noah was in the Secret place, where Abram and Lot were, and where Moses and Aaron were.  So keep clear and clean on what side you want to be on.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Law
December 21, 1927

My dear Mrs. Law:

Thanks for your note.  If the Holy Spirit and prayer could put people right in any age, there would be no need for a prophet of God.  We have always had plenty of prophets of the god of this world, who fills the world full of knowledge about God, but can never get people to know God, which is Eternal Life.

The people who knew most about God and the scriptures put Jesus to death as a false prophet and a bastard, and they are no better today than then, probably worse.  How did all the prophets know they were prophets?  The more Scriptural people were, the more they persecuted them.  Jesus was asked by what authority He did and said as they saw Him do.  His answer was a question, “Where did John the Baptist get his authority?”  I ask you, where did Moses, Noah, Abram and all the prophets get their authority?  Why did the sons of God and the daughters of men who were so wise in Noah’s day, perish in the flood waters?  Why did the wise of Egypt drown in the Red Sea?  And why did the great model city of Sodom and Gomorrah perish?  Was it not because they did not care for the man whom God had sent to speak to them?  They would not hear Noah, Abram, or Moses, and these facts remain in history to warn all men who will be warned, the same or worse is in store for the world today.  Jesus asked the Scribes and Pharisees, “What went ye out in the wilderness to see? – a reed shaken in the wind, or a great man moved by the Spirit of the age, or did you go out to see a man dressed in soft raiment, (such as all false prophets affect, or who are usually found in some big building).  A Scribe means a man educated in the Scriptures and able to expound them to the people who pay him.  Pharisee means those who hear and believe their exposition and put them into practice.  This is common to all religions, and brands it all of the same Devil, no matter what creed or in what country it is found.

All men are religious; this marks them off from the animal; and the more religious the more under the power of the Devil.  Jesus said that all preachers who ever came superior to Him in manner of life and work, were thieves and robbers and had climbed up some other way.

They said, “Why hear ye Him (this fellow)?  He is mad and has a Devil!”  So you can see what Religious, Scriptural people who don’t know the difference between the Spirit which the Devil gives to the serpent seed, and the Spirit which God gives to all who hear Him and obey.  There are 1000 ways to be a Christian today; does not this mark out our so-called Christianity as the Devil’s work in producing strife and confusion?  Who can be able to sift out their various delusions?  “Repent and be converted” was said to the people who had followed the false prophets of His age and any age.  To hear the man or men who have His outward marks and manner of life, to whom only will God give His Spirit and Authority.  No man has ever had this Spirit given as a Harlot hearted hypocrite, Educated, Titled, dressed up to preach in a building to people who are blind enough to listen.  It was and is “the blind leading the blind and both falling into the ditch.”  Who could give me my commission but Him who revealed these things to me and whom they said was a bastard, and therefore had no part or lot in the Kingdom of God, according to the Scriptures, and whom they killed as a heretic, blasphemer and mover of sedition, and put between the two thieves and robbers to mark Him as the worst man in Jerusalem.

I ask you cordially, would you have been one of His disciples, or teaching Bible in some school in that day, believing in the Scribes and Pharisees, who He denounced as in Matt. 23, who were the seed of the serpent, a generation of Vipers who could not escape the damnation of Hell?  I draw your attention to the fact that there is to be only one prophet in the last days.  So I don’t discuss whether I am a prophet, but tell you frankly, I am the Prophet whom Moses speaks of in Deut. 18:18-19 and Acts 3:19-26, who is the Prophet of Restitution of all things in preparation for Jesus returning to earth, for He has been received into Heaven till the time comes.  A prophet must be a man of the people of the time of his day; raised up by the Lord alone, like unto Moses; and his words will mean life or death to the whole world according to the way people receive them; to put them in order and put an end to a world full of false prophets.

You ask how I can learn the things that should be taught at this time.  Read Rev. 1:1-3 and you will find a perfect answer.  Revelations which God gave to Jesus and He to John by His Angel, that John should write them.  Blessed is he that readeth (that is, the prophet) and they that hear and keep the words, for the time is at hand.  There was no reader till the time was at hand.  When the time of Tribulation comes, then John the writer and the reader become the two witnesses.  Rev. 10:11 and in quite a number of other places, Jesus speaks of John coming back and not suffering martyrdom till he is killed as in Rev. 11.  John was the first apostle of Jesus and I am to be the last as there will be no need for such when Jesus comes with the meek to reign for 1000 years as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to settle all Political and Labor troubles and also the religious, racial and language squabbles which torment the whole earth.  Read Isaiah 20 and see if you would have believed in Him, or Ezekiel 4:17.  Who gave them authority to do such terrible things which were so offensive to all good people?  Or Jeremiah in the Dung Pit.  Notice Isa. 6:9-13.  It was the hearing of the people that was the cause of their hearts being hardened.  They heard but did not understand; they saw but did not perceive.  Matt. 18 and Acts 27 show the same condition, which was the reason for their not feeling the need of Jesus or Paul whom God sent to them with the living word of Eternal Life, whereby they might be saved.  Jesus told the Pharisees they searched the Scriptures, for in them they thought they had Eternal Life, while the Book teaches us the need of a man sent of God, through whom He will speak words of Eternal Life.  The Scriptures is of no private interpretation, meaning we can only understand the words of inspired sent men, by the same Spirit; and men can pretend anything they want, and use the Scriptures any way they choose, they can never take the Spirit which God always can and will give only to the man who is willing to fulfill the conditions revealed in all whom He ever sent.

If you have ear to hear my reading, you will soon find that you will have ears to hear what the Spirit saith for these days.  Matt. 18 deals with the man who is to be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, and is the test for all who know Jesus, and will become the little ones.  To offend them will be like getting a millstone round your neck and drown in the sea.  So if you can’t appreciate them or me, don’t get into trouble.  You can see what perfect hand, perfect works, or perfect feet, perfect walk, can do for people, and Jesus warns people on this score.  Take heed that ye despise not the man He has chosen as test for all professors for His name.  The more people pride themselves in their work for Him and their perfect walk, and great light by their two eyes, the surer they will be to despise me and those who follow me.  But the end is none the less sure, to be cast into Hell fire.

Rev. 21:7-8 give a close up of me and my adversaries and you will find in Isa. 55 a good outline of my work as Witness, Leader, and Commander to the people, if you have an honest heart.  There are some who have known me for 20 years and might be of some help to you, should you be willing to hear what they have heard through me for past 8 years or more; and when you have tasted of what life truly means, and the joy and comfort and hope of Jesus as Omega, you will have found the Pearl of great price, and a place never offered to a people of any other age.

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Annie Noble
December 21, 1927

PO B 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Mrs. Noble:
Many thanks for your kindly letter. "In as much as ye did it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye did it unto me." No Scripture has been more abominably used than these words; which never meant anything to anybody in any age but in the day the Sheep and Goats are being separated on the earth. "These my brethren" are all who have had ears to hear and so gather around the Least, the child set in the middle of them of Matt. 16: which I'm sure you have been hearing about thro some of my late letters. And the sweetest part is now we see that all who have had true ears to hear, He has promised to hear when they ask anything in His name, for where 2 or 3 little ones are gathered in my name there am I in the midst, - another Scripture used by every Devilish Rubbish on the earth. So if you have any binding or loosing to do, get one or two who are proved and tried and do it well, for He will be delighted to honour your work.

I had a letter from Mrs. E.J. Law of Birch St., Santa Ana, and have written her a long letter, sent to A.J. Dunbar to be copied, & here enclosed. I will be very pleased to have any missionaries come. Most of them are not very anxious to come 2nd time; for its like telling them to cut off their right foot & right hand & pluck out their right eye, or go to hell as Jesus said. And it's not only true of me but of all the Little Ones who believe in me and thus prove they believe in Jesus.

It's rather nice to think that the man whom the world will regard as being the least among the Little Ones and the least of all men in message is to be the greatest of all History as a man amongst men born of women; and the greatest of all the prophets and apostles, to whom is reserved the Seat on the Right Hand of Jesus Creator, Redeemer, Alpha and Omega. I often have in past days said that Jesus has 365 names in the Book, one for every day of the year, but I did not know there were so many names for His Servant in these days. Your letter caused me to think of this. It will do you good some time to try and look up some of them, for they are many; with the aid of some of the Placentia friends.

It's good to hear of some people being aroused , no matter who or what they prove to be, and am sure Dunbar will do all he can to help them. But you can see in Is. 6: the kind of people (to whom) he was sent. They heard but did not understand. They saw but did not perceive; and so, the more they professed to hear and see, the harder their hearts were. Also Matt. 13: and Acts 27 show the same mark in Jesus and Paul's day, and the more so in our most wicked age of all history. The girl in a trance is quite common affair in Roman Church history & Greek Church. They have always been doing these things which are always mixture of real and lying. First time I was in California, 1906, there were two middle aged men, Paul and Peter, who were tramping to New York and they had the mark of the cross on their foreheads, impressed by an iron cross tied on at night. They came to my meetings but soon cleared out when I told them a few of the tricks of history in trying to claim relationship to Jesus. Every year in Jerusalem in the church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Greek Patriarch goes into the holy place, a little house inside the Big Church Building, which is crowded by people from all parts of the world, and produces fire which he says comes from Heaven on Pentecost. Then everybody gets a light of his taper and many of them pay thousands of dollars for the first few lights, and some keep it burning all the year. Yet no sensible person believes it to be any more than a trick long practised to deceive the people & maintain their power over them.

In as much as it's not Omega she witnessed to, but Alpha the beginning, we know it has nothing to do with God. In Scotland 2 years ago a statue of the Virgin Mary began to sweat great drops of blood, which was only an old game of Rome. The Patron Saint of Naples whose heart is preserved in a glass jar, the blood liquifyes and I happen to be there once when it was the big day and it was only a big bluff and absolutely nothing to it, and you can be quite sure no critical person will be allowed to examine such things.

The most marvelous signs of all history have been taking place these past 12 years; but because they are expressing His wrath, men say everything but God is the cause. There are no thorns on the brow nor bloody wounds though the marks are in the His body. He is crowned with all power in Heaven and on the earth and the blood will be soon on His enemies as His wrath is visited upon them. This is the day of vengeance of our God and the Lamb & when finished there will be no enemies left to tell the tale. Dr. Hills reading of promises all for the Jews does not seem to know that it's the Spiritual Seed of Abraham who are to have them fulfilled, while the natural Jew will get Judgment along with all the other wicked Gentile and Heathen people on the earth. But it shows how the living souls in the Sea of Glass may expect to appear & see and & say the promises are for me, the woman & 144,000 & by us to the whole world for 1000 years; when the meek shall reign because all the wicked rubbish of every sort have perished from the earth.

About your coming to Jerusalem, you can be sure when He brings His bride it will be a royal coming, and every thing that angel ministry can do will be done. Mical and his angels have charge of those who are to be gathered to the wilderness which He will make by taking the people out, to make room for the woman & 144,000. I would not be surprised if you flee into the wilderness where God has commanded them, the angels to feed you for 3 1/2 years. It may be you will come on a U.S.A. Gov. plane, airplane.

Is. 49: is good to read as it gives you my life from Birth till the work is finished. Note 21,22, &23. Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones, for in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of my father. Dan. 12 & Rev. 12 shows us that Mical & his angels have in charge the least of those who believe in Him. So you need not worry, it will all come about as simply going to bed and getting up in the morning. And our faith will be stronger & our vision clearer then - than now; & when God commands the angels to prepare a place & feed you in the wilderness He has made of Jerusalem you can be sure he knows your age, weight & the number of hairs on your head & whether you like to sleep on feathers, in sheets or blankets. We know a little of having the Least, but we will as surely taste of greatness the world has never seen before for such common people as we are. They shall bring thy Sons in their arms, and thy daughters shall be carried on their shoulders, & Kings shall be thy nursing fathers and queens, thy nursing mothers, etc.

My best Love to you,
Yours V. Truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. Use lemon juice for nose. For head noises & ear trouble you can also & put it in ear, water to suit. And take plenty of lemon juice & oranges & all the carrots, raw or cooked you can eat to rejuvenate your blood & general health. Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Hooes
December 29, 1927
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Hooes,

Many thanks for your 2 today.  We are glad to hear you are all well and finding bread in the sweat of your face, when so many all over the world are trying all other sort of games for it, and with not too much success in many cases.  For it has been a hungry, black Christmas to many on the Earth from so many different causes; but which express His wrath on the face of the whole Earth.  For there never was a time when so many go to bed rich and waken poor, or nearly so; and the many go to bed hungry to waken hungrier, till they seek relief in death; and some of them not to even get that, which they so much desire and seek for.

Matthew 24 has been very fully revealed these past 9 years, which only prepares us for Matthew 25 being about to be revealed also; when the Bridegroom will come to the Bride, enter in and shut the door, and enjoy being one with him as they never could have dreamed of.  While the heartless will find out how foolish was their outward show, with no heart for Him; and so, no vessel and no oil - only light which came from others oil and vessel.  Truly, their lamps will be going out, and seeking help when too late; and the Bridegroom Lord will answer their "Lord, Lord:" "I know you not."  Those who had ears to hear, and keep, what I read to them will appear in a very different light then.  Watch, therefore.

We have been so much taken up with Matthew 24 signs and company, the true almost had lost sight of the nearness of the Bridegroom coming to those who are the true Bride; so that she may enter in to the marriage, and become one with Him in the further work of judging persons, places, cities, nations, etc., in the fulfilling of Matthew 18:18-20; which is the marriage experience of the Woman who compasses a man with the 12 star crowned head, clothed with the sun, and moon under her feet; just as the others are clothed with the moon, and the sun under their feet, trusting in their own crownless heads.

For the Kingdom of Heaven is like the Alpha Man traveling into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and return.  Jesus, as Alpha, went away 9 years ago; and called His own servants, and gave them talents and pounds according to their several ability - to see what they would do with it during the change from Alpha to Omega - five, two and one.  The anointed five, gained other five; the regenerate two, gained other two.  The unregenerate One, revealed by his ideas of his Lord--a hard man, reaping where he did not sow, and gathering where he had not strawed.  I hid my talent in the Earth, here it is.  "Thou wicked and slothful servant."

Take it from him, and cast the unprofitable servant into outer darkness (where he belongs).  There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth when he sees what he lost, by seeing what others gained.  During these past 9 years, we have been seeing Matthew 24 signs etc. all over the world, to cause people to see what’s on hand, and warning not to miss their warning; and to look for the man whom He has made ruler over His house, to give meat in due season.  And now see the  contrast between the wicked servant, whose marks are given - the one to be cut off when the wise and faithful servant is made ruler over all that He hath.

But you get a close up of those who profess to hear and those who hear and keep, in the Wise and Foolish Virgins, who are expecting the Alpha, who went away to return as Omega to His waiting Bride); which makes Matthew 18:18-20 possible, when the Father will bind or loose whatsoever we ask.  And when 2 agree as touching anything they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven.  "For where 2 or 3 Little Ones are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them;" which shows the marriage has taken place with those who are the Bride; and the door is shut on those who had light, but no life; as seen in them having no vessel and no oil of their own, only the light borrowed from others.

For the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man going into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and return; which is just Jesus ceasing from the Alpha days, to return as Omega to a people who are prepared to receive Him; in and by whom He will do His work of judgment on the Earth. Heaven and Earth cooperating in the destroying of the Wicked, and gathering the new seed by the Omega Gospel, and spreading it over the Earth by the 144,000.  He gave gifts to his own servants -Five, Two and One, to each according to their several ability; the unregenerate, one; the
regenerate, two; and His anointed, five.  So, that during his absence, we could use our talents; and so increase our knowledge of Him and His purpose as Omega, and be fitted for usefulness in ruling over many things, because we used what we had in the testing days.

"Enter thou into the joy of thy lord," meaning that we will share with Him in His work of blessing and cursing to the whole Earth; and so inherit the kingdom prepared for the Sheep - who hear His Voice, and who have shown it by their attitude to the Least of these His brethren; whom He has made ruler over His household, though the least in men’s eyes.  So that they would not be drawn by any outward appearance--only the meat in due season; which is the reading of Revelation, that men who hear and keep might be gathered as the Woman, or Bride; to whom the  Bridegroom will come, and make her bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh to share in the overthrow of His enemies, and the gathering of a willing people to welcome Him when He returns to Earth in His own body.  You will get more in this line through some of the other letters.  And arise, trim you lamps; go forth, and expect Him to enter in.  And be sure to be on the right side of the door, so that you can share in Matthew 18:18-20.

Best love,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Hilda Spencer
December 29, 1927

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Hilda:

Many thanks for your letter. You need not worry about your father and mother, or the other 1700 million people who know not God, and don't know that they know not. All men are religious, which is the great mark which humans have. Marking them different from the animal creation, but all perish who were not born into the family of God, and who know God as truly, really as they know their own parents. The more people pretend to know about God, the blinder and deader they get, but to know God as a living person is eternal life, and this is the object of our being here.

All religion, whether English, Irish, Scotch, U.S.A. or the heathen and other religions of the East are the same in their attitude to God. They don't know that the God they speak about and worship is the God of this world, the devil, which means deceivers. No man has ever been saved, who did not turn from all religions with open ear and heart, for what came to them in a man in whom God spoke, and whose words were life to all who obeyed them. Repent means, turn from all thats of the God of this world of all you know to be the living God of Heaven.

Church means called out of the whole religious world to have ears to hear as Adam and Eve had, when the voice of the Lord God came walking in the garden (which is the religious world) where the Devil is always found in some man or men, whom Jesus said were the seed of the Serpent, which deceived Eve, and whom Eves of today are still fond of listening to and obeying them. Shun everything religious as you wld. the mouth or gates of Hell. The curse which rests on the whole world today is the result of giving ear to the (serpent) & they are very many & of every varied sorts & with every sort of appeal to your eyes, ears & vain human heart. But in the day people become religious and listen to the serpent seed, they shall surely die to the God of Heaven, which alone can give life in Christ Jesus, which is shown by our ear being able to know whats of God and whats of the Devil.

You can see how few were able to see Jesus was the Son of God, and hear the words of Eternal Life from His lips, because they had been brot up to believe that all that was of the Devil was of God, and that all that was of God was of the Devil, and so they perished and more terrible is world conditions today. For we have more religion and tradition than at any other period in history. The blackbirds which pick away the seed, which fell by the wayside, was just as your lady friend, and all other religious people of then and now, and people who heard Jesus and failed to hear God speak by His lips, were just wayside hearers, who had hard worldly hearts, and so easy to be deceived.

The fathers and mothers of Jesus time, and all time, were the chiefest enemies of those who had gave ear to what God said. You notice there were very few old people mentioned amongst those who became His Disciples. For the old people are the more full of tradition and set in their own ways and harder hearted. In Isaiah's day he was sent to tell the people, hearing ye hear, but don't understand, seeing ye see but don't perceive, and so their hearts were hard, thro hearing and professed seeing lest they shd. see God, and see His work and turn from all their own ways and thots and God cld. heal them. Read Is.VI, Matt. XIII, & Acts 18, and see what was the reason for them rejecting Isaiah, Jesus and Paul as the Prophets and Mouthpiece of God. Jesus said to His Disciples, A mans foes shall be they of his own household. This I have proved in my own life, and seen in all who ever had ear or heart for God truly. Thanks for Xmas card, which reminds us that the Devils feast time is on hand, when the Priests make profit.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

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