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1899 Bicycle Boys Trip to Scotland


1899 Bicycle Boys Trip to Scotland

In October, 1899, William Irvine led an experimental group of eight young men to Scotland to work a mission, putting into practice the Matthew 10 instructions Jesus gave his 12 disciples. This familiar picture of the eight young brother workers with their bicycles was most likely taken on this trial expedition. A notation on some copies of this photo reads: "Picture taken in Ireland before these men professed." The dates they entered the work, and the names of the men are printed on some copies of this picture: 1. Jack Douglas (no date given); 2. William (Willie) Gill-1900; 3. George Walker-1899; 4. John Harcy-1900 [should be John Hardie]; 5. William Irvine pre-1899 ("Wm Ervin"); 6. William (Bill) Carroll-1903; 7. Irvine Weir-1900; 8. Warren Hastings (no date given); NOTE: According to the The Secret Sect by Doug & Helen Parker, page 90, Sam Boyd accompanied Wm Irvine on his first mission trip to Scotland in 1899. Douglas & Hastings didn't enter the work.

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