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Letterhead used by workers titled Christian Conventions

Perry, Oklahoma Conv, 1942

Workers List 1913
Sisters from U.K. to USA
Posted Nov. 15, 2014

1913 Sister Workers in USA

George Walker from Enniskillen who has the oversight of the work in general in USA reports that all who went over there to that Continent are accounted for.

I append his note,

E. Cooney

 Sisters from UK to USA, Canada, Newfoundland

 From 1904 – 1912 = 97 Total

72 At present preaching in these countries
11 Returned Home
06 Married
07 Engaged in secular work
01 Died

97 Total*


11 Who returned home: B. Chappell, J. Chapman, M. McCance, P. Barton, M. Patton, A. Hutchison, Janie Baker, M. McGivern, E. Head, J. Greene, L. Coles

6 Who married: M. Cooke, M. Reid, A. Skerritt, L. Scott, A. Smith, M. Spouse

7 Engaged in secular work: H. McCord, S. Humphries, M. Marshal B, Cooke, M. Miller, A. McNaughton, K. Gray

1 Who died: Rebecca Dane.

(transcribed by Cherie Kropp Nov. 15, 2014)

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