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Jamieson, Wm Let p 1-2


Jamieson, Wm Let p 1-2

Earliest known mention of designation: Christian Convention. "This last week I've visited the Saints at Canby, Aurora, Needy, Mountaindale and Thatcher. They are all longing for Conv. and most of them are trying to get out to stay as long as possible...You can get reduced fares from R.R. there. Tell the Agent you are going to Christian Convention and ask for a Certificate with your ticket to prove you are going to attend the Conv. and this one being presented to Agent here when you go home will allow you to return for 25 cts. Give your Agent there my name as Secretary of the Conv. if he asks you for it. Let the others know about it who intend to come. We are getting the work well done here now, only making beds, etc."

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