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Preserving the Truth
The Church without a Name and its Founder, William Irvine

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Chapter 39
Revised February 22, 2018

1980 to 2018
The FOURTH Exodus

The PARKERS GET SERIOUS ABOUT WRITING A BOOK: For many years, many people encouraged Doug to enlarge his manuscript, A Spiritual Fraud Exposed, and make it into a detailed, hardback book. Doug told the story of his investigation to Dr. James I. Packer (Jim), considered by some to be one of the 20th century's most important theologians. Dr. Packer has authored many books, including A Quest for Godliness, Growing in Christ and Rediscovering Holiness, and is perhaps best known for his book, Knowing God, about God's attributes. Dr. Packer was fascinated and insisted that Doug must write a book and offered his help.

Doug took a leave of absence from work and he and Helen temporarily moved to England to research and gather data from sources in the British Isles. They rented a house in London while they laboriously researched the 2x2 Sect and carefully documented their findings. Being a librarian by profession, Helen's skills were extremely valuable. They used various libraries in the U.K, interviewed people, recorded their statements, obtained copies of documents, newspapers, photographs, etc.

"THE SECRET SECT:"  Eventually, Doug and Helen wrote a book titled "The Secret Sect," that was privately published in 1982 by Macarthur Press (Books) Pty. Ltd., Sydney, Australia. Dr. Packer provided assistance, suggestions, and wrote the "Foreword" in the book. Another person to provide invaluable help was Brian Ronald Wilson (1926-2004), one of the world's leading sociologists of religion, whose studies and writings on secularism and religious sects are classics.  The works and words of Dr. Wilson are quoted numerous times in the Parkers' book (Source:  Personal Testimony given by Doug Parker, June 9, 1995, Bellview, Washington).

1982, AUGUST: 
Up until 1982, the 2x2 Sect had maintained a fairly low profile in the U.S. Only a few articles had spotlighted the Sect in newspapers written by curious reporters who had met some Workers or ventured onto a Convention ground. Two Washington state Conventions were suddenly brought out of their seclusion in 1982. Their anonymity began to erode with a Skagit Valley Herald article (Aug. 30, 1982*) that described the Milltown convention. Two articles published in June 1983 in the Spokesman-Review, Spokane, thrust the group further into public view. These articles focused on the Post Falls, Idaho Convention and included interviews with former members of the group. A reporter
visited the Walla Walla, WA Convention: "When one participant was asked when the fellowship began, he referred to the time of Christ" (Walla Walla Union Bulletin, June 11, 1982*).

1983, JUNE:  The following year, "The Secret Sect" made its first public debut in five U.S. newspapers at the same time Conventions were taking place in Idaho and Washington. Two articles focused on the Post Falls, Idaho, Convention and included interviews with ex-members of the Sect (The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Washington, June 5, 1983*). The newspaper also mentioned a store where "The Secret Sect" could be purchased, as well as an advertisement by a local bookstore. Word spread on the Convention grounds and the newspapers and books sold out fast. Reporters also visited the Milltown Convention and printed two articles laced with comments from Workers (Bellingham Herald, Aug. 20, 1983*).

"Hidden from the glare of public scrutiny for a hundred years, the group today is being forced into the open in reaction to charges by ex-members that its leaders have systematically withheld the truth of its origin from its members.  'This group is unique in that it has no records to speak of, no printed matter,' says Ben Johnson, University of Oregon, professor of sociology of religion. 'Their theology is not particularly way-out. They're not dangerous politically. They don't brainwash or kidnap. It's a typical turn-of-the-century conservative Protestantism. What is unusual is their low profile and what looks now like a deception the leaders are practicing on the members. A lot of members would be blown away if they really knew the things their leaders were keeping from them' " (Bellingham Herald, Aug. 20, 1983*).

"The origins of the church are another source of criticism say ex-members. Ex-members contend they were led to believe the church is the continuation of the New Testament church, begun at the time of Christ's death" (Skagit Valley Herald, Aug. 17, 1983*).

A reporter for the Los Angeles Times pushed the quiet 2x2 Sect further into public view when she visited the 1983 Santee Convention in southern California and reported: "Several former members said they had been led to believe the group went back to the time of Christ. They said, 'We're the original church. We follow the Jesus Way,' one ex-member recalled.  Several former members report that discovering otherwise was the key blow to their faith in the Two by Twos. They point to a book that traced the group back only as far as 1897, to a movement founded in Ireland by William Irvine" (Spokesman-Review, June 5, 1983*). NOTE: The book was "The Secret Sect."

BOOKSELLERS USA of Richland, Washington, was formed to distribute Parkers' book in North America. They promoted it with a number of simple advertisements placed with the statewide classified advertising program which advertised weekly in newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canadian provinces. The ads used 2x2 jargon words such as: "workers, Nameless House Sect/Church; 2x2s; Cooneyites" that left the Friends without doubt that, "This book is about us!"  The books purchased from BookSellers traveled far and wide. In June 1999, Research and Information Services (RIS) assumed BookSeller's distributorship. 

1984, JUNE:  Reporters for the Coeur d'Alene Press, Idaho, attended the Post Falls, ID Convention. The June 8, 1984, newspaper came out while convention was being held and contained two articles about the experiences of the reporters as the Convention, as well as critics' viewpoints, interview replies, and comparisons with information contained in "The Secret Sect." The article quoted Brother Worker, Walter Pollock: "The church was formed at the turn of the century in Great Britain....A number of people In England, Scotland, Ireland discovered they were 'missing something spiritually...The Lord brought them together and they found they saw eye to eye on the ministry,' he said" (Coeur d'Alene Press, June 8, 1984*).

Over the next ten years, news about Parkers' book slowly trickled to the U.S. East coast. Some Friends knew a book existed, but were unable to locate it because it was privately published and the book title was unknown. The difficulty in locating this book experienced by the Author made her determined to make information easily accessible to all those ever associated with the 2x2 Sect. Meanwhile, Workers warned Friends not to read "the black book" ("The Secret Sect" has a black cover). 

REACTIONS TO THE SECRET SECT:  The truth about the 2x2 Sect's origins and its founder that had been hidden for many years resurfaced with the publication of "The Secret Sect."  As an ex-Worker wrote the Author, "That ugly serpent raises its head ever so often..." Not everyone welcomed the information it contained.

"Walter Pollock, a 'worker' or minister, said he was disappointed to learn the Spokane articles were published simultaneously with an advertisement for a book by ex-member Doug Parker, 'The Secret Sect,' a historical account of the group's origins and an exploration of its theological positions that members consider unflattering..." (Skagit Valley Herald, Aug. 17, 1983*).

"Parker last year published his findings in 'The Secret Sect,' a book available at area bookstores. The book and the publicity about the group that has followed its publication, threatens a crisis within the group that may alter it forever, says Johnson of the University of Oregon…Parker charges leaders have worked since the early 1930s to conceal the group's origins, substituting a version more to their liking." (Bellingham Herald, Aug. 20 1983*) 

"...according to author and ex-member Doug Parker, the church actually was founded in 1897 by William Irvine in Ireland. Irvine was joined in 1901 by Edward Cooney, who assisted in leadership organization until his excommunication in 1928.  When Parker's book 'The Secret Sect' first appeared, workers denied his historical account of the group's origins, say ex-members. Now they say the ministers are...saying it isn't significant" (Skagit Valley Herald, Aug. 17, 1983*).

The Workers responded with…   

"Pollock said he doesn't understand why the question of the group's history should be traumatic for ex-members.  'I don't know how they could have come up with that,' said Pollock, who denied that the fellowship makes unsubstantiated claims about its origins. 'We know that it began with a group of men in the British Isles around the turn of the century. That's as far as we've been able to trace it'" (Spokesmans-Review, June 5, 1983*).

"'We, don't deny that,' said Tharold Sylvester, Washington overseer, when asked if the historical account was  true.  He refused, however, to discuss why ex-members had a different impression...Jesus himself set us up...Whether it was planted in the first century, the 10th century or the 20th century, the message is the same, it produces the same thing" (Bellingham Herald, Aug. 20 1983*).  

"Richard Wulf, 27, a Two-by-Two worker in Mexico for two years, was asked about this apparent suppression of the sect's origins.  'Near the turn of the century God raised up godly men in Ireland and Scotland...We respect them and what they established. But we don't hold to that history and line of succession" (Los Angeles Times, Sept. 13, 1983*).

The far reaching effects of Parkers' book on individuals around the world can not be measured. The Author is indebted and grateful to the Parkers, as well as to other Authors, for their books about the 2x2 Sect; for all their hard work, dedication and perseverance. Many people have strong feelings about the Parkers' book—both positive and negative.  Some who have not even read the book have been quite vocal against it. Some accuse Parker of writing his book to make money. On the other hand, some have questions regarding the profit generated from the Workers publishing and selling to the Friends Hymns Old & New and Oxford Bibles. Some negative comments against the book have been: 

"The book is written by a man who became unwilling and bitter, and wanted to do something to hurt the truth, to hinder others from believing it."

"An irritated ex-worker wrote the book because he was put out of the work when he couldn't take over and get control of it."

"The book was printed by an enemy of truth; it's garbage."

"That book is just one man's opinion about how the Truth began."

"The whole purpose of the author is to disrupt and overthrow the faith of those weak in the church...these people who publish discrediting, doubt raising scandals are doing it for all of the wrong reasons."

IS THE BOOK TRUE??  Truth is Truth, no matter who states it. Discounting, undermining and slandering the character of an author does not change history, nor does it diminish the truthfulness of the facts contained in a book. If the facts in the book are true, Parkers' motives, and spiritual disposition are not relevant. The recorded facts and historical documents should be proven or disproven, credited or discredited--rather than attacking the messenger. Grapevine rumors prove nothing. Separation from a group does not change historical facts. How can anyone intelligently discredit a book they have not read?  "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him" (Prov. 18:13). "Condemnation without investigation is ignorance." 

The Parkers wrote their book to expose some concealed historical facts they painstakingly uncovered. Their purpose was to record the historical origin of the 2x2 Sect, at a time when the history was close to disappearing. The Parkers' presented the details in a well documented manner from factual evidence, eye witnesses accounts, letters and testimonials. They have documents archived that verify the information in their book. In addition, this Author has personally confirmed every possible source used in Parkers' book.

Some honest Workers who have read the Parker's book have conceded "it is historically accurate except for a few minor details."  This is also the conclusion of the Author. After an extensive, thorough investigation, the Author found only three (3) small insignificant errors in Doug’s book.  They involved some incorrect newspaper dates, an incorrect spelling of a Worker's surname and an incorrect caption of a photo. None of these errors jeopardize the accuracy or affect the integrity of the other facts contained in the book. They were not deliberate “falsehoods,” and were not intended to deceive. It is a gross exaggeration to consider the few insignificant errors listed above “falsehoods” or "lies." Doug Parker wrote the Author that no worker has ever written him to argue any facts, correct any errors, question his motives, bawl him out or threaten him with a lawsuit. Doug wrote the Author:  

"From time to time people write to me about these stories that are being spread to either discredit the book or myself. I can assure you the book records without malice a truthful account of the origin and history of the sect. None of the sect's leaders or workers have ever written to refute this work; and indeed I have never heard from any of them since either the book was published or my previous pamphlet 'A Spiritual Fraud Exposed' was circulated many years ago. I do hear from quite a few people who have found release from the mental and spiritual bondage of the sect's deception through reading the book."


1985: Religion Analysis Services, Minnesota, (aka RAS) published their second article about the 2x2 Sect in their magazine titled, "The Nameless Cult" by Ewald Eisele. A section offering books and literature about the Two-by-Twos or Cooneyites is found in their "Catalogue of Books and Tracts Exposing Cults and Unscriptural Teachings in the Light of God's Word" (The Discerner, Vol XI, No. 9, Jan-Mar, 1985, pp. 9-11)  Go to: RAS website.

1989: Threshing Floor Ministries, Spokane, Washington, (aka TFM) began researching the group in the early 1970s, and in 1989, they made information about the 2x2 Sect available to the public. In 1981, TFM traveled to Northern Ireland to conduct independent research where they discovered and obtained copies of articles in the old Impartial Reporter & Farmers Journal newspapers. Excerpts from some of these articles are quoted in The Secret Sect and other books about the 2x2 Sect. It was very beneficial to readers when TFM made available a booklet containing copies of the full newspaper articles. The Author received notice from TFM of this booklet which they advertised it through mailings to Friends, which led to her finally locating Parkers' book. For a time, Threshing Floor Ministries became the major information source and archive for the 2x2 Sect in America. Unfortunately, the booklet is no longer available. However, copies of some of the newspaper articles are now on the RIS website; and typed copies are on TTT.

Christian Research Institute, San Juan Capistrano, California, (aka CRI) provides information about religious cults, sects, new religious movements, alternative religions, aberrant Christian churches, etc. CRI offers information to enable individuals to understand, evaluate and compare various religious claims. CRI became aware of the 2x2 Sect, studied their doctrine and published an article on their website titled "Two by Twos." They stated the 2x2 Sect has many cultic elements and is unorthodox in its views of essential Christian doctrine, and concluded their summation with: "Therefore, from an orthodox, evangelical Christian perspective, the movement is considered to be a cult of Christianity." CRI was started by Walter Martin who retired in 1979; and since then has been led by Hank H. Hanegraaff.

MacGregor Ministries of Nelson, B.C., Canada, has been providing audio, video and internet outreach regarding cults and aberrant Christian movements from a Christian perspective since 1979.  One purpose of their Ministry is "to help people come free of involvement in religious cult groups, and to warn the public and other Christians of the dangers of their heretical teachings."  MacGregor Ministries printed a tract titled, "The Cooneyites--The Two by Twos--The Nameless Sect."  Their web site is: MM Outreach, Inc.


1990: "The Church without a Name" by Kathleen (Kathy) Lewis was the first book published after Parkers' book. This Author is greatly indebted to Kathy for her book, letters, phone calls and visits that were extremely helpful in transitioning out of the 2x2 Sect. The first book was written under the pseudonym, David Stone. The second edition of this book was printed in 2004. Both books are now out of print.

1990: A quarterly newsletter was published titled the "Forward Press," which stood for Friends, Outsiders & Rational Workers Against Religious Deceit, and the Editor was Kathy Lewis. The newsletter served as a support group and sounding board for those who were negatively affected by their 2x2 Sect experiences. Its purpose was to spotlight doctrine errors, deception and to put pressure on the Workers to be more responsible and honest. After seven years, in Dec. 1996, the Forward Press ceased to be printed. Various internet websites, list-serves and message boards filled its place, more or less.

1990:  Patricia Roberts of Ballinamallard, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, published a book titled:  "The Life and Ministry of Edward Cooney 1867-1960,"  and another in 1991:  "Selected Letters Hymns and Poems of Edward Cooney 1867-1960."   In 1997, she compiled: "Selected Letters of Fred Wood 1890-1986," and in 2000, she wrote "The Go Preacher Movement - An Anthology." Dr. Patricia Roberts is considered to be the "official" biographer of Edward Cooney. She was among the Outcasts who remained loyal Edward Cooney after he was excommunicated in 1928, who are loosely referred to as "Cooneyites." She passed away September 29, 2014.

1990, JUNE:  The Author of this book left the 2x2 Sect and mailed a six-page exit letter explaining her reasons to over 100 of her 2x2 relatives and Friends.

  Gene & Grace Luxon published their book the following year, titled: "Has the Truth Set You Free?"   This gently written book showed the differences in the doctrine of the 2x2 Sect and main stream Christianity. Gene Luxon passed away Oct. 2, 2008.

During the early 1990s, various Christian book stores and libraries around the country began stocking books about the 2x2 fellowship. More and more friends began to leave the 2x2 Sect, protesting the hidden history and feeling betrayed by the Workers whom they had trusted implicitly. Some wrote exit letters explaining their reasons for leaving, which were sometimes referred to as "hate mail," and Workers urged the recipients to destroy the letters, unopened.  

THE FOURTH EXODUS began around 1990 and has continued up to the present at a rapidly increasing rate. The Third Exodus was not as far reaching as the Fourth Exodus. In the 1980s, home computers became more commonplace, and in the early 1990s, email arrived, followed by the Internet, after which it became impossible to keep the history hidden. News was able to fly around the world in seconds and information was immediately assessable at one's fingertips.

1993-94: Research & Information Services, Oregon, (RIS) was formed with the goal of enabling people to investigate the history of this church and examine its doctrine in the light of the Scripture. In 1994, RIS printed three books. Reinventing the Truth by Kevin Daniel is largely a rebuttal to Dr. Cornelius Jaenen's three papers concerning early church history that had been widely circulated in the 2x2 Sect since the early 1960s. It also critiques Workers' sermons about the Sect's early history. Reflections, edited by Daurelle Chapman, consists of 57 accounts written by individuals who left the Sect. A Search for 'the Truth' by Lloyd Fortt, is a dictionary of 2x2 terminology.

1995:  Telling The Truth, Oklahoma, (TTT) was formed as a resource center for information, documents and publications. TTT started a Book Lending Library.

1995: The Account of the Early Days by Goodhand Pattison first came to the Author's attention in 1994, while discussing the early 2x2 history with an ex-Worker whose ancestors were some of the first Workers. He read this document aloud to the Author, because he had agreed not to distribute it. It was a fascinating firsthand account by a professing Irish man about Irvine's Missions held in 1898 in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, written to his son John who was in the Work in South America. The Author had no hard copy until 1995, when an Australian man the Author had never met called and graciously offered to mail a copy. Soon after, this primary evidence document about the beginning of the 2x2 Sect was posted on TTT and RIS websites.

1996:  Two more books came off the press.  Reflected Truth edited by Joan F. Daniel, published by RIS, consisting of 31 more accounts written by individuals who left the group; and The Church With No Name by Lynn Cooper.

1996: In January, the original Veterans of the Truth, Canada, (aka VOT) began their internet website, containing personal statements of experiences and feelings. The original VOT is currently reproduced on The Lying Truth website (TLT).

1996:  In November, Research & Information Services, Oregon, (aka RIS) created their website which included, among other items, copies of historical documents, articles, timelines and photographs of early Workers.

1996:  In July, the 2x2-Church List Serve was created using group e-mail. Within a year, there were over 100 participants in this discussion/support network. Within two years, there were over 225 subscribers.

1997:  The Message People, current day followers of William Irvine's Omega Message, contacted Telling the Truth. The Author first learned of their existence in 1994. When Irvine left the Sect he founded, so did some of his loyal Friends and Workers. He corresponded with his followers from 1919 until his death in 1947, writing an estimated 5,000 or more letters, copies of which have been passed down through generations. Several letter collections are posted on TTT. See Chapter 25.

1997: Telling The Truth (aka TTT) became a website. (You are HERE!)  At this time, it is the most comprehensive archive of 2x2 Sect information on-line. Notable items on TTT are:  John Long's Journal, the Impartial Reporter newspaper articles, collection of Wm. Irvine's letters, genealogy of Wm. Irvine's family, thousands of photographs of early 2x2 historical places and people, Accounts of the Early Days by Goodhand Pattison, Workers lists, and much, much more. 

1998-99: The Alberta Excommunications.  Details of many excommunications in Alberta, Canada are on TLT, as well as an audio recording of a telephone conversation of a Worker delivering an excommunication; along with details of the incorporation of the 2x2 Sect on May 5, 1995, under the name of "Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies." See also Chapter 32.

2000: Willis G. D. Young, a Canadian ex-Worker, published his book In Vain They Do Worship, now out of print, but available on TTT and TLC. Willis passed away Nov. 21, 2007.

2001: John Long's Journal, N. Ireland, was finally located, copied, typed and posted on TTT. John Long was with Irvine in 83 Missions, including Irvine's first Revival Mission in Nenagh. The Journal is invaluable primary evidence that provides a firsthand look into the past history of the 2x2 Sect and its beginnings. Known to exist, it was years before the original turned up with the help of P. Abenroth and R. Kee.

2001, March 27: The Professing Message Board (PMB) was the first large scale discussion forum on the internet regarding the 2x2 Sect. It was operated by Apples and Peaches, and was for years the most popular board, enabling hundreds of 2x2s and ex-2x2s worldwide to interact on a single discussion board. Many objected when PMB began requiring members to register, and moved over to the Truth Message Board. PMB, renamed Common Ground, is not active but remains online and thousands of interesting posts are archived there.

2003:  Dr. Cornelius Jaenen published a book titled:  The Apostles' Doctrine and Fellowship - A documentary history of the early church and restorationist movements.

2000: The Lying Truth Website (TLT) was launched with the mission: "This site tells the truth about "the truth" since those in charge of' '"the truth' do not." Among other items, it hosts a section of Worker Quotes, the original VOT.

2008, January 24: The Veterans of Truth website (VOT) was reborn by a new Administrator under the name: Veterans of Truth - Past and Present. A wealth of current information was added to the original VOT. The website name was later changed to VOT is Alive (VIA) and continued until late 2015, when it went offline, due to obsolete software.

2008, March 8:  The WINGS for Truth website was launched. WINGS stands for: Working to Inform, Guide and Support those who have been sexually abused in the 2x2 Sect. The site is devoted to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). WINGS maintains a private database of CSA offenders including a method to privately submit names of offenders.

2008, July: The Truth Archive Website went on the internet. It is an archive of notes, photographs and letters by Friends and Workers, with no editorial comments.

2008, July 13:
The updated, new and improved Telling The Truth (TTT) website went online.

2009, August 6
: The Liberty Connection Forum (TLC) strictly limited to Ex-2x2s was launched.

2012, April 1: The Liberty Connection Website (TLC-WEB) went online. It is a document repository for writings by Ex-2x2s, including exit letters, "Why We Left" stories, books by Ex-2x2s, letters, Bible topics, child sexual abuse (CSA) Information, candid observations, historical 2x2 documents, questioning techniques, and much more.

2012, August:
Has the Truth Set You Free? (2nd Edition Revised) by Gene and Grace Luxon was published and is distributed by The first Edition was published in 1990, sold out and was out of print for several years. The book compares 2x2 doctrine to the Bible as well as to doctrine of other Christian denominations. ISBN 13:978-1475081329

2015, April:  From Cult to Christ - The Church With No Name and the Legacy of the Living Witness Doctrine by Elizabeth Joy Coleman was published (223 pages; available on; ISBN-10: 0994295308; ISBN-13: 978-0994295309). A deeply personal account of Elizabeth's spiritual journey out of the 2x2 Sect.

201__##: Preserving The Truth: The Church without a Name and its Founder, William Irvine by Cherie Kropp will be published in the near future. Click Here to provide your email address for notification of when this book is published.

The FOURTH EXODUS is still in progress. With the mediums of internet, television, email, websites, message boards, forums, unlimited telephone minutes, there is instant access to news about 2x2s and Ex-2x2s. People do not need to be personally acquainted with one another–they can be e-Friends. Support Networks via Facebook, Message Boards and Forums have taken the place of letters and personal contact. The old adage has again proved true: "The Truth Will Out."

Sources for Quotes from Newspaper Articles above: 

RE:  Convention at Post Falls, ID

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RE:  Convention at Milltown, WA

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RE:  Convention at Santee, CA

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Sept. 13, 1983

Telling the Truth has a hard copy of the documents, books, newspaper articles, references, etc. used in this book. Any exceptions are noted with an asterisk (*).

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