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Arrival of Workers in North America
Revised December 27, 2022


Arrived September 14, 1903, aboard S.S. Columbia, Glasgow to New York, USA
Name Age Ethnicity Occupation
William Irvine 40 Scotland Preacher
George Walker 26 Ireland Preacher
Irvine Weir 25 Ireland Preacher
Arrived November 9, 1903, aboard S.S. Columbia to New York, USA
Jimmie Patrick
Difficult to locate entry on manifest--extremely poor handwriting.
No individual record found.

Arrived May 16, 1904 aboard S.S. Furnesia, Londonderry to New York, USA
Name Age Ethnicity  
John Carroll 25 Ireland (Jack Carroll)
Hugh Matthews 26 Ireland
Charlie Glen 27 Scotland
William Clelland 26 Scotland
Mary Carroll 24 Ireland (May Carroll)
Sarah Rogers 30 Ireland
Arrived December 8, 1904, aboard S.S. Oceanic, Liverpool, England to New York, USA
Name Age Ethnicity
Francis Scott (Frank) 20 Ireland
John Jackson (Jack) 24 Ireland
James Jardine (Jim) 20 Scotland
David Lyness (Dave) 26 Ireland
William Weir (Willie) 22 Ireland
Bella Cooke 26 Ireland
Emma Gill* 33 Ireland (*also on this ship)
Lizzie Coles* 26 England (*also on this ship)
Arrived August 14, 1905, aboard S.S. Numidian, Glasgow, Scotland to New York, USA
Name Age Ethnicity
William Jamieson 24 Scotland
John R. Paterson 27 Scotland
William McLeod 27 Scotland
George Beattie 28 Ireland
Charlie Mathews 19 Ireland
William Jones 21 Scotland
John Burns 17 Scotland
Joseph Gaskin 19 Ireland
Maggie Gowans 24 Scotland
Anna Taylor 24 Ireland
Maggie Stewart 20 Ireland
Agnes Hutchison 29 Scotland
Arrived September 16, 1906, aboard SS Caledonia, Londonderry, Ireland to New York, USA
Name Age Ethnicity
George Walker 29 British/Irish
Abraham Mayers 28 British/Irish
Herbert Reid 21 British/Irish
Thomas Noble 27 British/Irish
Robert Humphreys 26 British/Irish
James Graves 26 British/Irish
Alexander Dunn 20 British/Irish
John Byers 21 British/Irish
Annie Dougal 28 British/Irish
Anna Davis 24 British/Irish
Jane Weir 23 British/Irish (Jean Weir)
Lottie Reid 23 British/Irish
Rebecca Dane 26 British/Irish (Died July 5, 1907)
Arrived September 4, 1908, aboard S.S. Cedric, Liverpool, England to New York, USA
Name Age Ethnicity
Hugh Henry 24 Ireland
Walter Smith 21 England
David Sutherland 27 Scotland
David Lyness 30 Ireland
Walter Walden 22 England
Samuel H. Buchanan 27 Ireland
Jane Kelly 20 Ireland
Emma Head 28 England
Isabella Reid 24 Ireland


Arrived August 13, 1904, aboard the S.S. Parisian, Liverpool, England to Montreal;
then to Souris, Manitoba, Canada
Name Age Ethnicity
Harry Oliver 23 Hampshire Farmer
Tom Craig 22 Berwick Farmer
John Doak 25 Tyrone Farmer
George Buttimer 21 Cork Farmer
Arrived August 10, 1905, aboard the S.S. Virginian, Liverpool, England to Montreal, Canada
Name Age Ethnicity Destination Occupation
Ed Armstrong 24 Fermanagh USA Preacher
James Boyd** 25 Armagh USA Preacher
Ralph Bullick 22 Armagh Sidney, Manitoba Missionary
Hugh Doak 23 Tyrone Sidney, Manitoba Preacher
William Jackson 25 King Co. Sidney, Manitoba Preacher
Robert Johnston 35 Scot,Berwicks (not given) Preacher
Thos. Lyness 32 Armagh Sidney, Manitoba Preacher
Tom Patterson 23 Tyrone Sidney, Manitoba Preacher
Tom Purves 17 Berwicks USA Preacher
Noble Stinson 26 Fermanagh Sidney, Manitoba Preacher
R.D. Watchorn "Dick"
Robt S. Skerritt (mispelled Kinitt)


Toronto and USA
Toronto and USA
Martha Cooper 30 Antrim Sidney, Manitoba           Preacher
Dora Holland 29 Galway Sidney, Manitoba           Preacher
Annie Irwin 21? Tyrone Toronto – to USA  Preacher
Martha McGivern "Mattie" 30 Co. Cork Toronto – to USA  Preacher
Mabel Reid 22 Derry USA  Missionary
Annie Skerritt 24 Kings? Toronto and USA  Missionary

* were not on this list, but are shown on ship manifest and in other documents.
**Boyd not found on passengerlist

Arrived August 19, 1908, aboard the S.S. Carthaginian, Liverpool, England to Halifax, Nova Scotia:

"The S.S. Carthaginian Left Liverpool Aug. 08, 1908, to Glasgow, to St. Johns, arrived Halifax Aug. 19, 1908. Manifest shows: George Johnson, Walter H. Dennison, Thos. McGivern, Wm. Armstrong, Joseph Brown, WM. IRVINE, John Baillie, Blanche H. Chappell, Janet Dougal, Rosetta (Nettie) Miller, Mary K. Wilson. In Aug. 1908, twelve workers came from the old country, docking in the St. John's Harbour.
" (Source: Coming of the Workers to Newfoundland)  


Arrived September 25, 1905, aboard the S.S. Geelong, London, England to Cape Town, South Africa:

Workers disambarked at Cape Town, South Africa who were among a group of 18 workers who departed from London on August 25, 1905.  The four brothers and four sisters were sisters:  Mary Moodie (age 38), Barbara Baxter (age 24), L. Reid (age 26), M. Skerritt (age 22); and brothers Joseph Kerr (age 24), Wilson Reid (age 24), J. Cavanagh (age 27), A. Pierce (age 29).  The other ten Workers continued on to various ports in Australia.

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