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Historical Articles
Revised March 24, 2023

The Beginning
Book: Preserving the Truth: The Church without a name and Its Founder, William Irvine

Brief Timeline of 2x2 Early Day

Maps of First Missions 1897-98 to accompany Timeline above

Who Started the 2x2 Ministry and Church and When? 
A Brief Historical Account - When did "The Truth" Really Begin?
How, When, Where and by Whom did it Really Start?
Where did Wm. Irvine Get his Idea to Start the 2x2 Ministry?

Why History is Important
Primary Evidence showing Wm. Irvine is the 2x2 Founder

8 Court Cases Filed by 2x2s 1910-1913
How the Hidden History of "The Truth" Came to Light
History of 2x2 Traditions - The Unwritten Rules  - Traditions of Men and Commandments of God 

Alberta, Canada
Discovery of Incorporation of 2x2 Church in Alberta, Canada
Account of Purging in Alberta, Canada


OLD Newspaper articles (1900 - 1965)
Accounts of the Early Days, by Goodhand Pattison
John Long's Journal
Books, Periodicals, Manuscripts
Bright Words (Faith Mission Publication)

Preserving the Truth: The Church without a Name and its Founder, William Irvine

Photo Gallery

Keswick Conventions (Keswick, England)
Faith Mission (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Kilsyth Scotland -Today (Birthplace of Wm. Irvine)

Pearsons Sons' Murder at Coolacrease
Who was Walter Duff?
Who was Rev. William P. Nicholson?
Who was Robert Todd?
Who were Willie & Rose Edwards?
Who was Madame Guyon?
Who was John George (J.G.) Govan

Pioneering Missions in New Areas
2x2 Pioneering Stories (Worldwide)

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