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Letterhead used by workers titled Christian Conventions

Perry, Oklahoma Conv, 1942

Workers List 1907-1916
Alberta, Canada
Posted January 22, 2016


Noble Stinson, Robert Darling
/S/ Maggie Rowe, Grace Douglas

Harry Oliver, John Fox, Robert Darling. John McClean, Jim Moore
/S/Maggie Rowe, Lizzie Kerr


Harry Oliver, John Zogg, Robert Darling, Jim Moore, Andy Scott
/S/Maggie Rowe, Lizzie Kerr

1910 – 11

Harry Oliver, Jim Deering, Robert Darling, Andy Scott, Robert Graham, Jim Moore, John McClean, John Zogg
/S/Maggie Rowe, Lizzie Kerr, Mary Wilson, Laura Morton, Martha Cooper, Sarah Humphries, Laura Beamish, Annie McBride, Hanna Nelson

Andy Scott, Robert Graham, John McClean, Jim Moore, Harry Oliver, John Zogg,
Robert Darling, Jim Deering
/S/ Lizzie Kerr, Hannah Nelson, Maggie Rowe, Sarah Humphries, Annie McBride, Laura Beamish, Fannie Davis, Mary Wilson

From the Old Country in August: Willie Smiley, Sam McMinn, John Bruce, Willie Richardson, Lily Meikle

Robert Graham, Alex Smart*, Robert Darling, Howard Skinner*, Willie Smiley, Wellington Lyttle*, Jim Moore, Andy Scott, Willie Richardson, John Micheletos*, John Bruce, John McClean
/S/ Lizzie Kerr, Mary Coulter*, Lily Meikle, Pearl Johnson*, Martha Cooper, Mary Wilson, Hannah Nelson, Ruby Long*, Fannie Davis, Margaret Smart*

Robert Darling, John McClean, Willie Smiley, Willie Graham (?) Willie Richardson, Jim Moore, Sam McMinn, Andy Scott(?), John Bruce, Dick Watchhorn, John McClean, Howard Skinner, Robert Graham, Alex Smart(?)

Willie Smiley, Willie Bowles, Robert Graham, Carl Johnson, Jim Moore, John Micheletos, Willie Graham, Howard Skinner, Willie Richardson, Alex Smart, John Bruce, Sam McMinn, John McClean, Andy Scott
/S/ Lizzie Kerr, Fannie Davis, Lily Meikle, Hannah Nelson, Margaret Smart, Ruby Long

Arthur Pickess, Frank Dennison, Mark Craig, West Wiley, Lewis Coe (from Old Country) all to Montana

1915 (changed at convention in June)
John McClean, Willie Graham, Andy Scott, Howard Skinner, John Bruce, Alex Smart, Jim Moore, Carl Johnson, Sam McMinn, Charlie Wilson, Robert Graham, Jim Mess, Willie Smiley, Jim Higgs, Willie Richardson--to Sask.
Lily Meikle, Margaret Smart, Martha Cooper, Mollie Long, Sue Pattison, Ruby Long, Lizzie Kerr, Maude Sleator;
Annie McBride and Hannah Nelson--to Sask; Fannie Davis--to N.D.

John Bruce, John Micheletos, Andy Scott, Howard Skinner, Jim Moore, Carl Johnson, Robert Graham, Alex Smart, Sam McMinn, Charlie Wilson
/S/ Sue Pattison, Andrea Thorson*, Martha Cooper, Ruby Long, Lily Meikle, Katie Hay*, Mollie Long, Margaret Smart

Alberta Workers June 1916
Robert Graham, Charlie Wilson, John Bruce, Carl Johnson, Sam McMinn, Howard Skinner, Andy Scott, John Micheletos, Jim Moore, Alex Smart; Jim Moore to Montana, also Harry Oliver and Tom Lyness
/S/ Lily Meikle, Katie Meikle (from O.C.), Mollie Long, Katie Hay, Sue Ppattison, Margaret Smart, Ruby Long, Andrea Thorson, Martha Cooper, Fannie Davis

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