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Donald Fisher
Posted January 13, 2016

Letter to Fred Miller
DONALD FISHER (brother worker)

No date - ccirca 1983

I appreciated you sending me the book, titled the "Secret Sect". One reason I valued the book was because it held a wealth of information, some of which I did not have. I found reading it the second time helped me to digest better the contents in total. I will type a few words so as to express a little of how the book spoke to me.

It gave me the impression of being written by and through the eyes of the established religious world, which would have reason to hold quite a bit of "animosity", and also misunderstanding, towards us. The book strongley (sic) showed this. Yet at times the book portrayed the good side.

I feel its good for me to remember that where ever humans are concerned, a degree of failure and wrong & misunderstandings & foolishness (by both sides) will be shown.

The book stressed so much the error or wrong of it being upheld by this group that this was from Jesus day—where it really started with Wm. Irvine. My response to this is my remembrance of how for several years at Special meeting time, I remember a favorite subject of Wm. Jamieson (when the Workers would be gathered in a home) was to tell us that as far back as we could trace this fellowship was unto Wm. Irvine. He spoke openly and freely of all which he knew of Wm. Irvine, etc. What he told us was unto enough people that it would be common knowledge state wide.

In 1967 I talked with Robert Darlene [sic-Darling] at the Olympia cony. grounds. At that time he told me that of the first 116 Workers who went forth, only eight were yet alive, he being one and he told me the names of the other seven.

Our conversation turned unto early days. Robert told an interesting account of how the sister of Wm. Irvine turned religious. He mentioned that in his own thoughts he had the feeling Irvine's sister had contacted the truth (the faith passed down from Jesus day) and passed this on unto Wm. Irvine. He could not prove this but it did reveil (sic) his thoughts and what he knew or didn't of the subject.

Just a few days ago, some of us were talking amongst ourselves about this. I feel strongley (sic) that "faith" has been keep alive since Jesus day until now. But if it ever dies out, God "will not" raise it up anew. This is just "my thoughts", but it is the way I see it.

The book so often mentions Wm. Irvine gathered an idea from Math. 10 & started a movement on the idea he gathered from Math.10.

In our Gospel Mtg. last night I spoke from John 1. It mentions that in Heaven before the time of this World, there was true light, and that light was in Jesus. Only because Math. 10 fits into what we see in the life and ministry of Jesus, does it have power and an influence.

The book pictured the movement as glorying in ignorance and also ignorant preachers. We each know God via the Gospel, etc. called men and women just as they were, some would have been found in the class called ignorant. But God planned that from that day on they might grow in wisdom. Any knowledge of God or his Spirit at all would always show God places a great value on Wisdom, and his people reflect this. (thou it might take days or years for God's work to be shown.) A lot more along this line could be mentioned.

Its often mentioned we are an imperfect people in a perfect way. Certainly we as individuals have made errors. The book made me aware of things I did not know & I valued it for this reason. I feel it did not contain information to shake my faith.

Any person who feels rejected or wronged, would have a real battle to keep their spirit right. From this setting could come forth a lot of troubles to disturb peace. I have faced just enough of the setting of rejection or feeling wrong has been done (am sure every person finds this a part of life) to understand a little of the battle there after to keep a right spirit.

One thing I noticed with great interest was the paragraph in the book written of the experience of yourselves. I had often wondered what had happened and via the paragraph I feel I do not as yet have a clear picture, but can understand a little better.

I know not what to write even as a comment on such. When misunderstandings and mistrust arise, its no easy thing to change. From the paragraph it showed you felt you saw a lack. Evidently the Workers in the area felt you were out of line. I regrett (sic) this greatly, but feel powerless or helpless to even know how to say or write a helpful word.

I value the expression of Eldon T. in saying when disagreements and misunderstandings arise, it may take a long time for truth to come forth, or for it to be really proved who was right. (he tells of his own parents who for twenty years were misunderstood) but in the end the one who is right will be made known and the one who is right becomes master (in one since of the word) over the one who was wrong.

This would take a lot of patience on the part of the one misunderstood, but it would be a great day when that person comes out triumphant or on top. Its a sobering thought also, one would certainly not want to be the one time would reveil (sic) as the one deceived and in the wrong.

This is long enough, no more at this time…

Yours through him

Donald Fisher

P.S. The enclosed letter of Linda Quint is a letter she wrote after a ½ page article came out in the Los Angeles Times.

Linda Quint's letter was in response to this article:
Sept 13, 1983, Pg 3 - Los Angeles Times By Russell Chandler
RE: Convention at Santee, California
Obscure, Silent Nameless Sect Travels 'Secret' Path;

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