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Preserving the Truth
The Church without a Name and its Founder, William Irvine

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By Cherie Kropp

Published by Telling The Truth

All Rights Reserved
No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form
or by any means without the prior written permission of the author.

Preserve me , O God: for in thee do I put my trust.
Psalm 16:1

Copyright © 2000 - 2018

NOTE: This book has not yet been published in hard copy. If you would like to be notified when the hard copy of this book is published, Email: Contact TTT

Condemnation before investigation, is the highest form of ignorance.”
(By Albert Einstein)

"Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence."
(By Henri F. Amiel)


Revised January 15, 2018

All books have some kind of story behind them and this book is no exception. My story began in 1989, when an envelope from Threshing Floor Ministries of Spokane , Washington , U.S. arrived in the mail. It contained an offer to provide copies of articles from an old Irish newspaper called the Impartial Reporter & Farmer's Journal, located in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

My curiosity piqued, I placed an order and soon after, I received copies of over 50 newspaper articles from the early 1900s. They contained names of early preachers with whom I was familiar, such as George Walker, Jack and Bill Carroll. I also learned about a Scotsman named William Irvine who had started a new religious sect in Ireland and assembled a large Christian convention there in 1904. Click here to read articles on TTT .

The articles reported details about a particular Christian church that claimed to take no name. The more I read, the more certain I became that the articles were about the church in which my family had been members for three generations. My grandparents were converted in missions in the 1930s when my parents were yet children. My husband's parents and grandparents were converted in the late 1940s. Devout followers, m y parents hosted the annual church convention for the State of Mississippi on their property in Jackson, MS, where I was raised. Both George Walker and Jack Carroll had visited our home.

Insiders referred to our church as "The Truth ," "The Way," and the "Friends and Workers' Fellowship." Some nicknames attached to this church with no name (used almost exclusively by outsiders) were " Two by Twos" (2x2s), " Cooneyites," "Irvinites," "Reidites," "Black Stockings," "Tramp Preachers," "Go-Preachers" and "Dippers ." The ministers were referred to as "Workers," "Servants" and "Handmaidens;" and the laity as "Friends" or "Saints." The name assigned to this church by the U.S. Library of Congress and Wikipedia is "Two by Twos, which is also used in many other publications. Therefore, in my book, I have chosen to refer to this church predominately as the “Two by Two Sect,” abbreviated 2x2.

While studying these old newspaper articles, I pondered how it could be that none of my family or church friends had ever heard of this man who founded our church. How had we not known of Mr. Irvine's existence and role as creator and founder? Immersed in this church from birth, these discoveries turned my world upside down, and the impact has been the same or similar for many other members.

In the history of mankind, it has always been natural to question where something or someone came from; natural to try to establish in our minds the reference points of cause, source and origin. We had not questioned when and how our Church had originated because from a tender age, we had been taught and believed that our Church had no earthly founder, and that it started when Jesus sent out his 12 apostles to preach, two and two, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee . We were led to believe that our ministers had continued in a direct line from the first century apostles to the current ministers of this Church.

After more research, I concluded that we had never heard of William Irvine because a deliberate and concerted effort had been made to erase his name and presence from the history of the Two by Two Church he had founded. Beginning around 1914, his name became anathema and was purged and banned from use by those who knew him or anything about him. Workers in authority at that time discouraged and diverted questions regarding Mr. Irvine. Details were covered up, destroyed and omitted from the historical narrative and misleading and false information was substituted. For this reason the author and some others have dedicated themselves to the task of researching, accounting for and publishing the full historical record about the origin and progression of this Church.

Until 1982, a gap existed in the history of this Church. It was then that the first book was published telling of the life and ministry of Wm. Irvine and his role in the Two by Two Church. That book was " The Secret Sect" by Doug and Helen Parker from Australia . After I read the Parkers' book, I decided to prove, or disprove, for myself whether this Scotsman, William Irvine, had actually started my church. It was then that I began to question in earnest.

As time went on, I independently located, verified and proved the Parkers' information was true and factual, and I also discovered a considerable amount of additional evidence. In the ensuing 25+ years, I have made two trips to the U.K. and N. Ireland and researched and collected evidence relating to the history of this church. Strongly opposed to deception and fueled by my years of research, I was not willing to remain silent about the knowledge I had gained.  I launched a website called Telling the Truth ( and began writing this book.

In undertaking my quest, I devoted myself to the pursuit of truth and its preservation. Truth is a very precious commodity to me. I believe we must align our lives with truth; that we must realign our thinking as we uncover new truths, and that we must consider new evidence and make corrections to our earlier beliefs or opinions, or we will live in willful ignorance.

In this endeavor, I have committed myself to be a dedicated historian, a particularly daunting challenge when compiling an accurate account of the Two by Two Church, which purposely does not record its own history, and which prefers, even goes to great lengths, to ensure that its history not be documented by others. Although Church authorities have tried, they have been unable to escape or bury its history.

that I believe everyone who has ever been associated in any way to this Church has a right to know its history. My mission is three-fold. First, to make the historical facts about the 2x2 Church easily accessible. Second, for this information to become common knowledge. Third, to preserve a reliable record of the origins, founder, ministers and progession of the Two by Two Church and its founder, supported by credible, verified documentation. I am one among others who have dedicated a part of their lives to the task of researching, publishing and preserving the history of this church, which has been hidden and covered up for over a century.

My book and website are not investigations into, nor intentional expositions of the doctrine and beliefs of the Two by Two Church, though these beliefs are discussed. A foundational belief of the 2x2 Church is that they believe in the Bible, which has been established as a reliable historical record. As in the Bible, my book and website have also faithfully and unabashedly recorded the good, the bad, the meritorious and the unsavory. The past is what it is--it is set in stone, and its consequences flow on to us, even though we may not be aware of it.

I have presented the history of the Two by Two Church in chronological order, along with my comments. I have intentionally written in a simple style in order that adolescents may understand. I am proud to be an American and I write with American English. However, there are many quotations from documents published outside of America which have been faithfully reproduced in this book in their original British English. For the sake of clarity, I have taken the liberty of capitalizing various 2x2 terminology or jargon, including quotations where such terms were not capitalized in the original statements. I have quoted from the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible, as that was the only version 2x2s used for many years.

On rare occasions, a few comments with unknown sources have been used, and they are prefaced with the words "allegedly" or "reportedly," etc., indicating that I have not been able to substantiate these comments. I deemed them worthy of inclusion, partly so that readers will know I was not unaware of their contents, and also to allow readers to judge for themselves and be able to form their own opinion with all available material. In instances where there is conflicting information, both versions have been provided.

I make no representations concerning the accuracy of the information presented in the references listed. I have gone to a great deal of effort to hold a high standard of accuracy in reporting details about the 2x2 Church. I regret that it is impossible for a book of this size to be perfect in every regard. However, any errors or omissions have not been intentional. I have strived to present the facts without bias. However, in the literary world, i t is recognized that bias appears in almost all writing.

When it comes to matters of faith, doctrine and history, I strongly encourage individual examination and questions. Ultimately, I hope this book will give the reader insight into how, when, where, and who started the Two by Two Church, along with knowledge of other key components of the progress of the ministry and development of the Church itself. The principle has been well established that understanding the linkage between past and present is essential for a good understanding of the present.

I have enjoyed researching the history of the 2x2 Church immensely, and it has been very fulfilling. I'm deeply indebted to countless sources all over the world that have helped me along the way
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I have retained hard copies of the documents, newspaper articles, references, etc. used in compiling this book and website. Any exceptions have been noted.

Written for the Love and Preservation of Truth,

Cherie Kropp

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" (Galatians 4:16)
"I shall conquer untruth with truth." (Mahatma Gandhi)

Read the unabridged autobiography of Cherie Kropp.


Whatever successes, victories or accomplishments we attain in life, we're never the sole accomplisher of them. I am ever so much indebted to the many readers and helpers who supplied, supported and encouraged me over the 25 years I've collected and compiled information. This book would not be what it is without the ongoing assistance, suggestions and material they have generously provided me. I am thankful to countless sources all over the world for their help and contributions to the research and writing of this book which ranged from small to gigantic. (Names are in alphabetical order.)

My dear husband, Chester Ehrig, who has spent untold hours assisting me in this lengthy endeavor; his comments and encouragement have been invaluable. My brother, Galen Berry , has been my language expert; my mother, Dot Berry , has been a proof reader and great source of material about the Church in southern USA and black stockings; and my late father, Raymond Berry, who was proud of my research.

Typists, Editors, Proofreaders and Photography (in alphabetical order): Ruth Cowin, Joel Ehrig, L. Fortt, T. Fortt, Joan (Fair) Gardner, Scott Gregory, April (Austin) Hamilton, L. Hanson, Roy Hedahl, Connie Jacobsen, Tracy Parman, Holly Pierce, Kris Satterwhite, Tom Teegarden; and one extraordinarily fast typist who prefers remain anonymous.

Those who provided letters, notes, lists, photographs, research, financial support and various other assistance (in alphabetical order):

America: Paul Abenroth, Jeff & Lorraine Armstrong, Beverly Bafus, Dorothy Berry, G.R. Berry, Maria Bodey, Mark Burrell, Jeanie Dudley, Katherine (Kay) Curtis Arvig Downs, James Ferguson, Derrick Hahn, Carol (Staack) Hammond, Roy Hedahl, Sharon (Heisler) Edmundson, Lee Fryer, Randy Hohenfeldt, ilylo, Tim Jones, J. Frank Kelly, Martha Knight, Larry & Bonnie Lindemann, Stephen Magowan, D. Mansur, Michelle (Storck) Matthews, Marie (Gooding) Micheletti, Julie Olson, Kathleen Overby, Charles Storck, Mary Ann Schoeff, Tom Teegarden, Judy Temple, Jim Vail, John, Thelma & Alan VanDermyden, Edward K. Williams, Robert (Bob) Williston, and the Family of Cordia & Henry White and Marguerite Fern (White) Petersen of Scappoose, Oregon.

Ross Bowden, Nola Davies, Joan (Fleming) Frost, David Mansur, Stan & Rose Perry, Geoff & Esther Schmidt, Merve Schmidt, Alan Stone, 2x2history website.

New Zealand: Ian Carlson, Russell Cooney, Lynn Cooper, Elizabeth Freebairn, Julia Sowerby

Fred & Verna Alder, Don Galloway, Sandi Gunther, Halena Halpin (granddaughter of Ed Cooney's sister Mary Elizabeth), Walter Holt, Bonnie & Iver Kleven, Alvin & Diane Kroeker, John Mitchell, Bruce Murdoch, Valerie (Stokes) Pike, Marge Reynolds

U.K. Scotland, Ireland & N. Ireland:   Alison (Pearson) Chambers, Mervyn Dane (Impartial Reporter Newspaper, Enniskillen), Louise (Napier) Dawson, Bobby Dukelow (retired from Faith Mission), Robert Kee, David Killicoat, the Kilsyth Chronicle, David and Daniel Magowan, Jim & Philomena Mallon, Ron Morris, Maeve Plower (Weirs of Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland), Patricia (Melia) Reynolds, Kate Sutcliff, John & Joyce Swanton

Vietnam: Nguyen Huu Bau, Xuân Hoàn & Minh Thanh Nguy?n

Book Authors: Daurelle Chapman ( Reflections ), Elizabeth Coleman ( Cult to Christ ), Lynn Cooper ( The Church with No Name ), Kevin Daniel ( Reinventing the Truth ), Bob & Joan Daniel, ( Reflected Truth ), Kathy Lewis ( The Church without a Name ), Mr. & Mrs. John Long ( John Long's Journal ), Gene and Grace Luxon ( Has the Truth Set You Free ), Seamas McCanny ( Fermanagh Miscellany 2 ), Doug & Helen Parker ( The Secret Sect ), William Paul ( They Go About 2x2 ), Patricia Roberts ( The Life & Ministry of Edward Cooney , et al), Henry Robinson ( Ballinamallard Historical Society ).

William Irvine's Letters:   Bruce Hartman, Barbara (Briza) James, Llewellyn (Lew) Fountain ( Canada ), Marie (Judd) Parsons, Princeton University , Nancy Sue Rodriguez, Margaret Turner.

Relatives of Wm. Irvine: Dr. Betty J. Iggo, A.S.G.R.A. (Scotland Genealogist); David Clelland and Daniel Bruce (re Helen Irvine Clelland); David Forrester Mitchell and David Killicoat (re John Irvine); Liz Kwasnik and her mother Elizabeth Kwasnik, Lizbeth Freebairn and John Freebairn, (re Agnes Irvine Freebairn); Linda Stopforth (re James Irvine).

Faith Mission Assistance: John G. Eberstein, Bobby Dukelow, Colin N. Peckham, Keith H. Percival, Sandy Roger, John Townend and Valerie Robertson, librarian.

My sincere apologies to any whose names I inadvertently left out. Those who gave valued assistance but prefer to remain anonymous, you are no less appreciated.

To all of you who contributed and praised my work; you helped make this book a reality. I could not have done it without all my generous sources who went out of their way to provide me with far more material than I would have ever found on my own.

NOTE: This book has not yet been published in hard copy. If you would like to be notified when the hard copy of this book is published, Email: Contact TTT

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Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the Truth?
Galatians 4:16

"Condemnation without Investigation is Ignorance."

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