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Letterhead used by workers titled Christian Conventions

Perry, Oklahoma Conv, 1942

Workers List 1915-16
North and South America
Revised April 27, 2016



MANITOBA: Lizzie Jackson, Annie Carson, Kate Rankin, Maggie Harper

MARITIME PROVINCES: Willie Hughes, W. Mills, John Cook, Albert Beyea, J. Henderson, John Verge, Willie Ford, Ed. Tucker,
Blanche Chappell, A. Stanley, Helen Harrison, E. Moore, C. Walker, Mary Brownrigg, Anna Semple, Maud McKenzie

ONTARIO AND QUEBEC: Jack Chamney, Leon Devonshire, Alf Benton, Herb Parnell, Herb Harper, J.Pilgrim, Richard Correll, Joe Brown,
A. Corcoran, C. McCarte, I. Young, A. Cooke, Jenny Chapman, G.Matthews, L. Reid, Annie Duncan

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Kate Meikle, Fannie Davis

ALBERTA: [ADDED by TTT from Alberta List] John McClean, Willie Graham, Andy Scott, Howard Skinner, John Bruce, Alex Smart, Jim Moore, Carl Johnson, Sam McMinn, Charlie Wilson, Robert Graham, Jim Mess, Willie Smiley, Jim Higgs, Willie Richardson--to Sask.
Lily Meikle, Margaret Smart, Martha Cooper, Mollie Long, Sue Pattison, Ruby Long, Lizzie Kerr, Maude Sleator;
Annie McBride and Hannah Nelson--to Sask; Fannie Davis--to N.D.


NEW YORK: Willie Armstrong, Geo. Johnson, Robert Reoch, H. Webb, W. Duncan, S. Duncan, S. Scott, Joe Burridge, J. Hamilton, Geo. Knaggs, Robert Chambers, Willie Turner
Jennie Dougal, M. Logan, Annie Dodds, A. Sommerville, Agnes Knox, R. Davis, Lily Wellwood, M. Scott

PENNSYLVANIA: Alex Givan, W. Matthews, Robert Humphries, R. Smith, Willie Wilson, O. McRitchie, T.Thompson
Mrs. Thompson, Nettie Miller, Edna Harper, Helen Nielsen, L. Whitefield, Barbara Elliott, A. Lowe

VIRGINIA: Sandy Dougal, T. Grand, J. Barclay, T. Derran, R. Pearson, R. Hastings

CAROLINA: Andrew Ramsay, F. Hawkins, Geo. Fife, Geo. Barclay, A. Irwin, M. Loman, P. Hodgins, D.Thomas

FLORIDA: Willie Snedden, R. Huffman

GEORGIA: H. Hill, Maurice Hawkins, Patience Bateman, V. Ilford

OHIO: Jim Beacom, L. Smith, Willie Beacom, H. Clarke, A. Pearson, Tom McRoberts
Minnie Young, S. McMurray, D. Grace, L. Gordon, M. Nicolson, T. Cunningham, I. Norris, I. London

INDIANA: Dave W. Lyness, L. Baker, H. Miller, T. Webb, Willie Corbett, Harry Kitson, S. Dawson
Nellie Bateman, J. Dawson, L. Bateman, M. Kelly, M. Stever, Sarah Young, Harriett Magowan, A. Robinson

ILLINOIS: Jack Jackson, T. Foreman, A. Magowan, A. Anderson, John McNeil, J. Shoyer,
J. Patterson, El. Blakeney

MISSOURI: Willie Weir, M. Poynter, Harry Fleming, Arthur McCullagh, Al DeGroot
Mrs. DeGroot, Daisy Fee, Ruby West, Mary Henderson, Anna Stuhr

IOWA: John Doak, T. McLucas, Rob. Summerville, Bob Darling, Geo. Manning, B. Burns, John Byers, Charlie Konschak
Sara Rogers, E. Schulty, Martha Sprague, M. Edie, Jean Weir, M. Clark, E. Powers, Gertrude Fingal

ARKANSAS: Glenn Smith, C. Fortiner, Titus Larson, Raymond Reese
Lizzie McCullagh, Jennie Gilpin

TEXAS: John Burns, Ed Hawkins, Jim McConachie, Peter Stuhr
Clara Gerlack, Alma Stuhr

OKLAHOMA: Will Jackson, Walter Stuhr, Tom Patterson, Fred Kinglake
Maggie Knox, Cora Pixler, Cassie Patterson, B. Ballin

KANSAS: James Fawcett, Clifford Townsend
Jennie Kelly, Octavia Leighty, C. Smith, I. Haskins, Hannah Kelly, Bella Forbes, Mamie Woomer, Versie McKnight

NEBRASKA: Sam Charlton, R. Stuhr, Geo. Cochrane, Fred Vitzthum, Wm. Wilkie, Frank Wilkie, Robert Tainsh, Orin Fosmo, Matt Wilson
Mrs. Wilson, Emma Gill, L. Smith, A. Langworthy, Annie Edwards, A. Davis, Bertha Hansell, Lela Davis, Bertha Schmidt, Eva Thompson, Mamie Taylor

COLORADO: Hugh Mathews, Ray Bonds, H. Miller, R. Wilkie
Nellie Woods, Maud Eckdahl

WYOMING: Ed Poole, Warren Middleworth, Geo. Walker, Oliver Taylor

NORTH DAKOTA: Harry Holland, Chas. Ross, Wm. Thompson, Robt. Thompson, Tom Morgan, Harry Dennison, Victor Harper
Jean Houston, Bella Thompson, Ida Batten, Joanna Thompson, Mamie Monilaws, Augusta Sterling

SOUTH DAKOTA: Jas. Jardine, Willie Sullivan, Wm. Abercrombie, Ernest Gordon, Willie Edwards, Ole Nelsen
May Underwood, Lillian Landholm, LeRoy Shaw, Hannah Nystrom, Jean Craig, Mary Spiers

WISCONSIN: James Patrick, M. Stever, Peter Hanson, A. Smith, Otto Schmidt, A. Vogt, Milne Stouffer, Anton Bye, I. Whipple
Hilda Hallberg, E. Johnstone, Henrietta Schildt, E. Stever, M. Faunce, Maggie Sandford

MINNESOTA: Nicol Jardine, Lawrence Ryggs, H. Brown, Herbert Vitzthum, John Patterson, Walter Jardine, Ralph Bullick, Charlie Mitchell, Cleon Parks, Irl Herring, E. Patton, E. Erickson
Emma Lawrence, Tena Stever, Grace Putnam, Mayme Petersen, Dora Holland, Emma Morgan,

KENTUCKY: A. Waddell, R. Freeman, Willie Webb, G. Murrill, A. Cathcart, John Hendy
Lizzie McGregor, L. Philies, T. Webb, S. Ward, Annie Groves, W. Friend

TENNESSEE: J. Weir, A. Rennie, J. Allan, E. Cox, K. Armstrong, M. Girvin, G. Roberston, G. Acheson

ALABAMA: John Freeman, H. Hamilton
A. Robertson, Leroy Shaw

W. WASHINGTON: Bob Middleton, Axel Sterling, Walter Smith, A. Eley, Agda Sterling
Lily Wilson, Minnie Wilson, Ethel Wright

EAST WASHINGTON: Willie Smiley, Wren Silvernail, Tom Cameron, Jas. Biggs, Walter Walden, Gus Dahlin
Flo Davison, Kate Holland, Fanny Carroll, Mabel Sill

OREGON: Willie Jamieson, John Vint, Ed Cornock, Frank Dennison, Richard Meikle, E. Johnson
Lizzie Johnson, Annie Maxwell, Tillie Colhoun, Agnes Murray

N. CALIFORNIA: Wm. Corcoran, Joe Kerr, Ted Cutting, Neil McKay, Percy Abbott, Dan Seidlitz
Sarah Corcoran, Bessie Dunkin, Bella Reid, Amy Puckett

S. CALIFORNIA: David Christie, Lewis Bennett, Walter Slater, Will Allington
Ida Hawkins, Minnie Gerow, Annie McLaughlin, Dorothy Woods


TO OREGON: Tom Lyness, Dick Meikle, Annie Lyness, Agnes Murray

TO MILLTOWN CONV., WASH.: Arthur Eley, Axel Sterling, Agda Sterling, Ethel Wright

TO MONTANA: Harry Oliver, Donald Davidson, James Whiteman, Lewis Coe

TO EAST WASHINGTON: Willie Smiley, Wren Silvernail, Tom Cameron, James Biggs, Flo Davison, Kate Holland

NELSON, B.C.: Kate Meikle, Fanny Davis

MOSCOW, IDAHO: Walter Walden, Gus Dahlin, Chas. Richter, Belle Richter

KIMBERLEY DIST., IDAHO: Charlie Morgan, Arthur Pickess


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