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Wm. West v Wilson et al
August 5, 2014

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1911._W._No. 241.

In the High Court of Justice [in ENGLAND]

Fos. 12

Writ issued the 23rd day of January, 1911.




Statement of Claim.

1. The Plaintiff is the Assistant Secretary of the Fermanagh County Council and is also Secretary to the Fermanagh County Committee of Agricultural, Secretary to Fermanagh County Committee of Technical Instruction and Income Tax Collector.

2. The Defendant William Dennis Wilson resides at Cretingham, Rookery, Framlingham, Suffolk, and is of independent means. The Defendant James W. Wilson is the proprietor of the “Independent” a newspaper printed and published in Ipswich by the Defendant M. Allen.

3. On or about the 22nd day of July 1910 the Defendant William Dennis Wilson falsely and maliciously wrote and caused to be printed and published in the issue of July 22, 1910 of the said newspaper and the other Defendants caused and/or allowed to be printed and published therein of and concerning the Plaintiff the following words:

A continuing steam of exposure of criminal crimes of the Cooneyites…Will you institute new powers to deal with the White Slave Traffic…Go to Mr. W. H. West (meaning thereby the Plaintiff) (who I send a copy of this so) Secretary of County Council Fermanagh (and let not this advice be like casting pearls before swine) to thoroughly unearth this underground work in money and girls in countless thousands…(To be continued).”

meaning thereby that the Plaintiff was a criminal, was an aider and abettor in the prostitution of women and girls, was a hypocrite and an immoral person and was concealing and harbouring criminals from justice.

4. On or about the 12th August 1910 the Defendant William Dennis Wilson falsely and maliciously wrote and caused to he printed and published and the other Defendants caused and allowed to be printed and published in the issue of the 12th August 1910 of the said newspaper of and concerning the Plaintiff the following words:


Tullhhogne, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Ireland,
May 8th, 1909.

"A series of mysterious seductions has recently occupied the attention of the press in various districts, including Ballina Mallard, near Enniskillen, in Ireland, the destination of several girls having been discovered under circumstances which pointed unmistakably to foul play.

"There was no definite clue to work upon, until a detective was employed acting on certain suspicions, disguised as one of the fraternity, attended upon the kidnappers: Alice Pipe, Annie Smith, May Carroll, Emma Gill, J. Hughes, McClung and Company, Unlimited, in their Chapel in Leadbetter Street, Belfast, who was at once struck by highly offensive blasphemy emanating from these women during the temporary stay which was with difficulty concealed, but hearing sudden conversations behind the scenes, glanced around and saw the very girl, of tender age, of surprising good looks who had been decoyed, that was sought for previously in vain. The detective dodged these seducers and obtained other detectives, who, on searching, found that other 50 girls had been entrapped.

“A quantity of doggerel literature was found on them, and shortly after three of this woman tribe were arrested, who, according to their statements, constituted a band of robbers under the leadership or patronage of J. West, W. H. West
(meaning thereby the Plaintiff) A. H. Robb…Most of these are enormously strong and masculine-looking, and have terrorised girls…into their traps during the last 17 years, who, of course, were unaware of the misdoings behind the scenes. So far, these 50 seductions and others also have been traced to the gang, who netted by them a large sum of dollars."

meaning thereby that the Plaintiff had been guilty of a criminal offence, had abducted young girls for immoral purposes, and had been a leading instrument in the procuring of 50 girls for immoral purposes, and that he had thereby obtained a large sum of money, and that he for purposes of gain concerted with procurers and procuresses of women.

5. In consequence of the premises the Plaintiff has been and is greatly injured in his credit and reputation and has suffered much annoyance and has been brought into public scandal, hatred and contempt.

The Plaintiff claims damages.

Delivered the 2nd day of March, 1911, by HERBERT Z. DEANE, of 265 Strand, in the County of London, Plaintiff's Solicitor.

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