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Irvine's Omega Message
Summary of Omega Message
Posted Feb. 7, 2019

Summary of William Irvine's Omega Message

The Author has compiled the following description of the Omega Message from discussions with current and former followers; from over 500 letters written by William Irvine to his followers; as well as letters written by Omega followers to each other. No official statement of beliefs written by a follower has been located.

William Irvine called the new light he received in 1918 his "Omega Message,"  taken from verses in Revelation, "I am Alpha and Omega." In his letters, he referred to the 2x2 Sect of the Workers and Friends as " The Testimony" often shortened to "The Testy;" to the time period he preached with them as the "Alpha Days;" and the message he preached during that time as the "Alpha Gospel." He divided his teachings into two time periods--before and after WWI; before was Alpha and after was Omega.

The following statements are all according to William Irvine, and do not represent the Author's beliefs

THE NEW THING: Irvine believed God selected him to tell others about "The New Thing." God began to do in 1914. Foretold in Isaiah 43:19, many events happen and will continue to happen during "The New Thing." The Omega Message is the "New Thing." He wrote: "It's all dead; and life comes ONLY by receiving my Reading of Revelation! Hearken diligently unto me, saith the Lord. Hear, and your soul shall live and feast; and the Lord will make a new covenant with you: even the sure mercies of David. It's a New Thing . The old heaven and old earth is passing, as the New comes into being" (Irvine Nov. 11, 1934, to Moores, TTT ).

THE BEGINNING AND END: The date that marked the ending and beginning of two periods in God's plan was August 4, 1914, when Jesus took the Throne. This day was the end of the Testimony Days, or the Alpha Gospel Days. It was also simultaneously the beginning of the New Thing, or the Omega Message. The Age of Grace ended and the Judgment Program began.

The time allotted for spreading the good news (gospel) was over. Since that time, the Holy Spirit has not spoken to men individually. Love, mercy and forgiveness by grace through faith were no longer available. This meant there was no need for Workers to continue preaching. After August 4, 1914, the Message was Judgment and Wrath. Jesus said there would be signs, wars and rumors of war in different places, and William Irvine took World War I as proof that God's Judgment Program had arrived.

"Alpha Gospel finished on 4th August, 1914 and Judgment began....The whole world has been without the Spirit since 1914, August 4th, when the war came as proof of Judgment" (Irvine Aug. 7, 1945 , Lauchlins, TTT).

Since 1914, when Jesus took the Throne, there has been no church, and God broke up the Alpha house and cut it asunder (Irvine November 26, 1945, to Dunbars, TTT ). Irvine wrote "He (Jesus) never had a throne till before the war began. He had been sitting on the Right Hand of God interceding for His people." (March 31, 1919, to Edwards, TTT ).

PROPHET. William Irvine believed that in every dispensation, God only spoke to mankind through a Prophet or Apostle; a Man or "Sent One" whom God had anointed or set His Seal upon. When the Judgment Program began in August 1914, God once again selected a Prophet to speak through. He wrote "God's Way is Theocracy--A Man through whom He speaks and works, producing a people and building a house" ( June 11, 1921, to Nobles, TTT ).

The Omega Message hangs on a key passage of scripture found in Deut.18:8-19. "I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee (Moses), and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him." (Also quoted in Acts 3:19-26, referring to Jesus).

Irvine did not believe Moses was referring to Messiah or Jesus, but to a NEW prophet God would raise up specifically for the Judgment Program. He concluded that this prophet who was "like unto me," or like Moses, was a common man, born to two human parents. Irvine reasoned that since Jesus was born of a woman and the Holy Spirit, He was the God-child. Jesus was not "like unto Moses," and Deut. 18:18-19 did not refer to Jesus. Further, he concluded that he was a man "like unto Moses," and that this scripture referred to William Irvine. He was to be a Prophet similar to John the Baptist who was sent to warn people to repent and change. Irvine referred to himself as "The Prophet of the Last days;" "That Prophet;" and "The Prophet of Restitution of All Things" (Acts 3:21).

When questioned for proof of his claim to be a Prophet, Irvine gave the following replies:

"I draw your attention to the fact that there is to be only ONE Prophet in the Last Days. So I don't discuss whether I am a prophet, but tell you frankly, I am The Prophet whom Moses speaks of in Deut. 18:18-19 and Acts 3:19-26, who is the Prophet of Restitution of All Things in preparation for Jesus returning to earth....A Prophet must be A Man of the people of the time of his day; raised up by the Lord alone, like unto Moses; and his words will mean life or death to the whole world according to the way people receive them." (Dec. 21, 1927, to Laws, TTT )

"By 40 years experience and 1,000 marks that prove I am the Prophet....If you had asked Noah such a question, he would have left you to find out with the other 80,000,000 who did not believe he was a Prophet; or Abraham; only three believed Abraham was a Prophet out of five cities....Those who were drowned in the Red Sea did not believe Moses was a Prophet" ( Sept. 9, 1932 , to Kelly, TTT ).

THE TWO WITNESSES in Rev. 11:3-11 . From the very start of his vision of the Omega Message in late 1918, Irvine claimed he was to be one of the Two Witnesses, and that John was to be the co-witness and companion with Irvine. He wrote "In chapter 10 you see John the Apostle come down from Heaven to be my companion, and you see the meeting of the two in Rev. 22" (Jan. 28, 1946 , to Craigs, TTT ).

According to Irvine, John and he would both witness for 1,260 days in preparation of the Lord's return (Rev 11). Then they would be killed and their dead bodies would lie unburied in the streets of Jerusalem for 3-1/2 days. They would then rise again and ascend into Heaven. Irvine wrote, "I hope to be with John and occupy one of the seats right and left of Jesus when my work is finished" (Nov. 15, 1930 to Skerritts*). Irvine explained:

"God set His Seal on him [John] by giving Him Revelation and the place he is to occupy as my co-witness, as in Revelation 10 and 11....The Helm is in my Hand today more than ever....The end of a Man of God's life and work is to be martyred, so John will share the honor of being killed in Jerusalem with me, as in Rev. 11; lie 3-½ days, rise and stand on our feet and obey the Voice of God, and go up as He went, with Earthquake to mark the event as happened when He arose" ( Dec. 4, 1937 , to John Hardie, TTT ).

Overseer Jack Carroll confirmed that Irvine believed he was one of the two witnesses:

"During last few months, William Irvine has written many letter to Saints all over U.S. and Canada....He is also under the delusion that the 'day of grace ended in August 1914,' and that since that date 'the voice of God has not been heard in any Meeting on earth.' This means that, according to him none have been truly born again during the last four and a half years, and that the labors of all the workers in every field has been utterly in vain. We believe on the contrary, that during the last 4-1/2 years, in spite of greater difficulties than ever before, men and women were as truly born of God as in all the years before." (1919, to Dear Brother or Sister TTT ).

The Bible does not identify the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11, and Bible scholars differ in their opinions. Some suggest the two witnesses are Elijah and Enoch, because they are the only two human beings who never died and were translated to heaven. Others believe the two will be Elijah and Moses. William Irvine wrote: "I have seen scores of people in Jerusalem these 19 years who were the two witnesses--all faded out and gone--and there are thousands in the world who claim similar place. One was sent out three weeks ago, who had been here over a year. He was Enoch, and waiting for Elijah and had a wife and relatives in Frisco" (Nov. 18, 1938, to Edwards*).

THE READER: In 1918, four years after World War I started, William Irvine received his vision that he had been appointed by God to be "He that readeth," shortened to "The Reader," in Revelation 1:3. "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand."  

He believed God chose the Apostle John to write the Book of Revelation, and he chose Irvine to read and interpret the Book. He wrote, " God gave it to Jesus and Jesus sent His Angel to give it to John to write and promised a Reader to those who have ears to hear and obey by passing of God's Message to any and all men" (Nov. 19, 1945 , to Nelsons, TTT ) .

He wrote: "Rev. 1:3 shows who are Blessed or given the Spirit to Read Revelation, which was a closed Book till 1914 when the war began. Blessed is he that Readeth and they who hear the words of this prophecy, etc. for the time is at hand" ( Nov. 9, 1936 , to Hills TTT ).

Some interpret Rev 1:3 to mean: "Blessed is any person who reads the book of Revelation," but this is not how Irvine saw it. He viewed John as the Writer and Irvine as the Reader .

As "the Reader," Irvine began sharing his interpretations of what he read: "Revelation is the record for the end of Jesus' work as Judge of all men and nations ( Nov. 19, 1945 , to Nelsons, TTT ) .

Irvine continued to provide his interpretation of Revelation and other scripture through the many letters he wrote and sent all over the world, which he called giving "meat in due season. " His complete interpretation of Revelation is not found in any single letter. His insight did not come all at one time--he continued to receive new progressive insight until his death in 1947.

In the Judgment Days, unlike in the Dispensation of Grace, the Spirit did not allow man to be saved by reading the scripture. In the Judgment Program, the Spirit guided ONLY the Reader, or interpreter, chosen by God, and those who accepted the Reader's interpretations. Irvine believed the whole book of Revelation was written specifically for the Reader (Irvine), and no one else could really understand it.

THE TEST. Since August 1914, only those who hear Irvine's Omega Message and accept it are God's Children. He wrote "the Man and Message from the Throne today is the ONLY Message of Life on the Earth--all else is but delusion. Read Isaiah 55; and Rev. 22"  ( Dec. 4, 1937, to John Hardie TTT ). Irvine believed the requirement of true faith was to believe that William Irvine was God's Prophet, and that his interpretations were from God. How one treated William Irvine was the test for whether or not one would be blessed or cursed. Irvine wrote " The The Test by which all who are His will be known" (Nov. 24, 1927, to Hooes TTT ). "And men good, bad or indifferent or perfect are to be Judged by their Attitude to my Reading of Revelation. So they can have the blessings of V. 1-6 of Rev. 22; or the cursing of V. 18-19" (April 18, 1928 , to Baesslers, TTT ).

Irvine often assured his readers that whatever they do to Irvine is the same as if they did it to/for Jesus: "What a luxury to have the Man, by whom men can be assured that what they do to him is done as unto Jesus. A simple, practical way of Testing the fruit of the trees" (March 5, 1926, to Edwards, TTT ). This concept also pervades the 2x2 Sect in that most believe whatever one does for the Workers is the same as if they had done it to/for Jesus.

BIBLICAL TITLES: William Irvine appropriated various the Biblical titles for himself, including many that most believers and Bible scholars apply to the Messiah or Jesus Christ. Being aware of this enables readers to better understand his statements. Some of the more common titles Irvine claimed for himself were:   Servant, the Man Child, the Least One, the Least of These my Brethren, the Last, Son of Man, the Prophet for the Last Days, the Prophet of Restitution; one of the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11, the Witness, Leader and Commander, the Reader, He that Cometh, the Mouthpiece, the Voice, the Anointed Servant; the Anointed of God; the Sealed of God; Angel, the Sent One, the Sower; King, Sent One and Servant. Explanations follow.

He wrote: " 'Behold, I will send Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.' This is my job! John [the] Baptist was Elijah in his day, but Jesus refers to me by what He said of John. 'Among those born of women, there has not risen a greater than John the Baptist; nevertheless he that is Least in the Kingdom is greater than he' " ( Nov, 11, 1934 , to Moores, TTT ).

WITNESS, LEADER and COMMANDER: Irvine believed Isaiah 55:4 was speaking about him: " 'Blessed are they that do His commandments" by John in his day to me in my day as Witness, Leader and Commander, 'that they may have right to the tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.' John in his day and I in mine are the gates into the city" (Irvine Dec. 2, 1938, to Edwards, TTT ). William Irvine was the only remaining gate. Similarly, to this day, members of the 2x2 Sect believe the only gate is the Workers, and that one must enter through them and submit without question to their control and leadership in order to receive eternal life. As Commander, Irvine stressed the need to follow his commandments, using Rev. 22:14:

" 'Blessed are they that do His commandments,' as we got to know The Message of Revelation Read by the Sent One of Jesus, as in verse 16. 'Commandments' there refers to the guidance of the Witness, Leader and Commander the Lord says He has made His Servant. All who obey my guidance have a right to the Tree of Life and may enter in through the Gates into the City, or New Jerusalem"  (Sept. 6, 1935, to Morgans, TTT ).

MAN CHILD: Irvine believed he was slated to be the Man Child born to the Woman in labor in Rev. 12:1-3. According to scripture, the Man Child is the Prophet that God raises up in the Days of Restitution, who will rule the nations with a rod of iron, or judgment. According to William Irvine, the Man Child will be comprised of the Two Witnesses, the Apostle John and William Irvine. Jesus will remain on the throne till the Man Child overthrows all His enemies (Rev. 12:1-2, 5) ( Aug. 11, 1921, to Nobles, TTT ) . Most Bible scholars believe the Man Child refers to Jesus Christ

KING OF THE KINGDOM, JUDGE AND REWARDER:  It was not until 1946, only one year before his death, that it came to William Irvine that he was to be the King and Judge who would judge the sheep and goats and hand out the rewards and punishments of Matt 25 (Irvine March 28, 1946, to Pages, TTT ; March 23, 1946, to McCaskills, TTT ). "One Noah for 120 years--now one Son of Man, The Least NEW King. But the sweetest part is in Matt. 25 where you see in Verse 31, John comes from Heaven in all his glory and all the holy angels with him, and the Least of All My Brethren becomes the King to judge sheep and goats who have heard the Son of Man on the earth these 53 years plus 3 months, and the King separates sheep and goats" (April 11, 1946 , to Ida Newby, TTT ).

The Revelation Message is Isaiah 55:1  "Ho, every one that thirsteth. Come ye to the waters..." and "Come out of her my people"  (Rev. 18:4). According to Irvine, this means people must come out of the churches and religions of the world, which he called "Satan's synagogues." Leaving and remaining outside of organized churches and religion including "the Testimony," is viewed as the first step in following the Omega Message (Sept. 25, 1934 , to Westlunds, TTT ).

* * * * *

THE DAY OF WRATH in Rev. 6:17: "For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?" During this period, three wars will take place, with the first one being WWI. The second war will be the future East-West Religious War, which is the beginning of the Day of Wrath when the Two Witnesses arrive on the scene. The third war is Armageddon, when the whole world gathers to "battle on the great Day of God Almighty" in Rev. 16:14. Presently, we are in the time period Irvine called the Beginning of Sorrows ( Jan. 2, 1938, to Edwards, TTT ).

When John comes from Heaven, an earthquake will split Mt. Olives in half and a waterway to the Dead Sea will be opened and will replenish the land, and cause the desert to bloom as paradise (Zech. 14:4-5). This will create a great valley where the Omega followers will flee for refuge. Around that time, all those following the Omega teachings worldwide will gather in Jerusalem to fulfill Is. 2:3. Omega followers do not have their tickets bought or money set aside to get to Jerusalem for this event. They do not know exactly when or how it will work and are not concerned with details. They have faith and confidence that they will all somehow arrive in Jerusalem.

THE TRIBULATION: The Two Witnesses, the Apostle John, and William Irvine, will witness for 3-1/2 years (1,260 days), during the East-West War when the Heavens are shut up, there is no rain and there is worldwide drought, famine and plagues (Rev. 11:1-6). The world is aware of who the responsible parties are for the drought. This is the seven-year Tribulation. Irvine claims the rapture will not come until after the 1000 year reign. Jesus will stay on his Throne in Heaven until the Restitution of All Things and the Two Witnesses put "his enemies under his feet." Irvine wrote:

"The rapture comes at the end of the 1000 years, and so shall we be with the Lord, not on the earth, which will be finished so far as His purpose is concerned, and burnt up....There can be no rapture of the church, for there is no church since 1914, and only such as have ears to hear and obey the Reader of Rev. or the Witness, Leader and Commander He has given to people, can have any hope....We are six months into Tribulation and no Rapture" (Feb. 12, 1932 , to Chapmans, TTT ). 

Many people will go to Jerusalem, since food and water will be plentiful there during the Tribulation, where they will hear the Two Witnesses speak. After 3-1/2 years (1,260 days), the Beast (Rev. 17) will be loosed. The Two Witnesses, John the Apostle, and William Irvine will be killed and their dead bodies will lie in the streets of Jerusalem, and the world will rejoice that the Two Witnesses are dead (Rev. 11:7-10). Irvine's followers assume that their deaths will be publicized worldwide by television. After for 3-1/2 days, the Two Witnesses will rise again and a great voice from heaven will say, "Come up hither," and they will ascend up to Heaven in a cloud with their enemies watching on (Rev. 11:12). 

Irvine believed the Apostolic Age would begin after the Two Witnesses are killed, and the 144,000 return to where they came from, and offer salvation to the world. One hundred million will accept their message, and will be sealed and saved, while the wicked shall be cleared off the earth by atomic power, ending in the earthquake and fire which burns Jerusalem and other cities ( March 28, 1946 , to Pages, TTT ; Feb. 27, 1946 , to Howells, TTT ). Jesus will return to earth with his Bride, and reign for 1,000 years in peace as King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Oct. 29, 1944, to Everitts, TTT ). He wrote: " doing a New Thing--finish off all who will not hear Him, and gather all who will hear Him, that they may reign for a 1,000 years on the earth as His divine family" (Aug. 18, 1928 , to Sheeley, TTT ).


Through his letters, Irvine provides glimpses into his feelings about the role he believed he was divinely appointed to fill:

"If they would not hear me because of my leastness, they would not have heard Him [ Jesus]....For I am to Jesus, what Jesus was to His Father" ( Dec. 18, 1931 , to Morgans, TTT ).

" You can see how much alone I have been in the conflict and how it has all centered around me and my Message. And I'm glad that these things were not made clear to me earlier, for there would have been more temptation to getting puffed up over them....You may almost think me presumptuous in these readings, but I'm sure, else I would not give them to you" (July 13, 1924, to Skerritts, TTT ).

"and to think that all that has happened is centered in me, rather than all the great men in worlds' eyes. People may think it vanity and pride of heart that would make me say these things, but it's the plain reading of the Book, and the key to unlocking all the mysteries of past and present things" ( Nov. 17, 1927, to Nobles, TTT ).


After reading numerous letters written by William Irvine, it seems as if the following paragraph in Irvine's own words is a good brief summary of his Omega Message:

"You ask how I can learn the things that should be taught at this time. Read Rev. 1:1-3 and you will find a perfect answer. Revelations which God gave to Jesus and He to John by His Angel, that John should write them. 'Blessed is he that readeth' (meaning the Prophet) 'and they that hear and keep the words, for the time is at hand.' There was no Reader till the time was at hand. When the time of Tribulation comes, then John, the Writer, and the Reader become the Two Witnesses. Rev. 10:11 and in quite a number of other places, Jesus speaks of John coming back and not suffering martyrdom till he is killed as in Rev. 11. John was the First Apostle of Jesus, and I am to be the Last, as there will be no need for such when Jesus comes with the meek to reign for 1,000 years as King of Kings and Lord of Lords...

"Jesus told the Pharisees they searched the Scriptures, for in them they thought they had Eternal Life, while the Book teaches us the need of a Man sent of God, through whom He will speak words of Eternal Life. The Scripture is of no private interpretation, meaning we can only understand the words of inspired sent men, by the same Spirit; and men can pretend anything they want, and use the Scriptures any way they choose, they can never take the Spirit which God always can and will give only to the Man who is willing to fulfill the conditions revealed in all whom He ever sent. If you have ear to hear my Reading, you will soon find that you will have Ears to Hear what the Spirit saith for these days. Matt. 18 deals with The Man who is to be the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, and is The Test for all who know Jesus, and will become the Little Ones." ( Dec. 21, 1927 , to Law, TTT )


William Irvine's Letter to Dear Friends
October 11, 1930

PO Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Friends;

Thanks for yours. The world is full of false prophets and prophecy, and every man seems to walk in his own thoughts and ways, iniquity and hypocrisy, so why not the need for a true Prophet? And don't think God will ask any man in the matter.

The Book is full of proofs that such a man is to be Prophet or Mouthpiece of God for these days, if people can't see, then it is proof that they have no light, or worse, the light of them is darkness.

We have had 17 years of the beginning of sorrows according to what Jesus said in Matt. 24, etc. in diverse places and now we are to have world wide war, famine, pestilence and plagues for 7 years to end the whole fabric of religion, racialism and the language babel on the earth. What began at Babel is to end in the destruction of Babylon as you can see from Rev. 17 and 18. The Reader of revelation and those who hear his reading are the New Seed for the Kingdom of God being set up on the earth.

You can see in Rev 22 what it will mean for all who either add to or take from the words of this prophecy, by the reading of the Book by the Man. A Prophet is a man on the earth for whom the Spirit of God is to see, hear and witness. People always loved the dead Prophets, but either did not feel the need of, or give ear to a living Prophet.

Jesus is on the Throne in Heaven, and most every form of righteousness on the earth is carried on in His name, and backed by His written record; SO WHY NOT A PROPHET?

Isaiah 55 is a record of this servant, whom Jesus makes Witness, Leader and Commander, for all who will hear Him. People's attitude toward God, Jesus and the Spirit is known by their attitude to the Servant. All who will hear my reading of Revelation, which is the program of Judgment of all man from 1914 to the end, will find a place of shelter, provision and comfort. All others will perish from the earth. This is the reading of the whole Book, as it was in Noah's time to now.

My best wishes for you, Hear and your soul shall live, refuse and perish.

William Irvine


William Irvine's Letter to Blackburns
September 14, 1936

My dear Blackburns:

Thanks for yours. I expect, by the time this reaches you, the World War will be on and John will not tarry much longer. Then you will see the drought and plagues following, according to Revelation 9:12, and the whole of what I have been showing His servants, who were willing to hear and obey, will shortly be done. Blessed are they who keep the sayings of the prophesy of this book, Revelation.

Revelation 22 is an outline of all that comes from the Throne. The River of Life flowing, and the Tree growing, its Leaves for the healing of the smitten nations, while men fearing, and war nearing, and our greater opportunity for witnessing and seeing the reward for those who hear and obey; and they who oppose and despise, wrath and more wrath to end all their silly cackle and lip service, worship, so-called.

Revelation 22:6, shows you Him sending me, His Prophet-Angel.

Revelation 22:7, shows who are Blessed.

Revelation 22:8-9, the meeting of the TWO WITNESSES.

Revelation 22:10, Seal not the sayings of THIS BOOK, for they are NOW.

Revelation 22:11, The time at hand for men, unjust, filthy and righteous and holy are all in the same place and plane and will be rewarded according to the use they have made of the witness.

Revelation 22:12, as his work shall be.

Revelation 22:13, Jesus as Alpha, with the keys of Kingdom, and Omega keys of Hell and Death.

Revelation 22:14, shows who are BLESSED and his commandments are not hard to keep which comes from the Throne, not Moses and Jesus, as in low, or Alpha Days, but the Living God and Jesus as He gives us His Servant or Sent One.

Revelation 22:15, shows where the whole religious world now is and what their spiritual marks are. They can never have any part in the Tree of Life or entrance to the City by the Gates. The false preachers cannot climb up some other way this time.

Revelation 22:16, shows Jesus sending me to testify these things. Not in Babylon, but to those whom I got to know in prewar days, called the 7 churches.

Revelation 22:17, shows the Man to be The Angel.

Revelation 22:17, My message was to gather the Woman-Bride, who is to be the channel of the Spirit's Message, or Witness, and all who hear my message will also say come;, for my message is to whosoever will, as the Old Gospel was in prewar days.

Revelation 22:18, shows how foolish any man is who tries to take from or add to the message and my reading of Revelation.

Revelation 22:19, they shall be as sure of death and hell, as we who hear can be of LIFE, if we OBEY and so let the Spirit work in us and by us to all He is preparing through trouble and suffering in the clouds now let loose on earth, which will show who and what is what.

My love and best wishes in Him,

William Irvine


1923: " The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is Armistice day. The year is probably from the year that Abram got the promise of the Land. If you look up you will find it about 1923 B.C. as we see 1923 the probable year in which it will be fulfilled ( Robert Skerritt Dec. 1, 1922 , TTT ).

1934: " So Rev. IX is easier to read now than ever. 11.11.11 Jewish time was the hour, day, month of 1914 war. August 1st Jewish time it began and finished. 11.11.11 Christian time, and the coming war hour, day month & year may be 1st Aug. 1934. And John's coming at same time, for the world war, famine, pest & plagues I expect will begin together. So our long expectations may now be in sight. 20 years to a day from 1914 war ( Fountains June 22, 1934 , TTT ).

1938: "we are now entering the 17 hour of His sufferings; and so the 18th year of Judgment; and now the 1st year of Tribulation, which is the last 7 years...for this time next year, when John will have come, and the Woman be invited to come to Palestine" (Fountains Aug. 2, 1930 , TTT ) .

1938: "So here I am awaiting my reward, with all the other 2,000 million on the earths to be signed and sealed by John from Heaven--probably at the end of the 24 years from 1914....Jesus' sufferings in the 24 hours ending in the Tomb helps us to see the preparation in these 24 years ending in the Tomb for the unregenerate world. The day, hour, month and year: 1914 + 24 = 1938. (Edwards Jan. 7, 1938 , TTT )

1938: "This is my spiritual birthday and I expect we will be having a happy New Year and a real Xmas in John's coming at the end of 24 years from 1914 war coming on when the 7 seals had been opened in heaven. The 24 hours of Jesus' sorrow, death and burial have been well carried through since 1914, and now 6 months ahead the end will come." ( Skerritts Jan. 6, 1938 , TTT ).

1938: "The Wall Street joke of raising a 5 million dollar fund to offer Roosevelt if he retires in 5 months--all these 5's seem to draw our attention to our being in the last 5 months of the 24 years of Beginning of Sorrows, and helps to place the hour, day, month and year for Tribulation about 6th August" [1938] Editor's Note: The Tribulation is seven years before the end of the world. Edwards March 11, 1938 , TTT ).

1952: "So the great quake comes at the end--about 7 years from now" (Sutter & Pincetl Nov. 18, 1945, TTT).  

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