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1899 Bicycle Boys Trip to Scotland

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In October, 1899, William Irvine led an experimental group of
8 young men to Scotland to work a mission, putting into
practice the Matt.10 instructions Jesus gave the 12 disciples.

A notation on some copies of this photo reads:

"Picture taken in Ireland before these men professed."

The dates they entered the work, and the names of the
men are printed on some copies of this picture:
3. George Walker-1899;
4. John Hardy-1900;
5. Wm Ervin (William Irvine) pre-1899;
6. William (Bill) Carroll-1903;
7. Irvine Weir-1900;
8. Warren Hastings (no date given)."

NOTE: According to the The Secret Sect
by Doug & Helen Parker, p. 90, Sam Boyd
accompanied William Irvine on his first
mission trip to Scotland in 1899.

Douglas & Hastings didn't enter the work.