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Workers List 1912
UK Sisters in Other Countries
Posted June 11, 2016

List Accounting for ALL Foreign Sister Workers

Total of 124 Sister Workers

Adams Bessie With Sarah Dawson
Adamson Kate British America List
Alexander Hannah In Australia List
Allan Jean In USA workers List
Allan Kate In USA workers List
Armstrong Kate In USA List
Baker Janie Home from USA in Dublin
Barton Pennie Now working in Milan, Italy
Bateman Patience In USA List
Baxter Barbara In South Africa List
Butler Jennie With Edie Weir
Buttimer Miss? With Lizzie Gordon
Carroll Primrose British America List
Carroll Fanny In USA List
Carroll May In USA List
Chapman Jean Now preaching in England
Chappell Blanche Now preaching in England
Coles Lizzie Now home from USA
Calhoun Tilly In USA List
Cooke M Now married. See Geo Walker letter
Cooke B At other work in America. See Geo Walker letter
Cooper Martha British America List
Corcoran Annie British America List
Corcoran Sarah In USA List
Corn Miss? See Lizzie Gordon’s letter
Craig Jean British America List
Dane Mary Australia List
Dane Rebecca Died in USA. See Geo Walker letter
Davidson Florence In USA List
Davis Anna In USA List
Davis Ida Now home from Australia; preaching in Scotland
Dawson Jessie In USA List
Dodds Annie British America List
Douglas Jennie In USA List
Douglas Grace In USA List
Douglas Jennie (2nd ) British America List
Duncan Bessie With Edie Weir
Edwards Annie See May Carroll’s letter (with her)
Falkiner Laura In Australia List
Fee Daisy In USA List
Gill Emma In USA List
Gordon Lizzie In USA List
Gowans Margaret In USA List
Grace Daisy See Annie Grove’s letter (with her)
Gray Katie Now at other work. See Geo Walker letter
Gray Katie (2nd ) In USA List
Greene J Gone home. See Geo Walker letter
Groves Annie In USA List
Harper Maggie In USA List
Harrison Helen British America List
Head E Home per Geo Walker letter
Henderson Mary In USA List
Higgins Queenie Australia List
Hodgins Polly Home from Australia; preaching in Ireland
Holland Dora In USA List
Howard Miss ? See Sara Corcoran’s letter (with her)
Hughes Aggie Home from Australia; preaching in Ireland
Humphries S Taken up other work. See Geo Walker letter
Hutchison P Home per Geo Walker letter
Hutchison Agnes Australia List
Innes Bella In USA List
Irwin Annie In USA List
Jamieson Lizzie In USA List
Jamieson Violet In USA List
Kelly Jean In USA List
Kelly M. E. In USA List
Knox Agnes In USA List
Langworthy Florence With Edie Weir
Long Mollie In USA List
Lyness Annie In USA List
MacNaughton Annie (2 nd ) In USA List
Marshall M Taken up other work. See Geo Walker letter
Martin Annie In USA List
McBride Annie British America List
McCance M At home in Britain, preaching
McClung Annie Australia List
McCord H At other work now in Ireland
McCullough Lizzie In USA List
McCune J In USA List
McGivern Mattie In Ireland, invalid, and sometime preaching
McGuirk Minnie British America List
McNaughton A Taken up other work. See Geo Walker letter
Meikle Kate In USA List
Meikle Lily British America List
Miller M Taken up other work. See Geo Walker letter.
Moodie Mary In South African List
Patterson Cassie In USA List
Pattison Sue British America List
Pattison Bessie In Australia List
Patton M Home in Ireland
Pearson Minnie In USA List
Pearson Rabie In USA List
Rankin Kate With Cassie Patterson
Reid M Married. See Geo Walker letter
Reid Bella In USA List
Reid Lottie In USA List
Reid Mina In USA List
Reid Lillie Home from Africa; preaching in Britain
Rogers Sarah In USA List
Ryan Louie In USA List
Sanford Margaret In USA List
Sargent Lizzie Australia
Scott L Married. See Geo Walker letter
Semple Annie British America
Skerritt Annie Married. See Geo Walker letter
Skerritt Martha Home from Africa; preaching in Scotland
Sleator Maud British America
Smith A or R? Married. See Geo Walker letter
Smith Annie Australia
Spouse M Married. See Geo Walker letter
Stanley Annie British America
Taylor Mamie R In USA List
Taylor Anna In USA List
Thring Florrie With Lizzie Sargent
Underwood May In USA List
Weir Edie In USA List
Weir Jean In USA List
Wellwood Lily In USA List
Wilson Mary K British America
Wilson Emily In USA List
Wilson Minnie In USA List
Wood Nellie In USA List
Young Sarah In USA List
Young Minnie In USA List

124 Total Sister Workers

(transcribed by Cherie Kropp Nov. 15, 2014)

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