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First Missions
Published October 30, 2010


Workers were laboring in Lithuania during the interwar years, although it is not known if anyone professed during that time.  Ruta Sprogis was born there in 1938. After the Russian takeover, she was deported with her family to Siberia.  She eventually made it to Germany, where she heard workers and professed in 1959, going into the work in 1962 at age 24.  Because she spoke both Lithuanian and Russian, she made visits to the Soviet Union as often as possible during the communist years to visit friends and follow up on new leads.  She died of cancer in Germany in 2001.  Thus far she has been the only Lithuanian worker.  Now, workers are free to be in Lithuania.

During the interwar period, it seems that a number of the Eastern European countries -- Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia -- worked together during those years, so theworkers were moving back and forth from country to country, and would not all have been in any country at any one time.  The workers were: Tom Alexson (born in Ukraine, professed in Manitoba); Jack Annand ( Victoria, Australia); Vasyl "Willie" Evanov (born in Ukraine, professed in North Dakota); Carl Leonhardt ( Saskatchewan); Willie MacDonald (Scotland/Saskatchewan); Frank Patrick ( Scotland); Bert Todhunter ( Scotland); and Tom Turner ( Scotland).  

From letters, it seems that visas were a major problem, and often they could only get a few months permission at a time before having to leave and be out of the country for at least several months before returning.  So with a number of them divided between those countries, they were able to rotate in and out as visas were available. 

When did the workers first arrive? 

Who were the first brother workers? 

Who were the first sister workers?

Who was the first to profess? 

Who was the first native to go in the work? Ruta Sprogis. Read Account of Ruth's Life

When & Where was the first meeting? 
When & Where was the first baptism?
When & Where was the first convention? 
Where have subsequent conventions been held?
Where is the convention currently held? 

Who have the Overseers been?

TTT Editor's Note: In the absence of a written account, the above information has been compiled by the TTT Editor from various sources. Corrections or additions are most welcome; as well as other historical accounts for this country Email TTT

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