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Brief Dictionary of 2x2 Terms
Language, Truthspeak & Jargon
November 2, 2016

Brief Dictionary of 2x2 Terms
Language, Truthspeak & Jargon

Compiled by Cherie Kropp
November 2, 2016

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The definition in Webster's New World Dictionary for the word "nomenclature" is: "the system or set of names used in a specific branch of learning or activity, as in biology for plants and animals, or for parts of a particular mechanism."

People who subscribe to a special way of thinking usually develop a special language or jargon. Most people who become a part of a group or movement soon begin to use the group jargon, which sometimes uses common words in new ways.

In their formative period, groups frequently adopt and use the doctrines, traditions and organization of their group's current nomenclature or that used by the group they came out of. The Quakers use the words: "thee," "thou" and "woulds't," which were commonly used around 1600 when the Quakers were founded. Catholic, Orthodox, Reformation, Mormon and other religions have retained and use distinctive nomenclature representative of the time period in which they were founded. 

When a group has distinctive practices and language that can be traced to that commonly used in a particular time period, it is highly probable that time period was when the group commenced. Likewise, when a group's practices and language are the same or similar to that used by another group, it is highly probable that the more recently formed group came out of or splintered off from the older group.

It’s reasonable to expect a religious ministry claiming to have directly descended from the Apostles and claiming to be a direct continuation of the New Testament church to contain much of the FIRST century terminology and language. But that is not the case with the 2x2 movement. The religious terms or jargon used by Wm. Irvine's workers were not unique--they were the same religious nomenclature commonly used by the Faith Mission, as well as other churches that also commenced in the 19th century. This may be verified by reviewing the religious publications of that time.

The Faith Mission books and publications contain typical nomenclature for religious history prevailing in the 19th century, such as the terms: "profess, some who decided, took their stand, testimony, take part, friends, outsiders, converts, fields, saints and servants, elder, laborers, workers, companions, two by two, the work, go out in the work, offered for the work, great harvest field, missions, spend and be spent, a living sacrifice, speakers on the platform, right/wrong spirit, meetings, lead the meeting, testing the meeting, open the meeting, conventions, special meetings, gospel meetings, testimony meetings ," etc.

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