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Irvine Family Tree
Helen Irvine, Sister
Revised February 2, 2018


His Sister:  Helen (Nellie/Nelly) Irvine Cleland/Clelland

1.  John Irvine
2.  Margaret
3.  William
4.  James
5.  Agnes
6.  Henry #1
7.  Henry #2
8.  Elizabeth
9.  Jane (Jeanie)
10. Helen (Nellie/Nelly), Fifth Daughter of John & Elizabeth Irvine
11. Janet (Jennie)

Birth of Helen (also called Nellie)
1876 Register 483 Kilsyth Entry 28
On January 25th at Backrow Kilsyth
Father:    John Irvine Pit Oversman
Mother:    Elisabeth Irvine M.S. Grassam married Dec 12th Larbert
Informant:     John Irvine father present

Marriage of Nellie Irvine and David Clelland
1896 Register 483 Kilsyth Entry 43
On 7th August at Queenzieburn Kilsyth after Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church
David Cleland aged 21 bachelor Engine Driver Shirva, Kirkintilloch
Nellie Irvine aged 20 spinster    Housekeeper, Queenzieburn
His father:    James Cleland Engine Keeper
His mother:    Margaret Cleland, M.S. Meikle
Her father:    John Irvine, Pit Oversman
Her mother:    Elizabeth Irvine M.S. Grassam
Signed:    William Jeffrey, minister
Witnesses:    Peter Cleland, Janet Irvine

Death of Helen Irvine or Cleland
1952 Register 498 Kirkintilloch Entry 189
On November 23rd at 39 Eastside, Kirkintilloch (Family Home)
Helen Cleland aged 76 married to David Cleland, Coalminer retired
Father:   John Irvine Colliery Overseer deceased
Mother:  Elizabeth Irvine M.S. Grassam deceased
Cause:    Myocarditis Auricular fibrillation
Cert. by: Wm. J Murphy
Informant:   John I. Cleland son, 16 Saltoun Place, Kirkintilloch

Death of David Cleland

1961 Register  Kirkintilloch Entry 287 (Page 96)
On December 18th at 39 Eastside, Kirkintilloch (Family Home)
David Cleland, age 86 widower of Nellie Irvine
Father: James Cleland Engine Keeper (deceased)
Mother: Margaret Cleland M.S. Meikle (deceased)
Cause: Cardio Vascular Degeneration, cerebral thrombosis
Cert by: Wm. J. Murphy
Informant:  Wm. Cleland, Son

Cemetery:  Three Cleland family members are buried in the Kilsyth Cemetery
Address: 92 Howe Road, Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Memorial ID:  181397064
Tombstone Inscription:

In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband
John Irvine Cleland Died 6th July 1957
Also His Mother Nellie Irvine
Died 23rd November 1952 Aged 76 years
David Cleland, Beloved Husband of the Above Nellie Irvine
Died 18th December, 1961 Aged 86 years

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Census 1881
District 495 Cumbernauld Book 5 Schedule 127
At No. 16 Auchinstarry Row

NOTE:    John and Margaret, the 2 oldest children, are no longer at home; Henrys not listed.
John Irvine
Head Married
Ironstone Miner
Elizabeth Irvine
Wife Married

William Irvine
Ironstone Miner
James Irvine

Agnes Irvine

Elizabeth Irvine
Jane Irvine
Helen Irvine

Janet Irvine


Census 1891
District 495 Cumbernauld Book 5 Schedule 21 At Auchinstarry

John Irvine
Head Married
Coliery Oversman
Wife Married

Jane Irvine

Helen Irvine
Janet Irvine
Archibald Irvine

Maryhill Lanarkshire

Children of David Cleland and Helen (Nellie) Irvine

1897+/- Born
James Cleland
Married Agnes Robertson,
Son: David Cleland

1899 Register 483 Kilsyth Entry 274
On September 3rd at 28 Queenzieburn
Elizabeth Gressom Irvine Cleland
Father:  David Cleland Pit Brusher
Mother:  Nellie Cleland M.S. Irvine married 7th August 1896 Kilsyth
Informant: David Cleland father

1901 Register 483 Kilsyth  Entries 390 and 391
On November 30th at 9h 30pm and 10h 30 pm at 28 Queenzieburn Kilsyth
Margaret Cleland and Ellen Cleland, twins
Parents as above
Note these twins did not survive.

1904 Register 483 Kilsyth Entry 106
On March 9th at 56 Queenzieburn
Margaret Cleland
Parents as above
Margaret (Meg) (Cleland) Slater, deceased ____? (before her husband)
Married____-to Robert (Bobby) Slater, deceased____
Son: Robert Slater, Born____ Alive 5/94; 9 Sycamore Ave, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
Dtr: Helen (Slater) Johnston, Born____
Dtr: Elizabeth (Slater) Burns, Born_____- Alive 5/94

1906 Register 483 Kilsyth Entry 90
On March 12th at 28 Queenzieburn
John (Johnny) Irvine Cleland
Parents as above
Deceased: 7/6/1957, Age 51
Married to Jeanie McGill Bowe, She survived him.
No Children.

1908 Register 483 Kilsyth Entry 337
On September 30th at 56 Queenzieburn
David Cleland
Parents as above
Deceased:  8/5/1978, Age 69.
Married _____ Selina Lavery Connel, Born 12/28/1912; Died 3/5/01, age 89
Dtr:  Helen (Cleland) Clark, Born 10/17/39; Alive 8/03
Son:  David Cleland, Born 10/9/52; Alive 8/03
1911, September 15
Agnes (Nan) Irvine Cleland
Per death certificate
Deceased:  8/6/1975, Age 63
Agnes (Nan) Irvine Cleland Anderson 
Married _____ William (Willie) Archibald MacLennan Anderson, Born______ - Alive 5/94
Son: William Gault Anderson, Born_____Alive 5/94

Son: William Cleland, Born 1914 +/- Deceased after 1957
Married-______Agnes Scott, Born______ Alive 5/94
Dtr:  Margo (Cleland) McLaughlin, Born______Alive 5/94


Marriage of Elizabeth Gressom Irvine Cleland and James Mathieson Bruce
1922 Register 483 Kilsyth Entry 44
On 2nd August at 59 Queenzieburn Rows Kilsyth after Banns according to the Forms of the Congregational Church
James Mathieson Bruce aged 32 bachelor Grocery Manager; died 1968
Elizabeth Gressom Irvine Cleland aged 22 spinster Housekeeper
His father:    David Bruce,  Police Constable, retired
His mother:    Mary Bruce M.S. Mathieson
Her father:    David Cleland Coalminer
Her mother:    Nellie Cleland M.S. Irvine
Signed:    David Beale Minister of Congregational Church Kilsyth
Witnesses:    David Bruce, 2 Stable House, Gartsherrie
M. Cleland, 6 Lapelgreen, Queenzieburn, Kilsyth
    Two Sons:
    David Meikle Cleland Bruce, died 1989   
    Donald Daniel Bruce
        Son:  Gregor
        Dtr:    Eleanor

Marriage of  Helen Cleland and Iain (John) Clark

Iain (John) Clark, born_______, alive 8/03
Helen Cleland Clark,  Born 10/17/39; Alive 8/03
Two Daughters:
    Lynn Clark
    Rona Clark Mackay (married to David Mackay)
    Two Sons:
        Innes Clark
        Ewan Clark

Marriage of David Cleland and Anne Janet Campbell Jarvie

1976 24th April
David Cleland, Born 1952; alive 8/03
Anne Janet Campbell Jarvie, Born 9/29/55; alive 8/03
Two Daughters:
    Fiona Jarvie Cleland, Born April 16, 1980, alive 8/03
    Hazel Joyce Selina Cleland, Born August 18, 1983; alive 8/03

Death of John Irvine Cleland
1957 Register 498 Kirkintilloch Entry 126
On July 6th at 37 Kilsyth Road Kirkintilloch
John Irvine Cleland aged 51 mechanical engineer married to Jeanie McGill Bowe
Father:      David Cleland, Pit Brusher
Mother:    Nellie Cleland M.S. Irvine deceased
Cause:    Coronary Artery thrombosis 1 day cert by J.A. Buchanan MB ChB
Informant:    William Cleland brother, 85 Waverley Cres. Kirkintilloch present

Death of Agnes Irvine Cleland or Anderson
1975 Register 508 Kirkintilloch Entry 192
On August 6th at 47 Redbrae Road
Agnes Anderson aged 63 born 9/15/1911
Married to William Archibald MacLennan Anderson Technical clerk
Father:    David Cleland, Coalminer deceased
Mother:    Nellie Cleland M.S. Irvine deceased
Cause:    Carcinoma of breast cert. by A R R Easson
Informant:    Wm. Anderson widower

Death of Elizabeth Gressom Cleland or Bruce
1978 Register 508 Kirkintilloch Entry 223
On July 28th at 46 Kerr Street Kirkintilloch Elizabeth Gressom Bruce aged 78 born 3/9/1899
Widow of James Mathieson Bruce Grocery Manager
Father:    David Cleland Pit Brusher deceased
Mother:    Nellie Cleland M.S. Irvine deceased
Cause:    Coronary Thrombosis Hypertension cert. by J. E. Lang
Informant:     Daniel Bruce son 14 Islay Airdrie

Death of David Cleland
1978 Register 508 Kirkintilloch Entry 229
On August 5th at Stobhill Hospital Glasgow
Usual Residence 9 Chestnut Drive Lenzie
David Cleland aged 69 born Sept. 30, 1908 Stock Controller married to Selina Lavery Connell
Father:    David Cleland Pit Overman deceased
Mother:    Nellie Cleland    M.S. Irvine deceased
Cause:    Carcinomatosis Bronchial Carcinoma cert. John Martin
Informant:  David Cleland son
Death of Selina Lavery Connel Cleland
2001 March 5 age 89
Selina Lavery Connel Cleland born 12/28/1912; Widow of David Cleland, above

Note:  Though it may seem strange that there were 3 Grandchildren named Margaret Cleland (born in 1901, 1904, 1906), the name Margaret was used exactly according to the usual order of names used in Scotland. David & Peter Cleland's mother's name was also Margaret.

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