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Jamieson, Wm Let p1 WmI


Jamieson, Wm Let p1 WmI

Willie Jamieson August 1, 1911 Letter to Henry & Cordia White of Scappoose, Oregon, written from Scotland, telling about Wm Irvine preaching in the Scotland Conv. "This is my first time of writing you since landing in this Country...because time was scarce. Conv. has kept us very busy for the last month back but now it is over again and we will have a little more time for correspondence etc. It was the best Conv. ever held on this side and all seemed to profit by it. There were very large crowds all the time. WM IRVINE, as usual, did the most of the preaching, and I never heard him better. There was plenty evidence of God speaking to our hearts and showing us the need of having His power working in us and through us." Typed copy of letter at:

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