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Colorado Disturbance, 1938
Revised May 13, 2018

Senior Workers Meeting
December 1, 1938

For a length of time in the state of Colorado conditions have existed which have occasioned great trouble and sorrow amongst the Christians and those who are preaching the gospel. A number of workers met near Denver to consider possibilities for the removal of the afore-mentioned trouble, and the whole situation was freely discussed.

Disturbance of true fellowship had come about and George Walker agrees that he assume responsibility and blame for this unwise attitude and action. He also acknowledges that he is responsible for those with him who took part in this sad disturbance in fellowship which has brought so great pain and confusion amongst the people of the Lord. George Walker asks forgiveness for having erred in this matter and manner. George Walker further agrees to do all in his power to right the wrong that has been done; and to correct wrong impressions which have found place in the minds of God's people because of things told to them. It is understood that workers associated with George will confess their error in having part in this matter, make amends and apologies and take the position of endeavoring to promote unity amongst saints and workers.

On the part of workers in Colorado, E. Cornock who has the care of the work in the state, wishes to acknowledge that between the workers in Colorado and those in other fields a lack of close co-operation has existed. E. Cornock accepts some blame for the part he has had in this and asks forgiveness for the same, where in any way the Colorado workers have failed to keep as closely in line with other workers as they should. It is their wish and purpose to correct this.

Be it further understood that in the case of future trouble either party may have the opportunity and privilege of appealing to other older workers believed to be impartial who could make necessary decisions.

May every child of God remember that even in New Testament times serious difficulties crept in amongst God's people, but that the wise souls held firm in faith through dark and bright, and it is the sincere prayer of the undersigned that forgiveness and grace may prevail and that the admonition of Barnabas may be followed. He exhorted them with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord. Acts 11:23.

P.S. It should be understood that this statement is only intended for those who have been affected by the above matter and it is not intended that it should be put into the hands of those who have no knowledge of the trouble.

Signed: John Hardie, James Jardine, John S. Jackson, George Walker, E. J. Cornock, Wm. Wilkie, Hugh Matthews

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