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Revised October 29, 2023

Articles, Seminars, Media Related to Cults

August 2023 ~ Kyle & Kari Hanks Podcasts: Trust Me: Cults, Extreme Belief & Manipulation

Part 1: Deconstructing the 2x2s

Part 2: The 2x2s: Uncovering Widespread Sexual Abuse

For Dailymail.Com by Lillian Gissen, August 2023: Former members of ultra-secretive Christian 'cult' Two by Twos lay bare heinous abuse within the underground sect - accusing the group of harboring sexual predators while allowing them to prey on underage victims.

Linda (McCrae) Tame Podcast, September 24, 2023
Life in a Cult and the recently revealed scandals inspired her story

Daily Dot [The Lilly] by Briana Bell, December 23, 2019. Story of Brianna Bell. I narrowly escaped life in a misogynist cult. Here's how I fight against everything I was taught as I raise three daughters. Motherhood has pushed me to explore a new way of thinking, and helped me to identify the rampant sexism alive in my own mind.

The Church with No Name: Church or Cult?
Magazine ( a free monthly Christian lifestyle magazine) July 2019
By Rev. Danielle Martell, Priest: St. Andrew's Church
Unabridged Version, May 30, 2019

Christian Research Institute Report, PO Box 500, San Juan Capistrano, CA  92693
Tel: 714/855-9926;
File: "Two By Twos"

Apologetics Index
Research Resources on Religious Cults, Sects, Movements, Doctrines
See: "Two by Twos"

International Cultic Studies Assoc. (ISCA)
See Two by Twos

Cult Education Institute
File: The Two by Twos/ Cooneyites

Watchman Fellowship
First Presbyterian Church of Hospers, Iowa
Subject: Christian Cults - Nameless Sect or Two by Twos

Particular & Reformed Baptist Recources
Cult Warning page - Cooneyites
By Dr. David Legge

Beware of False Unbiblical Teachers
RE: Confrontation at Gospel Meeting

Reachout Quarterly
Autumn 2000 - Issue 61
See: "Cooneyites" (Author not provided)

"Take Heed"  Seminars
Sept 8-12, 1997; Lectures by Dr. Eryl Davies; "Christ and The Cooneyites"
Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Articles by Eryl Davies in the Evangelical Times in July1998 are online at:

Good Housekeeping Magazine
February 1995
pp 98-100
List of Cults, including 2x2s

Berean Call, P. O. Box 7019, Bend, OR 97708
October, 1993: Page 4, Q & A, Question #3

Christianity Today,
Carol Stream, IL; By Jody R. Snider
May 1992, Page 62; "Sects: The Church with No Name"

Evangelistic Ministries to New Religions (EMNR)
The Culting of Christianity;
St Louis (MO) Conference on Biblical Discernment  September, 1996;
Seminar/tape: Cultic and Aberrational Groups:  Who are The Two by Two's?

MacGregor Ministries, Box 294 Nelson, B.C. V1L 5P9
See Cooneyites, 2x2s, Nameless Sect
News & Views in the World of the Cults:

1995, July: Letters from our Readers, Pg 6
1995, Apr: The Go-Preachers, 2x2s, Pg 9
1995, Jan:  Letters from our Readers, Pg 6-7
1994, Apr:  Out of the Two-by-Twos, Pg 3-4
1994, July: Letters from Readers, Pg 6
1994, Jan:  Letters from our Readers, Pp 7-8
1994, Jul/Aug/Sept: Letters from Readers, Pg 6
1993, Apr/May/June: Letters from Readers, Pg 8
1989, Winter: "Cooneyites-The Two By Twos-The Nameless Sect," Pp 11-12

Mt. Carmel Outreach, Institute for Christian Apologetics
P.O. Box 491, Carmel, IN 46032; Newsletter 7/95: Page 2, "From Our Mailbox"

Personal Freedom Outreach
Address: PO Box 26062, St. Louis, MO 63136; Tel:  314/388-2648;
Newsletter Oct-Dec, 1984;  Vol 4, No. 4; Page 8; Books In Review:  The Secret Sect
By Rev. G. Richard Fisher

Religion Analysis Service, Inc.
PO Box 22098, Robbinsdale, MN 55422; Tel: 800-562-9153

The Discerner:
Vol XIV, No. 10 Apr-June, 1994, Pp 7-11
"The Two By Two's: The Workers' Nameless House Sect" by Bob N. Daniel
Vol XI, No. 9 Jan-Mar, 1985, Pp 9-11
"The Nameless Cult" by Ewald Eisele
Vol II, No. 9 Jan-Mar, 1958, Pp 12-15
"Who are the Cooneyites?" by Roy Divers

Plain Truth Magazine - Christianity Without the Religion
"Though the Desert in a Cult with No Name"
By Pastor Ken Armstrong
September/October 2009, pp 6-12

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